News Roundup! The Anticipation Of Death Is Far Worse Than Death Itself, I Thought the Photo Was A Fake, Crazies Attack Rand Paul At A Restaurant, PDJT Tweets A Video For Us To Watch, PDJT Is Killing Globalism, The G-7 Will Not Take Place At the Trump National Doral, The Next 12 Days Will Define PM Johnson’s Legacy, I Know What I Will Be Watching Next Friday Night…..

The anticipation of death is far worse than death itself! The POS that were part of the coup against our President are starting to feel the heat.

From the article linked above:

Federal prosecutors reviewing the origins of the Russia investigation have asked witnesses pointed questions about any anti-Trump bias among former F.B.I. officials who are frequent targets of President Trump and about the earliest steps they took in the Russia inquiry, according to former officials and other people familiar with the review.

The prosecutors, led by John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, have interviewed about two dozen former and current F.B.I. officials, the people said. Two former senior F.B.I. agents are assisting with the review, the people said.

The number of interviews shows that Mr. Durham’s review is further along than previously known. It has served as a political flash point since Attorney General William P. Barr revealed in the spring that he planned to scrutinize the beginnings of the Russia investigation, which Mr. Trump and his allies have attacked without evidence as a plot by law enforcement and intelligence officials to prevent him from winning the 2016 election.

[…] Mr. Durham has yet to interview all the F.B.I. officials who played key roles in opening the Russian investigation in the summer of 2016, the people familiar with the review said. He has not spoken with Peter Strzok, a former top counterintelligence official who opened the inquiry; the former director James B. Comey or his deputy, Andrew G. McCabe; or James A. Baker, then the bureau’s general counsel.

Those omissions suggest Mr. Durham may be waiting until he has gathered all the facts before he asks to question the main decision makers in the Russia inquiry.

The president granted Mr. Barr sweeping powers for the review, though he did not open it as a criminal investigation. That means he gave Mr. Durham the power only to read materials the government had already gathered and to request voluntary interviews from witnesses, not to subpoena witnesses or documents. It is not clear whether the status of the review has changed.

Mr. Durham’s investigators appeared focused at one point on Mr. Strzok, said one former official who was interviewed. Mr. Strzok opened the Russia inquiry in late July 2016 after receiving information from the Australian government that the Russians had offered damaging information on Hillary Clinton to a Trump campaign adviser. Mr. Durham’s team has asked about the events surrounding the Australian tip, some of the people familiar with the review said.

Mr. Durham’s team, including Nora R. Dannehy, a veteran prosecutor, has questioned witnesses about why Mr. Strzok both drafted and signed the paperwork opening the investigation, suggesting that was unusual for one person to take both steps. Mr. Strzok began the inquiry after consulting with F.B.I. leadership, former officials familiar with the episode said.

The MSM was put into overdrive today. John Brennan and James Clapper will have many sleepless nights in the foreseeable future.

From the article linked above:

A review launched by Attorney General William Barr into the origins of the Russia investigation has expanded significantly amid concerns about whether the probe has any legal or factual basis, multiple current and former officials told NBC News.

The prosecutor conducting the review, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials involved in examining Russia’s effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Brennan told NBC News.

Durham has also requested to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers, according to three former CIA officialsfamiliar with the matter. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine, two people familiar with the matter said.

With Barr’s approval, Durham has expanded his staff and the timeframe under scrutiny, according to a law enforcement official directly familiar with the matter.

[…] If Durham is conducting a criminal investigation, it’s not clear what allegations of wrongdoing are being examined. The Justice Department has not detailed any, and a spokeswoman declined to comment for this story.

“I don’t know what the legal basis for this is,” Brennan said, calling the probe “bizarre.”

[…] Justice Department officials have said that Durham has found something significant, and that critics should be careful.

[…] Skeptics who have been trying to track Durham’s movementssay he has yet to interview key figures, including former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and former FBI general counsel James Baker.

“Nobody who knows anything has been interviewed,” said a person in touch with those former officials.

[…] A Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media.

[…] The Senate intelligence committee examined the allegations about Downer, Mifsud and Halper, as part of its bipartisan investigation into the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was responsible for attacking the 2016 election, and found nothing to substantiate any wrongdoing, a committee aide said. 

I thought the photo was a joke. Imagine for a minute if this was a female Republican House member.

From the article linked above:

The story is simple. A 30 year old woman, Congresswoman to be Katie Hill, and her husband take in a 22 year old girl that just graduated from College.  The man and the woman have been married for several years, with the woman a leading candidate for Congress. The woman, Katie Hill, the openly bi-sexual, now member of Congress.

While running for Congress she puts the young girl on campaign staff.  Then, when elected, the girl is put on the congressional staff. As part of her “duties” for the Congresswoman Katie Hill AND her husband, she has sex with them—all over the place. They travel the country finding new beds and locations. But Hill, as the picture shows, wants to make sure the girl has nice looking hair. While naked, Hill brushes the girls’ hair. But, note the girl is very disinterested—she is looking at her Smartphone.

Men have been destroyed for much less. Former Congressman Joe Barton had to leave Congress because he took nude selfies—but he is a Republican.  What did Katie Hill do?

  1. Took a series of sexual photos in a threesome with a staff member.
  2. Used tax dollars to finance her sexual life with a young girl.
  3. Appears to be a sexual predator, #MeToo, using her position to get a girl in bed with her AND her husband

These people are rabid animals that need to be put down.

Our President tweeted the following clip for us to watch.

They are scared out of their minds and their is nothing they can do to stop it! Our President is KILLING Globalism.

From the article linked above:

The new head of the International Monetary Fund urged policy makers this week to undertake measures to bolster the slowing global economy and asked for a show of hands from those who planned to follow her recommendations.

Not many hands went up.

Finance ministers and central bankers who gathered in Washington for the IMF’s fall meetings in recent days said in interviews and public events that the biggest risks to the global economy are trade-related uncertainties and divisions among nations over how to reduce them.

Our President tweeted that the G-7 will no longer take place at the Trump National Doral, in Miami, Florida.

Boris Johnson entire legacy will be determined in the next 12 days. Does he stick to his word and has the U.K. leave the European Union through a no deal Brexit.

From the article linked above:

Members of Parliament on Saturday voted on whether or not to approve Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal for the United Kingdom to pull out of the European Union. Boris was defeated 322 to 306, a blow to his Brexit deal.

According to Johnson, he believes the UK should leave the EU by the October 31st deadline, despite Members of Parliament wanting him to extend Brexit negotiations until January 2020. He said he would not negotiate an extension.

“I continue in the very strong belief that the best thing for the UK and the whole of Europe is for us to leave with this new deal on 31 October,” he said. “And, to anticipate the questions that are coming from the benches opposite, I will not negotiate a delay with the EU and neither does the law compel me to do so.”

I know what I will be doing next Friday night.

180 thoughts on “News Roundup! The Anticipation Of Death Is Far Worse Than Death Itself, I Thought the Photo Was A Fake, Crazies Attack Rand Paul At A Restaurant, PDJT Tweets A Video For Us To Watch, PDJT Is Killing Globalism, The G-7 Will Not Take Place At the Trump National Doral, The Next 12 Days Will Define PM Johnson’s Legacy, I Know What I Will Be Watching Next Friday Night…..

  1. About what the Hey are they talking?

    IMF: The World Needs Massive Carbon Tax to Limit Climate Change

    October 20, 2019
    from Humans Are Free

    A global agreement to make fossil fuel burning more expensive is urgent and the most efficient way of fighting climate change, an International Monetary Fund study found on Thursday.

    The group found that a global tax of $75 per ton by the year 2030 could limit the planet’s warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), or roughly double what it is now.

    That would greatly increase the price of fossil-fuel-based energy — especially from the burning of coal — but the economic disruption could be offset by routing the money raised straight back to citizens.

    “If you compare the average level of the carbon tax today, which is $2 [a ton], to where we need to be, it’s a quantum leap,” said Paolo Mauro, deputy director of the fiscal affairs department at the IMF.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. “IMF: The World Needs Massive Carbon Tax to Limit Climate Change”


      But that’s not true…

      There’s not even a coin slot in ‘Climate Change’ where you could put the money, it would just go down an international crime syndicate’s black hole.

      Besides that, if the IMF really thinks they need money, they just print it, or add 1s and 0s to their computers.

      They do it all the time.

      So the purpose of ANY tax, new or otherwise, is SOLELY to deprive People of their money, to ROB them.

      The entire ‘tax’ system is a fraud, as are the ‘Fed’ and all the other ‘Central Banks’, and their fractional reserve fiat money system.

      It’s all a giant fraud.

      They print money AT COST and loan it to governments at FACE VALUE PLUS INTEREST.

      That is a non-sustainable fraud/ponzi-scheme sham, and always has been, from the beginning.

      As it was designed to be.

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      1. Agree. They were supposed to take the cranes down before Tropical Storm Nestor came ashore. The construction company and the crane company don’t seem to be competent.

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  2. PRESIDENT TRUMP blasts Pelosi trip to Middle East.

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    1. Even in his tweets it does not seem like Pelosi got permission. There is one republican from what I can see but rest seem to be the impeachment team.
      If she/they are negotiating, wouldn’t that be a violation of the Logan act.

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  3. Sorry this is what I meant to leave….

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    1. The two parents groups for our daughter’s disease, for newly diagnosed/early progression and for advanced patients, are on Yahoo groups. Losing all the material will be a huge loss for them. I no longer belong because it’s so strictly governed by very left-leaning Californians and Coloradans, IYKWIM. You can’t diverge from the party line or express your views, so I quit posting and receiving notices…though I still have friends and contacts there. Others have left because of this.

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      1. The “free” platform isn’t truly free after all.

        The big bully tech masters have eliminated most competition or it’s run by like minded group-think minions. It guess we are going to see some migration to other platforms now.


  4. Tech question. I accidentally deleted my bookmarks folder which was in the header next to my Duck,duck,go header. All my “files” are essentially in those bookmarks. Have not been able to restore them, despite hubby taking the computer back a couple of days. It did not restore them.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.


  5. “Asking questions”, not subpoenaed, no grand jury, it’s a civil investigation, NOT a criminal investigation, ……. momma is not happy.
    One year to go until the election and the Repubs are still stuck in the mud.


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