News Roundup! PDJT Press Availability In the Oval Office, PDJT’s Joint Press Conference, PDJT Hosts An Italian-American Reception At the WH, ABC Is FAKE NEWS, Energy Dominance, Judicial Armada, Wall, Cocaine Mitch, Majority Of Republicans Support PDJT’s Decision To Pull Our Troops Out Of Syria, SleepyCreepy Joe Must Feel Like Shit, HOPE, PDJT’s Approval Rating Back Up To 50%, Nancy IS A Third Rate Politician, PDJT’s Letter Gave Me Goosebumps, Wheels Up, Crowd Begins Lining Up For Rally…..

Yesterday our President met with Italian President Matarella and held a press availability in the Oval Office prior to bilateral discussions.

[Video and Transcript below]

You can find some shorter videoclips below.

Following their bilateral meeting, our President Trump and Italian President Mattarella held a joint press conference.

[Video and Transcript Below]

You can find some shorter videoclips below.

Our President tweeted the following videoclip for us to view.

Last night our President hosted a reception to honor Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his daughter, Laura Mattarellla.

Video Below 

I love the fact that our President tweeted this for the world to see how FAKE OUR NEWS IS.

Energy Dominance continues to ramp up!

The Judicial Armada is growing once again!

Our President told the Democrats and RINOS that they can go pound sand. They cannot stop the Wall from being built.

It kills the MSM to have to report on the fact that the Wall is working.

From the article linked above:

In November of last year, when a caravan of hundreds of migrants approached the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego, they faced old landing mat barriers erected decades ago. Border agents say the migrants simply trampled over it as they sought entry into the United States to claim asylum.

The situation on the ground is much different now.

As part of President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border, 14 miles of 18-foot primary steel bollard fencing has been built in San Diego, with a secondary 30-foot steel bollard barrier behind that which is approximately 80 percent complete.

They replace the 8-foot landing mats, which were often supported by a steel mesh behind that. The difference is dramatic.

“It’s incredibly different…I’m able to see the old landing mat right next to the bollard and I’m able to see the old mesh right next to the new bollard and the difference is startling,” Douglas Harrison, Chief Patrol Agent of U.S. Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, told Fox News.

Harrison explained that it’s not a barrier that can be easily scaled: “It’s an intimidating barrier. I’m an old Army guy, I was in the 101st Airborne and I would not try to cross that.”

When countries do the right thing, they get rewarded.

Cocaine Mitch continues to take swings at Shitty & Nancy.

Once again our President is on the right side of an issue.

From the article linked above:

A poll released Wednesday found that 57 percent of Republicans support President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria.

An Economist/YouGov survey shows 25 percent of Republican respondents said they strongly approve of pulling out troops, while 32 percent stated they somewhat approve of the move. Further, 26 percent of Republicans surveyed said they oppose the move and 18 percent said they do not hold an opinion on the matter. The poll surveyed 1,500 people between October 13th-15th and had a margin of error of plus or minus of 2.7 percentage points.

The survey’s results show Republican lawmakers who oppose the troop pullout – such as Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) – are at odds with the majority of GOP voters.

If you are SleepyCreepy Joe, you have to feel like the biggest piece of shit in the world today.

From the article linked above:

Former President Barack Obama took the unusual step of making an endosement in a foreign election Wednesday, giving his unqualified support to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — but he still hasn’t endorsed his former Vice President, Joe Biden, for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

The person hardest hit by Obama’s endorsement won’t be Canadian Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer (he hasn’t even responded to Obama’s social media missive), but rather former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been an official contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination for at least six months and has yet to receive the stamp of approval from his former boss.

Back in April, when Biden first announced his official bid for the presidency, Obama issued some lukewarm praise for his former right-hand man, but stopped short of any formal endorsement (and the praise was issued through a spokesperson, not on Obama’s official Twitter feed).

Our President is giving people that gave up something they always wanted for themselves, their kids and their grandchildren, HOPE!

From the article linked above:

I’ve been a journalist for 21 years. I’ve never struggled to write something as much as I have this column.

The assignment: Go back to the place where I grew up, here in the middle of Ohio’s Appalachian region across the river from West Virginia, talk to family and friends and my hometown people and offer a perspective on the heart of Trump country that few others in the media can.

This poverty-stricken area, nestled amid the picturesque Appalachian foothills about 150 miles east of Cincinnati, continues to stand firm behind Trump. And rural Ohio very well could play a part in re-electing him.

“I don’t want to talk about it because you can’t have an opinion unless it’s their opinion,” an African American Trump supporter said about the left. “Either you believe the way they believe, or you’re a racist or a homophobe. The reason I’m working is because of what Trump’s done. I just want to put my hard hat on and go to work every day.”

The man, who added he’s a registered Democrat, talked to Enquirer photographer Albert Cesare and me for nearly an hour on his front porch on a hot evening. He said a lady at his church had given him grief for supporting “racist” Trump, but the man said he’s seen no hard evidence that’s true.

The truth is, these aren’t a bunch of Bible-thumping hillbillies. I spoke with nearly 20 Trump supporters. Most of them didn’t want to be quoted, but every single one of them said the No. 1 thing they like about Trump is he’s focused on jobs.

The residents have optimism like I haven’t seen in a long time. Gallia County’s unemployment rate is 5.6%, the lowest its been since 1979. Most of the storefronts in Gallipolis again have businesses. Some residents attribute that to Trump, though the economy was showing signs of rebounding before he was elected.

I’m glad people have hope again.

Our President is back to 50% approval in the daily Rasmussen Poll.

Our President is running circles around the Democrats! They have to be the stupidest people on the face of the Earth.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Mike McCaul, Ranking Member of House Committee on Homeland Security, held a press conference with the media pool immediately following the bipartisan White House briefing on Syria.

I got goosebumps after reading the letter our President sent to the POS in Turkey!


Keep our Vice President and Secretary of State In your prayers as the head to Turkey.

Absolutely amazing to see this many people lining up for our President’s rally 24 hours in advance.

126 thoughts on “News Roundup! PDJT Press Availability In the Oval Office, PDJT’s Joint Press Conference, PDJT Hosts An Italian-American Reception At the WH, ABC Is FAKE NEWS, Energy Dominance, Judicial Armada, Wall, Cocaine Mitch, Majority Of Republicans Support PDJT’s Decision To Pull Our Troops Out Of Syria, SleepyCreepy Joe Must Feel Like Shit, HOPE, PDJT’s Approval Rating Back Up To 50%, Nancy IS A Third Rate Politician, PDJT’s Letter Gave Me Goosebumps, Wheels Up, Crowd Begins Lining Up For Rally…..

  1. Folks, I don’t know about you but I had to laugh out loud after reading our VSGDJT’s letter to Erdogan. I mean, when was the last time you read anything from a politician that sounded like that? Could he be any more blunt? It was absolutely wonderful – especially the parting line about “I will call you later.” It sounded like something my Dad would have said to me after I really messed up. Honestly, if I were Erdogan, I would be looking for a place to hide about now. God Bless our amazing, honest, courageous, wise, one of a kind President.

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    1. I would have called Airheadman a lot of things, sooner rather than later 🙂

      Brilliant letter, VSGPDJT, and a great man and father, truly a VSG, and I think led and BLESSED by GOD to be our President at this time.

      I think we need to hold President Trump, VP Pence and their families (and the Delporables in and out of the Administration) up in prayer, as well as pray for the repentence, correction, and redemption of all the rest, that they may see the error of their ways and turn.

      The wannabe Kaliph controls most if not all of the Mosques over here, which many refer to as “Salafist indoctrination centers”, Salafism being an extreme form of More-ham-head-ism (think: Taliban)… They’re like a very badly-behaved toddler, always testing what they can get away with… then again, the EU Commission (the real power of the EU) does the same thing, according to Junkie, erm, Juncker:

      We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.

      And on following the will of the people:

      If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’.

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  2. One more thought – Nasty seemed completely unhinged during her little press conference. She was obviously flustered. The picture of her wagging her finger at our President made me laugh because we all know just how much he was enjoying the fact that he really had her rattled. She isn’t even on the same planet as Trump when it comes to the art of the deal, but she is too stupid to know it. Poor Nasty – she probably went straight home to a big bottle of wine. Chuckie wasn’t doing much better. I am sure Trump just drives them crazy and he enjoys every minute of it. So do I.

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    1. VSGPDJT has too much class and tact to do it, but if he had laughed in Piglosi’s Botox-riddled face, it probably would have sent her (farther) over the edge…

      Someone told me back in Uni days, if you really want to set someone off, laugh at them when they’re mad. I said, “yeah, right”. So I did a “social experiment” just to see. Unhooked the wallphone in his dorm room (this was the early 1970s), and ran with it, circling back and putting it back up… he was FURIOUS.

      Then I laughed at him…

      I’ve NEVER seen anyone so mad. I was scared he’d pass out, or worse… Sometimes it’s better not to test some things… 🙂 (btw, everything ended up OK, including the phone and its owner)… ahh, Uni days…

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    1. We voted for a competent businessman and got a comedian as a bonus extra.

      Ukraine voted for a comedian to be their president.

      That cannot be a coincidence.

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  3. The gift of that impromptu press conference (when Pelosi, et al left the meeting) is that it shows their unfiltered responses. It shows their cards. What’s that saying ?…….’When people tell you who they are, believe them’

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  4. Did Sec Pompeo and VP Pence travel to Turkey in separate planes?

    I noticed that Pompeo broke away from Pence when they reached the stairway up to AF2…and Pompeo kept walking, while Pence went up the stairs to board the plane.

    For security reasons, I guess it would make sense.
    And Pompeo may have other destinations to travel to, after Turkey.

    Thank you for these Great News Roundups, Fle!
    They are wonderful…and I really appreciate all the work you do for us!

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  5. thanks for the meeting insights…LOL…fake news is giving the impression Pelosi was righteously correct in storming out–I knew I’d get the TRUTH here!!!
    is it true that China is trying to pull the old bait and switch again? agree to large agricultural purchases but then stall and say they want all the tariffs gone…is that what’s happening?

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Probably, Pat.

      And the ChiComs are playing a waiting game…hoping that Pres Trump won’t get reelected.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they are pushing the Dems to do this fake impeachment thing!

      I’m sure the other globalist donors are pushing for it too, just like the ChiComs, they want to get rid of our President.

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  6. This is good…from Matt Gaetz’s Youtube account:


    Also from Matt Gaetz…heheh:


    Matt was on Trish Regan’s show last night:


    Love Matt Gaetz!
    He’s a fighter and he is loyal to our President.

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  7. WALL AND BORDER UPDATE 10/17/19!!!

    Miles of wall under contract/construction: 292.75

    Miles of American steel wall in place*:
    129.9 – 10/17/19

    Donaldus Magnus estimates miles of steel wall in place by calculating the number of days between an officially reported wall contract’s starting and completion dates and going from there.

    Whereas Border Patrol reports miles of completed contracts:
    71 miles complete – 162 miles under construction – 276 miles pre-construction = 509 – using 78K tons of steel – 138K cubic yds concrete!

    – The Army Corps of Engineers began site surveying and prep right after President Trump was inaugurated.
    – The DHS waived land regulations in certain areas and the work began that very day.
    – 509 Miles of Wall are currently under contract – 115 of those were contracted in 2017-18.
    – The Army Corps of Engineers are currently pre-qualifying contractors for $8 BILLION in 33 separate contracts.
    – 2 miles per week of 18 or 30 foot steel bollard wall are currently being completed.
    – 52 miles have been completed and secondary barrier wall is already being built in the San Diego sector.
    – The Army Corps of Engineers told the President they expect to finish at least 450 miles of wall by the end of 2020…now looks like that was a low estimate.
    – SCOTUS ruled Defense Funds can be used for the WALL!


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    1. San Diego and other high traffic areas (drugs, illegals, human trafficking, etc) will have two walls, 30′ and 18′ with a lighted, with an electronically surveilled no mans land and a paved road in between.

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    2. This:

      Make the Wall a National Memorial – and…..

      Make it a Full Military Installation, Mr. President.

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    1. And, speaking of Princess Sparkley-Socks, other pervs, and support of Biden,
      [ Øbozo ] “Giving his unqualified support…” Yep, that’s about right. UNQUALIFIED says it all…

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  8. Reading the latest roundup makes me ever-so-appreciative of the fact that Trump is President 😊.

    Being the non-interventionalist that I am, of course, over the moon about POTUS’ decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria (and even more thrilled that he more or less told warmonger Graham to go kick rocks and do his job).

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    1. Secretary Carson:

      Maybe Cummings did some good….

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      1. God bless our President for writing this tweet. He is a better man than I am.

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        1. He is being diplomatic and Christian in his response to the situation – imho – sometimes, he is brutally honest – but, this is not the time to disparage him – what a man/woman does in his/her life that is less than acceptable in our eyes is between him/her and his/her Creator – it tis to his/her Creator he/she must answer!

          Even the most despicable person we can imagine will get no rebuke from President Trump at his/her death. Knowing what ‘no name’ did, he gave his opinion before he died – and kept silent after he died.

          After seeing how the people of Baltimore suffered when there was plenty of money allocated to improve their plight in life – I cannot find the words to compliment him – Baltimore has been at the mercy of the greedy – and it shows in the number who have been removed from office – and from his inaction.

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        2. I hope all here are ready for a hideous over-dramatized state funeral for EC. He’ll have one last opportunity at his unique brand of histrionics.

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  9. I am so disappointed in 129 coward Repubs who voted with the dems on condemning PDJT pulling troops out of Syria; especially Nunes and Scalise. But I did love PDJT’s takedown of Lindsey Graham..once a weasel always a weasel.

    What the hell were they thinking, especially when the majority of repubs back our President.

    Are they as stupid as the dems…..appears so!

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  10. US Factory output has posted a negative turn.
    Biz channels screaming about it.
    GM and Boeing costing us a whole point of GDP.
    My response…..
    We can see what they’re doing.
    They scream recession and purposely mislead the public.
    We have to fight back against this perception, haze of vile politics over raw data.

    It’s malicious.

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    1. Boeing chased the SHORT PROFIT and is paying a HUGE PRICE for their short-sightedness, and taking us along with them. IIRC Boeing is in seriously bad financial shape as the result of bad project investments that were canceled. They will probably be forced to merge soon.

      I don’t know the full story on what GM is doing but building plants in China is just one more nail in their coffin as far as I’m concerned.

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      1. Somehow I think Boeing is going to have to fix the 737MAX kludge with a hardware solution. I wouldn’t set foot on one of those, knowing that without the proper software behaviour, the plane is difficult if not impossible to fly.

        Yep, there are totally fly-by-wire fighter jets, etc., but that’s a different environment. There must be (or should be) some way to deal with the engines being too “tall”. The losses incurred by Boeing probably would have paid for the R&D (and maybe even tooling) to fix the problem(s).

        Sad, also from a software perspective. From my decades in the HP3000/MPE world, Boeing had one of the most knowledgeable and professional software groups around, and though really advanced (also on internals), they never played at the bleeding edge… some risks (RISCs?) simply aren’t worth taking…

        I hope Boeing can return to its former glory. The few aircraft (and other) manufacturers out there, the less competition and the less innovation (SAFE INNOVATION) that can occur. Just look at how the “CPU” world has shrunk. It’s mostly Intel versus AMD, and pretty much a wonder that AMD came back after the disaster known as Bulldozer; finally there’s some activity and innovation, thanks to RyZen, and lower prices with higher performance for we customers, which is great news… now for 12 cores using only 65 watts…

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        1. The only way they can “fix” Boeing is to totally gut the corporate officers and upper management and replace them with people that have an engineering background, like they used to do. Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

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          1. Yep. Reminds me of what Carly “I never met a Hegelian Dialektik I didn’t like” Fiorina did to HP.

            For a company renowned for its engineering and inventions, not to mention its founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, she showed no respect or understanding, and single-handedly destroyed the “HP Way”. And, to add insult to injury, she took Bill and Dave’s names off of the Corporate Logo and put “Invent” underneath, instead.

            What a dorkette!!! INVENT is the WHOLE POINT of HP…

            She should just go away and play with her red Ouroboros that she conjured up for Lucent (yep, the similarity to Lucifer is no accident)… Hurd, Apotheker, and nit-Whitman have been no better (and far from being engineers). Lew Platt was the last true Engineer (Mechanical Engineering) at the helm of HP…

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  11. Liked by 4 people

  12. Liked by 5 people

    1. Good. He’s bringing these observations to light.

      As an ex-Dem, it especially amazes me to see the alleged anti-war group now criticizing the one President who is actually FOLLOWING through with his promise to stop our troops from engaging in endless, meaningless wars.

      Trump Derangement Syndrome is a helluva condition, I tell you.

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      1. I agree – however – it is the muse of the liberal to be against what they were for prior to what they are against – if PT said there was no reason to build a wall – they would insist he build it!

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    1. 1 million illegal farm workers? That’s a lot of people to excuse from breaking the law. Let one group off the hook and the Dems will want other groups working in other areas to get the same treatment. I also hope PT vetos this.

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  13. Oh, ya’ just gotta love Mick Mulvaney – on OANN – after consideration given to Cummings:

    “I understand it’s been a fairly slow news week so I thought we’d introduce a couple of things! I did want to come out here with my Nationals’ hat on but they told me that that would violate some type of rules so I couldn’t do that; I was also going to wear my Montreal Expos’s hat and they said that would be foreign interference in the World’s Series so we can’t do that either; so we’re going to talk about the G7.”

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  14. Thank you Flep … great news roundup .. 🤨👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️ …

    I have to get up of my duff (definition of duff: a comfy over-stuffed couch that is favored by couch potatoes 🥔 … 🤫)

    .. 😎🤚 ..

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    1. “Mick My Man” is very entertaining while being factual and trying to answer their unhinged questions –

      At one point – I saw him ‘shake his head’ (unbelievingly) as he took a convoluted question – these people are so hateful and arrogant – they cannot phrase a question intelligently –

      Dunno about you – but, I had a hard time figuring out just what they were asking – their ‘turn’ at the mic – was more like ‘lashing’ out than asking a pertinent question – one of the women was screaming while Mick waited patiently for her to finish – LOL

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  15. The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with… Cummings” – apologies to Shakespeare (Julius Caesar – Act 3 Scene 2)

    (IMO – SD got it right – Cummings did a lot of disgusting and dishonorable things. If it was syphilis that took him, well…)

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  16. Rand Paul Believes John Bolton was the Individual Behind the Ukraine Leaks

    October 17, 2019
    by Jose Nino, Big League Politics

    Count Rand Paul as another person who believes that former National Security Advisor John Bolton was the person behind the Ukraine leaks.

    On Laura Ingraham’s show, Paul stated that “John Bolton might have his own agenda” and could have been the person behind the Ukraine leaks which has prompted an impeachment inquiry in the U.S. House.

    When Ingraham asked the Kentucky Senator about the Bolton speculation, Paul broke down the entire situation:

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  17. Gun-controlled Baltimore has one of its most violent weekends: 17 shot, including 2-year-old

    October 17, 2019
    from Fellowship Of The Minds

    The Baltimore Sun reports that this past weekend, 17 people were shot — four of them fatally —one of its most brutal weekends on record. This includes a two-year-old boy who was shot in the stomach during a “road rage” incident.

    More from the Sun:

    “The violent crime is “sad and incredible sickening,” Republican Gov. Larry Hogan said, “especially when innocent children are caught in the middle.”

    “As I have said repeatedly, enough is enough,” Hogan said in a statement. “We will continue working closely with city leaders and urging members of the legislature to do more to get these repeat violent offenders off our streets.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  18. Dems Angry Over Syria Pullout Storm Out Of WH Meeting After Trump Calls Pelosi A ‘Third-Rate Politician’

    October 17, 2019
    by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation

    War-hungry Democrats furious over President Trump’s decision to get our troops out of northern Syria stormed out of a meeting with Trump at the White House on Wednesday evening after Trump allegedly called Nancy Pelosi a “third-rate politician.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

    [These people are stupid! They want our sons and daughters fighting endless wars so they can make money!!!]

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  19. Author of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” must pay victim’s dad $450,000, jury says

    October 17, 2019
    from Government Slaves

    Free speech is dead and if you dare challenge it we will destroy you financially. From the whore media:

    A jury in Wisconsin has awarded $450,000 to the father of a boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting after he filed a defamation lawsuit against conspiracy theorist writers who claimed the massacre never happened. A Dane County jury on Tuesday decided the amount James Fetzer must pay Leonard Pozner, whose 6-year-old son Noah was among the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14, 2012.

    Fetzer, a retired University of Minnesota Duluth professor now living in Wisconsin, and Mike Palacek co-wrote a book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” in which they claimed the Sandy Hook shooting never took place but was instead an event staged by the federal government as part of an Obama administration effort to enact tighter gun restrictions. A judge earlier ruled Pozner was defamed by statements in the book that claimed he fabricated copies of his son’s death certificate.

    Fetzer called the damages amount “absurd” and said he would appeal.

    [Question: Haven’t these people made enough taxpayer money off of their lies? Obviously, not! I hope and pray he wins on appeal. Still trying to bury the truth – I guess]

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