Best Interview on China – Kyle Bass and Robert Spalding.

The following interview was done on September 27th, 2019 but only recently made available to the public. While watching this interview, please remember, almost all of DC and Wall Street adores China and refers to Russia as the boogeyman. As a country, we would not be at this stage of confrontation with China if it had not been for President Donald Trump. If we could have moved the DC/NYC establishment to understand our bigger problem with China, it would have been easy to partner with Russia to confront the growing threat of China. Organizations like The Atlantic Council and our own “stuck in the mud” bureaucrats have harmed US Foreign Policy and cost us 3 years of progress in stopping China.

This interview is extraordinary because it combines Kyle Bass’ expertise on China finance/monetary supply with the expertise of Air Force General Robert Spalding, who was THE Advisor to the Joint Chiefs on China and accompanied Chinese Generals to Mar-A-Lago during the first meeting between Xi and Donald Trump.

The interview is 58:38 long, please bookmark and watch at your leisure.

Robert Spalding has written a book called “Stealth War” on “How China took over while American Elites Slept”.

Background on Spalding:

In 2001, the year China entered the WTO, Spalding was chosen as an Olmsted Scholar, one of three people from each branch of the military, to learn Mandarin and go live in China for two years, as the USA Department of Defense Attache to China. He attended the Defense Dept’s language school in Monterrey, and lived in eastern Shanghai for 2yrs (2002-2004), traveling the country and was exposed to top levels of Chinese government, and our government.

Spalding discusses his original impression of China; love for the people, food, industriousness, prosperity everywhere….. and how his impression of China has changed over the years.

By 2004, returning back to the USA, Spalding joined the Council on Foreign Relations (I know, I know), where he met business leaders and became alarmed by their attitude on China. Think about a man whose entire life was expertise in the military, suddenly exposed to the inner workings of Business School #101. It’s a completely different mindset and skill set. Spalding realized how naive he was, and how diplomats + the biz community had been fooled by China.

Robert Spalding has taken a massive “red pill” and is fully aware of China’s threat to the USA and the rest of the world. Chairman Xi talks about free trade and “globalism” on a public stage, with profit as a motive. As Americans, we think free trade is a good thing and along with trade comes personal responsibility, ethics, rule of law, contracts, etc. Since Nixon opened China, our leaders thought exposure to western democracy would “rub off ” on China and they would become more like us. The exact opposite has become true. China takes our money, hollows out America, and is exporting their censorship/communist values to the West. Keep in mind, this interview was done BEFORE the NBA incident.

What we are only becoming aware of is that the Chinese are still communists and will never change…… The Chinese did adopt our profit motive but cast aside everything else so prevalent in a democracy/republic. The CCP controls everything in China and their goal is to “control the narrative”, governing how one thinks and speaks. Sound familiar? No criticism of the party or established narrative is allowed. Again, sound familiar?

The interview includes eye-opening discussions of the PLA and the CCP within China and how the censorship and control over the people overrides everything in China, from the significant to the mundane. The stories will jolt one’s senses.

China’s Underlying Motives:

Privately, Chinese officials will admit their primary goal is to dominate the world. They believe they have endured a “Century of Humiliation” which is our fault, the fault of the USA, because they were the big player for thousands of years and they will be again. Their goal is to use our own greed against us, bankrupt us, and force us to submit. Americans who became billionaires working in China, are so entrapped by fear of losing their wealth, they now openly advocate for the Chinese System. They’re too far gone. Again, look at the NBA, Nike, the US Chamber of Commerce, or Michael Bloomberg. These billionaires run directly contrary to US national security interests and casually sell out to China.

Organ Harvesting: It’s real.

The UK recently had a tribunal, presided over by the same guy who did Slobodan Milosevic’s war crimes trial. They interviewed hundreds of people who escaped from the camps in Xinjiang as well as physicians who performed organ harvesting. The report and findings can be located on (ChinaTribunal . com) and……. be prepared. In fact,the CCP removes organs from people who are still alive, merely paralyzed…. and they have a nice new crematorium.

Organ Harvesting is so pervasive in China, one can now make an appointment for a heart transplant. Think about this for a minute. In the USA and other countries, to receive a heart transplant takes extensive testing/cross matching and the recipient goes on a waiting list. When the organ suddenly becomes available, the recipient must act quickly, fly to the location, or the heart is flown with all due speed. In China, wealthy Chinese and foreigners can make an appointment, a month in advance, because the CCP has cross-matched, the tissue, bloodwork, ultrasounds, the DNA, of all their prisoners…….. and they know exactly the person who has the necessary organs. It’s quite lucrative. Imagine that one.

It’s now suspected as many as 3 million Uighurs and other religious “undesirables” are held in internment camps in northwestern China. Many of them are Christian, “prisoners of conscience”, create a “buffet line of organs” for the PLA/CCP. Again, the Chinese regime adopted our profit motive, and cast aside everything else which goes along with it; human rights, civil liberty, rule of law, self determination, ethics.

The only country to BLOCK organ transplants from China or travel to China for organ transplants is Israel, because the heart surgeon in Israel who was counseling an ill patient learned his patient “had an appointment in China next month”….. which meant someone was going to die…. on a schedule. Israel blocked China organ transplants.


Wrap your head around the idea that there are no ethics or rule of law in China. Again, this is purely about profit. The generic drug supply in the USA is about 80-90% Chinese origin and is also tainted with carcinogens. The same factories which produce blood pressure meds also produce Chinese Fentanyl, and about 90% of the heroin and fentanyl in the USA is straight from these factories (southern border, US mail, or express scripts out of Canada). It accounts for about 40K deaths a year, on purpose, from China. In fact, the Chinese have genetically altered the poppy plant so now, they can grow it year round = more opioids.

AND —- Spalding notes, the 40K deaths a year came after China took 70,000 factories, 3.4 million manufacturing jobs, plus the accompanying service sector, about 13 million jobs in total, eviscerating employees healthcare and retirement funds, destroying those American communities…… and then shipped in the drugs to kill the people, our fellow Americans.

The DEA/FBI responds, “China has been most cooperative”, because one or two people go to jail, a DEA bureaucrat receives an award for his investigation, but the criminals in China are released in a few weeks. The chemical makeup of the drug is then slightly altered and thus, the Chinese factories are able to maintain a few steps ahead of the DEA in the USA. In the USA, because we hold people personally responsible, we are conditioned to charge, legally, the individual. That’s not the way China works. Robert Spalding posits, until we charge the country, the shipping line, seize Chinese assets in the USA, the problem of fentanyl will continue.

Lack of Transparency Helps the CCP Maintain Control:

Imagine for a moment, 1.4 billion people who only watched CNN, or for that matter, FOX News. Imagine only one source of state news, one narrative, being pushed, and if anyone searches for truth, begins to tip over the rocks, that person is penalized. Yeah, we’re beginning to see it here in the USA with our media and the persecution of Repubs/Trump Supporters, but imagine no other lines of communication in an entire country, and it’s been going on for a generation. The CCP has been very successful in stopping the ability of people to think for themselves, everything is locked down physically and electronically.

……… Which is why Hong Kong is such a nightmare for them. The videos, cameras, are everywhere and eventually smuggled out. The Chinese can’t control the rebellion in Hong Kong, whereas they CAN successfully hide 3 million prisoners in Xinjiang.

Why Don’t We Understand China? How Did Our Leaders Get It So Wrong?

Spalding tells an anecdote of his first meal in a Chinese restaurant and how he was disappointed by no fortune cookie. He didn’t realize the fortune cookie was an invention of a Japanese guy in San Francisco and not indicative to China, but it made a larger impression on him. HE was supposed to be an expert on China, and he had no idea about China. He was naive.

Expanding the idea of American Leadership naivety, Spalding looks back. When the Soviet Union fell apart, the Chinese Communists began to engage with American Republicans and Democrats. Our leaders went to China on junkets sponsored by the Communist Chinese…… and our leaders only saw what the Chinese wanted them to see. The rose-colored glasses were pervasive.

Spalding sums it up succinctly. American politicains and biz leaders had the 40yr idea that more American exposure in China would open China up, make them more like us, and that China wanted to be like us. Yet, no one ever went to the Chinese and said, “Hey, do you want to me more like the USA?”, because if anyone did that, the Chinese would surely reply, “Hell no, we don’t want to be like you at all……… we want to dominate you.”

Bass and Spalding tell the famous story of Bloomberg’s epic background piece on Xi’s family, how wealthy they were, when Xi first came to power. Bloomberg was warned, don’t talk about Xi or you will be penalized…… and they shut down Bloomberg’s terminals in China for a while. Now, Bloomberg is self-censored and frankly, attacks anyone who is anti-China. Easy peasy, eh? China cowed Bloomberg, and China didn’t fire a shot. Again, pure greed, the profit motive, won out, even though all other morals and ethics we know of went out the window.

How Do We Fix It?

Overall, we must be much more tough on China. We need to penalize the CCP, the party, and not individuals, as the CCP is the overlayer on anything Chinese. China will counter, as they always do, “How can you attack 1.4 billion people and think we’re all mean/bad/organ harvesting/hacking USA defense contractors?” This is how the CCP hides behind the population. In other words, we’re “racist” if we object. Sound familiar?

First example is fentanyl. When the huge shipment of fentanyl 31K metric tons, was found in Philadelphia, we should have taken action. Stop all Chinese ships, none can dock, will be turned away for a month, levy hundred million dollar penalties, against China, shipping lines, and seize assets owned by Chinese entities in the USA.

In other words, the USA needs to play hardball with the CCP, because the CCP runs everything in China. Forget about individual cases or charges. Charge Huawei, instead of the princess who is being kept in Vancouver.

How China Silences Dissent Within The USA:

Astonishing story. Spalding was with the Chinese delegation when Xi met with Trump at Mar-A-Lago. After the summit, Spalding was on the plane from south Florida back to NY, to catch another plane onward to China.

Spalding was on the plane. The Chinese Generals were up front. Spalding was in back with a bunch of Chinese nationals who were bandaged and kind of roughed up, etc. They were talking in Chinese and since he speaks the language, he struck up a conversation. Come to find out, when Xi or another notable travels overseas, a call goes out to Chinese students and nationals within the foreign country. Their duty is to line the path of Xi and suppress all dissent or protests along the way. They are trained/ordered/commanded to surround the protesters and quash all dissent…….. within another country……. in this case, within the USA. Thus, when a Chinese leader comes to the USA, he establishes a “zone” of China’s rules on OUR soil. Guess we now know why AOC and her greenies are not protesting at the Chinese Embassy.

Kyle Bass asks why we didn’t arrest anyone. Spalding responds, shockingly. Many of the wrongs of China could have been addressed over the decades, by prior administrations. Yet, our government excused ALL the wrongs of China because of other priorities —- We excused ZTE because the State Dept wanted help from China to suppress North Korea, on Climate Change, etc.

Hmmm, is that the reason President Trump went after Kim Jong Un so quickly? To remove the bargaining chip China held? And withdrew from the Paris Accord? Makes sense…….

Can We Coexist With China?

No, not as it stands currently. “Reformers” in the Chinese Communist Party only want to kill us more slowly than the hawks. Bass was mildly shocked. To drive home the point, Spalding comes around again to the CCP Constitution, thousands of pages, a little known document, called Document #9. It’s the exact opposite of America’s Bill of Rights. The Chinese think our Bill of Rights would destroy the Communist party (interesting) and therefore, their citizens intentionally do not have these Bill of Rights. Moreover, it is the job of the CCP to counteract those rights (our freedoms) overseas as well — within our country. In the USA, our Constitution/Bill of Rights ensures a system so perfect no one party has overall control, but if the citizens deem it necessary, we allow for overthrow and repositioning of our government.

And in a modern world, Spalding posits, whereas we rely on our second amendment for ultimate self defense, an equalizer, what the Chinese are doing is MORE dangerous because of 5G – because the Chinese could influence us to shoot our neighbor — or ultimately, we cannot protest or overthrow an entity who lurks behind a wall of the internet and a surveillance state.

The problem of China developing 5G is monumental. If China installs networks in the 90 countries who have already signed on, the Chinese will export THEIR values (no Bill of Rights at all) to 90 countries. In this way, citizens will voluntarily give up their free speech, their freedom of religion, for more money and a better social credit score. The ability to influence is also the ability to oppress.

On top of the 5G network, the Chinese will build business platforms dependent on communication flowing on their networks……… which will grow and quickly dwarf the likes of (FANG) Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. To compound the problem, all the data will be owned by the Chinese……….. as well as the ability to bill all those people in 90 countries, which is access to a whole lot of money…….. and how China can possibly get out of their currency overvaluation. Companies like Alibaba (billing) and Tencent will emerge and own the platforms AND the pipe of delivery. See the problem?

Spalding also elaborates on how the USA used to spend 2% of GDP on Research and Development, to places like NASA and Bell Labs, which drove our economic prosperity. All the guys who took us to the moon, went to school and worked on projects, funded by the USA government. At some point, late 1960’s, after we started spending money on entitlements and welfare, the USA decided private sector should do the R&D. We also ignored our infrastructure. Unfortunately, the private sector built factories, cities, ports, roads, in China…….. and not in the USA, and they did it with OUR money, to the detriment of our citizens.

The Chinese easily stole the technology from Bell Labs, and other high tech or manufacturing firms within the USA. Don’t just think it’s CCP members hacking our data, either. Sometimes, the CEO’s willingly turn over the tech, because the Chinese adopted “profit motive” from the west.

Eventually, China bankrupts the USA, just like we did to the Soviets. It’s what China wants, absolute submission.

Will Our Moral Compass Emerge?

We wonder…. was the NBA confrontation the spark? At what point do we begin to put a price on free speech or all of our Rights? In fact, it has perplexed the Chinese with the current protests in Hong Kong. Seems like the Chinese thought the people of Hong Kong would naturally want to drift towards China, fold within China, become just another city of China. They don’t understand those in Hong Kong who refuse to give up their freedoms…… because the CCP thinks they are so cool, “Who wouldn’t want to be us, the great and omnipotent CCP?”

Protesters wave United States flags and carry placards during a protest in Hong Kong, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. Demonstrators in Hong Kong plan to march to the U.S. Consulate on Sunday to drum up international support for their protest movement, a day after attempts to disrupt transportation to the airport were thwarted by police. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Spalding hesitates and cautions us. It would be so easy to not look under the rocks, to not question, to go along and get along. Look at what it’s like to live in Hollywood right now as an actor….. go along and get along. Look at our college campuses and imagine what it’s like to be a conservative humanities professor….. go along to get along. Look at our Thanksgiving table, as we voluntarily silence ourselves to not cause controversy, so we are not ostracized by our own families. It’s seductive, it’s easier………. go along to get along. We’re giving up everything we hold dear and everything for which our ancestors fought.

Like President Trump has noted, his administration would be so much easier without the need to confront China. He could have ignored the problem as past Presidents did. But it’s not the right thing to do.

President Trump is the perfect person, with extensive history as a businessman dealing in China, who rents commercial space to the Bank of China, to finally confront the Chinese and ensure prosperity of the USA.

The key is to control China’s access to US Dollars. No one else wants China’s currency because no one else trusts China. It’s true, China is about 15% of the world’s economy, but only 9/10th’s of 1% of the world’s international transactions settle in Chinese Yuan. It’s funny money. They have to have our dollars to import the goods they need. Without the USD, their economy comes to a standstill.

128 thoughts on “Best Interview on China – Kyle Bass and Robert Spalding.

  1. I need to finish reading this piece and watch the video, but this is what I suspected:

    “Privately, Chinese officials will admit their primary goal is to dominate the world. They believe they have endured a “Century of Humiliation” which is our fault, the fault of the USA, because they were the big player for thousands of years and they will be again.”

    Rudimentary knowledge of history tells the tale.

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    1. Yes, Daughn – I don’t know whether to thank you or start crying. That is some scary stuff – sometimes I wish I didn’t know as much as I do – you know, the old “ignorance is bliss” adage. But, I am grateful that I continue to be red-pilled by people who are deep in the weeds, difficult as it is….by the way, I SWEAR I had a Matrix moment yesterday – it was so bizarre….it really freaked me out.

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        1. T3 – I’m telling you, there was no other explanation for what I saw. I still can’t get over it. It was the black cat climbing the stairs scene all over again. Yikes!

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  2. Daughn,
    Thanks for this article and link.
    I had a young relative who was in the Air Force around 2005. He was saying that N. Korea was our main enemy. I said N. Korea is nothing. Our enemy is China. He was very upset.
    I said if we really wanted to stop someone, we could turn their electric power off. He said we could not do that because people would die and the political fallout would be terrible.
    He was the navigator for a bomber. Did he think bombs would not kill people?
    It is also interesting that people completely miss the Red Dragon aspect of China. Communists do not believe in God.
    This is a war between good and evil. There can be no compromise and no peace between the two. We do not need to go to war with conventional weapons. This is a war for the minds and hearts of men.
    This is a Spiritual Battle.
    Evil always destroys itself. Satan is the father of lies and murder.
    Satan: The Deceiver. John 8:44 (KJV) Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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    1. I was discussing this with a friend who served as a missionary in a number of countries in Asia over 20 years ago. She said that in China you could feel the demonic power behind communism. Her team found the only power that was greater in their work was God’s power invoked through the prayers of His church.

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      1. TTT, This is good to know. I am not surprised at all but it is always good to have confirmation.
        I am sensitive to demonic power. It took a long time for me to recognize it. I thought people were basically good and that they would not harm others if they understood what they were doing. It took me a very long time to realize that they enjoy harming people, especially harming Christian people.
        Once I understood it, I realized how important it is to pray and walk closely with Jesus.
        We do not have the power on our own to recognize and stand up to demonic power. Jesus can and does protect us from them.

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        1. Those is us that couldn’t image a person with evil intent had to learn those lessons, sometimes in painful ways. Armed with our new understanding we can become some of the most fearsome of champions for the innocent and the downtrodden. I appreciate your journey and your realization of where both our discernment and our authority come from.

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    1. Excellent…needs to be read and digested slowly….I hope every QTree poster will forward it. Too bad Praying Medic and probably others, including our politicians, don’t accept forwarded articles like this (and I understand why) because it’s a college seminar of information.
      Great job, Daughn! 🌟

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      1. PM answers email…have sent him one. Quick reply…within the hour that I sent it. Perhaps his wife responded. Dunno.

        Can’t hurt to send very brief comment with link.

        Would be great if PM sent it out to his followers…

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  3. 25 years ago…more, now that I think about it, long before I knew the half of it and was really considered to be too young to know what I was saying, I said to a raving liberal that I thought the Chinese were going to end up being our biggest problem. That was when the one child policy was in the news, and it was revealed that the Chinese had MILLIONS of single young men with no mates available because of it. All I could think of was what amounts to cannon fodder. Available for an army to invade. This woman thought I was amazingly foolish. But, then, she didn’t like the idea that my dad was involved with developing fighter planes, either.

    Now I know there was a lot more going on in China. And they rip everybody off. Even in the Olympics. What they do to their platform divers is criminal. And they had to study an American to figure out how to perfect it, too. Same with swimming, gymnastics and anything else they can actually perfect because running speed is just not there.

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    1. Note that part of what your thoughts were back then were CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY TALKING POINTS!!! Exactly what he’s talking about in the interview!!!

      We tend to think that the Chinese people we talk to are mirroring our own “smart perceptions and truths”. NO! The reality is that EVERYBODY is mirroring CCP TALKING POINTS that were laid down to control perceptions.

      This is critical! This was how China CONTROLLED THE CONVERSATION. They are MASTERS of “stealthy positing of the problem” to control the emerging discussion and FALSE REALITY.

      We then attach TRUTH to the FALSE BASIS, and that truth convinces OURSELVES. It’s amazingly effective.

      The ChiComs posit “problems” that have PAYLOAD to make us REACT in certain predictable ways. It’s like highly polished Alinsky.

      China’s message through these talking points was “YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH US.” So what they did was push memes that “forced us” to bargain when we had to do no such thing. It’s BRILLIANT. Make the enemy THINK he has to bargain. Make the enemy THINK your talking points BEFORE there is a conversation.

      This is how they controlled NIXON!!!


      Cornered Opposition: Understanding The History of Dragon Fuckage with The Eagle

      If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to know what strategies the other side plays TIME and TIME and TIME again. COUGH. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS is actually on China’s side helps. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS has been there a LONG, LONG TIME helps even more. Playing long ball …



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          1. The whole construct is a competition of hubris and corruption that spans cultures. I’m reminded of Wolfie’s admonition about grounding oneself in (as the founders described) Divine Provenance or as others describe as “The Armor of God.”
            I’m afraid that the hubris and corruption don’t simply span cultures but that it spans generations and ages throughout history. These threats are represented by Communism and the Cabal today.
            Just as the Globalists have been happy to utilize the tyrannies of communism and fascism to achieve their goals, an even greater evil has been pleased to use globalism to achieve its goals. As it has been since the beginning of war between the god of this world and our Lord and Creator, that goal is the subjugation of the human race.
            There’s no doubt that PDJT is the leader for these times and he does set the appropriate tone in appealing to God for guidance in preserving and furthering freedom.
            Daughn has helped delineate the dimensions of the challenge that he has undertaken. I’m reminded of the saying that “when man works in partnership with God, great things can and do happen.”
            We will be unceasing in our prayers for our country, our President, and our world. 🙏

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    1. One of my favorite Trump stories is the time he was helping raise money for a hospital wing in NYC (maybe the one they named after his mother) and were 10 or so millions of $$$ short!

      It wasn’t looking good and they were having a hand-wringing meeting about it.

      President Trump and his retinue of assistants came in late in a flurry and he sat down and listened to their woes – then he proclaimed….I’m donating this to the auction, several others are donating these items, oh and I called the President on the way over here and he and the First Lady will be attending, so we can raise the price of the tickets to include a VIP reception and dinner – and that should more than cover it!

      With that, DJT and his group got up and rushed out, leaving the young society folks who had never seen how Trump operates with their mouths hanging wide open!

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  4. Interesting tidbit from Spalding that Bell Labs was a host for federal spending in telecommunications. I know the first cell phone work was done in the 1940s. The first transmission went down Olive Street downtown. I wonder if it was the same with Xerox and the computer technology Apple all but ripped off.

    And then not only did private industry drop R&D, it was transferred to the university networks with the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980 with no commercial application considerations.

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  5. Let us not forget this little fact from just over a year ago — that the Chinese have salted much of our high technology military hardware, our servers and our telecommunications infrastructure with tools that allow them to monitor and control our hardware remotely:

    Recall there was a hastily scheduled meeting with a gaggle of CEOs shortly after this article was published, and we have heard nothing about it since. I think the Boeing 737 matter was an attempt to break the silence on the efforts underway to address this problem. We do not hear about this cleanup because it would cause a nationwide financial panic if the magnitude of the problem were known, and the financial implications had been publicized.

    On a broader scale, China knows that it would be unlikely to prevail in a direct kinetic military confrontation with us (although with the manner in which Hussein weakened our military, any such confrontation would have entailed massive costs in terms of US lives). And so China has studied the Western view of war, the strictures of the Geneva Convention, and our doctrine of gray zones and unconventional warfare (after Hussein published for all the world to see those things which might be done to us that we would not consider acts of war).

    It has also drawn from its experience with the Brits, who it viewed as representative of all Westerners. China views commerce as a weapon because of the way the British trade system destroyed the ability of subsistence farmers to supplement their farming income with crafts, thereby destroying their well-ordered isolated society. And in a similar manner, China ships us opoids because it believes that the Brits originally introduced opium into China to weaken it.

    And so China stiches together bits and pieces from these sources into a strategy of harassment based on gray zone weapons. We have been at war with China for quite some time.

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    1. Spalding said, “the method of war has changed”
      When he was talking about 5G, he stated it did not matter how many planes/ships/tanks we had because if our data was not safe, then we would not be safe as Americans.

      Encouraging how he noted military data was now exceptionally safe.

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      1. I need to watch that video, but I have said here before it is high time we have a debate in this country about the extent to which we have a property right in data that can be used to identify us individually.

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    2. “We do not hear about this cleanup because it would cause a nationwide financial panic if the magnitude of the problem were known, and the financial implications had been publicized.”


      Which makes me wonder, why wouldn’t our enemies publicize it then, if our own (corrupt) government won’t?

      The enemy owns our MSM outright, so they could do it if they wanted to.

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    1. Daughn posted this the other day. It is an excellent presentation and I take it as a very hopeful sign that someone is thinking about how to repair our culture. In the end, this repair is essential if MAGA is going to last.

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  6. Slobodan Milosevic:

    ‘The UK recently had a tribunal, presided over by the same guy who did Slobodan Milosevic’s war crimes trial. ..’

    I bet very few know that Slobodan Milosevic was exonerated.
    It was during the 2016 election and it was published deep in a 2000 page report by the ICT.
    That was very long after he committed suicide.
    It was ignored by the media, the same media who couldn’t stop to publish the most vile conspiracy theory’s about that war, while letting the war mongers have their day. I guess nothing has changed.

    The Exoneration of Milosevic: the ICTY’s Surprise Ruling

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  7. If I said that photo of the “harvesting” was not real, would everybody be against me?

    I don’t know what prisoner is allowed to wear a wristwatch. I also don’t think surgery is done outside. Last but not least, I don’t know what all those photogs are doing there.

    I will watch the vid when I have some time but this pic is making me much more skeptical of what I’ll see and hear.

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    1. Bottom line, not all the pics are faked, and there are thousands of them + the results of the tribunal.
      I love to be skeptical/cynical as well, but we’re beyond that point at this stage.

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        1. Pgroup…that picture is obviously a staged depiction of the organ-harvesting.

          There are people with cameras standing around.

          I don’t think Daughn intended for us to view that as a ‘real’ organ-harvesting photo.

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  8. And that looks like it is supposed to be a liver. If so, then it looks a bit on the large size. Almost like it came from an animal weighing about 500 pounds or so. Not from a 150 pound person.

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  9. Potus has to get us manufacturing back on its feet before destroying chinas. He’s getting there. China is going to be quarantined. Trade $ immigrants. There has to be a wall with China.
    All their spyware and hacks into military and industrial tech need to be squashed.
    It’s not going to be something the squeamish are going to like.

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  10. Priorities:

    An eagle egg:

    — Illegal to destroy
    — Punishable by $250,000 fine
    — Destruction can carry a 2 year prison sentence

    A human life:
    — Legal to abort
    — Taxpayers forced to fund abortion providers
    — Abortion actually encouraged by 1/2 of lawmakers

    Original Tweet:

    3:14 AM – 23 Oct 2019

    ===Full-List of bots =>


  11. Ahhh isn’t this just too bad NOT.

    Impeachment Could Keep Senators Running For President Off The Campaign Trail For Weeks
    Impeachment Could Keep Senators Running For President Off The Campaign Trail For Weeks


    oystergirl boosted
    LinnieH @Linnie
    @ThomasWic @Jim7W

    Maybe the best assessment of Trump to date.

    Our own *side* can’t break away from the old way of thinking and conducting the business of politics.

    Infuriating and frustrating.


    Jack Ralph boosted
    Bennett Varsho @BennettVarsho

    President Trump isn’t held fast by a dead hand, grabbing at him from the grave. He’s beholden to nobody, save his constituents.

    He is a rare find, mastering both strategy and tactics. Simultaneously, he’s moving the economic needle, confusticating Democrats, lighting fires under get-along-to-go-along Republicans, and turning back the doomsday clock.

    Romney’s reason for hating President Trump is simple.

    Professional jealousy.

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  12. Thanks for sounding the alarm on this, Daughn!

    China poses the biggest threat to us…and to the world.
    We have to recognize this in order to deal with it.

    The ChiComs figured out that Prosperity is the better way to control people…rather than deprivation.

    People who have ‘nothing to lose’ are harder to control than people who have come to enjoy comfort and prosperity.

    Just look at Lebron James.
    He’s a perfect example of this.
    Before he had millions…he would have raised his fist in solidarity with those Hong Kong protesters.
    But now that he has ‘something to lose’…he is easily controlled.

    I think our VSG President is being careful about how he frees us from this giant parasite that is feeding off of us.

    If he removes the parasite too quickly…it will harm our economy.
    We need our economy to be robust in order for our country to survive.

    In the meantime, changing public opinion about China is an imperative.

    Liked by 5 people

          1. That…and they are a more seductive tool.

            A poor person waves a CPP flag and is forced to say…”My life is great. Yay communist party.”

            Not very effective.

            A rich celebrity tells their adoring fans…”The ChiComs are our friends!”

            And the stupid ones go “Sure. Whatever you say!”


  13. And now with our new dictator governor Newsome, illegals get health care until 25 and eventually he’s going to increase that age….

    The liberals here haven’t a clue as to what’s really happening here.


  14. “In fact,the CCP removes organs from people who are still alive, merely paralyzed…. and they have a nice new crematorium.

    Organ Harvesting is so pervasive in China, one can now make an appointment for a heart transplant.”


    This is what I’m talking about with regard to the need to expose the two most destructive operational systems on the planet, communism and islam, so they take on worldwide pariah status.

    They are the equivalent to 21st century Nazis.

    What China is doing is Josef Mengele on steroids, industrial scale, for profit.

    Unlike Hitler, who wrote a book and gave speeches to stadiums full of people declaring his goals and intentions, Xi and the CCP keeps it quiet — but they’re both monsters. And China is vastly bigger than Germany.

    islam, on the other hand, stands in the world spotlight as Hitler did, proudly presenting itself to the world like a Cenobite from Hellraiser, holding its own severed head in its hand, spraying a geyser of blood over everything in a 30-foot radius.

    But because of Marxist cultural subversion and political correctness, we’re supposed to pretend — with the aid of massive media and government conditioning — that islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

    islam is the Baghdad Bob of religion, with apologists telling us it’s about ‘peace’, while their adherents are raping and hacking off heads hacked off heads in the same room as the apologists — and we’re supposed to pretend not to notice.

    These twin evils are (and are being used to) attack Western Civilization generally, Christians and Caucasians specifically, in a kind of multifaceted (economic, cultural, ideological, physical) pincer movement.

    The pincer movement, or double envelopment, is a military maneuver in which forces simultaneously attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy formation. — Wiki

    And we’re not even resisting, because we’re being sold out by our own political and financial classes who allow this all to happen for money.

    It’s the Chinese who appear to be doing the buying of the political and financial classes, while islam does the job of the Brownshirts and SS on the general populations.

    These are modern-day Nazis.

    Along with Soros and his crew doing their part.

    And they have been fighting a stealth WWIII against the West for decades.

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  15. The official seal of Hong Kong includes opium ships in it — and the First Opium War, which ended with the Treaty of Nanking (1842) included six million silver dollars for British opium seized in 1839. It is very safe to say that China views fentanyl — and, indeed, any poisons released into the Anglosphere — as righteous payback for a long drug-laden Anglosphere onslaught against the Chinese population. They may even be sort-of “right” — except that it’s nearly 200 years later and they’re spraying their abuse across areas with only a tenuous connection to the original offense.

    Whatever their beef with the Brits, I’m good with a 100% tariff for EVERY Chinese good for any Fentanyl overdose in the US. Being as there were thousands in the previous year, I’m good with 100,000%+ tariffs. We can, and should, live without them.

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  16. I’m about halfway through the video, and while they’re talking about the CCP, it sounds just like they’re talking about the DNC.

    The political-correctness is even the same, what you’re allowed to talk about, and not allowed to talk about.

    Even the organ-harvesting, except instead of using political-prisoners, the American Marxist Left uses babies.

    Since the end of WWII, we were concerned about the Soviet Union taking taking over the Democrat Party.

    Sometime between then and now, the Soviets were muscled out, and the Communist Chinese took their place. We stayed focused on the Soviet/Russian threat, but it was the Chinese who took over the Democrat Party, and then Wall Street.

    Liked by 4 people

        1. I figured…………. sooner or later you would figure it out.
          Nonetheless, I was thrilled with the “Slam Mitt Romney” video. Had not seen it yet. How cool was that? Loved it!

          Liked by 2 people

        2. “Sorry Daughn. I hijacked your thread.
          I will walk the plank if you want”


          Stall for a few more minutes Ozzy, tell a story or something, while I quietly row the lifeboat under the plank. I’ll give you a signal when it’s safe to jump.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I may have scotched that with my next comment. I could be jumping with an avil chained to my neck. In which case we both die or you wave me goodbye as I sink. But thanks for the thought

            Liked by 2 people

            1. No problem, I brought a file.

              I’ll hold it out like a baton, and you grab it on your way down.

              Take a deep breath.

              You’re gonna have to work fast.

              Or maybe just stall a while longer… until we hit land… 😁

              Liked by 1 person

              1. “Have we brought off the helmsperson then? Are we headed for land?”


                We did, and we were, until you called him a ‘helmsperson’.

                Pirates hate that PC crap.

                Now we’re back to plan ‘B’.

                You’re good with a file, right?

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              2. “Spit!”



                I was about to ask what in the world are you spitting about, and then it occurred to me…

                I thought you were the CAPTAIN of this thread, not the helmswoman 😁

                That’s quite a reduction in rank, you shouldn’t sell yourself short like that, especially when you’re in charge of this boat. 😁

                And besides all that, Ozzy couldn’t have been referring to you anyway, because we already know the price to buy you off is $600 million (IIRC), and if we had that many doubloons, we sure wouldn’t be workin’ on a Pirate ship no more!

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