Trump is Correct on Syria. Trump was right, again!

Don’t you wish some people would keep their mouths shut until they know all the facts? We’re only now beginning to get a glimpse of the reality of the situation on the ground.

Congress, last week, voted 360+, to slap the hand of the President on his Syria policy. They were wrong, again, because they believed the “Jumping Chihuahua” media instead of trusting the President. And again, the media was WRONG, and again, Trump was right.

I wish I had a transcript of this interview, so I could nail it to the forehead of every Republican when they even THINK about doubting President Trump.

Let’s take a look at Trump’s plan for the border area between Syria and the Kurds. “Historic solutions in Syria that have eluded us for years.”, says Graham, and “President Trump is thinking outside the box” and “I was so impressed with his thinking about the oil fields” —— Can you see my shocked face? Did Graham not listen to ANY Trump MAGA rallies? President Trump has been talking about it for YEARS!!!!!! We knew!

  1. USA and Syria control the oil, “On the verge of a joint venture between us and the Syrian Democratic Forces” to modernize the oil fields with USA help, that way the oil revenue goes to the locals instead of Assad, ISIS, or Iran. And the shared revenue will pay for USA commitment to the region…… !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Develop something like a DMZ between Syria and Turkey. Kurds have lost 10K fighters and the USA has lost eight soldiers (mostly Kurdish) fighters. DMZ will contain an international force, no Americans, supported by USA air power.
  3. This keeps Turkey safe, from the “bad Kurds”, who are terrorists, because we now know there are at least two different sects.
  4. This keeps Syria and the Kurds safe.
  5. This ensures no Iranian involvement.
  6. Protects Israel as a primary objective.

“I’m increasingly optimistic, this could turn out very well.“, says Graham.

Well, WTF? What did he think President Trump was going to do? I want to slap him, or shake him, like Cher did in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”, Lindsey.

Once again, the media, the think tanks, the GOPe and the Dems are stuck in a rut. Did they expect Trump, The People’s President, to harm the USA interests? Or THEIR interests? Act spontaneously? Did Graham expect Trump to be stupid and not listen to the Pentagon’s proposals….. and then morph several ideas to come up with a better idea? Of course, all of DC thinks Trump is either stupid, ……or they are stupid……. or…….. they are evil and want to maintain control at all costs.

The “Jumping Chihuahua/Dog” nature of Trump’s opposition, the people’s opposition, is very telling. Here they are, all in unison, performing for the media. They all jump on cue every time Trump tweets or holds a presser.

Yes, Lindsey Graham in his tweet storm which started less than 30 minutes after Trump’s announcement, proved he was a jumping Chihuahua. Remember Lindsey’s “I will NOT be quiet…” beating chest like a Tarzan, yet he went on Fox and Friends, within 30 minutes, without knowing the details. He triggered all the usual NeoCons, Nikki Haley, Mitch McConnell, and began the drumbeat “I have spoken with Speaker Pelosi” and “Am working with Senator Van Hollen” (the Dem) for sanctions against Turkey (as if the Congress could do a better job on sanctions than Mnuchin – it’s laughable).

Again confirming he believed the PRESS over trusting his President

We see through this farce. The people know. It’s why the media’s approval ratings are down. It’s why Congress’ approval ratings are lower than cockroaches. We voted for real change, on war/trade/immigration/healthcare/unruly agencies, and we aim to get it.

Yes, the Syrians have been fighting in this region for hundreds of years. It was THEIR problem before the USA was barely a country. Yet, DAMMIT, if we’re going to go over there, lose even one precious American soldier, then By GOD, we’re going to fix it, and impose a solution on the region whether they effing like it or not.

Of course, the people KNOW their President. We KNEW something was going on, and held back on comments. Sure enough, about three days later, at a rally in Dallas, he explained what we already knew….. “Sometimes, you have to let them fight, like kids in a school lot”. After a few days, the Kurds were ready to strike a peace deal with Assad, the one they resisted for two years. Surprised? Pence and Pompeo flew to Turkey, and after a strongly worded “letter” from the President, we had a “pause” or a “ceasefire”.

As Scott Adams so eloquently pointed out, what are the rules for ALL ceasefires in the Middle East. What should we immediately expect? Paraphrasing from Scott Adams snark:

  1. Within 24 hours, one party allegedly bombs a “hospital”. Yes, of course, of all the targets Turkey could have allegedly chosen, it makes sense they would choose a hospital above anything else. Yeah, right…. snark.
  2. Someone releases an alleged chemical attack. Lots of white phosphorus in the Middle East, apparently. Do they think we’re stupid?
  3. The mother and dead baby (who has pink cheeks and is blinking), mourning perfectly, center of frame, for the media. And yet, the media tried it again.

And guess what happened in Syria……… the SAME playbook unfolded. We KNOW this is the playbook. And we also know any reports of “death” or “fighting” cannot be trusted because ground reports are impossible and unreliable in the fog of any war. Where are all the dead Kurds? Have you seen them? Confirmed? I mean, the media warned us of the massive ethic cleansing which COULD happen!! At this point, the media should be satisfied with a spoiled Cheese Curd.

For THIS reason we have 2 million immigrants in Europe, burning over 800 churches in France? Attacking Christmas markets in Germany? So many knife attacks in England the Mayor of London has tried banning KNIVES! Landing on the beaches in Spain? Economic burden for Germany? About to destroy the EU as Poland/Hungary and others are unwilling to take more migrants? What bozo thought THAT was a good idea? Oh yeah, it was Merkel, the one who loved Obama but loathes Trump. The whole thing is stupid. Yes, these are stupid people. Because if they’re not stupid, then they are intentionally malicious and evil, sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

epa05854766 US President Donald J. Trump (R) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 17 March 2017. Merkel’s original visit on 14 March had to be postponed due to bad weather. EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

Yet, along comes an American leader, Donald Trump, to step in, stop the foolishness/death/economic loss/decay, take the heat of the barking dogs, to save them all……… while they complain about being saved…… because it’s so much more fun to be miserable, destitute, or dead. Idiots!!

President Trump is going to win this one in Syria. Within 6 months, I’m betting, the barking dogs will claim it to be their idea. It’s the best possible solution for all parties concerned.

On October 11th, Lindsey and other NeoCons raced to the print media and microphones to predict “the biggest mistake of his Presidency”, the “rebirth of ISIS”, “genocide and ethnic cleansing” and the wrath of hell unleashed.

What a difference a few days makes. By October 17th, Lindsey was singing a different tune. Truth is, we have to give Lindsey credit for acknowledging his error in judgement, but it probably won’t stop his inner Chihuahua. Nonetheless, he is far ahead of the Dems and media……. who won’t admit the brilliant strategy of Trump.

And by October 18th, looks like the peace is holding and the Kurdish General is happy.

The media, the Dems, the think tanks, the Atlantic Council, and the NeoCon GOP are unbearable sad dogs.

Not only has President Trump won this one with the voters, he exposed the inept governing style of Dems, GOPe and the media which lies to the people. The Atlantic Council fellows should be shriveling like vampires in bright sunlight. He’s bringing troops home, making a better deal in the Middle East, co opting the GCC on the ground as well. “Peace is the prize”, Donald Trump.

Recently, a Dem strategy talking point memo was secretly found and released. The #3 item on the list for Dems in 2020 was to criticize President Trump for NOT bringing home the troops. Imagine that one? So, they criticize President Trump for bringing home troops……. cuz Muh Politics…… but they were willing to criticize Trump for NOT bringing home troops ………. cuz Muh Politics.

Are you getting the impression they don’t give a damn about our soldiers…….. only ………. Muh Politics.

Genuine affection, love, admiration for our military members comes from within, and it can never be faked for “Muh Politics”.

God bless our men and women in the military, wherever they are.

90 thoughts on “Trump is Correct on Syria. Trump was right, again!

  1. From PhoenixRising

    Bruno has a THREAD on what POTUS was really telling us……………

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  2. Trust Trump.
    I am just gonna kick back and enjoy the show until November 2020, President Trump will not only go down in history as one of the best Presidents ever but as one of the best Showmen in history.
    This is going to be much bigger than the Apprentice.

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  3. “Yes, these are stupid people. Because if they’re not stupid, then they are intentionally malicious and evil, sowing the seeds of their own destruction.”

    I vote for ‘intentionally malicious and evil’.

    And they think they will be immune from the destruction that they cause.
    They probably think they can go…”Ooops, we didn’t know this would happen.”…and then slime out of taking any responsibility for what they’ve done.

    Remember ‘Aubergine’s Razor’, as Wolf called it:

    “It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.”

    Merkel just admitted that “Multiculturalism had failed”.
    So she’s already starting to slime out of responsibility…it’s multiculturalism’s fault.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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        1. I’m back! I was able to check in late last night and clear spam before having to crash (jet lag), but now I’m back for real. I need to do a post while certain things are clear in my mind – hopefully ready by tomorrow.

          Love how well this place ran in my absence. This is a really great sign.

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    1. That’s exactly Aubergine’s Razor. Merkel, pretending she had “no idea” that a bunch of violent, ignorant, tribal Islamists wouldn’t assimilate to beer, brats, and Oktoberfest.

      Yeah, right. It was just a dumb mistake.

      That woman DEFINES malice and guile!

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      1. The biggest one, and one the folks in Köln (Cologne) still haven’t forgotten, was/were the rapes in the CATHEDRAL SQUARE of the Kölner Dom, one of the oldest, largest, and most famous Cathedrals in Germany, if not Europe. Talk about the Mozzies going after Cultural and Religious places, icons, and persons….

        1200 RAPES. And of those, only THREE (yes, THREE) perps actually ended up in jail. And not long after, they were RELEASED!!!!!!! The police (and of course, the victims) are furious. There’s a new term for it now (I guess to go with their “How To Pick Up German Women Classes [I kid you not!]). Sexuelle Nötigung. I guess the rapists’ version of a “Big Mac Attack”, i.e. “Gotta have it now, and I don’t care who or how”…

        Thanks (not) Merde-Kuh. You said we’d be getting “Kulturelle Bereicherung” (cultural enrichment). But WHOSE CULTURE? And what do you mean by “BEREICHERUNG”??? Seems to me the only ones benefitting are the Moose Slimes, erm, refauxgees, let’s call a spade a spade INVADERS.

        On OUR dime, OUR time, OUR DAUGHERS (and in some cases sons and pets(!)), and OUR FUTURE, and our descendants’ future.

        You don’t have to worry, Merde-Kuh: YOU have no PROGENY. When you’re gone, you’re gone, and so are your worries. But, we’re not, nor are our children, forced to pay off the debts that YOU irresponsibly incurred.

        Don’t worry. You’ll finally experience the warming that you keep yammering on about. BUT, unlike CAGW, it will be REAL, it will be LOCAL (to you), and it will be FOREVER. Better stock up on marshmallows and flameproof clothing.

        Or REPENT. Your choice…

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        1. You know, you reminded me of something. I have been thinking about how many women I know who are childless, and how many of those are liberal. Most of the mothers I know, even the ones who are more liberal than me, are at least SANE about it. The childless ones really just don’t have any stake in a future beyond their own lives.


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  4. I posted on Flep’s Roundup today in response to T^3:

    T^3 Posted:


    I replied:

    Dang, how convenient!

    * Start a war w/ Turkey – BLUE ON GREEN
    * Make Turkey a U.S. Enemy
    * Make the Zero Administration Plotters badness look they were really the good guys doing U.S. a favor!

    One heck of a marketing white-wash!

    Then yesterday afternoon I got to thinking.

    Do you remember what they were trying to nail General Flynn with?

    Not the phone calls, before that…

    They were looking to dirty him up . . . with his activities in TURKEY.

    Something smells fishy. Actually just plain ROTTEN about this.

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    1. In the big thing I did for the timeline…..
      I learned that Wikileaks exposed Erdogans son of selling bootleg oil from ISIS via Turkey.
      Thousandds of emails proved it.
      Yet, Erdogan contributed heavily to the Atlantic Council, who also wanted regime change in Syria (Assad gone).
      Atlantic Council helped to cover up Erdogan’s son and backed Turkey for all kinds of nefarious activity —- even when they came to the USA and Erdogan’s guards beat people up, remember that one?

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      1. No I missed that – so many moving pieces! I’m sure part of their ploy is hiding everything in plain sight and keeping things so complicated that they’re almost impossible to trace/remember.

        Adding some connecting tissue with our other research:

        The Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab Decides Which Social Media Posts Are “Bad”

        Also surprising details on the Atlantic Council and connection to CrowdStrike:

        What is [CROWDSTRIKE]-gate?

        I don’t think we have a thread for all things Bengazi, but I could be mistaken.

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  5. Thanks Daughn for posting this!

    The Syria thing is MUCH bigger than anyone realizes.

    The media is going to go out of their way to bury it in the memory hole ASAP.

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    1. michaelh:

      Remember how Zero wanted to call it “ISIL”? Very contemptuous ploy thinking people were stupid and wouldn’t see his shell game with “Levant”. He wanted to distract people from Syria which was the intended target. Probably ultimately to distance himself from the mess he directly had a hand in. Keep people from connecting the dots from Libya/Bengazi. Doesn’t seem to have worked. And of course the globo-idiots tried their “blue on green” stunt to get us back in (signalling with the sunset photo w/ Zero and Mic wearing blue sitting on green) only to have Mike & Mike show the world how Trump gets it DONE. All out, we will not be drawn back in. Peace without kinetic force. And on cue, the globo-idiots lose their collective minds 🙂

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      1. I remember Miss Lindsey always referred to them as “ISIL” too.
        Miss Lindsey is/was always a McShame butt buddy along with Kintzinger.
        Miss Linsey is also up for re-(s)election this time around.

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    2. When doing battle on a daily basis with the scum of the earth, it helps to have a healthy routine to peacefully work out some aggression and anger, such as weight lifting.

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  6. Somewhere early this year (back in January) someone posted a link in one of the daily threads to an EPIC analysis of Bengazi which connected a TON of the dots and brought in a lot more reporting… incredible piece of journalism. However ATM I don’t think I will be able to find it easily.

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    1. It is so hard for me when i see the name Benghazi anymore–Get a big lump in my throat & tears well up. Just impossible to believe that an American government did this to our Americans.

      NO American Should Ever Be On A Rooftop For Over Eight Hours Defending Americans Only To Have President Of America Give A Stand Down Order
      NO Parent Should Ever Be Lied To By The President Of America and His Staff While Looking Down At The Flagged Draped Coffin Of Their Child

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      1. There is so much more to this story.

        I am pretty sure Hussein and the Hildabeast were running guns out of Libya into Syria. They (purposefully) didn’t vet buyers very well, and lots of those guns went to ISIS.

        I think it is also likely that they were in the process of looting Libya’s gold.

        And I have read plausible stories that Christopher Stephens had in his possession a hard drive full of classified material that was to be sold to our enemies that the small group of guys who sought to defend Stephens managed to spirit out of Libya.

        Rescuing those guys would have made the cover up of all of this more complicated. So Hussein went to bed and left Valerie Jarrett to command the US military, even thought she was not authorized to do so.

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        1. I remember for months people defending this due to all the other bombings during other presidencies..
          However they were bombing that were done in a flash not 8 hours later…Then to top it there was not a stand down order, nor were other administrations lying for over 8months. .
          Strangest to me was that most of times survivors of instances like this were given WH homecomings. H3ck we don’t really know who majority of survivors were to this day.

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          1. The survivors were silenced by Hussein, forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, with threats of the full force of US law against them if they talked. This coercion was part of the cover up and is the reason we don’t know the identify of many of the people involved. Hussein’s spying and intimidation campaign against the US investigative journalist Sharly Attkisson was part of the cover up as well.

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            1. Understand NDAs. Have signed many over the decades. Seems to me, News can be undone, waved for specifics…

              AND should be to reveal tragedies over the hussein years. For that matter, as needed for transparency and justice.

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              1. Yeah, don’t get in front of a judge and tell him “I’m sorry, I would’ve alerted law enforcement, but I had this NDA…” It’s not going to go well for you.

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  7. I get a bit wet in the eyes every time I see that pic of DJT and the maimed man. It is so pure I can’t describe the feelings. NOBODY else (in the political universe) has ever shown that strong of a connection, as far as I remember.

    I may just get posters made with that pic on them, with the caption:

    This is the guy we elected. Accept no impostors. Trump 2020.

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    1. Yep. And maybe add the Scottish saying (from Robert Burns),
      “A Man’s a man, for a that”…

      That would drive the SJW snowflakes, the Feminazis, and the DEMONicRATS crazy. But it wouldn’t be trolling, for it’s true. For the first time in decades, if not a century or more, we have a REAL MAN as President. A GOD-fearing, loving-father, honest, intelligent (VSG), caoable, humble (yes, even if it’s in a NY sort of way) and caring man.

      And not a “politician”, yet doing a FAR better job of the diplomacy than any of them have ever done.

      Take that, Gilette wusses…

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      1. I’m mighty fed up with the damned bureaucrats going on NPR and the like and acting shocked at President Trump’s style of diplomacy.

        They are mortified he’s getting done what their educated, lengthy career diplomats could not.

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  8. Blue on Green could also mean leftists (blue dog democrats, rino and military industrial complex warmongers) on our military (fatigue green)…..keeping perpetual wars going, wasting our young people’s blood for the sake of their profit$$$.

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    1. From Green on blue, unboxing, and brass: on the radar in September 2012:

      … Green on blue is modeled after an earlier phrase, blue on blue, referring to inadvertent clashes between members of the same side in an armed conflict… Blue on blue originated in the British military in the early 1980s, but has now spread around the world, and even moved beyond the military sphere to describe accidental shootings among police officers.

      What are the blue and green referred to in these phrases? It doesn’t have anything to do with uniforms. The formulation is based on the standardized military symbols used to indicate different forces on maps. In this system, the color blue is used for friendly forces, red for hostile forces, green for neutral forces, and yellow for unknown forces. Thus, blue-on-blue shootings are incidents in which members of the same force fire on one another.

      What green on blue means is a bit more complicated. In addition to Afghanistan, green on blue has also been used in the context of Iraq; US General Raymond Odierno referred to the threat of “green-on-blue attacks” by Iraqi security forces on US personnel in Iraq in 2009 (Politico, 28 May). It would seem that in the context of the Iraq and Afghanistan, the local security forces are regarded as neutral, or green: not hostile, but not fully allies, either.

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        1. Oh, I see what you mean – quite unique – a bit over my head, GA/FL

          When researching – a combo of the two in color would make a new color – however – the description of an Iraqi soldier turning on a US soldier brought it home for me – not sure where I heard this expression before – but it makes me sick – and just goes to show you – we did not belong there – PT is right – let them fight their own wars!

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        2. Someone explained that on one of the threads a couple of days ago – VSGPDJT meant what he said, and there was sort of a coded message in it. Had a pic with blue and green background in it. Might have been explained by a series of tweets. I’ll look for it.

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  9. Thank you Daughn for this thread, I so glad you posted this as I was all crabby about all the BS being slung around like a bunch of chimpanzees slinging .. 💩🤚 .. 😑🤚 …. I knew President Trump knew what he was doing, thank God for him .. 🤨👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️

    What you posted was spot on and appropriate indignation at all the milk-sops wringing their pale pasty hands while making money off the lives of our soldiers … miserable 😖🤚 … toads ..

    Good job‼️ .. kudos .. 😎🤚🤗❤️

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  10. REMEMBER – McCain, McMullin and Kinzinger were meeting with ISIS leader al Baghdadi in Syria and funding and arming ISIS…..

    Syria is all about big money to be made at the cost of American soldier’s blood.

    Spit on the monsters who defend this cold-blooded position – that includes Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry and Romney….

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    1. Atlantic Council.
      They wanted regime change in Syria.
      Easy blueprint.
      Overthrow a country, create chaos, make money in the confusion, rinse and repeat.

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    2. Was watching the movie Lord Of War over the weekend, with Nicholas Cage.
      Based on a true story.
      Son of immigrants from Ukraine, he became an arms dealer.
      Bottom line, when the Soviet Union broke up, 39 BILLION dollars in arms was “heisted” out of Ukraine alone.
      Not to mention the other Soviet Bloc countries.
      And that’s just weapons.
      Now think about land, banks, gold, artwork, and oil and gas.

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      1. I liked that flick. Cage was perfect for that role.

        You might enjoy Body of Lies, about treachery and meddling in the Middle East.



      Evan McMullin – CIA trained misinformation/propaganda disseminator accusing Trump of not being loyal American

      It must be clear that Donald Trump is not a loyal American and we should prepare for the next four years accordingly. @realDonaldTrump

      .@realDonaldTrump is purposely dismantling barriers that protect our nation from dangerous Russian subversion, which he has also welcomed.

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          1. Thanks! I missed you all, too, but OMG, it’s great to come back and see that the whole thing ran like clockwork without me being connected AT ALL. A bunch of great posts by you all, no disasters, and my mind ultimately refreshed by a completely different view of the world. Spam bin wasn’t even as bad as I expected. Life is good!!! 😀

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          1. Thank you! It’s great to be back. I have a couple of posts I really need to do, but just savoring that moment of being back, spam bin [almost] emptied, and finding that things ran perfectly in my absence. It feels awesome!!! ❤ 😎

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  11. I have not formed an opinion on this, but I will pass along a handful of admittedly disjointed thoughts:

    — Whatever Lindsey is up to, I think it was planned when he played a round of golf with DPJT several weeks ago. Thus, I am not going to jump on Lindsey too much for seeming to confront PDJT. I think it is all part of the plan.
    — I watched (part of) the Putin interview Daughn posted several days ago, and in it he said something interesting. Russia is building relationships with various countries in the Middle East, but will not support one in a fight against another. I think he may have been telling Turkey and Syria and Iran that if any of them picks a fight with another, they should not expect Russia to help them.
    — Forced to fight without US support, Turkey might well reveal itself to be weaker militarily than many have thought. Its ground units appear to consist primarily of poorly trained Muslim fanatics.
    — Forced to fight without Russian support, Syria is also likely to be unimpressive.
    — The Kurds are organized and fight well, but lack the strength of a nation state. In particular, with limited air cover, they remain vulnerable. Living in peace within Syria, and cutting a deal with Turkey that protects Kurds in Turkey (other than the PKK), might not be a bad alternative, particularly if they can obtain a decent slice of the oil revenues from reserves on lands in Syria that have traditionally been Kurdish lands. This would avoid the mess we created in the aftermath of undermining Iraq and killing Sadam.
    — I wonder if DPJT forsees the possibility that Turkey might break up into pieces if it does not act carefully here. If a large scale attack on Syria might lead to this, for example, it could create the conditions for the creation of a Kurdistan carved from southern Turkey (and perhaps a return to Christian hands of Constantinople).
    — I suspect the admonition from PDJT about protecting captured ISIS fighters was insincere. It would not surprise me if they were slaughtered as part of this. To the extent that European ISIS fighters are killed, they had the change to get their people out and declined.
    — I suspect too that there may be more than a few embedded deep state actors who are hoping to stir up trouble, who are also likely to find themselves caught in the crossfire.

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      1. This part is intriguing:

        “Russia is building relationships with various countries in the Middle East, but will not support one in a fight against another. I think he may have been telling Turkey and Syria and Iran that if any of them picks a fight with another, they should not expect Russia to help them.”

        That is a lot like Trump. The Endless War Party is obviously not going to like that part. Things are making sense.

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          1. Oh, yes – war is definitely not something the Russians are going to spend money they don’t have on. But I also think Putin is NO DUMMY and he’s modeling on Trump. I think he AGREES with Trump in many ways – but from a “Russia First” perspective. Meanwhile, both Trump and Putin allow the American Fake News to keep chasing the false realities that they are tasked to chase, without worrying about making any correction, as the press discredits itself.

            Economic diplomacy is WORKING.

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