20191017: MAGA/KAG RALLY DAY in DALLAS!!!!!!!!

Big D, little A, double l, a, s. We headed to TEXAS, boys and girls!!!!!!! It’s going to be HUGE, it’s going to be, “bigger ‘en Dallas”.

Folks are already in line, better scoot along, lil’ doggie.

We have to pack and prepare, right? We’re going to need to drag out our boots, our “$hit-kickers”, as they would say in Texas. Oh here, these are perfect for a MAGA Rally.

Gentlemen, get ready to feast your eyes. Texas is the land of spectacularly beautiful women. Blessed, indeed.

And the men, well, those Texas boys take my breath away. Everything I could do not to post pics of shirtless rugged cowboys, but instead, I went for the higher moral ground with beloved Texan, J. J. Watt. He’s sexy AND noble.

Of course, we all know about the Texas BOOMING economy, under direction of Governor Abbott and President Trump, right? Here’s a few stats you might here from the President tonight.

Texas, by itself, is now the 10th largest economy in the world, larger than Canada and South Korea. Population of 28,701,845 (2,018 est.) and an average median income of $59,206, but that might be an old stat as our incomes keep growing under President Trump. Texas is BIG, 790 miles x 773 miles and encompasses 268,581 sq miles and has no state income tax.

Here’s the perfect movie to get us in the mood, “GIANT”, from 1956, with Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. Great story behind the movie, which was filmed in the small west Texas town of Marfa. The locals welcomed, cooked for the celebs and crew, and served as extras for the movie. The cattlemen and the oil men were legendary in Texas.

Or HellFighters, the movie about Red Adair, the Texan who was famous for putting out fires in oil wells. It was Red Adair’s team who was called when Saddam Hussein set the Kuwaiti Oil fields on fire. Kuwait called Red, but didn’t like Red’s high price and attempted to bargain. Red told the Kuwaitis, paraphrasing, “then take the rag off your head and beat the fire out yourself”. They paid his price.

And we’re gonna need lots of food, BBQ, beer, bourbon, and tequila. We’re in luck, the world’s biggest BBQ Smoker is for sale, and naturally it’s from Texas. Can you imagine????

But we might have only a few friends to feed.

Have to have some Lone Star Beer

Hope y’all are thirsty. Belly on up to the bar. Everything is bigger in Texas.

From the natural beauty of South Padre Island,

To the oil fields, found everywhere in Texas (did you know that Texas now produces more oil than Iraq?)

From the sprawling Hill Country between Houston and San Antonio to the gleaming cities, like Dallas above, Texas has it all.

So, WELCOME to Texas!!!!!!

The first beer is on me!

762 thoughts on “20191017: MAGA/KAG RALLY DAY in DALLAS!!!!!!!!

  1. Trump team is excited because they remember the biggest of all rallies in Dallas and have been posting pics

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  2. Wow Daughn! Such a great introduction!

    I’d say I’m humbled… but I’d be lying. Every Texan is proud of this great state 😉

    BTW remember Texas is home of not one, not two, but three major styles of food…

    * Texas Steakhouses

    * Texas Bar-be-que – made with Texas beef!

    and nobody can forget:


    No denying it … God Blessed Texas!

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    1. The one, the only, the incomparable…and widely regarded as the greatest of all time….in particular by many who themselves have been called that very thing…

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      1. I took my sister to her first concert………..Stevie Ray Vaughn opened up for Huey Lewis……….never forget what she said to me listening to Stevie Ray, “You’re right, he IS a BETTER guitar player than Eddie Van Halen!”

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          1. Let me know when legends like Eric Clapton, BB King, and many others call Eddie the greatest they ever saw….like they have SRV.

            In fact…..and I quote verbatim….

            “I don’t think anyone has commanded my respect more, to this day.

            The first time I heard Stevie Ray, I thought, “Whoever this is, he is going to shake the world.” I was in my car and I remember thinking, I have to find out, before the day is over, who that guitar player is. That doesn’t happen to me very often, that I get that way about listening to music. I mean, about three or four times in my life I’ve felt that way, in a car, listening to the radio, where I’ve stopped the car, pulled over, listened, and thought, I’ve got to find out before the end of the day, not, you know, sooner or later, but I have to know NOW who that is.

            …and I remember being fascinated by the fact that he never, ever seemed to be…lost in any way…It was as though he never took a breather…or took a pause to think where he was gonna go next, it just flowed out of him. It’s going to be a long time before anyone that brilliant will come along again.

            I didn’t get to see or hear Stevie play near often enough, but every time I did I got chills and knew I was in the presence of greatness.He seemed to be an open channel and music just flowed through him. It never seemed to dry up.

            I have to tell this story: We played on the same bill on his last two gigs. On the first night, I watched his set for about half an hour and then I had to leave because I couldn’t handle it!. I knew enough to know that his playing was just going to get better and better. His set had started, he was like two or three songs in, and I suddenly got this flash that I’d experienced before so many times whenever I’d seen him play, which was that he was like a channel. One of the purest channels I’ve ever seen, where everything he sang and played flowed straight down from heaven. Almost like one of those mystic Sufi guys with one finger pointing up and one finger down. That’s what it was like to listen to him. And I had to leave just to preserve some kind of sanity or confidence in myself.”
            – Guitar legend Eric “Slowhand” Clapton on SRV


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            1. Nothing like Stevie Ray!
              Wasn’t it that concert in Philly, in 1984, where he let it allllllll hang.
              Hang on, gotta find it now.
              Nope, I was thinking of George Thorogood, he makes my heart melt too.

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              1. Nope.

                It only becomes debatable when you can offer quotes from people with Eric Clapton’s stature saying similar things about EVH, which you can’t.

                Sorry. Love me some EVH, and he is most def. one of the greats, but he wasn’t on SRV’s level.

                No one was….according to Eric Clapton, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, and even Mick Jagger.

                Don’t take my word for it, take theirs.

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              2. YES!….. DEBATABLE!
                Everyone has their “OPINIONS”……
                Just because YOUR “Fav’s” say something…..
                Does NOT make it True!
                Just leave it here…… Debatable.


              3. You need to learn the difference between subjective and objective opinion.

                I am objectively using the expert opinion of world famous music legends to support my argument, with sourced quotes to prove it.

                You aren’t.

                And that’s not debatable.

                Nor is it “arrogance”, as you snidely tried to imply on another thread.


    1. Show me one Democrat anywhere, including OBummmer, who could gin up this kind of loyalty and enthusiasm and love from the American people! Trump is one of a kind. We are so lucky to be alive for his presidency and see what he has done for America.

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  3. Awesome intro to the Great State of Texas, Daughn!!!! You sure know how to whet the appetite. And I don’t mean just the food 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💞💞🤓

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  4. I’ve done many of these for the group but never seen it like this. CANNOT keep up with the twit feed.
    Dallas is on fire!!!!!!!

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  5. Not to take away from the festivities of the day, but I’d like to take a moment to remember and honor the Dallas police officers (I think it was 7 in total) who were set up and gunned down in cold blood the day Obama and Loretta Lynch gave one of their black lives matter ‘dog whistle’ speeches.

    It was one of the worst, most chilling days of Obama’s reign of terror. These people are monsters.

    Contrast that to President Trump’s celebration of Minneapolis police officers at that rally.

    There is no starker contrast between good and evil than watching those two events unfold.

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  6. According to a Flynn filing, DOJ has just come into Mifsud’s phones, and Flynn wants them. Apparently they were used as far back as 2014 to begin setting Flynn up with various Russians, which means they will show the genesis of an intelligence operation to take over an election and install the leader they wanted, and then overthrow a lawfully elected government when they failed. Barr’s Italy trip was productive. And how did Flynn know about this turn of events? The plan is in action.

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  7. When the wars over you all have to piss off home. You’re not refugees anymore

    #Turkey to return 3mn refugees to #Syria after securing border zone – Erdoganhttps://t.co/DsV3jfzsmw pic.twitter.com/BuMHj6Hzqj

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  8. Bwahahaha. One of those extinction idiots tried to glue himself onto the top of a train. The passengers basically said not on my train, pulled him off,(I bet that hurt) and gave him a bloody good kicking..way to go public

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  9. Spectacularly useless solar panels. Not even the ones for when you are off grid or able to switch
    In California, those who installed solar panels are finding out their solar panels do not power their homes in a blackout, but rather feed electricity into the grid, which then credits them for the electricity their home takes from the grid. No power in the grid, no power in their home. I am now wondering if anybody has tested solar panels to see how much electricity they put out. Could Cabal use government funds to install panels feeding ten times as much electricity as people are told into the grid, and they were only credited for a small portion while the utility company cleans up?

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      1. Solar panels on rooftops send energy to the grid and customers get credit for the electricity they use in their homes.
        Bwwhahhaaa, we need a quick and trusty pair of nippers and some 12 gauge. Reroute that sucker!

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          1. We’re close to our firefighters. I can see the town station from my front porch and they get all my leftovers. The firefighters HATE solar panels. Precious moments lost in lifesaving activity firefighting to dismantle the solar panels and get to the people inside.
            We were thinking about putting them up on a large outdoor living space, and inquired. Here comes the Fire Chief with a scowl on his face.
            He thought we were putting them on indoor space, which meant his guys would have a more difficult time fighting a fire at our house or saving us.

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            1. One thing a lot of folks don’t know (because the greens don’t want it known) is that the output of solar panels is low-voltage, HIGH AMPERAGE direct current. Sort of a flood of electrons just waiting to burst out. Some pretty nasty arcs can occur, and disconnecting said panels is dangerous, time-consuming, and not really what first responders should be doing. Just like Elon Musk’s high-energy-density batteries (not just cars, but major electrical storage [he hopes]), they can create fires that are VERY difficult to put out (and require special training and equipment)…

              Oh, and the materials used for solar panels are considered toxic waste in many countries, and often (read: China and Africa) are mined by young children in VERY hazardous conditions…
              NMIMBY, eh Greens? (not mined in my back yard)…

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  10. Famous Texas hat company made our President a special hat for his inauguration….

    made of the finest mink felt and it is diamond and gold studded….with an American Flag!

    and our all-American President Trump looks really good in it!

    President Donald J Trump is not ‘all hat and no cattle’ by any means!!!

    He is the real thing!!!

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  11. This Texas bootmaker has made cowboy boots for seven presidents:

    “Rocky Carroll has spent decades designing stylish footwear for every type of cowboy boot lover.

    Carroll owns RJ’s Boot Company in Houston, which has been in business since his dad opened its doors in 1938.”

    “So why are Carroll’s boots so beloved? “All our boots are leather – inside and out,” Carroll explains. “I use only American leather, nothing else. Except the skins that come out of different countries.”


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    1. Lived in the subdivision behind the store growing up. Back in the day, Momma always took our shoes there. Super high counter, I had to stand on a stool to talk to Mr Rocky, a very nice man. Store reeks intensely of leather and polish! 🥰

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    1. “longstanding health issues and complications following a procedure” – at Johns Hopkins, according to Breitbart.

      His health must have been pretty bad if the Johns couldn’t pull him through.

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  12. MOAR TEXAS GREATNESS – A Texas Mayor Defends the Constitution from Sharia Law!

    A TX WOMAN MAYOR – that is!!!

    “Time and again in every election we see politicians promise everything, and once elected deliver very little or nothing. Beth Van Duyne is a welcome exception and her past record clearly proves it. A person of impeccable integrity, Beth has always remained loyal to the values and wishes of her constituents and has not compromised them on the altar of political expediency so widely practiced by self-promoting politicians. A devoted mother beaming with energy and the talent to get things done, Beth is indeed the kind of person the US Congress desperately needs.

    Under Beth’s leadership as a Mayor of Irving, TX, the city became one of the best and safest towns in the great state of Texas. Beth Van Duyne’s achievements attracted the attention of President Trump’s administration and accepted to serve, this time, at the national level in the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office in Fort Worth.”


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  13. TODAY – TEXAS TRUMP RALLY DAY – the 17th of October….

    Marks the first day of Fall weather in N FL!!!

    High today, after several days of good heavy and much needed rain and thunderstorms, will be around 75!!!

    Thanks be to GOD!!!

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      1. Remember the ‘shoe rules’? – No white shoes before Memorial Day and after Labor Day or for business wear or in the city. No suede except in winter. No patent shoes in winter.

        Heck, there were also many clothes rules for ladies – we had to wear hats and gloves, hose, girdles to church and proper ladies wore them all downtown to shop.

        No pants or shorts downtown. No shorts on our college front campus.

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    1. See there?

      Yeah…Texas cops have no patience or tolerance for Antifa types.

      THAT is called a “bum rush”.

      Proud of our boys in blue down here, and we let ‘em know it too.

      True story….

      About three weeks ago I had just walked into a Chipolte to get a burrito bowl and I saw two Texas ass-kickers about to order their food. So I walked over to the cashier and held out $40. He asked me what that was for and I told him it was for the two cops in line ordering their lunch but please don’t tell them who paid for their meal. They guy laughed and said, “You’re too late mister. The folks who just paid for their meal already picked up their tab.”

      We have a love affair for our police down here going all the way back to the days of the legendary Texas Rangers.

      This video is a perfect example of just why that is.

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      1. Wait….it’s not that cold down here just yet. May have pulled the trigger on this one a bit early, but it wouldn’t surprise me one tiny bit if this was filmed down here.

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      1. Still – it’s great footage and should be TACTICAL TRAINING for all cops where leftists like Antifa and BLM try to disturb the peace, block traffic, loot, vandalize, assault citizens!!!

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  14. Thanks Miss Daughn for the memories. My Dad was good friends w/Red Adair, knew all the Houston employees+. He owned an Exxon station near Boots n Coots shop and gassed/serviced all their vehicles. My Dad also loved to mass cook for his patrons. Adair would frequently invite him to cook and supply beer for BnC picnics. We celebrated a lot each time the boys would return home unharmed from Kuwait. I still have his Honorary BnC jacket and memorabilia, can’t bear to part with them.💕💕

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  15. DNW, you amde my want to re-live my life in Louisiana in your previous relly thread. Now I also want todo same in Texas. 🙂 Great thread. Thanks.

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    1. Love you, Plain Jane.
      I was thinking maybe it would be a great opportunity for us to learn a little bit about each state where Trump Rallies. We have such a wonderful country! So much we have yet to discover. And yeah, I’m a little partial but I’m learning.

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      1. I was thinking the same. The things I’m learning about the states are things one doesn’t learn in books such as quality of living PLUS, issues. These are things that are pertinent to quality of life in the states. Thank you for your work.

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        1. Good point Plane Jane and DW247……I must say that now that I’m living abroad, seeing these rallies in each state, (and learning things like Texas having what the 10th largest economy in the world (!?!?) or something like that) it makes me reinvigorated to say I am American where I am. What an amazing time to behold, witness and live through…..to be proud of one’s principles….and to not take on some manufactured shame.

          So, these rally posts provide such a great sense of pride in the USA. 🙂

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  16. Someone told us there is a Big Party going on in Texas right now. 🙂

    Know why I believe POTUS will win reelection, and we’ll take back the House? Because positiveness, happiness, and success are infectious – and People want to be associated with a WINNER. POTUS has taught the American people how to win again!

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    1. Now multiply this x10 at this point next year.

      20,000 person venues are NOT going to be anywhere near big enough.


      We are going to start hearing stories about how people met their spouses at a Trump rally.

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  17. OMG, President Trump has completely rolled the news cycle.
    Poor little press corps cretins don’t know what to do. Expression on their face is like the day after election day.
    And they have to go to DORAL for the G7!!!!!!!!!

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        1. Yes, I do – and Texas is going out BIG for TRUMP!!! What a beautiful post Daughn made!!!

          Prayers of Thanksgiving for Dee – who came out of surgery safely – and is now resting – so continued prayers are needed – Please – Thanks!!! God Bless All Y’all!

          Thanks for creating the Prayer Warrior Wall!!!

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