Dear K/MAGA: 20191027 Open Topic

This very special
It’s a [ANOTHER] Red October SUNDAY open thread

is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody
to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats,
and the rest of the MAGA|KAG!|KMAG world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said,
comment on people’s comments.
Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road,
which are few but important.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


It’s a [ANOTHER] Red October Sunday

If it’s not a great day for foreign diplomacy AND a great day for exposing corruption AND a great day for a highly patriotic Trump Rally, we may just have to run around the building a couple times just to burn off all the excess energy we are getting from the winnamins we’ve been taking!

Yes, there is much to take very seriously, but there is also much to fill our hearts with hope in this very Red October.

May we be stirred to courage and prayer in these days of great activity in every arena and in every dimension.

Blessings, Think*3


A Prayer for Our Nation is Offered by MichaelH

Realgaryseven I’ll just tack on here.

Celebration and yet still our enemies laying sucker-punches on us. I’ve been praying b/c I’m burdened in spirit, elated at God’s faithfulness to us and Wolf, but I’m also completely pissed off with my/our enemies who continue to cheat and steal and destroy every cheap shot they can.

Now I’ve been wanting to post a prayer publicly here but I’ve been at a total loss to express here to share what’s on my heart and share a prayer that captures it well. I’ve finally got something, hopefully this is over the target…

Dear Lord, please hear our cries when we call out to you!
Remember us in our distress Refresh our spirits in your boundless love.

Strengthen our souls, give us renewed vigor that overtakes our fatigue

Renew our steadfast resolve for your righteousness oh Lord!

Provide us with your divine wisdom and discernment that we may know your will
Move us Lord to the rightful place in your plan
Fulfill your great divine strategies through us Lord

Let us not falter or fear but take courage and boldly advance in your work
Frustrate the plans of our enemies; let their schemes fall back on them!
Let the strength of our enemies fail them, and let their horses fall from exhaustion

Expose their wickedness Lord, humiliate those who mock your Law
Bring justice upon them swiftly as a an eagle snatches its prey!
Remember your people in the day of judgement!

Raise up the righteous and faithful ones, exalt them
Place them in the seats of kings and judges to rule in righteousness, wisdom, and glory
Cast out all fear from those you have called
Fill them with your spirit, the strength of will, and the character of righteousness

Aim your people on the strategic targets, make every one count
Pull them back like arrows in a bow, release them swiftly to strike!
Bring victory over our enemies and restore victory to your people

Make the nations exclaim, who can stand against the Lord and His people?
For their God fights with them and none can stand in battle against them!

The nations will surrender their arms, their armies will not advance in battle for the fear of God!

Let the nations praise you and know that you are God.




585 thoughts on “Dear K/MAGA: 20191027 Open Topic

    1. The cool down has started in socal but its been windy since this am. News is really tryi g to panic people. Red flag warnings, blackouts, etc. Lots of distractions. Isis news is a blurb.

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    1. By the same token, males are not female and shouldn’t be competing in women’s sports, no matter how they *identify.* What a tremendous disservice to women. Science, anyone? Maybe biology 101?

      The Left is repeating lies often enough for some people to believe them. That’s what happens when people in Scandinavian countries who are raped by Muslims feel bad if the Muslins are punished or deported. Literal insanity.

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      1. Everyone says the world would be better off if it was run by women. Sure, maybe there wouldn’t be violence and territorial conquests fueled by male testosterone. But instead, we’d have a bunch of jealous countries that aren’t talking to each other.

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    2. Females better start defending their turf, as in refusing to participate when fake girls invade girls’ sports.

      No points from me if they validate the trannies by being passive.

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      1. I agree. I wish that all the women at the (for example) track meet just refuse to run against the male. Line up as normal, but when the gun goes off, all the women just stand there. Let the fool run the track all by himself.

        Yes, I said it. “Himself”

        Just as he has a right to have his own preferred pronouns, I have a right to choose the pronouns that I call him.

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        1. Exactly.

          Stand against the ignorance.

          After a firm stance is taken a few times, the maroons running things will adjust back to two genders..the obvious and only answer.

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  1. “Newsbusters has a good one, headlined ‘Oops’ on how Saturday Night Live mocked President Trump for supposedly coddling ISIS, claiming he was ‘bringing jobs’ to the terrorists, based on his pulling U.S. troops from Syria, just as Trump blew them to hell.

    Nice timing, bozos. Newsbusters writes:”

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    1. “Assuming the terrorists were still alive for the broadcast, and they are voracious watchers of left-wing dreck like this, it’s quite possible they were enjoying themselves watching this skit, what with all the mockery about Trump’s Syria pullout creating more jobs for terrorists. One can just hear them laughing to themselves.

      Until Trump’s rocket paid them a visit.

      Kind of put a damper on the fun for them.”

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  2. What happens now?

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  3. UTTER FILTH! the article is correct, if this piece of garbage had exposed himself to a child in the grocery store, he’d been arrested…PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!

    But there is no question that the latest development in the drag queen-toddler connection is a bridge too far. According to the Child Protection League, which describes itself as “a non-profit organization that works to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination and violence,” a pair of drag queens who call themselves “Sasha Sota” and “Gemini Valentine” were invited to read to preschoolers at branches of the Hennepin County Library in Hennepin County, Minnesota earlier this month.

    But those who attended ended up getting more than they bargained for. At one point in his act, Sasha Sota decided to convert the reading into a show and tell by hoisting up his sundress and exposing his naked crotch.

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    1. Random questions of sanity: Who thought it was a good idea to have drag queens read to children in the first place? Where are the parents, and why did they allow it? Why allow people who delight in shocking normal, decent people into a children’s event? You can see the guy’s delight in his facial expression. That’s their agenda. It is most certainly not good for children. Anyone who tolerates this or the promotion of the idea that males have female biological functions should be shamed and stopped. We have to stand up as a society, or we are lost.

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          1. Neither. I’d rather they both witness another 5 years of President Trump in action.

            I imagine that every day that she wakes up and realizes that she still isn’t the President… sucks for Hillary.

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          2. Unfortunately, think it will be Carter. All his recent mishaps and advanced age. Will also fulfill the Mark Taylor prophecy that 2 will be taken and 3 will be shaken. I want to see Hillbilly shaken til their eyeballs look like Schifty’s do

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  4. Sarah gets her wit honestly

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  5. Ground Report:
    Husband has decided to make spaghetti today. We’re feeding the 70 returning specialists from Syria, I guess. You should see the kitchen….. OMG.
    But it smells GREAT!
    All the while, he is listening to NPR.
    I’m 4 rooms away and can hear him cursing.
    I do love that man!

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    1. daughn, you are really quite the Poet, you know?
      In a few simple sentences, you covered all manner of senses and emotion:
      kindness, sight, hearing, attention and observation… to surroundings and others, and, of course, Love.
      well done!

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  6. Thought I’d share this. Just stumbled on Inthemattrix’s twitter feed again.
    Hadn’t book marked the day I searched for it but now has. Had this clip on it.

    The original video we found on George magazine was 20 plus minutes long of Watkins just saying hi to every one except for the part just before this and that’s when he was explaining the note book, said he didn’t get it from the oval office, he’s not Q then holding up the note book explaining in child happy voice the five stanza’s written on the page are “Got tell it on the Mountain” followed by the shout out to Inthematrixxx you see here.

    Simple spy craft. Thought I’d share. Validates Q, Watkins and Inthematrixxx. Also did anyone know that George Magazine is Q friendly? Asks because Watkins was not the only Q thing on it that day (though I haven’t been back).

    BTW noticed from comments some place else, don’t remember, not important, is that Watkins has a youtube page and is actively dropping videos (some of you likely know). One since “Well that didn’t Work” which is what the twitter is cut from. Anyway, can’t watch this guy even if he is dropping Qlues among all the nonsense he’s posting.

    Also thinks the anomaly Wheatiewoo found that took us to George might of been the flag wave that something important would be released which may mean everything else is gibberish anyway.

    However this is his you tube page. Watkins Xerxes
    New vid is called “Service Due” 1:10.01 long. Can’t do him that long. But have at it if you wish, he may have non gibberish news too.

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      1. Interesting. It was fuzzy, but I thought I was reading what he was saying. You could be right. Still message was Go tell it on the mountain.

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        1. That one is “Go Tell It,” but the one in the previous video was a couple of verses of “Rock of Ages.” It was not the first verse that more people are familiar with. It was these:

          Not the labor of my hands
          Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
          Could my zeal no respite know,
          Could my tears forever flow,
          All for sin could not atone;
          Thou must save, and Thou alone.

          Nothing in my hand I bring,
          Simply to Thy cross I cling;
          Naked, come to Thee for dress;
          Helpless, look to Thee for grace;
          Foul, I to the fountain fly;
          Wash me, Savior, or I die.

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  7. Think3…with so much news happening today, I do not want to pass on the opportunity to tell how very much I enjoyed the beautiful Fall colors photo you shared…every time I see one so lovely it reminds me again that’s my favorite time of year.
    In even south Florida, those of us who lived year year ‘round could spot subtle signs of Fall (if we looked hard!) such as the sea grape tree leafs turning color. But, primarily, it was the change in humidity that notified us of Fall.
    And, secondly…the photo of Donald and Melania ( as they were known then) at their wedding is breathtaking. Such a beautiful bride (and such a beautiful necklace! Wish she would wear it one time as a FLOTUS.

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    1. ELINT Twitter feed posts about more than one ISIS terrorist killed today.

      President Trump saying, “We know who Bag Daddy’s successors are and we are going after them too..” was not an idle threat!!!

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    1. Et tu, Hume?

      Apparently Brit Hume doesn’t think illegally spying on a fairly and legally elected POTUS while directing and coordinating the attempted removal of same….undoing the will of the people…is treason.

      Of course, we all know what democrats would be saying if the reverse had happened.

      Always suspected Hume of being part of the DC establishment.

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      1. How much effort would it take Brit Hume to know what we know?

        Not much. The hardest part is figuring out how to turn a computer on.

        For someone like Brit whose whole career and reputation depended on having at least some clue of what’s actually going on, he’s either utterly incompetent or corrupt.

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    1. The talking heads on TV have been saying there would be reprisal attacks in response to this military action by U.S. Forces.

      Guess they didn’t realize we would be the ones making the next attack. Neener.

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  9. This is a good thread:

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  10. Twitter is really ripping WAPO and it’s glorious:

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  11. Makes me dizzy.
    Get this schedule. Surreal.
    President was probably up most of the night.
    Did the presser today with announcement of Al Baghdadi.
    Dealt with media – whomp whomp
    Then, this afternoon, BACK TO the Situation Room, released a HellFire Missile on the Spokesperson for ISIS.
    GOT HIM!!!!!!!!
    Two in 24 hours.
    Wowsers. Meanwhile, his media opposition defends terrorists.
    Tonight, he goes to the World Series…..

    America is the greatest country in the world.
    So proud.

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  12. Now this is a surprise. Democrats don’t leave after sexual misconduct unless they’re drug out kicking and screaming:

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    1. Yeah, and according to the NBC News online article, Katie Hill used her “I’m resigning” speech to wrap herself in the American flag (“I’m doing this for my country”); making light of her conduct with her subordinate; and crying about “how her divorce got dragged into the public”.
      Katie Hill got caught. She still can’t own up to her actions. She still thinks it’s just go away because she resigned her seat. She still lives in the world of an immature 15-year-old.

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    1. This is a rather amazing statement of guilt…

      “As long as I am in Congress, we’ll live fearful of what might come next and how much it will hurt.”
      (emphasis mine)

      Apparently, we haven’t seen the worst.

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  13. Are you sitting down?????
    Those proverbial bombshells are coming in fast and furious.
    Congresswoman Katie Hill is resigning.

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  14. christian living

    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
    Oct 26, 2019

    obeying our worthy god david psalms shepherd god’s provision

    Who is in control of your life? Who directs your plans, dreams, and goals? We all are influenced by something—our egos, our greed, our pride, our circumstances, our relationships. But only the Lord, the one who created us and every living thing, has the right to claim ownership on our lives.

    In Psalm 23 David declares, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing” (Psalm 23:1). David acknowledges God as his shepherd—the one who governs and manages his life, the one who is the owner of his life—and God is the best manager we could ever have. A sheep’s life isn’t easy—but no matter our circumstances, our Shepherd provides His guidance and comfort.

    We are never in need because our Shepherd cares for us. He provides us rest when we cannot carry on in our own strength. He quenches our thirst. He restores us and forgives us when we are broken and weak. “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul” (Psalm 23:2–3).

    Even in our darkest days, our Shepherd will remain with us: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me” (Psalm 23:4). With the Shepherd leading us, we have nothing to fear—not the disappointments of life, the dark days, not even death itself. Whatever valley we go through, God is leading us to higher ground.

    Prayer: Father, thank You for being my Shepherd. Thank You for Your care and guidance to higher ground. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—” (John 10:14).

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  15. And notice this — JOE BIDEN better start watching his back AND have eyes on all sides of his head. Ditto ELIZABETH WARREN:
    “Former Clinton adviser says Hillary feels ‘God put her on the earth’ to be president”
    by John Gage
    2 hours ago
    DICK MORRIS says that Hillary Clinton wants to jump into the 2020 Democrat presidential primary because she feels “entitled” to the presidency.
    “She feels entitled to it …. She feels that God put her on the earth to do it.”
    And now, the REAL pull quotes:
    “But she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad. She’s got WAIT UNTIL BIDEN DROPS OUT because he’s obviously next in line for it, and IF HE GOES AWAY, there’s an opening for her.” (emphases mine)
    Morris then said the “question is” whether or not there are enough “moderate voters” for Clinton to beat “leftist” Elizabeth Warren.
    My opinion: Morris was around Bill and Hillary enough time to be able to say the above but I don’t think he’s carrying water for Hillary.
    And ain’t it interesting that this article was posted TODAY, after President Trump dropped the hammer on al-Baghdadi?

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    1. Morris’s only allegiance is…$$$$.

      That said, hope hildabeast runs.

      It’ll be pure joy watching hildabeast go down in flames…whining all the way…;-)

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      1. She wants to run so she can say….when she is criminally indicted….that it’s a political witch hunt. She wants to run because she’s hoping that, as a candidate, that would protect her from what’s coming.

        After all, the best lies are mixed with truth.

        It’s a witch hunt all right, in her case literally (she IS a member of a well known witches coven, in real life)….but politics (vs. her criminality) has nothing to do with it.

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    2. “Former Clinton adviser says Hillary feels ‘God put her on the earth’ to be president”


      But if that was true, wouldn’t she have won by now?

      She don’t feelz no wayz taaard…


    3. “But she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad. She’s got WAIT UNTIL BIDEN DROPS OUT because he’s obviously next in line for it, and IF HE GOES AWAY, there’s an opening for her.”


      I guess this means goodbye, Joe.

      We’ll all miss you.

      You were a good friend.

      Fort Marcy Park, next exit…



    – ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead
    – ISIS spokesperson dead
    – John Conyers dead
    – Katie Hill resigns in disgrace
    – Washington Post turned into a joke meme

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  17. This exchange, above, is not getting nearly enough love. ❤️

    October 27, 2019 at 17:50
    Bet Sharpton’s getting nervous….because of the old saying ‘death comes in threes’.

    October 27, 2019 at 18:06
    Please be RGB, please be RGB, please be RGB

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      1. Agreed … and yet he is doing such a fantastic job as a citizen at large! Hate to loose him in his current role. A place for him in the leadership of the RNC or is he too grassroots for their taste?

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        1. Yes… she was George Webb’s assistant…. he always referred to her as Task Force, real name was Robin Gritz and she was ex FBI… she was murdered this year (2019)


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          1. Sorry, scratch the above………………….. I got confused, had to look up:

            Webb’s assistant was Jenny Moore, whom he always referred to as Task Force. She knew Robin Gritz, who was ex FBI and made claims of sexual harrassment . It was Jenny who was killed, Sept 2018

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            1. Wow. Thank you for clarifying. Hadn’t realized it would hit me so hard if Robin was taken out. Glad she’s still with up. Sad about Jenny Moore. She was investigating child sexual abuse by top people when she was murdered.

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        1. I believe she is C_A

          Peter Strzok certainly is ………….. he was inserted in FBI for the coup, and it’s possible Page was also. Page is proficient in Russian.

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    1. OK So check this $#!+ out… if reports are true…

      Lisa and Andy sitting in a tree…

      Fast forward to 2017 – Andy is under investigation and what does he do? He throws Lisa under the bus and blames her for what HE did.

      Andy betrays Lisa.

      And Lisa says, oh hell no I’m not going to prison for that @$$. She turns over the phone and all the texts.

      Andy, payback is a b!+ch, and her name appears to be Lisa.

      These people are SICK.

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  18. Okay, I was cheering for the Nats in the World Series. 5 generations of my family were Cubs fans and we know what it’s like to lose the big game.
    BUT – when the Nats fans booed the President, on such an historic day, I flipped my allegiance, asap.
    Just like that, the Stros gained 60 million fans.
    Nats fans were jerks.
    Reminds of when the Philly fans booed Santa Claus.

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      1. And just like that Springer hit a homer in the 9th, making it 7-1 Astros. 😍😍😍 🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🦋🦋🦋

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    1. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was greeted with a thunderous chorus of boos from the sold-out crowd attendance at Game 5 of the World Series between the Nationals and Astros.

      Trump, who showed up shortly after the first inning, was introduced to the crowd after the third inning during the Nationals’ salute to veterans, a regular feature at Nats’ games.

      As the next inning began, fans chanted “lock him up.


      1. Obama photographer believed NYT “reported“ Mission start time of 3:30 which was wrong, then couldn’t calculate mission time/time zone difference, and accused Scavino of faking Photo with 5:05 time stamp. Went viral with over 15k TDS retweets. Won’t delete original tweet, tried to correct.

        I still believe he’s wrong. Flight in was 1hr 10min. POTUS said it (his watching) started a little after 5. Our President did not sit and watch helicopters flying for 70minutes! They called him in when choppers got close, a little after 5, to watch the action. That puts Iraq departure around 3:55ish. (It’s trivial to be arguing over, but essential for the narrative of accusations against the President) AND Oh yeah, the jerk also accused POTUS of being on the golf course while the raid was ongoing along with the fake/staged photo. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!

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  19. When I come here I feel relaxed. Seriously. More than any other site. I don’t even agree with some on some things and with many on other things. (NO – not interested in who/what! That is Not the point!) And yet I still feel relaxed and among friends. Even at OT I don’t feel this way even when “talking” to long time posters/commenters.

    When I sit down at the computer I often start here for a quick scan and then am busy elsewhere – esp. social media these days.

    But at the end of the day when I am finished with all of that and just want to relax, here is where I come to put my feet up, breath a sigh of relief and relax. Seems like a family with the annoying younger brother, the wise grandfather figures, the loving grandmother figures, the interesting and fascinating uncles and aunts, the incredibly smart cousin, the funny old uncle, some eccentrics…and, no, none of these have to do with age (I imagine the annoying younger brother is much too old to act the way he does! ha) just characters and how I feel when I read here.

    A wonderful place to read – most fascinating book Ever! And yet, I am an occasional player in the very book I am reading. Real, and not real. Amusing and yet so educational. Philosophical, fascinating stories and yet up to the minute reporting in which we learn both the details and the rest of the story!

    Anyway, love it here even if we don’t get to “real”/personal as this isn’t actually a small place and of course I remain aware that this is a very open, public space.

    Still love it and appreciate you all, each one of you, for what you bring to the table.

    Thank you to all who create the space – esp. wolf, + all of the wonderful contributors.

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    1. Conyers retired in 2017, and I think Q was referring to growing numbers of Congressional retirements. I doubt there’s anything sinister about his passing at the age of 90. I don’t think his death will stop anything that is going on.

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      1. Retirement, haha. He was a #MeToo Monster and forced out over sexual harassment allegations. He fought stepping down for a while, but finally relented.

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