We Have All Been Called Up For Duty! The President Of The United States Of America Needs Us More Than Ever…..

Our President needs us more than ever. He has sacrificed everything for us. There are 7 Republicans that have yet to sign onto the Graham/McConnell resolution.

46 Republican Senators supporting the Graham/McConnell resolution:

Barrasso – WY

Blackburn – TN

Blunt – MO

Boozman – AR

Braun – IN

Burr – NC

Capito – WV

Cassidy – LA

Cornyn – TX

Cotton – AR

Cramer – ND

Crapo – ID

Cruz – TX

Daines – MT

Ernst – IA

Fisher – NE

Graham – SC

Grassley – IA

Hawley – MO

Hoeven – ND

Hyde-Smith – MS

Inhofe – OK

Johnson – WI

Kennedy – LA

Lankford – OK

Lee – UT

McConnell – KY

McSally – AZ

Moran – KS

Paul – KY

Perdue – GA

Portman – OH

Risch – ID

Roberts – KS

Rounds – SD

Rubio – FL

Sasse – NE

Scott – SC

Scott – FL

Shelby – AL

Sullivan – AK

Thune – SD

Tillis – NC

Toomey – PA

Wicker – MS

Young – IN


Lets bombard their phones

Alexander – TN / D.C. # (202) 224 – 4944

Collins – ME / D.C. # (202) 224 – 2523

Enzi – WY / D.C. # (202) 224 – 3424

Gardner – CO / D.C. # (202) 224 – 5941

Isakson – GA / D.C. # (202) 224 – 3643

Murkowski – AK / D.C. (202) 224 – 6665

Romney – UT / D.C. (202) 224 – 5251

49 thoughts on “We Have All Been Called Up For Duty! The President Of The United States Of America Needs Us More Than Ever…..

  1. It is better if the people calling are from their state. If you have friends/relatives in any of the states above, let them know.

    I have friends and relatives in GA, and they have been asked to call, email, and shout it from the rooftops!

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        1. Aubergine – it IS a good idea to thank yours when they do something right.

          Our traitor Senator Gardner will hand his Colorado seat to the Dems. He has been a total Uniparty snake from the get go. I feel like I’ve been Romnied by voting for Gardner (if you know what I mean).
          I will definitely be calling tomorrow.

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  2. I’m in, for all the good it will do with this group.


    Fascinating. Burr is supporting? He’s part of the cabal inside the deeply corrupt Select Senate Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

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    1. Tillis has taken a hard right and is extremely supportive of POTUS after being a loud mouth critic for several years. Why? he is being primaried hard. Hope NC voters aren’t fooled into voting for him based on his recent behavior! He is a COC creature through and through

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              1. Just FYI – Mittens is getting slammed here in Utah. If you look on the Utah Standard News, there are several articles with lots of comments regarding good old Pierre, and none of it good. Many, many good people here are sick of his theatrics and hypocrisy and are embarrassed by him. He’s a stain on our wonderful state. Pretty much everyone wishes he had stayed in Michigan or Massachusetts at this point. He does not represent the people of Utah.

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  3. Amazing!
    In my Prayers last night….
    The LORD impressed on me the parable of the “Talents”…..
    I know most people have been taught “Talents” are a form of MONEY.
    What if the Lord really did men “TALENTS”?
    aka DP and her Singing…..

    Each of US have been given “GIFTS” (Talents) from the Lord…… like SINGING?
    Talents come in many forms….
    Some to Sing..
    Some to Prophesy….
    Some to Comfort…
    Some to Teach….
    There are other “Gifts of the Spirit”

    Anyway…. WE should all use the “Talents” that the Lord has given US to SPREAD HIS WORD.
    Yes… to our Friends, Acquaintances and Relatives.

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  4. wow! yes!

    Rep. Ralph Abraham submits resolution to expel Nancy Pelosi from House for abuse of office


    In an attached statement, Abraham said, “Nancy Pelosi’s vicious crusade against our lawfully elected president is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt, and it must be stopped.”
    “She has disgraced the people’s House and weaponized the speaker’s gavel for her party’s political gain,” the Republican congressman from Louisiana said.
    “House Democrats spent nearly three years obsessed with election meddling only to dwarf any such efforts with their own deceitful plan to nullify the 2016 election and prevent President Trump from winning in 2020,” Abraham continued.
    Abraham then declared, “I have introduced a resolution calling for her to be expelled from the House and for the Speaker’s Office to be vacated.”

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  5. I emailed Romney about 10 days ago and “kindly” (perhaps diplomatically) told him to stop the facade—just declare yourself a Democrat, and do so in time to file as a Democrat presidential candidate before the filing deadline!!!

    Started the email by saying I supported him in 2012….unfortunately, and I now regret it!!!

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