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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition by James Paget, titled ‘Flight of the Swallows’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is a view of a gigantic Tree that dwarfs everything around it. Even though it is in the distance, it still looks huge. There are outcroppings of it’s bark that form ledges and there appear to be tiny figures on one of the ledges, headed for an opening in the massive trunk. A few gnarled outgrowths that may be roots are growing out of the trunk, with a large one growing down into the ground, perhaps serving as a support.

There is a stream running beside the Tree and in the far distance is a lake. Beyond that, are mountains with light coming up from behind them, casting a golden glow on everything. The sky is kind of hazy with a few windblown loosely formed clouds overhead.

Second Image: A stone pathway leads up to tall double doors, built into the side of an enormous tree trunk. The doors are arched and covered in ornate carvings. There are a few small points of light in the doors, giving off a slight blue glow. Rays of sunlight illuminate the path in front of the doors.

Third Image: Is an open-sided room with a view of treetops. There is a warm glow coming from a wood-burning stove and a comfy looking couch. Nearby is a rustic table and chair,  a bed covered in fluffy fur throws and a hot tub in the corner overlooking the mountain vistas.* A large tree trunk and branches support the rustic ceiling…and tree branches form the railing along the side deck. (*H/t to Teagan.)

Fourth Image: President Trump has his back to us and is facing a gaggle of press curs across the lawn. He is holding up his right hand at shoulder level and making a fist…perhaps a signal that he is going in.



289 thoughts on “Dear KMAG:20191019 Open Topic

  1. I need to get moving, but this just…. Man, the UN has got to go.

    EXCLUSIVE: UN Agency Blocks Pro-Lifers from Conference
    By Austin Ruse | October 18, 2019

    NEW YORK, October 18 (C-Fam) The pro-abortion UN Population Fund (UNFPA) does not want pro-life critics in attendance when the agency convenes a conference in Nairobi in mid-November.

    UNFPA and the government of Kenya are co-hosting the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise to mark the 25th anniversary of the original and very controversial Cairo Conference on Population and Development.

    UNFPA’s website claims the conference “will offer an inclusive platform, bringing together governments, civil society, private sector organizations, women’s’ groups and youth networks to discuss and agree on actions to accelerate implementation” of the Cairo Program of Action.

    Pro-life groups with UN consultative status are wondering if this inclusion includes them. According to Sharon Slater of Family Watch International, only one ostensibly pro-life group has been accepted to attend, the only one that also boasts a “reproductive health” program. None of the major pro-life groups at the UN have been accepted, including Slater’s group, or C-Fam [publisher of the Friday Fax]. The Washington DC-based Heritage Foundation has not been approved either.

    Slater told the Friday Fax, “We are very concerned that many representatives from pro-life organizations in various countries who have tried to register for the upcoming Nairobi Summit have not had their registrations approved. This is very disturbing, especially since, UNFPA, lists as part of the organizing team for the Summit, many organizations which profit from or aggressively promote abortion including various Planned Parenthood entities, Women Deliver, Ipas (the manufacturer of “Easy Grip” handheld abortion device), and more.”

    Slater continued, “This seems to be a new trend at the UN to discriminate openly against pro-life organizations so only aggressive pro-abortion voices can be heard. Just last month at the UN’s civil society conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, our pro-life event was canceled just two days before the UN conference, even though it had been accepted, paid for, and tickets for speakers purchased.”

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              1. Yep. Prayer and fasting will do it, just as Jesus said.

                The UN has altars to Satan in most, if not all of their buildings, certainly the one in NYC. Destroying that, and exorcising that evil will go a long way to weakening the UN. There was another Robert Muller (!) at the UN who was their chief Satanist in charge of the “education” agenda. His horrid deeds are documented at (Berrit Kjos, author of “Brave New Schools”) and .
                Probably has info on that as well (it’s a very technical site, but absolutely invaluable for research on what’s happening to the “ed biz”)…

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  2. Oyez Oyez!!!!

    The word DEMOCRAT is hereby declared a CUSS WORD

    DEMOCRAT is now, henceforth and forevermore to be considered by all as the foulest of all obscenities.

    So shall it be.


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      1. So glad you like them, Dora!!! Have been listening while I am working – I just love him! This morning I listened to a concert – where he gave background info about the piece – sometimes, he can be so funny, too!

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              1. Andy, I gotta say this to you.

                You are on such thin ice with the religion bashing.

                I don’t consider myself religious, per se, but I am respectful of others religions, or even lack thereof.

                I suppose you are an atheist, I don’t really know. What I DO know is you are VERY disrespectful.

                I am asking you politely to knock it off, for the sake of harmony and good will here in our tree.

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      1. It always traces back to a bisexual. For example the senior epidemic at the ritzy Villages in FL.

        And in Africa…it always goes back to MSM (CDC term for males having sex with males)

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            1. It’s hard to discern between LBGT propaganda on the subject and actual facts. I just read an article that said the Patient Zero gay airline steward was false…but they also celebrated the idea of gays with HIV being able to donate blood! These people are stupid.

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        1. It has not worked to allow the bearers of these diseases to continue in freedom. Their (irresponsible, addictive, compulsive) behaviors have allowed the virus to continue to morph and prevent research progress toward a cure. Same with super-gonorrhea….and other STDs. The Gay/Bi population has the highest incidence of all STDs, including hepatitis, herpes, HPV, and many have several concurrent diseases There have even been meningitis outbreaks in this group. It’s so sad and maddening too. The researchers and doctors shake their heads.

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        2. Remember the old sanitoriums for TB patients? Well….let them start the same for HIV patients. Kind of like a monastery.

          Same with drug addicts. Lock them away from the rest of the world until they are ready to live without drugs.

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            1. Better than the alternative, which is endangering and/or infecting the rest of society.

              If people do not act responsibly, in the case of highly hazardous and/or infectious diseases, they must be separated so they do not spread their infection(s). That doesn’t mean that they are treated like animals, but it DOES mean that they are quarantined until and unless a cure is found. The same thing goes for other infections diseases, the same as it’s always been.

              Why should we have to pay for their impropriety?

              And yes, it’s unfortunate, indeed tragic, that there are innocent people who have been infected (e.g. by blood transfusion). I rather expect that they would be reticent to expose others to infection, unless they are promiscuous. It all comes down to a risk/benefit decision. There are certain groups which are highly promiscuous, and, oddly enough, they are also the highest risk. Transfusion recipients, on the other hand, are not. And, were the blood supply thoroughly screened, and not held hostage to the “progressive” agenda, this problem wouldn’t exist…

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              1. The entire situation is so sad – especially, for people who are victims of an impure blood supply – quarantine is one solution – and I agree – we should not be responsible for their irresponsibility – an awful mess.


  3. Unseen has a good thread, re: Durham’s investigation.

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    1. Final thoughts. The article is of course a leftist article trying to down play the investigation, however, you can read the shock of the left in the article at how advanced the investigation is. It’s also, I think, warning the main plotters that Barr and Durham on on to them.

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      1. That was the gold nugget conclusion. 🙂 Just saw a headline that says Durham is going to interviewing Clapper and Brennan. So now we’ll see how much they want to protect themselves, and who they’ll give up.

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          1. Also worth noting is that VSGPDJT has given AG Barr very broad, if not complete authority for declassification, which means that no matter what the FIB or Commies In Action want, Barr can declassify it. Will be very interesting to see where that leads. The crooks ARE going to be exposed…

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        1. Could also be an “end-around maneuver”. The presstitutes apparently HATE Camp David, and perhaps that was VSGPDJT’s first choice, though he knew THEY wouldn’t like it. Soooo, he suggests Doral, and the Presstitutes, et. al., have a meltdown hissy-fit. Camp David, then, becomes the best alternative.

          VSGPDJT gets what he originally wanted, and the presstitutes are again left chasing the laser pointer…. none the wiser. Though I have to say, a used brick is probably wiser that the presstitutes…

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  4. When I hear Scripture passages, frequently I start singing the text from random music I’ve learned over the years. At the wedding, this text was read. We didn’t sing it with not enough people who can really pull this off, but still….

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      1. I have the Robert Shaw recording of this…and other of his work. I was privileged to attend a live Christmas Messiah concert conducted by Shaw about 20 or so years ago.

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        1. GA, I once heard a lecture ab why Robert Shaw’s chorales had a distinct sound.
          It turns out that, rather than have Sopranos, Tenors, Altos and Bass in separate “sections”, Shaw equally distributed the singers, by part, amongst one another.
          sort of the original “wall of sound”?
          After hearing this, I carefully listened to various chorale differently, and by golly, it surely makes a huge difference!

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          1. I have definite preferences… a real affinity for Shaw’s work, just as I can’t stand the sound of Vladimir Horowitz’s sour tuned piano….it makes me cringe.

            I loved Arthur Rubenstein’s work… had a recording of his Chopin waltzes that got me through graduate school.


            1. There’s a video of Arthur Rubenstein doing the Grieg a minor Piano Concerto, with Andre Previn (LSO?) conducting. Rubenstein is quite old at this point, and his eyesight is not the greatest…

              The second movement has a (relatively) long orchestral introduction, and you can see Rubenstein probably reflecting upon all the times he has played this piece, and what Grieg had in mind (I think they met at some point). Like Helene Grimaux, he has a very expressive face, as well as perfect pitch, and one can see that both in his countenance and his playing. His autobiographies (“My Young Years” and “My Many Years”) are great reading, and a fascinating view of both the “old days” in music, and the “old world” in general.

              I had a chance to go to what turned out to be his last recital, in Los Angeles, when I was in Uni. For some idiotic reason, I declined. I regret that, to this day… He was probably the last link to the “old masters”. Heifetz and Piatigorsky, Stravinsky, (and a few others) taught at USC when I was there, but even then, in the early 1970s, they were quite old. Back in those days musicians weren’t cookie-cutter products of the “don’t take any risks, it has to be flawless” school of playing fomented by the likes of Dorothy DeLay and her ilk. No, there were many competing masters, and styles, and “schools” of playing.

              There are many to who Horowitz is the “be all, end all”, just like in cello-land, there is Starker versus Rostropovich versus Tortelier versus Maisky versus (yuck) YoYo Ma. And that’s not even considering Fournier, Feurmann (tragic loss there), DuPre, Zara Nelsova, Cassado, Schafran and others. Here’s a pic from the 1966 Tchaikovsky cello competition, with some of the greatest cellists ever:

              (from the caption) At the 4th competition in 1966.
              From left to right: Gregor Piatigorsky, Piatigorsky’s brother, Gaspar Cassado, Pierre Fournier, Daniil Shafran, Mstislav Rostropovich. (I have never seen Shafran and Rostropovich together.)

              Here’s Artur Rubenstein doing the Grieg a minor, which I mentioned above… classic… note how he doesn’t let the inner voices get lost (as opposed to many pianists today). Look at Rubenstein’s face at around 15 minutes in (beginning of the second movement).

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              1. Thank you so very much Cuppa! Such a wonderful comment and insights. I’ll listen right now, with my morning coffee and save the link. You are a treasure!


  5. Umm….

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        1. On the other hand, if she ran as anything else she would never be elected in Hawaii. Not defending her at all, but it’s just the way it is in Hawaii.

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      1. This Tulsi attack is working. I just about had a stroke this morning. My bf decided to write an email congratulating her for standing up to Hitlery. He’s a die hard Trump supporter but this hit job got his sympathy and anger at HRC riled up. Not good because she appears middle of the road and sane compared to the others.

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        1. She’s the only Dem candidate who said onstage the other night the impeachment effort needs to come to an end. There are more important things to legislate. That probably drew a lot of wrath from all loony liberal Demonrats.

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          1. yeah it probably did make some of them cringe but it’s all the ones (the ones at home) not badly infected with socialist dreams that are going to be voting too.
            I think Clinton is nutty enough to call TG a Russian asset but she’s also evil enough to play a part in some psychological ploy to turn voters to Dem Tulsi. Big question…is it real or ploy?

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          1. She has praised Antifa – she’s that kind of leftist. She’s running on the same old ruinous Democrat policies. Democrats have evolved into a corrupt socialist globalist organization. If she or any military were thinking patriots – they would NOT be Democrats. Or vote for RINOs like Rubio and Romney either for that matter.

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      1. There is no possible way for ANY demonrat to play by the rules for any length of time. On the remote chance she won..they’d twist her into a puppet before she even took the oath. That’s the thing..if a person isn’t part of the cabal they will be by the time the screws got tightened

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  6. Democrat is a cuss word.
    Being a Democrat is a symptom of mental illness.

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      1. “Lentil” and “Dorkey” need a visit from the Secret Service, and a hefty ear-boxing to insure it never happens again…


            1. I just can’t stand the twitter guy I think!!! LOL

              How do you groom your beard?—- Andy this comment made my day. I don’t have one since I’m female! 😉 BUT if I did have one it would be neatly trimmed.


          1. Amy Grant has a nice song based on this from 1986 (her voice was better then, same as Sandi Patty, too much singing, not enough support technique it appears).

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    1. Yes…lots of questionable foundation fund management…supposedly being investigated.
      The sad part…the voters in Baltimore will probably elect her so she can keep the financial scam going for another few decades.
      Remember how the Mayor of DC was convicted, served prison time and STILL was re-elected? Stupid is as stupid does….as someone once said.

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    2. she did do something..shady use of funds of some kind IIRC. It should be against the law to reward relatives with millions of taxpayer dollars for projects that never get done…de Blasio..his wife has some slush fund too I think

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