20191025: Dear KAG Open Thread

Open Thread is very open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!). Take the time to get outside, enjoy the fall colors and take in the beauty of a harvest moon.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways.

Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible. Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY TO OUR PRESIDENT! “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!I love this pic and I’ll ask of you all to remember Vice President Pence in your prayers!

So, as we head down the path to our branch in the Q Tree  (some showed up overnight) please be kind to each other.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us the basics, with a sound addition by TrumpIsMine:

  • No food fights.
  • No running with scissors.
  • If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
  • So break out your FOUL weather gear.
  • Brave the STORM
  • For we fight for all that’s dear.
  • Brave the STORM
  • And remember in 2020 we get Four Moar Years!
Protesters wave United States flags and carry placards during a protest in Hong Kong, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. Demonstrators in Hong Kong plan to march to the U.S. Consulate on Sunday to drum up international support for their protest movement, a day after attempts to disrupt transportation to the airport were thwarted by police. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

When all else fails, we have to sing and dance. Here’s a song where we all know the words. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

759 thoughts on “20191025: Dear KAG Open Thread

    1. The article .

      “WASHINGTON (AP) — A judge has ordered the Justice Department to give House Democrats secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

      Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell made the directive in a brief order on Friday.

      Democrats had requested that the department provide the material, which was redacted from Mueller’s report, as part of their ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

      Justice Department lawyers argued at a hearing earlier this month that House Democrats already had sufficient evidence from Mueller’s investigation, including copies of summaries of FBI witness interviews.”

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    2. This is against the law. Period. Full stop.

      Reason they are doing this: so they can say Trump should be impeached, but they can’t tell anyone why


      Rat f’n bastards

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      1. Court of Appeals has overturned a few of Judge Howell’s opinions iirc…

        Makes one wonder how Howell passed the bar, much less became a judge, even one appointed by zero.

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      2. Folks, lawyer intervention here. I haven’t seen the entire option but I used to work for a USDC judge at the same level as Beryl. I do not think that the order is as sweeping as the headlines and the slobbering media want us to believe. I read it as a “maybe – I not saying no but I’m not saying yes.”

        The most important phrase is “particularized need”. I understand that to mean that the HJC has a further row to hoe before it gets to the grand jury evidence. In order to prove the “particularized need” the HJC must show the evidence is available from no other source or repository of documents. So, the DOJ will appeal the order but even if it is returned on appeal there is an entire further hearing, final decision and appeal from that decision thereafter.

        By that time, don Jr. will be in his second term/.

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  2. From the last page. Found a rabbit hole if your interested. If not pass by.

    Based from Wheatietoo post “I don’t know what to make of this.”

    My posts were at the end. (3) But I was buried over there so I’m bringing it out front to here.

    1. So poked around George. Looked on the Video’s page. They are running the 8 Chan guys live feed that appears to have started 6hrs ago. Can’t really watch it. The guy’s crazy. I’m sure he has something important to say. But not hanging around to find out.
    https://youtu.be/QHMsJumUfG8 Entitled “Well that didn’t work”

    2. I ran it in the back ground. Watkins only message was in the title “Well that didn’t work”. Other than that I can say that he was greeted well. Reminded me of listening to Alan Greenspan talk about possible rate changes.

    3. Oh he did do one thing now that I think about. Went back to look but couldn’t make head or tails of it. He had a note book and in it was a the hand written stanza’s (4) of “Go tell it on the mountain”. Very fuzzy couldn’t read it clearly. Also latter said he “didn’t steal the note book” he showed “from the oval office, he’s not Q”, said he bought it at a train station in DC. Also notes he did a “Hey Inthematrix 666 to one of the on board watchers immediately after showing the book. My feed didn’t show a inthematrixx but he may of been looking at another one? People in my feed did repeat inthematrixx name ex. ” WWG1WGA WWPP
    ​WOOT!!! @InTheMatrixxx QArmy” Not sure what to make of it unless there was code going on there and perhaps it was meant for or will be dechiphered by inthematrix.

    So went and searched for Inthematrixx on twitterverse and it appears to be rather hot there.

    Following FBI Records Vault in it gets more interesting. Document I had to click into twice starts with long list of redacted pages before it gets to any meat. Outside the documents it appears as if the Anon’s are tearing it up. Title of document “The Finders: https://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders

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    1. If your going down the rabbit hole I’d suggest you follow tweet first or you’ll likely miss the Anons. Also he had some stuff above that tweet with another FBI Records Vault dealing with Five Eyes. Didn’t go down that hole. This one here takes you child abductions and MK Altra it appears.

      Anyway, I guess the George magazine thing was to the Anons to find Watkins video and then Watkins puts out strange message to Inthematrix followed by rabbit hole.

      Also noted George magazine is Q freindly. Watkins video was not the only references to Q.

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      1. So I went a little bit down the rabbit hole concerning the FBI report itself. Seems to stem from a 1987 case (closed in 93) 176 pages have been removed, some for being duplicates, but there is a lot left.

        The Finders appear to have been a small organization having CIA connections, international connections (Russia/NK/NVnam) and it rings eerily similar to the NXIVM as if it were a possible forerunner.
        The case appears to have started in Tallahassee Fl where two well dressed men were found driving with 6 unkept children who were later determined to be from Washington DC. Talk of a school with tunnels. Children voluntarily given over to The Finders. Talk of child porn, cages and search for bodies. CIA told FBI they’d been monitoring the activity. Seems to go back to the 70’s. Two articles from newspapers of the day, one “In Search of the Finders” very long from 1988 and another Washington Times piece from 1993 “CIA tied cult accused of abuse”. I didn’t notice a disposition on the case.

        Haven’t looked to see what the Anons have found out. Lots of details in this to determine methods and motives and evidence of a genisis of CIA involvement in child abductions. Also very long article from about the whole episode at the bottom.

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        1. Para,

          you have hit a ‘mother lode’………………. imho

          read this THREAD Wyatt posted earlier…

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          1. This tweet is not part of the THREAD, but probably should be:

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              1. “Too fast…think a stake out and fire ants. THEN drawing and quartering. I’m sure a few draft horses can be found for the occasion.”


                Okay, twist my arm… 😉

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          2. Wolf the former clown giving the co-int briefing went out of his way to talk about how the agency has the best nannies anywhere, all trained to the same level as any agent out of the farm. In context he was talking about his work as c1@ndest1n3 ops, making sure his children were well looked after while he or his wife (also in the thick) were busy.

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    2. I can’t say why my brain is bringing this up, but recall that the Obama administration blocked and killed a long-running investigation into a drug smuggling scheme of rather large proportions. Can’t remember who/what/when, but at least one law department was seriously pissed off about it.

      May have nothing to do with this stuff, though.

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      1. You’re thinking about the Hezbollah investigation they shut down in order so O could do his Dirty Iran deal. Our guys and DEA were ticked, they had been working it for a couple of years. They said O didn’t want to jeopardize the deal. Yeah right, it was probably an added bonus.

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    1. Nods. Consider it like the Wrap Up Smear automated so Schiff can create a few smears with each witness then have the press report on them thus making multiple points of fiction into made up facts that the low information types will lap up..

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    1. I can’t and won’t trust any Hussein appointee until or unless he proves himself.

      And so far, with reports released so far by Horowitz, he has not proven in any way that he’s serious.

      I hope he’s for real.

      I won’t be surprised AT ALL if he isn’t.

      And if he isn’t, then hold another prison cell in reserve for Horowitz.

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      1. A wise policy.

        The next IG report will tell the tale. We know too much to be fooled at this point. We have enough info to know if he’s pulling his punches or really letting it all hang out.

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      1. Humble request….

        Can we stop referring to Francis as the Pope? So the above would read

        “Francis Gollum….his precious found”

        Just to be clear, DP weighed in with a (brilliant) Author’s Post on the Catholic Church, and within that post offered very compelling information as to why Benedict 16 is still the true head of the Church, not Francis.

        Actions speak louder than words, and Francis’ actions prove….to me, at least….that he is NOT the genuine head of the Catholic Church. And if he is not, then he does not deserve the title of Pope.

        For everyone’s consideration.

        Please and thanks.

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    1. I said it the other day when the story was first reported.

      They should have been destroyed.

      If you throw them in the river, somebody will find them, return them, and they’ll be displayed in perpetuity under armed guard.

      I tried to find it, but searching ‘Pachamamas’ for the previous thread, both here on the WQTH search box and doing a site:wqth.wordpress.com “Pachamamas” turned up nothing.

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      1. The search box only works on titles, articles and metadata (categories, keywords) in that order.

        The “site:” method will find comments, but only after the article has been indexed by search engines. Not sure how many days that is.

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      2. I have tried unsuccessfully to post two links from 2011 on Pachamama, the mother earth deity.

        For pity’s sake, neither of them went through.

        Stay tuned. I will try to post them separately in a reply to this comment.

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        1. Second P-mama link (this one seems to be causing the problem, so remove *):



        2. Fifth try at posting second link. I don’t know why there is a problem, so you will have to do some remedial work. I have taken the dots out in the domain address and abbreviated the deity’s full name, which also needs writing in full:

          http://www impactwire com/a/5878/Our-Global-Neighborhood-Pmama-Farm-At-Maryknoll-Gathers-16-Tons-Of-Food-For-Local-Food-Pantries

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      1. If she’d done that, she would have shattered her leg and probably her hip also…

        Daughn says they’re bigger than the White House… others say they’re made of titanium.

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      1. At 26:00++ he talks about how to defeat “Alice in Wonderland” using “Grab My Toys And Go Home”. Very interesting.

        FAKE NEWS = Alice in Wonderland

        MAGA, QANON, THE Q TREE = Grab OUR Toys And Go Home

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      1. This is psychological torture – these people are sick – what kind of a demented mind would even think to do this to another human being? From mind control experiments – they have learned much, DP.

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        1. “This is psychological torture – these people are sick – ”


          Yes, and I’m sure they see it as their job. They need to get whatever it is they’re after that is inside your head. Your job is to resist.

          Their job is to study human beings in order to figure out how to get around or break down your defenses, in order to achieve their objective.

          So it’s not personal. You can stop the ‘game’ at any time (theoretically) by giving them what they want. That’s the control you have. So it’s up to you how far you can go, or keep going, before you give in, if you give in.

          In the case of a T-ist who (for example) is threatening to set off a dirty b*mb, applying these tactics makes complete sense and would be morally justifiable.

          Applying these tactics to non-combatants, much less one’s own citizens, is an atrocity.

          The problem is that the techniques developed for the enemy, if proven effective, end up being used against one’s own population. Most tools are just that, they can be used for good or evil.

          The kind of people who rise to positions of power in any government are far more likely to be evil people than good, which is why governments always become more tyrannical over time, not less.

          It’s the whole reason our Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution in such a way to attempt to minimize the damage they knew any government would do, based on their personal experience and knowledge of history.

          They did an amazing job.

          But the bad guys have had over 200 years to figure out how to break it down.


          “what kind of a demented mind would even think to do this to another human being?”


          Probably a surprisingly common and uninteresting mind.

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          1. Well expressed, scott – psychopaths easily fall into this category – we all know them – from business – and social circles – came into contact with a guy who was such a control freak he made himself and others around him sick – it is control they crave – we know the Dims want control so badly they go to extremes to get it – apparently our President has had to deal with these ‘control freaks’ in his business dealings – have to laugh – when you cut them off or cut them out – they go bananas!

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      2. “I can’t watch the whole thing. Too painful to contemplate someone doing that to a fellow human.”


        I think it’s fascinating.

        It’s a tactic, and understanding the tactic makes it less effective.

        Fear of the unknown is a primal fear, so just understanding what they’re doing gives you an enormous advantage and increases your odds of successfully resisting. It removes the ‘confusion’ component when you know what they are doing, and why they do it.

        That means you can focus your strength and energy on defending and attacking, instead of speculating and trying to figure out what’s happening to you.

        Defending only seems like a losing strategy, because eventually they will wear you down, while not having to expend energy defending themselves at all.

        And if you are attacking, your energy is focused on something positive (for you), and whatever the 3 goons are saying has a better chance of going in one ear and out the other.

        Do it right back to them.

        They’re human beings, they have all the same weaknesses and personal baggage that anyone has (maybe even more, considering their chosen career field…). Isolate on one of your inquisitors and see if you can get inside his or head. Or provoke them to laughter. Don’t respond in the way they expect you to respond. interrupt the dynamic they are trying to create. Refuse to play inside the squared circle they set up for you. Make them work for it, and in doing so, you humanize yourself to them, which makes it harder for them to objectify you and mistreat you.

        There’s all kinds of things you could try, once you understand what they’re doing and trying to accomplish.

        So why not?

        You have nothing else to do, if you’re tied to a chair in a room with 3 goons and a bare light bulb hanging over your head 😁

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    1. “Maybe we didn’t just end up here. Maybe there is a level of intentionality to where we find ourselves.”
      I like his manner of conveying the message.
      On the basis of his evaluation, augmented by all of our observations, All of the news is fake and intentionally so. D.C. has devolved into one big cognitive dissonance machine but, the national news is over all, jiggered to reinforce cognitive dissonance and the local news essentially falls in line with the big boys. This is across all media…print, electronic, all of it.
      If people don’t have a connection to their Creator, they would do well to establish one.

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    2. Just finished watching this. This guy is speaking my language, this is what I’ve been saying for YEARS, he just articulated it better, and gave it context (comparing it to a CIA interrogation tactic).

      I must have said this here 20+ times in the last year-plus: Up is down, left is right, black is what, and right is wrong.

      Whether it is being done on purpose on a national scale or not, his observations are accurate.

      So the question becomes, would it be possible for this to happen ‘organically’, i.e., without a directed effort of some kind by TPTB?


      Not even close.

      And the whole ‘slave perspective’ is one that I have been thinking about for at least 5 or 6 years, since I first heard about what some call the ‘Sovereignty Movement’, but it covers a broad spectrum and it’s really just about understanding our true Rights and how they have been completely stripped away, and how to begin to reclaim them, even within the ‘matrix’ or system that has been constructed to enslave us.

      Also very interesting how he talked about the four possible reactions or ‘primal responses’ to this intentional cognitive dissonance:

      1) Freeze
      2) Fawn
      3) Run Away
      4) Try to kill the enemy

      Well you can’t run away, there’s nowhere to go. Fawning isn’t just bizarre, it’s illogical. Freezing doesn’t change anything, it’s a non-strategy strategy.

      The only coping mechanism that is logical, has the potential to change the dynamic and is actually possible to do is fight / kill the enemy.

      Fight all the time. Fight everything. It gives you a perspective that is quite unlike most of the people around you, who seem completely unaware of… well, everything.

      And it was interesting that he commented on not realizing some of this stuff until he was ‘away’ from an urban center. Until he had moved out into the country, and could decompress, and hear himself think, and actually think, without all of the distractions and demands on his time that is common to daily life.

      A lot of the things he talked about made sense or ‘resonated’ with me (I don’t like that word, but it was the best one that came to me). About all of it, really.

      Interesting video 👍

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      1. And by ‘Fight all the time. Fight everything”, I mean the information war against us, the attacks on rationality, the attempts to confuse or disorient, the cognitive dissonance. If we don’t fight it, resist it, etc., if we just ‘go with the flow’, we end up going wherever TPTB want us to end up.

        He talked about how just 10 years ago, people understood boundaries and normal positions or views, and today everything is relative or questionable and nothing is certain.

        Except that only happens if you stop fighting all the BS. It certainly doesn’t appear to have happened to anyone who posts here. Nobody here is confused about right or wrong on any of the important issues.

        I still have the same views and positions I did 10 years ago, on any major issue I can think of. I have a lot more information and understanding on a lot of subjects, but basic understanding of right and wrong, good and evil, etc., hasn’t changed a bit, because the underlying truth hasn’t changed (and can’t, and won’t).

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  5. Rush was having a field day discussing POTUS’ presser today. POTUS indicated he doesn’t know what Barr and Durham have, and then he’d say but he thinks everyone is going to be very surprised, shocked even…

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    1. I have to believe if there are no indictments, guilty verdicts, and sentencing then…in the long run….all will be for naught.

      The issue is…do we have laws….applied EVENLY to all, great and small….or do we not?

      Another way to ask this same question is…

      Will a 2nd Civil War…of the kinetic kind….be prevented or will it not?

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      1. I believe there will be indictments. Now on whether we get juries to do their job, who knows, but I don’t doubt that POTUS is planning on making sure these guys land up in a courtroom.

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        1. After the horrendous jury decision in Texas regarding the chemical castration of the 7 year old…I also wonder about the ability of juries to do their job. Military tribunals are looking better every day…if legally possible.

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          1. Juries…

            I told Flep this the other day, I was on an 8 part probate jury 10+ years ago, and after it was over, I was telling a friend who is a lawyer about the experience. Well, we went around the room just expressing opinions first, and I said, “I don’t know what really happened, but whatever it was, we didn’t see it in that court room.” And my friend comes back with, you’re too smart to be a juror, how did you slip through.

            It was stunning. Some of those people were so fooled.

            And, really, I hear tell even witnesses are not reliable. I witnessed a car accident and had to give a deposition. After I gave a description of what happened, the one defense lawyer was STUNNED at the level of detail. Essentially, I handed the case to the plaintiff despite being a witness for the defense. The plaintiff’s lawyer was in touch with my lawyer, and, this is very immodest, said I was a champ. Just for a decent memory.

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          2. Why it is important to make sure the right judges are in the courts nationwide – of course – they will have the ‘little’ cases – of mild consequence – the big guys/gals will be going before a Military Tribunal – imho

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          3. I’m thinking in that case she had a lawyer that was intent in picking the right kind of jurors and he had one that wasn’t worried about it. He likely went in with a run of the mill lawyer while she went in with a great lawyer with a real plan to win custody and part of that plan was picking the right jury and likely the right judge too.

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          4. The laws also have to be changed regarding media receiving classified information. The leakers get prosecuted, but the MSM get off. Perhaps they’ll be scooped up under conspiracy charges to commit treason.


        2. “I believe there will be indictments. Now on whether we get juries to do their job, who knows, but I don’t doubt that POTUS is planning on making sure these guys land up in a courtroom.”


          Put the smaller fish on trial first. That tests whether the juries are corrupt, and the evidence will be so overwhelming that even a corrupt jury won’t be able to acquit.

          Then the mid-level players. Same thing. The jury will be ‘on trial’ as much as the defendant(s). The evidence will be overwhelming, so that even a corrupt jury won’t be able to acquit.

          Then comes the higher ups. Same thing, except now momentum has been established, and the jury pool (nationwide) sees that the ‘untouchables’ are not untouchable at all. There will be so much evidence that even if the jury wanted to acquit, they can’t, and they will be acutely aware of public sentiment to purge ALL of these traitors.

          Then comes Clinton and her immediate lackeys.

          By that point, based on all the evidence in the public sphere that is already common knowledge, and all of the verdicts being guilty, it will be a runaway freight train.

          Then comes Hussein, and he will know his goose is already cooked before Clinton is even convicted.

          Because everybody will know by that point exactly what he did, and everybody will already know from previous trial testimony and evidence that Hussein orchestrated, approved, benefited directly from it, and then orchestrated the cover up, all crimes of treason and sedition, not counting whatever other atrocities will be uncovered.

          The national mood to string these traitors up will be overwhelming by that point.

          And then put Soros on trial.

          And keep going up the ladder.

          They know who is beyond and above Soros.

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          1. For all their bluster, even with the MSM’s help, many of them won’t want to go to trial. It drags them and their families through some pretty deep mud, and affects their social circle standing. People aren’t thrilled to hang out with you when you’re under indictment.

            I’m thinking about Shepherd Smith who was gone from FOX overnight after a visit by Barr to Murdock. That remains of interest to me.

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            1. “For all their bluster, even with the MSM’s help, many of them won’t want to go to trial.”


              I am confident that NONE of them will want to go to trial. This entire thing is an extraordinary and historic situation. The government ‘writ large’ as SD likes to say, wouldn’t DREAM of prosecuting any of these people, unless the evidence was so overwhelming that it’s a crime NOT to (prosecute them).

              I think all of the future defendants know that if they go to trial, they’re going to be found guilty and get the maximum sentence. None of this would be happening, otherwise.


              “It drags them and their families through some pretty deep mud, and affects their social circle standing.”


              What choice do they have? Besides suicide?

              I know we talk about these people committing suicide a lot, but suicide isn’t easy. A person has to be literally overwhelmed with grief or depression, unless it is rational suicide (e.g., throwing yourself on a grenade to save your friends).

              And anyone who appears to be at risk for suicide will be put on suicide watch (hopefully the DOJ takes it little more seriously than they did with Epstein… I still find it impossible to believe he’s dead, because the circumstance leading up to it are simply inconceivable incompetence. Barr was ultimately responsible for the most notorious and valuable witness in America, and if he had screwed up, he would have had to resign.

              He didn’t resign, ergo he didn’t screw up, ergo Epstein isn’t really dead.

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  6. Concerning “Geroge” “Inthematrix” and “The Finders” talked about above.

    In case you didn’t take the right branch to the Anon’s here’s the link.

    Very intriguing video on the Finders. Suggests at least 2-3 mins watching this before it sucks you in. Think NEXIM/Epstien/the video of that girl who said she was Epstien’s slave off and on in child hood/MK Ultra/Satanism all with CIA and multiple international links.

    It appears release of “The Finders” record to the FBI vault just happened/just declassified?

    Thinking this is all to be used either to keep anon’s interested or something big and ugly is coming down the pipe and this newly released information provides background.

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  7. All these leaks.

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    1. “Mark Levin reporting (from what he describes as a very good source) that Andy McCabe was offered a pre-indictment plea agreement by John Durham.”


      If Q ever comes back, we need to ask him about “NO DEALS”, and what exactly that meant.

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  8. I found this interesting on a number of levels.


    Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges

    Russian scientists tracking migrating eagles ran out of money after some of the birds flew to Iran and Pakistan and their SMS transmitters drew huge data roaming charges.

    After learning of the team’s dilemma, Russian mobile phone operator Megafon offered to cancel the debt and put the project on a special, cheaper tariff.

    The team had started crowdfunding on social media to pay off the bills.

    The birds left from southern Russia and Kazakhstan.

    The journey of one steppe eagle, called Min, was particularly expensive, as it flew to Iran from Kazakhstan.

    Min accumulated SMS messages to send during the summer in Kazakhstan, but it was out of range of the mobile network. Unexpectedly the eagle flew straight to Iran, where it sent the huge backlog of messages.

    The price per SMS in Kazakhstan was about 15 roubles (18p; 30 US cents), but each SMS from Iran cost 49 roubles. Min used up the entire tracking budget meant for all the eagles.

    The Russian researchers are volunteers at the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Novosibirsk. Their crowdfunding appeal, which has paid off more than 100,000 roubles (£1,223), was called “Top up the eagle’s mobile”.

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    1. Fascinating. I love birds.

      That seems like a far distance, doesn’t it? Not to distract, but did you know…..The longest know migratory route flown by any bird?

      The Arctic Tern, which flies from it’s Arctic breeding grounds to it’s “wintering” grounds in the Antarctic (summertime at both poles).

      The earth’s diameter at the equator is calculated to be 24,901 miles, depending on method of measurement. By comparison…

      “Recent studies have shown average annual roundtrip lengths of about 44,100 mi for Terns nesting in Iceland and Greenland and about 56,000 miles for birds nesting in the Netherlands. These are by far the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom.”


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    1. What a lying POS.

      “I have no idea what criminal actions they could be referring to.”

      We know from Sidney’s latest brief that Clapper himself said to WaPo reporter David Ignatius “take the kill shot on Flynn.”

      Disgusting filth.

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  9. Folks, lawyer intervention here. I haven’t seen the entire option but I used to work for a USDC judge at the same level as Beryl. I do not think that the order is as sweeping as the headlines and the slobbering media want us to believe. I read it as a “maybe – I not saying no but I’m not saying yes.”

    The most important phrase is “particularized need”. I understand that to mean that the HJC has a further row to hoe before it gets to the grand jury evidence. In order to prove the “particularized need” the HJC must show the evidence is available from no other source or repository of documents. So, the DOJ will appeal the order but even if it is returned on appeal there is an entire further hearing, final decision and appeal from that decision thereafter.

    By that time, don Jr. will be in his second term/.

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  10. This is NOT even close to any type of American agenda that any American with a brain would vote on.

    Democrats want to close churches, raise taxes and pay for sex reassignment surgery. Great. https://news.yahoo.com/democrats-want-close-churches-raise-165241266.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw via @Yahoo

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    1. Here in the 21st century, people believe the earth is flat and the NASA moon landings were a hoax…along with believing that we’ll all be underwater in 10 years if we don’t do something about global warming, and that was over 10 years ago.

      Idiots gonna idiot.

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    1. That’s it. I’m sticking to the Thin Man series as my “go to.” Well, and old musicals. Maybe the Marx Brothers with the occasional Casablanca.

      Seriously, I turned the TV on for background noise while I scrubbed a floor and after looking through the offerings, turned on an English Premier League game.

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      1. I often find myself needing a Myrna fix. She was the perfect combination of beauty, humor, and intelligence. Asta wasn’t too shabby either.

        I would also recommend The Third Man if you haven’t seen it.

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    2. Zero Hedge doing what they do – giving a good piece of insight, and then mixing it with their brand of poo in the end. But still, overall a good read.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooooohhh…he’s really scary. I’m shaking in my boots. Good grief. Everyone is a Nazi…blah, blah, blah…

      I’m guessing that he doesn’t leave that room (in Mommy’s house) very often.

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      1. Do believe that due the absent of any arrests for anything they do, ANTIFA feels they are immune to any punishment.
        This is exactly what Obama did for Black Lives Matter..


  11. Nah, he’s gonna need those funds for another case. 😉

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    1. Liked by 4 people

  12. Thank you Lord for saving us from this evil woman!!

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      1. That’s what happens when you know you’re about to be criminally indicted by the DOJ and you were a former employee of same who was fired for cause.

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  13. Wyatt has added 70+ tweets since I last posted – most are his, and he is naming politicians who have committed sexual abuse of children and teens………………


    Remember to remove the * when cutting and pasting


  14. Living, my Grandma voted Republican. She passed away in 2005, and has been voting Democrat ever since.

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    1. It’s certainly making the rounds. Wonders if the MSM is getting a whiff of it, not that they’d say anything, but it should make them wonder what might be coming as this establishes a strong foundation towards credibility of any new charges coming forth which I’m sure is the intent. And someone has been planning this for quite a while since that well documented video was done in March and pretty much follows this new release of information.

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      1. Certainly ‘interesting times’ we live in, right para ? I like the fact that lots of our familiar researchers are diggin’ into this… they’re great at teamwork!

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    1. Here is the full context – what was on TODAY’S MENU:

      FBI 302s (Official Interview Records) Modified for Political Purposes
      20 Jun 2018 – 11:43:02 AM
      Re_read drops re: 302 mod
      DOJ forced to supply.
      Rank & file testifying as informants.
      Hussein WH SR Staffer ON RECORD.
      House of Cards.
      These people are SICK.
      Doctor(s) treating.

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  15. Yeezy is ALL IN!!😍😍😍

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    1. Posted already once or twice before today, but worth it once again….



      “After originally outlining the process and possibilities within an article in August 2019, CTH received a thankful and congratulatory email from Mr. Byrne stating he was surprised we were able to put it all together.”

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