Wyatt’s Amazing Thread

You simply have to read this one.

Our own ozzytrumpster turned me on to one of THE BEST Twitter threads I’ve ever read.

EVERY QTreeper needs to read this. It’s by that “Kurt Russell” guy whose account keeps getting nuked by Jack Dorsey.

You can read the THREADREADERAPP version HERE:


OR you can start on Twitter HERE:

I saved an image of that first tweet, just in case Twitter bans Wyatt, which it inevitably will, to the detriment of humanity.

Along the way, you will read about Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and William Barr. It’s a really awesome ride – a reminder that PATIENCE is a VIRTUE.

And of course, this Trump Tweet, saved as an image.

And yes, even MOAR SUN TZU….

The above tweet is where the thread appears to end in the threadreaderapp version, but the thread is actually broken there. If you click on the last tweet in Twitter, you get another dozen posts.

Including this brilliant tweet-pair observation….

Ending here….

I think it’s very useful to see how much smarter than all these pundits our VSG actually is. Check this sad-sack, face-palm, “sometimes-Trump” tweet out. Some people just never really get it.

When David French is NOT making a fool of himself about whatever it is that he doesn’t get about what our VSG is doing – meaning roughly 90% of the time – he’s very useful to read. But the fact is, there is a reason I literally THANK GOD for President Trump – and it’s the remaining 10% of the time.

FEW PEOPLE can deal with that stuff.


A toast – to our wonderful POTUS, and the Republicans who have the SENSE to trust him.

I hope you will all join me!

A toast to our VSG and his merry band of nation-saving patriots!

It’s the end of the month. I put my money where my mouth is. The DEMS and their RINO SQUISHES need to know where we stand.



Just Stand.

133 thoughts on “Wyatt’s Amazing Thread

  1. Yes…great thread!

    Wyatt states what many of us have believed all along about Sessions and about Gen Flynn.
    So it’s nice to see it laid out so well.

    I didn’t know that Pres Trump “nominated Mr. Durham to serve as U.S. Attorney on November 1, 2017.”

    I’ve thought all along that Stephan Miller was probably acting as a messenger between PDJT and Sessions.
    That way there were calls on record.

    Miller was an aide to Sessions for years, before moving into the Trump team.
    It’s almost like Miller was a ‘gift’ to Pres Trump, from Jeff Sessions.

    Wyatt talks like he has read Q drops.
    But I don’t remember him ever mentioning whether he was pro-Q or not.

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    1. I think Wyatt is “careful” about Q, kinda like Brian Cates. He doesn’t like hitching himself to ANYBODY or ANYTHING. He’s MAGA on Trump, but no faction beyond that. I can respect that. I’m me – not a Q mimic or parrot. In fact, that’s what the whole Q thing teaches.

      Wyatt had a thread tonight where he mentioned that Republicans need to be consistent about foreign aid to Israel, if we’re going to be pickier about who gets aid and what’s expected, and the whole Q topic of “saving Israel for last” was brought up. It was actually rather encouraging to see smart and honest talk about Israel on the thread. Just like CIA != USA, Mossad != Israel != Judaism. The world is a complex place, and we have to be smart. I have my own views of Israel which many probably feel are too supportive, but I *AM* America First, and that goes for our allies, too. Part of that is respecting that other nations will act in THEIR own interests as well. Including Israel. But the whole world needs to move toward greater HONESTY (IMO) in how we do that.

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      1. “CIA ≠ USA as Mossad ≠ Irael ≠ Judaism”

        What has the Mossad done to show that it (though Israel has its leftists and their secular laws tolerate abortion, homosex and other unbiblical behaviors) has been corrupted and is as rogue and out of control as the US DOJ/FBI/CIA under Bush Sr. to Øbama?

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        1. Read some decent research on the different actors and agencies involved in 9/11 (before, during, and after)—and you might see some participation (rogueness) by Mossad. Just sayin’.

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          1. Not hardly – those were mostly Jewish business/finance folks in the towers – that’s why they were targeted.

            Blaming the Mossad is lame….and boils down to anti-semitism. I’ve been around and read their garbage.

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            1. I never realized that – why the Towers were targeted. Financial centers, yes, but the fact that they were mostly Jewish business/finance… well, that makes sense.

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              1. The Towers were always a symbolic target for the jihadists.

                But here is the problem. To any people WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE, all forms of DISASTER are MONEY-MAKING OPPORTUNITIES. If you know a disaster is POSSIBLE – BELIEVABLE – even LIKELY – then the SAME opportunities arise as arise from ARSON.

                A RISKY or TROUBLED PROPERTY that may even be a LOSER becomes a WINNER if you arrange things right.

                An old rich guy who loves young bimbos is an OPPORTUNITY.

                A KNOWABLE DISASTER is like a black hole. It ATTRACTS EVIL.

                Imagine THE CLINTONS knowing what was coming. Maybe even knowing WHICH 5 other people in the world, besides them, knew.

                One has to THINK LIKE A CLINTON to see how everything could be different than what we’re supposed to believe.

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            2. That is not what I’m referring to—the Jewish folks in the towers, etc.! You have misinterpreted my point! Geez! I’m far from anti-Israel!!! Give me a break!

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        2. What has the Mossad done to show that it (though Israel has its leftists and their secular laws tolerate abortion, homosex and other unbiblical behaviors) has been corrupted and is as rogue and out of control as the US DOJ/FBI/CIA under Bush Sr. to Øbama?

          An excellent question – ALTHOUGH I will note FIRST that this is NOT what I said (nor did you say that I said it), but this should NOT, in my opinion, be the starting question.

          The question you posited is “has been corrupted AND is as rogue and out of control as (etc.)”.

          I think there is a much wider range of possibility there. All the way from “totally innocent” to “worse than the CIA and/or FBI”. And it’s not linear, either. The Mossad could have DIFFERENT PROBLEMS than the CIA.

          But yes – what EVIDENCE do we have?

          First, I have to give “exculpatory” evidence.

          Speaking personally (and I have to be very careful here), I myself have only had “positive” experiences with likely or presumed Mossad operatives (not necessarily agents).

          Most people don’t say good things about the Mossad. But I’ve had moments where people who may have been Mossad showed up and I felt some relief. They’re not the only people that way. My defense of home teams like Q and even CIA sometimes isn’t without reason.

          That said, let’s get on to my concerns.

          There are three things which really bug me:

          – the highly sophisticated phone work coming out of Israel to self-hoax on Jewish Community Centers in the US, in order to elect communist Tom Perez over Islamist Keith Ellison

          – the roots of ANTIFA in the “observation / ideological mentoring” of Stanislav Vysotsky, who was apparently supported by the Israeli left-wing media in too smart a way to be coincidence

          – all things Epstein, in which it is literally impossible to ignore the millions of Mossad footprints everywhere

          There are other things, but those are very tenuous, not suitable for disclosure, not necessarily Mossad, and not necessarily bad, but I think the above are enough to cause concern.

          We have to be very clear-eyed. The mission of the Mossad pretty much used to be “Never Again” – the survival of Israel and the Jewish people / state / religion / whatever. Short version – “never again”. To me, that’s a no-brainer.

          The problem is that now there may be other goals involved which are more problematic. Just like the CIA has become clearly more of a deep state leftist outfit, the Mossad may have the exact same problem, or a similar problem.

          And that is before we add pencilneck problems. Which are VERY old. And I don’t have those all figured out neatly – not as neatly as I would like. I just know there are problems there.

          Supporting socialism in the United States would be a deal-breaker for me. Socialism CREATES National Socialism, whether Socialists want to believe it or not. NO. CAN. DO. And yet – well, it would appear that the Mossad may have a hand in supporting dangerous socialists here in the US. The evidence is thin – tenuous – but that is the BEST you can do with professionals. You get to “maybe” – unless you are the NSA. In contrast to Q and POTUS, I do not “have it all”. I only have my wits, my keen sense of observation, and suspicions.

          I suspect that IF there is a socialism problem in Mossad, it is because of infiltration by SOVIET REFUSENIKS who were not all they appeared on the surface.

          I think it’s a very open question what is going on with Mossad. That is normally the way it is with intelligence agencies – they LIKE it when people don’t know WTH is going on.

          I don’t consider myself a critic of Israel or the Mossad. If they still believe in “never again” – and by their supporting socialism I might have some doubts – then I would even call them allies – within the limits of my loyalty to AMERICA FIRST.

          But I think that Mossad is understandably ISRAEL FIRST, and we have to be very honest with ourselves about what that means.

          To me, Epstein almost had to be a Mossad operation. There is a tell that most people are missing, but it would be a part of “never again”. It has nothing to do with the negative side of his operation. It is a lesson learned by the first half of the 20th century – by history.

          I hope that explains where I am right now vis-a-vis the Mossad. Sometimes friends have problems. We can’t paper them over. We have to deal with them. Part of that is looking at ourselves, and what WE have done or not done which contributed to the problems. There is that, too, if we’re honest about things. Obama – well – there were problems. As I’m sure you would agree. But I see problems all the way back to the beginning – lack of commitments.

          So that is where I am. Even though things are not CLEAR right now, I hope that helps!

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          1. Thanks for the explanation of your remarks/beliefs.

            Trump is anti-socialist as are his policies.

            Jared Kushner is very close to Netanyhu.

            Heck, the Jews hate nazi national socialism.

            It is unlikely the Mossad would be pushing communism or socialism.

            Maybe the Israelis considered it the lesser of the two evils if they pushed Perez over Ellison…..

            Maybe Netanyhu consulted with DJT about that even before he was President.

            Trump has been engaging in a non-stop push drugs, slavery and pedophilia.

            That is why I’ll never agree with “To me, Epstein almost had to be a Mossad operation.” Killing him maybe, but not ‘handling’ him.

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            1. Even then, the Mossad would likely only bother to kill Epstein to send a message to Hillrotten and Øbominable that ‘we can get you too.’

              History shows Mossad can do what General Milley said – “Operationally, the US military can hit any target, any time, anywhere.”

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              1. There were a lot of people who needed Epstein dead. Whoever did it had state-level tools. Making the guards fall asleep – that is top tech. Multiple ways, and they used the best one, whatever it was. I also suspect they used MK to get certain things done by key people. VERY slick operation.

                My candidates:

                Rogue CIA or KGB-CIA commie faction
                Ex-Mossad hired by somebody (they do enormous amounts of contract work, but usually not like this)
                British to protect monarchy
                “Other” to protect satanists / Cabal

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            2. The choice of Perez over Ellison was definitely a “lesser of two evils” thing from almost everybody’s perspective. The methodology, however, pushed a lot of anti-Trump buttons, and would have damaged POTUS were it not for a lot of detective work on our side, including by Sundance, all of which showed it was very likely hoaxing from the left somewhere, and not TRUMP supporters doing it, as the FAKE NEWS tried to insinuate.

              The phone calls, however, remained problematic until the WRAY FBI busted them. Although we don’t know if Mossad found the caller or burned him, and then turned him over deniably. We don’t KNOW if they were involved. But it was international, and very sophisticated. Could have been ex-Mossad. It was desperate is what it was.

              Closing down Epstein may have been an agreed, negotiated, or imposed thing. It is very likely that Epstein was also forced to serve the CIA as well. The problem for any theories that he was NOT working for Mossad is that Maxwell’s daughter was his partner. Very hard to get Mossad out if she’s in.

              I suspect that Epstein was a problem for our side, as far as cleaning up government, and Jared negotiated a solution of some kind, in exchange for going forward with things WE also wanted to do (like moving the embassy, likely done first as a good faith showing).

              The whole thing was a mess, but Trump specializes in fixing messy things! 😉

              I know what our side does – or at least DID before Trump – even the “good guys”. It’s not pretty. Now Trump and his gang may be cleaning that up – and I suspect that’s what’s happening.

              I mean think of it. Pedo entrapment was being used on our side in the 90’s and presumably through Bush and Obama. They tried to use it on me, although probably not with live kids – just fakery. It was pretty pathetic, but these fake kids lied like hell to gain entrapment. It’s sick.
              They start off very innocent and healthy but then start edging toward “collateral”.

              It’s very dirty. So I am almost certain that we were “sacrificing kids” too. Just look at Mueller and those wrist-slap busts on pedos. There was a reason, and it was setting the monsters loose to get control over people.

              If it was OK for CIA, then we would have considered it OK for Mossad, from BIDEN’S perspective. That’s why Sessions slapped his hand – these agencies just got worse and worse, because that’s the world they live in – basically politically authorized criminality. The “turn away from the pedo” attitude SPREAD to the politicians who HAD to tolerate it, to remain in the UniParty.

              The problem – once those agencies DEMAND to control the Presidency, ALL HELL takes over.

              I am very glad Trump is taking this over and cleaning it up. And he clearly has friends in Israel. But Israel is not monolithic – everybody on the same page. That attitude is encouraged everywhere by everybody and about everybody as a way to manage opinions, but it’s simply not true.

              No agency or government likes to admit factions and dissent. None of them. But right now, there are factions. Israel is having political problems over unity right now. It has always been even more divided than here. There is only unity on some things, and not agreement on all of those.

              In any case, I trust Trump. I trust Jared. I trust Bibi, and at this point, I may have to trust whoever he trusts.

              I just realized one reason that they may have picked Haspell. She would not go along with live bait pedo. I’ll bet that’s it. She was out of the loop on pedo ops. Brennan knew that. He probably liked her otherwise, but was thinking he would have to work around the pedo problem. But PEDO explains the Haspell appointment. Sorry if that sounds sexist, but guys are not strong enough against pedo – not in spy world. They can get talked into turning away and tolerating evils of all kinds. You need a woman for the job, IMO.

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    2. Well, the people working close to POTUS in the WH certainly weren’t aware of this back-story on Sessions (I agree with Wyatt, BTW). Cliff Sims “Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the White House.” He believes Sessions did not tell Trump he was recusing.

      He was CEO of Yellowhammer Multimedia in Alabama before joining the campaign in August 2016 (knew Sessions quite well, as well as Miller). “He crafted the White Houses’s messaging.” According to him, WH was very chaotic and disjointed. Book is a mixed bag – doesn’t like Trump personally but likes his policies.

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      1. Wyatt’s thread implies that the chaos was on purpose to throw the dep state dogs off the scent. If Cliff Sims was only seeing the surface turmoil that could mean that he was not read in on the actual work getting done (while distracting others). Might want to go back to the book and see if that might fit.

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  2. Yup, this jives with most of what this bunch of deplorables has been saying for ages.

    I’ve got better than even money that Mueller was working to save himself and has in fact done so..

    I’ve got big money that RR is a hero …

    I’ve still got a couple of bucks on Comey being the one taking the best actor, as per DPat’s theory – it still works, especially now that it looks like Brennan is in the crosshairs and Comey may have covered his but, as per Roosterhead’s advice. Comey “exonerating” HRC played no small part in the VSG pulling off the election win – he damned her in his exoneration, and right thinking folk noticed …

    And Jeff Sessions? Never ever doubted him. I got in to trouble OT for climbing in to Joe DiGenova after a particularly nasty attack on Jeff. I’d pick Jeff over Joe every day of athe week, etc. Although Joe may also have been playing a role, who knows, right?

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    1. There could be lots of surprises. I have some theories – not even involving “pencilneck” – that would blow people’s minds here. I keep them to myself, because they involve players that would be so deep undercover they are almost unthinkable.

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  3. Sun Tzu is, similarly, out of copyright — but, being more popular, is available everywhere…..from youtube to annotated versions to entire websites devoted to teasing out the last scintilla of its meaning.

    Clausewitz is all about analyzing war to classify it into parts and define such parts. For example, he has a section about war in swamps and he compares it to war with rivers, with the contrast that destroying a bridge in a swamp isn’t as effective as destroying a bridge over a major river. I’m sure that Francis Marion was aware and amused by such analysis.

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    1. Thank you, cthulhu. I understand the relevance of Sun Tzu and Clausewitz. It’s the citing of Voltaire which completely confuses me. The witty antagonist of Catholicism? Why does the thread throw him into the mix, do you suppose?

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    2. The used bookmarket often has copies available. Funny, I bet most military families have a copy or two. We do. ThriftBooks .com is a great, inexpensive used book site. Amazing finds there.

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  4. Here is ANOTHER great Twitter thread – very worthwhile – about how CRAZY PEOPLE let loose on the streets by DEMOCRATS (meaning communists) are actually a lot bigger problem than “neo-Nazis”. Total agreement. Look back at history, as shown in the thread. See how the FAKE NEWS distorted Wray’s testimony.

    Final posts here:

    Threadreaderapp version here:


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    1. I’m going through the threadreaderapp version, and it hits “they tied to assassinate members of Congress” like it’s an applause line……and I’m thinking, “is this an attempt to make us feel better about all the horrible things they actually stand for?”

      It really screws up the message.

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    2. Carlos is great too
      Profile picture
      Carlos Osweda
      Profile picture
      Oct 22nd 2019, 7 tweets, 3 min read
      Bookmark Save as PDF My Authors

      Someone asked me about the Iranians taking the US Navy CB90 Riverine Command Boats on January 12, 2016.

      Here’s all you need to know:

      They have a crew of EIGHT, not five.

      And members of the US military NEVER take their passports with them on training missions.

      The sailors weren’t trained for that mission.

      They chosen at random, told to bring their passports, and the rest is history.

      It was a setup to make the Iranians look reasonable and the Americans to incompetent and cowardly.
      The Obama administration promoted anti-American officers.

      They’ve always been around. John Kerry, Tulsi Babbard, Pete Buttigieg.

      @realDonaldTrump has said the following several times:
      mentions “I’ll never forgive Obama for what he did to the armed forces, and someday I’ll talk about it.”

      He means stuff like this.

      Flat-out aiding and abetting the enemy.

      The navy covered it up, because that’s what the military always does.
      mentions Trump will expose it in detail.


      mentions ADDENDUM:

      Tulsi Babbard?

      Actually, I like that better…

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        1. You mean YOU didn’t read about that shortly after it happened? I am surprised – I read about it probably being a set-up way back then altho no doubt those were put down to “conspiracy theory.” And, of course, I can’t find any of those links now……this one offers an alternative theory: He postulates that Iran jammed all of their communications and the DoD is hiding the fact they have this ability.

          EXCERPTS: “In 2009, Lockheed Martin’s RQ-170 Sentinel showed up on a runway in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The aircraft entered service two years earlier, but the public was unaware. The bat wing styled drone is reminiscent of the Stealth Bomber. The similarities extend beyond the cosmetic, and the RQ-170 is the premier spy drone in the US fleet. This was the drone used to map out Bin Laden’s compound. It was tasked with keeping an eye on Iran’s nuclear program. That’s when things got interesting.

          On December 4, 2011 a RQ-170 Sentinel crashed into the Iranian countryside. Iran claimed its electronic warfare unit brought the plane down. The US Department of Defense stated the aircraft was flying over western Afghanistan and crashed near or in Iran. The aircraft was 140 miles inside Iran’s borders. The west laughed at the idea of Iran’s military obtaining the capability to down one the most sophisticated drones in the world. One military official remarked it was like: “dropping a Ferrari into an ox-cart technology culture.”

          They probably shouldn’t have been so quick to laugh. It appears the Iranians didn’t just down the aircraft, they took control of it mid-flight. Dailytech.com explained:”


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      1. You’re right! About the passports. Hubby and I both know that – only took military ID. It’s our universal passport so to speak. Didn’t even have a passport at the time.

        POTUS making that comment about never forgiving Obama for what he did to the military always struck me as odd. It seemed like he was talking about something specifically vs a general condemnation – though, that too, counted.

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  5. I’ve long been of the opinion that the District of Columbia should be walled-off from the rest of the US, and everyone given a lifetime allotment of 5,000 days to be present inside. This would include politicians, citizens, foreigners, bureaucrats…..

    That’s a little over 12 years of continuous occupancy. If you were a Representative that spent half your time in your district, that would be about 24 years — 12 Congressional terms.

    If you’re a tourist, you would get an entry ticket that showed that you were down to 4,999 remaining visits. Just another souvenir, like your Smithsonian receipt and museum map. If you spent overnight in the District, you’d have an exit ticket that said you were down to 4,998.

    After 4900 days, your ticket would be printed in red. After 4990 days, it would be printed in red and bordered in black. On your 5001st day in the District, you would be moved to a convenient spot within sight of the gate and executed, with your body left to rot where it lay.

    This nation was conceived as a government by citizens of the United States. It was not conceived as a free-floating parasitic class of government who considered themselves citizens of the government, beholden only to themselves, and contemptuous of the states.

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  6. Wyatt: “The point is to have trust but also be loud and not complacent.”


    This has been the interesting thing all along.

    We are admonished by the “trust the plan” group to just… trust the plan.

    Don’t worry, be happy 😁

    My question has always been “Okay, but what *IS* the plan? Nobody ever says what the plan *IS*, we’re just supposed to ‘trust it’… and this of course — logically — makes no sense at all.

    But even so, ‘trust’ has been developed, over time, by seeing DJT be obviously wrong about something (and jumping down his throat over it), only to find out a few days or a week or two later that he quietly let the matter drop without any fanfare or taking any (negative) action, like the whole ‘red flag’ thing:

    Wyatt: “Not first time that DJT portrayed something into public that even his supporters cried out loud which turned out totally different. There’s minimum 5-8 examples. If you do something like that you play it so good that your own followers are fooled. (To go through it you need trust)”

    Eventually, after repeated exposure to this cycle, ‘trust’ is developed, because even though he has SAID things that made us doubt (to put it mildly!), he hasn’t follow through on ANY of them, so we are learning to recognize they are strategic ‘feints’.

    We still have no idea what ‘the plan’ actually is. We can make better educated guesses at it as we move closer to the finalé, but we don’t really know.

    So it’s not really ‘the plan’ we ‘trust’, it’s the man we trust.

    Trust the MAN is what we’re doing, but apparently, in his great and unmatched wisdom™, ‘trust the plan worked better as a catch-phrase than ‘trust the man.

    So we’re trusting the man, but we’re calling it ‘trust the plan


    Wyatt: “They want us to demand the arrests.”

    Which is why, even though we’re trusting the man, while calling it trust the plan, we have to keep expressing legitimate outrage, because DJT and his team need the demand for arrests to reach a crescendo, to the point where it looks like he is reluctant to drop the hammer, but what choice does he have, when We the People are demanding it so loudly and relentlessly?

    Seems like complicated business 😁

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    1. Wyatt: “The point is to have trust but also be loud and not complacent.”

      Scott 467 , Ha ! I know I can’t be the only one here who immediately thought of YOU after reading that line !! Kudos !

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      1. “Scott 467 , Ha ! I know I can’t be the only one here who immediately thought of YOU after reading that line !! Kudos !”


        I am trying to do my part 😁 👍

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  7. As a staunch fan Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Stephen Miller, I love the Wyatt thread. It sure explains a lot – and it goes along with most Americans’ Hopes for Change (as opposed to Ø’s version) and an end to the degradation and corruption of DC and the media.

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  8. thanks Wolf and Ozzy for this thread!
    I am constantly amazed by POTUS…I cannot play the game RISK–I have no strategic skills and wear my emotions pretty much on my face openly. So someone who can plan and execute a mission like this–to save our country’s soul–and make it look effortless HAS to have the knowledge of the ages behind him.
    He is a marvel and I’m just grateful that I’m living in the same time as he is, to watch him reclaim our country for our children!
    oh…Ozzy…how about this?

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    1. “I can keep moving, stay the course, because I can sense the Power of the Almighty, the presence of the prayers and the support of the people like a powerful wind propelling me forward . . . ”- President Donald J Trump

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    2. One of the biggest confirmations for me has been reading POTUS tweets from the Obama Era. So much mre than the birth certificate – and I BELIEVE that POTUS knows the whole truth about Obama, including the likely illegitimacy of his presidency.

      DJT NEVER says anything that he doesn’t know the answer to or that he isn’t absolutely sure of. Makes an offhand remark like, “I hope they’ll do something” – means he knows they’re already doing something!

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  9. I’ve followed Wyatt for a long time. He, and Cates, and a few others have had the logical reasoning on the Big Picture. Not too dissimilar from my Unified Theory of the man, Donald J Trump and Jeff Sessions. I had more knowledge of Sessions (I’m married to an Alabama fellow) than DJT, but being a Queens’ gal clued me into DJT style and manner. I’ve said repeatedly that people FORGET that POTUS has a genius level IQ… It makes sense, especially now that I’m seeing some his tweets from the Obama era filter through – POTUS has known many things all along, and this could never have been done without careful planning – including getting all the players in place with special assignments – all the while seemingly being hamstrung, bamboozled, fooled, confused, weak, and helpless.

    I’ve left this is Marica’s Spiritual Warfare Blog. Today it’s by B.b. “Boo”!

    I will be back later to enjoy this wonderful post. But I felt so strongly about Wolfie’s post that directed us to read an incredible thread today. I’ve read this fellow previously, and have agreed all along. His thread does a great job REMINDING everyone of VSGPOTUS.

    Sometimes, especially with the current “news” of the day, we forget our core beliefs. Kind of like Faith, we profess to have it, but then don’t rely on it when the travails of Life come calling.

    Wyatt’s thread is a Perfect synopsis of POTUS’ plan. Q-Treepers always had faith in Sessions. We still do. Sessions was part of POTUS’ plan, played his role, and is “gone” – but not before doing his JOB – getting people into position to do their job. Remember who appointed Durham – Sessions. 🙂

    Anyway, if you only read B.b.’s lovely “Boo” thread today, and Wyatt’s, you’ll have a great day. Take HEART.


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  10. Ahem, this may sound smug…sorry. But I posted basically the exact same thing as this on my blog…last year. http://politicalprognosticator.politics.blog/2018/10/12/sleepy-sessions-and-my-delusional-view.

    It was in response to someone on the Conservative Treehouse calling me delusional for my BELIEF that Trump had a plan, just like Q told us, and Sessions was a BIG part of it. Q said “Trust Sessions” and I did, and still DO.

    The other day here I mentioned that Sessions is the one that appointed Durham (with Huber), and that I thought Sessions and Flynn BOTH “fell on the sword” to make the plan happen.

    BOTH were setup using Sergei Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the US. BOTH were CRITICAL to be “removed” in order for the Cabal plan to take shape. BOTH were removed (or recused in Sessions case) almost IMMEDIATELY after being on the Job. Flynn was 3 weeks, and Sessions was like the same.

    BOTH went through “contentious confirmations in the Senate. BOTH barely passed confirmation.

    In my post here the other day I reminded you all that SESSIONS was the one who appointed Durham..in SECRET, working in tandem with Huber, but “behind the scenes” and that was OVER a year ago. Durham has been QUIETLY but STEADILY gathering facts. He NOW has them.

    Remember I posted how the dems were SHOCKED when Barr announced Durham was on the case in MAY? They NEVER saw it coming. Now the other day, with the notice that Durham is NOW a criminal probe (always HAS BEEN IMHO). The dems and Cabal are FREAKED OUT. But I and a few others KNEW this was coming. Some KEPT and still KEEP insisting that nothing will happen, because it has not yet. Do you know why? Just as I, Wyatt, and others have speculated, it was to let them ALL expose themselves. See, that got more complacent and more arrogant, and ESPECIALLY more SLOPPY when they thought that Sesions and Trump were incompetent boobs. “But…but…it is taking too long…nothing will happen WAAAAHHHH” is all I heard.

    Part of the plan folks. Sessions played “wounded duck” all the while luring the unsuspecting “predator” (the Cabal) in for an easy “kill” Only to realized, when it was too late, that THEY were the ones trapped and about to be EATEN by the LION (Trump using Durham and Barr) they NEVER saw.

    Think Jurassic Park 3…when the hunter goes to kill the out in the open Raptor…only to realize he had been FLANKED…and was done for by the SECOND Raptor he NEVER saw..until it was too late. “Clever girl” are his last words. Someone in the Cabal will utter something a little less similar.. LOL like OH F’…Dirty B@stard.

    See, I think Trump KNEW a LOT before he ran, and what he DIDN’T know, Mike Rogers filled him in on on Nov 18th 2016. I think THAT is when the plan to get them all was REALLY hatched…and guess who the KEY players were…Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions. Flynn had the intel connections (Q anyone) and Sessions had the DOJ connections (someone is a MOLE working FOR Trump, or we NEVER would have found out who was in on this and WHAT they did, and really QUICKLY if you think about it. There were DOZENS of hearings and firings throughout 2017 and 2018 in the DOJ)

    Flynn and Trump are probably the masterminds, maybe Stephen Miller too, but SESSIONS had a KEY role, wounded duck..and SILENT assassin. Sessions planted the seeds (Huber, Horowitz, Durham) that WILL bear the fruit. Barr gets to harvest that fruit.

    I have said it before, Trump “compartmentalizes his people. They have VERY specific tasks, and when that is through, they and HE move on to the NEXT objective. Barr is the closer, Whittaker was the setup guy (that flipped Rosenstein) but SESSIONS was the STARTER. He worked a solid six innings, a quality start, keeping us IN THE GAME till the offense got the LEAD. Whittaker HELD the lead. Now Barr will close out the game and get the save. But you know who gets the win, besides us and Trump of course, SESSIONS. He worked a solid 6 and only gave up a few runs despite the errors. Watch and see.

    Tsun Tsu: “All warfare is based on deception”, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” and “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.” And MOST importantly these two “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”, “Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    The Cabal NEVER saw it coming, just as Trump planned. Now they are surrounded, and the battle is going to be OVER before they even knew it STARTED.

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Goes with my Unified Theory of the man, one for Jeff Sessions and DJT. Something I tried to explain at CTH, but most people didn’t understand that kind of intrinsic perspective.

      You, Rex, have been very thorough and able to back up your analysis. My Unified Theory concepts are much more about subjective analysis – we both, and Q-Treepers, end up in the same place.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. All along, I believe, and still believe, the plan has been in motion for about 20 years now. The first part was recruitment. VSG, Gowdy, Pompeo, Mulvaney, and a few others are among those I believe were recruited for what is the face of a military operation with needed insiders in various spots.

      When VSG did the Apprentice people asked why. He said he was acquiring a skill he was going to need. That was fifteen years ago. Gowdy, Pompeo and Mulvaney were elected to Congress in the TEA Party wave of 2010. That can’t be a coincidence. They’ve all moved on to other roles with great success. BUT, to be effective in their current roles, they had to be known entities first.

      As well, look at the number of players – Sessions is one, so is Flynn – who were rat f—— by the cabal over the years. How many have been waiting for the opportunity for revenge?

      President Trump is the face, but the military people in northern Virginia are the planners and executors, IMO. “The Calm Before the Storm” was “GO!” THere have been one off clues along the way on the chans that this started, actually, during the Korean War when the UN gave the Chinese and the North Koreans American battle plans.

      We’ll have to wait to see how it all shakes out, but taken from a 40,000 foot view, it could not have started as late as 2012, IMO.

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      1. I agree the players had to be put in place, and Trump was selected..but he had to ACCEPT. Then they had to STOP the corruption, money lanes, child and drug trafficking, get a hold of our allies and our enemies. Trump HAD to have the SCOTUS AND the Judiciary to be able to make it ALL stick. He READ the battle plan to us ALL at EVERY rally in 2015 and 2016.

        Make America SAFE again (borders, immigration, police, rule of law, equal justice, JUDGES)

        Make America RICH again (economy, trade deals, middle class, manufacturing, energy independence)

        Make america STRONG again (Military and alliances, DESTROY ISIS, identify and marginalize ENEMIES ((NK, Iran, ISIS, Alqueda, etc))

        Make America PROUD again (America FIRST, American exceptionalism, the Flag, sovereignty)

        Make America GREAT Again.

        THAT was the plan, and we are WELL on our way. EACH line has a subset and a predicate and on objective that had to be met to fulfill the goal.

        The goal is in sight. the DEFEAT of the Cabal will be the crescendo!

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Yes, but to shut down the revenue streams and the shipping lanes, and all that, they had to know WHERE to look for them. That’s where Mulvaney came in. He laid low for six years, and then systematically shut them down.

          In legal terms, Sessions, who I think was recruited along the way, and a few others had to know the FBI was sitting on the sex trafficking stings just waiting for a go signal. That sure as heck didn’t happen overnight.

          This has all happened so smoothly and under the radar, that the planning had to be years in the making and involve an intelligence network at least as large and effective as the cabal’s. That they didn’t know they were being spied on for a few decades speaks to their hubris.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Agreed, I think the plan was hatched after Obama was “installed” in 2008. They put people in place to watch, learn, and gather info. But they needed a FIGHTER to make it all work. I truly believe ONLY Trump could have had the intestinal fortitude to withstand the storm and WIN. I think he had to be “convinced” After 2012, he realized it was HIM or no one and that it was NOW or never. He accepted, and ALL the other assets in place were mobilized.

            I think it might have been Flynn and or Sessions that CONVINCED him to actually do it. He KNEW it was bad, he just did not know the depths. I bet when he “learned” he was physically ill.

            The speech that got him elected is VERY powerful, and it WAS NOT from a teleprompter. it was from the HEART.

            We owe this man and the few patriots that were around him in the beginning thanks for SAVING our country and world. We will NEVER be able to repay their sacrifices. They MUST be honored and revered when this is over, it is the LEAST we can do.

            I think Q either IS or is VERY close to Flynn. That is why I think it was HE that approached Trump. Q may be SEVERAL people…Rogers, Flynn, Sessions, Trump, perhaps a few more.

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            1. Word via the chans was the plan was started under Eisenhower, and really got rolling under JFK. When JFK, Jr.’s plane went down, was the “start” according to Q, and one other post I saw. Trump was approached in the 90s, but did not say yes until then.

              As for Q being Flynn, he may be in the mix, but I have a feeling there are 3-4 of them, and they are all active military. Remember, Q said than ten people know the entire plan. Most only know their part, I assume like instrumental sheet music with the maestro having the full score.

              The only thing I am DARN sure of is that the brains of the cabal no longer are calling the shots, and James Clapper is dumb as a box of rocks. The rest…I can wait.

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              1. I actually think when David Rockefeller and Zeb Brzezinski died so close together, they knew the writing was on the wall. You can’t tell me that was a coincidence. At this point, it’s looking like every man for himself.

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        1. This is one of the things that if you look at a timeline much longer than 2012 on, you start seeing pieces moving into place. Something this big, this involved, doesn’t just happen. And deep state assets being allowed inside doesn’t just happen. There had to be canary traps to expose the rat lines left, right and sideways.

          When all is said and done a whole lot of things that seem to be one thing, are going to turn out to be something else. I’m pretty sure of that.

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    3. Jeff Sessions and the Awan case—he did virtually nothing in pursuing justice in this case! Part of the plan???

      I argued OT several times in 2018 in favor of Sessions—probably another reason I got booted along with my Kavanaugh position (both opposed to SD).

      Back to Awan—“Trump highlighted two tiers of justice, lamenting: ‘Somebody made a better deal: Awan, the IT guy for Congresswoman Shultz. He had all the info on Democrat’s, all the info on everyone. He went to jail holding the hands of the Justice Department and the FBI, they sat there together smiling and laughing, and he got nothing. And he stole money. And he had more information on corruption of the Democrats than anyone, and they don’t have his computers and his servers. They gave him nothing.’ ‘Double standard!? I mean, he was worse than anybody, in my opinion. The reason he got nothing is because the Dems are very strong in the Justice Department. I put in an attorney general that never took control of the Justice Department—Jeff Sessions—and it’s kind of an incredible thing.’” (p. 280, “Obstruction of Justice,” Luke Rosiak)

      Of course, Paul Ryan (SOTH) was no help either! Pursuing this case would have made an appreciable difference in the 2018 elections, but I guess it was not part of The Plan! Sessions had to maintain his cover as the “do nothing” of the DOJ.

      I like JS, and I want him to be a white hat, but I have my reservations! Were they willing to let the Awan case slide in favor of the bigger prize, and lose the House at the same time? That seems a little far-fetched!!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Who said Anwan skated? The MSM? the DOJ? We were TOLD he went back to Pakistan. with $$. Did he? or was that too a setup?

        One HELL of a lot of dems, RINOs, and DOJ personnel left or were fired. One HELL of a lot of dem and Cabal maney trails sure got suddenly exposed and shut off, especially in other countries. Do we STILL have Awan? Is he giving us things? Did HE tell us about some of the secret comms the Cabal use? Where the Server(s) are. Dis info necessary, what BETTER way to hide a witness, than if the Cabal THINK he is in P{Pakistan.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. It seems to me President Trump was upset Awan skated (a misdirection move?).

          Of the 62 Congress members and staff (all Democrats) the Awan brothers had full access to (emails, files, etc.)— only 18 left office for various reasons (or did not seek re-election). This certainly does not indicate a great purging.

          Clearly this whole affair was swept under the rug for political reasons (what’s new!!!). Another glaring example (like Clinton) that the Democrats don’t give a damn about cyber security and sensitive government info/documents, or the corruption that can result from that!

          I prefer not to speculate on the status of Awan without some identifiable information.

          Again, hoping JS is a white hat and played a part (I never implied he was corrupt in any way!).

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  11. wow wow wow 😮👍‼️‼️‼️‼️❤️‼️‼️‼️🇺🇸‼️‼️‼️

    Wolf you said to read this and YES …. definitely a must read. I’m very happy I read it … I KNEW IT 😜👍‼️‼️

    and thanks a TON for posting it, so appreciate it … 🙂🤚❤️🇺🇸❤️

    I feel better, there’s so much evil BS and regular evil out there ..

    This song is weird however the hook “I feel better than James Brown” is the part I like, so listen, skip or push it forward the the hook. 🙂

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  12. “Everyone called him sleepy, everyone doubted Sessions was doing anything..”

    This has driven me CRAZY for the past three years. The same people who picked up the label VSG for our great President believed that he couldn’t fight his way out of a lame-ass “trap” by the Deep State to saddle him with a do-nothing A.G.? Yeah, pull the other leg.

    For all the reasons given by one of my favorites, Wyatt, and for others of my own, I know Jeff Sessions is a patriot. I grew to adulthood in the deep South, with real Southern Gentleman.™ I know one when I see one. Sessions is not compromised, because he in not compromise-able, period. Robert E. Lee fought a WAR he didn’t want, because he would not compromise in his love for the state of Virginia. He is the ultimate role model for Southern men. The criticism and disregard of lesser men is not a deterrent to Jeff Sessions’ patriotism, as he knows he will be judged by history like all famous men.

    I am unshakeable on this one, even if I never get “proven” right in public. I know. It’s enough for me.

    Liked by 14 people

  13. Great post and comment thread. I never doubted Sessions and hated the demeaning accusations & names he was (still is!) called OT.

    Reading VSG’s tweets from 2014 & 2015 is very enlightening.

    Interestingly Brian Cates reamed out SD in a tweet last night for his – yet again – gloomy outlook on POTUS being outmaneuvered by the cabal. This time it was about Nancy hiring the lawfare guys. I don’t know whether SD truly thinks ‘we’re doomed’ or if he is incapable of writing a factual/analytical piece without casting his own negativity on it.
    Thankful for our QTree stable of writers & analytics like Wyatt who have a more Trumpian view when assessing the enemy and the battles. The Trumpian view is never Unicorn of Eeyore; it is clear-eyed and adaptive.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I always believed in Sessions because he is a good and honest man.
    I also maintained that PDJT must have known about recusal; JS said as much in his hearings.
    Two things that never escaped me about him.

    1) The Silent Executioner (he got that moniker for a reason).
    2) The only member of Congress not to be on the take (Peter Schweizer’s book 2011)

    A person like that does not, all of a sudden, become a sleepy, doddering, old, foolish, Kebler elf portrayed OT!

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  15. In terms of good ole boy Southern wisdom –
    Flynn and Sessions were duck decoys,
    Trump tweets are the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson’s best duck calls,
    and the leftists and their media mouths,
    are the ducks,
    and we are invited to a Yuge Duck Roast!

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  16. Thanks Wolfie!! This was such a good read! I think it sums up what many of us were thinking and then fleshed it out. And it totally makes sense. None of this just happened, it was all planned like a military op years ago. Listening to VSG when he was younger is like listening to him now, only his skill set is stronger and faster with even more wisdom that has come at a cost (and those are always the best lessons!!)! What a time to be alive!!

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  17. Saw this last night and saved it for when I could take it in at one fell swoop, the whole thread by Wyatt. Some of it is new, some of it I remember, but putting it all together …… It’s a good piece highlighting Sessions’ role among other things. Flynn’s piece is sidelined and alluded to in some of the photos, but the focus is on Sessions.

    Thank you Wolf and Ozzie!

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  18. Daughn – i just made my ‘Impeachment Protest’ donation at Donaldjtrump.com

    Those f’ing rat bastards in Congress are really starting to piss me off.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. What I would LIKE to see…

    (standard caveat: assuming it wouldn’t harm the plan)

    Is, after this is all over,

    for Trump to announce that those people who got dumped on (certainly Sessions, perhaps Rosenstein, any others playing a role), were in fact acting a part in what will go down as the most gigantic sting in history.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Well, one of Trumps many accomplishments is as a successful author, so I think that’s in the works, however Q’s part may remain sufficiently masked if either of two think its for the best.

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