Aubergine’s Razor

“It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” -Aubergine

I love it!

Born from our discussion of Hanlon’s Razor HERE, I can neither vouch for the originality of Aubergine’s idea, nor will I even try. For MY purposes, this simply IS “Aubergine’s Razor”. Others can argue about priority. I heard it first from Aubergine. DONE!!!

As soon as I read this wonderful inversion of Hanlon’s “dull” Razor, I knew it was a winner, and promptly began creating memes.

That first one is subtle. WHOSE stupidity is not obvious, just as whose malice or guile is also not obvious. However, in my opinion, the fact that it could be many people makes this even more compelling. It is DISTURBING to see the El Paso patsy being led by a tactical pro. This one may not be the most obvious case of the Razor, but it is a POWERFUL one, and is worth coming back to later.

I noticed a FASCINATING psychological effect when I made this meme. As I chose the image, I worried that Susan Rice looked “too innocent” – that the meme would not work.

Yet look at it now. She looks PERFECT for it.


To quote President Trump, “LOOK AT THAT FACE!” The “Hillary patented fake smile” in spades!

Scott467 noticed something very interesting. The term “could be” almost seems ridiculously gentle, next to some of these criminal creeps. Words like “is likely to be” or ” is obviously” are very tempting. And yet, I think that Aubergine’s formulation, which would simply hint the possibility of malevolence to those lacking in discernment, is the best, because it’s the BROADEST possible application of the idea. If there even COULD be malice or guile, then the DANGER is asserted to be present.

michaelh postulates a corollary that I think most of us will agree with.


Yes! This cannot be repeated often enough. Dems are PLAYING DUMB, and we PLAY ALONG with their LIES disguised as FOLLY whenever we choose to “just let it stand” instead of – at the very least – rejecting their arguments as “not accepted by us”.

SO – let’s give a hand to Aubergine for handing us a formidable MEME and WEAPON, which I will now used to craft many new graphical memes.


69 thoughts on “Aubergine’s Razor

    1. AMEN.

      Biden is basically a paid-off traitor. The man is NOT stupid.

      He SET UP gun free zones. He KNOWS what he’s doing. Trying to bring CHINESE COMMUNISM to the United States. And he’s been working on it for YEARS.

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      1. So what’r the odds we’ll get a full disclosure on all the politicians that sold us out to China? It’s pretty insidious that they have been able to acquire so much of OUR technology and could now pretty much take us out with it if they wanted to.

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        1. Hard to say. Very hard to say. I think some stuff has to stay under wraps, unless they’re going to “roll out the sport model”. I think she gave them stuff that is NOT on the disclosure list. Just sayin’.

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          1. With all of our technology, and all of their armies of engineers and scientists, educated at all of their and our best universities, as well as the best European universities, if Rodham sold the ChiComs the “sport model”, and they aren’t constrained by intramural combat between their military and secret police like we were with ours, who is to say they won’t reverse engineer it before us?

            With their current manufacting base and military buildup and push into space…

            Not to mention their numerous 5th columnists in the US and all the other nations…

            If they get those energy and propulsion systems first and deploy them around the Earth-Moon system…

            It’s GAME OVER for the Free World !


            I’m somewhere in the middle of the Corso book. Outside obligations and weeks of hot news days have made it difficult to find time to read it. Plus, it’s very slow going, because I spend at least as much time considering ramifications, and the book’s overall credibility, as I do actually reading it.

            Still not sure what to make of it all, and am currently sitting on the fence as I research and ponder it in my spare time.

            Nevertheless, I wrote the top of this comment as if the book’s central claims, as I understand them, are true.

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        2. One important thing.

          It’s one thing to have all the blue prints.

          That does NOT always translate into being able to manufacture at scale.

          A lot of IP theft neglects the human experience element.

          In my work I try hard to make things reproducible, and the fact is that even an experienced engineer often can’t pick up what I hand them and reproduce it.

          Yes China does have the technical know how and nation-state directives to make it happen, but even then it can’t just happen with magic. A lot of lead time, investment, supply chain, and engineering man-years involved.

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          1. But it’s a helluva thing to have the blueprints, when possibly millions of man-hours have gone into their creation. If you steal them, you don’t have to amortize that cost.

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          2. Also… it is NOT enough to be able to REPRODUCE (Stolen) parts….
            Put them together according to the (STOLEN) model…..
            You must UNDERSTAND…. WHY this “assembly” af “Parts”…..

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            1. Thus understanding of “Why”….. and “How” a thing works……
              Is why America LEADS the World in INNOVATION.
              Along with the old saying:
              “There has to be a Better Way”
              Americans are FREE to Fail in the pursuit of IMPROVING things.

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            2. Agreed, rayzorbak.

              But in their favor is that they flood the zone, putting much bigger engineering teams on each project than our companies can afford to use.

              If even one guy can figure out the “why” of one aspect of a component, and one other guy deciphers that component’s connection to the next one, and they can explain it to their team, they will slowly unravel the whole thing. They have engineering labs, too, where they can play with the ideas in a hands-on way as they are reading blueprint, so it’s not just staring blankly at somebody else’s diagram all day.

              [Aside: The psychometricians say their ethnic group has the highest mean IQs of any large group in the world for which good data are available.* (Ashkenazi Jews score noticeably higher, on average, than do Han Chinese, but with nothing like their population size. Han are believed to be weak on creativity and thinking outside the box, bucking convention, and so forth. But those tests are considered less established and solid than straightforward IQ. Ashkenazi, on average, are considered mediocre, or not much better than mediocre, at visual imagination and spatial reasoning,** brilliant in every other category.)]

              Meanwhile, the best Congress that money can buy, (or blackmail can blacken,) has done the ChiCom’s bidding, and that aerospace project got shelved for 10 years. Or, it proceeded to the final production model, (which their team then got a copy of,) but actual manufacture and purchase was delayed indefinitely. So they wind up getting the latest thing before us, anyway.

              *Not that I have confidence that most of the psychology field has gotten past the stage of development that physics was in during the age of phlogiston and epicycles. So I take everything they say with a few firkins of salt.

              **Inuit and Aleuts don’t seem to fare too well on most parts of the test. But they are the worldwide toppers on visual imagination and spatial reasoning! Some suppose this comes in handy when hungry and trying to put your nice onyx harpoon head in a tasty passing seal snack, or avoiding polar bears in whiteout conditions. Also, see * above.

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        3. “So what’r the odds we’ll get a full disclosure on all the politicians that sold us out to China?”


          At this point I’m beginning to think the chances are pretty good.

          It appears that DJT’s strategy is to let everything out, piece by piece, in some kind of organized disclosure sequence.

          He seems to really and honestly be determined to drain this fetid swamp, and clearly has a plan to do so, always being at least several steps ahead of the enemy.

          If he wasn’t, he would have been caught flat-footed at least several times by now, and yet as SD regularly observes, he’s just one man, but always seems to have the enemy surrounded.

          I don’t think there is any way to actually drain the swamp without exposing everybody (at least everybody at the Congressional level and administrative state level and Department/Agency level), along with their enablers.

          How do you expose the Mob and take them down, without exposing the entire structure of their racketeering enterprise, from top to bottom?

          So I think we’re going to get full disclosure on everybody who is dirty, because they all have to go if he intends to flush and cleanse the system.

          And I’m more convinced every day that is exactly what he intends to do.

          Not fast enough for my wishes, but he’s doing it, and it looks like he’s setting it up so that not only are we going to get full disclosure on everybody, but it’s going to help him get re-elected in the process (though at this point it’s probably not even necessary… with taking down the Deep State though, he may actually win 48 out of 50 states… maybe even all 50, if voter fraud can be kept to a minimum!).

          Once he secures re-election, and wins back the House, and increases the Senate majority, and adds at least 2 more (not)Supreme Court judges, I think DJT is going to accomplish a hundred times more winning in term #2 than he is already accomplishing in his first term.

          And with so much getting fixed before his 2nd term even starts, it’s hard to imagine all the things he could do with 4 years, control of all three branches of government, a disabled and imprisoned Deep State, an extinct devilrat party, an exploding economy, the ongoing destruction of the EU and the CCP, the amount of change possible is almost unimaginable.

          And there’s no reason he can’t do it all, once he guts the Deep State like a bait fish.

          I think he’s just ready to start getting started on governing. His first term was laying the groundwork, and salvaging the ship at the same time.

          I think he might be the greatest president we’ve ever had, and we’re only in year 3… 😁

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          1. Your scenario is almost exactly as I’m seeing it too. I thought it was time to round up these criminals 2 years ago, boy was I naive about the how deep it all went back then. Prez Trump does seem to have everything on them and goes around in good spirits and confidence, he knows what they have coming. It’s almost comical how the Brennan/Schiff cabal keep committing more crimes while trying to remove him. Keystone cops 🙄

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  1. Wow! I am so honored/pleased/blown away. I don’t know which!

    As for originality, all I can say is I didn’t get it from somewhere else, but I can’t guarantee nobody ever had the same sentiment. They say 10,000 monkeys typing 10,000 years you know…

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    1. I wanted to make sure your wisdom was REMEMBERED BY SEARCH ENGINES! Only a TITLE would do! 😀

      Don’t worry about originality – NOTHING NEW under the sun. It’s all been said or done before – if not here, then elsewhere.

      But it was NEW FOR ME, NEW FOR US, and NEW FOR THIS FIGHT – and that is all we need to WIN! 😎

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  2. Wolf –
    This reminds me of Adam Schiff’s “parody” reading of POTUS’ words during an official phone call…. but hey! it’s just parody, everyone…lol, it’s just a joke!!! Yeah, I don’t think so. He ought to be dismissed from the Intel Committee for that dumb ass move. Why didn’t he get fined or something for that inappropriate conduct?

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    1. “Why didn’t he get fined or something for that inappropriate conduct?”


      Because the House Majority makes the rules and enforces the rules, and if the House Majority is as corrupt as Schiff (it is), then not only will there by no penalty, they’re just getting started.

      It’s only going to get worse, until indictments are unsealed and arrests are made.

      They will still be shouting at the cameras and protesting their innocence as they are being hustled out the door in cuffs.

      Like any other common criminal.

      Because that’s what they are.

      Common criminals, in high places.

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  3. “Dems are playing dumb.”

    This isn’t a new concept. Everytime SD posts one of his “Do Not Look Away” posts, this is always included…

    “David Mamet had a famous saying, essentially: …‘in order for genuine liberals to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’… By pretending ‘not to know’ there is no guilt, no actual connection to conscience, denial of truth allows easier trespass.


    Just about everything (if not all things) progressives do is mixed with guile and malice. When it comes to the question of stupidity, we must recognize there are two kinds of progressives…

    1. Those who well know and understand what they do
    2. The useful idiots…the dupes

    An example of #1 are the Podestas or George Soros, while an example of #2 would be indoctrinated students who have been lied to by their teachers/professors (another example of #1) and who simply don’t know any better.

    In short, the malice and guile is ALWAYS present while the stupid can be a little trickier to assess.

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    1. They really don’t refurb/recycle very well. The salvageable parts would fit in a cube 3 feet on a side — the rest is a bunch of old, decayed fiberglass with endangered raptor and bat parts embedded in the leading edge.

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      1. Wow. Well they’re still salvageable, if a kid from Malawi can make one using wood and buckets and bicycle parts I can figure out how to use at least some of the parts to make one for our house. Just not the whole thing.

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      1. Even if the number was ZERO, it’s still an incredible scam. Russia knows it, China knows it, and TRUMP knows it!

        The 14,000 number gets people’s attention, but whatever it is (article cited is 2013), the fact is, I see an awful lot of inactive windmills.

        But like I said – even if every single wind turbine was running flawlessly at 100% operation, the SCAM has been done just by getting us onto the technology.

        One has to look at the BIG energy picture to see how we were suckered into taking the CHUMP CHANGE, while everybody else goes for the BIG ENERGY PER UNIT RESOURCES.

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  4. Love it! We’ve had great examples this week of Qpers putting our heads together and coming up with awesome ‘product’. In this case, Wolfie & Aubergine are making meme magic, and this is SO clever. Kudos 😍🇺🇸 Hope this new Aubegine’s Razor spreads like 🔥 wildfire 🔥 on social media.

    Something tells me this Razor will be VERY applicable in upcoming weeks!

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    1. I think you’re right. All kinds of SWAMP CRITTERS sayin’ “I didn’t think it would do THAT”, “I had no idea why they gave me so much money”, “I didn’t think they would expect anything in return”, etc., etc., etc.

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        1. Yeah, right.

          The head of “Intelligence” will tell us he didn’t know anything.

          The funny thing is you’re correct!

          Just like that rascally old CIA Director Schultz, way back in the Klink Administration.

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    1. That means ‘Solyndra’ and all the solar garbage was probably a money laundering scheme too.

      And how many other government boondoggles were planned from the start to be failures, as money laundering schemes?

      All of them?

      TRILLIONS of dollars over the past 30+ years?

      I hope Q doesn’t think such a truth would be too much to handle.

      It just means we need a bigger gallows, or some more entertaining and creative ways to bring about justice.

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      1. “Just the place for a Snark!” the Bellman cried,
        As he landed his crew with care;
        Supporting each man on the top of the tide
        By a finger entwined in his hair.

        “Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
        That alone should encourage the crew.
        Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
        What I tell you three times is true.”

        Solar’s a grift, I have told you once;
        No man with some sense would give heed…..
        Solar’s a grift, I have told you twice;
        It’s a “solve” in search of a “need”….
        Solar’s a grift, now it’s out there thrice —
        Its fraud goes beyond word to deed.

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  5. I have a request… when a new POST goes up, could the author post the fact in the daily thread?
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know this POST went up. I had three QTree windows open, the Daily, the Rally and Flep’s ……………..

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