20191022: Pelosi Signs on to Lawfare’s Twisted Impeachment Process- Talking Points

I’m going to let you guys hack at this in the overnight. I thought Nancy hired great lawyers. Guess not. What a pile of garbage it is. Here is the actual link for the Scribed Document: https://www.scribd.com/document/431368353/Trump-Shakedown-and-Coverup

We need to be ready to answer and counter each point with a clear message.

Justin Chaffetz has a good strategy he mentioned yesterday. Since the House has voted DOWN impeachment on three separate occasions, why is this process legal without a vote?

Remember, It’s a War!!

216 thoughts on “20191022: Pelosi Signs on to Lawfare’s Twisted Impeachment Process- Talking Points

      1. We are still trying to keep this site from being shut down by not abusing our free speech rights to incite violence, right? I’m trying to remember Wolf’s rules… We can take about proper due process and the resulting punishments… is that right?

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    1. And a seductive one at that.

      Note they HIGHLIGHT the refuted quote fed into it by their actor…

      “As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assis- tance for help with a political campaign.”
      – U.S. Ambassador Bill Taylor

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  1. That’s it???? That document is nothing but a bunch of spin! But of course, the propagandists will make it out to be the worst thing that anyone ever did and will be running with it all day ad nauseum. smh

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    1. That’s my take. We are looking for evidence of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. Any legal thing for diplomats or administration officials to do to UNCOVER and/or PROSECUTE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY at home or abroad is legitimate.

      Dems are doing what they always do – conflating RULE OF LAW with POLITICAL TACTICS.

      Hey – it’s not our fault that NO DEMOCRAT except Tulsi Gabbard on “lucid, pot-free days” is willing to stand up for rule of law here. Right now, Republicans are the only ones who actually believe in rule of law. Dems just believe in LAWFARE – the idea of “it’s OK if we can get away with it”.

      Forget it – unacceptable!

      What the Democrats are doing here is very typical – it is to SNEAK IN THE IDEA that something LEGAL AND ETHICAL (such as enforcing the frigging LAW) is ILLEGAL or UNETHICAL by a kind of insinuation that it’s political.

      Democrats CANNOT protect their CRIMINAL activities by simply saying the enforcement of law against them is political. It’s not political.

      Democrats now have NO SHAME – no care about the law, except as it applies to others.

      NO. That is my answer. I personally, think that Trump’s call was TOO PERFECT.

      AR-15-carrying FBI director Wolf Moon would be on the phone to Ukraine calling these Democrats SUSPECTS and LIKELY PERPETRATORS and playing a whole lot rougher than Trump. I would be alleging that these Democrats are CRIMINALS, and asserting openly that we expect COOPERATION ON LEGAL MATTERS as a TWO-WAY STREET.


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      1. A freaking MEN Wolf. Better still, as I said, an ILLEGAL inquiry, using ILLEGALLY obtained info, in an attempt to cover up THEIR Crimes, is ILLEGAL on its face. As for calling the dems suspects, how about what they REALLY are…Seditious, treasonous, co -conspirators AGAINST the US.

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      2. If you had proof of a coup attempt, but lived in a world where baseless accusations are endlessly repeated without scrutiny so as to put you on the defensive and your message is purposely downplayed in the MSM, how would you present your side of the story?

        If there were to be an impeachment trial in the Senate, the Dems would repeat their baseless claims, pundits would predict your demise and the MSM would present anything that shows your innocence as a surprise. The distorted view of reality resulting from these factors is the world most Americans (other than the brilliant and charming people who populate this little Wolf den) believe.

        On the other hand, you would have the right to subpoena witnesses and documents, have counsel cross examine witnesses against you, and present proof of your innocence. And at the same time, you could point to John Solomon and Sarah Carter articles and/or Mark Levin and Sean Hannity shows to illustrate the fact that much of the information proving your innocence has been in the public domain, but has been systematically ignored.

        The fight would arrest our attention like nothing else could. Indeed, it is the best possible way to ensure that your message gets through to the American people. It would not only prove the coup, it would also prove the MSM’s role in it. I think this is where we are going.

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        1. Subpoena Thomas Eager, the Schiff staffer who went to Ukraine, Schiff himself, the ICIG, the attorneys to whom the Whistleblower was sent, the colleague of the Whistleblower, the source of the whistleblower, and the whistleblower, + Natasha Bertrand at Politico + Bill Taylor.
          There ya’ go.
          I could have it done in a month.

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        2. “If you had proof of a coup attempt, but lived in a world where baseless accusations are endlessly repeated without scrutiny so as to put you on the defensive and your message is purposely downplayed in the MSM, how would you present your side of the story?


          I wouldn’t, in any comprehensive way, until I destroyed the enemy’s frontline troops.

          The frontline troops run interference, they attack directly and indirectly, they do a lot of the grunt work which makes a difference ‘on the ground’, but more than anything, they transmit the perception of reality which is essential critical to the enemy’s survival.

          The black hats wouldn’t have lasted a WEEK into the new Trump Administration without the Potemkin Villages created on the fly by the MSM on behalf of their commanders.

          I would expose and prosecute the MSM for collusion with Democrats to overthrow a national election, for becoming literally ‘Fake News’ or more accurately, Democrat / Cabal Propaganda Warfare, literally military grade psy-ops being run against the American population.

          When I was ready, I would lay it all out for the American People, like we did at the U.N. during the Cuban Missile crisis.

          I would completely destroy the credibility of every major MSM company with incontrovertible facts and evidence, arresting and prosecuting both the ‘stars’ of the MSM and the leadership for every last treason they have committed.

          Withdraw their broadcast licenses, their cable licenses, seize their companies and company assets under the Executive Orders on corruption, literally SHUT THEM DOWN and put them all in prison.

          Use alternate news outlets, who would rush in to fill the gap, and start doing REAL journalism again.

          When that happens, when the Cabal loses the capacity to create unreality by ignoring / covering up the truth and propagating whatever lies serve their traitor masters, the Cabal is naked before their enemies, the American People and the People of the World.

          When the spell-making machine is turned OFF, all the ‘spells’ they have been casting are BROKEN.

          Until you OVERTHROW the ‘Fake News’ and take them OFF the battlefield, it’s like trying to put out a natural gas fire without shutting off the gas first.

          You might make a lot of good progress, but you can only get so far, until you shut the gas OFF.

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          1. I see a few problems with using the legal system to take down the MSM. First, it is not entirely clear that such an approach would actually destroy the credibility of the MSM. They already have the law tilted in their favor (NYT v. Sullivan, etc.), would have the slickest lawyers representing them and the already possess world class propaganda skills.

            Secondly, any presentation summarizing their transgressions would need to be presented by someone who is universally trusted. A third of the country would not believe an air tight case presented by PDJT or anyone associated with him.

            Moreover, we don’t have the resources to do it. It would be a massive undertaking to develop all the facts necessary to take down the entire MSM at one time, and it would require honest prosecutors who are in very short supply and who are tied up with FISA and Clinton Foundation and Crossfire Hurricane and Ukraine investigations.

            Putting out the truth in an impeachment process that has everyone in the US watching live will make obvious the fact that the MSM has been lying to us, and destroy their credibility more thoroughly and completely than a legal process could.

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            1. “I see a few problems with using the legal system to take down the MSM. First, it is not entirely clear that such an approach would actually destroy the credibility of the MSM. They already have the law tilted in their favor (NYT v. Sullivan, etc.), would have the slickest lawyers representing them and the already possess world class propaganda skills.”


              So they are in a war, but we’re not allowed to be?

              This is always the problem, we come up with reasons why we can never win, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

              The law may be tilted in their favor, but their abuses are so over the top that even craphead SC Justice Roberts would rule against them at this point.

              So shut them down, and tie them up in court for the next 6 years. Their propaganda skills won’t do them any good if nobody can see them, because they’re not on TV anymore. Even if they eventually win, the world will have long ago moved on.

              As for the slickest lawyers, investigate each and every one, and prosecute them too. Investigate their families, and prosecute any wrongdoing discovered there too.

              This is a war. THEY are fighting it tooth and claw. We never do. We know how to, all we have to do is mirror what THEY do, but we won’t.

              Why not?


            2. “Secondly, any presentation summarizing their transgressions would need to be presented by someone who is universally trusted.”


              Nope, I reject your premise, because no such person exists, and neither we nor the LAW can be held to a DIFFERENT standard, much less an impossible one.

              This is the problem, we always accept premises designed to ensure that we can’t win, so we never even try.

              Reject the bogus premises.


              “A third of the country would not believe an air tight case presented by PDJT or anyone associated with him.”


              Who cares?

              I could not be more serious.

              Does the Left care when we don’t believe them?

              Of course not.

              And yet, somehow, life goes on.

              We can find a thousand reasons not to do anything.

              I’m just looking for ONE reason TO do something.

              Is that so wrong?


            3. “Moreover, we don’t have the resources to do it.”


              Sure we do, we have the entire United States government budget, and DJT can creatively divert funds from whatever source to whatever source he wants, if he wants to. We are in a declared national emergency, and this is a national emergency.

              It’s a matter of national security.

              We’re in the middle of a 2+ year ongoing COUP attempt, for crying out loud.

              Higher more attorneys if necessary. Put someone in charge who knows how to screen out subversives.


              “It would be a massive undertaking to develop all the facts necessary to take down the entire MSM at one time,”


              There is enough evidence on the Q message board alone to take down the entire MSM and get them ALL off the air.

              Once that is done, tie them up in court and bankrupt them with legal fees, exactly the same as they do to us all the time. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, just do to them what they do to us, day in and day out.

              We only need one credible charge against each talking head and each network to revoke their licenses, charge them with a crime, and get them off the air.

              Tie them up in court and develop the rest of your cases against them in the meantime. We don’t have to front-load everything, just do what is necessary to get them off the air and work on the rest afterwards.


              “…and it would require honest prosecutors who are in very short supply and who are tied up with FISA and Clinton Foundation and Crossfire Hurricane and Ukraine investigations.”


              Hire more lawyers. Deputize people if necessary. It’s a matter of national security. Farm it out to military tribunals. Be creative.

              When there’s a will, there’s a way.

              The problem is that our side never has any will.


              1. My critique of your suggestion that we employ the US legal system to change the MSM is not derived from
                a lack of will. Rather, it is informed from decades of close observation of how our legal system actually works. Our legal system is inefficient, expensive and often does not arrive at just outcomes. And in this particular circumstance, the bulk of the legal profession would be arrayed against us and a legal battle would occur on their turf.

                If, as you suggest, the battle ground were shifted to military tribunals and we declare the entire MSM as a threat to national security, I can see far more likelihood of success.

                Impeachment is yet another hill on which to fight.

                In any event, we are not in charge of strategy and this is merely a theoretical discussion.

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            4. “Putting out the truth in an impeachment process that has everyone in the US watching live will make obvious the fact that the MSM has been lying to us, and destroy their credibility more thoroughly and completely than a legal process could.”


              Yes it will.

              But it won’t make them stop.

              Here is the problem.

              The MSM propaganda machine is like a mind control drug.

              It is beamed into a hundred million homes each day.

              And it’s 24/7/365.

              It disorients people, directs their attention to things that serve the Cabal’s interests, omits subjects (covers up) which harm the Cabal’s interests, and creates narratives out of whole cloth that are complete fantasy.

              No matter what happens during impeachment, even if you prove every point and get a complete exoneration and acquittal, within 3 news cycles all that effort will vanish down the memory-hole, and a new subversive narrative will be concocted, and LOOK, SQUIRREL! all over again.

              Until we turn the MSM propaganda machine OFF, they control the narrative, which means they control the minds of at least 35% of the country, and that’s enough for a nationwide Mexican standoff, because the very same MSM can make even ONE percent of the country (e.g. homosexuals) appear to look like they are TWENTY FIVE or THIRTY PERCENT of the country, via the magic of control over TV, movies, magazines, newspapers, etc.

              The MSM is effectively a military psy-op designed to take down our country, and it is actively, obviously and certainly being used for that exact purpose.

              Shut it OFF.

              Until we do, nobody can even hear themselves think.

              Not enough of us, anyway.


        3. “On the other hand, you would have the right to subpoena witnesses and documents, have counsel cross examine witnesses against you, and present proof of your innocence. And at the same time, you could point to John Solomon and Sarah Carter articles and/or Mark Levin and Sean Hannity shows to illustrate the fact that much of the information proving your innocence has been in the public domain, but has been systematically ignored.

          The fight would arrest our attention like nothing else could. Indeed, it is the best possible way to ensure that your message gets through to the American people. It would not only prove the coup, it would also prove the MSM’s role in it. I think this is where we are going.”


          I agree, that looks like the plan they’re following.

          Somehow the treasonous MSM has to be exposed so completely and undeniably that the public demands their arrest and prosecution — or arrest them all first, and then hold a Presidential Address to the nation laying out everything, exactly what has been done, and by whom, the whole Perry Mason routine.

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  2. Found this piece over at Real Clear Politics good but scary article. (guess it probably belongs here).

    Didn’t realize so many of the candidates where physically threatening Trump! Besides the below Booker has threaten Trump & Sanders used a clip from the assassination on Trump in one of his ads.

    Why Do They Hate Him So?
    “Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans, left-liberal celebrities, journalists, and academics all revile Donald Trump because he is trying and often succeeding to restore a conservative America at a time when his opponents thought that the mere idea was not just impossible but unhinged.
    “Joe Biden claims he wants to take Trump behind the gym and beat him up.
    Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) jokes that she would like to go into an elevator with him and see Trump never come out alive. Robert De Niro has exhausted the ways in which he dreams of punching Trump out and the intonations in which he yells to audiences, “F—k Trump!””

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        1. gary, none of us did anything, just something that’s been happening over the past year. I wandered in here last January, and was clueless about “Q” – so that’s not the whole story or reason.

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            1. ZM banned me last – but AR banned me the first time – both times over the hom0s-x issue.

              I also had run-ins with M by posting what she didn’t like on one of her spiritual posts, and with S over natural born citizen issue and not liking Bill Whittle all that much.

              SD banned me for an hour one time about a type of oak trees during a hurricane. He called live oaks with moss, silk oaks and I committed the crime of correcting him.

              That is one of the unwritten rules OT – you have to toe the line and can’t disagree.

              Now their hidden rule is don’t post at WQTH.

              Lots of blogs have a ‘don’t disagree’ or be banned rule…they just don’t post it or claim it.

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              1. “Ad rem is the trolling spy for the other place I think.”


                For some reason, she is the only one I think I ever directly communicated with.

                If there was ever a problem, or my posts were in the Bin, or one of my suspensions was due to end, she was the one who took care of it.

                She was always very nice to me. 🙂

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              1. oh i disagree…
                you might be inspiring some of his “genius” posts…he monitors to see what you’re digging up. his ego has grown quite a bit and he hates to be scooped–you are an excellent researcher.

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              2. Agree. More than once I’ve seen SD trail Daughn on a post or Flep on a news scoop. Meanwhile, there’s the “please don’t copy me” rule.

                Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Citizen journalism trumps journalistic respectability/credibility.

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              3. Big Mama Tea is the only one who has gotten by with posting both here and OT.

                That’s because she does a heap of research for SD.

                Speaking of research – where is the fabulous researcher Gail Combs?

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              4. “He still follows me on Twit. Probably the name difference. Or really, I’m not that important.”


                His loss… definitely our gain.


                YUUUGE! 😁

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              5. “Speaking of research – where is the fabulous researcher Gail Combs?”


                I have wondered about Gail several times over the last week or more. If anyone knows a way to contact her outside of WQTH, it would be good to just make sure she’s okay. 👍

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        2. If you “liked” any post that complained about CTH, Sundance, moderation there, etc., then you would likely be banned. If you liked any post here that is disliked by whoever does the banning there, then you would likely be banned. If you even replied on a comment that they don’t like here, you would likely be banned. If you even “liked” a Q-mentioning comment here, you could have been banned.

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        3. Gary, all it took me was to DISAGREE with what Sundance was selling. I did it in a cogent, mannered, respectful way, then POOF. We are all here, and of ALL the places I have went, THIS is the most open, HONEST, respectful, even in disagreement, and informative blog I have ever been part of.

          This is what blogs were MEANT to be, open dialogue by like minded people on like minded topics. OPEN discourse, what a novel concept! I think it was once called freedom of speech before the PC police took over and infiltrated most other blogs.

          You are welcome here! Consider you banishment a badge of honor. Wear it PROUDLY. I do mine.

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        1. TY —Bells go off so I research it when its just doesn’t feel right. Keep a lot of it for later too.
          Been on a hiatus sort of —-
          Had some medical issues & at least the good news is its not the big “C”–We do have an Awesome God & guess he wants me around longer.

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          1. I just have to lol at the BIG C these days, 3 cancers later I’m still here!the Lord has his reasons for not taking me home yet and I admit I think a lot about that as I don’t get around much anymore. I do find it interesting that in the bible OT I believe there’s a passage about us old folks taking time to really think about our demise and getting ourselves right with our father and it’s a good thing to do so.iam glad your not facing the BIG C though!talk about having to gird your loins lol.

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            1. mother died of colon C & sister survived…with all my stomach problems this one did have me in a mood… Either way knew God had my back…
              God Bless.. Congrads.

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        1. Oh I started with that group back when the Trayvon mess was started. I was one ticked off lady that any parent could be that dishonest and then profit from the death of their child…

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    1. Welcome to the banned 😁

      When the purge began, long time members were blindsided by the ban hammer, simply for daring to ask questions.

      Controversial stuff, like asking if any of the Q-haters had ever actually READ the Q message board, did they have any idea what they were even hating — or were they just following the herd over a cliff?

      [Or so I hear… naturally, I would never ask anything that controversial]

      As Kurtz descended further into the heart of darkness, his Montagnard’s began lashing out with the ban-hammer indiscriminately, no apparent rhyme or reason. Regulars and long-timers were simply cut off, without notice or explanation. Good people. People who had never been banned from ANY forum before.

      Finally, out of apparent misplaced paranoia, came the spying and banning of those who said nothing controversial over there, but merely participated here.

      Did his spies hear Lt. Col. Kilgore’s reflections on the unique scent of napalm in the morning?

      Did they discover Capt. Willard’s true mission?

      We may never know.

      Whatever it was, something spooked him.

      He no longer trusted his own, just kept picking them off, one by one.

      No one knows who might be next, only that someone else will be going, soon.

      Like ten little Indians. 😉

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        1. Whether it was something internal or external, unfortunately, it’s probably impossible to know what set him off.

          I still appreciate some of his articles, the ones that aren’t staring into the Eeyore Abyss. 😁

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          1. Agreed, but he did NOT like contrary thinking. I do not know if it was ego or the almighty $$.

            In one of my FAVORITE movies, Excalibur, Merlin says to an over zealous and over confident Arthur, that is about to do battle with Lancelot, “Remember, there’s always something cleverer than yourself”

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        1. THAT’S more like it!

          I still lurk over there to see what’s going on. Curiosity and all.

          This morning, SD has an article up, stating Lindsey Graham is ready to impeach the President! So I go looking for Graham’s quote, because you know, oh holy shit!

          “Sure,” Graham said when asked if there was anything that could persuade him to support Trump’s impeachment. “Show me something that is a crime. If you could show me that Trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo, outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.”

          Well, duh. Lindsey Graham knows there was no “quid pro quo.” But it’s ridiculous to expect a politician to spout off like a rabid ideologue. He has to appear rational, and willing to hear actual evidence.

          SD knows this, unless he is a moron (I’m beginning to wonder), but he is winding people up, who won’t go find the quote, they will just read SD. The comments section is a gloom-and-doom, we’re-all-gonna-die nightmare.

          I hate what he is doing to people. I’m actually glad he banned me, and kinda glad he’s still doing it to people. I hope many of the banned show up over here, so they can be happy, and stop getting their chain yanked by that maniac.

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          1. There COULD be an earthquake.
            There COULD be an extinction level event because a comet hits earth.
            It’s a favorite trick of the media and the politicians.
            Media makes wild claim = “TRUMP IS A MURDERER”
            Politicians responds, well, if true, Trump would be a bad orange man.

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    2. Welcome to RealGarySeven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Glad you are with us!!!!!!!!!!
      Sorry Punkin, you’ve experienced what many of us have. I know, it’s unfair, but we are happy you are here with us.

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            1. It was YOU, Scott.
              I think it was you. You made a post about the “island of Misfit Toys”, long ago.
              It was the real reason I wrote the attribution post for many of the posters here.
              I heard you, loud and clear.

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              1. I have been meaning to unravel this for a few days, I knew it would take some time and today was a good day for it.

                I have definitely referenced the ‘island of Misfit Toys’ here at least once before, and I found it using a search engine, it was on December 26th of last year. I think I may have used that reference another time, but I wasn’t able to find it. Harry actually mentioned it first (on 12/26/18), saying ‘Merry Christmas to the Land of Misfit Toys’, and I replied ‘Ha! Merry Christmas FROM the Land of Misfit Toys!’.

                During my search, I also found the attribution thread, and read the whole thing. Hard to believe that went off the rails (briefly) over such an innocent mistake.

                I found the part where you mentioned it was for someone in particular, and the part about the ‘island of misfit toys’, but I had no idea at the time who you were referring to 🙂

                I wasn’t really alone as a kid (except all the hours I spent grounded in my room with nothing to do except play my 45s), I had plenty of friends fortunately, so that threw me off. But not always fitting in, and referring to the island of Misfit Toys (as you referenced in the attribution thread), might be something I said. I just wasn’t able to find it.

                But if you were thinking of me in some way when you decided to make that post, that was very kind and thoughtful of you, and I’m glad to find out. You are always very kind, and I appreciate it very much.

                [now watch, it will turn out that it wasn’t me at all, it was someone completely different, and I will have to go hide my head in embarrassment… that’s okay though, I recover quickly 😁 ]

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              2. Glad you replied, Scott. I was wondering. We’re in a quandary. I think it was you and it was touching.
                Made me stop and tear up.
                If it turns out to be another person, now they know we’re both thinking about them.

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              3. “Glad you replied, Scott. I was wondering.”


                I figured you might know I had seen your post, since I had ‘liked’ the posts immediately above and below it, I just needed to find time to investigate, and one thread led to another.

                And I’m glad you’re not mad at me for thinking Ozzy’s ‘helmsperson’ reference was a dude 🤣

                It truly didn’t occur to me that Ozzy was referring to YOU. You have to realize, since childhood, whenever I have had reason to think of a Pirate ship (the context of the ‘walk the plank’ part of the discussion), it was all men on the Pirate ship, certainly including whoever was steering. That was MY frame of reference, so it was a perfect opening to exploit for humor when Ozzy said ‘helmsperson’.

                That’s such an awkward word, ‘helmsperson’, and sometimes Ozzy and I play that back-and-forth game, trying to keep it going with one funny comment after the other, so I thought I knocked it out of the park with my response.

                It didn’t occur to me that you and Ozzy both thought you were the ‘helmsperson’ until I saw you post “Spit!” 😁

                Cracked me up good… but I didn’t want you to be mad at me, either!

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    3. Real Gary Seven, Simply guilt by association. You are guilty for associating with folks that have sound hive and take on topics with varying perspectives. Worst of all, (sarc), Q, is openly discussed.

      Freedom of speech embraced. Unlike OT, some cities in US, come to think of it, UK, parts of Europe, AND Chyna…

      This site, IMO, is superb in allowing free speech and promoting America AND our ideals.

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      1. If you and others are correct, someone at the Treehouse (surely not Sundance; he’s too busy and broadminded) had to expend immense time to click on each follower and research which blogs each follower follows or has commented on and then drop the ban hammer based on _____ and also not answer an email inquiry. That makes no sense to me. I read some very broad-ranging things, and reading and being aware of something does not imply endorsement of or identity with it. On the other hand, clearly SOMETHING has happened to many of us who subscribe to this blog. Hell, TCT itself often posts links to the NYT and WAPO and CNN: that doesn’t mean Sundance endorses those fake news outlets. So I’m fairly certain that it isn’t Sundance but in all likelihood a rogue, “deep blog” underling…

        Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I’m just trying to make sense of this and I can’t. My only direct communication from anyone at TCT via email was a couple of years ago and it was positive.

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        1. “If you and others are correct, someone at the Treehouse (surely not Sundance; he’s too busy and broadminded) had to expend immense time to click on each follower and research which blogs each follower follows or has commented on and then drop the ban hammer based on _____ and also not answer an email inquiry.”


          I don’t think it happened like that.

          When they kicked us out, it was a whole bunch of us in the space of a few days. SD had been agnostic about Q for the most part.

          Then he dropped a few hints that he opposed Q, and this literally gave a ‘green light’ (a term I used and accused him of doing) to the Q-haters to attack those who were reading and commenting on Q posts.

          Then SD directly attacked Q in one of his articles, and to my knowledge, that was the day that a lot of people were purged, and it continued steadily afterward.

          I was challenging each of his points, and was on my 4th or 5th (or 6th or 7th, I can’t remember now) post, when suddenly my post didn’t show up on the board. I refreshed the screen, and all of my posts had been deleted, and that’s when I knew.

          I had been posting there regularly for at least a couple years by that point. I had been suspended before, because the goal posts were always moving, but this was different. I remember at the moment of realization I just smiled and said to myself I guess that’s it, then 🙂

          I checked Breitbart, where I used to fight with leftist trolls before I found CTH, but Breitbart is like a hyperactive click-bait Eeyore website, every single event is signalling the Apocalypse, and I can’t take that all the time.

          I was getting used to not being able to post on CTH anymore for a day or two (but still reading it), when it occurred to me to look for some of the other people who had been purged. I don’t remember exactly what I searched for or how I found it, but I saw Wolfmoon’s website (here) almost immediately after I started looking.

          Then I saw all the familiar names from CTH who had been banned, and knew I had found the right place 😁

          I don’t think whoever is in charge of banning at CTH was following any particular members or researching other blogs where they posted. It was much simpler than that. They knew about Wolf, and they knew about this website, so all they had to do lurk here and see who was posting.

          If anybody was posting here who was still active at CTH, they were banned. It would only take a few minutes each day to come up with 10 or 15 people to ban.

          Next question, WHY?

          Why do they even care, to go to the trouble?

          Why be so petty that you spy on another website and kick anybody off your own website if you see them on this particular website?

          I don’t know, but it’s hard to imagine they weren’t surprised that we all found each other so quickly, and Wolf had a ready-made spot for us to meet up. As fast as CTH could ban people, this website grew.

          That must have really cheesed somebody off, lol!

          I mean, what fun is it to ban people, if they just go someplace better? 😁

          Banning longtime members is fairly serious thing to a lot of people. Some people were really hurt by it, and said so. Essentially ‘shunning’ or cutting people off from their friends and acquaintances without any credible reason or cause is a pretty lousy thing to do, and SD knows it, and they did it anyway.

          Hard to imagine there wasn’t some intent (or satisfaction) in hurting people by banning them, when you purge 50 or 100 or more people over a couple days. Scattering them to the winds. The lure of tyranny must be powerful.

          To see all those people suddenly find each other here, and start figuring out what had happened, and then growing and eventually competing for members (people have left CTH without being banned and come here) might be a real kick in the ego.

          If so, good, after the way they treated us.

          And if not, who cares, anyway?

          Life is too short to hold grudges. More than anything I’m just curious what happened and why, but whatever the answer might be, it was a pretty rotten thing to do, and says a lot more about the character of the person who did it than it does about any of the people who were banned.

          But I don’t think they were searching all over the Internet tracking former members. They knew we were here, and they only had to check here (this forum) for a few minutes each day to get a list of more people to ban from OT (over there).

          Quick and easy.

          But why did it happen in the first place, the sudden and irrational hatred of Q, and the original purge?

          If anybody knows, they’re not talking. ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

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            1. You’re very welcome. 👍

              And you’re not alone, there are MANY here who didn’t comment about Q, and have no idea why they were banned.

              That’s one of the mysteries, i.e., why were so many (or ANY) CTH members banned who said nothing at all about Q?

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  3. The Republicans are not standing united as President Trump asked and needs.

    We have traitors in the Republican ranks.

    Romney is a rat and Lindsey Graham is looking like controlled opposition to Democrat plots. His McCain influence is showing.

    Heck, even Ramirez came out against POTUS on Syria!!!

    and in the house….skullduggery – secret impeachment and this:

    Did Pelosi and company go to the Middle East to meet with ISIS?

    Or did they go to threaten King Abdullah or bribe him with Ghaddafi’s, oops, I mean Hillary’s and Obama’s, gold?

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  4. Just a little riff on impeachment, or what they are calling impeachment.

    What is going on now violates House rules, maybe. But it is not unconstitutional. Nothing in the constitution indicates how the House should behave, in this or any other matter.

    It is not a criminal proceeding and therefore none of the Bill of Rights applies. It is a Article I political action, not a Article III judicial action. Neither House impeachment nor Senate trial is a court of any kind.

    The basis for impeachment must be a crime, according to the constitution text. But there is no mechanism to stop the House from voting impeachment articles for having the wrong color hair (as an example). One would hope that the Senate would have enough sense in that instance to retain the president. But we can never be sure.

    What is currently going on is of no consequence. It is legitimate despite its obvious unfairness. To call it a political stunt for possible political gain would be quite accurate. Is it anything like what the Framers intended? Not even close, if one reads the Federalist papers (#65 is the germane one IIRC).

    So what should we, the thinking patriots, do about it or in response to it?

    In a word, nothing. DJT could also take that position but it is doubtful he will. But we should do nothing directly about it. We cannot affect the situation nor can we hope to be able to do so.

    Therefore, any energy we expend in pursuit of an impossible goal is wasted with the added consequence of being demoralized by our inevitable failure.

    We should, rather, concentrate on the presidential campaign, helping in any ways that we can. We should also do the same for the “lesser” campaigns at the state and local level. DJT needs a GOP majority in both house of Congress so that his second term can be all he has planned. The swamp will never be drained unless the president has a compliant Congress that will give him the legislation he needs to destroy the corruption.

    Be of good cheer, pedes, victory is assured and y’all are blessed enough to be alive to see it and be a part of it. History in the making.

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      1. It’s been used on Reddit’s The_Donald since the board’s inception (2015 or 2016). It’s short for ‘centipedes’ (too long a story to explain). In short, ‘pedes’ is synonymous for ‘brothers’.

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          1. Thank you, friend!

            Everything’s fine. Have been busy tracking Brexit, including watching parliamentary debates, so am catching up here only now.

            Have a blessed week ahead. I wish the same for your daughter also. I hope her health is improving steadily.

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    1. Respectfully, it most assuredly IS a legal proceeding in BOTH Houses. It ABSOLUTELY is Unconstitutional. They DID NOT have a House vote, as they have already done THREE times in the last three years to AUTHORIZE an Article of Impeachment proceeding. The House MEANING the ENTIRE House, MUST vote to authorize an article of impeachment. Once authorized, that proceeding MUST occur in the Judiciary committee. Transparency is KEY, as are the RIGHTS of the accused, in this case the President of the United States.

      What the dems are doing is going against TWO centuries worth of precedent in THREE prior Impeachment proceedings. Precedent is BASICALLY LAW. This is just in the House. In the Senate it ABSOLUTELY is a trial, presided over by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.

      The problem with calling this POLITICAL and not LEGAL, is that the dems are using LEGAL remedies (subpoena’s, witness, calling,ETC ) which are supposed to be APOLITICAL.

      The precedent the dems are trying to overturn, should they succeed, will be the END of free, FAIR , elections by the people. If someone should get elected that the other side does not agree with, and does not like, they will simply UNDO the will of the people. EXACTLY what the founding Fathers did NOT want.

      I suggest reading the Federalist papers, the precursor to the Constitution, especially Hamilton. You will see that this was meant to ONLY be used in the commission of HIGH crimes and misdemeanors, think TREASON, Bribery, murder, etc. NOT political disagreement, THAT is what ELECTIONS are supposed to be for.

      This clandestine impeachment boondoggle is inherently DANGEROUS, antithetical to the Constitution AND the rights and due process of the President. No one is above the law, but that means no one is BENEATH it either. What they are attempting in the guise of “politics” covered by ” law” is at BEST sedition, and at WORST treason.

      If they can remove a President, absent a REAL tangible crime, WITHOUT due process, and legal rights, in SECRET, we are doomed. If the President can have HIS rights squashed, we ALL have no rights. Which means the Constitution is MOOT, and we are no longer a Republic, we are an Autocracy, ruled by a political elite.

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      1. I love and respect your views. In this situation, you have overlooked what is actually the crucial point.

        Putting the label “impeachment” on these hearings does NOT make it an impeachment proceeding. This is long established both in common law and appellate decisions – usually shortened to: “a rose by any other name is still a rose.”

        NOTHING in these hearings has anything at all to do with impeachment FOR THE REASONS YOU CLEARLY ARTICULATED despite all the noise to the contrary. In order for impeachment to officially exist, a House vote must take place declaring such.

        If the resolution presented for a vote states that it is for authorization to investigate, then it would not yet be articles of impeachment. Or they could simply draw up whatever they want (with or without evidence) and submit it for a vote to impeach.

        Again, nothing in the constitution controls procedure in any of the co-equal branches of govt. The Tenth Amendment states that all powers of the feds are in the constitution or else they belong to the states. The President does not yet have anything official to challenge since the hearings EXCEED the enumerated powers of the House to oversee. Fishing expeditions are not part of the enumerated powers delegated to the Congress.

        We are not obliged to see an ordinary brick as a gold ingot no matter what anybody says. Schiff and his hearings are bricks. Nothing more, and they deserve no courtesy. DJT should continue to insult all critters involved.

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          1. On a related side note – why do you suppose the GOP representatives are attending a hearing where they cannot ask questions, cannot get transcripts and basically are handcuffed and anklecuffed?

            I posit that it is because it is part of a cover. DJT knows the legal opinions about the situation but he can’t let on that he knows he will prevail because the enemy could change strategy. So the GOP Trumpsters dutifully trudge into the hearing room and try to keep from falling asleep.

            When the Horowitz report drops, reality will shape-shift and it’s anyone’s guess how far that shift will go. There’s also the possibility that Durham could bifurcate his report and start dropping it sequentially. Another reality shape-shifting.

            And finally (on this track) there’s Sidney’s nuke motion in the Flynn case. I hope you’ve read her next to last filing but she had the damn MAC ID numbers of those phones AND she put them right into the motion! Anybody can grab those numbers and find out where they were initially shipped, and maybe the initial purchaser. I think she already knows but she wants it to surface independently.

            So DJT lulls everyone into being used to the path we’re on, and everyone gets comfortable and LESS ALERT.

            Until DJT gives everybody shock-and-awe.

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            1. Well, on the FIRST part, the Republicans are there as WITNESSES to the coup. See FIRST hand accounts, even WITHOUT the transcripts are NOT hearsay, and ARE admissible, especially when they are corroborated by multiple Republicans in the room.

              Look at Horrowitz as the “opening statement” in a trial of public opinion. THEN Barr and Durham come in and VALIDATE all that Horowitz alleged with EVIDENCE, and testimony.

              Then Barr opens SEALED indictments and the REAL trials begin. NOT Senate trials, NOT House trials, REAL courtroom trials, with REAL lawyers, displaying REAL evidence of a REAL coup attempt and a conspiracy to sedition and TREASON, with the accused facing REAL prison time or VERY REAL loss as the ultimate penalty facing a REAL platform, with a REAL trapdoor, and the REAL business end of a REAL 6′ rope over a REAL 8′ drop.

              Horowitz is basically gathering grand jury materials, and THAT may be the hold up, there may ALREADY be REAL grand juries with REAL sealed indictments.

              In other words, these coupists are fooked, and shit is about to get VERY REAL for them. They are in REAL deep shit…pun intended.

              As for Powell, it WILL all tie in in the conspiracy to a coup, sedition, and treason, Powell will have HER part, Papadopolous will have HIS part, Don Jr will have HIS part, hell, even Michael Cohen will have HIS part. But the leading roles will be Durham and Barr, mostly Durham. Barr will “sign off” and then be “forced” to release ALL of the classified docs now held, to VALIDATE Durham.

              All coming together, just like a PLAN.

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    2. We should see it (impeachment) for what it is…..

      Complete and total desperation on the part of a political party that is in the process of being utterly destroyed….

      ….which, btw, would have already happened if the media were just 1/2 honest and objective.

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  5. Note the heavy reliance on “Ambassador Taylor” in the above document.
    This is important.
    Taylor is only the “Ambassador” because President Trump replacement is stuck in Senate. He had someone else in mind to replace Yovanovitch, surely.

    But Taylor is the person the Schiff staffer met with when he traveled to Ukraine in mid August, BEFORE the August 28th article came out in Politico, which was planted by Schiff staff.
    Timeline goes – WB complaint –>> Schiff Staffer to Ukraine to meet with Taylor –>> Politico article by Natasha on August 28th –>> Article highlighted and retweeted by Schiff —>> Schiff ratchets up pressure on ICIG —>> September 11th Taylor sends tweet back with broad accusation “can’t believe we’re delaying arms for potus in 2020” which lays the seed.
    ^^^^^^ It was a plant.
    Looks like deep coordination with Schiff staff, media, whistleblower, and Taylor in Ukraine.
    The aroma of several big dead fish.

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      1. They have ONE fatal flaw Wolf, just like with the Dossier, just like with Mueller, this TOO is all based on innuendo and BULLSHIT coming from a single source, regurgitated and “glossed up” to make it look “corroborated” by multiple sources. EXCEPT, I suspect that the confirmation for the “whistle blower” IS the “whistle blower”, who is ALSO the “source” for the “whistle blower” AND the corroboration for Yovanovich, AND the set up person to try and get Volker, Sondland, and who knows who else “involved”

        In other words, Taylor is the corroboration for Yovanovich AND himself. Yovanovich is the corroboration for Taylor. Taylor is also the link to more corroboration by Volker and Sondland. It ALL falls on Bill Taylor. WATCH.

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      1. “… hang them all and let God sort them out …”


        So long as it’s called a ‘hanging’ instead of a ‘lynching’ there should be no problem.

        Wouldn’t want to run afoul of their silly linguistic contortions on the way to the gallows pole.

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        1. “gallows POLE”?
          Hell. Here in Arkansas we have a whole RACK.
          Still in good shape too.
          Just get tried in a Court or Tribunal…..
          then send ’em here for a re-enactment of Judge Issac C. Parker.

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          1. gallows POLE”?
            Hell. Here in Arkansas we have a whole RACK.”


            It was a Led Zeppelin reference… sometimes I throw music or movie references in, just to see if anyone is paying attention… 😁

            Gallows Pole, from Led Zeppelin III (1970):

            Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
            I think I see my friends coming, Riding many a mile.
            Friends, did you get some silver?
            Did you get a little gold?
            What did you bring me, my dear friends, To keep me from the Gallows Pole?
            What did you bring me to keep me from the Gallows Pole?

            I couldn’t get no silver, I couldn’t get no gold,
            You know that we’re too damn poor to keep you from the Gallows Pole.
            Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
            I think I see my brother coming, riding many a mile.
            Brother, did you get me some silver?
            Did you get a little gold?
            What did you bring me, my brother, to keep me from the Gallows Pole?

            Brother, I brought you some silver, yah
            I brought a little gold, I brought a little of everything
            To keep you from the Gallows Pole.
            Yes, I brought you to keep you from the Gallows Pole.

            Hangman, hangman, turn your head awhile,
            I think I see my sister coming, riding many a mile, mile, mile, mile.
            Sister, I implore you, take him by the hand,
            Take him to some shady bower, save me from the wrath of this man,
            Please take him, save me from the wrath of this mad man.

            Hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile,
            Tell me that I’m free to ride,
            Ride for many a mile, mile, mile.

            Oh, yes, you got a fine sister, She warmed my blood from cold,
            She brought my blood to boiling hot, To keep you from the Gallows Pole, Pole, Pole, Pole, yeah, yeah
            Your brother brought me silver, Your sister warmed my soul,
            But now I laugh and pull so hard And see you swinging on the Gallows Pole, yah
            But now I laugh and pull so hard And see you swinging on the Gallows Pole, Pole, Pole

            Swingin’ on the Gallows Pole!
            Swingin’ on the Gallows Pole!
            Swingin’ on the Gallows Pole!
            Swingin’ on the Gallows Pole, Pole, Pole, Pole, Pole, Pole, Pole, yeah…

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  6. Look for the following tactics:

    1. SPLITTER/SPOILER CANDIDATE/S – H/T – https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/1186441531261108224

    2. RINO RESIGNATIONS – like last time – in both House and Senate – to prevent investigations and protect donor interests, cover up for H>, Ø Democrat, RINO, and DS traitors/sedition/conspiracies/crimes.

    3. CONTINUED CONTROLLED OPPOSITION to Impeachment, USMCA, everything Trump tries to do!!!

    4. If ALL that doesn’t work, they will bring out the violence/chaos Antifa, ISIS in US (bombs), bombings, chemical and biological warfare – they want control back BAMN!!!!

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    1. “If ALL that doesn’t work, they will bring out the violence/chaos Antifa, ISIS in US (bombs), bombings, chemical and biological warfare – they want control back BAMN!!!!”


      I think DJT is completely prepared for that, waiting for it, like a crouched tiger.

      If even the least of what you described happens, it will only give him the excuse to FINALLY and righteously counter-punch these traitorous maggots so hard they will never recover.

      They won’t even make it to the hospital.

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    2. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is EXACTLY what they did in 2016, 2018, etc. THIS time we are WISE to their games. ANY resignation will be FILLED with a MAGA candidate. THIS time they simply moved too quick, and too often tried the same game. WE have TIME and an infrastructure in place this time to make SURE we run MAGA candidates.

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  7. That ain’t all the Democrats are doing wrong and criminally.

    Pay attention to the words: Economic Development.

    Translated from the Democrat Dictionary – that means deals, bribes, scams, schemes, money laundering, quid pro quo, etc.

    spit, Spit, SPIT!!!!

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    1. Do we as tax paying citizens of the USA have or not have LEGAL recourse to get that money back from these miserable low life seditious scums bags ⁉️⁉️⁉️ Bill the suckers for robbing our tax dollars AND sue them for not doing their job passing what this country needs to be successful … USMCA, etc etc

      Low life grifters …. 🤨🤚‼️‼️‼️‼️😑🤚‼️‼️

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    2. Actually, what this “unannounced” trip was for is to try and throw monkey wrenches into PDJT’s Syria plans….to threaten ME players….or promise rewards…..if Trump loses the election.

      Dims are trying to get people to sit on their hands rather than hand Trump any wins.

      These people are traitors to the USA.

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  8. No doubt, Pelosi is going to let slut Omar and sicko Hill ethical and criminal violations slide.

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  9. The thing about their lawless hubris…pride commeth before the FALL. These fools will fall HARD. They are still stuck in the 1970’s, thinking they can manufacture an impeachment to overturn the will of the people, a mere year away from ANOTHER election that Trump WILL win by even BIGGER margins, by using “secret” made up testimony, with cherry picked “facts” and testimony by embedded spies and dem operatives, and MSM narratives supporting the LIES and INNUENDO, to “fool” us.

    First it was a quid pro quo, then it was a “cover up” now it is neither because they don’t NEED the “witness” that supposedly started it all. They THINK that they will be able to make it an “abuse of power” now, using a DISGRACED dem embed SPY, masquerading as an ambassador. And another dem operative, Bill Taylor, as verification. All because Trump FIRED her sorry ass for conduct detrimental to his policies. (the dumb ass dems FORGET that their was JUST a new Ukrainian President elected, and HE did not like Yovanovich EITHER)

    Now, first off, Yovanovich is a dem operative and a SPY, who was SPYING on right leaning journalists…a CRIME. Second, she WITHHELD VISAS from LEGITIMATE Ukrainian politicians who had EVIDENCE of Obama officials committing corrupt and ILLEGAL acts DURING and BEFORE the 2016 election…a cover up and a CRIME.

    Third, even WITHOUT the complaints by Zelinsky, the spying on journalists, and the cover up of Obama admin crimes, Trump could STILL fire her sorry ass at ANY time for ANY reason. See, State is part of the executive branch, of which Trump is the HEAD. Yovanovich, Taylor, and all the other Ambassadors and field officers in State serve at HIS pleasure. That quite simply means he could LITERALLY have a great conversation with ANY of them at 9 AM, laugh, cut, up, and have a good old time. Hang up, change his mind because he suddenly got gas, and FIRE them ALL two minutes later, and there would NOT be a damned thing they could do about it. He simply could decide to “go in a different direction” CASE CLOSED.

    The abuse of power for that, is not only a non starter, it is LAUGHABLE. Their sole argument is he abused his power because he did like her politics, and she was a good girl. NONE of that matters and they damn well KNOW it. He could LITERALLY fire her because she was a Red Sox fan, and he is a Yankee fan. Makes ZERO difference. He just has to word it right, and he DID. He said he wanted to go in a different direction because he was unsure that she was doing him and his polices proper service. Translation, bye bye Marie.

    They will continue to push this narrative, in secret, because it is LAUGHABLE at best, and part of a coup at worst. The people Schiff is calling, like himself, are part and parcel witnesses to PREVIOUS crimes committed including conspiracy against the US, Sedition, obstruction, REAL abuse of power and US resources, corruption (RICO), and TREASON.

    The REAL reason this is being done is to use this SHAM of an “inquiry” as “cover” for when the bad shit they did comes out. They THINK it will give them “legal cover” because they are “investigating” and Trump is committing political reprisal to cover up something ( That is EXACTLY what the dems are doing to Trump now)

    Sorry dems, an ILLEGAL act committed to cover up OTHER illegal acts is ILLEGAL, and ILLEGITIMATE. It will provide you NO legal protection was YOUR crimes and complicity are EXPOSED. Tic toc mother*%*&ers.

    Yes, I am PISSED. No more BULLSHIT games. Horowitz is a clog in the drain, time to have him pony up, so the REAL shit can hit the fan. Mr President, TEAR DOWN this wall of corruption, scatter it ALL to the four corners and the winds. Order it ALL immediately released, and ANYONE that does not comply, either FIRE their sorry ass for INSUBORDINATION, or dereliction of duty. Hold ANY that cannot provide LEGITIMATE national security reasons, in WRITING, for ANY delay, as part of the conspiracy, and LOCK them UP. NO MORE GAMES, No more semantics, NO more lies, NO more stalling, NO more obvious obstruction.

    You sir are carrying the BIGGEST stick, high time to USE it. We the people WILL have your back. It is time to remind these people just WHO they work for, and just WHO holds the power in this country. As far as I am concerned, ANYONE that votes for this farce is a TRAITOR, and should be treated as such.

    There is a reckoning coming, and we the people WILL have justice, one way or the other, these fools in Washington who think they have the power and we are just sheep, and that they can undermine our vote and OUR election, had better wake up and smell what they are shoveling. Revolutions and Civil Wars do NOT end well for corrupt politicians that think they are ABOVE the law.

    IT IS TIME. Release the Kracken Mr President. Let the chips fall, let the dies be cast. History is watching. We are ALL witness, and we are all and have been patient, but our patience has run out! TIMES UP Cabal!

    Rant over!

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      1. LOL I know right. Lol. Sorry, these people and their smugness are really pissing me off to no end. I, in writing my book, and through my research KNOW what they did and tried to do…the BALLS of these people.

        PLUS, they are STILL trying (and failing BADLY). It is HIGH time the pukes were taken down off of that faux high horse of theirs.

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      2. LOL—You sound like some of my friends “Oh oh Grannie didn’t use symbols, watch out”
        Usually when I type I will use symbols or blank after first letter like S…., but when i am really ticked i forget to edit myself …

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        1. LOL I know, but I try REALLLLLY hard to NOT curse in the presence of women and children. ERGO, the symbols. EVERYONE knows exactly what I meant, lol, but I still did not say it…that way..lol. AS I said, son of a WW2 vet, I learned how to “conjugate” verbs at the age of 5. LOL

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              1. Parents back their delinquent students and then wonder why their child flunks out of college, especially when send away to school.

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              2. Yes to take “Liberal Arts”, or “Progressive thinking” and then wonder why they are deep in debt and CANNOT find a job outside of Wal Mart or McDonald’s,

                Then they have ZERO skillset for the real world, and ZERO common sense, it is a losing proposition.

                In my day, if you did not want to go to College, you went to a trade school, learned a skill, and made the best of it. Now, the snowflakes play Fortnight and live in mom and dad’s basement.

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              3. I can’t tell you the number of crazy students that I’ve watched being babied by parents end up back home in a semester. If parents are lucky their child only flunked out & didn’t get suspend or arrested.

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    1. Prog – I love your rants! Keep ’em coming! If this doesn’t stir up a persons heart, I don’t know what would. Have you ever listened to the Dilley Show on Twitter or Periscope? If you can get past his vulgarity, Brenden Dilley is a powerful speaker who says what a lot of angry (yet smart!) Americans are thinking. It’s rough, but once you get used to his style, he makes sense.

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      1. LOL I used to listen to George Carlin, Gallagher, Richard Pryor, and Redd Foxx go on rants. I am the son of a WW2 Army Vet, I think I can “conjugate expletives” with the best of them , without being offended.

        I will check him out. Always open to new opinions as to what we are all going through.

        I will “keep em coming” util these corrupt criminals are brought to justice!

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        1. In Spanish, there is a formal “you” [usted] and a more intimate “you” [tu]. I was amused to learn that when you tell someone “f*** your mother”, it is nearly always the less formal “you” that is used (I’d say “always”, but it’s possible that I just haven’t seen or heard it).

          I had previously thought that the person doing the swearing might want to psychologically distance themselves from the person being sworn at, but no….. I guess it’s sort of like, “why don’t you go p*** up a rope, buddy?” — a false affinity so as to get closer to the target.

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          1. Same thing in German, “Du” (close friend, family, adult to a child; among the younger set, informal) versus “Sie” (formal, used in business, as a matter of respect e.g. to an elder person, or to someone who is not in a close circle to you). To violate these rules is a social faux pas, used to be a HUGE one. They used to have parties or toasts when a friend went from someone in the “Sie” group to being in the “Du” group. This “change of state” is called Duzen (the rare opposite is called Siezen), the abuse thereof is call Duzerei. And can really set some people off.

            So, Du blöde Kuh (you stupid cow) is a double offense, unless you’re a close friend of a bovine quadruped. If you’re speaking to a family member, as an adult, not good. The phrase is used more often between children, so I guess it would make it a triple offense to say to an adult not of one’s inner circle.

            Only having two “genders” in English, and nouns not having any (i.e. everything is “das” or neuter); only having “you” as opposed to Du and Sie is also nice.

            On the other hand, watching Germans deal with our prepositions, voiced consonants (d,p,b, etc.), and, my favorite, the “th” sound (as in “thing”) is a lot of fun (don’t tell my wife that 🙂 Then again, she laughs at my butchery or downright neglect of umlauts – heyyyy, who needs those stupid dots… good thing we don’t live in Finland or Iceland, though [according to seniornomads.com “kääntääjää (Finnish for translator) is the Finnish word with the most umlauts or perhaps umlaut density 🙂 ] )…


  10. Dems (and Lawfare) purposely keep projecting the President’s interference in the 2020 election cycle (a lie)—when the President rightly wants the 2016 interference examined never with any concern for 2020! The potential criminality goes “back” 4 years, not “forward” 1 year!

    If I were Brennan, Comey, Clinton, McCabe (fill in the blank)— I’d hurry up and file to run for President (the deadline to enter is close), ASAP, to provide an excuse not to be indicted, etc. (interfering in the 2020 election!).

    How do you reason with unreasonable people?….you don’t!!!!

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    1. Smart young black chic, WH press corps, was questioning Mulvaney.
      She said, why is this not trying to interfere in 2020? Cuz Joe Biden
      Mulvaney explained, no, we’re looking at 2016, read the transcript of Trump call.
      She said no, if you’re looking at 2016 and the “server” then it equates to investigating the “dems”/DNC, which would be Biden…….
      ……….. and she thought this made sense.
      I guess they want the Trump WH to NEVER investigate the DNC – ever.
      Not allowed.
      We can persecute YOU but you are not allowed to question.

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      1. Daughn, what did I say just yesterday. It is NOT Biden the Cabal are worried about in the Ukraine and that call. It is THE SERVER. That server is the “Holy grail” of Cabal corruption…NO more doubt. Dems, are NOT as smart as they THINK they are, and we are NOT as dumb as they think we are.

        Funny thing about the Dems, they remind me of Batman TV villains, they ALWAYS tell you EXACTLY what their evil plans are, thinking they have you, only to have you escape, FOIL their dastardly plans, and win in the end. ALL because they under estimated you, ran their big mouth, and TOLD you what they were doing. See the above “smart” chic. She TOLD Mulvaney EXACTLY what they were concerned about, and it was the SERVER. Curses…foiled again!

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    2. Have you noticed that many of the top people are now “commentators” or “analysts” for fake news media, where they will try to hide frame any investigation into them as an “attack” on the 1st Amendment (which, as we know, they all actually oppose)?

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  11. Goading…. trolling….

    Liked by 12 people

    1. He should release the letter today, 6 month ticker.
      Enough is enough.
      Media already has their talking points, “Too many problems with USMCA, seems unsurmountable”

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Yep. Take the past few days as an example. He held a record-breaking rally in Dallas, appeared on several long interviews, held an open cabinet meeting/press conference/cabinet meeting, appeared on Hannity, and Tweeted and retweeted dozens of times. If you work a full time job and simply try to keep track of everything VSGPDJT does, it’s nearly impossible. And it’s only October 2019. He is going to out work, outperform, and out campaign the Left orders of magnitude more than he did in 2016. I believe it was Ivanka who said in 2015 that Trump would “outwork” his opponents. Got that right! I remember the week prior to the 2016 election: it was all I could do to watch Trump’s rallies. By the time I got half way through one, he had already started another… and he had to fly there! All I had to do was watch, and he still moved faster than the speed of light. Over the years, I’ve watched the office age Presidents and slow them down, with one exception. Trump is the only President who looks physically better the longer he is in office. He absorbs the energy of the attacks against him and becomes stronger. We may thank God for it!

        Liked by 3 people

        1. EXACTLY. Wasn’t there an article a few months back where reporters were complaining that they were “overwhelmed” in trying to keep up with Trump. These reporters were in their twenties and thirties, Trump is 72. I guess all those years of covering do nothing Presidents like Bush and Obama SPOILED them.’

          Trump is a BUSINESS man first, and in THAT world, TIME is money. If you are not using your time to MAKE money, you are LOSING money.

          That is why HE will win, because HE is so far ahead of them, and they do not even realize it yet.

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  12. Meanwhile in California–Rats are spreading diseases (Typhus) in inner LA & Leprosy has made a come back…What the H3LL is going on with our country.
    i dared to let my kids take me to San Francisco while I was down there in June–Damn they crapping in the Wharf area too..

    ‘Typhus zone’: Rats and trash infest Los Angeles’ skid row, fueling disease

    A 2018 Snapshot of Homelessness in Los Angeles County

    Doctor Warns Of Leprosy In Los Angeles

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    1. “What the H3LL is going on with our country.”


      Kalifournya is the resistance stronghold, the headquarters of the crime syndicate run by Newsom and Pelosi and their related mafia families. Almost certainly owned by the Chinese, or hostage to the Chinese in the same way as North Korea has been, and Kalifournya is being used to create some kind of Constitutional crisis.

      Maybe a political secession breakaway event with riots and an army of ‘homeless’ who are really mercenaries and gang members from South America and around the world who have snuck into our country over the past 5 to 10 years.

      Maybe they are setting up for a false flag bigger than 9/11, something on the order of a tactical nuke.

      The Chinese have to be very careful, more careful than they’re ever been, because if it is traced back to them (and it will be, because everybody already knows) then it’s on.

      Maybe that’s what is happening now in slow motion, and both sides are fully aware, and it’s a race to see if the white hats can entrap and stop the black hats in time.

      Whatever is going on, the insane Left is pushing as hard as they can to get to some kind of prearranged ‘tipping point’.

      The question is what they are trying to ‘tip’, and into what.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. When we dropped off my granddaughter, she reminded her mother the way to the freeway. Guess if you veer too far from the freeway route there is a big camp. That is why her mother didn’t want her using public transit home after game.

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    1. “his squish is in a LOT of trouble. It leads to the very top…”


      There’s no way Juicy Smellet can do hard time. He’s no G. Gordon Liddy, he’s a babe in the woods.

      Gonna have to become an acrobat, and start flipping, while dodging Arkancide attempts from his own people.

      Good times ahead for Juicy.

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  13. We must bear in mind…at all times….that the best defense is a good offense,

    This is what the dims are trying to practice. They are trying to keep POTUS on defense. They are DESPERATE to keep POTUS on defense.

    Dims are on the verge of a corruption scandal that will destroy their party for a generation. They well know it, too. The folks who would be the equivalent of US on their side are following the Barr/Huber/Durham story just as closely as we are.

    Dims are petrified! Deservedly so. They are in a panic and they are desperate.

    Be of good cheer and optimism. POTUS has our enemies right where we want them. The trap door is springing shut, and there will be no escape.

    Cornered rats are a pitiful and terrifying sight to see. Don’t be fooled and don’t lose sight of the fact that THEY ARE CORNERED, seeking any chance…anything at all…to escape.

    Trust. Believe. Pray.

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    1. “Dims are on the verge of a corruption scandal that will destroy their party for a generation.”


      I think it will completely destroy their party forever.

      This is an extinction level event as far as political parties go. That jackass is going to be put down like the rabid animal it has become.

      It will also be the end of the MSM as we know it.

      And it won’t stop there.

      It won’t just be the end of the Democrat Party forever.

      Because of what will be revealed, because of the corruption, and how it was used to enact laws and policy and every other Treason they committed, because of the atrocities and crimes against humanity that have been committed, ALL of their legislative lawlessness will be nullified, struck down, like ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’.

      If it is handled right, not only will it be an extinction event for the Communists and their political arm front group, the Democrat Party — but it should absolutely be a Restoration Event for our Republic.

      Imagine all the chains and weights the Marxists have laid upon our country and our people since their first major victory in overcoming McCarthy (who was right, btw).

      Imagine all those chains and weights being broken and falling to the floor, quickly, leaving us with the kind of real freedom America enjoyed in the aftermath of WWII. Only better, because the Federal Reserve will be gone, and so many other corruptions of our nation and Constitution will be gone.

      With no leadership on the Left to object to any of it. No one to even raise a voice of concern about deporting and evicting every last bit of Hussein’s orchestrated islamic invasion, and every single illegal alien.

      All the ‘demographic terrorism’ stops.

      I think this is why the Left is completely unhinged and fighting like there is no tomorrow.

      Because for them, there isn’t any tomorrow.

      This is the end.

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    2. That is why I keep a slew of stuff with backup in word–yea I’m old fashioned. Most of the Trump positive & Dem negative gets back paged quickly
      Learned the hard way in 2008 that stuff does disappear anyway. The pages that disappeared or got whitewashed in 2008 on Obama was really horrid…Yes I saw what Wright’s church was about & saw Obama all over the Black Panther page too before they got white washed.

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  14. Let’s not forget about the Ukraine – U.S. treaty.


    I find it interesting that it’s not being talked about by anyone very recently (as in regards to the Lawfare doc). Of course, the libs do NOT want any sunshine there, but POTUS hasn’t mentioned it very recently, especially with the new Lawfare document out. I’m just wondering if it’s not being discussed in order to give a false sense of security to the Dimms, and lure them further out on the limb. POTUS likes to explain things in a very general way without going into specifics at times, and I think it’s purposeful.

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  15. I have thrown the treaty out there all over the place. It was signed by Clinton in 99 and approved by Congress in 2000. H3LL even Biden signed on to it.

    Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

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  16. Husband dropped a tidbit yesterday which I hadn’t thought of.
    If the Whistleblower had first hand info from the POTU call, it would be illegal for him/her to leak classified intel.
    As a second hand account, it was not.

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  17. Liked by 2 people

    1. None of my 4 posts are sticking on daily thread. Glad to see I can post here. Here’s one from this afternoon. Pelosi and Schiff struck out in Jordan according to Laura Loomer

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