20191104: MAGA/KAG Rally in Kentucky!

Have you ever been to Kentucky? It’s the land of college basketball, coal mining, gleaming modern cities combined with a dedicated effort for historical preservation, miles and miles of famous blue grass, the fastest horses in the world, the finest Bourbons, women who “shine with their own kind of light”, famous men (both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis), and in my opinion, the country’s finest interstate system (thank you, Mitch McConnell).

Tonight, we’re going to Rupp Arena in Lexington, home of the Kentucky Wildcats, which seats 23,000 people. It’s sacred soil for basketball fans, and normally a sea of blue (school colors) but tonight it will be a RED WAVE for President Trump and the reelection of Matt Bevin! …..Along with a whole slate of Republicans. Expect a big turnout tonight, the election is tomorrow!

Louisville, Kentucky is about 1 hour west, 70 miles, with the Capitol, Frankfort in the middle of two major cities.

Kentucky is 379 miles from east to west, 170 miles at its most broad from north to south. Kentucky is bordered by four rivers on three sides, and has more navigable waterway than any other state except Alaska. Population is 4.468 million, median income is $48,375 but an old stat from Wiki. Kentucky is home to the largest cave system in America, the Mammoth Caves (Where is Gail Combs?) and the largest manmade lake, Cumberland. The natural beauty of Kentucky is inescapable as Kentucky goes from an elevation of 250 ft on the west near the Mississippi River — to the Appalachians on the east, elevation of 4100ft+++.

Matt Bevin was elected with Tea Party support and has clashed with the GOPe on many occasions. Good for him but wow, it’s been a tough slog in Kentucky fighting establishment Repubs and the Dems. Bevin is the kind of guy who “walks the walk”. He’s staunchly pro-life and lives his convictions. The media hates him for it. He and his wife have 9 children, 4 of whom are adopted.

The Bevin Family

The Opioid Crisis is a big problem in Kentucky. The fight this time, however, is about who gets to pick the legal team. Are the retainers going to campaign donors or the best law firm to represent the state? Atty General Beshear, Dem candidate for Governor, chose his campaign donors to lead a lucrative fight against big pharma on behalf of Kentucky. The payoff would be enormous for Beshear’s buddies. Bevin is sticking up for the voters and took the payoff/contract all the way to the State Supreme Court, where Bevin won. It’s been a bitter fight and the long knives are out for Bevin. https://www.wdrb.com/news/bevin-beshear-clash-as-opioid-crisis-becomes-issue-in-ky/article_7cfde9f6-cb66-11e9-970e-1b6a36420285.html

Time to move the campaign gear to the front of the closet. We’re less than 365 days to election day and it’s time to step up, loud and proud, on behalf of our President. Rallies will be coming fast and furious from now until election day 2020.

It’s still early in the morning in Lexington but Trump Supporters are out in the cold before tonight’s rally. Here’s one of America’s finest.

We can’t leave Kentucky without a little music and a quick tour of the state.

If you’ve never been, ya’ gotta go. Churchill Downs, Run for the Roses, First Saturday in May.
Lake Cumberland is spectacular at any time of the year.
Mammoth Cave is indescribable, you have to see it to believe it.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail has become a tourist hit! The trail takes visitors inside 10 distilleries with taste testing and fascinating history. Traveling from town to town takes in horse stables, old taverns, and historic sites like Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. The scenery along the way is verdant and breathtaking. We might lose a few of our readers on this trip….. https://www.earthtrekkers.com/kentucky-bourbon-trail-ultimate-guide/

Of course, everyone from Kentucky knows the words to “My Old Kentucky Home”. The song was originally an anti-slavery ballad composed by Stephen Foster in 1852. When a Kentuckian sings this song, they get misty eyed, lock arms, and remember a simpler time. It’s about hardship and family. Very emotional, heartfelt, appreciative, enduring. Can’t sing it without a tear in the eye.

All of us are familiar with the legend of Secretariat. I was kid in 1973 but my grandparents raced and bred thoroughbreds. The Kentucky Derby was like the Super Bowl in our house. That year, Secretariat’s win at the Kentucky Derby, from deep in the pack, was nothing short of a miracle, breaking a track record, 1:59.2. He went on to win the Preakness, again rivaling Sham, in another track record. By the time Secretariat got to the Belmont, Secretariat was on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated. Halfway into the race, Sham and Secretariat opened a 10 length lead on the rest of the pack. By the end of the race, Secretariat won by 31 (it wasn’t 25) lengths. Watch…… this ……. horse…….. run………..

When Secretariat died in 1989, his autopsy revealed his heart was 2 1/2 times larger than a normal horse. He had a bigger engine. Secretariat became a super horse. Because of his God given talent, it enabled him to do things other horses couldn’t do, things we could have never imagined, things we only would see once in a generation…….. and when he was done running, we instantly felt as though we just witnessed history.

Who does that remind you of?

413 thoughts on “20191104: MAGA/KAG Rally in Kentucky!

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      1. So THAT’S why they had the Orb…

        Great to see folks starting to stand up against the DEMONicRATS and the YSM/MCM. Those of us who can, maybe encourage and pray for the Congress folks… some carrot to go with the proverbial stick…

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  3. So…I am a bit disappointed…… If only…. POTUS ended with….

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! and..
    Epstein didn’t kill himself. BOOM!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  4. thanks Daughn for showcasing Kentucky and for the thread and for all the comments–and thanks to all who commented…you guys are the best–and seriously the best “road show” going….made me laugh and cheer!!!!

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