On Expectations of Civility

I will try to keep this brief.

I have been serving two masters on this one site, and that simply doesn’t work.

Without an “ignore” function, so that people can ignore certain other posters, it is basically impossible to have both civility and incivility on this site, and the “calls of the civil against the uncivil” are increasing daily.

This conflicts very fundamentally with my hatred of ALL censorship, and my desire to FIGHT the PROG-NAZI SCUM, the ChiComs, and their Soviet Democrat allies by creating a zone for free speech AGAINST THEIR WILL.

Some of us have a built-in or self-built “ignore” function. We can let people scream at us and not really care that much. Most do not have this ability, or else they lost it during all these years, living under PC and “the Nazis of Nicety”. Most of those who don’t have an ignore function, are not going to get one in their lifetime. This, despite the promises of both software supremacy and some dude who got it, almost 2000 years ago.

So I have to improvise.

Anyway, I have two goals:

  • (1) continue to make The Q Tree a place of refuge for those who need CIVILITY as a refuge from cultural Marxist chaos and satanic influence
  • (2) provide real free speech using the WordPress platform, in a place where nobody can be deplatformed for any reason of free speech, including incivility, vulgarity, prejudice, etc.

These two goals can only be accomplished by creating a second site, similar to The Q Tree, where there is absolutely no expectation of civility.

This site will be a work in progress, to be called The U Tree. U as in URANIUM. It will be nuclear, and it will be the place where a lot of PAIN is delivered to our enemies.

You can go there now if you want to see the plywood and plumbing, so to speak.

If you make a comment, I will let you in. This site won’t “go live” with real content for a few days, but if you want to get on the A list, you can comment on tonight’s open thread over there.

I *WILL* be looking for authors. There will be no need for moderators – even me – except to empty the bin.


In other words, don’t join if you have actual expectations of good behavior by anybody there. People will be FREE to speak as well as they wish, or as ill as they wish.

I expect it to be a little “chan-like”. It will be a BARROOM. There WILL BE BRAWLS. Lurking is probably best for many of you. Think of all the people you have asked me to ban, moderate, warn or discipline. This place is their new home. It will be like them. It may be like you, too, because people would be in some cases very surprised by who has been the target of moderation requests.

I have likened this approach to how I won my war with a cute but incredibly aggressive red squirrel that would do anything to chew its way into my garage and nest. I could have killed it rather easily, since I knew its moves very well, and could thwart it at every turn. However, I decided to win through peace. So I created her a beautiful little home, and now she lives in it, and guards my entire property from other red squirrels.

I am hoping this works again.


(as in Citizen U, my moniker over there)

So many neutrons, so little time.

229 thoughts on “On Expectations of Civility

  1. It appears that one cannot leave a comment without either agreeing to be notified of new comments by email…..or notified of new posts by email. This email is a stub — it generally receives less than three emails per day. I consider any email from an unknown source as a potential threat…..and don’t allow a lot of sources.

    While I’m intrigued by your newsletter…..

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      1. Can’t recall ever getting an email from WQTH.

        Although I seem to recall checking or unchecking a box that would have allowed notifications of posts, replies…something.

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        1. Yup. Cthulhu just got in OK. It was trying to force him to register, it sounds like, or to come into that site AS a registered WordPress account.

          No problem – I switched the setting back to the same as this site, so it should behave as you describe!

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  2. When you first enter the site, it has a cookie notice wanting acceptance at the bottom — which is easily ignored.

    It also has a “Follow My Blog” subscription widget at the bottom wanting an email address — which I also ignored.

    I have now posted a bland comment in the way I am accustomed to here. It told me I was in moderation, which is only to be expected. It did put my nic as a random array of letters instead of an avatar……which, in context, works.

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          1. NOISE POLLUTION !

            BRAIN DAMAGE !
            HATE Thy Neighbors !
            TINITUS !!
            Infidelity !
            Sinus !
            Rufus !
            Cluster B Disorders !
            Bad Odors !

            …and more !

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            1. Most of the newer rechargeable cordless leaf blowers are very quiet. While not as powerful as the corded ones, they do a pretty good job.

              The gas powered leaf blowers the commercial landscapers use are the worst for noise. Those large, backpack style leaf blowers are extremely noisy and can wake the dead. I wouldn’t mind seeing db restrictions on them.

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      1. Well, I’m going over there to make at least one comment and then maybe lurk for a while until I get the feel for it, but it just seems like it’s going to make more work for you, Wolfie. I have a pretty good “ignore” filter already, but if that is what we need, I guess that is what we will have. I hope we don’t get too scattered I worry it will sort of degrade our cohesiveness as a little q community. Maybe I’m wrong..

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  3. Thank God!
    Okay, completely screwed up my first comment, but agree with the premise completely.
    We demand to be offended at least once a day!
    Keeps us sharp.
    No whining.

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  4. “Think of all the people you have asked me to ban, moderate, warn or discipline. This place is their new home.”


    I have never asked you to ban, moderate, warn or discipline anyone!

    I can hardly even imagine a circumstance where it could happen.

    So I’m very curious to find out who all these characters are, lol!

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    1. Same here, Scott. And I mean, I’ve read comments that I thought were offensive, but other than think the person was an azzhat for making the comment, that’s as far as it went. I kinda don’t get it, actually.

      But it makes sense to Wolfie and if it makes his life easier in some way, hot dog I’m all for it.

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  5. Practical questions

    How is it going to work?

    Is it for when folks get in a bad really mood, start kicking the WQTH furniture, teasing, taunting and pushing other QTreepers buttons and attacking their cherished values, name-calling, Alinsky stuff?

    Are you going to ask (the few, IMO) squabblers and antagonists at WQTH to “Take it over there”?

    Are U aka Wolfmoon and WQTH the authors going to limit them temporarily or permanently to U?

    In other words, is it a ‘Time Out’ a place to put troublemakers, or another kind of banning?

    As for ‘uncivil interchanges, atmosphere’, this is what comes to mind:

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    1. I think it could be all of the above. I will be ready to ban people from WQTH as needed, if we have serious nastiness like what recently caused me to get a raft of PMs and open complaints. But if people who are having issues just self-deport to the safety of the unbannable blog, that may work, too.

      The more organic the separation, the better. But I think we have to SEE WHAT HAPPENS more than forcing some outcome.

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      1. I was actually referring to what we will be up against when the Left has their complete and total meltdown. We need to be Strong and ready to flight back. We need to be Armed with words and have Spines of steel.

        Wolf, please teach everyone over here how to take the slings and arrows and not run away – but to Stand and Fight back. And to ignore the heaters and losers.

        Don’t let this place turn into the open thread OT. With poetry and songs and Bob Ross paintings.

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        1. I agree……
          Though I agree with the underlying premise of a certain commenter…..
          The DAILY infomercial and following dialog along the right side….. Same Pics, same words. same EVERYTHING……Daily!
          It gets old IMHO.
          Causing a 10-30 post autoscroll down to the next topic.

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          1. Then just scroll. Others enjoy it as much as some enjoy the jokes and memes. I often scroll through both if time pressed as I am here to focus on politics…and yet I enjoy both when I have time and find both a blessing – encouragement and laughs are both healthy and Good. We all like different things. There are even some political and current news topics through which I scroll when pressed for time.
            Its a buffet.
            Just scroll. Not hard, right?

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              1. (hi razorbak…I’m curious ab what you are referring to as “the infomercial”…I think I might get it but not 100% sure ? I’m thinking I might agree…but then maybe not ?)

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              2. The daily 10-30 column repeat of praise and worship session that has a verse of the day (that I do like) but then shows the same pictures every day followed by the related commentary usually between just 2 people.

                I love the Lord as much as anyone else here and more than some….. but the “Infomercial” just gets old to me. Kind of like 7-11 “worship” songs (7 words repeated 11 times) or repetitive “prayers”.

                Just my opinion of course.

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              3. I mean no harm to the commenter and get along pretty good with her. Just making a point about this site turning from politics and info with a little humor and religion added in…. into a girly recipe and poetry site.

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              1. Free speech IS practiced here…. and YOU are proof of it. Your sacrilegious statements at the end of said “Infomercials” are seen, and I cringe at them….and blow them off, but some don’t. You can say what you want. Just be prepared for the blowback by the “zealots”.

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              2. This is wolfie’s blog. He can ban anybody any time he wants. He hasn’t banned you nor has he deleted any of your comments.

                Show a little gratitude. Free speech IS practiced here and you are a prime exhibit showing that to be true. The purpose of creating the other site is so that some people (MOST OF YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) can voluntarily migrate over there because they don’t want to offend people.

                But for those who cannot discipline themselves to a minimum level of camaraderie and civility, there’s always the ban hammer (which resembles Sylvia’s shovel) to the back of the head.

                No warnings should be given IMO. First offense is the last. For you ‘puter geniuses who think you can outsmart a ban, there are algorithms to automatically forward users to Wolfmoon’s Flaming Hell website.

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              3. You are so funny with your free speech complaints … intentionally?

                Your free speech is saying your comments.

                Their free speech is disagreeing and even saying you shouldn’t have said X.

                ….but you have been FREE to say X even if most others think you shouldn’t

                And, as is obvious, just because you Can doesn’t mean you Should

                Just because you Can speak and Do post doesn’t mean that others must/ought/should refrain from saying you shouldn’t do so in the way you have been doing it and with the words/tones/emotions that you have chosen. That is their free speech.

                Saying you shouldn’t is not the same as saying you can’t.

                Saying you shouldn’t is saying you ought to have the maturity, civility, wisdom, judgement to Choose to not say X – not saying you Can’t

                Being told you are not using your freedom wisely or appropriately is not taking away you freedom – it is telling you to grow up in how you use it

                If one disagrees there are a myriad of ways to disagree….and You, too, could just scroll past v. responding in uncivil ways.

                No, it does NOT matter who started it…we can Choose to ignore or Chose to disagree in civil, respectful, productive, mature ways.

                And if we Choose the to go to the gutter Expect others to disagree with your choice … and that is their freedom of speech and freedom of choice to disagree with you.

                It isn’t disagreeing or debate that is seen as disruptive and uncivil – its *HOW* some of the disagreement and “debate” is begun and conducted + why? just why go there? why not live and let live?

                Scroll through and pass by what you don’t like. Pass by the conversations you don’t like v. inserting one’s self in a disagreeable way. Why not just scroll and ignore?

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        2. “We need to be Armed with words and have Spines of steel. ”


          And whoopie cushions.

          ‘Cause I think a lot of the Left’s meltdown is gonna be hi-larious! 😁

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          1. Of course, many of us are braced just like … when we are on other sites or social media. But we come here for refuge, to be a little more relaxed and have quality discussions v. juvenile insult wars. I see that enough elsewhere.

            It isn’t just the startlingly abrasive nature of such divisiveness in our refuge but the immaturity. I expect at decent level of intellectual engagement when I come here. This is not even intellectual and interesting debate – just childish bullying and pigtail pulling, seemingly purposeful attempts to start insult slinging “wars” v. just scrolling by to a topic that is of interest.

            I would expect better of my children – not just expecting them to respect others but also I would expect them to not even be interested in such behavior, in lowering themselves to such language and simpleton vocabulary and intent.

            We read the Happy Hollisters together (only 5 more books to go in the series – I will miss them as we have been reading them for 3 or 4 yrs now + other family books, of course, but they have been part of our lives for a long time). Some of this behavior is exactly what I would expect of a 12 yr old Joey Brill! My Children would be appalled at a peer acting like this … much less grown adults!

            And, no, its not just the language, the coarseness, is the attitude, emotion, tone and intent. Oh well. Hopefully, there is another outlet for this now and it will pass and we can again focus on MAGA, information and other discussions from cats to bacon to humor to spiritual insights/encouragement – as we choose or just scroll past if we don’t want to be part of those conversations/topics.

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            1. It was just a harmless little whoopie cushion… a little harmless embarrassment, sure, if you weren’t expecting it to be there when you sat down… at a large, serious, formal gathering… but it never hurt nobody…


              I agree and hope people would choose to skip name-calling or especially things that are meant to be hurtful.

              Most of my experience in forums without moderation or rules is on forums where the enemy (Leftists and Leftist trolls) are present in large numbers.

              When they resort to name-calling and personal insults, it’s usually because they have no legitimate argument, and probably don’t even understand their own position well enough to defend it.

              And that’s pretty easy to expose, and make them look stupid, rather than just returning insults.

              Here is different, because we’re all on the same MAGA team, so I don’t really know why people would be mean to each other, just like it’s hard to imagine being rude or insulting if we were standing in line together waiting to get into a Trump rally.

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        1. “Whatever happened to I may disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it to the death”


          I stopped that when the war was finally recognized.

          The concept has always been a fraud anyway, because ‘saints’ are the only ones who ever abide by it. You won’t find any Leftist who will die for a Conservative’s right to anything. It’s a con, and it was always a con.

          I will not defend the enemy’s right to subvert our nation.

          When we are one people, that con-game might be worth observing (though I suspect not).

          When the Marxist hate-America Left is at war with our country, it seems crazy to waste a single ounce of energy defending anything they do.

          Think about it.

          Defending our own side’s freedom of speech is well and good.

          Defending the speech of those who seek to DEPRIVE of us freedom of speech… it’s a contradiction. If you defend the right of people to destroy exactly what you’re defending, that makes no sense.

          It’s like building a fortress and then helping the enemy attack it.

          So I won’t do it.

          In a time of war, my job is to silence the enemy, not to help him defeat us with our own highfalutin rules.

          And also it’s a perfect illustration of the ‘tit for tat’ game theory I learned about from you.

          Defending the rights of the enemy is a ‘Saint’ tactic. The enemy always cheats, which is a ‘Sinner’ tactic.

          “Now let’s analyze two different and even more simplistic approaches; we’ll call them “saint” and “sinner”. The saint plays fair every single round, irrespective of what the other guy does. The sinner always cheats.

          When a saint plays against another saint, or against tit-for-tat, the result is optimum but more important is that everyone gets the same result. When a sinner plays against another sinner, or against tit-for-tat, everyone cheats and the result is still even, though less than optimal.

          But when a sinner plays against a saint, the sinner wins and the saint loses.”


          Always, always, always.

          Without exception.

          In ‘Saint vs. Sinner’, sinner always wins and saint always loses.


          The only way to stop that outcome is to decide if it is more moral to lose everything — your living, your life, your family and your country — and to lose it all in the name of defending an ivory tower principle in the Marquess of Queensberry district…


          Whether it is more moral to defend and protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, because it is worth fighting for.


          P.S. a quick investigation shows the quote in question is by Beatrice Hall, in 1906.


          I don’t know who Beatrice Hall is, or why we should listen to her.

          The entire premise of the concept is this:

          “If you deny to anyone else the right to say what you think is wrong, it will not be long before you will lose the right to say what you think is right. ”

          Well, that ship has already SAILED. We are LOSING our right to say what we thing everyday, being purged from Youtube and FB and Twitter, etc.

          So while we are actually LOSING our rights, we’re supposed to waste even an ounce of energy to protect the Oligarchs and Leftists who are actively destroying our rights?

          I don’t think so.

          Not me!

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    1. I have to disagree a bit. IMO, there is no reason whatsoever for anyone at our Treehouse to call others nasty names. I have a very sarcastic, cutting humor that sometimes is misunderstood but when I get so angry that I want to call somebody nasty names, I know it is time to step away. JMO but I think a certain level of mutual respect should be maintained. And no, I don’t believe we have any “snowflakes” here. I have no doubt we will survive quite nicely when the SHTF.

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        1. No – not a nasty word, as far as I’m concerned. I’m thinking like calling people stupid (ignorant is different – that just implies one is not informed), bitch, dumb, ignoramus, etc. Epithets such as that.

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    2. I agree, Ophelia. On the other hand, I just looked on the u site and saw some very uncivil (to put it mildly) personal attacks on two people, and now think maybe separation is a good thing.

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          1. I know you guys all think I’m a real tough guy, but… please be careful. I went to the U Tree, and right off the bat one of the foaming-mouth crazies was trashing bacon. Bacon. I can quote it. (cover your ears)

            “Bacon is bad for us.”

            I believe every heart is like a beautiful unique fractal formation of water vapor molecules, formed in the pristine airs above us, but now, because of U tree, my own is .. melting.

            The horror.

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  6. I’m likely one of those who simply chooses to ignore anything that isn’t worth spending my energy on. IMO, folks are quite civil at UP, although there may be a disagreement.

    It’s great to be among thinkers, analysts, researchers, naturally smart, interesting, problem solvers, realistic,etc. etc. people – along with positive outlook, provided by 🐧.

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  7. I have not noticed a problem. Some people have different humor and like to banter.
    I myself like to tease in real life but reframe on Internet because it is hard to judge since one not see the other person.
    Yes there are many smart people here and we have so many wonderful contributors who challenge our mind. At least my mind 🙂

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    1. I think there should be a “policy” where we refrain from calling others here trolls

      no one I know of who is a regular contributor to Wolf’s blog is a “troll”…like you so aptly put it, we all have different appreciation for all kinds of humor, snark, satire, spoofs etc….some of which could be taken wrong sometimes and come off as offensive or insensitive even though that wasn’t the intention…but then to blurt out “troll !” to someone just b/c we might not like the comment will almost always incite bad vibes and further mayhem, like a knee-JERK REACTION that really serves no purpose but to alienate.

      my 2 sense.

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        1. Definition of a troll from Wikipedia:

          “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

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          1. Excellent definition, from a moderator’s perspective.

            This is very interesting, b/c it has always been my theory that these *can be* the same characteristics shown by a certain type of “valued poster”, and it’s mostly a matter of intelligence / real intent / communication / and SCALE (seasoning vs. poison) which makes it either work or not in the case of OVERLAP between trolls and that class of popular posters.

            There was board I was on with a poster who was beloved by half and hated by half, and it was entirely based on his refusal to use emojis to betray his own irony and sarcasm, which were side-splitting if one could read him correctly. He was begged by the mods and admins to use emojis or at least smileys to no avail – said he’d rather be banned than kill his own schtick. Ended up migrating to a place like what I envision the U Tree might be – a place where I believe we can seed the beginning of American humor recovery.

            But yes, there will be mistakes even there and then, and one problem we will likely have is social engineering infiltration, which made a beeline for said board that said person moved to, which might have been on a place with an “f” symbol.

            WHY is this? Everybody wants to be ahead of the game on social media to CHANGE SOCIETY and then CONTROL IT. I’m just open about CHANGE. I believe in MAGA as the way to get back into the proper path and speed forward.

            Real transparency is what I hope to see, and that may mean making some valid complaints about each other, and tolerating some unfair ones, too.

            Those skilled enough or desirous enough of doing this without offending have a safe home, or will shortly. Those who would prefer a rougher ride will have that, too.

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            1. “There was board I was on with a poster who was beloved by half and hated by half, and it was entirely based on his refusal to use emojis to betray his own irony and sarcasm, which were side-splitting if one could read him correctly. He was begged by the mods and admins to use emojis or at least smileys to no avail – said he’d rather be banned than kill his own schtick.”


              With humor or sarcasm it’s always a judgment call, the line is extremely fine and specific (like timing).

              There are LOTS of times where I’ll use the ” 😁 ” for whatever reason, whether I’m acknowledging someone else’s comment that made me laugh, or because in that particular instance it’s helpful to let people know my comment was intended to be funny.

              But there are lots of other times when an emoji will kill the humor, like blowing a punchline, because if you have to tell someone it’s a joke (by letting them know with an emoji), then it must not be very funny to begin with.

              Deadpan humor (or playing the ‘straight man’ in a back-and-forth) is the best example that comes to mind. That has to be played without an emoji, because including an emoji contradicts the deadpan, if that makes sense.

              So it very much depends on context.

              When I was replying to all of FG&C’s ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ posts the other night, I don’t think I used emojis on any of them. If they were going to be funny as intended (always in the eye of the beholder), they stood a much better chance if I played them ‘deadpan’ than with a wink-and-a-nod.

              It also makes a difference if people anticipate that what you are saying is sarcasm or humor because you have a history of doing so, as opposed to someone who is always dead serious and then mixes it up with a joke that is ‘out of character’ for that person, only because that person hasn’t typically engaged in humor with any regularity.

              Humor and sarcasm are challenging in a written forum without the benefit of in-person non-verbal cues, but that’s also what makes pulling it off (when you succeed) so much fun 😁

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              1. “But there are lots of other times when an emoji will kill the humor, like blowing a punchline, because if you have to tell someone it’s a joke (by letting them know with an emoji), then it must not be very funny to begin with.”


                Or by broadcasting that the comment is a joke by using an emoji, there is no way for the real meaning of the comment to sneak up on them, which is what makes that particular kind of joke/sarcasm/irony/humor so effective.

                If you include the emoji, the reader is alerted to be ‘looking for the joke’ as opposed to having the joke sneak up on them unawares… and those kind are some of the best ones for making people laugh 😁

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    1. look for “post comments”…something like that…click on it…takes you to the thread…then look for the comments that have been posted…now it’s at 66 comments …you’ll see that on the left side of that thread…click on that…takes you to the comment section.

      2 steps.

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  8. For your consideration . . .

    “Why is civility important? Because civilized society depends upon it. That we might coexist by a series of civil exchanges with most if not all people despite varying ideas and feelings. Civil compromises are the only reason dozens of widely varying groups working together made the United States a great power. Those who support progress promote civility; those who oppose it promote harassment and violence, no matter the political affiliation of the person who does so.”
    ― Carmine Savastano

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  9. There are so many brilliant and intelligent posters here that in my hurry to absorb as much as possible, I scroll by any obstacle that does not feed the brain. Sorry but I even scroll by the kissy hugging stuff. So carry on.

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  10. I notice, that the “U” site isn’t giving me notifications though. Is that by design. I am registered WP, and the little bell shows me Q-Tree and Marica’s notifications. CTH – once did too, but since I’m banned from there, no comments to be notified about. 🙂

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  11. Civility is a tricky thing these days.

    The left hates civility and seek to erode it at every point. This isn’t just that they don’t like it, but it is an intentional, targeted and malicious assault on our civil discourse.

    I was thinking more about this recently in the context of William Wilberforce. To quote in paraphrase, he said that God put before him two great objects: The abolition of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.

    Those words “reformation of manners” seem very strange to contemporary American ears. Why are “manners” a great object at the level of abolition?

    By “manners” Wilberforce was not thinking that everyone would be reading Emily Post, though that is part of it. In his day, it had become fashionable for people to act badly, and to do evil things. At that time it is estimated that a quarter of the population of London were engaged in prostitution as a trade. Being bad was the normal thing to do. Religion of course had become weak.

    Wilberforce sought to transform society by changing the “manner” in which people lived their lives. He wanted to make it fashionable to do good things. Small platoons and societies for social reform budded like crazy from the Claham circle on topics from prison reform to animal welfare and of course abolition. The results of this generational activity was the birth of the Victorian era.

    The left hates the Victorian era. They love to portray the time as an era of prudes with extreme sexual repression and as total hypocrites. The social success of the Victorians has to be attacked by the left because its successes in social progress are undeniable. Britain became wealthy, becoming the world’s leading empire and world power. Their hated empire also did the unimaginable: Slavery was abolished in every colonial territory in the British Empire. That’s an unprecedented historical achievement that every critical-theory Marx-drunken anti-colonialist writer wishes were sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

    Cultural Marxists knew they couldn’t win on the terms of civility. They had to attack the goodness of society to shake it to its core. Toqueville said in paraphrase that America will cease to be when her people cease to be good. In almost an unintentional prophecy, the cultural marxists saw this as an opportunity to weaken America from within using the cancer of incivility.

    In short, the cultural marxists “march through the institutions” is really a project to make doing bad fashionable. The media gives ample example of glorifying thuggery and crime, it isn’t worth repeating. At the same time they constantly project hypocrisy onto anyone who does good – If someone stands for something good, the media do everything in their power to smear that person’s reputation. The 1960s sexual revolution was a clear case of making bad fashionable: selling a young generation on the lie that fornication is good, marriage is meh. These examples can be multiplied ad nauseum.

    In terms of speech, the left is notoriously incivil. They literally believe in two standards – one for us and one for them. They struggle to justify their behavior. The recent version “Is it ok to punch a Nazi?” tries to convince you that they are bad people who deserve to be punched, and that rules of civility do not apply to certain classes of people. Nevermind that assault is a criminal act! But this is how they wedge legitimizing incivility. The crass “free speech” movement of Berkley was not about using speech to aspire and communicate powerful ideas, but to degenerate language and undermine social norms of decency and civility in speech.

    Meanwhile the left loves to weaponize civility in their favor. Politicians are very obvious, the leftists acting all offended when someone says something – anything – they can portray as improper and incivil. “… bbbbut his tweets!!!. At the same time they can get away with the incivil speech equivalent of murder and hide behind “free speech”. They don’t even care that they’re hypocrites.

    Humans cannot abide much incivility and this is true for the left as well. Instead of the old practices of tolerance of speech and ideas with a belief in civil discourse, the left pushes for “political correctness” and a Marcusian notion of “tolerance” that give the lie to intolerance – beautiful emperor clothing. They can’t win in the open field of ideas, so they shut down speech, or use their own incivility to undercut it. It’s a disgusting reality but the Alinskyites are all too happy to use the rulebook against their political opponents. We need to be awake to that fact.

    Consider the case of the offended feminist, that someone held open a door for her! She wants to demand changes to the civil norms of society, not to improve them, but to destroy them. A gentleman opening a door for another person, seeking to be helpful and do good for others is a GOOD NORM. The feminist wants people to think only of themselves, to STOP DOING GOOD, essentially to make being ungood the norm. An America where a neighbor won’t open a door for someone else is an America with a destroyed social fabric – exactly what the neo-marxists want! They want an America where the average America won’t do good and won’t fight back, an America ripe for socialist takeover. It’s not about the feminist – it is about undermining all American goodness, even the basic decency we used to expect from the Boy Scouts as a quintessential American institution.

    Civility is more than just speech. It is a shared respect of others, a belief in the dignity and value of other people, and treating them with respect regardless of their station in life. It is the practice of human equality in daily life. The left cannot abide this because when people are civil, when they aren’t full of envy and resentment, when people are good people who are virtuous and practice chivalry and the Golden Rule, they CAN’T exploit it and gain power.

    In conclusion, even if civility offends people, practice it anyway. We should always strive to be good toward other people and do good for them with our words and deeds, and everywhere we can resist their efforts to make us stop being civil and stop being good.

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        1. Well, he’s an AUTHOR, and he’s welcome to publish it here OR on the other site once becoming an author there (COUGH, COUGH)! 😉

          The only problem on the other site is that I get to be lazy about non-existent complaints of thrown tomatoes. 😀

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          1. yeah I spent too much time writing it this morning lol… hoping to get my feet back under me soon. My head is in pain and I’m pretty miserable at the moment until the meds kick in.

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            1. Sorry to hear that – will pray for recovery!

              But just keep in mind a wonderful thought.
              a full post is almost as easy as a reply that long – and it gets many times the attention! Cut and paste and DONE!!!

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    1. IDK, I’m beginning to believe that the uncivil among us revel in not having to bother to make the effort to be good or adhere to any sort of standards. They plain and simply don’t care who they offend with lax manners. They think solely about themselves – and that has been encouraged by a media culture that puts personal pleasure and instant gratification ahead of long term achievement and working toward success.

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    2. Great post! 👍

      I believe that Marxism / communism (as well as islam) should be outlawed for many of the reasons you identified, because their purpose for existence is to destroy civil society.

      And that was the very test Founding Father Samuel Adams used to determine whether something should be tolerated (allowed) or not.

      Would Founding Father Samuel Adams Agree with Ben Carson on a Muslim President?
      AWR Hawkins

      “It is interesting to note that in 1772 Sam Adams wrote “The Rights of the Colonists,” through which he set forth a litmus test for religions that could be tolerated under the new government colonists would form.

      Adams’ litmus test rules out theocracies like Islam.

      Hanover College published “The Rights of the Colonists,” in which Adams wrote:

      In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind.

      And it is now generally agreed among Christians that this spirit of toleration, in the fullest extent consistent with the being of civil society, is the chief characteristical mark of the Church. Insomuch that Mr. Locke has asserted and proved, beyond the possibility of contradiction on any solid ground, that such toleration ought to be extended to all whose doctrines are not subversive of society.

      The only sects which he thinks ought to be, and which by all wise laws are excluded from such toleration, are those who teach doctrines subversive of the civil government under which they live.”

      So Adams sets forth a test for ascertaining which religions should be tolerated and that test is whether the “doctrines” – or teachings – of a given religion are “subversive of society.” Adams contended that religions “are excluded from… toleration” when they “teach doctrines subversive of the civil government.”


      islam is responsible for the deaths of entire civilizations, billions of people, over the last 1,400 years of death and misery in the name of islam.

      Marxism / Communism is likewise responsible for at least hundreds of millions of deaths, if not billions.

      Neither belief has any place in civilization.

      Their entire purpose is to destroy, and we are in no way obligated to assist in our own destruction by tolerating either one of these proven ideologies of genocide.

      To the contrary, we good men everywhere have an obligation and a duty to oppose them utterly.

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  12. My first reaction is surprise. My second is disappointment. Seriously, THAT MANY people have been complaining about others???

    We lost a lot of wonderful participants – understandably to a worthy cause – when Marica started her blog, and now we will lose more. Apparently I’m clueless to the need Qpers have to escalate tone or topic to levels that offend (or bore!) or engender a rash of complaints to Wolfie.

    One of my favorite things about Qtree is the wide variety of comments and tones. That’s what made it so interesting. With a scroll button, I have control.

    This further division makes me sad. It’s plenty for my aging eyes to keep up with the multiple MARVELOUS posts here; I cannot add yet another blog. I fear one will now become boring and the other too offputting.

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    1. “This further division makes me sad. It’s plenty for my aging eyes to keep up with the multiple MARVELOUS posts here; I cannot add yet another blog. I fear one will now become boring and the other too offputting.”

      To an extent, I do agree. I’m not sure splitting things off is the best idea, but if the boys need their own playground, maybe it’s better. it’s almost like giving in to the attempt to divide us, though.

      And the big issue, IMO, was a combination of personal attacks, ridicule of belief systems, and baiting participants. That’s when the big sister in me saw the infighting was causing more harm than good. We’re all better off with a variety of viewpoints thrown into a big mix, thus giving us all information to chew on. But, there is no reason to harp on individual quibbles like was going on. God gave us scroll bars for a reason.

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    2. “This further division…”
      Interesting. I don’t see it as division but addition. It appears that everyone is welcome at both sites. It’s just that, if you go to the U Tree, you cannot expect civility. Should be interesting.

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    3. @ Alison

      Nobody is forcing you to go to the other blog. I suspect Wolf is just tired of getting bombarded with PM’s and emails complaining about posts they don’t approve of. So sending the personal attacks to another blog is likely a good idea.

      So in the future, if you see someone post a reply to another poster that says go to The U Tree it will mean rather than subjecting everyone here to flame wars, you can choose to go there and view them or not. The choice is yours.

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      1. I intend to put some of my best stuff on the other blog. My best stuff will be contentious and rile up all sides. I NEED freedom of speech. Yet sometimes I need civility, too.

        And we need more posters. I’m getting a ton of lurkers who are stepping up now, without the risk of a ban. That brings a lot of questions to mind about what the cultural Marxists were able to accomplish before Trump.

        There will be new faces on the U Tree!

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  13. One of the things I love the most about the President is that he is real.

    He insults his enemies to their face.

    He tells the truth.

    He vents his outrage, otherwise known as righteous anger, in full view of the American people.

    I cannot fully express my views following the externally imposed rules that endeavor to leave no one offended.

    In fact, I know that when I have tried to communicate the cause of my outrage—the leftist assault on children and on the Christian faith—I cannot seem to do so without expressing that Christian faith, which in and of itself offends some.

    I also sometimes result to bad words, which never seem to be bad enough to voice my visceral, overwhelming disgust with some of the people and actions of the left. These words can offend Christians. ☹️

    (Here, I would like to express my admiration for Cup of Cofeve? who—without resorting to vulgarity—described Nadler in such a perfect way that I was blown away by its elegance. I got to things too late to comment on this yesterday, but humbly ask if Cofeve? (Hope I have correct name) would not please lend his or her eloquence to a description of Adam Schiff, whose current monikers, imo, do not quite do justice to his totally despicable character.

    I hope this sort of thing would not have to be posted UT? We are still free to insult the completely deserving left?)

    I believe that even insulting words can stem from love—love for God, love for the President and his cause, love for the innocent—children who will have to grow up and become victims of a very fallen world if we do not prevail. I think this applies to most of us here.

    So I copied this from Praying Medic’s site to share on general principles and see what everyone thinks:

    Jon Gordon
    Greatness isn’t achieved by worrying what everyone thinks of you. Don’t look outside. The praise, criticism, expectations; it’s all just noise. Look inside to your heart and soul and do your thing. Do it with love and create greatness from the inside out.

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    1. Wolf,
      Rereading this (before leaving for work) I want to emphasize that rules I was referring to are not yours but PC in general. Trying to make the point that very often we all offend just by being real.

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    2. I open myself fully to be corrected here.

      I think that avoidance of being offended is not Wolfie’s point. It’s not to stop opinions that may be offensive, or language that may be offensive, but to stop the personal attacks and the baiting that is occurring. To me, this is clear.

      We should be posting and discussing ideas, facts, conclusions, logic, consequences . . . and never, ever resort to criticizing or attacking the poster. With a very little bit of thought, the word “you” can be avoided in responses . . . and I don’t mean by “cleverly” saying, for example, that the poster here is an idiot . . . see I didn’t use the word “you”. No, that’s not the idea.

      Discuss the topic and content of posts, and even if someone severely criticizes your opinions or thoughts, respond with a valid argument on why your opinion is worthy of consideration. The “you’re an asshole”, “well, you’re a bitch”, and the “bite me” of recent occurrences should never happen. That is what is to be avoided and should not damage the quality of the discourse whatsoever.

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      1. Exactly! And yet I want a place for the lightning-rods and bolt-throwers to speak freely, too. Thus the “bar / meeting room” next door.

        But to your point, I WILL start enforcing civility on the Q Tree in ways that people have asked for. Civility has to be real. But GREATER CIVILITY may indeed GROW THE SITE as those who desire it, actually GET IT DELIVERED.

        We have a common cause of MAGA, and I want to GROW THAT MAGA. It’s time for us to GET BACK ON OFFENSE.

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  14. I think this dilemma that Wolf is facing revolves around agnosticism, atheism, Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism (and variations on Protestantism). In other words, religion. Wolf made a decision to NOT have a separate place for religion in his blog, but that it should be included in everyday life.

    People’s religious beliefs are a part of their whole being, and affect their outlook on life. Some people are not secure in their beliefs and don’t know how to defend or ignore those attacks. Similarly, those that attack do so because they don’t like the challenge to their unbelief, as they also are not secure in their un-belief.

    One of my daughters belongs to a forum that is comprised of Christians, atheists, and agnostics. There is lively discussion of an intellectual sort there. She sometimes tells me of various discussions that she has. I enjoy the discussions she brings, but I am poorly equipped to debate. She enjoys the debate, and in so doing may open someone’s mind and heart to believing. People that do not have firm convictions should not enter a debate forum of that sort.

    Wolf apparently has been deluged by requests to “so something” about so and so. Well, isn’t that OUR job to do as part of a civil society? Are we expecting Wolfm00n to be our “policeman”? What the F do we need a policeman for? We should be capable of ignoring or chastising our own group. If you don’t like what someone is doing or saying, just ignore it, or chastise that person if they’re being offensive. I can think of instances where people were taken to task, and then apologised. There are some who are too immature to apologize, and in that case, they should just be ignored or shunned. They could still comment, but if people don’t respond to them in any way shape or form, they are effectively ostracized.

    I will go over to Wolf’s other site, and watch what happens. I’m hoping that it can remain one group. I however do have a pretty thick skin and not everyone does. I also am looking at it as a logistic nightmare for Wolf. Does the news stay here or get posted both places? Same for rally threads. The other option that I could see is having the other site open to the general public for discussion, but leaving the main posts on the q tree house or just reposting them there. It could be the battleground, so to speak, but I’m not sure that’s something Wolf wants to do.

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    1. seems to me that the new U Thread is for ppl to VENT without fear of offending the easily offended…be it ab religion, politricks or whatever else ails us…

      and we all ail from something, sometimes, right ?

      too err is human.

      likewise, to ail is also human.

      sooo…if we feel particularly snarky or snide or like a Bad Cat, we can take it to the U Place !

      problems solved.

      food fights !
      cat fights !
      mud fights !
      tractor pulls !

      yeah dawgy !

      U Name It !


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      1. Yes! The “U Place” shouldn’t be a separate blog, it’s for those that want to take their opponent out behind the barn, if you will, and see who comes out on top. An alternate blog would be down the path of destruction of what Wolfie and others have dedicated so much time and labor to establish . . . a blog where all ideas can be civilly discussed . . . not a mud pit where the pigs are constantly challenging others to come on in and let’s wrestle in the mud a bit about that.

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        1. I like the concept bakocarl. If right here is the bar then thats outback after theyve had a few. Id hate to see us splinter even more.
          Several people already made their own blogs and have left but for a pop in now and then.

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      2. I want to GROW both sites. I cannot guarantee that this will work, but I think it can, because I can more effectively manage both models as two related sites. I have thought about this problem a LONG time in other contexts – the whole local / global “problem”.

        I refuse to give up on Free Speech and Free Association. This is an interesting coupling of those freedoms!

        The MAGA tent is big, and it needs more offerings than one big mass of chairs in the middle.

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    2. Good points Jam….. I also do not look forward to trying keep up with another site. To this point, I think Wolf has done an awesome job with THIS site. I would prefer we just stay here. (JMHO)

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    3. I’ve seen this kind of split a lot, between a moderated forum for playing safe and an unmoderated wild west format. One apologetics board, I was slightly active on, had a problem with zombie topic, dead topics that kept coming up. So a new board was created, zombieland, freespeech zone for Zombie topics. I think we ended up with 5 split boards in the end. That was a blast 🙂

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  15. I apologize . . . I have an addition to the above . . . merely something else to be avoided in civil discourse.

    Another technique to attack the poster, it to “name call” or label the poster’s opinions or ideas as the most stupid, asinine, immature and illogical thoughts I have ever heard in my life. That type of comment does nothing to promote a reasonable discussion of the topic and, by extension, you are labeling the poster with the same labels as you’ve just stuck on the post.

    These things are easy. Very little thought needs to be taken to avoid a direct or indirect attack on a poster.

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  16. Are the majority of civil posters being asked to adapt to two disparate blogs because there are 2-3 disrupter aholes amongst us?

    This is NUTS.

    It gives the disrupters exactly what they want… Disruption!

    Ignore the aholes AND ignore the complaints!!!

    What happened to #WWG1WGA ??????????

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    1. Unfortunately, all the posters on this blog aren’t crusty old bastards with broken noses from many a dirty fight in the mean streets of Blogville. Old crusty bastards rule, and they can easily join the fray or walk around it.

      There are, I’m positive, a number of posters who would just about be brought to tears by direct, mean, insulting attacks by one or more of the aholes that you referenced. That emotional experience may be enough for one or more of those posters to leave this blog, rather than be faced with the direct contention of repeated personal attacks. I would really like to avoid such a situation.

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      1. The thing that gets me about all of this is that a better argument always beats a personal attack 👍

        So there is really never a reason to engage in a personal attack, if we have (or believe we have) a good argument.

        And if we don’t have a good argument, if we can’t defend what we believe… then why do we believe it?

        That’s a big part of what we ‘do’ here, isn’t it? Gathering and sharing information, testing hypotheses, sorting out what is true from what is false, adding to the knowledge base?

        I love to have my beliefs or positions challenged. They’re not fragile things that need protection, they need to be hammered on in order to see if they hold up.

        Debating a position or belief is what helps to develop them, to make them stronger, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a position or belief through cross-examination, and ultimately to see for myself whether what I believe can withstand scrutiny.

        And a lot of fun, too!

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        1. “So there is really never a reason to engage in a personal attack, if we have (or believe we have) a good argument.”


          I should qualify that by specifying the people who participate here.

          I engage in personal attacks all the time against the Leftists and traitors to our country. I would LOVE to engage them in debate about what they do and believe and why, but they can’t defend what they believe and do, so they don’t engage.

          They only decree.

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  17. After thinking about this for a while, only one person comes to mind – who seems to be an intentional provocateur – delighting in demeaning anything to do with Christianity.

    This person operates more like the typical Alinsky name-calling leftist troll, or a RINO like Rick Wilson, than a typical Trump-supporting conservative.

    In fact, I don’t know of anyone here, OT or at the free-wheeling Weasel Zippers or any other Trump supporting blog who attack and malign people as this person does.

    Seems a shame to divide a great blog over one individual.

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    1. with all due respect to you…and I mean that…I want to speak up on behalf of andy who is the target of all of this….might as well come out with it…

      we all have said things here, at one time or another, that have offended, pissed off, provoked, disappointed, disrespected, and violated the feelings and sensitivities of certain others….

      andy has a Groucho Marx kind of biting sense of humor (acerbic ?), heavy on the snark sometimes…and he does not like what he sees as hypocrisy sometimes…


      …. we ALL have our own PET PEEVES, as well.

      he’s certainly not an Alinsky styled Leftist !

      come on…

      I see ppl trying to provoke andy sometimes in passive aggressive ways and he ignores them…but once in a while, like when someone inanely referred to him as a “troll”, he took issue w/ that..

      maybe this whole thing can just be a lesson or learning curve for all of us to step back, take a breath, think before posting something when riled up, count to 90….and/or move on….

      and stop making personal jabs….

      and let me start, ok ?

      you and I have had some spats…so let me say “I’m sorry”, ok ?

      …like a Good Cat 😀

      but next time it’s over to the U Place…down in the mud.

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      1. Thanks for responding with your point of view. I’m not picking on anyone, just trying to figure out what/who has brought things to a head…and only a very few have crossed swords since I’ve been here. I haven’t complained about this, but evidently others have.

        Wolfmoon is trying to solve a problem – wherein a contentious interaction, with Alinsky left name-calling included, takes up a whole page of comments.

        Hope the 2 blog solution works out better than the 2 state solution has worked out in Israel and Jordan!

        You and I have had only one negative interaction and it really took me by surprise – since as far as I recall, we had previous negative interaction with you, as I did with the mods OT – I only remember your many wonderful art posts that I loved and saved!

        However, I am not getting down in the mud with you or anyone else, here or at the U place. I’ll back off, scroll by or ignore a nasty comment, as I did with that certain person’s ‘bite me’ taunt.

        Love you! :8-)

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        1. I get a lot of private input I don’t talk about. It was turning into a circular firing squad. I tend to think the other side KNOWS this, and knows how to expertly prick us externally so we react here.

          We need ROOM is what I finally realized. ROOM TO FIGHT.

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      2. I think that something that may be considered a type of humor loses whatever traces of humor that it may have once held when it is repeated to the point of ad nauseum in the same manner on the same topic over a period of weeks. Perhaps something deeper than humor is involved.

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      3. To further clarify:

        I did not say Andy WAS a leftist Alinskyite or a troll.

        Rather, I said he used the same tactics – the name-calling, taunting provocateur tactics as they do.

        Moreover, at the new U place, the response Andy has written to my comment above is a prime example of yet another leftist tactic called ‘Escalation’.

        Escalation is part of the leftists ‘protest’ training, like street blocking, sign waving, taunting, yelling, pushing and spitting on ladies and old people. They are trained to escalate a confrontation, then turn and blame the victim for starting it.

        Andy being from Oregon may have innocently merely absorbed the culture – and maybe he took leftist protest training – and even gone out protesting with the leftists, just for kicks.

        Either way – leftist tactics are distinctive and they are disruptive and they are exemplary of a childish and mean nature when used repeatedly to deride other people’s faith and values.

        So, whenever Andy starts in with the taunts, then turns and blames the other person, calling them vile names, I’ll privately think of him as Antifa Andy.

        Maybe if it gets bad enough and takes up a whole comment page, I’ll even type it out loud – paraphrasing Ronald Reagan – “There you go again, Antifa Andy”

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  18. Sometimes the church splits.

    I was raised up as a child in the Pentecostal church until the leader of the National flock committed a grave sin. He murdered the husband of a woman who had stolen his heart by chopping off his head and his hands and left the body in the church and set it ablaze. God put out the fire.

    As I raised my children in the Methodist Church, my wife sinned and screwed the milkman. Forgiveness until all my children were graduated and in college. I even helped her through college then law school.. Lawyers are trained to argue but when they are converted to the cult of Progressive Liberalism and join the Democratic Party. Tolerance ends.

    I tried the Episcopal Church. Let me just say, when Martial Law is upon the land and we live in anarchy and truly the SHTF. The Episcopalians will be no more until my last breath or bullet.


    IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE THE aoc-o’s of the world.

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      1. Some things have been the same for a long time….

        Just scroll past. Children bait…ignore and only engage on positive topics. Or don’t get upset by the fit that is coming when the childishness receives attention.

        Sometimes this is just a way of God letting us know who needs prayer. Sometimes it is a cry for negative attention. Give the prayer generously but withhold the attention for only positive behavior.

        the “why” behind the behavior? Who knows. Pray and let God handle it.

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          1. PS – Some behavior and comments are offensive….but it is still a choice to be offended & an absolutely a choice to engage by responded on the board.

            It has been hard for me to scroll past sometimes and sometimes I haven’t! However, it seems to be sport and I have other things to do. I am here mainly for politics, good insights and the latest news. As a bonus, I have gotten to “know” some “friends” (absolutely genuine for the situation but still online and therefore only partially “real”), find laughs, entertain, support, prayer warriors when I need to reach out, recipes….a real community. But at any given time I am just here usually to click through & scroll for news & politics. If I take time to wrestle in the mud I might not have time for political engagement of visiting the other sites that I like to scan (like gateway pundit, etc.)

            We can just read it as a “pray for me” cry for attention instead of a “fight with me” challenge.

            Really, after getting some distance, its rather pathetic behavior from other wise high potential person/people.

            Before I was a Christian, it Never occurred to me to act like that toward a Christian – a believer of any religion about their spiritual beliefs. I still wouldn’t act like that even to believing Muslims (except if they were violent, etc., but even then there would be better ways to go about it than what I have seen on display here!).

            It seems to me that the Holy Spirit is working on some of our fellow treepers hearts. They are being called and they are resisting – hard! One must have tremendous pain &/or turmoil inside to lash out in such ways. Pathetic and pitiful once one takes a step back and a bigger view of such behavior. what kind of hurt in one’s past would cause such baggage, such lashing out, such self demeaning public behavior, such incredible self unawareness?

            As a mother I see a person has been hurt, who is still hurting and who is having tremendous trouble handling their emotions and their past + their heart feeling a pull of the Holy Spirit.

            You know when our toddlers have a fit on the floor when they are overwhelmed and kick and scream and even say mean things to us? We don’t take it personally because we understand who they are in that moment. Really sad to see such dedication to immature, disruptive and discrediting behavior from grown adults.

            Bless his heart, so sad. Perspective makes it easier to roll one’s eyes, say a quick prayer and scroll on. Just count it as a quick reminder to say a pray for that person, say a quick prayer, scroll on and MAGA! 🙂

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              1. “What’s my REAL name, Scott?”


                I don’t know… how would I know?

                Apparently I’m supposed to know, so I tried clicking on your avatar and on ‘Deplorable Patriot’. Clicking on ‘Deplorable Patriot’ takes me to a page you have set up (American Quirks), with your nom de plume (P.H.), but that is only because you created that page.

                And the same page shows up, whether I click on ‘Deplorable Patriot’ here on WQTH or on the new Utree blog.

                So I checked mine, and the same generic WP page comes up for mine, whether here on WQTH or on the new Utree blog.

                So clearly I’m missing something…


              2. Earlier you said “For all intents and purposes, we’re more anonymous here” (as opposed to the new Utree blog).

                I was trying to understand what you meant by that, how the Utree blog is LESS anonymous than WQTH.

                You replied by asking “What’s my REAL name, Scott?”, which I took to mean that I should be able to discover that on the Utree blog, but not here on WQTH, because that’s the only way I could make sense of your reply ‘What’s my REAL name’ to my question “How is it [anonymity] different in that regard, between the two WQTH’s?”


          1. I look at it as a zone where (metaphorically speaking) you can expect someone to take a swing at you and no cop will step in…but you don;t have to take a swing at anyone yourself.

            Of course, some people are easily offended, reacting when no real punch was thrown.

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            1. There are times when incivility is being used not out of sloppiness or thoughtlessness, but deliberately, as a weapon. On those occasions, often the proper response is to return it, or punish it, but certainly not to return civility for it.

              I’m talking about the current Left, of course, and Donald Trump demoing the proper response.

              If enforcing civility rules on this blog there are at least three people I’d nuke.

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              1. Yes, it’s a very individual choice, and one that I love having the FREEDOM to choose my weapon.

                Trump has turned the tables on PHONY leftism by NOT practicing civility as they define it, but rather by counter-punching past the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. It’s an excellent strategy, which makes the weaponized SILENCE OF THE LEFT in defending many virtuous things on the right, and in failing to call out lack of virtue on the left, a kind of INCIVILITY that is easily mistaken for CIVILITY.

                Trump is a genius, and he has upended the SMART FAKERY of the leftists.

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            2. “Trump has turned the tables on PHONY leftism by NOT practicing civility as they define it, but rather by counter-punching past the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. It’s an excellent strategy,”


              It seems like he is using the ‘Game Theory’ concept of ‘tit for tat’.

              He treats everyone as they treat him.

              So if they treat him nice, he treats them nice.

              If they treat him poorly, he treats them poorly.

              He never treats them nicely if they treat him poorly. This works as both a training tool to encourage others to learn to treat him nicely, and it also prevents him from becoming like all the RINO suckers who only ever return grovelling civility for assault.

              <b<Game Theory – tit-for-tat

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  19. So, over on the QTree, can we expect some movement toward and perhaps some enforcement of what would be considered civil discourse? Do the main disrupters of civil discourse even realize that they are the main disrupters of civil discourse, so they believe their disruptive activity is perfectly acceptable?

    Liked by 10 people

  20. Okay, so with Privacy Badger, as long as everything labeled ‘gravitar’ (whatever that is) is set to ‘medium’ (yellow), peoples’ avatars are visible.

    I still can’t post on U-tree without logging in every time, and I still can’t ‘like’ other posts.

    Wolf says I have to enable cookies, and adjust blocking software, but I don’t understand how any of that stuff works, so I’m literally just clicking stuff to see what happens.

    Pretty soon that gets to be an exercise in mindless frustration, because there is no logic or reason to any of it.

    When it comes to technical computer stuff, I learn from people SHOWING me, so I can ‘copy and repeat’ in order to get the desired result, NOT because I actually understand the mechanics of what the steps are doing.

    And there’s nobody here who is able to SHOW me.

    I don’t know what it’s ‘safe’ to unblock, or not ‘safe’.

    I don’t know if when I flip a switch the entire zombie apocalypse comes in and takes over my computer, or if it just allows avatars to be visible on my screen.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Very dear Wolfie,

    I must respectfully decline to participate in the U fight club.

    Maybe it’s a generational thing, but it’s not my kind of scene.

    I get enough unhinged screaming, literal frothing at the mouth rage and obscene name-calling, irrationality, unreasonable and unpredictable – from my daughter who is inflicted with the advanced stages of a neurodegenerative disease.

    NO (insert expletives) THANK YOU for more of the same!!!!

    Love you!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I am so sorry to hear that you experience this from your daughter. It is so difficult to be a long term caregiver and that kind of behavior coming from an adult loved one is so hard to deal with. That makes your job that much harder, you that much more tired and spent, your “batteries” that much more drained and less prepared to deal with other negatives.

      For your own sake, ignore and don’t drain yourself further by engaging in what seems to be entertainment/sport for others.

      Some are letting off steam, entrain themselves (pathetic entertainment, right?), make themselves feel better or whatever but for you it must be that much more draining and not what you come here to do in your precious spare time. We all need a refuge as we are fighting so much in the real world. I know I go out and do political “battle” (activism) via internet social media and sometimes I feel like that even at OT. But here I “enter” and can feel myself relax. Then a surprise mess. No, we shouldn’t feel that way here at the cozy, welcoming treehouse but such is life.

      Just scroll on and ignore. Say a prayer, shake off the dust from your sandals and don’t look back.

      Prayers for you from our family in family worship in a few minutes (having my coffee first! ha)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. CTH didn’t turn out to be the refuge they advertised, and they banned a lot of people. WQTH has been a collegial group for the most part.

        I’m facing a bunch of heavy stuff and need to get my affairs in order, and both computers need work, so may be absent a lot over the next weeks/months.

        You are so kind to offer insight and wisdom – very grateful.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. No, it isn’t a total refuge. Is any place free of disharmony that has even 1 other person? My home ought to be a refuge for my family and yet there are interfamily squabbles, disagreements, etc. I guess we have to keep in mind what these places are refuges from…they definitely feel more relaxing that the general public comments sections or social media! And wqth has been the most relaxing refuge to date…which makes certain behaviors that much more jarring to us, doesn’t it?

          I will be thinking of you and remembering you in prayer as you deal with whatever you are going through. It does sound serious in addition to the already full load of taking care of your daughter + normal life.

          Liked by 5 people

    2. I understand completely! “Fight Club” is not for everybody. I actually find it a bit stressful myself. But for the people who like the stinky cheese of unmoderated discussion – well – it’s in THAT cafe NOW, and not THIS one.

      Your civil discussions of the LGBT issue will always be welcome here, so there is really no need to take it over there.

      These first few days will give people a taste of unmoderated discussion, so they will understand if any moderation for incivility needs to be done here.

      Liked by 3 people

          1. Reminds me of the Dad who built a boxing ring for his sons when he couldn’t get them to stop fighting. He taught them to settle their differences according to the rules of boxing.

            There is a purpose for the Marquess of Queensbury rules and learning not to hit below the belt or not to hit opponents who are down….and there is also a time to employ street fighting and guerrilla tactics.

            Our President knows the difference.

            PS – I’ve been reading the Jack Reacher series, after the Gray Man (Mark Greaney) and almost all of Clancy. :8-)

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher is a big guy and talented street fighter…. that’s why he came to mind. He didn’t pick on people first, but if they came at him one or several, he always won. Reminds me of our man Trump.

              PDJT is like both Reacher and Secretariat.

              Liked by 1 person

  22. I haven’t read but a few comments here. Enough that I went over there and could not comment. There doesn’t appear to be a comment section. I will read further to see if this has been addressed already. The U Tree!!! 😈

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