20191010: MAGA KAG Rally in Minneapolis.

Are you ready??????

It’s rally day!!!!!!!

What TIME IS IT?????????? You GOT ABOUT 10 SECONDS TO GET TO THE DANCE FLOOR> >>>>>> We’re going to Minneapolis today!!!!!!!! And it’s just for the SEXY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

834 thoughts on “20191010: MAGA KAG Rally in Minneapolis.

  1. PRAY…PRAY…PRAY for the safety of all – for those in the ‘red shirts’ to break up this disruption – for people to rally in groups to defend against these animals – unruly worthless commies – strip them of their masks – disarm them –


    Dear Lord: We ask You send Warring Angels to protect those who attended the rally – and fight off those who are disrupting and attempting to steal their joy! In the name of Jesus – we pray – Amen

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    1. I’d like to see all those masks ripped off their SJW faces, pics taken, and all the Antifa FASCISTS exposed for what and who they are!

      DOXX the DORKS!!!

      Violence and destruction ARE NOT PROTECTED SPEECH!!!

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      1. There is a special tool available to clear those fools who are blocking the road….it is located on the right hand side of the floorboard on the driver’s side of any vehicle. Gently and firmly depressed 1/2 way down will most assuredly clear a path 👀


  2. Ok Team… Everybody! ( Sylvia is better at this than me)…
    Dear Jesus..
    Protect all the people who support our President..Especially those leaving His Amazing rally tonight. Send your Guardian Angels and St. Michael The Archangel! down to protect and allow American Patriots to get home safe and sound.

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  3. Nite, everyone! God Bless You All! My thanks to all of the wonderful scribes here and for ‘Michael’s Memes’ – and oh

    The food was great – quite tasty and yummy!!!

    Peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams I pray for all of you – in the name of Jesus – I pray – Amen

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    1. And with that, I take a short break. Congratulations on an outstanding rally thread, Daughn. And congratulations to our VSG and TEAM TRUMP for an AMAZING RALLY!!! And thank you all for coming, Q Tree! What a fun branch this was tonight! ❤

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      1. It’s not just about being peevish…..so many of our friends are silently disappeared by the forces of evil. But it’s past 1:20 ET…..and there is the merest hint of a faint odor reminiscent of peevishness.

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    1. I’m so sorry.
      Was trying to tie up the rally thread and meant to move to friday thread and fell sound asleep.
      Husband woke up, still had my glasses on.

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  4. Thanks, Daughn…for this Great Rally Thread!

    And thank you to all who contributed to it!
    I’m enjoying reading through it.

    You guys rocked it!

    We were having a little Rally party and it would’ve been rude for me to leave our guests and go get online.
    So, sadly, I couldn’t be here.
    Missed you guys!

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