Dear KMAG: 20191022 Open Topic

This ROCKTOBER [22] [PLACEHOLDER] TUESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.






Our movement

Is about replacing

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With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Are you enjoying ROCKTOBER? I hope so. I know I am.



ENJOY IT with me.

Where We Go One, We Go All.


President Trump & Melania share traditional Japanese dinner with Prime Minister Abe & wife.


I left the above post “as is”, and simply add these thoughts upon my return.

First of all, it’s good to be back. It was good to get away for a while, but I missed being connected to America. I missed being connected to our little machine by which we understand what is REALLY happening. I missed my good company which is so easily taken for granted.

I missed Y’ALL, one might say.

I had many thoughts during my journey. One thing was very clear to me, and I wanted to say this over and over again.

“Travel still broadens the mind, despite globalism.”

While there are still differences, those differences allow us to see what is possible. So I have to ask myself – how could anything which prevents us from broadening our minds be good?

And then, what I see in spite of this – seemingly KNOWINGLY in spite of this, is a complex con game perpetrated on humanity, in which we are all asked not merely to set aside differences – to “live and let live” – but to EACH FEEL OBLIGATED TO ELIMINATE OUR OWN DIFFERENCES.

Everybody is being asked to eliminate THEIR differences.

At which point I interrupt, against the rules, and very politely interject a simple question:


That is before I even begin to ask the questions of WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

SO – you may notice that I have some questions upon my return – questions not only because I quite literally MISSED an entire week of real news and analysis, but questions that include very basic ones which result from the simple fact of a travel-broadened mind, despite globalism.

And that’s not counting the effects of jet lag, which you may notice, too! *wink*

Anyway, there will be some posts coming, based on my journey. Very soon.

Thank you all, and HUGS.

It’s good to be home.


708 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191022 Open Topic

      1. Options,kinda like free will.
        We have a war to win and this QTreehouse is gonna do our part, time to do some educating of sheeple.
        Night and God bless you and yours Wolf.

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      2. Welcome back home wolf.i have been taking a semi break myself the impeachment coup has been breaking my last nerve so I had to step back a bit.washing windows getting the place ready for winter has been restorative. I get my news here read comments and go off about my business feeling so much better thanks to all the wonderful people here ,Duchess ,Daughn,carlo,Flep,think ,and so many more! What a wonderful tree house you have built for us to gather in wolf.

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  1. Good Evening Wolfie
    Weird Weird Day
    Torn between many moods–But still believe He above is in control. I still have the verse in my head that was given to me in 2005 Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Hope you all enjoy the music.

    O’ Lord Lauren Daigle (Strong battle mode)
    No matter what until this race is won
    I will stand my ground
    Where hope can be found
    I will stand my ground
    Where hope can be found

    Take Me Back Cochren & Co. Worship (Back to the Old days when things seemed more simple)
    Take me back, take me back dear Lord
    To the place where I first received you.
    Take me back, take me back dear Lord where I
    First believed.

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    1. Thanks for these songs! Very helpful! ❤

      While I was away, I was wrestling with many spiritual questions.

      I'm not sure if I have answers, but I do feel like I have a FIRMER FOOTING to answer the questions.

      What was up with your weird day? I think I know what you're saying about being torn. I'm feeling a lot of that lately, but at the same time, I'm learning to be patient for the answers.

      In any case, it's good to be back, and to see you here! 😀

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      1. All the craziness of Pelosi–Was really not too bad with that until I found out that the only republican rep in Oregon is a turncoat…Boy am I ticked…

        Guess it’s time to find someone more worthy on the east side.

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        1. Yeah, I just looked at his Twitter account. Watch the Demonic Dems swoop in and try to get him on the “impeachment” bandwagon. SICK!!! A baby Amash.

          We have to simply walk away from the dopes. The fools who want endless war are SUCKERS. We are NOT going to be suckers. It’s that simple.

          Controlled opposition is simply a reality of this world. Dumb Republicans always run to the head of the line to volunteer to be controlled opposition. They believe the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and are led around like sheep.

          Yes, we don’t want to leave power vacuums that allow American interests to be harmed in the long run. But the real problem, IMO, is not AUTHENTIC power vacuums – it is the cunning, created vacuums that are USED and FILLED with INTENT and PURPOSE by enemies of freedom.

          We have to play smart. Anybody playing off the media card deal is playing with BAD CARDS.

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            1. It’s ok Kin. There’s a lot of housecleaning to do in the Republican party.

              Though in all fairness, in Texas they don’t call it “housecleaning”. They call it “ass-whoopin'”.

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    2. This is absolutely wonderful Kin … I appreciate it and I’m with you .. 🤨🤚❤️❤️❤️😉❤️ ..

      I love both songs … the second one is new to me and hits home 🏡 … ‼️❤️‼️ .. ty .. ❤️ ..

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    1. Thanks, Wheatie! It’s very good to be back! I missed you all very much, but I TRUSTED that things would be OK. Said a few prayers, too! ❤

      And one of the first things I did upon returning was another TRUMP DONATION!!! 😉 LOL!

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  2. Welcome back — and happy to hear that your travels/travails were reasonably safe and secure.

    Looking back across history, voyages have always been stressful, dangerous times — with potential exposure to pirates and brigands, foreign diseases, perilous passes and roads, stressful weather and calamitous storms, along with the stress of threading your cultural way among “the other”. It’s actually very startling to find people today acting so casually about it.

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    1. Yes – good to be back SAFE and SECURE. As I was putting away things, I even found it remarkable that nothing was lost in the process – at least nothing that I could account for!!!

      Yes, travel is not something to be taken lightly. Even in the “good” places. Things can quickly become sketchy. I have to admit to lucking out over and over.

      Lots of thoughts about the whole thing. SOON – as they say!!! 😀

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      1. I LOVE to travel, but still…. All the locks for backpacks and luggage, and don’t lose your ATM card, etc.

        It is mind broadening, that’s for sure, to see how others live. Although, those three weeks I spent in Italy one summer…hot water in the kitchen would have been nice.

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      2. Welcome back, safe and sound!

        I almost always lose some item on a trip. It’s a good adventure when I come home with everything.

        I have missed your insight and commentary, and am happy you are back in the tree. I can’t wait to hear your new thoughts!

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    1. Damn I didn’t need that on top of finding out our only Republican Congressman in Oregon is a stinkcoat (yes I spelled it right). Brown sucks—

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      1. ISIS – which “we” created – if one considers the Soros Council and the KGB-CIA to be “we” in any way.

        I am really getting WISE to the terrorism game. It’s time to rain a world of RADIOACTIVE INFORMATION FALLOUT on all these CREATORS / DESTROYERS of FAKE TERRORISM.

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            1. All one has to do is watch how out of control liberal protestors are and I’m not talking just ANTIFAers
              Don’t like thinking that there might be a Civil War, brother against brother.

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        1. The people who created ISIS need to NOT walk away from what they did. They must NOT walk away. If we want to end this crap, and END the global security state which arises because of their BULLSHIT and LIES, then the people who CREATED ISIS need to either GO TO JAIL or BE EXECUTED. The price for inciting, promoting, creating, and FEEDING terrorism needs to be SEVERE.

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          1. ISIS? Look no further than the Arab Spring talks that raised sensitivity in the ME creating the conditions for community organizers to destabilize the power structure in the ME. The out of power islamic hardliners were the only ones ready to fill the vacuum. Obama knew what he was doing by fanning an old fire and letting it burn.

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  3. Totally agree with this:

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        1. Especially since “sausage squisher” (wurst press) has this nasty habit of swallowelling angle brackets (aka .LT. and .GT.)…

          Welcome back Wolf!!! Hope you had a great and relaxing (yet interesting and invigorating) trip. We in the “Banned” 🙂 missed you!

          And over here, we got ourselves a convoy (breaker breaker Gummiente or Bade Ente) 🙂 This one’s in Bonn (wouldn’t Beethoven be proud – we’re getting the Bonn’ed back together 🙂 ). There are farmer demos springing up all over, just like in Holland… Maybe they could scrape all the antifas off the streets…
          I know at times they’ve sprayed, erm, fertilizer at miscreants…

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  4. Aaaaaaawwwwwoooooooo 🐺 ❤️🤓. Da Wolf is back in da Den. ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸💞💞. We sure missed you, Wolfie, and I’ll sleep better knowing you’re safe & sound. Muchas smooches 😘😘😘

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        1. Heheh.
          My hubby is from Alberta.

          He has said that he and others there used to hope that the US would invade…so they could just throw up their hands and go:
          “We give up!”

          So they could then be a part of the US.

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        1. I’m kind looking at Princess Sparkley-Socks’ “birdie” hand… wonder if that’s photoshopped (joint looks kind of odd, then again, Truedope looks odd, too)…

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  5. Newsom is going for high density and destruction of CA at all costs. The man in evil and reckless.

    “Over the objections of city officials throughout the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that effectively ends single-family zoning in California.

    It wasn’t Senate Bill 50, the proposal to allow apartment buildings to be built on single-family lots in any area that’s within one-half mile of public transit. That stalled in the Legislature amid fears that Californians would rise up as one and pull the plug on transit projects throughout the state.

    Instead, the governor ended single-family zoning by signing Assembly Bill 68, which creates a right to build two new units of rental housing on any single-family lot in California, for a total of three units of housing where only one may have been allowed by the local government in the past.

    AB68 prohibits cities from prohibiting it. The new law also takes away a city’s power to impose conditions such as parking requirements. It prevents cities from imposing size and setback requirements for the new construction if those conditions would be more restrictive than the state law.

    This law was presented as an expansion of another state law that created a right to build accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs, granny flats, in-law suites and garage conversions. That law allowed one unit. This law allows two.”

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      1. Found an article sympathizing with all the Chinese nationals who bought houses here and cant get a green card fast enough, et al. The real estate agents arent making as much money. Also an issue is these peopl e buy houses with an hoa, then cant ever be contacted to vote when a quorum is needed or when their homes arent kept up.
        Newsom signing this essentially gives these developers carte blanche to makeca singl e family home into a duplex. Illegals do it already but this is destabilizing neighborhoods.

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    1. I don’t know how property values still continue to be so high in California.

      You’d think that they would be going down, with all the crap that the Dems are doing to destroy the state.

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        1. Hell, $500,000 isn’t so bad!

          I have a friend in Cali who lives in a “gated community.”

          You know what it really is? It’s a trailer park.

          I was visiting, and a “house” up the hill was for sale. It was a 1970’s model that would have to be torn down and replaced with a new “model.” The price? $350,000! A new “modular” costs about $250,000.

          Worse yet, to live in the park, you pay about $600 a month for trash, cable and internet, and lot rent.

          My house payment here in Montana with taxes and insurance is $650 a month. Granted, I bought my house in 2009, when they were cheap, but a new house, built today, is still only about $250,000. And I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

          People are nuts.

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          1. Montana is on my list of places to move to. I was looking at a lot of homes for sale in a few areas but the listings were poor. Either run down or expensive and only 1 batheoom. I think we’d need a good local realtor to find a house. But the daily view is worth it!

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            1. Some parts of Montana are very poor ad rundown. Other areas, like Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley, are pretty nice. I recommend visiting a few places here before deciding if you want to live here. Also, the winters are brutal in the Eastern and Northern parts of the state. They call the Bitterroot Valley the “banana belt” of Montana, but last winter we got three feet of snow in a day, and the winter before it was 20 degrees below zero for a week.

              Montana ain’t for sissies.

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              1. And then there are the bees in late summer, early fall. They’re everywhere. If you drive outside any city, you have to scrape them off your windshield or you can’t see the road.


              2. Mr Gil is tired of the heat, crowds, and politics. He thinks of retiring to the sticks. But, we have a small kiddo who needs regular medical care and social outings, et al. Kalispell does have chikfila though, but I was looking closer to billings. I looked near yellowstone on both mt and wy sides, pretty pricey. Guess we’ll know when its closer to that time.

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              3. Billings is a nice town. It is really cold over there, though. The wind blows all the time. Kalispell is small-town, it’s nice. Near Yellowstone is very touristy. I hope you find what you are looking for!

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    2. Sponsored by Christine Blasey Ford?
      This is awful. It kills communities. Transient renters are difference element that homeowner and it will overtax sewer and water systems.

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      1. As in changes the local demographic where they will now be able to raise taxes easily by offering incentives to those most able to benefit by them, aka the renters. They will want this, they will want that, and now they will have the votes to get such. Big power grab that will lead to larger government. Add new schools, teachers or over crowded conditions to every community effected by this to the big ticket items.

        They keep people so busy with the drama above on the national scene and then chop people off at the knees attacking from below with the local stuff. One can well imagine the frustration from those few who paid attention to this early on.

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    3. Talk about high density, and not a parking spot in sight.

      And a way to make a mess that takes FOREVER to reverse. Wow, is that stupid. I mean, decent sized units won’t exist. The infrastructure is most likely not built for that sort of building and rezoning.

      Was Newsome sent on a mission to take down California from the inside?

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      1. Seems very kamikaze to me. If one wears their tinfoil hat, I remember reading he did a lot of hypnosis and “talks” with a particular therapist bc of his alcohol and cheating issues. I also recall, about a year ot two before leaving fox, his exwife Kimberly Guilfoyle said more than once he isnt the Gavin she remembers.

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      2. Seems like they see it as a mop-up operation now.
        I think the rural areas may just be waking up to how far along the process is.

        Looking at the 2016 election with all the after election day reversals … ballot harvesting… it doesn’t look good for California, but much like America has flyover country, the Golden State has many strong conservatives that need to find a way to work together in a way that doesn’t get co-opted by Rino-type subversion.

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    4. The City of Portland did the same thing for the entire city several months ago.

      The quality of life suffers greatly when too many people are squeezed into too small living areas.

      Now, try to tell me we’re not overpopulated. Maybe there’s plenty of building space in flyover states, but not in the west coast states.

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      1. We are. If every illegal were cleared out, every vagrant camp cleared and bulldozed , and every empty living space noted, even 2nd and 3rd homes, as well as all empty/abandoned buildings, we would get a better idea of what we have. All they build is big box new. Never remodel in older buildings. Our behavior is like locusts feasting.

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  6. Very intetesti g article on Canada. Sounds like economic balkanization forvthe next 4 years.

    “Even with the most seats Monday, the results are nothing short of a loss for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Like most pundits, I predicted in 2015 that Trudeau would be at least a two-term prime minister and would win a second majority.

    He failed to do that.

    After winning 184 seats four years ago, Trudeau is now in minority territory. The man who was welcomed by the world’s elites as he proclaimed Canada is back has been shown the back of the hand by the majority of Canadian voters.


    In the dying days of the election, Trudeau was running ads saying that the Conservatives wanted to make the election about him. No, Trudeau wanted to make the election about him.

    The entire government, the entire Liberal Party has become all about Justin Trudeau. It’s not a political party anymore, it’s a movement as Trudeau calls it or a cult as his detractors call it. Most Canadians it seems, don’t want to join a cult.

    In Quebec, where the Liberals had hoped to win more seats and save their majority status, voters turned overwhelmingly to the Bloc Quebecois. It’s one of the stains of Trudeau’s record that separatism is on the rise again. The Bloc were left for dead and just 10 months ago didn’t even have a leader.

    Now the party that wants to take Quebec out of Canada is a powerhouse again.

    Even with Trudeau’s Liberals being reduced to a minority we can expect a separatist sentiment to rise up in another part of the country, Western Canada. Alberta and Saskatchewan overwhelmingly backed the Conservatives and voted for their own future and the future of their oil and gas industry.”

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  7. More on that event in Phoenix a few hours ago.

    Charlie Kirk is becoming a rock star on campuses across the country.

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  8. I hope that the WHITE HATS are watching INSIDE DOJ to see which HOLDERITES and CLINTONOIDS are trying to STOP THE TRUTH.

    Because I think this is EXACTLY what Eric Holder was trying to do when he tried to get his DOJ minions to protect him, with those weird tweets.

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    1. Professor Cleveland had a different view of the delay:

      With all the doom and gloom floating through the news last night, I’m going to take whatever positives I can find.:)

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      1. Yes, this makes loads of sense. BARR is going to “get the job done” – that is a primary motivation and typical behavior of his. If MIFSUD, PAPADOP and ITALY answer the questions about #SpyGate, then going straight to the answers is classic BARR.

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  9. Rand Paul has been speaking out about Lindsey’s inaction on everything.

    Thank you, Rand Paul!

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    1. Oh! This is good.

      Maybe they could add a page “Take it the Libs” where conservatives can descend on trending Lib pages that have comments.

      Okay maybe more than we can handle right now, but some day hoping we get it all.

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    1. Realgaryseven I’ll just tack on here. Celebration and yet still our enemies laying sucker-punches on us. I’ve been praying b/c I’m burdened in spirit, elated at God’s faithfulness to us and Wolf, but I’m also completely pissed off with my/our enemies who continue to cheat and steal and destroy every cheap shot they can.

      Now I’ve been wanting to post a prayer publicly here but I’ve been at a total loss to express here to share what’s on my heart and share a prayer that captures it well. I’ve finally got something, hopefully this is over the target…

      Dear Lord, please hear our cries when we call out to you!
      Remember us in our distress
      Refresh our spirits in your boundless love
      Strengthen our souls, give us renewed vigor that overtakes our fatigue
      Renew our steadfast resolve for your righteousness oh Lord!
      Provide us with your divine wisdom and discernment that we may know your will
      Move us Lord to the rightful place in your plan
      Fulfill your great divine strategies through us Lord
      Let us not falter or fear but take courage and boldly advance in your work
      Frustrate the plans of our enemies; let their schemes fall back on them!
      Let the strength of our enemies fail them, and let their horses fall from exhaustion
      Expose their wickedness Lord, humiliate those who mock your Law
      Bring justice upon them swiftly as a an eagle snatches its prey!
      Remember your people in the day of judgement!
      Raise up the righteous and faithful ones, exalt them
      Place them in the seats of kings and judges to rule in righteousness, wisdom, and glory
      Cast out all fear from those you have called
      Fill them with your spirit, the strength of will, and the character of righteousness
      Aim your people on the strategic targets, make every one count
      Pull them back like arrows in a bow, release them swiftly to strike!
      Bring victory over our enemies and restore victory to your people
      Make the nations exclaim, who can stand against the Lord and His people?
      For their God fights with them and none can stand in battle against them!
      The nations will surrender their arms, their armies will not advance in battle for the fear of God!
      Let the nations praise you and know that you are God.

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      1. I offer for you my favorite prayer from the Helenistic Canon that Luther removed from the Bible.

        Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) chapter 23:

        O Lord, father, and sovereign ruler of my life, leave me not to their counsel: nor suffer me to fall by them. [2] Who will set scourges over my thoughts, and the discipline of wisdom over my heart, that they spare me not in their ignorances, and that their sins may not appear: [3] Lest my ignorance increase, and my offences be multiplied, and my sins abound, and I fall before my adversaries, and my enemy rejoice over me? [4] O Lord, father, and God of my life, leave me not to their devices. [5] Give me not haughtiness of my eyes, and turn away from me all coveting.

        [6] Take from me the greediness of the belly, and let not the lusts of the flesh take hold of me, and give me not over to a shameless and foolish mind. [7] Hear, O ye children, the discipline of the mouth: and he that will keep it shall not perish by his lips, nor be brought to fall into most wicked works. [8] A sinner is caught in his own vanity, and the proud and the evil speakers shall fall thereby. [9] Let not thy mouth be accustomed to swearing: for in it there are many falls. [10] And let not the naming of God be usual in thy mouth, and meddle not with the names of saints, for thou shalt not escape free from them.

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        1. Thanks DP! There are many great prayers that we believers can rely on in our moments of need 🙂

          Luther was a certainly just a man, full of imperfections, and by no means authoritative or unimpeachable. He for some time described the book of James as “the epistle of straw”. Fortunately, man does not have the authority to determine the canon.

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  10. I just added this comment to Daughn’s excellent timeline thread:

    Daughn, I just remembered a puzzle piece that might be worth adding to the timeline. There was an impeachment rally scheduled for September 9th where nobody showed up:

    “Leftists’ D.C. ‘Impeach Donald Trump’ Protests a Bust”

    At the time, we thought that maybe it was related to Hurricane Dorian shenanigans. Looking back on the timeline, however, it was probably related to the “whistleblower” stuff. Maybe Schiff was supposed to use the rally to announce the investigation? Maybe the whistleblower stuff was supposed to happen much earlier than planned and their timeline got bungled? I’m still not 100% sure how this “lost” rally fits in, but it seems connected somehow.

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  11. This is both USEFUL and INTERESTING.

    Note how this CONFIRMS exactly what we know – and yet the people who are putting this out see this as some kind of justification of what they are doing – which is allowing mentally ill people (they admit as much, albeit in a distorted way) modify their bodies and then try to force society to EQUATE THEM with people who are naturally “whatever”.

    All very weird, but I have to say, THIS is a great description of the primary “trans” people we see in real life.

    PS – What we express is NOT HATE. It is NOT FEAR. It is DISAGREEMENT.


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    1. so what’s the “D” supposed to stand for? (in WEIRD)…
      trying to understand…as it says to…but gees, another example of round hole, square peg…they can’t even get their acronyms right. a few letters fit, but not all, but what the hell, we’ll just go with it…

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  12. This looks promising…

    ———— From the article:

    An international team of scientists claims it may have had a breakthrough in the battle against HIV.

    Researchers from Finland, Russia, Switzerland, the UK and US said they may have unearthed a group of compounds that can break down molecules in the virus and ultimately kill it.

    Writing in a press release, the group claims it has discovered a compound that removes zinc from the HIV virus, making it redundant.

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      1. Curing HIV doesn’t cure Hepatitis, HPV, Herpes, Super-Gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

        Plus, the HIV virus could possibly morph and become resistant to even that in-body compound.

        Each time the researchers have thought they have a cure – the gays mess it up with their lack of compliance, obsessive sexual behaviors and the virus morphed again and again.

        They should have quarantined and sequestered the first patients in the beginning and stopped the spread, but PC ruled the day.

        Same with Islamist immigrants into the US after 9/11/01.

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      2. Nevertheless, we heteros will benefit from finding a cure for HIV.

        The virus has spread to heteros from accidental infection by healthcare workers, dentists, transfusions and cheating spouses.

        So…a cure for HIV will benefit all of us.

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        1. I agree.

          There are better ways to make the bathhouses go away than failing to cure HIV.

          In looking at the larger fix for the pedo problem (see post below), I think LGBT will become more and more of a minority. Ultimately, the FIX has to be upstream.

          Getting CONVERSION THERAPY BACK would be a huge win, but that is just one small step, and not even a necessary one (in the bigger picture), but it shows the proper STRATEGIC direction of our efforts.

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      1. Yup, I can certainly understand that. The perp (and by that I mean the Muzz peeper) is NOT a sympathetic character at all. In my opinion, he may have even been dangerous, although we’ll never know now.

        The comments on the article are very typical of the kind of yahoos who end up in court defending themselves for stupid actions with their guns. These people don’t know their legal rights and responsibilities, and end up giving all kinds of ammunition to guys like Benjamin Crump and the BGI.

        Bottom line is that people need to be very aware of everybody’s rights, including the perpetrator’s. The GF telling him to cool it is NOT a good look.

        I would have had the GF filming the whole thing. Cameras tend to make sure all innocent people act responsibly – for somebody who is acting honestly, they are the best defense!

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  13. I now cannot help but think of Amazing Polly’s latest dig in to child sex traffickers…and the links to Utah…whenever I see some new story like this.

    The pedo problem seems to be bigger than we ever thought.

    What was it that Q said…”People we thought we could trust”…?

    And yeah, I lump people who get off on child porn and watching child rape videos, in with pedos.
    Same depraved mindset, IMO.

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    1. Way back they caught Catholic Bishop Lahey sneaking back into the US through Nova Scotia from Bali with a laptop loaded with child p0rn.

      It’s all across the board….Anglicans, Baptists….coaches, teachers, preachers….actors, politicians, even police.

      Must be stopped.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. I’m really starting to see this clearly. It’s not just one thing. All these people have proximity to juveniles, but there is something else. WHY has the problem gotten WORSE? It is 1000 other things that have shifted the landscape gently, PLUS the massive ATTENTION TO PEDO ITSELF. This is a huge part of the mind-rot and its VIRAL NATURE.

        Liked by 8 people

          1. UGH!!!

            Too big a rant for right now. But yeah, this is part of normalization. Notice who they’re using to SELL IT, too. Very calculated.

            Pedophilia is PROGRAMMED IN, and I agree that it’s hard to change, like all sexual orientations. THAT IS WHY what we allow in the formative years, during which the PROGRAMMING is laid down, MATTERS.

            Liked by 10 people

            1. All sexual proclivities are conditioned responses. They can be de-conditioned.

              Aversion therapy (using painful shocks, etc.) was very effective. It’s now out of fashion, like water-boarding and locking up criminal aliens, because of PC.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. I was so disturbed about the ‘gay’ bishop splitting the Episcopal church and Anglican Communion and all the pansexual propaganda, that I took classes on healing deliverance prayer, went back to school to study psychology and did more classes on healing prayer….and researched and read everything I could find on Childhood trauma, etc. Stacks of books, lots of classes, seminars, etc. Went to one of Leanne Payne’s last seminars at Wheaton College.

                Liked by 1 person

            2. Okay, I get it. There is programming in women’s attire also, meant to get us to be less feminine in the ways that count. I have to organize thoughts on that, but I’m sure it’s the same with men and some of the fads and trends that guys follow.

              Liked by 2 people

        1. ” WHY has the problem gotten WORSE?”

          The sexualization of little girls has contributed to it.

          And recently…the sexualization of little boys, too.

          PedoWood and the film industry pumps this stuff out.
          And then their media partners act like there is nothing wrong with it.

          It’s a combination of indoctrination and gaslighting.

          The Entertainment complex pumps out the poison.
          Then the news media gaslights people into thinking the poison is ‘okay’.

          Liked by 10 people

            1. The worst part is what they’re doing to little kids.

              They’re trying to groom little kids into being ‘submissive’.
              Gaslighting them into thinking that “this is just how it is”.

              Gone are the days of kids reporting ‘bad touch’.

              Now we have Drag Queen Story Hours.

              I now think that this was part of the long-term plan to gain control of our schools.

              Say what you will about Putin.
              But he saw this shit happening and put a stop to it, by outlawing any recruiting of children.
              And he cracked down on gay teachers.

              Liked by 7 people

              1. “Say what you will about Putin.
                But he saw this shit happening and put a stop to it, by outlawing any recruiting of children.
                And he cracked down on gay teachers.”

                In Russia.

                But he was a KGB officer. So he may have been a part of normalizing it here.

                Being a Communist doesn’t mean treating everyone equally, or being consistent.

                Liked by 1 person

    2. BIG RANT!!!

      I agree. It’s BIG. And it’s not exactly what we thought it was, either. This is where I see us not getting control of the problem at the DEEP cultural and information levels that will eventually DRY UP THE PROBLEM, which is what we want.

      There is a big problem that I’m very concerned about – the fact that “they” are doing everything possible to make the pedo problem bigger (normalization), without it being obvious. Worse, they are even USING attention to pedo to SELL pedo under the table, by EXPOSING people to the ideas.

      Some normalization is obvious, but that is the 10% of the iceberg that is easy to spot. The rest is NOT.

      Pedo is really nasty, in that ATTENTION TO IT helps to make it persist. It’s a wicked problem.

      “DON’T LOOK AT THAT VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL!” Yeah, people just imagined a Victoria’s Secret model. “Near pedo” with younger and younger models will WEAR PEOPLE DOWN. Even pedo JOKES will wear people down – which is why the pedos do it.

      Even some parts of our side act as controlled opposition, and in trying to fight the problem, are actually making it bigger.

      One of the reasons I really stayed away from the “pizzagate” stuff is that these people who investigated deeply were exposing themselves to stuff that was simply bound to rot their brains. It’s part of the scam. Much of pizzagate was real, but much of it was NOT REAL or a kind of “toxic dead-end” information – it was lurid “information as disinformation”, specifically designed to draw people into that world and mess with their heads.

      People CANNOT think about this stuff and come out healthier. It is just not possible.

      One has to be VERY CAREFUL what kind of stuff gets past their inputs. In the same way that “fake news” and “fake entertainment” are poison, “toxic sex” is extremely dangerous stuff. Many of the people who investigated, in my humble opinion, did not have the moral strength, religious foundation, or just plain discernment to stay safe. I think that’s why some of the suicides (that were not staged murders) of investigators happened.

      All of us – men and women – minus thousands of years of religion, culture, law and civilization, are basically animals. What I’ve read about the “royalty” of very primitive tribes in New Guinea is shocking. The sexual behavior is basically STONE AGE. The border between normal sex, rape, prostitution, adultery, pedophilia – it’s simply NOT THERE. They act like smart monkeys with language and omnipresent tools – that is all. They are all very cunning and use sex, food and power to get what they want, which is sex, food and power.

      We like to think that we’re different, but we’re not. It takes the MASSIVE TRAINING that our culture, morals, laws and religion provide to keep this stuff at bay. We may not REALIZE it, and we may take it for granted, but it takes a LOT of rigor to stand up against the human sex drive, which is one of THE best ways to hack past our defenses.

      Sexual behavior in humans is much more “programmed by experience and observation” than in less intelligent and more instinctive animals – it’s MORE SOFTWARE and LESS FIRMWARE / HARDWARE. It’s actually a very dangerous situation – much worse than people realize because MK at all levels is much more powerful than people realize.

      Our modeling industry, our beauty industry, our fashion industry, our movie industry, our gaming industry – ALL of this stuff is working AGAINST ideas of sexually dimorphic *adults* as icons of desirability. Look at how MANLINESS (macho guys) and WOMANLINESS (e.g., Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell) has been subtly downgraded over the last 50-60 years, while thin, juvenile, boyish, girlish, youngish, stick-figure, etc. are pushed as beauty. Younger and younger, more and more androgynous, more and more LGBT, less and less concern for anything resembling what used to be normal.

      What I’m trying to say is that PEDO is being normalized by a lot of stuff that is NOT overtly pedo. A lot of ALMOST PEDO is being used to sell PEDO.

      Now – WHY this is happening is, IMO, because of biological goals that are, for lack of a better euphemism, “not our own”. Some are “heavenly”, some are “satanic’, but all are being pursued above our “right to know”, in the view of the parties involved.


      In any case, I think that ultimately, the best way to fight pedo is not to look at it too strongly, but to attack the very things that were used to DESTROY sexual dimorphism, normality, religion, culture, etc.

      – 2nd and 3rd wave feminism – TROUBLE – used as Trojan horses against women and children of all ages – we have to simply identify all their toxic concepts and CLEAN THEM OUT. SMART EQUALITY YES. DUMB FAUX “EQUALITY” NO. Allow men and women to differ statistically where the PEOPLE WANT IT.

      – LGBT – TROUBLE – both identity and orientation have to be removed as “cultural excuse” – basically “denormalize” these things. That doesn’t mean removing UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS – it means removing all SPECIAL RIGHTS. Bring things back to civil rights as MLKJ envisioned them. I think Trump’s idea of “decriminalization” is very close to where things should be. But that doesn’t mean we’re not trying to be honest about what is “normal” and what is NOT.

      – religious Marxism and infiltration – get these pernicious movements IDENTIFIED and SPOTLIGHTED to make them wither away. They are how the toxic ideas are infiltrated into our religions and cultures.

      We have to go on the offensive against ideas that UNDERMINE NORMAL CIVILIZED ADULT SEXUALITY. Thus, by NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO PEDO (most of us), the smaller number of WARRIORS who have the strength to root it out can do so. But more than anything, we don’t allow it to normalize even in the small and the partial, because THAT is where most of the normalization is happening, IMHO – not in pedo per se.

      Rather than solely LOWERING THE BAR on pedo, what the sneaky bastards have done is simultaneously RAISE THE GROUND, and that has been much more effective.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. I get what you’re saying, boss.

        It’s like when younglings who play bloody first-person-shooter games too much, get desensitized to the killing.

        Oh yeah…the pedo stuff is toxic.
        Even to those of us who are horrified by it.

        Liked by 6 people

      2. This is all so true.

        “Whatsoever things are lovely, pure, of good report….think on these.”

        Our minds are vulnerable – more than we can believe.

        One important fact/principle I learned in graduate school the second time around:

        Neural Plasticity is real.

        Our brains change throughout our lives – chemically, structurally and functionally, positively or negatively, for better or for worse – due to these factors: thoughts/beliefs, choices/actions, interpersonal interactions, good and traumatic events, what we ingest/diet/medications/drugs/toxins.

        Misbeliefs, deceptions and lies can be harmful to our thinking – as we have seen over and over by the example of leftist incoherence, hypocrisy, contradictions, etc.

        Children who are lied to, often have mental disorders, anxiety and trust issues.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Examples of structural/functional changes of the brain through actions and ingestion:
          – Brail reading changes size and functions of some parts of brain
          – Drug addicts can be identified just by looking at brain structures and the way the brain lights up in brain scans.

          Liked by 4 people

  14. And it’s still going on.

    Black market slave trade amongst wealthy muslims is still going on, trafficking in white women and girls.

    Liked by 12 people

  15. Woah…first hand account of Hillary’s depravity.

    There were multiple embedded tweets in that first one, and since I never know how much is going to show, I unpacked them.

    Liked by 7 people

  16. Where’s that bob it woman when she’s needed

    Liked by 11 people

    1. I’m going to get grief for this but …

      It’s totally the women’s fault.

      The instant the officials allowed the drag queen in should have been immediately followed by a total walkout by the females. All of them. Don’t tell me they can’t organize their own race.

      By participating, they provided validity to the insanity.

      Let the boy race himself.

      Liked by 12 people

  17. Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar’s brother is going after Elon Musk, saying Elon’s engineer stole the idea for his flamethrower during a visit to the drug-accountant’s residence. Why is Elon’s Engineer meeting with the accountant brother of a drug kingpin our Special Forces had to help rub out?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Let us now revisit the: NIGHT OF THE JUDAS NACHOS.

      The trouble began late last year in New Orleans. I’d been searching for a voodoo store to buy some of the latest curses when I happened upon a shop selling hundreds of beautiful sauces, all of varying strength, colour and composition. I settled on two. One was mild but flavoursome, the other a little more zesty.

      A further display was at the counter. “This is our hottest sauce,” explained the young attendant. How hot? “Even our regular customers are scared of it.” Her eyes shone with mischief, and I handed over the extra $20. The reason for this sauce’s wicked potency is bhut jolokia – the evil ghost pepper.

      Without knowing it, I had found my voodoo curse. Back home, these three new sauces added to an already-excessive supply. To reduce the sauce surplus, I recently hosted a round of Judas Nachos. The game is simple enough. Fifty or so corn chips are spread out in a single layer on a large tray. They are sprinkled with cheese and baked, then a non-participant applies a few drops of mild sauces to the majority of chips.

      A number of chips equal to the number of players, however, are weaponised with the hottest juice available. In our case, that meant the ghost pepper sauce obtained from my Louisiana enchantress. You can see it in the image above, third from the right. The rules, too, are simple. Working clockwise around the table, participants take turns selecting and eating their mystery chips. If someone strikes a Judas Nacho, they are permitted to withdraw.

      Well, I say permitted, but other options are generally not available. A full-strength Judas Nacho will usually take down even the hardiest diner. The boldest of our group volunteered to begin. His immediate silence indicated he’d hit on a Judas right away – the very first nacho chosen. It was difficult to even watch as he ground his way through the survival process. The man – let’s call him Pedro – resorted at one stage to communicating with his wife through twitchy, eyes-closed hand signals. Soon Pedro’s face turned a wild scarlet and he was compelled to leave the nacho arena. Even his shoes were sweating.

      So much for Pedro, then. A few cycles later, a second victim was hit. While James Morrow dealt with his turmoil, I too drew a Judas. Extreme pain affects different people in different ways. In my case, I tried to reduce the agony by wrapping my head in paper towels. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t help. I’ve developed a taste for hot sauces over the years, but this was beyond any heat I’d ever experienced. It was far more concussive, for a start. Imagine a building falling on your skull, except the building is made from lava and Satan is living in it.

      It was like eating a foundry. When I unwrapped my head and regained some vision, a startling apparition appeared. Pedro had rejoined the table. More startling still, he was game to resume the contest. Pedro based his return on the theory of sudden-onset resistance, which he’d evidently devised while drinking 14 litres of water and crying. I’m not really sure how it works, but according to Pedro it’s easier to take a punch from Thomas Hearns if he’s already hit you. Or something like that.

      Pedro’s mood had improved but his luck hadn’t. His second nacho of the night was another Judas. Thus was immediately disproved the theory of sudden-onset resistance. Pedro reeled from the table and again headed for the kitchen. This time he was in even greater pain – very serious, doubled-over, clutching his stomach pain. We poured more water and milk into him, but Pedro wasn’t rebounding.

      He’d hit the Judas wall. At one point I turned away to fetch some ice and heard a heavy thump behind me. Pedro was down! Now, Pedro’s beautiful wife is from a military background, so she was the calmest of us all. She grabbed some cushions so her husband could peacefully rest on the cool floor awhile. Pedro kept talking to her, after a fashion, but he wasn’t making much sense. I suppose we all felt the ordeal would eventually resolve itself, so everybody was a little surprised when the vomiting began. As a choking-avoidance measure we shifted Pedro to his side, which sadly was the upper limit of our medical trauma abilities.

      Obviously, this boy wasn’t improving. So we called an ambulance. I’m not sure how many readers have phoned emergency services due to a nacho-related health issue, but it isn’t easy. The word “nacho” tends to undermine the seriousness of the situation. Nevertheless, an ambulance was sent on its way. Two young, calm and very competent officers arrived within minutes and quickly set about reviving nacho-shocked Pedro. It was around the time we were placing bets on Pedro’s blood pressure – I nailed the systolic but went low on the diastolic – that something astonishing happened.

      Very quietly and very deliberately, Morrow sought out and ate a second Judas Nacho, just to see if he could do it. And he did. He’s one tough biscuit, let me tell you. The medicos soon had Pedro sitting up and communicating lucidly, which represented an improvement on even his normal state, when the male of the pair looked over at the table. “Are those the nachos?” he asked. “Hmm. They don’t look so bad.” As he reached for one, I considered the numbers. There had been six contestants, which meant six Judas Nachos. Pedro had eaten two. So had James. I’d eaten one. Which meant there was just one left, on a tray still overwhelmingly populated with the Judas’s kinder, gentler nacho brothers. His immediate silence indicated he’d hit on a Judas.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Haaaa. 😄😆

        I’ve heard about the ‘ghost pepper’.

        Can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat one.
        It is said, that they are so potent…you have to wear rubber gloves to handle them when you’re cutting them up, or your hands burn like fire.

        Liked by 5 people

          1. I know what you mean!

            My DH likes the hot peppers too.
            Not the ghost peppers, mind you…just the jalapenos and regular hot peppers.

            But you don’t want a kiss from them until the effects have worn off.

            Liked by 2 people

        1. Yep. There are restaurants that serve (usually off-menu) dishes that are exceedingly hot, for instance “Phall”, which is a very hot Indian dish, pumped up by the, erm, ring-stinger culture of UK foodies. The hottest of these are prepared by cooks wearing hazmat breathing and face equipment, as just the air in the kitchen is unbearable… (need to dig up the magazine article on it…)

          Having said that, I had a colleague who could drink tabasco sauce like it was water, indeed sugar water. We verified that it was indeed Tabasco, and speculated that he had no tastebuds, and likely some sort of teflon coating on his Esophagus. He said he grew up eating really hot food in “the islands” so it was nothing new to him. Apparently you can acclimate yourself to it; I can eat Habaneros now in homemade Salsa just like I did Jalapenos, years ago. Have to be very, VERY careful with handwashing afterward, as it works the same as a burn – best to use gloves for the really hot ones (Bhut, Reaper, et. al.). Milk products help, water doesn’t (spreads the oils), and beer or cola makes bad things worse. Which I saw repeatedly during Phall contests in the UK (or even Vindaloo challenges)…

          JW probably has some great tips (and stories) I’ll bet…

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Here’s a video of a Phaal being cooked, on “Man Versus Food”, at the Brick Lane in NYC.
            (I misspelled it above; there is a different dish known as Phall, but it’s not hot).


        2. Here’s a great article about the hottest foods from an Indian site. Looks good (especially at dinnertime 🙂 ) Now where did I put my Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce? And what was it that made Dave insane in the first place? 😀

          “15 Spiciest Indian Dishes Everyone Should Try At Least Once”

          It looks like the Duggars have company in the UK, the Radfords. This should drive the likes of AlGore and the elites nuts. But they are a healthy, happy, and loving family, as opposed to those on the left.

          We used to go to a Freizeit (Christian Retreat) not far from here where (IIRC) after the fourth child, the rest were free (for their summer program). There were THREE families there with 12 children each, and a lot with five or more. We kind of felt like underachievers 🙂 The funniest thing was, the mothers of the 12-child families looked YOUNGER and in better shape than the ones (like us) with just one or two.

          Seems they ran their families, in a sense, like little businesses, with everyone having a role and taking care of each other, knowing their responsibilities and watching out and pitching in. Sort of a lost art anymore in these days of PC population control.

          “Britain’s Biggest Family Is Expecting Their 22nd Baby After Saying 21 Would Be Their Last”

          Liked by 3 people

    2. I use dried very hot peppers ground in my blender to repel armadillos that dig up my grass and flower beds. Add powdered strong scent laundry detergent and it drives them away. Until next season.

      If you get a lot of rain, you may have to repeat application.

      Liked by 7 people

        1. Hmm…. maybe it’s the squirrels digging around instead of the armadillos digging for grubs. It’s bury the acorns and nuts time, isn’t it?

          I’ll make more pepper/soap mix, put it out and let you know!

          Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought armadillos were a Texas thing. Never knew they could be east of the River.

        Or do you no longer live in Georgia and/or Florida?


        1. There are Armadillos all over the Deep South from the east coast to the desert.

          Here in N FL and S GA – we call them ‘Armored Possums’

          They are just another gift from Mexico…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. And some folks make restaurants out of them 🙂

            For instance, Armadilllo Willy’s in Los Altos, CA., at the foot of San Antonio Road and the El Camino. GREAT BBQ!

            After you’re done, go a half-block up the El Camino Real and visit Dittmer’s German Deli, who have the “Best Wurst” around. Around Christmas and Thanksgiving, they have smoked Turkeys that are incredible. They have a full selection of meats and sausages (of course, it’s a dilly of a deli), as well as refigerated/frozen German specialities such as Rinderrouladen. They also sell German and European groceries (mustard, seasonings, lebkuchengewurze, etc.) and have a full lunch counter too.

            (Yep, still haven’t fixed dinner yet… 🙂 )…

            Liked by 2 people

            1. They don’t sell ghost peppers at Publix. Arbadil are pretty hot. I buy Badia brand – the hottest they have and grind them in the food processor or blender.

              Liked by 2 people

    1. Will the RINOs try this again?

      or ‘retire’ a bunch of Senators to give up the Senate majority?

      and ‘retire’ a bunch of Congressmen to make it impossible to replace or deal with Pelosi?

      REMEMBER – we are dealing with politicians serpents.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I don’t know about the RINOs, but the last refuse of the Eeyores seems to be looking for nothing but trouble.

        Be of good cheer. Have FAITH. GOD has a plan, and HE WINS! Indeed, HE won at the Cross, and that was known and done before time began.

        Pray. And fast. And don’t let the Eeyores get you down. Just like the DEMONicRATs, they’re on Satan’s payroll too…

        Liked by 2 people

              1. I don’t wear panties, and I don’t make offensive, small-minded, pantywaist, trollish comments.

                Get a life, grow up, and show some respect for Jesus. What did he ever do to you?`


              2. Funny how one innocuous word, Hallelujah!, can trigger your wrath and cause you to once again go on a personal attack.

                But, since you mentioned it, you need to show some respect for public health and begin wearing undergarments so others don’t end up sitting in your stink.


    Donald J. Trump on Twitter


    athena12 @athena12

    I.e., we can do this the easy way (USMCA) or the hard way (end of NAFTA and tariffs). Oh, and good luck with that western oil stays in the ground.

    I sometimes think POTUS has the same kind of bemused affection for these people as one does for idiot children.


    @athena12 This makes our life easy. They have a week and ineffective leader that is disrespected across the globe. Trump does not have to worry about him causing any problems. For Canada however it is a disaster.

    Liked by 7 people

  19. The CBC and National Post have predicted that Prime Minister Blackface and his potato squad will be returning to power. It’s not known if Canadians chose to give themselves a majority or minority enema…err government.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. The numbers I saw last night…had PM Blackface winning by only .1%.

      The Left would never let a Conservative win by only .1%!!
      They would be screaming for a recount.

      Liked by 8 people

        1. Oh yeah, definitely.

          Canada only has a population of 37.5 million people.
          It’s real easy to cheat with a population that low.

          But on the other hand…a recount should be a lot easier!

          Liked by 8 people

              1. Morning, pat – Sleepy – up to early – will need a nap today – not good – much work to do –

                Got coffee? I will pass – going back for a couple more zzz’s –

                Have a Blessed Day!!!

                Liked by 2 people

  20. This sounds terrifying. It also sounds like something they would do.


    ALERT: Antifa puppetmasters to engineer “patriot” slaughter of Leftists to spark violent uprising against conservatives

    (Natural News) Antifa is “mobbing up” for an engineered chaos event, according to multiple eyewitness accounts of Antifa activities at public events such as Trump rallies. This coincides with accelerated mainstream media calls for Trump to be removed from power or arrested, along with an explosion in pop culture messaging that calls for Trump to be hogtied, tortured and / or executed.

    The coordinated messaging and accelerating George Soros funding of mob-for-hire Antifa terrorists points to an imminent event that will unleash nationwide political, civil and financial chaos from which globalists hope to remove Trump from power (or collapse the United States if Trump survives).

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Terrifying?

      Yes…that’s what they want.
      They want us to be terrified of them and not go to Trump rallies…and to be afraid of showing any support for him.

      They’re using Terrorist Tactics.
      That’s why Antifa should be declared a terrorist organization.

      Terrorist groups often stage fake violence against them.
      They do this to garner sympathy…and to demonize whomever they are out to defeat.

      Liked by 12 people

      1. DJT mentioned the terrorist designation of these thugs at least once in the past six months. That tells me that he is strongly leaning towards doing it and is weighing the negative media effect, voter reactions, etc. before pulling the trigger.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. I know you are right and I agree. But this sounds worse. If this report is true, it sounds like they are trying to start a rebellion across the nation. Even a war.

      Please continue to pray for our President.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Don’t let them get you down. Terrorism is psychological, at the root, not just physical.

        They do false flags over here too. And then the media distort it. But more and more people are seeing through their deceptions and madness, and calling them out for what they are.

        Let other people know about the deceptions of the left; and how antifa are actually fascists themselves (projecting just like the DEMONicRATs do – blaming other people for what THEY do themselves)…

        Ephesians 6:10-18. Put on the Armour of GOD.

        Liked by 4 people

  21. .
    Pres Trump retweeted this one:

    Liked by 7 people

  22. Added to timeline:
    October 22, 2019: “Ambassador” Bill Taylor (who is really an “acting” Ambassador after Yovanovitch was recalled and while Trump’s new nominee is stalled in Senate by Schumer) is supposed to be testifying today to the Schiff Committee. Please reference back to August 24th-31st, 2019 as to Bill Taylor. He is the one who wrote the text message, “What do you mean we’re withholding arms for the President’s reelection campaign?”, which was immediately refuted. Volker testified Taylor had the wrong impression about details because he read it in a Politico article believed to be planted on August 28th by Schiff’s staff.

    Important to note, Thomas Eager is a Schiff staff member and traveled to Ukraine, sponsored by the Atlantic Council (which received major funding from Burisma), and is believed to have had a personal meeting with Charges D’Affaires Bill Taylor. (It smells bad, like rancid coordination)

    Taylor become chargé d’affaires ad interim for Ukraine in June 2019, taking over the role from the deputy chief of mission, Kristina Kvien, after Marie Yovanovitch departed Ukraine.
    (Picture and sources included)

    Liked by 9 people

  23. Added to timeline: October 22, 2019
    Victor Pinchuk, Ukraine oligarch and MAJOR sponsor of Hillary, ………… as a benefactor to Trudeau of Canada.
    That’s new info.
    The real Prime Minister of Canada, Victor Pinchuk’s you know what, got re-elected again.
    He gave Freeland (the eggplant fat dress) an apartment at Kiev’s Maidan Court, Ukraine.

    Liked by 11 people

  24. Added to timeline on October 21, 2019:
    October 21, 2019: A total of 185 Repubs voted to censure Adam Schiff but the Dems decided to table the motion and would not allow a floor vote.

    And the Scribed link for Pelosi/Lawfare talking points on impeachment.

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