Dear KAG!: 20191017 Open Thread

This Night before Daughn Thursday 20191017 Open Thread is officially Open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

 Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible. Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven. SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY TO OUR PRESIDENT! “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!“

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules: •1.No food fights. •2.No running with scissors. •3.If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone

President Trump is there for US so let’s be there for the Greatest President in our Lifetime!

And it’s FUN!

440 thoughts on “Dear KAG!: 20191017 Open Thread

  1. LM October 16, 2019 at 13:52
    I see the President as a gift (like Jonah) from a loving God, unwilling to see people perish for all eternity without giving them a window of opportunity in which to choose a different path.

    The Choice

    As we walk our winding way
    Along life’s paths from day to day,
    We see the world through human eyes
    And lose all sight of our true prize.

    The world says “Come. Accept my pay.
    Gorge yourself at my pleasure buffet.
    They’re all yours, wealth, power, and fame;
    All for you, if you play my game.”

    Most, to their peril, make the wrong choice,
    Hearing the world and ignoring God’s voice.
    So we go merrily as our lives go on,
    Living in the night, avoiding God’s dawn.

    To ourselves alone, we must be true.
    Then on one day, our wages come due.
    Greedy for a part, we lost sight of the whole;
    Though we gained the world, we lost our soul.

    Oh, how much different is God’s quiet call
    Bidding us leave the world’s evil thrall.
    Gone is the lure of wealth, power and fame;
    Asking only that we trust in Christ’s Name.

    Though we may be poor, weak and unknown,
    We become heirs with Christ to God’s throne.
    Though we come early or late to God’s fields,
    We all receive full measure of His yield.

    And so, my friends, it’s now up to us;
    A decision to make and not just discuss.
    Will we continue with the world’s lure
    Or yield our sick bodies to the Lord’s cure?

    When we choose Christ, we’re most blest indeed,
    As He’ll never leave us by His decree.
    We’re in His arms, held tight in His love,
    Blest here, now, and for eternity above.

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    1. pgroup October 17, 2019 at 00:13

      Now it begins, for your big con
      Needles and pins, twilight till dawn
      Watching that clock, your stomach churns
      For all your deeds, the penalty earned

      Now it begins, day after day
      This is your night, ticking away
      Waiting to hear footsteps that say
      Now come with us, it’s your time to pay

      Oh, it’s time to go
      You try to pretend
      This couldn’t last
      But this time the big ugly won’t end

      Now it begins, all hope is gone
      Needles and pins, twilight till dawn
      We’ve got you cold, and know what portends
      We know it won’t, it won’t ever end
      The big ugly

      The big ugly
      The big ugly

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    1. Bullshit.

      The only reason POTUS is called “orange man” is because prog trolls alter the tone of his pictures to make it look like he is orange which is supposed to mean he fake tans (ie.he is a fake president).

      “Orange man” in prog-speak means “illegitimate president”.

      Which is why profs laugh at us when we mock them by saying “Orange man bad!”, because they say “Why yes, an illegitimate President is bad.”

      They’d like to call POTUS a redneck, but even they know attempting to call a NY billionaire a redneck won’t wash.

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      1. I think by saying “Orange”, they’re applying all the bad traits associated with the “gingers”, the red-headed problem children we all “knew”, particularly in northern Europe and Scotland.

        One also thinks of William of Orange (have a look at his signature – seems somehow similar) and the Orange Men of Ireland and thereabouts (though I doubt they were awake during world history classes, if they even attended them)…

        They could just as well call him grape, but that would probably be too close in sound to GREAT, which would rattle them even further…


    2. Couldn’t be any gladder! And I like how you appropriated their negative to make it a positive. That’s exactly what Pres. Trump is a master at doing.

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    3. And when Schiffty and Piglosi and the rest of the cabal cattle get rounded up,
      he’ll be saying to them (shades of that old knock-knock joke):


      Banana na na, Banana na na, Hey hey hey, goo ood bye 🙂 as they are walked off to Gitmo…

      (Knock knock
      who’s there?
      Banana who?

      Knock knock
      who’s there?
      Banana who?

      Knock knock
      who’s there?
      Banana who?

      Knock knock
      who’s there?
      Orange who?
      Orange you glad I didn’t say banana???)

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        1. Yep, that’s a fun one; the trick is doing the banana bits enough so the other person gets really wound up, but doesn’t walk away… I had my son about ready to scream when I finally did the Orange bit…

          So guess who gets to be the beta tester victim of all his knock-knock jokes now? 🙂

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              1. well, I check off a lot of boxes here…I’m a white conservative Christian woman and they’re limiting my access to tweets…I am highly offended…
                (if I were a liberal I would OWN the site by now…)

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    1. San Diego was a very high traffic area – an illegals, drugs, human trafficking super-highway!

      Even had tunnels.

      The PRESIDENT consulted with the BORDER PATROL – and they ordered this set-up to deal with the San Diego sector:

      See Diagram – two walls, 30′ and 18′ with a lighted, with an electronically surveilled no mans land and a paved road in between.

      Imagine having a President who asks the primary Border Law Enforcement Agencies what they want and need and where they want it??? Who understands building from the ground up – having built skyscrapers all over the world???


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    1. He phrased resolution as condemning POTUS. Brietbart says “ The resolution states Congress’ opposition to the troop pullback and says Turkey should cease its military action in Syria. And the measure says the White House should present a plan for an “enduring defeat” of the Islamic State group.”
      McCarthy said POTUS was ok with the vote.

      Does anybody know what exactly is in the damn thing??? No matter, it’s non-binding, doesn’t go anywhere.

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      1. That’s just it. Exactly.

        People are condemning true patriots like Devin Nunes and John Ratcliffe grief for voting for it when there is a lot in it to vote for. THEY HAVENT READ THE RESOLUTION.

        And the wily d-rats allowed that stuff to be included hoping that Rs would vote for it but use the vote to condemn POTUS.

        Sad to say some here fall for this kinda crap when they are WELL EXPERIENCED and knowledgeable enough to know better than to fall for this kinda crap.

        SD for damn sure knows better.

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        1. You agree with the resolution? Ignore SD. Read it for yourself and tell me if you agree or not.

          Agreeing with the resolution is 100% disagreeing with President Trump on this issue.

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        2. I read it.

          They are condemning President Trump’s decision to pull out, and implying he has no plan to contain ISIS. From the resolution:

          That Congress— (1) opposes the decision to end certain United States efforts to prevent Turkish military operations against Syrian Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria;

          (5) calls on the White House to present a clear and specific plan for the enduring defeat of ISIS.

          I really don’t give a shit about the material in between these two statements.

          If the Republicans don’t learn how to stand together, we are going to LOSE the Republic to Democrats who always do.


        1. that’s a win/win for those who don’t want to go on record (especially close to an election year) voting for war…but their MIC campaign donations need to continue so they have to figure out how to accomplish war without voting for war…ahhhhh—BLAME POTUS!

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      2. I think too many Dems and Republicans jumped the shark and totally ignored the fact Russia and Syria are both sending military forces to halt Turkey’s incursion into northern Syria. That replaces the U.S. military personnel and equipment President Trump is wisely pulling out of there. Why should we stay in Syria and lose more brave soldiers?

        Now Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to like Russia having a military presence in the middle east, but she’s an idiot, so who cares what she thinks? I don’t see how Russia being in Syria affects us when we are 7,000 miles away. Yesterday, she had a conniption fit and started a verbal disagreement in the behind closed door bipartisan meeting with President Trump when she reportedly said, “With you, all roads lead to Putin”. The nasty witch got called out for that as well as her slamming upside down unread the copy of the letter to Turkish President Erdogan that was provided to each participant and she didn’t like it. That’s when President Trump called her a third rate politician. . As she and Schumer stood up to leave the meeting prematurely, President Trump called out, “See you at the polls”.

        Then the Dems came out crying to the press. Boo Hoo. Crocodile tears once again.

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      1. I disagree with a number of things concerning the treehouse split.. However that does not make me reflexively disagree with what SD says. I am not going to side with Pelosi and against President Trump yo own SD!

        We need to primary GOP. This vote lets us know where they stand when push comes to shove! Dobbs called them out big time. The GOP in the House is wrong on this. Call them and let them know we won’t forget in the primary!

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  2. Just finished reading, The United States Of Trump, by Bill O’Reilly.

    Excellent and easy read. O’Reilly books are, IMO.

    Worth reading. No huge revelations. Very interesting insights into his grand father, parents, youth, military school, business ventures, … Interest in politics driven by American politicians absolutely destroying America, consistently making stoopid trade deals, venturing into stoopid wars… Back to late 60’s and early 70’s, his dislike for wars where Americans have little to nothing to gain. Debunks the racism and misogyny BS.

    A few areas I would disagree with O’Reilly as a few statements may have been true, or mostly true when entered into the draft book, but simply no longer accurate. Not a big deal. We know better.

    O’Reilly documented facts or logical conclusions regarding President Trump. Refreshing perspective.

    < 300 pages. Worth reading, IMO.

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  3. A few years ago, I got a few rolls of Andrew Jackson dollar coins. I hand them out to people and tell them that they have to read the last four paragraphs of the bank veto speech, after which they are free to buy a candy bar or whatever.

    I note that, if they are inspired by the final four paragraphs, they mighty easily read the entire speech…..and delve into the background. But if they do, they might be inclined to hold that Andrew Jackson coin in their wallet, or on their desk where they can see it.

    And I warn them that if they read and understand that speech, they may get to the point where they hand out Andrew Jackson dollar coins……

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  4. MITCH MCCONNELL goes Nuclear on Twitter!

    Mitch does a THREAD!

    You go, Mr. Senate Majority Leader!!!

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    1. Ironic that the NewYorkSlimes (aka the Old Gay Lady) would post an article about propaganda…

      Meanwhile the Extinction Rebellion channels their dark Satanic heathen roots:

      Speaking of Extinction Rebellion(s), over in Old Blighty, the good fowk ‘ave ‘ad enough:

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        1. Might be related to the missing BILLIONS of tax dollars in his district.

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  6. Brexit deal in place that Boris Johnson has been touting. Will Parliament approve the plan before the October 31st deadline? Vote is Saturday.

    “Hours before a summit of all 28 EU national leaders, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted: “We have one! It’s a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK and it is testament to our commitment to find solutions.”

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that the two sides had struck a “great new deal” and urged U.K. lawmakers to ratify it in a special session on Saturday”

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          1. I like it NYGuy … the British in govt. are so well spoken (the King’s English) I would be careful to engage them negatively .. it would send me running to get my thesaurus and funk and wagnalls ..

            .. 😜🤚 ..

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            1. Indeed… “the Americans haven’t used it for years” (proper English)

              From “My Fair Lady”, Rex Harrison’s (Professor Henry Higgins’s) take on things:


      1. Just a head’s up on the title. It’s missing a digit for the month, 10. “Dear KAG!: 2019117“

        Not a criticism, just a caution that this would probably cause it to not show up in archives correctly.

        Thank you trumpismine for your weekly contributions!

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  7. “RIP” trending all over Twitter because of Elijah Cummings. POTUS is in Dallas today. Wouldn’t surprise me if these occult bastards held off on announcing Cummings’ death for the sole purpose of spamming “RIP” and death imagery all over the media at the exact time POTUS is in Dallas. They did the same thing with that dead baseball pitcher earlier this summer (I refuse to type out the hashtag they spammed all over the media on red hats for days on end).

    Say an extra prayer for POTUS today.

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      1. And daughn247 posted right before the emphasis on Obama began about Obama. daughn must have connections!😎 Actually, I think Daughn has excellent instincts and analytical skills that have served her well in her many ventures. The timing on that post was amazing!

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  8. another swing and a miss…

    Allies of Biden, who is currently vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, have defended the former vice president from charges of improperly taking official actions that could financially benefit his son by claiming that the international community, rather than Biden and the Obama administration, were behind the efforts to get rid of Shokin. Kent’s testimony, however, indicates it was Biden and the Obama administration who were running the show, not the so-called international community.

    Kent also testified that concerns about corruption within Burisma, where Hunter Biden inexplicably served as a highly paid board member for five years, were openly voiced long before Trump became president. According to Kent, he personally raised red flags about a 2016 initiative between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Burisma due to concerns the company was tied to government corruption in the country. Kent testified that USAID was gearing up for an event with Burisma that involved children, and that he felt uncomfortable seeing children used as photo op props for a company with a reputation for corruption and graft.

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    1. Praise ye the Lord – is a commandment and also has many purposes.

      Praise is a method of taking comfort in times of sorrow and strength in times of fear.

      Jewish people say the Kaddish prayers of praise of GOD for a year after a loved one dies:

      Jewish Scripture (the Holy Bible Old Testament) shows the Jewish people recited a praises of GOD’s mighty actions through the ages on their behalf – called a String of Pearls. Psalm 106 is an example.

      It might be good to make our own personal list of GOD’s actions in our lives…and praise Him for them often!

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      1. You turned my wailing into dancing;
        You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

        BUT WHY?

        that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
        Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

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  9. still no answers from the IC IG about the changes
    “[W]e are concerned that you are ‘unable to explain how or why the language [about how the ICIG must be in possession of reliable, firsthand information] was included, or how it came into use’ in the informational sheet,” the three lawmakers wrote. “The information we seek and the questions we are asking should be easily obtained or answered especially in light of your testimony before the intelligence committees.”

    “We expect that this — our third request — will be the final time that we have to request that you provide full and complete answers to the Committees,” they tersely noted.

    Grassley, Johnson, and Lee noted that Atkinson had refused to answer 13 separate questions regarding the secret changes his office made to whistleblower rules after it received a complaint that was built entirely on second-hand information and gossip and riddled with errors.

    They wrote that Atkinson’s responses to their previous letters “mostly repeated information from your press release and failed to answer the vast majority of the questions” they had asked. In addition to directing Atkinson to fully respond to those 13 questions instead of stonewalling, the senators posed an additional question about whether the anti-Trump complainant may have lied on the form he submitted to the ICIG.

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    FORT WORTH, Texas ( – Doctors cannot be required to perform transgender surgeries, a federal judge in Texas ruled Tuesday.

    Tuesday’s ruling reverses the 2016 mandate by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which would have required doctors to perform sex reassignment procedures.

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  11. I am always looking at economic data. I like to be able to characterize what is going on based on what the numbers say. The attachment is an excellent one page summary of all the data that stretches back to 2014. You can compare the last years of Obama to today. Consumers seem to be doing ok but the rest of the economy has slowed. Very interesting divergence. Full employment, wages up, little to no inflation but it has not translated to a robust GDP.

    Receipts and outlays report is out tomorrow. Very anxious to see it. That will finish FY2019.

    Click to access monthly-economic-data-tables.pdf

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    1. By the way, did you know that the largest holder of US Treasuries is now Japan? As of the August report, they hold $1.1747 trillion. The previous top investor was China but they have been reducing their holdings (wonder why…lol) and they are now #2 with $1.1035 trillion.

      Numbers change a lot each month but Abe has decided to make stronger investments in US paper.

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  12. It’s good to see people fighting back against the climate-hoaxers.

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      1. IKR?
        I think they mostly live in their own little bubble…and overestimate how many people have bought into their BS.

        So maybe they expect people to cheer them on, when they do things like this, I dunno.

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  13. Can anybody answer a question I have about the impeachment inquiry? Pelosi’s antics really have me confused.

    So, if Shiff and his cronies decide they’ve accumulated enough “evidence” to impeach, what’s next?

    Do they take the vote to impeach to the floor of the House? Nervous Nancy said there will be no vote. Or do they just tell the Senate to start the trial? Wouldn’t the Senate tell them to pound sand if there was never a vote to impeach?

    I can’t see where this is headed, or what steps get the dirty dems to where they want to be. Does Nervous Nancy have a plan, or are they just making it up as they go along and just throwing political grenades willy-nilly?

    It’s all so disturbing.

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    1. the dems are trying to gather “evidence” before they have a vote–they need to find something they can use AND have the President’s popularity drop before they can hold the vote to impeach…but i doubt it will get that far unless they get desperate closer to the 2020 election. then it’s anybody’s guess what they will try…

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    2. Just watch the show. There’s no there there, and the people on the Hill know it. If the vote is held, all reps – who are up for re-election next year – go on the record one way or another. One person here believes that alone will stop the vote. Possibly, but, really, nimrod Nancy knows she can’t win this one, that’s why she’ll not hold a vote and just talk about it for the next year.

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      1. This is ALL about the “hearings” in the basement.

        They will continue to call “witnesses” and question them in secret. This, they think, implies that there is “wrongdoing” on the part of the President.

        You are correct, it is a show. They can’t hold a vote, so they charge by implication. I believe most of the public is smart enough to know it’s a sham.

        What we need to do is incessantly pound on the “Star Chamber” aspect of this, all the way through the election cycle.

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              1. If we only had a Congressional House Mother … you know .. I big burly Constitutional adherent who would keep order in the house .. and she need a short fuse .. and aikido skills .. heh heh .. 🤨

                .. 6ft. 4 inches of don’t you dare .. 🤨

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    3. From what I understand, it’s a fly by the seat of your pants operation because Nancy and Schiff are making up rules as they go along….
      Gather “evidence”
      Take to Judiciary committee, back to Nadler
      Judiciary will draw up articles of impeachment,
      Whole house will vote

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  14. Dubya pipes up on Wednesday night….defending his (and his father’s) endless middle east wars.

    Bush also spoke up during Barry’s tenure – but it wasn’t to defend and protect the Constitution, the USA or it’s citizen/workers/taxpayers. Oh no!

    Remember this?

    “President Bush broke his self-imposed silence in January 2011, in a speech at Southern Methodist University. The only problem was, he wasn’t attacking Obama, but conservatives. Addressing the immigration debate, he said: “(I)f you study history, there are some ‘isms’ that occasionally pop up … One is isolationism and its evil twin protectionism and its evil triplet nativism.”

    GWB speaking out in 2011, told us who he really is and who all the Bushes are – globalists!

    The Bushes are open borders globalists, run USA into the ground in as many ways as possible type of globalists – promote Islamism UN type globalists – like Øbama type globalists.

    LINK –

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    1. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET that while the ash and smoke were still settling and almost all the bodies still not recovered…..

      GWB spoke this despicable lie to the American people – “Islam is the religion of peace and we are not at war with Islam.”

      If he were telling the truth, he would have said: “Islam is the religion of barbaric human rights abuse, death, rape, misogyny, slavery, oppression, war, supremacism. We must defeat it at all costs and not allow it within our country.”

      Then, I would have respected Dubya.

      Instead he lied, forced us to endure (spit) Koran readings at 9/11 memorials….protected Islamists and created a toothless, impotent PC strangled DHS as a front for increased spying on US citizens.

      Spit, spit, spit……

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    2. The Shrubs and Kerry are all Skull and Bones. They do NOT look upon the US government as being the one they server, nor do they look upon GOD as being the One they serve.

      They honor, adore, and do the work of (and for) Baphomet, that is, Baal, the Devil, Satan himself. Just look up what is in Room 322, the Dungeon, at Yale, and what Weishaupt “taught” them…

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  15. when Avon knocks, don’t answer the door!

    People are questioning why an edition of the popular beauty supply catalog Avon features a woman placing her arms around a Satanic baphomet figure.

    Wary social media users have commented on the bizarre cover of Avon’s 22nd 2019 campaign, showing a woman in a pink wig grabbing the ears of the baphomet, a half-animal, half-human goat hybrid deity which has long been associated with Satanism.

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          1. we don’t have cable or anything other than an antenna so we watch a lot of dvds—our kids are always trying to get us a subscription to netflix—we keep saying NO!!!…not touching that with a ten foot pole

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          1. A few years back, looking for male clothes for 2yr old BDay, was frustrated I had to search and search and search. They had removed Department signs for boys and girls and all clothes were mixed together!! 🥶

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      1. That looks like one of Miley Cyrus’s “pics”… lots of articles about her, Hollyweird, K-Pop, and MK on (somehow I think ALL of this weirdness is tied together, somewhere in the pit of Hell)…

        And a VERY interesting article about the meteoric rise of “Greta the Greenhearted”:

        In the matter of a few months, Greta Thunberg went from a lone girl protesting in front of the Swedish parliament to an international phenomenon. Although mass media is making it seem as if this meteoric rise to prominence happened organically, this is simply not true.

        Behind Greta is a major machine, one that is controlled by major international actors and backed by major funds. This PR machine has allowed Greta to make the covers of magazines, become the subject of thousands of news articles while being photographed with world leaders and giving speeches at elite organizations such as the United Nations.

        Although Greta might very well be genuinely concerned with the fate of the planet, her message is carefully crafted by those who control her to generate a specific response from the youth. In short, Greta is the face of a major marketing scheme – a tightly coordinated international effort to sell global warming through a specific lens: Fear, panic, and urgency.

        And, considering her parents, the rotten apple hasn’t fallen far from the diseased tree. From a Swedish magazine cover:

        Ernman on the cover of Vi magazine. The quote under her face says: “We all sell our souls to the devil”. Can’t make this up.

        The article is valuable reading, including its insight into the marketing machine behind the CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) scam…

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      1. I just got the book and saw that. Avon was sold to a British company and has a smaller footprint in USA now. Their famous bubble bath is now made in china. They still have many things from the USA. This latest CEO has heavily been pushing occult jewelry and clothing. They have gotten away from family oriented things to all about me down time items.
        I only buy a couple items now, until I can get affordable options.

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    1. Thanks for the info. I don’t know how it is now, but Avon used to be a way for women to earn extra income. This will only hurt them if enough people are aware of what’s going on (which could be doubtful). That pic, posted below, has bad vibes — satanic vibes, if you’re “woke.”

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  16. life issues

    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

    Oct 17, 2019
    obeying our worthy god strength hope trust

    The prophet Isaiah wrote, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19 19 So shall they fear
    The name of the Lord from the west,
    And His glory from the rising of the sun;
    When the enemy comes in like a flood,
    The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him). At some point, we all have felt the weight of the enemy surrounding us.

    We experience panic or stress over work deadlines, bills to be paid, or relationship conflicts. We catch ourselves focusing on what people will think or say. Then we begin to suffer discouragement and even depression.

    No one wants to be scorned, ridiculed, or taken for granted, but at some point we will be. Even Jesus suffered the ridicule of others. The chief priests, mocking with the scribes and elders, said, “He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, ‘I am the Son of God'” (Matthew 27:43).

    No matter what we face or how others ridicule us, God is our rock and our fortress. He is our deliverer. We can find refuge and security in Him. Although you may not feel God’s presence or help, He is near, just as Psalm 91:15 promises, “He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.”

    Do you feel that God has forgotten you? The writer of Hebrews reminds us that the Lord will not forget us, for God Himself has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”)

    So no matter what others say or how discouraged you may feel, remember that the Lord has the answer to your anxiety and despair. All you have to do is cry out to Him. He longs for you to seek His power. Ask Him to be the source of your strength and deliverance.

    Prayer: Lord, thank You for never leaving or forsaking me. I cry out to You now for the strength I need for today. Thank You for Your new mercies every morning. Great is Your faithfulness. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Psalm 42:11).

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  17. Cleaning up after ourselves it seems.

    Also, a major US base in Northern Syria was destroyed by an airstrike after the troops pulled out, likely to prevent more embarrassing videos of the abandoned facility once it is reclaimed by Syrian government troops.

    US officials confirmed the strike on Wednesday evening, saying it was previously planned and intended “to prevent the coalition operation center from being utilized by outside forces”.

    Caggins stated that the strike involved two F-15e fighter jets from the US-led coalition, which fired on the Lafarge Cement Factory, after all coalition forces had left the facility.

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  18. Does my heart good to know and reflect…..

    That every single day, hour and minute…..

    The absolute fear, horror, terror, desperation…..

    Of all the greedy, depraved evildoers….

    In our nation’s capital

    And around the world

    Has grown greater and greater every day….

    Emerods, sleepless nights, ulcers, twitches….

    Even bodily continence…

    Is increasing in intensity…

    And building to a mighty finale….

    Of lists of indictments, charges, exposed crimes….

    Arrests, arraignments, jail and prison holding cells…

    Desperate calls to lawyers….

    Long trials, conclusive evidence….

    Justice at last!!!

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  19. … 🤨👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️ … K U D O S … trumpismine … excellent … love the video, picture and our lovely tree 🌳 .. 😉🤚❤️‼️

    .. ❤️🇺🇸❤️ ..

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      1. Hehe, I read he threw it in the garbage.
        I love it.
        Message received, loud and clear.
        Message received in Moscow, in Beijing.
        Publicizing the letter was a HUGE win for Trump on world stage.
        He’s not playing.

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    1. Tears, no. But condolences to those feeling the loss. He was still a husband and father. No matter what we think of him, he was precious to them.

      I’ve sung way too many funerals of people for whom I had no use, but mourning was present from friends and family to be callous about respecting their plight.

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  21. Elijah Cummings died! 🤔🤔🤔🤔
    “Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a sharecropper’s son who rose to become the powerful chairman of a U.S. House committee that investigated President Donald Trump, died early Thursday of complications from longstanding health issues, his office said. He was 68.

    Cummings was a formidable orator who passionately advocated for the poor in his black-majority district , which encompasses a large portion of Baltimore as well as more well-to-do suburbs.

    As chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Cummings led multiple investigations of the president’s governmental dealings, including probes in 2019 relating to the president’s family members serving in the White House.

    Trump responded by criticizing the Democrat’s district as a “rodent-infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.” The comments came weeks after Trump drew bipartisan condemnation following his calls for Democratic congresswomen of color to get out of the U.S. “right now,” and go back to their “broken and crime-infested countries.”

    Cummings replied that government officials must stop making “hateful, incendiary comments” that only serve to divide and distract the nation from its real problems, including mass shootings and white supremacy.

    “Those in the highest levels of the government must stop invoking fear, using racist language and encouraging reprehensible behavior,” Cummings said in a speech at the National Press Club.

    Cummings’ long career spanned decades in Maryland politics. He rose through the ranks of the Maryland House of Delegates before winning his congressional seat in a special election in 1996 to replace former Rep. Kweisi Mfume, who left the seat to lead the NAACP.

    Cummings was an early supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential bid in 2008. By 2016, Cummings was the senior Democrat on the House Benghazi Committee, which he said was “nothing more than a taxpayer-funded effort to bring harm to Hillary Clinton’s campaign” for president.

    Throughout his career, Cummings used his fiery voice to highlight the struggles and needs of inner-city residents. He was a firm believer in some much-debated approaches to help the poor and addicted, such as needle exchange programs as a way to reduce the spread of AIDS.

    A key figure in the Trump impeachment inquiry , Cummings had been hoping to return to Congress after a medical procedure he said would only keep him away for a week. His statement then didn’t detail the procedure. He had previously been treated for heart and knee issues.

    His constituents began mourning shortly after his death at 2:45 a.m. Thursday at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    In a statement, his widow, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, chairwoman of Maryland’s Democratic Party, said “Congressman Cummings was an honorable man who proudly served his district and the nation with dignity, integrity, compassion and humility. He worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the highest and best expression of our collective humanity and that our nation’s diversity was our promise, not our problem.”

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      1. He had a penchant for exaggerating and making stuff up. Kids, especially babies, poop their pants occasionally. I doubt they stayed that way for long in those holding pens. The other kids would have complained about the smell.

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    1. Benghazi investigation was nothing more than (political)…..

      That’s all anything is to Democrats.

      National Security, human lives of soldiers and unborn infants, everything is just political to them.

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