News Roundup! Merkel Admits Her Mistake, Real Polling Shows That A Majority Of Americans Are Not In Favor Of Our President Being Impeached, Brad Parscale Is Building A Digital Machine, Clips Tweeted By Our President, Interview With Wilbur Ross & Larry Kudlow, Pocahontas & Democrats Have A Problem, Big Win For Republicans In the Supreme Court,The Cartel Runs Mexico, Canadians Will Decide…..

The POS German Chancellor admits that her grand plan was a mistake.

From the article linked above:

Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam polarizing her conservative camp.

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating had not worked in a country that is home to some four million Muslims.

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, south of Berlin.

She said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her usual line that they should learn German in order to get by in school and have opportunities on the labor market.

She said on Saturday that the education of unemployed Germans should take priority over recruiting workers from abroad, while noting Germany could not get by without skilled foreign workers.

Once again when an honest poll is released about impeaching our President, the vast majority of Americans are not on board.


Brad Parscale is building a reelection machine.

From the article linked above:

On any given day, the Trump campaign is plastering ads all over Facebook, YouTube and the millions of sites served by Google, hitting the kind of incendiary themes — immigrant invaders, the corrupt media — that play best on platforms where algorithms favor outrage and political campaigns are free to disregard facts.

Even seemingly ominous developments for Mr. Trump become fodder for his campaign. When news broke last month that congressional Democrats were opening an impeachment inquiry, the campaign responded with an advertising blitz aimed at firing up the president’s base.

That campaigns are now being fought largely online is hardly a revelation, yet only one political party seems to have gotten the message. While the Trump campaign has put its digital operation firmly at the center of the president’s re-election effort, Democrats are struggling to internalize the lessons of the 2016 race and adapt to a political landscape shaped by social media.

The Trump team has spent the past three years building out its web operation. As a sign of its priorities, the 2016 digital director, Brad Parscale, is now leading the entire campaign. He is at the helm of what experts described as a sophisticated digital marketing effort.

Our President tweeted the following videoclips for us to watch.

You can find the entire interview with Kevin McCarthy below.

You can find the entire interview with Lindsey Graham below.

Commerce Secretary Ross discusses the negotiations with China and the possibility of agreement on ‘Phase-1’ aspects prior to December. He is not optimistic that the agreement will be made based on Beijing’s outlook toward the enforcement mechanisms and forced compliance. Wilburine also discusses Brexit and the benefits for both countries.

On the subject of USMCA Secretary Ross outlines the only reason for Democrats to hold back ratification is politics. He discusses the options if Pelosi refuses to take up ratification.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow is realizing the Democrat’s hatred for ‘America-First’, which weakens their personal financial position, is their driving ideology.

Charles Payne knows exactly what the Democrats and MSM are about.

The number one problem for Pocahontas and the rest of the Democrats is that our economy is doing well.

From the article linked above:

With three polls showing her in the lead, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) may soon eclipse former Vice President Joe Biden as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. That’s great news for Republicans, because Warren has a problem: The central message of her campaign is that the economy is working for the very wealthy but it is not working for ordinary Americans. Unfortunately for her, ordinary Americans disagree.

A Marist poll asked voters whether “the economy is working well for you personally.” Nearly two-thirds of Americans said yes. This includes large majorities in almost every demographic group.

Sixty-seven percent of college graduates and 64 percent of those without a college education say the economy is working for them. So do 68 percent of whites, and 61 percent of nonwhite people.

So do Americans of every generation: 63 percent of Generation Z and millennials; 69 percent of Generation X; 63 percent of baby boomers; and 69 percent of Greatest Generation and Silent Generation voters.

So do most voters in every type of American community: 63 percent of both big- and small-city voters; 64 percent of small-town voters; 66 percent of rural voters; and 72 percent of suburban voters. Most everyone, it seems, says the economy is working for them.

The only way Democrats can win races is by the courts getting involved. The Supreme Court rebuked their latest effort.

From the article linked above:

The Supreme Court granted the Michigan Republican party a win on Monday by throwing out a lower court ruling that required dozens of congressional and legislative districts to be redrawn due to concerns they had been gerrymandered by Republicans.

The high court’s 5-to-4 decision reverses a ruling by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, which demanded the state redraw nine congressional districts and 25 state districts by August 1.

Monday’s decision also follows the Supreme Court’s ruling in June that it would leave gerrymandering cases to state courts.

“Partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the June decision, which dealt with district boundaries in Maryland and North Carolina.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are a gift to our country and our President. The want the boarder to remain open. They hate the idea of a Wall. They hate that our President is working with Mexico and Central American countries to stop immigrants from abusing our asylum laws.

When everyday Americans see stories like the one below, they will support our President’s agenda in greater numbers.

From the article linked above:

The southwest U.S. border might be quieter now than it was this spring at the height of the migrant crisis, but south of the Rio Grande the Mexican state is disintegrating.

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle erupted between government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of jailed drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who overpowered government forces and secured his release. Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

The ensuing scene could have been mistaken for Syria or Yemen. Footage posted on social media Thursday showed burning vehicles spewing black smoke, heavily armed gunmen blocking roads, dead bodies strewn in the streets, and residents fleeing for cover amid high-caliber gunfire.

The eight-hour battle ended when government forces, outgunned and surrounded, without reinforcements or a way to retreat, received an order directly from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to release their prisoner and surrender. Lopez Obrador later defended this decision, insisting that his security strategy is working and saying, “Many people were at risk and it was decided to protect people’s lives. I agreed with that, because we don’t do massacres, that’s over.”

Daughn is absolutely right! Will the people of Canada take back their country or not. We will know the answer at some point tomorrow.


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        1. I’ve gotten jury duty notice scheduled first week of November….could easily be dismissed but have never been on a jury and would like the experience.

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          1. If you did not want to serve or haven’t the time, here’s a trick. They only need x number of people for the jury. They always bring in 2 to 4 times the number. Show up at the very latest minute you can and they will likely be sending everyone else home by the time you get comfortable waiting to be interviewed. You will also receive credit for serving. Says ‘a’ trick as that was my experience. Not sure how it works everywhere else.

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            1. I call in the Friday afternoon before to see if I’m even needed…guess it depends if there are cases still underway, etc.
              The only time I came close was for Grand Jury in Fla. But, I was over 50 miles away and they would be oblIgated to provide hotel, etc so I was excused.
              Now, I could be excused because of being over 65 but I really would like the experience once.

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      1. No need to apologize, Fle.
        I’m just glad you’re okay! 😊

        Jury duty, huh?
        Ew. That’s no fun.

        Thanks for the Great News Roundup!
        I appreciate the work you do for us.

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      2. I had jury duty back in 2013, just before Christmas… the whole jury pool was concerned that the case would take six weeks. Judge put a lot of pressure on the parties and got it done in 2 weeks. Jury deliberated until midnight but finally locked it in. I’ve never seen people so motivated to get it done and get home 😉

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      3. Did you get dismissed or do you have to return tomorrow, Flep?

        They changed the rules here – if we do not get selected on the day we report – we are dismissed – got called twice – once for a Regular Jury where I was an alternate – as soon as they accept the first 12 plus 2 alternates – the rest of us go home. I went home – Thank God – it was a horrible case.

        Second time – I was selected for a Grand Jury which is a commitment of a week provided we get through the list of cases – that was interesting – and I learned a lot – one week – we were done – and will not be called again for 6 years – a bonus for serving.

        Please do not be concerned about us – we adjust – flock to the Open Thread – Wheatie was a gracious hostess – but, we just missed you! Thanks for all you do!

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          1. That is strange, Flep – but, I guess it depends upon the jurisdiction – how they work things – the odds of you being chosen appear to be low – Wednesday is the interview stage – where the prosecution and the defense get a chance to interview candidates for the jury – everyone gets the same questions – but, there are valid reasons why some are chosen and others are not – there were only about 25 from which to choose 14 in my case – and I was praying I did not get questioned because I could not be neutral – cannot explain it – but, I thank God I was spared from serving.

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    1. …making our day complete….rounding out the day!

      Of course, we’ve had a lot to consider on Wheatie’s Open Thread and Daughn’s Syria thread!!!

      Our President keeps us hopping!

      And keeps the leftists guessing!!!

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  1. Opioid Epidemic:
    About a year ago, we started questioning guests, as gently as possible, about any opioid experience they might have. It doesn’t come up in casual conversation, obviously, but we have some pretty deep discussions at the breakfast table.
    This weekend, third set of guest who have lost a child to opioids.
    Other stories where their kids, loved ones, or they themselves survived.
    Unlike other drugs or anything they’ve experienced before.
    Great families, lovely parents, would have never guessed there was a problem.
    It’s deep.
    This problem runs REALLY deep, across cultures, and it’s everywhere.

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    1. To me…..
      It is not the “Drug”….. it’s the USER.
      It is not the “Gun”…….It’s the KILLER
      It is not the “Car”……..It’s the DRIVER
      It is not the “Story”……It’s the LYING MEDIA
      There are Moar 🙂

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        1. Kind of…… the “Opioids just jumped in their mouth?
          Opioids work wonders on PAIN. (They are NOT candy)
          Alcohol can and does KILL also if abused.

          Just sayin: It is the USER…. not so much the Drug.

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          1. I totally understand what you’re saying, I do.
            But this subset, they were not looking to be addicted, hanging out on a street corner.
            Dangerous drug.
            I’m starting to think it has more to do with individual chemistry, as in some people are more inclined, or react differently to certain drugs.
            Not sure.

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            1. Some people are genetically more inclined to develop addiction. Strong painkillers are given for everything now. Including otc Panadol and neurofin combos. It’s partly cultural and some is based on fear of pain. We expect everything to be pain free now and medical hospital staff are uncomfortable with people suffering unnecessarily. Often it’s a combo of the drugs and alcohol that does it.
              Depression is strongly associated with chronic pain. The biggest best cure for depression is taking the patients focus outwards. Potus is doing this.
              The surging economy and employment stats. The flipping of the courts so ordinary people will be more likely to get justice. The crackdown on lawless illegals, the concerted attack on corruption and the push back against the insane social engineering of the left are doing it. By giving people hope.
              Hope that you can support your family in an honest job. That you taxes don’t pay for free stuff for illegals. Blah blah.
              Complicated business

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              1. This is one of the reasons I strongly support medical marijuana/CBD. It is not addictive and has none of the horrible side effects. In states with medical marijuana, opioid use has plunged. God forbid – big pharma won’t stand for THAT!!!!

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          2. I just saw something on Fox News over at my Mom’s house a few days ago, it was an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

            I tried to find the interview online, but no luck. I think it was with Martha MacCallum.

            In essence, what he said is that the entire medical profession not only pushed opioids on patients, but the way it happened is the entire DIAGNOSTIC procedure was CHANGED to force this to happen.

            I don’t know about this stuff, but most people here probably will.

            He talked about the “levels of pain” with smiley faces, indicating 1 – 10 (or something like that). If patients indicated ANY pain at all, for anything, they were to be prescribed opioids.

            And critically, REGULATIONS were passed into law that somehow held Doctors LIABLE if they did NOT prescribe opioids.

            They discussed how when we were all kids, pain was a NORMAL part of life, but that the culture within the medical world was manipulated to eliminate pain by prescribing opioids (both medical culture and the development of the ‘pain scale’) AND by threatening doctors that they would (somehow, I don’t recall the details) lose their medical license if they did NOT prescribe opioids for pain — pain which they purposely and by regulation were REQUIRED to look for and treat.

            So these drugs are being pushed on EVERYBODY who comes in contact with the medical profession.

            Once whatever the cause for pain is gone, the addiction already has them.

            The doctor may cut off the prescription at that point, but they’re already hooked, which means they go from prescription opioids to the even more dangerous street opioids.

            I agree about personal responsibility, but what Dr. Drew was describing sounded like organized crime between the pharmaceutical companies making the opioids and the lawmakers, that billions of dollars were being made, by pushing this stuff on EVERYBODY who came into contact with doctors, and the ‘pain scale’ was developed to facilitate this entire scheme.

            That is my recollection of the interview. Pretty sure it was Martha MacCallum as the interviewer with Dr. Drew, and would have been within the last few days I think. I’m sure someone who is better at this can find it and post a link.

            If Dr. Drew is correct, that this was an organized for-profit effort by law makers and drug companies, that makes it a whole new ballgame. They were getting people hooked on insanely addictive drugs for MINOR pain and ailments, KNOWING what it would do to them.

            That changes it from ‘drug seeking behavior’ on the part of the user to ‘drug PUSHER behavior’ on the part of the medical field / law makers / drug companies. Getting people addicted who had no idea what they were being prescribed or how dangerous it was.

            As I remember it, Dr. Drew was taking a lot of responsibility on behalf of the medical field.

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            1. While this may be true……
              I have a history of overwork back pain.
              I have been prescribed “Opioids” many times over the years. Yet I never got “Addicted” to them. Over the past 5-10 years, getting an “Opioid” prescribed is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Even though they do work on the PAIN. When the pain subsides, I quit taking them.

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              1. Good for you. I am the same – I have had a couple of times where I had back spasms from hauling/stacking wood. I was given Tylenol 3 and muscle relaxers. I used the muscle relaxers and never touched the Tylenol. Different people have different pain thresholds. Mental/emotional health also plays into the equation. As ozzy said earlier – it is very complicated.

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            2. Chinese vaccines!

              What could possibly go wrong?

              Certainly they’ve shown their abilities with baby formula, pet food, sheetrock, toys, pharmaceuticals…

              I would not inject anything coming from China on any one but Democrats

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              1. edit / correction: No, that’s a different one, I found the link you posted when I was looking for the Martah MacCallum / Dr. Drew interview. Then eventually I found the one I was looking for, and posted it above (and now again) No, that’s a different one, I eventually found that one when I was looking for and posted it above (and now again below, in this post):


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          3. While undergoing radiation and chemo on my neck and throat I was given morphine and fentynol for pain,and trust me there was loads of pain,still live with pain everyday,however I did not have a problem discontinuing use when I started feeling like I was going to pull through.
            In fact I couldn’t get off those drugs fast enough! Not sure why so many abuse these drugs except to escape the misery of life?
            I use otc pain relief for pain I have now,if it gets bad I see the doc and get low dose oxyiconton. Even that has been a few years ago since I last asked for it. The cancer factor allows me more latitude in asking for stronger drugs I choose not to.its sad that so many are so miserable they turn turn to these drugs for relief.
            I hate meth with all my heart as it is a destroyer of families,lives ruined ,children suffer the addiction of parents and it’s a scourge and a blight on our society. I have seen many people in my little town destroyed due to the meth explosion. It’s a sad situation for sure.

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      1. Razor…

        Some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others…. due to genetics, background, injury/pain… – the reasons are being studied.

        Some substances are statistically more addictive and dangerous than others.

        Same with gambling, sex, p0rn and other addictive behaviors.

        Same with violence and the various kinds of abuse.

        Or phone/internet addiction.

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      2. The comment further down about the DOCTORs being part of the problem is important. Especially considering that the STANDARD PROTOCOL was CHANGED.

        If doctors are (1) trained to PUSH pain killers and then are also (2) taught to improperly WITHDRAW the Rx (3) without ANY training in Opioid Weaning Protocols THEN you will have patients struggling.

        I have seen all three of the above in regular practice for friends dealing with chronic pain (as you have also in your situation).

        To recap, the new protocol contributes to a motivation for certain individual to seek alternatives outside the medical system. The whole set of changes could not have been more targeted to destroy the lives of those vulnerable to the problem.

        I’m not disagreeing with your disgust with how words have been twisted to move the blame away from individual responsibility. However, I am suspicious that subversion has been used once again to destroy this country from within.

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    2. Daughn…I must lead a very sheltered life…have never (knowingly) had friends with immediate family opioid deaths. A couple AIDS deaths several years ago and a couple suicides for various reasons, but no drug deaths.

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    3. Heroin is the other big one. I know more than one person who lost a child, and have a cousin who lost a fiance to it. Another friend, one of hers was addicted. Don’t actually know what ever happened there. Will hold back any other comments.

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            1. I used to feel the same as you…..until that “tough love” caused a HUGE division between myself and my daughter and, in the end, SHE IS NOW DEAD!!!! And I had a BIG part in that because I lacked the empathy to understand the pain she was living with day after day after day after day…..when one has never had to deal with that kind of pain, one cannot BEGIN to understand. Genetics also play a part – her Father’s entire family were alcoholics. In spite of attending NA meetings with him as a child, she still got caught up in it.

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          1. The adults I spoke to were happy, normal, not depressed, fully employed, not serial criminals or inclined to risky behavior.
            That’s what was so scary.
            The had a medical incident and ended up addicted.
            Naturally there are those who seek out illegal or risky behavior. I get it. These people were not.
            Sneeeeeeaky drug.

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            1. Bingo! In my role as the county coordinator for the initiative to get medical mj on the NE ballot next year, I interacted with one of the members about the pain doctor who was responsible for getting my daughter hooked on Fentanyl. His father visited the same doctor before having back surgery – he walked out with a much bigger concern about the opioids this doctor was pushing than the surgery he was facing.

              I spoke to my VA doctor about him – he said I was not to tell anyone what he said and if anyone asked him he would deny it, before agreeing with me 100% – ALL of the doctors know about him and do NOTHING!!!!

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    4. Chyna needs to be beaten with a sledgehammer to stop the flow of fentanyl.

      Deliberately facilitating the murder of Americans. Weakens America. Wasted lives, treasure…

      Yes, opioid are bigger than fentanyl alone. Unnecessary prescriptions…

      Yes, idiots take opioid illegally.

      Full court press to combat opioid crisis. Thankfully President Trump is aggressively pursuing. Rather sure he’ll nail Chyna on fentanyl.

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  2. Hey FLEP, I have a question about polling and hopefully you can see and speak to this issue.
    When we were polling in the 90’s, the following was true…. like the sun rises in the east.
    under age 30 = less than 14% turnout.
    over age 55 = 65% turnout.
    It was Obama, I’m thinking but not sure, who got close to 30% turnout for the under age 30 crowd.
    Hillary numbers under age 30 receded.

    This poll is counting +4 Dems sample, and a 37% turnout for 18-39yr olds.
    I would buy a turnout of 37%, maybe, for the 30-39yr olds, but never for the under 30 crowd.

    And looking at Warrens donors, the ones her staff thanked for donating small amounts, 90% female and under age 30, the ones who were “most unemployed”, she can’t possible hit 30% turnout under age 30.

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    1. Speaking of fast, that’s one h3ll of a fast/long lens in the pic way above (is that Prince Harry with the cam?) for someone not even 10 feet away. Is it f/0.001 🙂 Or is that a “Sparkley-Socks filter” on it?

      Weren’t the weapons (or at least some) used in the shooting in France from F&F? I thought I’d read that somewhere. Seems like all the Ø was brought in to do was destabliize the USA…

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            1. They need to be practicing near Sacramento, then… 500 miles away… then again, they could clear out all the crud on the way up – win win… 🙂

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              1. I hear you, Cuppa – but, this is just an exercise – so the ‘clearing of the crud’ comes later – and there is so much ‘crud’ to be cleared – you know –


          1. Ha! But seriously, I think it’s to prepare troops on our home front, at the border, and to prepare for those internal hiding muzzies if they decide to cause problems. It’s out there in the middle of no where, and the last time we were there, about 12 yrs ago, there were meth labs littered out in the desert that you could see from the high way. It’s a good place to train as well as to show some fire power to cartel members that might be watching surreptitiously.

            They’ve already had experience in the mid east, but this would be different. Yeah, different in a whole lot of ways.

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  3. Merkel can’t be that stupid!? To think that immigrants who have no intention of integrating into your society will magically integrate! You don’t have to be too educated to figure this one out, Angela.

    Watching the Cloward-Piven strategy real-time in Germany, destroying not only the fabric of their society but their economic health as a nation. Muslims are not the best choice to “diversify” your population—and yet, these globalists know that!!

    Poor German people—your leadership has failed you—fight back! Of course, that’s the pot calling the kettle black—our leadership has failed us also until PDJT, and look at the hell we are still going through.

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    1. Merde-Kuh is practicing the Coudenhove-Kalergi principle (which, btw, was one of the reasons for the trade group/common market/EU in the first place). She has no problem (personally) with the Mozzies not integrating. Politically (and she is a cruel, shrewd political creature if nothing else) it’s a different story. And story is the main point, as all of her promises are fiction…

      The Mozzies are FORBIDDEN by Moe-ham-head to integrate into ANY foreign culture, nor to actually submit and follow their laws, using Taqiyyah to appear “compliant”. They Mozzies get money for housing, food, clothing, medical and dental care, education (including German classes which they never attend), job placement, and even a course on how to pick up German women. And since they all seem to be military-aged, fit, single, etc., they could probably even pick up someone as heavy as Merde-Kuh…not that they ever would.

      Merde-Kuh is just another Satan Soros puppet, rescued from the rubble of East Germany and the Hitler Youth.

      The people here ARE fed up, and ARE voting out the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Die Linke, but untortunately don’t realize that the Greens are the worst watermelons of all: Green on the outside, RED on the inside. The good thing is that the AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland) are growing by leaps and bounds, despite the efforts of the commies and MCM/YSM, and will soon have enough seats in parliament that they can force the other parties to join them in coalitions. So far the (soon-to-be-former) mainline parties are scheming to avoid that.

      The globalists are poison, no matter where they are…

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  4. If you are a constituent of these House members, please consider calling Congress at (202) 225–7000 ASAP, and asking for the extension for your member’s staff. These are the Rep members who are not so far signing on to Bigg’s motion to censure Schiff, and they will be voting within the next hours.

    Martha Roby
    Ken Buck
    Francis Rooney
    Rodney Davis
    Greg Pence
    Tom Reed
    John Katko
    Mike Turner
    Greg Walden
    Dusty Johnson
    Michael McCaul
    Mac Thornberry
    Jamie-Herrera Beutler
    Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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    1. Well this is what happens when all societal mores are thrown out the window. I sometimes think that this is men’s revenge on the crazy women who demanded liberation to be treated just like men .Oh the whirlwind that has been reaped. Women’s sports will be destroyed of that I’m sure but isn’t that just what these insane women asked for? Be careful what you wish for ,you may get it in a raging torrent.

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        1. I have to agree with you ozzy.i really get mad when women dress in barely nothing strut out to nearest club and then get accosted by men and have a tizzy over it. Men see scantily dressed women as sluts looking for action. The sheer insanity of it all makes my blood tired.

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    1. Merde-Kuh won an award from the Coudenhove-Kalergi foundation (oh, that word – they should all be buried in cement, say, about 10 feet of it) back in 2011, ( 13.01.2011 – 13,3, 11 just love those illumi numbers) just a few years before she opened the gates to the Moose Slime invaders.

      Amazing how much of this crap comes from Belgium, yet another “artificial country” that causes a world of hurt. Despite all their fancy ads, I think their chocolate is crap, especially compared to Swiss Chocolate, and the Ghiradelli Chocolate from my youth (some 60 years ago… sniff… the Flicks they make now taste like the tube they’re in, or worse)…..

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    1. Greg Walden is another RINO too..Republican congressman from eastern Oregon
      Not happy

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    1. Eight tips, eh?

      I can do it with just one. 🙂

      1) Cancel “New Scientist” subscription.

      New Scientist is neither new, nor scientific. They are rehashing old failures of the Communist/Marxist/Libtard/functionally illerate/innumerate SJW-snowflake leftards
      who wouldn’t know a hygrometer from a hash-pipe; and their idea of science is whatever
      pays the best and doesn’t require much thinking before committing pen to paper. “Scientific Method”?
      Is that a new form of “family planning” (or “pleasure enhancement”)?

      They, like their Goddess/Saint Greta the Greenhearted (aka Snippy Longstocking) don’t understand that the point of science is to NOT HAVE A CONSENSUS, i.e. models and hypotheses are only useful until disproven or improved. If a hypothesis cannot be tested (or “falsified” as the boffins put it), then it is by definition invalid.

      See if Grating, erm, Greta and her Satan-worshipping parents can understand that…

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      1. Gosh, wurst press had made me functionally illiterate… NOT “functionally illerate”…

        They must be using AL-GORE-ITHMS for their parser/spellchucker…

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    2. New Scientist was quite readable until around the turn of the millennium, until they discovered the climate, or maybe just decided in the editorial board that every article should mention what was then called global warming. Sometime after this is it stopped being worth buying. Scientific American has gone through a similar decline, and isn’t worth the asking price anymore either.

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    1. Interesting.
      I wonder how many more cases are working their way through the courts?

      (from link by Ozzy)
      Judge Gives Seattle Man 5 Years For Threatening Trump’s Family

      A judge just threw the book at a man who repeatedly threatened President Trump’s family. The judge gave the Seattle man five years in prison for making threats against Trump’s family, synagogues, and members of the media.

      Chase Bliss Colasurdo, 27, pleaded guilty in May. From Seattle Pi:

      A Seattle-area man with a history of severe mental illness has been sentenced to five years in prison for making threats against President Donald Trump’s family, synagogues and media figures.

      Chase Bliss Colasurdo was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty in May. He was arrested after posting a photo showing a gun pointed at a picture of Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. He also made online threats to kill Donald Trump Jr.

      He bought ammunition but was blocked from purchasing a handgun because the Secret Service flagged him.

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      1. Colasurdo court case details.

        A 27-year-old Kent, Washington resident is in custody charged with two counts of making interstate threats for his online posts regarding members of President Trump’s family as well as ongoing threats to bomb synagogues and threats made against media figures in Southern California, announced U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran. CHASE BLISS COLASURDO …

        According to the criminal complaint, in March 2019, a member of the public reported to the FBI concerns about Instagram and other social media posts where COLASURDO threatened to execute members of President Donald Trump’s family.

        Additionally, COLASURDO sent messages to five different media organizations that he was going to execute the family member. COLASURDO posted a photo on Instagram showing a hand with a firearm pointed at the photo of a Trump family member.

        When initially contacted by law enforcement in March, COLASURDO claimed his social media accounts had been hacked. Despite his statements that he was not responsible for the posts, COLASURDO continued to make threatening comments, specifically threats to members of the Jewish community. In one post he wrote it was time to start “bombing synagogues.”

        As law enforcement continued to track his activity, it became clear he was purchasing various items related to firearms such as a holster, bulletproof vest and ammunition. COLASURDO attempted to purchase a firearm but was denied.

        FBI agents arrested COLASURDO without incident about 11:30 AM on May 1, 2019


      2. Idk about you but current cases are treated very cautiously by the press here so as not to taint the jury and give grounds for a mistrial. This guy needs to be in a loony bin not jail. Oh wait. The stupid left let them all go free to live and struggle to exist amongst us.
        Obviously he was doomed the moment his parents gave him bliss as part of his name

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    1. I wonder what Mick Mulvaney found when he took the job to oversee the CFPB?

      The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau concentrates power in the hands of a single, unelected, unaccountable official.

      Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear what could end up being the most consequential case of the term — in a year where the justices are already taking up employment discrimination, the Second Amendment, abortion, DACA, school choice, and other issues of higher political salience.

      In Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Court will decide the constitutionality of an agency long criticized not just by the business community and free-market-oriented politicians but also by constitutional scholars who see major problems with its structure as a single-director agency seemingly unaccountable to the president or anyone else.

      The lawsuit was brought by a law firm that assists in resolving personal-debt issues, among other legal work that puts it in the crosshairs of those who, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, want greater regulation of consumer-facing financial services.

      When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Warren helped design as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, began an investigation into the firm’s practices, Seila Law argued that the agency’s structure was constitutionally defective.

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      1. I am sure he found a lot of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Think*3 – after all – he is a numbers man – since he worked for the OMB and provided oversight into that agency malfeasance – sometimes, I wish I could be a little lady bug on his shoulder – and watch him work – LOL

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      1. Most definitely, Think*3 – it makes me cranky how they use these liberal colleges and universities for nefarious means – not to mention to enslave the next generation financially – * screaming in my purse * – I am okay now – Thanks!

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  5. Antifa is planning a false-flag killing of leftists to remove President Trump

    October 22, 2019
    from Fellowship Of The Minds

    Yesterday, October 20, 2019, Mike Adams reports for Natural News that Antifa, the domestic terrorists, are planning a false-flag event in which Antifa operatives dressed as Trump supporters will “slaughter” a large number of Antifas. In so doing, Antifa hopes the false-flag event will unleash “nationwide political, civil and financial chaos” that the globalists will use to remove President Trump from power or, alternately, collapse the United States if Trump survives.

    Adams says that his analysis “is derived from multiple personal interviews, eyewitness accounts, media sources (cited below) and informed familiarity with the history of the communist playbook from which these events are unfolding.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  6. Trump: ‘We’re Bringing Our Soldiers Back Home… Lockheed Doesn’t Like It’

    October 22, 2019
    by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation

    President Donald Trump said during a wide-ranging impromptu press conference on Monday that he’s “bringing our troops back home” and doesn’t care if Beltway Republicans or military contractors like Lockheed Martin don’t like it.

    Here’s how the exchange went down:

    Reporter: “Mr. President, will the troops from Syria come home, or will you send them to other military bases?”

    President Trump: “Well, they’re going to be sent initially to different parts, get prepared, and then ultimately we’re bringing them home. Yeah. We’re bringing our troops back home. I got elected on bringing our soldiers back home. Now, it’s not very popular within the Beltway, because, you know, Lockheed doesn’t like it, and these great military companies don’t like it. It’s not very popular.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  7. Arizona State Senator: ‘CPS Lost 550 Kids Last Year and My Belief is That They are Being Trafficked’

    October 22, 2019
    by Dean Garrison, DC Dirty Laundry

    David Farnsworth is a Republican State Senator who has represented Arizona’s 16th district since 2013.

    Farnsworth is convinced that Arizona children seized by CPS are being trafficked, which would explain how 550 of them seemingly vanished without a trace last year, according to Farnsworth.

    From AZ Mirror:

    A conservative Republican senator who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children removed from negligent parents called the police on one of his GOP colleagues, alleging that she threatened his life.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  8. GOP be warned: Impeachment will set off Democrat push to reverse Trump’s SCOTUS appointments, tax cuts and regulatory reforms

    October 22, 2019
    by Mike Adams, Natural News

    Analysis: If the Democrats manage to impeach Trump in the House and achieve a conviction in the Senate, their drive to purge all conservatives from government (and from social media, the news media, education and other institutions) won’t stop with just one man. Removing Trump will be just the beginning of a coordinated effort to erase the entire Trump presidency and reverse all his actions, including the confirmation of two U.S. Supreme Court justices.

    Buoyed by a conviction in the Senate — which can only be achieved if a sufficient number of GOP senators turn into traitors and betray America — Democrats will quickly declare that Trump’s conviction “proves the election was stolen by the Russians.” Therefore, they will aggressively argue, Trump’s entire first term must be erased and reversed.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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