20191017: Pence Ceasefire in Turkey

We have a great deal of video and press attention surrounding events in Syria/Turkey, etc. We can dump all the video and discussion here, one place.

Here is the Pence Presser in Ankara, with Pompeo.

A few minutes later, the President landed in Dallas and congratulated the Pence team in Turkey, A GREAT DAY for the USA, Turkey, Syria, and reminded everyone, a little bit of tough love was necessary. Hair-on-fire Dems and NeverTrumpers are left, aghast. Trump keeps winning.

Here’s the letter from Dad!!!!!

128 thoughts on “20191017: Pence Ceasefire in Turkey

    1. Me too —- we KNEW something was going on. We KNEW the Dems screeching and NeverTrumpers jumping up and down made no sense.
      And the reporting in theatre was awful, incorrect, lazy.
      Once again, Trump wins.
      Everyone rattling their saber, Trump said fine — go after it.
      Wow, did they all change their tune,.

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  1. Thats the kind of letter that every public area should post so that everyone can see what leadership is like and oh yeah he went there. No wonder piglosi walked out. POTUS WINS AGAIN and she didnt want to be a part of it.
    Dimms strategy of failure in play.

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  2. Once again Nancy Pelosi has led Congress into voting to condemn President Trump for one of his great decisions. And once again they jumped the shark. Had they only waited one day, they would have avoided wasting time and good will bashing The President for something that turned out exceedingly well.

    Had Nancy only waited a day, she wouldn’t have had egg on her face the way she did a few weeks ago when she called for an impeachment inquest on the grounds the whistleblower’s testimony was accurate, which the next day we found out it wasn’t.

    I think President Trump was right when he said Nancy has some very deep seated mental issues.


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    1. Yep. It’s called panic and desperation.

      When people are panicked and desperate, they don’t make good choices.

      It’s one of the reasons why we’re constantly placed in those situations when working in the sims…

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        1. It’s not arrogance when they do know what they are talking about, such as quoting the expert opinions of world famous music legends with a link to same in support of one’s argument.

          But it is very petty and butthurtish make a post like you just did.

          Feel free to cry some more. Apparently some people like it.


        1. A top of the line Airbus (sic) immersive flight simulator. As close as you can get to real flight conditions without actually crashing the plane. Pilots train in these continuously to practice all manner of emergency scenarios. When the real thing happens, they know EXACTLY what to do, without letting fear and poor decision making control them.

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            1. We call it “levels of automation”, which in the plane I fly has 4.

              If the plane goes HAL, we simply turn off all the automation and fly manually.

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  3. “Thank you VP Pence.”

    “No sir, thank you Pres. Trump.”

    “No, really, thank you VP Pence.”

    “No, seriously Mr. President, thank you.”

    Everybody hugs.


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          1. In ancient times, erm, while “studying”, that sidebar would have come in handy, with the likes of Boone’s Farm, Annie Green Springs, Ripple, Wild Turkey, (un)Lucky Lager, and anything by Coors…

            Or from over here, Baden-Württemberg’s punishment to red wine drinkers everywhere, Trollinger mit Lemberger (I should have known better with something that has troll in its name) 🙂

            Two Buck Chuck, left open and uncapped (can’t really say corked) for a week is still better…
            (no wonder the Germans are so good at beer 🙂 )….

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        1. And a clever comment from that sidebar:

          2:14 PM on 3/28/2011
          As a side note, I love that you guys used Fever Tree ginger ale to drink the sauvignon blanc. Here I always thought the idea of mixers was to CUT the cost of the drink.

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          1. We had a party whilst my parents were away and ran out of alcohol. My dad had a collectors edition 50 yr old scotch in crystal bottle.
            We drank it with that pink creaming soda

            I’m expecting to be unfriended and blocked from qth at any moment

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              1. Barbarians inside the gate. My dad went to the bar with his duty free grog ,opened the bar and stood there stunned. All he could say was hell, what happened.
                Silly , he had teenagers in the house

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        2. UC Davis has a Department of Viticulture and Enology that was founded in 1935. It has been a world leader in advancing the science of winemaking ( https://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/about/timeline ).

          That said, there have been some embarrassments — any technology, after all, can be used for both good and ill. There was a scandal in, IIRC, the 1970s, where certain Gallo jug wines (e.g. “Hearty Burgundy”) were found to not contain any actual grape juice. The technology existed in the heads of some UC Davis graduates to create this Frankenwein…..and the technology existed in UC Davis labs to uncover the subterfuge.

          Recognized varietals (e.g. Merlot), must be at least 75% of the named grape (unless the species is Vitis labrusca — uncommonly used for wine — which must be 51%. About the only Vitis labrusca grape I’ve seen used to make wine is the Concord).

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  4. Now I understand.

    Like Hillary, he has Parkinson’s disease, and they’re overdosing him with Levodopa, which causes ocular dsykinesia–abnormal eye movements.

    Levodopa and Parkinson’s also cause dementia.

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  6. Speaking of Never Trumpers, I had the unfortunate inclination to listen to the nasal, canary voiced pipsqueak Shapiro. The man is going to get a hernia AND a UTI trying to imitate PT while he hemorrhages hate.

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    1. That’s so true.
      I recall in 2011, when Ben Shapiro was pushing Trump to enter the race for Pres.
      Ben thought Trump was second Messiah back then.

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      1. Exactly!

        And VSGPDJT can veto any drivel they try to push through… like someone tweeted, VSGPDJT has accomplished a lot, and at the same time exposed all the traitors, warhawks, and neocons (but I repeat myself)…

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  7. Daughn your killing me 😉! I was starting to put tomorrow’s news roundup together. You beat me to it. Here is what I was going to include on this topic.

    The look on VP Pence’s face throughout these two clips said everything. The POS Erdogan was given an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a joint press conference following discussions with President Recep Erdogan of Turkey. The Turks invasion of Syria and regional conflict with Kurdish forces are the primary issue.

    From the article linked above:

    Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that the United States and Turkey had agreed on a Turkish cease-fire in Syria, days after the country’s forces launched an offensive in northern Syria.
    “It will be a pause in military operations for 120 hours while the United States facilitates the withdrawal of the YPG from the affected areas in the safe zone. And once that is completed, Turkey has agreed to a permanent cease fire,” Pence said alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Ankara, Turkey.
    Pence said that the agreement entails no further U.S. sanctions on Turkey. Once the permanent cease fire is in effect, the U.S. sanctions imposed on Monday in retaliation for the country’s incursion will be withdrawn, he said.
    “The agreement today, first, ends the violence, which is what President Trump sent us here to do,” Pence said. “We have also achieved an opportunity, by working with YPG to move out of the area, to create more peace and security and stability in that buffer zone.”

    The announcement came after Pence and Pompeo met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pence said that negotiations lasted more than five hours with Erdogan and his team.

    “TOUGH LOVE” according to our Lion!

    Here are some shorter videoclips.

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  8. mrbungle

    Whatever it is that happened at the White House yesterday.

    That crazy letter to Erdogan.

    Bombing our Syrian base as we rolled out.

    Shit is feeling a little criznatch.

    Fritos and chill or bug out bag?

    Seriously. Obama endorsed the Al Jolsen of Canada.

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    1. We bombed our own base, 2 F35’s so no one else could use it.
      Pentagon issued statement today cuz media was claiming it was Turkey bombing the USA.
      Crazy media, fog of war, nothing is reliable coming from the news.

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  9. Oh busted.. big time
    We may have lost Elijah Cummings last night, but Adam Schiff will continue to sign his name to important supoenas for the foreseeable future.

    As he has apeared to have done while his esteemed colleague was in hospice care.

    JadedKushner – Supernatural Wisdom-PARODY on Twitter

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  10. Georgia’s most effective virtual congressman…

    @RepStevenSmith: “John Durham, AG Barr’s special Russia investigator, obtained BlackBerrys tied to mysterious prof – Washington Times”

    #GenFlynn #Mifsud #phones #evidence #Durham

    Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸 on Twitter

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    1. Durham having the phones, may have been the reason why POTUS began mentioning names again – including Strozac and his “lover” Lisa Page. He returned to being specific the past couple of days. Bet all those names are implicated now. Brennan, McCabe, Ohr, Page, Comey, etc.

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    1. “Since inception, this law enforcement initiative has resulted in the following:

      238 fraudulent families identified;
      329 false documents seized that were used to support fraudulet claims;
      more than 350 individuals federally prosecuted for various crimes, including human smuggling, making false statements, conspiracy, and illegal re-entry after removal; and
      50 individuals identified who have fraudulently claimed to be unaccompanied minors.”

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  11. REX @REX
    So it looks like Boris has failed. Just another politician.

    Isn’t it amazing how they just don’t understand that the citizens are awake now?

    You can tell it’s not Brexit, because EU mandarins like drunk Juncker are pleased by this so-called ‘Brexit Deal’.

    Oh well, looks like Farage is UK’s next Churchill. Bring it on.

    New Brexit deal agreed, says Bo

    Watch what happens. Farage has already signalled his intent.

    Boris Johnson is playing a silky game.

    You already know what’s going to happen, anyway.

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    1. Rex: “Isn’t it amazing how they just don’t understand that the citizens are awake now?”


      “It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” -Aubergine’s Razor

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    2. “Watch what happens. Farage has already signalled his intent.”


      What is the signal, and what is his intent?

      Since Nigel appears to be the only politician in GB who can get the job done — and has been from the beginning — why hasn’t he applied for the PM job?


      “Boris Johnson is playing a silky game.”


      I don’t know what a ‘silky game’ is. I have never heard the expression.


      “You already know what’s going to happen, anyway.”


      Why is Rex speaking in riddles today?

      I have no idea what’s going to happen next, except to predict that anti-Brexit forces are still trying to stop Brexit.

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  12. CNN’s Field Manager Suggests Obama Just Sat On Hands Compared To President Trump


    Holy moly!

    A CNN insider was able to get a clip of a CNN manager to admit Barack Obama just sat on his hands for 8 years.

    25 year veteran/field manager of CNN, Patrick Davis said President Trump is very proactive with his job compared to Obama who did not want to make any “deals” with congress
    CNN’s Field Manager Suggests Obama Just Sat On Hands Compared To President Trump

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    1. “A CNN insider was able to get a clip of a CNN manager to admit Barack Obama just sat on his hands for 8 years.”


      Except that’s too kind by a thousand times.

      What Hussein did was to actively disrupt and destroy everything he could, in every situation, foreign and domestic. The gas pedal was always to the floor, creating fires and pouring accelerate on them.

      He was Trashcan Man.

      His mission was to destroy America from the highest office in the land, and it was obvious from the beginning.

      Every single thing he did SINCE the beginning was confirmation.

      The only thing I can think of that broke the pattern was the supposed killing of Obama Bin Laden.

      Who may have been dead for years at that point, whose body we never saw, and who was conveniently buried at sea.

      Or so we’re told, by the most corrupt administration in the history of America.

      It never made sense that Hussein would even try to kill Bin Laden in the first place.

      It’s like Satan doing a good deed.

      Or a Kenyan member of Al Qaeda, committing fratricide.

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      1. Sometimes you have to do stuff to maintain at least a modicum of cover. Osama had outlived his usefulness. The only way he could help the cause was to die a martyr

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        1. In that case, Bin Laden was long dead, so Hussein made a big show of killing him, in order to create a solitary data point where it appeared that he did something good for the country.

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  13. Wtf?


    NBC DFW Tweeted

    BREAKING: A man wearing a vest, helmet and a backpack near President Trump’s Dallas rally counter-protestors was just detained by Dallas police. Officers confiscated a gun, breathing mask, knee pads & some type of aerosol can.

    NBC DFW on Twitter

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    1. “El Chapo’s son was arrested, so the Sinnaloa Cartel is trying to rescue him”


      A plot that could only ever happen in a B-movie.

      Or in Mexico…

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            1. I appreciate your enthusiasm, lol!

              I don’t think he actually broke any law though.

              Probably not even enough for the Secret Service to pay him a visit. I’m pretty sure any ‘threat’ would have to be a lot more direct versus implied, where the reader has to connect the dots.

              And APPARENTLY in the age of Trump, even a direct threat has to be considered ‘credible’, which Tom Arnold (and Kathy Griffin, and a hundred others like them) are not.

              But I could be wrong!

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        1. In Portland, or Texas?

          If there were a lot of protestors wearing similar gear, I was not aware of that. I only caught the rally about 10 minutes after it started, so I didn’t see anything that might have been going on outside.

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  14. This whole thing seemed like it was too quick and worked out too easily for it not to have been planned in advance to work out exactly as it did.

    I’ll probably miss a couple steps, and they’re not necessarily in the right order, but look at the series of events:

    1) DJT writes a hilarious letter to Erdogan, guaranteed to trigger and provoke Erdogan (or at least look that way) and trigger every anti-Tumper / NeverTrumper on the planet

    2) DJT announces we’re withdrawing 28 or 26 men from Syria

    3) DJT, in language that would be right at home in WWF Championship Wrestling, announces to the world that “if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!) “, which again is guaranteed to trigger and provoke every Trump-hater on the planet (and make Trump supporters laugh out loud 🤣 )

    4) Erdogan (supposedly) defies DJT perfectly and with abundant enthusiasm… rushing in head first… knowing that DJT doesn’t bluff

    5) Piglosi and the Dems, and the Skunk-RINOs like Romney and lots of others, immediately expose themselves by condemning Orange Man and announcing that the sky is, in fact, falling

    6) DJT announces previously mentioned sanctions

    7) Erdogan slams on the brakes, goes full reverse, calls before the last ‘s’ in “sanctions” passes Mnuchin’s lips, announces a ceasefire, and begs DJT to mediate peace talks

    8) Disaster is once again narrowly averted, and DJT solves another unsolvable problem in under a week

    9) Ta-da!

    How is that sequence of events possible, without the ‘fix’ being in?

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  15. Famous dr at graduation ceremonies used to advise new med grads that the most important thing anyone will ever tell them is………don’t annoy the nurses

    Vietnam nurse, 84, challenges TSA agent to 10 push ups before boarding flight to see Arlington National Cemetery women’s memorial where she finds a wartime photo of herself in exhibit

    Maggie DeSanti, 84, is seen going head-to-head with a man who works for TSA on the floor of Phoenix Airport on Tuesday
    DeSanti was about to catch a flight to visit The Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia for the Honor Flight Arizona
    Vietnam nurse challenges TSA officer to do TEN press ups before flight


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  16. Umad80 boosted
    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    This is a Mexican Federal Police officer on the scene, armed to the teeth. They had helicopter gunships overhead.

    The cartel gunmen were utterly vulnerable. There were at least a dozen killed, and several of their gun trucks were knocked out.

    Why would the government give in?

    Well, I’ve read that the current president is taking a “softer” approach.

    That means he’s been bought off.

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