20191011: Rally Thread, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

RSBN Live Stream
Fox 10 Link

This is a pic of the Civic center in Lake Charles at 9:am this morning. The event doesn’t start until 7:00pm. I can guarandamntee you there will be no Anti-Fa in Lake Charles. I’m laughing just thinking about a scrawny-vampire-looking-face-mask-wearing-millennial facing off with the Cajun Navy.

Any MAGA/KAG Rally day is a great day for America, but today, we have a little bit of business as well. There is a specific reason for the President’s visit to Louisiana today and it’s the Governor’s Jungle Primary Election. Tomorrow, October 12, 2019 is the primary. If no candidate reaches 50% threshold, we have a runoff on November 16th. Currently, the incumbent Dem, John Bel Edwards, is polling at about 42%. Repub challengers Ralph Abraham is at about 22%, and Eddie Rispone is at about 17%. Obviously, we want a runoff, and to ultimately defeat the Dem Governor in Louisiana.

John Bell Edwards
Ralph Abraham, Louisiana Representative
Eddie Rispone

The Louisiana Economy is doing well, but it’s NOT because of the Governor, it’s because of President Trump. The Trump Admin allowed 16 licenses and cut the red tape for rapid build of LNG ports and several are in Louisiana. We remember President Trump’s visit to Cameron Parish – Guys, I was thinking about buying beach land, on the Gulf just a few years ago, 2acre lot, 25K, beach front and backside to a Bayou – perfect for weekends. It was mid-2016. Then, the LNG plant came in an invested about 8 billion dollars, and WHOOOSSHHH, we have a major LNG port in about 18 months. It’s a beautiful thing, and production is sold out for the next 20 years. It’s what makes the USA the Energy powerhouse of the world.

Of course, Governor Edwards is taking credit for President Trump’s success. Not nice, and we’re taking it personally. Politics is a preferred spot in Louisiana, back to the days of Huey Long (1930’s, chicken in every pot, socialist). His brother Earl Long (The Last Hayride – considered a primer for politicians) was worse. The tax structure in the state has 96% of revenue coming from corps, and only 4% coming from individuals. It’s why big companies never locate headquarters in Louisiana.

Furthermore, it is impossible to describe how corrupt the OLD Edwards family has been for decades, but they’re not alone. The Morials, Landreaus, Boggs, and so on, add to the nepotism and graft. As a little girl, I remember Dad complaining about the Daley machine in Chicago, but when we moved to New Orleans, political influence was at a whole new level. Dad used to gripe and moan and wonder how anything could get built.

You might remember this guy, Edwin Edwards, Dem Governor of Louisiana from 1972-1996, not in succession, he took a few years off, and the last time he ran for Governor he ran against David Duke, yes, THAT David Duke. Edwards responded to his opponents ties to the KKK, “We do have one thing in common,” he tells a reporter. “We are both wizards under the sheets.” 

Edwin Edwards

By his own count, Edwards has been the subject of almost two dozen state or federal investigations going back to his days in Congress in the ’60s. In the 1980s he was charged with racketeering involving health care investments. His 1985 federal trial ended in a hung jury; he was acquitted in a retrial a year later.


Eventually, Governor Edwards, at age 75, was sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison, started up with a 35year old blond pen pal, and married her in 2011. He was in his 80’s and had a 1yr old child, with his other children in their 60’s. Asked about his young wife, Edwards said, “You are only as young as the woman you feel.”

Yet, John Bel Edwards and Edwin Edwards are not related or they are only distantly related. No one is really sure. The “name ID” has help John Edwards, to be sure, but it’s been both a blessing and a curse. Most locals think they are related…. but something we don’t talk about in polite company. John Edwards is a true Dixiecrat, and does not have the charm of former Governor Edwin Edwards. John Edwards, although he is a Dem, graduated from West Point, was an airborne ranger for 8yrs, became a lawyer, and is a staunch pro-life supporter. Yet, he is a Dem, runs Louisiana like a Dem, big government and spends more than he takes in.

John Bel Edwards is going to be hard to beat, which is why we’re heading to Lake Charles with President Trump for a rally today.

Since I grew up in New Orleans, and Lake Charles is my stomping ground, I feel obligated to provide you with an extra dose of hospitality. If you get in the car in New Orleans, point west and drive for 5 hours, you land in Houston…… but we need to stop in Lake Charles for food and fun. When you get off the interstate, make sure to stop at a Drive thru Daiquiri shop. Yes, we drink and drive in Louisiana, and since it’s so hot and humid, a frozen treat is always on the menu. Pick your poison. WONDERFUL!

On your way into town, you’ll notice all the bridges. It is a swamp, after all, and we’re accustomed to the water.

The water is everywhere, here. At Christmastime, we don’t have regular parades, we have boat parades.

I was thinking, of all the people I/we know in SW Louisiana, they all have boats. The people are incredibly self-reliant, no whiners allowed. We take care of our own. Probably why Lake Charles is the unofficial home of the Cajun Navy. These are people who can fix things, solve problems, and sure as hell don’t wait for a politician to tell them what to do.

SW Louisiana is equally harsh and gracious, like a double edge sword, and the situation can change in the blink of an eye. Louisiana is the “Sportsman’s Paradise”. The sheer beauty of nature humbles any man who spends time here. We live among the pelicans, herons, cranes, and the alligators, shrimp, crawfish, and oysters. There is no need for invasive environmental policy here, we understand how to take care of our land and waterways, because it’s in our best interest.

And then, of course, there is the food. Here, food is cultural, a social event. Men and women cook, the kids cook, friends come in and out and help peel, chop, and usually stay for dinner. I had a hard time, took me years, to stop cooking for 12 people automatically……. because there were always friends at the table.

The food in southern Louisiana is top notch, everywhere. I recall we had northern cousins visiting us and they wanted to go out and explore the city on their own. They asked Dad where they should go for dinner. Dad said, “Anywhere is great.” They were confused, “Don’t you have a favorite restaurant, someplace good?” Dad frowned and explained, “You don’t understand, here, it would be impossible for a bad restaurant to survive. Everything is good.” Dad was right. It’s true.

If you can manage to stay for a while, SW Louisiana will change your very soul. Your internal clock will change, and you begin to rise with the sun and nod off after dark. Baby turtles, dolphins down by the dock, become family pets. You’re welcome to stay a while. We can go fishing in the morning……

PS: Again, my sincere apologies for missing the daily thread this morning. Hanging my head….. remorseful.

Now…….. can we please get onto the RALLYYYYYYYYYY

HEY WOWWWWW – CBS is carrying the rally live stream.

Ohhh looky here, the Cajuns are ready, and we’re cookin’ tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Bwwhhhahhaaa, we learned incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards will also be in Lake Charles campaigning today, drafting off of President Trump once again.

See you guys at the rally today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And again, I apologize for screwing up this morning’s thread. Glad Wolfie and Triple T had my back.

367 thoughts on “20191011: Rally Thread, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

    1. # of boat parades here: 1; # of boat parades at OT: 0.

      # of drive-through daiquiri places here: 1 (both text and pic); # of drive-through daiquiri mentions at OT: 0.

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  1. Someone over at NeonRevolt noticed that last night’s rally had Trump-Pence signs, but at tonight’s rally all the signs were Trump 2020 (no mention of Pence).

    Probably nothing, but curious.

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    1. LA (and the deep South) is God country. I would not be surprised if this was a response to Pence caving to the Queer Gestapo over the religious liberty boycott threat when he was guv.

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    2. Hi Scott,
      Pence as President would be a disaster. He would quickly give back everything President Trump has gained for America. I have no confidence in him as a leader in any way.

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      1. Well the whole thing with Pence is kind of strange.

        On the one hand, he seems like a straight arrow.

        On the other hand, he is a life-long career politician.

        Then again, he appears to be a Christian man of strong moral conviction.

        On the other hand, he caved to the Queer Gestapo that pgroup reminded us of.

        On the plus side, he appears to be very loyal to POTUS.

        But he kind of has to, both out of self-interest, and because he knows DJT wouldn’t hesitate to call him out if he wasn’t dong his best for the team.

        Then there’s the thing the ‘You Are Free’ lady regularly brings up ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYuTOagsxlfgVBfOzCjxOPw/videos ). She frequently reports on child-trafficking news, and usually reminds everyone that Indiana is a hub for child-trafficking in America, and with Pence having been governor, there’s no way he couldn’t have known about it.

        I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I do for now, but I do have the concerns that you raised.

        Is he better than anyone the Devilrats would nominate?

        I’m sure he is, but I would need to know a lot more about him before I had the kind of confidence that I had in DJT going into the 2016 election.

        I am very concerned that DJT not be an anomaly, and that we go right back to UniParty career politicians in 2024.

        I would like to break that cycle permanently.

        It’s true that business leaders may not have experience in foreign policy (though DJT was very experienced in foreign affairs). But a business leader does have experience in business.

        A career politician doesn’t have business experience, and doesn’t really have foreign policy experience either — the only experience a career politician has is being a politician.

        Saying what he thinks people expect him to say, and doing favors for those who made big donations to his campaigns.

        A career politician brings NOTHING to the table, besides a demonstrated ability to prosper HIMSELF in the shark tank.

        I don’t know how that translates into anything good for America, and I’ve never seen it translate into anything good for America.

        On another subject, I hope your series of tests are over, and praying for good news.

        And while I’m thinking about it, I remembered your birthday (guessing late in the first week of September?) and wished you a happy birthday on one of the threads here, probably on September 5th, but I don’t think you saw it.

        Lot’s of people wished you a happy birthday, so if you didn’t see it, happy birthday Elizabeth 🙂

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        1. Thanks for the Birthday greeting. It was September 7th. I did not see it before.
          The tests are ongoing spiritual tests. I am physically healthy so that part is all okay.
          As Christians, we are asked to work through things that non-Christians don’t have to deal with.
          I am 78 now and coming to the end of my life. There are a few people I am still expected to help.
          Helping people is always difficult because I want to do it but they also have to help themselves.
          Jesus has a purpose and a plan for all of our lives. Keeping myself in prayer and doing my part without interfering with their part is always a fine line to walk. It requires a lot of love, prayer and patience.
          Many times the things I thought would take weeks or months take decades. I am running short on decades now.
          I will pray, wait for guidance and act on it in His timing. God will use it for good in my life and in theirs even though my execution is imperfect and the results may not show for years.
          Thank you Scott for remembering and for keeping me in your prayers.

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          1. “Thanks for the Birthday greeting. It was September 7th.”


            My calendar has been notated accordingly 🙂


            “The tests are ongoing spiritual tests. I am physically healthy so that part is all okay.
            As Christians, we are asked to work through things that non-Christians don’t have to deal with.”


            Well I am glad to hear you are physically healthy, that is a blessing, and I will pray for your spiritual strength.


            “I am 78 now and coming to the end of my life.”


            I hope you’re not leaving soon, it looks like things are about to get very interesting, and I would miss you. Besides that, I hear that 78 is the new 58 🙂


            “There are a few people I am still expected to help.”


            If I’m on your list, I am grateful for your patience with me. I need all the help I can get 😁


            “Helping people is always difficult because I want to do it but they also have to help themselves.
            Jesus has a purpose and a plan for all of our lives. Keeping myself in prayer and doing my part without interfering with their part is always a fine line to walk. It requires a lot of love, prayer and patience.”


            Thank you for explaining and talking about it. I don’t know very many people who do, and I appreciate it.


            “Thank you Scott for remembering and for keeping me in your prayers.”


            You are most welcome, I am happy to do so. 🙂

            Have a good evening Liz, and thank you for the reply,


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  2. Thanks for another Great Rally Thread, Daughn!
    Thank you for the running reportage on what was said.

    Love all the local color commentary, too…it really adds a lot!

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