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As our President departed the White House yesterday, he paused to take questions from the press pool.

[Video and Transcript below]

The whistleblower is blowing up in the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never trumpers etc. faces. The POS is scared!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the anonymous whistleblower’s lawyers are now requesting official impeachment testimony by letters not an in-person appearance.

From the article linked above:

Lawyers for the CIA officer whose whistleblower complaint helped ignite an impeachment inquiry into President Trump have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person, according to people familiar with the matter.

The request reflects concerns about whether the whistleblower could testify to Democrats and Republicans without revealing his identity, and fears that doing so would lead to it being publicly leaked, jeopardizing his personal safety. The intelligence committees haven’t yet responded to the inquiry about potential written testimony, the people said.

Spokeswomen for the House and Senate intelligence committees didn’t respond to requests to comment.

It also was reported yesterday that SleepyCreepy Joe would have held a working relationship with the CIA “whistle-blower” as a member of the Obama National Security Council.

From the article linked above:

The 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials.

Lawyers for the whistleblower said he had worked only “in the executive branch.” The Washington Examiner has established that he is a career CIA analyst who was detailed to the National Security Council at the White House and has since left. On Sept. 26, the New York Times reported that he was a CIA officer. On Oct. 4, the newspaper added that he “was detailed to the National Security Council at one point.”

Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, told members of Congress that the whistleblower had a “professional tie” to a 2020 Democratic candidate. He had written earlier that while the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, he had shown “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.”

A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner: “From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president.”

As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden and likely that he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of the six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.

A former Trump administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said Biden’s work on foreign affairs brought him into close proximity with the whistleblower either at the CIA or when he was detailed to the White House.

The Economic Train continues to crisscross our country picking up passengers and running over her enemies.

From the article linked above:

  • U.S. manufacturing has “never been better,” says Shahid Khan, owner of auto parts supplier Flex-N-Gate.
  • “We’re entering the … golden area for American manufacturing right now,” he says.
  • Khan adds the manufacturing sector has received a boost from President Donald Trump.

Shahid Khan, an auto parts billionaire who also owns the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, is extremely encouraged by the state of manufacturing in the United States.

“I’ve been in an auto parts factory for 50 years. Times in the U.S. have never been better,” Khan said Thursday on “Squawk on the Street.” “We’re entering the … golden area for American manufacturing right now.”

Khan, owner of Illinois-based auto parts supplier Flex-N-Gate, said the past few years under President Donald Trump have benefited the manufacturing sector.

“What we’ve gone through here over the last few years … on investments, interest rates, I’m super pumped and excited,” said Khan, whose company has supplied parts to the likes of General Motors, Ford and Tesla.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Labor Department reported initial jobless claims fell 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 210,000 for the week ending October 5, beating consensus.

I didn’t waste an ounce of time on the BS Fox News Poll. Here is why you can absolutely disregard their garbage.

They were biased by +12 for Democrats when compared to the latest Gallup Party Affiliation Poll. Also they stayed away from Independents.

From the link above:

  • Democrats – 31%
  • Republicans – 29%
  • Independents – 38%

Now here is a poll that I did focus on because it gives a REAL representation of our country.

NOTE: Always pay close attention to the Independents.

From the article linked above:

At this point in time, 65% of voters believe Congress is spending more time focused on impeachment rather than issues such as health care and the economy. A national survey found that 15% disagree and 20% are not sure.

However, 62% believe Congress should be more focused on the issues. Twenty-seven percent (27%) disagree and want the focus on impeachment. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure.

Republicans, by an 81% to 14% margin, believe the focus should be on the issues. Independent voters, by a 60% to 26% margin, share that view. Democrats lean in that direction as well, but are more evenly divided–48% want the focus on issues and 39% on impeachment.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans believe Congress is primarily focused on impeachment at this time. So do 64% of Independent voters and 58% of Democrats.

This poll shows you which way our country leans. By a 2/3rd margin, voters approve the direction that the Supreme Court is taking our country with their decisions.

Here is more polling data that shows how bad it really is for the Democrats.

Look at the difference between what was at our southern border versus what is being put up. Whenever they say that all our President is doing is replacing exiting barriers, I laugh my ass off. WHAT DAMN BARRIERS!!!!!!

I have said and will continue to say that our President WILL WIN the State of Minnesota in 2020.

From the article linked above:

“[That’s a] state that I’m going to win — Minnesota,” Trump told Turning Point USA in July. “I almost won it last time. We came [within] just about a point. Minnesota is very hard work for a Republican to win. We almost won it — one more night. I wanted to go there one more time. I said, ‘I’m telling you, we’re going to win Minnesota.’”

If Trump were to win Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes, it’s almost impossible to see how a Democrat could defeat him next November. And he’s right: Even though the state is “very hard work” for a Republican — no GOP presidential candidate has carried it since 1972, and no Republican, period, has won a statewide race in 13 years — Trump did, in fact, almost upset Hillary Clinton there in 2016, falling short by just 45,000 votes, or 1.5 percentage points.

Working in Trump’s favor is the fact that his campaign is actually investing in Minnesota this time. Last cycle, it spent a meager $30,000 on the state. Now Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale plans to unload “tens of millions of dollars,” according to the New York Times. Already, the campaign has 20 paid staff members on the ground, and it expects to add another 80; along with the Republican National Committee, it’s currently outspending Democrats by about 4 to 1 on digital advertising.

What an absolutely incredible rally last night! Here are some highlight video clips and pictures.


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  1. Don’t miss this – Rudy was RIGHT! And they don’t want us to see this: (massive H/T to TheseTruths on the Daily Thread)

    I’m not sure what the import of this is, but Giuliani told us to watch Romania.

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    1. From the linked article…

      Marcel Gascón Barberá | Bucharest | BIRN | October 10, 2019
      Viorica Dancila’s government was ousted on Thursday after losing a no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition – which they said was timely and necessary but which the ousted PM called ‘irresponsible’.

      The Social Democratic-led government of Viorica Dancila in Romania was ousted on Thursday in a motion of no confidence that received the support of 238 members of the two-chamber parliament.

      Only four parliamentarians voted against the motion that needed a simple majority of 233 among the total of 464 deputies and senators to succeed.

      The ruling party, PSD, had ordered its MPs not to take part in the vote. But some PSD lawmakers broke ranks and voted in favour of the motion, drawing cheers from their opposition colleagues.

      President Klaus Iohannis reacted to the vote in a speech to the nation, in which he invited all the parliamentary groups to discuss the nomination of a new prime minister.

      Making clear his satisfaction with the outcome of the vote, he declared: “The fall of the PSD government is the natural result of society’s reaction to the abuses of this government.

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      1. Hmmmm……”….normality of a European kind…..” Uh, like kowtowing to the EU?

        “But opposition lawmakers said urgent change was required. “This motion is a chance for the country to return to a normality of a European kind, to re-establish the legal and constitutional order at the top of the Romanian state,” Raluca Turcan, leader of the PNL parliamentary group, told the debate.”

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        1. More like old europe, before the globalists took the reins. The folks of East Europe have long memories…

          The EU is NOT EUROPE. It is a globalist construct designed to destroy the individual states, the peoples and their heritage and religion, and breed a compliant, unskilled, “bot” culture which will not stand in the way of a one-world government.

          At the entrance of thw two (yep, there are two identical, and one of them is used only one week per year!) headquarters buildings of the EU, there is a plaque extolling the virtues of GOVERNANCE…not GOVERNMENT, which is self-rule.

          Governance of the people, by the Elite, and for the Elite is what they want…

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          1. IIRC, an article posted yesterday (I think from BB about the collapse of the Romanian government) one guy says they need to change the system to one like the US, where the President is elected by the People. I might be conflating 2 different countries, tho.

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          2. Interestingly, i read a piece some time back about the EU efforts, and one of the things that was lamented was that the national identities pretty much were easy to overcome – other than France. France has a strong one that doesn’t really bend. I would imagine it has to do with some serious history of the last 1500 years, but the globalists don’t care about that.

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      2. In 2008, I spent 8 months working in Romania as a civilian on a military contract. The people are warm, welcoming and wonderful!!! I saw more American flags of all sorts during my stay—actual flags, bandanas, t-shirts, air fresheners with stars and stripes hanging in cars, etc…… More pro-American experience than all of my 32 years COMBINED here in Germany/Europe!

        Romanians still remember and understand the dangers of socialism/communism and the inherent corruption and destruction that comes with it. They are still fighting a strong Russian influence in that country—visit a luxury hotel or discotheque in Constanța on the Black Sea—virtually guaranteed to be Russian owned.

        Romanians are fighting back! I am so proud of them!

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          1. In nesting season they become fiercely territorial and swoop aggressively at anything moving in the vicinity. Animals, birds of prey, people. They can leave a very nasty gash from their beaks.

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    1. Whelp that explains a LOT. Not that they are LGBT….that they are rabid leftists. That explains the + 14 dem oversample. That is what these two WANT to believe and NOT what actually IS. Statistics, like polls, are only as reliable as their methodology, sample, and the inherent bias of the pollster. In other words….GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

      These two wanted to present what they believed and wanted to happen, so they merely wrote the questions to achieve that answer. My bet is that even with the biased question, they STILL did not get the result they wanted, so they went BACK and kept upping the oversample to finally get a 1% over median result. But to get it they had to MASSIVELY oversample dems.

      That is EXTREMELY bad news for the dems. The reality is that in a NORMAL sample, which is +2 dem, the REAL numbers would be 61-39 AGAINST impeachment. They KNOW this, and now we see the back peddle of the “whistle blower” is scared to testify in person…in the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE…BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and a CLASSIFIED setting. Bull SHIT.

      The REAL reason is they are caught in a trap, and people have basically figured out (narrowed down) to WHO the actual “Whistle blower” is. It is OBVIOUSLY someone with “skin” in the game in Ukraine, that is KNOWN for it, and their political connections AND biases. Therefore, the “reveal” of the name will DESTROY the narrative, and Pelosi and Schiff, along with oh 240 Dems in the House are going to left holding a ticking bag time bomb full of flanging feces that is set to go off On Nov 3 2020, and wipe out their majority, caucus, and party for a LONG time.

      See the other thing besides this and other fake polls being shown to be as big a sham as the 2016 Presidential polls, is that Congress is on recess, and BACK HOME. They are meeting with their constituents, and except for places like VT, CT, and dem areas in CA and NY, they are getting put on BLAST by a whole bunch of pissed off voters, who in no certain terms are telling the freshmen dems to not get to comfortable in their office, and NOT to change the drapes and rugs.

      THAT is the REAL poll, and curiously, ONLY Fox and OANN are covering it…imagine that. Minnesota last night was ALSO a big old middle finger to the dems and a “oh shit” moment. Trump went to the HEART of Omar’s district, and drew OVER 40000 people in the Target Center and outside area, with many thousands more that requested to be there… DESPITE the dem mayor, despite Antifa and the other various dem brown shirts being there, despite the MSM downplaying the even AND hyping the danger for “protests”.

      People still CAME, and they came in DROVES, unafraid and UNAPOLOGETIC. 2020 will be a MASSACRE at the polls for the dems. BIBLICAL. Trump will not only win, win, in a landslide, but his coat tails will sweep super majorities into the House AND Senate. 350 or MORE electoral votes. 250 or MORE in the House, and 66 or MORE in the Senate. The democratic party, thanks to their own petard and hubris, and listening to the socialist radical minority of its base, will essentially CEASE to exist in any meaningful way in 2021.

      Perhaps then, FINALLY, we might just get our country back. WARNING for all the never Trumpers and RINOS in Congress and the Senate that will PLAY as MAGA thinking that we gave THEM power.

      We ARE watching you, just remember, we are giving TRUMP a mandate, NOT you. You are ONLY there to HELP him help US, not yourselves, not the special interests, TRUMP and US. Look across the aisle, and see the devastation we brought to your former “colleagues” and take heed, ANY games, ANY stalling, and ANY bull shit against Trump and MAGA, and it will be YOU and your ilk that are NEXT in line to be devastated.

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      1. Don’t forget the crowds came in rain!
        Not only is that poll disastrous for the Dims, but also to FOX, becoming more and more like CNN in their eagerness to report anything Anti-Trump.
        And, I think we are missing the boat when we don’t pound the idea that Anti-Trump equals anti-America.

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      2. I commented last night how AWARE the rally attenders were of the Fake Impeachment Scam. Every statement POTUS made about it, they immediately responded appropriately with a Boo or Yay. It was like a discussion between him and the people. The audience kept up with him without hesitation and clearly knew everything he was talking about. The country knows it’s a scam and it’s unfair …else why would they have to fake a poll???

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        1. EXACTLY. It was why the dem mayor tried to get the rally canceled. They KNEW it would be televised, and they knew it would be hard hitting and TRUE. They want to silence Trump on twitter and his rallies because they KNOW he connects to his audience, be it in person or on the TV.

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    2. Interesting…..Braun Research has an office in Norfolk, NE. I worked there……briefly…..for about a week! Sheer chaos!!!!! My grandson also worked there…..briefly…..I know a young woman who lives here who also works there. IT SUCKS!!!!! It is the place people go when they cannot get hired anywhere else – I recognized that VERY early and moved on! Now I understand the poll results completely!!!!

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      1. Not sure what browser you’re using JW, but you need to enable (unblock) third-party cookies, and, at least on Brave, “Allow Twitter embedded tweets”…

        Since gargle makes the Chrome engine that is the basis of most browsers anymore, they seem to be putting wrenches into everything. Just like they did with their “cert war” a while back…

        So, it just goes to show, “Chrome don’t get ya home”… 🙂

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  2. Check!

    Paul Sperry:

    MASTERSTROKE: White House Counsel refuses cooperation with “unfair” “partisan” impeachment inquiry unless/until:

    1. Schiff removed for exaggerating evidence

    2. Pelosi holds traditional vote to approve proceeding

    3. Majority turns over docs re early collusion with whistleblower

    4D Chess indeed!

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    1. And right there is the reason why folks should ‘keep your powder dry’ when schiff like this comes out.
      Hesitate setting your hair on fire, be patient because our President and his ‘team of killers’ (where have I seen that term before?) will respond back twice as hard and effective.

      That’s our Trump Rule #1.

      e.g. Wife comes into my office with iPad and says ‘can you believe this’ and starts reading the latest whack-a-doodle scenario with our President.

      My reply; ‘my dear lovely wife, chill and apply Rule #1’.
      (Hint:the ‘lovely wife’ precursor softens her up for a soft landing.)

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      1. He fits the profile, but, HOW or from WHOM did he get his info. He was OUT of the NSC in 2017, and while back at the CIA, he should have had NO access to that call, and we KNOW he didn’t because almost ALL of his info was hype and conjecture.

        I still maintain it was Bill Taylor as either the WB or the “source” In his position as Ukraine Charge d’ affairs he WAS in position to be in on that call, perhaps on the Ukrainian side.

        I wore on my blog that Taylor is OBVIOUSLY involed in the scam, he sent his text to Sondland the EXACT day that Schiff tweeted out his outrage. Taylor’s text to Sondland almost exactly mirrored Schiff’s tweet. And if you read the headline of the Politico article I link, you will see the wording and “concern” and “fear” directly mirror the narrative pushed by Schiff.

        So, either this was a concerted wide spread op like the Russia scam, involving multiple operatives to try and spread this fake shit, OR Taylor was the source.

        I see that Bongino also agrees that Taylor is a suspect.

        To me Eric Ciaramella fits the profile as a “fall guy” that was used by an experienced swamp creature that used his HATE of Trump as a tool to get him to be the face. The puppet who we all KNEW would be found out. I want the puppeteer.

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          1. T R E A S O N. This was a CIA station Chief, not some pundit. I LOVE that he calls out Brennan. I bet the device on the nightstand, you know the one made by Smith and Wesson, is starting to beckon old John to have a “talk”

            “C’mon John…lets talk…there is no shame…you know you are caught…take the EASY way’ll be quick…I promise.”

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          2. From his website……a big red flag? No mention of the Muslim Brotherhood and the others who were complicit on 9/11…..THAT bothers me……

            “Our current highest priority is to change the US policy which categorizes all terrorist attacks taking place in the United States as ‘lone wolf’ attacks. This political decision operates under the assumption that all such attacks are done without any outside help or direct influence and requires all law enforcement investigations following terrorist attacks to halt without following up on additional evidence which would likely show direct terrorist involvement. It also side steps intelligence information which links terrorist to lone wolf attacks since all investigations are halted prior to the point where this sort of information would be coordinated. The policy to categorize all terrorist attacks in the US as lone wolf is done in spite of the fact that terrorist groups such as ISIS take full credit for the attacks and have pre-recorded video confessions from the attackers who pledge their allegiance to ISIS. There is also detailed evidence showing how ISIS and Al-Qaeda troll the internet looking for susceptible individuals willing to carry off such attacks. There are also detailed instructions published by ISIS and Al-Qaeda on how to carry off such attacks and this M.O. has been repeated scores of times on a world wide bases killing many hundreds of innocent individuals as a direct result of this misplaced policy.”


            “For more information or questions contact us at:” – “Stay tuned for our main website launch”

            “RAIR Foundation USA is a grassroots, activist and investigative organization comprised of everyday Americans leading a movement to reclaim our Republic from the network of individuals and organizations waging war on Americans, our constitution, our borders and our Judeo-Christian values.
            Stay tuned for our website launch.”


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            1. Just replied to a tweet by Eye the spy, posted by Dora, in which he may be hinting that the trap bait Trump set was not the CALL, it was the “whistleblower himself” and that Trump ALLOWED the rule change to make it believable (to set the hook)

              I am having a torrent of thoughts on this….interesting. Remember Wolf, I and others discussed Haspel, I vouched for her, saying she may have helped facilitate the setup.

              Someone, said that it was reported that SHE changed the rule herself, and that made her swamp.

              . Well, IF she did, under Eye’s explanation, and my contention that Haspel IS a WHITE hat..FIT. She set up the trap, and then used one of her own as the “cheese” Looks like the RATS they are after is Schiff and Pelosi. Biden, Yovanovich are ICING

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      1. Øbominable, Soros and the Vatican have stirred all this up to bring chaos, cultural change – and their brand of Communist-Islamist-Nazi-Fascist totalitarianism to the US.

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      1. She gets even more loony:

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      2. .. sigh … 😞🤚 … such a PUTZ …

        .. cough/cough 🤫🤚 …

        A putz is a real dummy or a silly fool. Your grandfather might call the taxi driver a putz if he takes him to the wrong airport.
        You can use the informal putz when you need a good put-down for someone who’s acted idiotically. Your cousin who starts a guinea pig circus, or your neighbor who constantly parks his car on your lawn might both be called putzes, although you might want to speak quietly if either one is familiar with Yiddish. In that language, a putz is not only a fool, but also a specific part of the male anatomy (and not the elbow).

        … 🤭 …

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        1. Even though they don’t seem similar, putz and schmuck share the same meaning in Yiddish. Schmuck comes from shmok meaning penis. And putz comes from putz, which is another word for penis.

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  3. Next, the whistleblower will just want to phone in their testimony!!!

    Gotta protect the WB anonymity—there are scary people out there who might want to hurt them! There life is in jeopardy!!!! What bullshit!

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    1. Can you imagine the call in menu:

      Press …

      1. If you are a democrat and want to lie/cheat .. ad nauseam .. as usual
      2. If you are a socialist/traitor to the United States of America 🇺🇸 .. come on don’t be shy, where’s your inner anti fa ‼️
      3. If you actually want Buffalo Wild Wild/Starbucks and need help … seriously? …
      4. If you need assistance with your treachery … aww don’t feel bad 😞 living a commie fantasy is challenging ..


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      1. Please choose your answers from the following menu options:

        a) “Somebody did something.”

        b) “I don’t remember.”

        c) “What difference does it make!”

        d) “This is one of those areas which I decline to discuss.”

        e) “This is outside my purview.”

        f) or, “None of the above!”

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    2. Ironic how the DEMONicRATs are the party of Doxxing, and digging deep into the past of their opponents, yet they want to hide everything, down to the tiniest infraction or indiscretion… just like their father, the Devil, the father of lies…

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    3. Maybe they can use a sign langue interpreter or smoke signals…hey how about Morse code. dot dot dot dash dot dot. Here I’ll translate. HOLY SHIT (break) Trump has us trapped (break) mayday mayday… abandon ship….abandon ship…ARRRRRGGHHHH! (End)

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    1. So, Eye is saying this was an op to get BIDEN as deflection for cover from the first Russia op in 2015-2018. I speculated as much as well, BUT there is one big problem. Unless this is a cut bait and burn it all down tactic by the elders to save themselves, taking out Biden to try and ALSO get Trump makes zero sense, that puts corruption, graft, and explains ALL the actions in and around the Russia hoax DIRECTLY in the White House and at Barack Obama’s feet.

      I know I and others have already come to the truth that it was ALL him and it was HIS Cabal in 2015-218. BUT, why would the elders “burn” him NOW, after installing him, and propping him up for so long.

      Or wait, another option…maybe I am overthinking this. Was Eye saying this was the trap that TRUMP set? THAT makes sense. He used a CIA agent and rule changes that HE allowed, to set up Biden with a FAKE whistle blower. I knew this was a trap, but I never thought that the CIA agent was the setup, I thought he was the means to the mark, not the vehicle to GET the mark. IF that is the case, then Trump is even more of a genius than I thought he was. I thought he used the call as BAIT. Eye is saying the bait was the whistle blower

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    2. Dora—I am seeing a blank comment with others replying to a comment they obviously see. Can you tell me what you posted. I have a feeling that my German IP address is causing some posts to be filtered. It would not be the first time.

      Or has WordPress gotten into the censoring corruption?

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      1. Try enabling third-party cookies and embedded tweets. That fixes things in Brave. I think the Chrome-don’t-get-ya-home engine used by most browsers had some changes a couple of weeks ago…

        (I’m in the Wilden Süden, and I can see the tweets… maybe put another quarter in the meter? 🙂 )…

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    1. Watching not only the numbers of people there but the enthusiasm (and LOVED the youth represented!)…I remarked that any Democrat party leaders must have said…”oh crap!” A dozen times.
      And…if any Dim elected politician had the nerve to watch and do not adjust their “attitude” and listen to the 40,000 supporters instead of the 100 bottle-throwing masked protestors….they deserve what is about to happen to them.

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      1. JW, check your ad blocker settings. Recent DuckDuckGo upgrade messed up showing embedded Twitter. I think you go to Privacy Esstentials, and click on your “Manage Whitelist” then engage that for this site. The tweets should show up.

        You mentioned being gone for awhile, and this came up a few weeks ago.

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        1. Very possible. I had deactivated them twice already. I guess with each update from DDG they’re reactivated. I will have to make DDG ask me for permission to update instead of automatically—then I will at least know.

          I have other ways to block ads.

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          1. We’ve been able to keep the same Ad blocker. Just go to the Privacy Essentials top right side of the screen, and that gives you the Manage Whitelist – it allows the embedded tweets to show, but the ads won’t come through. At least that’s what I found.

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            1. Odd. It only gives me the option to deactivate or remove. Perhaps it is the browser Firefox limiting the options available from DDG.

              Thanks for you help LP. I can at least see the tweets now. I have added Q-Tree to the Firefox whitelist and will see what happens—maybe in Firefox, whitelists are globally handled instead of by individual add-ons.

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    1. My well-positioned, unidentified, anonymous WH sources tell me—Joe and Mikey we’re having an affair—that Joe wanted the “full” black experience!!! Ouch!!!

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    2. Lady, Fredo is too damn dumb to realize he just helped to SPREAD the words that Trump said to a LOT more people than last night. People that will NOW watch a replay, which will HELP Trump. What a maroon. I think we are insulting the character Fredo by calling this nit wit Fredo. I want to start calling him ELMER.

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      1. I like “Wormtongue” for the likes of him. Works for all of them, and then we don’t have to ruin a perfectly good name like “Elmer.” 🙂

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  4. More WINNING! They can stick their BS recession where the son doesn’t shine.

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  5. Well, well, well…lookee who was caught on video at the protests last night? Be sure to scroll through his replies because more people caught more ‘some people did something’.

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    1. Great comment in that thread too, seems “Old Nick” is the boss of the DEMONicRATs. And it really looks like Ill-han, brother-lover, Muslima home-wrecker was there at the protests, as well as some other (state?) congress critters…

      Here’s Satan Soros’s boss:

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  6. Thank you Flep … love ❤️ your awesome news roundups … gets my blood circulating real good ..
    .. 🤨👍🇺🇸❤️‼️‼️

    Okay boys and girls. Come on now altogether together now, can you say … WINNING⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️‼️‼️🇺🇸❤️

    …. 😬👍 …

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  7. Impeachment of a President is far too serious.
    Answering written questions and guarded by a team of Dem loyalists will not work.
    Need transparency.
    Unless the Dems really do want to tear the country apart with a kangaroo court process.

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  8. Wow! I am just getting caught up on all of the things that I missed during the last month. Momentum has definitely swung in Lady Justice’s direction!

    In this video, a couple of minutes in, a HUGE Q proof on a drop from July concerning the spying on John Solomon and Sarah Carter. Also, at about the 28 minute mark very interesting theory about Turkey’s role in Syria and the Kurds—the Turk’s are not going after the Kurds—they are going after terrorists. Smoke and mirrors that President Trump is assisting with??? Remember, Erdogan and his wife were warmly welcomed to the White House—compare their warm reception to Merkel’s visit. Just sayin’…

    I do not believe that I am alone when I say that Glenn Beck has gone off the rails in recent years—BUT, damn did he do a great job in explaining the Ukraine scandal! That does not mean that he is clear without close scrutiny—however, he has won a second look with me after producing this video.

    Beck goes back to the chalk board using timelines reminiscent of his days at Fox News. Excellent to show people who are having a hard time grasping all of the details. That said—I am watching you closely Beck! One wrong move…

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I did not say Beck is in the clear—just the opposite.

        That said, the video I provided DID mention Obama and Soros involvement—not in detail—yet. However, Beck did say he has more to say and is looking to hire a well-known investigator to dig deeper.

        I TOTALLY understand people skepticism concerning Beck—and others like Levin—even Limbaugh had his shaky moments. I still have not taken Rush 100% off of my shitlist despite listening many years.

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  9. Another poll that shows that are country understands what direction is best for it!

    They were biased by +12 for Democrats when compared to the latest Gallup Party Affiliation Poll. Also they stayed away from Independents.

    From the link above:

    Despite the controversy surrounding its latest member, voter approval of the U.S. Supreme Court which began its latest session this week remains higher than it has been in years. Voters also clearly think President Trump with his two nominations to the high court has moved it to the right.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters think the Supreme Court is doing a good or excellent job. Sixteen percent (16%) rate its performance as poor.

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  10. LOL! You won’t get it from Fox. Rasmussen, HarrisX and the Mark Penn polls are much closer to being accurate but even they are off by 5 to 10 points.

    You will get the real poll on the evening of November 3rd into the early morning of November 4th next year.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. And even that poll in November will be skewed by illegals and dead people voting, ballet harvesting and other leftist tricks. Hopefully the right people learned something by all the shenanigans that occurred in 2018!!!


    1. I wonder, what would actually have to be done to replace the Fed with some other (presumably very different) system?

      We’d need a transition that doesn’t burn the entire world economy to the ground and have us bartering chickens to stay alive, and we’d need the political will to do it.

      And of course, we’d need some idea what we want to transition to and I suspect the population of people who hate the Fed and other CBs cannot themselves agree on what that would be. And no, just saying “gold standard” is not enough detail to answer the question, as much as it would gladden the heart of someone like me who just bought his very first gold $1 coin from the 1800s.

      I’d like to think that PDJT has a plan in his pocket, but somehow I doubt he can get enough people to go along with it. (Please prove me wrong!)

      I suspect any realistic plan would involved setting up a parallel system, encouraging Main Street to move over to it, then junking the craptastic FED. Such could be accelerated, of course, by getting the public at large to see the FED as part of the general corruptocracy that’s going to be made visible to everyone (not just us) soon.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Steve – it is my understanding there is a plan in place – the timing of which is unknown because PT is not going to broadcast what he is doing – I believe it is a parallel system – when the transition occurs – we will have a new currency – backed by gold – and the Fed will either be dissolved or under our control – an audit could preempt this action.

        Right now it is a corporation – that insists on being independent – which means – they can do anything they want – and we cannot do anything about it – that will change – Q said gold brings down the Fed – countries around the world are stocking up on gold – they are dumping the Fed Notes – or reserve currency (the dollar) – when enough of those Fed Notes are returned to the USA – they will be worthless to purchase anything worldwide – so we have to do something because our ‘currency’ will be worthless.

        It is a tricky transition to a new system – and timing is everything – we do not want the economy to crash before the transition is perfectly aligned –

        Dave on the X22 Report talks about this frequently – he believes it will happen sometime in the PT’s second term.

        That is pretty much all I understand at this point – as far as what has to be done to replace the Fed – that – I believe has already been decided.

        Remember at least two countries – Russia and Iceland (I think – not sure) have already taken control of their Central Banks (their Fed) – if they did it – we can, too!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. If Russia has indeed done so, then if I were a Russian, I wouldn’t find that reassuring in the slightest. The same corrupt, tyrannical assholes who control the military and police also controlling the money?

          Of course Trump isn’t a problem. But his successor might be. We’ve got to come up with a way to make it very difficult for the money supply to be manipulated by people for political and/or self-aggrandizing purposes, and be sure not to rely on just putting a good person at the top, since we’ve seen it’s all too likely a good person WON’T be at the top.

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          1. I think Putin had something to do with that CB control in Russia – remember – when the Union broke apart – they were broke – a CB was only going to make it worse – Putin cleared the bills – and put Russia on sound financial footing – IIRC

            Whatever PT does will not be reversed – it will be a new system – they will not be able to go back to the old system – imho – so I am not concerned about whoever succeeds PT.


        2. A couple years ago, references to the new system had been frequent. The claims were it was coming soon. The second term makes more sense. And…if Q was telling the truth that we have the gold, I assume that means that all that gold Lee Wanta was guarding has been repatriated.

          If so…what a great time to be alive.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, second term – if the system crashed around the 2020 election – they would blame PT for recession – ain’t gonna happen – the blame belongs to the FR – they have no right to do business in our country – and keep everything secret – to charge us interest for borrowing their worthless paper – there is a reason why PT has Jackson on the wall of the Oval Office!


    1. Semi off topic, but my brother, who is typically glued to Fox news (he won’t miss Hannity and Ingraham if he can help it–which at least is better than the rest), has discovered OAN on his cable box. Yippee!!! If one MUST bury oneself in the idiot box, that’s the way to be.

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