20191017: Pence Ceasefire in Turkey

We have a great deal of video and press attention surrounding events in Syria/Turkey, etc. We can dump all the video and discussion here, one place. Here is the Pence Presser in Ankara, with Pompeo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfDfrru9B8Q A few minutes later, the President landed in Dallas and congratulated the Pence team in Turkey, A GREAT DAY … Continue reading 20191017: Pence Ceasefire in Turkey

EPIC Mulvaney Presser

It was one for the ages. Press Corps reaching for matches to light their own hair on fire. It was classic Mulvaney, quick, dismissive, pausing at key moments, emphatic in his statements. Mulvaney is a terrific Trump spokesperson as his Acting Chief of Staff. He annihilated the Dem narrative. Treat yourself and watch the whole … Continue reading EPIC Mulvaney Presser

20191017: MAGA/KAG RALLY DAY in DALLAS!!!!!!!!

Big D, little A, double l, a, s. We headed to TEXAS, boys and girls!!!!!!! It's going to be HUGE, it's going to be, "bigger 'en Dallas". Folks are already in line, better scoot along, lil' doggie. https://twitter.com/RSBNetwork/status/1184653450115780610 We have to pack and prepare, right? We're going to need to drag out our boots, our … Continue reading 20191017: MAGA/KAG RALLY DAY in DALLAS!!!!!!!!