Stopping Communist Democrats at the GRASS ROOTS – Why Your Local Election Matters in 2019

One of the most shocking things about soon-to-be-former Congressional Rep. Katie Hill is not her bong-smoking naked picture, nor her throuple-couple hair-brushing picture. It’s THIS PICTURE – of this completely incompetent, inexperienced, radical socialist Democrat – whose only real experience was heading a FAILING homeless organization in homeless-failing California – standing at a DoD lectern in the PENTAGON.


I have saved her biographical information for after she is GONE….



  • Full Name:Katie Hill
  • Gender:Female
  • Family:Husband
  • Home City:Agua Dulce, CA


  • BA, English, California State University at Northridge
  • Master’s, Public Administration, California State University at Northridge, 2012-2014

Political Experience

  • Representative, United States House of Representatives, California, District 25, 2019-present
  • Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 25, 2018

Current Legislative Committees

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees

  • No caucus information on file.

Professional Experience

  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2016-present
  • Chief Operating Officer, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2014-present
  • Deputy Chief Operating Officer, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2013-2014
  • Managing Director/Interim Chief Program Officer, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2012-2013
  • Director of Policy and Program Development, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2011-2012
  • Associate Director of Development, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2010-2011
  • Development Coordinator, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), 2010

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

  • No organizational membership information on file.

Just look at all those important committees she’s on – and LOOK at her WORTHLESS background.

She’s not doing anything useful there. She’s PUSHING PRE-PACKAGED COMMIE AGENDA and giving her COMMIE STAFFERS ACCESS.

That’s ALL.

What’s even worse? They never even seeded this woman through smaller local and state offices. She went straight to Washington. ZERO experience, ZERO ability, ZERO for us, EVERYTHING for CHYYYNNAA.

Democrats DON’T CARE. They are OCCUPYING WASHINGTON. They don’t care about fixing anything. THEY LIKE PROBLEMS, because PROBLEMS GIVE THEM POWER.

If we want America back, we simply have to TAKE IT BACK. And that means stopping the election of Democrats when they are STILL JUST GRUBS.

THIS is the price we pay for having Democrats UNDERMINING everything in Washington, DC, like GRUBS under America’s lawn – undermining our grassroots government.

But it gets worse. And yet – if we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – it also gets BETTER.

Nancy Pelosi – that demented criminal who even seems now to have some connection to ISIS – is trying to distract from a LOT of things with her #FakeImpeachment – and one of those things is ELECTING MAGA in what is likely to be an extremely important OFF-YEAR ELECTION.

If you need any help, check out THIS SITE:

NOW – here is what is going on. I have GLEANED THIS from studying my own local election.


The Democrats are going after MAYORS, and CITY COUNCILS, JUDGES and SCHOOL BOARDS. They are putting THEIR STEALTHY COMMUNISTS into every race they can.

Yeah, that’s right. FUTURE OBAMA JUDGES.

Swing states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania – the dirty Dems are FIGHTING HARD and FIGHTING SNEAKY.

The Democrats have seeded the field with literally THOUSANDS of Katie Hills and Breadline Bernies – worthless, radical, PC until you puke, but HIDING THEIR BONGS AND SEX TAPES. They have OVERWHELMED BALLOTS with choices, and encouraged WEAK OPPOSITION to enter races on the GOP and conservative sides to “divide and conquer”. Meanwhile, THEIR few stealthy ringers will get SOLID votes from Democrats.

See how that works?

They are UNDERMINING GOP Representatives like Troy Balderson and Jim Jordan with RINGERS in the communities they serve. This model WORKS, and the DEMS will GROW the infestation until it is strong enough to FUND THEIR RADICAL AGENDA and then use it to STEAL ELECTIONS.


There are SMART MAGA CANDIDATES that have been seeded into these races to TAKE OUT THE GRUBS!

Yes! If you research your local races CAREFULLY, you will find that there are FRIENDS OF MAGA who are IN THE RACES and they KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

The FRIENDS OF MAGA are being VERY SMART and know how to put the GRUBS on DEFENSE.

One of the biggest eye-openers here are how WASTEFUL THE GRUBS ARE WITH *OUR* MONEY. This is one of the best ways to catch them, and figure out WHO’S A GRUB and WHO’S NOT. If you have new, smart, confident candidates who are calling out weaselly incumbents for “tax and spend” policies and failure to help businesses THRIVE or move to your communities, then you need to research these newcomers, VERIFY that they are REAL MAGA, and then get out there and SUPPORT THEM.

Likewise, if you have GRUBS that are using Democrat codewords for leftist PC BS as their main activity, and are not BRINGING IN BUSINESS, but more like BRINGING IN DEM VOTERS with BAD ZONING BS and HIGH DENSITY APARTMENTS, then WATCH OUT. You need to FIND THE MAGA to GET RID OF THE GRUBS.

Don’t let Nancy Pelosi distract you with “concern”. It’s BULLSHIT!!! Right now is when you can FIGHT BACK AGAINST PELOSI! Help Trump TODAY!!! VOTE and VOTE SMART.

Watch out for GRUBS who lie about energy savings, while sneaking in EXPENSIVE SCAMMY “GREEN” ENERGY. If you have GRUBS who – let’s just say as an example – hooked your community on FAKE GREEN ENERGY from DISTANT SOCIALIST STATES THAT NEED MONEY like California, New York or Illinois – and that energy may not even be actual “green energy” at all, but some kind of BOGUS CREDITS for green energy – then you may just have FOUND A SCAMMING GRUB.

Remember this?

The Aggregation Scam: How a Trump Town was Tricked into Paying for the Green New Deal

I spent two days working on this post, and just trashed the prior, many-page version. WHY, YOU MIGHT ASK. Simple. Because I was beating around the bush. I was not getting to the POINT. THE POINT: A town full of Trump-supporting Republicans in MAGA country was TRICKED into funding the GREEN NEW DEAL. I don’t …

It actually gets worse. That scammy green energy may be COMPLETELY FAKE. It may just be GREEN ENERGY CREDITS.

Yes. There seems to be some cottage industry for people to basically dump their scammy green energy CREDITS and YOU, the CHUMP, pick up the tab and get regular energy you could have just gotten CHEAP otherwise. It’s apparently a real problem already in England and Europe.

Hmmmmm. I wonder what that SHITE is funding. CIA? DNC? Kickbacks? ISIS?

You get the picture. If you have HUCKSTERS on your city council who cornered your community into funding DEMOCRATS with your energy bills, and they are trying to STAY THERE and bring in MORE HUCKSTERS, then you need to be VOTING THEM OUT, by voting for the MAGA ALTERNATIVES.

SO – on NOVEMBER 5, 2019, what are you planning on doing?

You’re going to be giving THIS….


Because we ain’t just sayin’ “Get off our lawn!”

We’re saying “GRUBS BE GONE!!!”


“Ain’t no mo’ grubs ’round here, boss!”

95 thoughts on “Stopping Communist Democrats at the GRASS ROOTS – Why Your Local Election Matters in 2019

    1. Green Energy has been a disaster.

      It was mostly an Ø and H> crony donor money laundering scheme from the beginning.

      Remember they all started up, built glorious buildings in California and then went bankrupt and belly-up in about a year? Were they expecting another Ø bail-out?

      Morover – these green marvels are dangerous – the solar panels fry birds and the wind farms slice them up.

      They are weather dependent and there’s a heap of maintenance.

      Wind and solar don’t mix:

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      1. The material costs of these LOW-OUTPUT energy sources are the real killer. They are the sticky widget that crashes these ideas, which SHOULD have been debated publicly in the 1970’s, but the SOVIET FAKE NEWS just defaulted us to the answers it wanted. And of course the Soviet Union kept mum.

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        1. Exactly right. Wind turbines are net energy drains. It takes more energy inputs to manufacture, implement and operate them than the output they create.

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        2. Solar panels are great for spacecraft with a flywheel for energy storage.

          There’s no perceptible atmosphere is earth orbit to interfere with the panels, and in zero-g environments flywheels are incredibly efficient and don’t require the maintenance that battery based systems do.

          You still have to contend with space weather damaging panels, but that is a more manageable engineering problem than ground based windstorms.

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      2. I have solar panels on my barn solely as a prepping measure to charge electronics, battery-powered tools, compact refrigerator, etc., in case there is an extended power outage for whatever reason. Started installing the system myself around 2014, and it has performed nicely for its intended purpose!

        That said, solar will never supply the energy needs for an industrial or technological civilization. Who is going to run a factory or office building on solar? No one!

        Have a Google server farm about 30 miles from me—dedicated electrical (from coal plant) and water supply for cooling (from lake) to the facility. No “green” shit power source there, because it is impractical for large-scale applications!

        Also have some of those dreaded “farting cows” in my area…goats, sheep, horses! Ahh, the sweet smell of nature!!!

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      3. You know, there are energy systems that use solar and wind that *are* cost effective, low input, and reliable. But they’re not grid sized and they’re never going to be. Every single one of them was in use by the late 1800’s, as far as I know.

        Windmills for water pumps. My uncle had one, and his house didn’t have water pumped into the whole house until I was maybe 4 or 5. The house was built by the Amish in the 1800’s. You could build a wind generator using an old alternator and scrap parts that would be good for supplemental electricity for your home too, I’ve been thinking about doing this for about a decade but I don’t want to deal with the county money grubbing revenue generation hawks so I haven’t yet. We have two solar panels on our roof that power the HAM setup, and the county still has fits about that. Ooh, we didn’t get a permit. Well if you read your own regulations, the permitting process is ONLY FOR WHOLE HOME SETUPS TIED INTO THE GRID. So no, we won’t be getting a permit. You may Pog mo Thoinn.

        Solar hot water heaters. Even in winter in warmer climes they work well. I know a contractor who not only builds his straw bale homes with solar hot water heaters, the entire home is set up with copper tubing under the floors that shunts hot water through to heat the home in winter. You can turn that part off in the summer and because the floors are tile throughout it stays cooler.

        Solar ovens. I have one and use it year round. You have to be home to keep the solar concentrator pointed in the right direction but it works well.

        Small solar heaters that circulate cooler air below through tubes or old cans put together and send hot air out through the top using convection. You put them in south facing windows. They work well for room heating. I’ve made one and used it. You sacrifice light from that window if it’s a larger one but they do work. In the 1800’s they simply used metal tubing and wood.

        There are lots of other ways to make and use devices that work with nature, not against it, and are designed for home use. They are not appropriate for community level applications.

        BTW it’s not only Democratic/Communist grubs. It’s money grubbing republicans too. That’s what we have a lot of here in my state. They tax payer is merely a money spigot that they pump to fill their own pockets. They create more and more regulation merely to generate more and more revenue. They are indistinguishable from Dems.

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        1. All true! Windmills are very good for pumping water. Not pumping water on demand, though.

          Used to be that factories had to be very tightly crowded around a large steam engine because power had to be delivered mechanically via belts. Every component of the system had to be tightly coupled with the steam engine so every inch was at a premium. This made factories VERY dangerous because there was almost no room to maneuver.

          It also meant that the most efficient systems were the ones with the BIGGEST and MOST POWERFUL steam engine, to drive as many power belts and equipment as possible.

          Electricity changed all that. The power plant and application could be decouple from each other. An electric motor could deliver mechanical power anywhere that electrical power could be routed. It was nothing less than a second industrial revolution in manufacturing. Entire generations of factories and plants were completely retooled. Unchained from a massive steam engine complex, factory output rose dramatically due to new efficiencies that allowed equipment to be reorganized around manufacturing PROCESSES rather than around power DISTRIBUTION.

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          1. Yes, and carrying this further, few people think about the massive positive effect that small electric motors have had on our life. They run our washers and dryers, our kitchen appliances, most of our power tools and even our tooth brushes.

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    2. Yeah, this green energy stuff is such an amazing scam. People just WANT to believe in “green energy”. The problem is that the well-understood bugaboos are largely “beyond fake science” in places where it’s very difficult to get EXACT answers, but easy to get PRELIMINARY, CORRECT, GUT answers. So if you have those answers, either b/c you’re pencilneck or b/c you’re a commie rat bastard Chinese CCP enemy of America, or a Cabal POS helping them, then just a bit of control of science, and control of how that information is fed back to the public and politicians, through the controlled FAKE media, and then it’s possible to make “green energy” LOOK a lot better than it is. SUCH A SCAM!!!

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      1. People believe this nonsense because they didn’t have adults to teach them that the “Elves and the Shoemaker” was a fairy tale. They believe somehow elves will magically do their work for them or create things they want out of thin air.

        From the time he was very young, I used to tell my son if he failed to finish a job or clean up after himself that he needed to get at it because “the elves are not going to come and do your work for you.”

        Work requires effort. That effort can come from humans, can be assisted with horses and mules and oxen, or it can be assisted with machines. We have discovered over the past two centuries that machines, and in particular machines powered by fossil fuels, dramatically increase our agricultural efficiency, our ability to manufacture things, our ability to transport both ourselves and the goods we produce from place to place and even our ability to do household chores. These efficiencies have enabled a massive improvement in the standard of living for billions of people around the planet.

        Shorn of their sophisticated propaganda, the Greenies are pushing the notion that we should jettison some of these efficiencies because they believe strongly in their views. Otherwise, they will become even more obnoxious. At bottom, its not much of an argument. Nor are the grifters who foresee wealth and power in supporting the Greenies persuasive. It is all very childish.

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    1. Our law school grad, homemaker daughter was the mother of three in Springfield, IL – ran for and was on school board until they had to fire a black teacher for incompetence. It became an Ø era ray-ciss brou-haha….and she was defeated the second time.

      She’s a caring person, very intelligent, common sense….but it was the Ø years.

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    2. Almost 50 years after I lost my second four year seat on the SB, I still look back on some things and realize how right I was doing the things I either did back then or tried to do. Some of the students from back then are extremely cordial to me today even knowing how their parentsand some of their teachers fought me. It was a real training ground. All the crap I got was worth it.

      I encourage all sane people who have the slightest inclination to run for the SB to do so.

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  1. We’ve got a candidate in my local election who is supported by an organization that also supported AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Talib. I wasn’t aware of this until I went to the candidate’s website, checked the endorsements, and did some digging. The local media is biased and not reporting these connections. So make sure you do your own digging into candidates.

    The Leftist infiltration in general is ramping up here. Local incumbents who have held seats for 10+ years are getting ousted. The voters see a new name on the ballot, sense a chance to finally boot the incumbent out, and vote the new person in not knowing or caring that the new fresh face is a Communist.

    But the worst part is that these incumbents are barely worth saving. Next year’s Congressional election already has a viable challenger who thinks the useless turd of an incumbent isn’t far Left ENOUGH. What do I even do here? They’re both awful.

    And where’s the local GOP in all of this? Sadly, I strongly suspect some backroom deals were made with the Democrats–“You leave our district alone, and we’ll leave your district alone.” And I suspect the current GOP figureheads in my area were installed there by higher ups to quash any organic Republican grassroots movements. I once posted some complaints about the anemic GOP in the area on Facebook under a pseudonym. The local GOP chair responded in an intimidating way about not being able to find me in the local voter database. Same person tried to get my personal contact information after I made some comments about local gun laws. Now it’s possible this person was simply trying to connect to someone with similar opinions, but it didn’t seem friendly at all.

    I’ll end this on a positive note by saying that people in my neighborhood are growing increasingly tired of the Leftist and Democratic BS. President Trump has more support here than the media or politicians are willing to admit.

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    1. One thing:
      When I was first asked to run for Mayor, everything here was Dem (mid 90’s the Blue Dog Dems were rampant). There wasn’t even a Repub primary. Elections were decided in the Dem Primary and no real need for a general election.
      And those folks were further hard right than I ever thought about being (which is really saying something).
      Therefore, to run, I had to run as a Dem. I know, I know, never been a Dem in my life, but it was the only election.

      Anyway, I was thinking, what about a reverse game for our side.
      In Deep Blue Areas, run as a Dem.
      and govern as a Repub.
      It makes sense.
      And don’t ever let a seat go unchallenged.

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      1. I’ve already got one Democratic representative that could pass as a moderate Republican. I think this will be an increasing trend in the area among the genuine candidates (not the Leftist stooges funded by big money).

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  3. We didnt have anything to vote on this November, but March 3, 2020 is going to be YUUUUUUUGGGEEEE. Presidential primary, Newsom recall and more. Then November next year when I hope CA gets their crud together and votes Trump.

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    1. Only thing we’ve got going on is our local recall election. And I have decided to vote no and not to throw my name in as a replacement on the Council if the recall passes. The real reason for the recall is basically a vendetta on the part of 2 people against 1 on the council and the same 2 are ignoring very real issues with the Chief of Police. They probably won’t speak to me again if they find that out but it is what it is – I have to vote according to what I believe is best for my town.

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  4. I guess from where I sit, this has been the Democrat MO, even the Republican one, for decades. We’ve had city council people run for state office and win. From there, they challenge the district rep if the rep’s name isn’t Clay (forget it, Clay’s district is inherited). Across the river, a seat in Congress was being held for a junior while he was being seasoned in the state house, and the placekeeper, I hear tell, got voted out of office. That seat may flip back, though. I mean, it’s St. Clair County, home of the HUGE class action lawsuit awards.

    This is just the way it works. The thing is, the higher up you go, the fewer seats available, so, the people promoted by the party – and, yes, you have to have the blessing from the party even as a Republican – are the ones they think can win. Honestly, candidates are regularly told, you may as well withdraw, because we’re not going to back you.

    And the biggest frustration for the people who don’t like the slate of candidates is, really, that when running for office, one’s life is put under a microscope, and you can’t get out from under it. That’s part of the reason a lot of people don’t run.

    This is not an easy thing to fix, any of it. City Council, depending on where you are, can be a huge time commitment. And where I live…no conservative is going to be elected, but we have had pretty sensible people in office over the years which is why the place still exists.

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  5. Eerily similar to what happened here in NE with Scott and Jane Kleeb (started the Bold Nebraska group against the pipeline). Seth Rich also worked for them. From 2016:

    “LINCOLN — A Nebraska company founded by former congressional candidate Scott Kleeb has come under scrutiny over its ties to the friends and endeavors of former President Bill Clinton.

    A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reported that the Clinton Global Initiative helped arrange a “$2 million commitment” in 2010 for Kleeb’s company, Energy Pioneer Solutions. The company works to make older houses more energy efficient, using the monthly utility savings to help the homeowners pay off the cost of property upgrades.

    The Clinton Global Initiative — a subsidiary of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation — highlighted the Nebraska company at a 2010 meeting of its members in New York. The organization essentially connected Kleeb with wealthy supporters who were willing to invest their own money in his fledgling business venture.”

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    1. Huh….more on Scott Kleeb and Slick Willy…..from 2016. You can also scroll down and read about Lyin’ Sasse’s attempt to find a replacement candidate for our VSG.

      “And then the WSJ hints — and then the New York Post blares on its front page — that socialite Julie Tauber McMahon of Chappaqua, New York, who is an equal owner to Scott Kleeb, is one of Bill Clinton’s side-honeys.

      The WSJ essentially suggests that the entire operation may have run afoul of federal tax law, and was covered up by the Clinton Global Initiative to hide Bubba’s relationship with McMahon.

      And then there is the little matter of the actual success of Scott Kleeb’s baby:

      “Energy Pioneer Solutions has struggled to operate profitably. It lost more than $300,000 in 2010 and another $300,000 in the first half of 2011, said records submitted for an Energy Department audit.”

      “Recently, Mr. Kleeb laid off most of his staff, closed his offices, sold a fleet of trucks and changed his business strategy, promising to launch a national effort instead. “We are right now gearing up to start under this new model,” he said. Asked if Energy Pioneer Solutions has ever broken even, Mr. Kleeb said, “We’re at that stage…We are expanding and doing well. We have partnerships, and it’s good.”

      Because when your government funded business fails, the next step is to expand!”

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  6. I know this sounds a little inhumane, but every time I find a grub in my yard (and mostly when I’m digging around in the garden where I don’t put any herbicides), I pick up the grub and throw it as far as I can into the alley where I hope either a car drives over it, or a bird eats it. Those darn things are ugly as sin and I like to think as I’m throwing them that they might like the feeling of wind on their grubby little faces.
    Now about getting out the Grublike Dems, I agree, root them out at local levels so they don’t have a chance to rise up like gross Katie Hill. To be honest, I was surprised she resigned, I thought it was just going to be hushed up. But I guess internet pictures are forever and she had at least three images out there, floating around that were pretty detrimental to any one who wanted to be re-elected for life (as I’m sure she did).
    Wolf, great post!!

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  7. A problem I see in getting enough good people to run is that good people look at the job as service to the community. They will want to clean up crime and corruption rather than partner with it to enrich themselves.

    It will take time from their families, expose them to political abuse, and possibly set them back in terms of career advancement and legitimate opportunities to create wealth.

    Corrupt politicians look at the job as an opportunity to steal money from the people through bribes and graft.

    Enforcing justice and exposing the self serving nature as well as the extent of crimes committed—as in the case of Biden (which needs the legitimacy of prosecution)—might be a good first step in leveling the playing field.

    And then….lobbying is a problem.

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  8. Thank you Wolf 🐺 .. great post 🤨👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️

    The state I’m in is grub infested .. we have barf Gretchen barf Witless/Whitmer barf … she’s scum, and we have the mouthy muslim whose family is filthy rich …

    The ballot for our local election I double checked to see who the scum democrats are (sneaky creeps wont list party affiliations) and voted against them, unfortunately the Mayor is running unopposed (rotten #&$@^*+!!!!) .. he’s a bloody democrat … something shifty occurred in September/August, his name and someone else was going for mayor but they took both of them off and the miserable incumbent Democrat scum is now unopposed …

    Let’s not forget Stabenow …. 😖🤚‼️‼️

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  9. Often in the last 6 months or so I have commented numerous times “Vote in 2020 like your very life depends on it , cause it does” However, over the last couple of years I have come to fully realized it was something that we should have been doing many decades ago prior to it escalating to the level that it is at now.
    Like almost anything, if the rot goes on too long, then it goes to say that parts of what is rotting will be lost, and probably won’t be able to be recovered fully. If gangrene goes on too long in a body part, that body part will be lost, same with a house, if termites/mold mildew goes on too long those sections will need to be cut away.
    At times I fear that we have let the rot in DC go too fa/too deep and wonder if we/America will be able to recover or if we do which parts will end up being severed off(the good ones or just the rotten ones).

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  10. RyanAFournier
    BREAKING: The whistleblower is being reported as Eric Ciaramella.
    He is a registered Democrat who worked for Obama, Biden and Brennan. He’s also a vocal critic of President Trump.
    He was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

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  11. Jerry Brown told Congress yesterday that President Trump and the Republican Party were responsible for the ongoing California fires because of their opposition to drastic climate change policies.
    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    Brown was bought off by the utilities. He and his father and sister made millions by letting the utilities do whatever they want.

    He’s one of the most evil politicians in American history. He needs to prepare for his own personal climate change.

    Where he’s going, it’s very hot.

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  12. Jon McNaughton’s latest painting

    Behind closed doors the Democrats scheme and plot to take down Trump.

    How many new lies will be manufactured in an attempt to smear the President, to further their impeachment campaign against him?

    Who will be the next Democratic nominee for President and what will they do to get there?

    No matter how much they lie, cheat, and steal for the presidency, they cannot fool the American people.

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    @Dubby @WarriorPoet @NevadaJack

    Trump is winking.

    Watch the Will Smith movie “I, Robot.”


    Jack Ralph boosted
    Dubby @Dubby
    @WarriorPoet @NevadaJack the clock time is 11: 57, for what it’s worth. Trump’s one eye closed, I don’t know what that’s about. Maybe I’m looking for too much out of it.
    Look close at the clock….there is no number 11

    There Are two twelves

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    1. @JM @NevadaJack Love this. Look closer…
      Bernie and Beto are smoking cigars cuz they just blow smoke up a****.

      Biden has all the chips, but look at dog touching his shoulder 😂

      Four of them are holding lap dogs just as they are, front dogs know someone is entering room and they look kind of scared. So much more! 🥰

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      1. Umad80 boosted
        Ballerina @Ballerina
        @NevadaJack I love the “man hands” he gave Knee Pads… and did ya see the triangle with the eye? Great painting. I’m going to have to look more. Lots of things here.

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  13. This is about the commies
    Profile picture
    Pasquale “Pat” Scopelliti⭐️⭐️⭐️⚔️
    Profile picture
    Oct 22nd 2019, 24 tweets, 27 min read
    Bookmark Save as PDF My Authors
    John Minford, #SunTzu 9: 53 “Command them with civility, rally them with martial discipline, and you will win their confidence.”
    Many of you who follow this #SunTzuForMAGA series are aware of my other great mission, #PardonFlynnNow. As loyal to @GenFlynn as I am, and I am!, my mission is NOT solely due to his need or his justice, much as he deserves it. Few seem to realize his rally powers.
    mentions There can be no doubt, however, that the Obama administration observed his ability to rally any MAGA audience, but most especially, veterans. Gen Flynn IS the veteran’s voice. They’d already targeted him before. That just cemented their decision.
    mentions For those of you who may not have followed the story, under Gen Flynn’s leadership, we raised over 5 million veteran votes for Trump in 2016, compared to 2012. Don’t take my word. Ask @JoshuaMacias and @Al_Baldasaro. They can each fill you in.
    mentions But you can take my word in this way. The other side knows precisely what happened. They know that Gen Flynn was able to rally veterans for Trump, and that that force was beyond even their vast ability to forestall. Veterans are the most influential subgroup in America.
    mentions Consider the unbridled love, respect, and gratitude @realDonaldTrump always expresses for them. And, if you’re wondering about @Al_Baldasaro, he’s the one that our President asked to stand, recently, at the NH rally, and pointed him out as his “favorite vet.”
    mentions I must introduce another friend here, the amazing @JohnBWellsCTM. I won’t go into any details right now. But, I will tell you he has catapulted into the position of my teacher. Here’s how. While I’ve been studying Marx for decades, his studies go further.
    mentions And if there’s a single theme in John’s studies that guides me, it is this. Destruction. Marx worshipped on the altar of social destruction. Please take that in. That explains so much. Why does the Left HATE @realDonaldTrump so much? He is a builder. They are destroyers.
    mentions I know, no examples are needed, but I’m going to offer just one, anyway. Consider Obama and the 2009 Cambridge Police incident. Just these words are enough: “the Cambridge police acted stupidly.” This is precisely the social destruction that Marx calls for.
    mentions I must share that that was a very personal moment for me. That is, much as I disagreed with Obama’s policies, I was thrilled for his election. Here, in 2009 already, though, we see he’s pitting a white policeman against a black victim. That’s how you destroy race relations.
    mentions Any hope of healing America’s race divide due to our first Black President was obliterated in my heart in that moment. Social destruction is the ultimate tool of Marx, and Alinsky was his great translator, his great America prophet as we have discussed.
    mentions Master Sun teaches that a leader must command with civility. I know that Trump fights with all he’s got and is NOT civil to his enemies. But he doesn’t command them, he opposes them. When he speaks to us, his followers, he speaks with nothing but perfect civility.
    mentions When you watch any news, from FOX to any other channel, you can always see how offended their snowflake hearts are. Never before has a President been loyal to us, his followers, and ready to attack them, doyens of the swamp as they are. They’re shocked and appalled.
    mentions Another point about Socialism/Communism enters in. Everyone associates wealth with capitalism. Yet, consider the vast wealth that ALL the members of the politburos of the world have always enjoyed. Every dictator is always wealthy. So also, with our own ruling elite in America.
    mentions As they send us careening toward the exact same economic collapse that all Socialist nations eventually suffer, their own wealth and privilege are virtually unchallenged, unthreatened in any way. And another point must be reiterated here, also.
    mentions They always shout about how we must fear the rise of Communist China as the looming great economic power of the 21st Century. Not so! It has built its entire economic might upon our loving gift, and its vile thefts from us. That we allow this is our shame.
    mentions What Trump has always known is that the very moment we pull our economic support away from them, the evils and weaknesses of their system will begin to crash in slow motion in upon them. Their system will fail as do all Communist systems.
    mentions Yet you’d never hear that from any of our media commentators with their politburo lifestyles. They have no fear of loss, and thus, they never speak to us, their audience, with civility or respect. Thus, we have lost all confidence in them.
    mentions Which brings me again to the topic of leadership and followership. A leader must be able to look a follower in the eye and state his respect, with civility. But he must also be ready to fight for and win the right of discipline. Followers need to be led to live up to standards.
    mentions Let’s focus on the followership side of the equation. When your leader speaks to you with civility and respect but calls you to task for your failures of execution, or the weakness of your performance, you must be ready to follow his lead. There is a single great key.
    mentions That key is called Failure Analysis, and I’ve been teaching it since the early 1990s. I can reduce it like so:

    1) What went wrong?

    2) What didn’t I do that I should, or did I do that I shouldn’t?

    3) How do we fix this now?
    mentions Any follower that brings that practice to his mission is GUARANTEED of being a great follower. And, the sort of strong leadership that Master Sun teaches about only need require that mindset from all followers in order to live up to his high bar.
    mentions To be sure, though, goose and gander and all, leadership too must lead in demonstrating the practice of Failure Analysis. When it comes to performance, this is civility itself, and respect, and dedication to the mission above all else.

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