The Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab Decides Which Social Media Posts Are “Bad”

It’s impossible to overstate the magnitude of what we just stumbled across. Suddenly, everything makes sense. While working on a comprehensive timeline for the “1/1024th of an Impeachment Inquiry”, and attempting to validate a source, I struck gold.

August 7th, 2018: Reuters posted an obscure article about the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Lab, located in DC. Reuter’s reveals the Atlantic Council has been working on social media postings since 2016 – throughout the 2018 midterms – and in 2018, their biggest donors were Facebook and the British Government.

Key to understanding the problem of “Russian Interference” is the involvement of The Atlantic Council: This is the MOST important piece of background information we will present ……….. because it explains the motivation behind the politics of “Muh Russia”, struggle for power in DC and the rest of the world, and why the USA/Media/both political parties have been embroiled in battle over “Russian Interference” for the past 3 years. Their Wiki Page can be found here: And their website can be found here:

The Atlantic Council is a think tank founded in 1961. They are vehemently anti-Russian, promote former Soviet Republics entry into NATO, promoted defense of these Baltic states including moving weaponry and defense systems into their territories – pointed at the Russians. To the Atlantic Council, anything Russian is BAD and coordination or a working relationship with Russia — would make them recoil in fear or lash out in anger. The Atlantic Council is stacked with “Cold War” bureaucrats and former politicians who are hellbent on maintaining the status quo in “the swamp”. To be truly objective and fair, “cold war” thinking kept the USA safe for many years, and the Russians were our enemies.

Or were they??? Or are we racist, fascist, homophobes, deplorables, for even asking?

To the folks at the Atlantic Council, the 2016 election of Donald Trump represented a “threat to America”, they said, …….. or was it more like a threat to their cushy lifestyles? What was the real truth about Russia, current status of threats to our national security, and did anyone know? The complete lack of intellectual curiosity is particularly disturbing.

When Donald Trump became President, he wanted to modernize NATO, make other members contribute more cash to decrease the burden on US taxpayers, rethink geopolitics and beef up cyber defenses, and perhaps work with Russia on the ISIS threat looming in the Middle East. We remember, in 2016, ISIS had a Caliphate and was growing in strength and influence. Powerful people at the Atlantic Council immediately aligned against Donald Trump. This explains the behavior of commonly stereotyped “NeoCons”/GOPe, and establishment Dems, and their resistance to Donald Trump’s foreign policy. And now we learn more about how they fought back against President Trump.

From the article above, we learn Facebook was reluctant to make a call against a foreign government (call out Russia – delete pages, claiming any government was subversive), thus, Facebook OUTSOURCED the decision to the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Lab, which was located in a 12’x12′ DC office. THESE are the FOUR PEOPLE who decided which Facebook pages or posts “looked Russian”, by comparing posts to other similar posts…. wherein the Atlantic Council claimed to have some geopolitical expertise.

Huh? It’s all subjective, but the lab claims to use “software and other tools” and sounds official. I mean a “digital forensic lab” makes me think of Miami CSI, overlaid with The Who soundtrack, and a big building filled with people smarter than me. No, it was a judgement call, by an anti-Russian biased source, made by 4 people in a 12’x12′ room. Yet, the Atlantic Council became the censor/arbiter for Facebook and Facebook can keep arms – length liability. Cozy, eh? Why does this remind me of today’s NBA, wanting to have it both ways with Chinese Communists?

Therefore, when Facebook Executives testified before Congress and claimed $164,000 in ads (an amount equal to .00001822 of ad revenue for Facebook’s Q1 Ad revenue in 2017) were purchased by Russia, who sought to sow discord in the USA, by taking out ads against both Trump and Hillary during the 2016 election cycle……… it was NOT Facebook’s own interneral determination……… but rather the determination of the Atlantic Council and/or Facebook + Atlantic Council. No one told the American people a biased source was making a determination on what we can see.

The Reuter’s Article from August of 2018 goes on to explain the indictments against 13 people and 3 companies, Russians, who meddled in our elections. Yet today, their case is falling apart in a DC federal court. Additionally, we know the US Intel Community relied on Crowdstrike as the only entity to examine the DNC servers. We now know the basic premise of Crowdstrike theory (D-30 Howitzer tracking software was hacked in Ukraine was similar to the hack at DNC – both done by Cozy Bear) fell apart in March-April of 2017 when we learned the D30’s were not hacked, and CrowdStrike was forced to retract in May of 2017. Yet the entire press and intel community still persists, “Russia is our boogeyman”…… but the animosity toward Russia is based on a failed CrowdStrike report and 4 people in a “lab” or 12’x 12′ office in DC, founded by Obama partisans? Where is the proof?

The lab was founded by Brookie, a National Security Council advisor in the last four years of the Obama administration. Ben Nimmo is a co-founder. He joined after stints as a journalist covering the Baltic states as they sparred with Russia a decade ago and as a spokesman for NATO on Russia and Ukraine. On a recent visit to the head office, the often-traveling Washington staff of four were packed around three desks pushed to the center of the room.

The Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab is growing. Today, they seek out fake news, make pronouncements, all over the world, which are dutifully minded as “accurate” by a complacent international press. The Lab has been active in elections in Brazil and recently in Mexico. Check out the big presentation in London:

Here, the swanky new logo “DFR LAB” (which is really the Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab), was the arbiter, and Facebook took down Pro-Indonesia pages in Papua, New Guinea,

Here, the DFR pretends to expose “Kremlin Activity” in Poland….. Ahhh, those Russian boogeyman are our favorites.

Here, the DFR weighs in on politics in Spain…. aaaaaaaaanddddd Facebook and Twitter dutifully take down pages.

Don’t think it’s just about politics, though. The DFR weighs in on “fake information” about 5G all over social media. Gee whiz, I can’t wait for the DFR’s opinion on vaccinations, or climate change, or what I should eat for dinner. I couldn’t possibly discern my opinion on any issue by myself.

If it’s true that 2/3rds of people get their news from social media outlets, then the DFR have been able to consolidate power over our information flow to a very small subset of people who have a CLEAR and historic agenda. The DFR have become the people behind the curtain.

Hat Tip to Allison and Jamcooker. It was their lead which I followed, down to footnote #17 (no kidding), which led to this information. Always, always, always, read the footnotes. Thank you.

It would be impossible for us to ever know ALL the pieces to this puzzle of disinformation. Let’s not get cocky. Much will be hidden. Yet, we will keep digging and we will never give up.

45 thoughts on “The Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab Decides Which Social Media Posts Are “Bad”

  1. wow! reminds me of snopes. Y
    ears ago I made an innocent comment at one of my previous jobs and was immediately pounced on by the treasurer’s secretary–“SNOPES says that’s a lie. ” I said who the heck is SNOPES?
    just a business, she said, who primary function is to research statements extensively in search of the truth. they are the most trusted name in research she said.
    Man, I’d love to look her up today and chat…LOL
    just the “FED” is not federal at all…what’s in a name…

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    1. I had a similar experience, except it was the editor of our local newspaper. I refuted a Letter to the Editor about newly confirmed SCOTUS Elaina Kagan and the EDITOR had the audacity to contact me that Snopes verified the letter-writer’s “fact” so therefore my letter would not be published.
      The Editor soon left…probably one of the four in that 12 x 12’ room by now.

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  2. Tons more here

    Dr. Quigley and others drop their threads here

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  3. Great job, Daughn. I am telling you the whole IRS tax-exempt designations and facade-protecting “think tanks” are an extremely damaging political weapon that has not received enough exposure because BOTH parties use them. It’s an underworld of tax evasion, propaganda engineering and money laundering.

    Right after President Trump knocks the CIA and FBI on their asses, I want that mass of DeepState faux org’s TAKEN OUT; blown to smithereens; nuked to the moon. CFR, Atlantic Council, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn, Organizing for America. I could go on and on. There is NO justifiable reason for any of these to be given special tax treatment or subsidies of any kind. They are political PACS. Period.

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  4. Absolutely PNAMBIC find, Daughn!


    But for anyone who is tempted to think this Little Man is too powerful for us to handle, REMEMBER:

    The one who pulls the curtain back is none other than Toto.

    And “Toto” means “All”.

    Meaning Everything is about to come together to reveal and unseat this corruption.

    The Little Man will never know what hit him.

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  5. Check this out:

    Daughn, this is all making sense now. You are RIGHT! It’s the SOROS-BACKED ATLANTIC COUNCIL (and remember BUG-EYES FARKAS being part of that mess) that is behind all the CENSORSHIP of FREE SPEECH.

    WAIT. Anti-communists censoring FREE SPEECH? How does THAT work?


    In my opinion, the Atlantic Council is some kind of controlled opposition of the neo-Soviet Cankle-backing left, via their globalist front movement.

    I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but the COVER is phenomenal.

    It’s how they SUCKERED KASICH.

    All we have to do is stop believing their LIES.

    – Soros was NEVER an “anti-communist”
    – Alperovich and company are backers of the American crypto-commie Cankles and Obama factions
    – Atlantic Council rightists like Farkas are mostly TOOLS and DUPES who are being played gently into GLOBALIST NUTTERY

    Ukraine is central to the drama b/c it’s the Russian Reverso Theatre for all the flip-flop intrigues to take place – a kind of political obfuscation machine.

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      1. Exactly!

        Controlled opposition is, I believe, a fundamental principle of creation, appearing at all levels of information, metaphysics, physics, etc., and even responsible for what we look at as heretical movements like gnosticism. Both Christ and Paul (who got it) teach the proper framework of awareness w/o embrace (in my ignorant theological opinion). Wise as serpents, indeed!

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      2. I saw this in in 2016/2017, as soon as I realized that Rodham’s weird cry of “Russia, Russia” was not just some bizarre emanation from her excuse factory on losing the election, but was actually a false narrative being weaponized against Trump.

        Decades spent smearing the lonely American hero, Joseph McCarthy, turning his very name into a false narrative, the intellectual Establishment stomping into the dust anyone who would go up against Communism in this country. This quest to disarm the citizens mentally from defending America being pursued so relentlessly for so long that now even staunch pro-American conservatives use “McCarthyism” as a term of opprobrium.

        Now, with the partial revelation of Rodham’s treasonous activities, and Trump’s election, suddenly they are pulling a switcheroo, and everything Russian is bad and dangerous? Now it’s the Alinskyite, Communist Left that is allergic to Russia, and patriots are accused of sucking up to ex-KGB officer Putin?

        Something was very wrong about all this. And not just in the sense of someone making a casual mistake, There is evil here, in fact a conspiracy, as we are being set up for another fall, again using the technique of false narrative endlessly drilled into our heads.

        All of this anti-Russia seems like the creation of a controlled opposition. And one thing that always plagued the anti-Bolshevik emigré communities in the West is that they were deeply penetrated and controlled by Moscow, in virtually every case. They constantly were splitting up and fighting with each other, and were nearly useless at doing anything concrete to damage the Communist Bloc, even if just to damage it’s reputation.

        Chalupa, the fired ambassador to Ukraine, the Atlantic Council, the ties to social media, the ties to Soros and Rodham and Biden and Kerry, the whole thing reeks of Communist influence operation.

        Who is behind it? Where is the center of Marxism in the world today? Is it still Moscow? Is it now Peking? Berkeley? Yale? Cambridge, Massachusetts? Martha’s Vineyard? Washington, DC? Langley, Virginia?

        Would there be any logic in Moscow taking an anti-Moscow line? Is this a factional dispute between two or more bands of Communists? Are the CIA Communists rebelling against their colleagues and erstwhile patrons, the KGB Communists?

        Is Rodham and her faction breaking with the Moscow branch? Or was she just responding to her defeat at the hands of Trump by seizing the first tool in her bag of tricks, reading from a script that had been prepared for the big assignment of her presidency, fomenting nuclear war between Russia and the US?

        Is this all a globalist bankster scheme deeper than Communism, where Russia and the US are both planned to be fall guys, the northern hemisphere radioactive, and the bankster elite safe and sound in Australia or New Zealand?

        I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions, but I have been thinking about some of them almost three years.

        One thing that clearly stands out is that “Russia collusion” is a sea change from “McCarthyism”, and needs to be explained.

        I don’t know where each rattlesnake lies in the forest, but I can hear their rattles and know to proceed with caution.

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        1. Excellent post. Much of European history prior to WWI dealt with the power struggles between Britain, Germany and Russia. In looking at the way Britain in particular dealt with European affairs, it was constantly playing them off against one another, balancing one when the other became strong, and shifting when things changed.

          In thinking about his model, I wonder if much of what we are seeing these days is a shift in Russia towards a more nationalistic perspective. Such a shift, which by definition would include a shift away from communism, would be something we in the US would probably support. Britain, however, would be diminished by this and its ability to influence world affairs probably would decrease. They would therefore have an interest in making sure tensions between Russia and the US remained high.

          I’d be interested in whether others here have looked at things through a “great powers” perspective.

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    1. Brent Scowcroft to Condoleezza Rice – they promote each other and suggest each other into positions of power, from the left and right.
      This Digital Forensics Lab has “assumed power” like an arbiter of all things “truth” and it’s BULL$HIT.
      Everything we see is through a filter. They’re are killing pages on Facebook and Twitter.
      4 guys in a 12’x12′ room.
      We’ve been screaming about Ukraine for over a decade.
      A 17.5 BILLION dollar IMF loan.
      All those Baltic countries…… and Americans, and the real communists, trotskyites, NeoCons.
      They LOVE a good war and the military industrial complex.

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      1. Yes, it’s a MESS. The breakup of the Soviet Union was pretty much like putting 6 sticks of dynamite in the bottom of a septic tank, with a blasting cap in every stick, just to be sure it made an ungodly mess.

        Ukraine is that big old hunk of concrete and steel off the top of the tank, that went 400 feet into the air.

        “Oh, it’s not xxxx – it’s just concrete and steel! No worries!”


        I feel sorry for the peoples of the former Soviet Union who want to get rid of the socialist stink, but they CAN’T, and there’s a reason.


        My policy is assume that ANYBODY from the former SU is trouble until proven otherwise by YEARS of truthful behavior.

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  6. Any bets which column this would go into?
    ME: Are you seriously trying to abort a bona fide living breathing sitting president?

    PP: It’s not a president.


    It’s just a clump of unwanted bad orange cells.


    ME: But we chose him.

    PP: We see it as our body, not yours.


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  7. Once again great reporting/digging for answers Daughn, just proves you/we are the News now!
    Truly believe we are getting to the tipping point in regards to truthful information ever coming out of any MSM outlet again. Look at fox now they have definitely taken a left turn.

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  8. Hey Daughn,
    Do we have a Crowdstrike thread already?

    Liked by 3 people

        1. Wonderful job.
          We need to add to this one.
          There is another thread in here somewhere, which has a LOT about Crowdstrike, but we needed a new one.
          Thank you TripleT.
          I will look for it in the morning and drop the old link into this one. How about that? Will that work? Going to take me awhile to find it.

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