Dear KMAG: 20191008 Open Topic

This ROCKTOBER [08] [PLACEHOLDER] TUESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

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Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Autumn. Two years ago, we were fighting back HARD. I remember. Interesting times.

We’re still here. And we’re still not budging.

Where We Go One, We Go All.



Well, I happen to be here tonight, so I decided to add some commentary to my placeholder daily post.

I wanted to talk about CULTURAL MARXISM…..

Apparently this new “Joker” movie is the height of cultural Marxism:

I am also discovering just how evil these people are, by watching, long-term, how the Googloid Mensheviks at YouTube are influencing my WIFE with their product. I wish that I could say they are merely “attempting to influence her”, but the fact is, they are ACTUALLY influencing her. It is INSIDIOUS. And I now have PROOF OF IT, that will stand up in court. I only await STANDING. I’m hoping not to actually GET standing, but just in case, I predict that standing would be a TRANSFORMATIVE opportunity for MORAL and ETHICAL tech, shall we say.

If I were not AWARE of how cultural Marxism works in general, in the large, on society, I would never have caught on to how it works on individual people, which I’ve had to theorize from deep study of serial killers, school shooters, false flag patsies, Marxist radicals, and the like. I had to catch up with a lot of secret CIA psychological research, done over many decades.

Cutting the cable was ESSENTIAL to see it. This is why cutting the cable is such a danger to CIA, Hollywood, and the cultural Marxists that have infested BOTH. Cutting the cable gives one true societal perspective, sharp and clear – even down to a personal level. By cutting the cable, I am not subject to the moral creep of “Fake Normal” which is promoted by the mind control media. Instead, I can SEE THAT CREEP.

Now, watching YouTube work on my wife over time, I am not being shifted along with “Fake Normal” and “Fake Reality”, and she is only being shifted by YouTube and a couple of mild PBS shows. I can see how cultural Marxist mass media CHANGES HER.

It is SURPRISINGLY FAST. Shockingly fast. Horrifyingly fast.

Technology, quite simply, CANNOT be trusted to these people.

The tech monopolies MUST be destroyed, to create healthy alternatives for mankind.


On another note, 10/10 is in 2 days. Did you know that 1010 (base 2) = 10 (base 10)? Fun fact.

Anyway, be ready.

Last but not least, we have THREE rallies coming up. 10/10, 10/11, 10/Q.



723 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191008 Open Topic

    1. Oh for pity’s sake … this is outrageous ‼️‼️‼️😡🤚 …. would be nice to know WHO the COUPLE members of Con/gress are …. as a matter of fact they should be made public knowledge the miserable yuks … they on the citizens dime‼️ … tar an feather … hmmmmmm 🤔 …

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  1. Former Rep Bob Barr – “I Worked On The Clinton Impeachment — And Trump Is Not Impeachable…”

    Speaking as a former federal prosecutor and impeachment manager in the Senate trial of former President Clinton, and after having reviewed carefully the content and context of the Ukraine call and what we have learned about it subsequently, it is clear that no federal laws were broken and nothing close to an impeachable offense took place.

    “In fact, in that call the president of the United States was doing precisely what a president should have been doing. In the July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump emphasized that his administration was serious about getting to the bottom of corruption in Ukraine that had affected and had been affected by the United States. Our president made clear he was referring to evidence that Ukrainian interests had been involved corruptly in our 2016 election, and that a high government official in our country — former Vice President Joe Biden — had improperly interfered with that country’s effort to discover and prosecute corrupt acts. […]”

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            1. Actually, I drive a 1999 truck with almost 200k miles on it and it’s always been an outside vehicle, even when new. Can’t remember the last time I washed it.

              New cars one can’t do their own maintenance on are for the less mechanically-minded who don’t have other things to spend their $$ on. I’m not that guy.

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          1. Squirrel gravy and biscuits on the menu and you don’t have this problem to worried about.
            My gramps loved his squirrels they would come and eat peanuts out of his shirt pocket when he would set on the front porch,I never dared to harvest one of his pets lol.

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  2. Interesting, criminal referrals for those involved in the Kavanaugh hearings?
    Why would it take a Senator a YEAR to send in a criminal referral?
    Does a criminal referral mean anything anymore?

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        1. Really, really wish that sick bitch hildabeast would run again. The laughs would be endless. D-rats deserve every cringe worthy moment she’d deliver daily.

          One might guess I loath that bat shit crazy bitch and the entire Clinton Crime Family.

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          1. That’s like those fashion designers who said they wouldn’t “dress” Our new First Lady, Melania. They hadn’t been asked. IMO, POTUS would stay away from Rooster Gowdy.

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    1. Gowdy is a PROSECUTOR………

      Travis is a FLAMING LIBERAL …. he says so in his profile, and his twitter banner shows a pic of him with Elizabeth Warren ……………….

      WHY does anyone believe he would know what Gowdy told the WH… or IF the WH even contacted Trey.

      COME ON PEOPLE! I know some of you don’t like Trey, but dang!

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    2. Source quite possibly Gowdy himself.

      A long, long time ago, I believed Gowdy was a good guy. Now, he is just another noise maker in the DC swamp. Much like Jason Chaffetz (sp?).

      Money and fame are their game. They NEVER deliver.

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        1. Beyond huff and puff, what did he deliver?
          Not much, IMO.

          Surely, Eddie Munster held things up. Maybe IF we had a decent Speaker the first two years, things would have played more in our favor. IIRC, GOP basically begged Eddie Munster to play Speaker. Maybe no one else could have gotten the votes. Dunno.

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      1. Chaffetz quit because of the swamp. He was frustrated because he Couldn’t get things done or make any progress. He’s been MAGA and ProTrump since joining Fox. Jason has redeemed himself in my eyes.

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    3. Gowdy is useless. Good that he won’t be on that team. He can take all-hat-and-no-cattle elsewhere.

      On the other hand………

      Sidney Powell might have an open schedule soon!


    1. And that what I love about the Q-Treeper realm. Today, somewhere Tom Fitton was quoted as saying there weren’t going to be any indictments and Barr and Durham were just going to “tighten things up.” There is a link, but I’m not going to bother, it was authenticated.

      But the truth is no one could possibly know that… then we see this. I’m inclined to believe this. Mr. Fitton does great work, but the TV facetime leads to some weak sauce.

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      1. Uh, me slow, but 100% believe, President trump will never accept no indictments. Also believe, OK more hope than anything, Barr will have some indictments to have delivered, by the U.S. Marshall’s.

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        1. kal, I’m with you on this all the way. Just was pointing out how some eeyores have fallen into the “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” style of thinking. Then that feeds the others who are easily swayed. Mostly, I feel bad that I can’t offer any counter arguments or give factual input to them.

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          1. Just read a comment over at Neon Revolt’s…
            “They can’t take down hil de beast without taking down the entire government.”
            Response: “Then, take it all down, and let’s start from scratch!”

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            1. Yes. Let the chips fall where they may.

              AND, I don’t buy into the entire government falls. Some really big folk. Yes. Many big hits in some agencies. Yes. Do it. Gotta fix it or the corruptions will continue, only more aggressively. Me thinks.

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    1. All this lets me think they went in with a scalpel intending to get a few pieces to appease the deplorables and now realize they need to go back in with a chain saw and a cart.

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    1. There are a couple that aren’t bad, but still…no 100 year old oaks. Or blue spruce. Or maples. Or sycamores. Seriously, the company that maintains most of this subdivision has a shredding machine rather than burn out a truck engine trying to pull out a stump.

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    1. I posted Dawson’s THREAD one page over this a.m.

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    1. Bwahahahahahah … I read the responses … barf 🤢 … they seriously got their panties in a bunch. … the poster is cool 😎 with their response .. bwahahahahahah

      ….. deal with it …. bwahahahahahah .. 🤨👍‼️

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    2. This is not new. I admire the poster for dabbing some makeup and perfume on it to fool the idiot left. And it worked. Some leftists would kiss a pig with lipstick thinking they might get to second base.

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    1. Tick tock tick tock

      I like to think Piglosi & Co. are doing it because:

      A) they are desperate because Barr, Horowitz, and Durham are rapidly closing in on them
      B) they are in a panic
      C) they feel they have very little left to lose at this point

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    2. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! We’ve got your back Mr. President… YES SIR……

      Thank you for posting this trumpismine… I hope you won’t mind if I copy the last two paragraphs of this scorcher of a “Go to H311” letter………


      Given that your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation, any pretense of
      fairness, or even the most elementary due process protections, the Executive Branch carmot be
      expected to participate in it. Because participating in this inquiry under the current
      unconstitutional posture would inflict lasting institutional harm on the Executive Branch and
      lasting damage to the separation of powers, you have left the President no choice. Consistent
      with the duties of the President of the United States, and in particular his obligation to preserve
      the rights of future occupants of his office, President Trump cannot permit his Administration to
      participate in this partisan inquiry under these circumstances.

      Your recent letter to the Acting White House Chief of Staff argues that “[ e ]ven if an
      impeachment inquiry were not underway,” the Oversight Committee may seek this information

      25 Interview with Chairman Adam Schiff, MSNBC (Sept. l 7, 2019).
      26 Julian Barnes, et al., Schiff Got Early Acco1111t of Acc11satio11s as Whistle-Blower’s Co11cerns Grew, N.Y. Times
      (Oct. 2, 20 l 9).
      27 Glenn Kessler, Schiff’s False Claim His Co111111i//ee Had Not Spoke11 to the Whistleblower, Wash, Post (Oct. 4,


      Speaker Pelosi, and Chairmen Engel, Schiff, and
      Page 8

      as a matter of the established oversight process. 28 Respectfolly, the Committees cannot have it
      both ways. The letter comes from the Chairmen of three different Committees, it transmits a
      subpoena “[p]ursuant to the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry,” it recites that the
      documents will “be collected as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry,” and it asserts that the
      documents will be “shared among the Committees, as well as with the Committee on the
      Judiciary as appropriate.”29 The letter is in no way directed at collecting information in aid of
      legislation, and you simply cannot expect to rely on oversight authority to gather information for
      an unauthorized impeachment inquiry that conflicts with all historical precedent and rides
      roughshod over due process and the separation of powers. If the Committees wish to return to
      the regular order of oversight requests, we stand ready to engage in that process as we have in
      the past, in a manner consistent with well-established bipartisan constitutional protections and a
      respect for the separation of powers enshrined in our Constitution.

      For the foregoing reasons, the President cannot allow your constitutionally illegitimate
      proceedings to distract him and those in the Executive Branch from their work on behalf of the
      American people. The President has a country to lead. The American people elected him to do
      this job, and he remains focused on fulfilling his promises to the American people. He has
      important work that he must continue on their behalf, both at home and around the world,
      including continuing strong economic growth, extending historically low levels of
      unemployment, negotiating trade deals, fixing our broken immigration system, lowering
      prescription drug prices, and addressing mass shooting violence. We hope that, in light of the
      many deficiencies we have identified in your proceedings, you will abandon the current invalid
      efforts to pursue an impeachment inquiry and join the President in focusing on the many
      important goals that matter to the American people.

      cc: Hon. Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, House of Representatives
      Hon. Michael McCaul, Ranking Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs
      Hon. Devin Nunes, Ranking Member, House Permanent Select Committee on
      Hon. Jim Jordan, Ranking Member, House Committee on Oversight and Reform

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        1. very thorough… very!

          It reads like a lawyer’s ‘brief’ to me ….

          and since Pencil Neck got a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School,
          Eliot Engel got a J.D. degree from New York Law School,
          Elijah Commings got a J.D. degree from the University of Maryland School of Law,

          maybe they can explain to each other and to Nancy, who has only an under grad degree in PolSci.

          that she can’t run the House like her mafia family runs the State of CA…

          I think since the C_A has honey-trapped most of Congress, it is these thugs that are attempting an extension of the muh Russia coup…

          Ran across a comment today that “C_A is using Pencil Neck’s involvement with pedo activity at Standard Hotel to force him to run with this Ukranian cr#ppola.”

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    3. Just read. In addition to telling State Department peeps they couldn’t have lawyers, they also threatened to withhold their salaries if they didn’t cooperate!!! Bunch of THUGS!!!

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  4. @RealSaavedra
    Follow Follow @RealSaavedra
    BREAKING: Fox News reports:

    -Mueller allegedly lied under oath when he said he was not interviewing for FBI Director

    -Investigation into origins into Russia probe to be released this month

    -DOJ investigation w/John Durham is rapidly expanding due to how much they are finding

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      1. Simple.

        Whomever this is is saying that a part of him suspects that the President wants the dims to keep trying to use his telephone call with the Ukraine President because it’s going to ultimately bring about the downfall of not just Joe Biden, but also Obama, Hillary, and the congressional democrats as a whole.

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      2. No bullets. Letter around 4pages. Inquiry is fake, unconstitutional, Schiffs a compromised liar, stop threatening peeps, GFY, the President has more important ”real work” things to do, separation of powers, we’ll be here if/when you’re ready to stop your hissy fit and do some work.

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      3. Sorry Carl, I thought you were asking about letter. POTUS originally warned Dems that to pursue Ukraine, they were headed for a long fall. Roberts 💡 clicked on and he’s recalling that Original statement And wondering if Ukraine is maybe a setup to takedown Dems by VSGPOTUS. 😃

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      4. He’s referencing one of POTUS’ earliest tweet responses to the whistleblower Ukraine story. POTUS told them to keep going, the more they did, the greater “they would fall.”

        Can just visualize POTUS rubbing his hands together as he watches this unfold…

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      1. Here is what MILO said, which very much backs up what you said, and WHY:

        First Gab:

        4 d
        Milo Yiannopoulos
        Verified Account

        Joker is a masterpiece.

        11 12 64

        Second Gab:

        22 h
        Milo Yiannopoulos
        Verified Account

        Joker is MILO without Christ.

        12 11 42

        Note that even WITH Christ, MILO is still playing tarot cards between these tweets.

        The comments on Milo’s gabs are worth looking at.

        Note that this film actually uses ROBERT DeNIRO, of Taxi Driver fame.

        To me (and this is just me), the DeNiro casting is almost a give-away. This is a “sympathy for YOUR devil” film. “You are Taxi Driver now and we understand.” So I see this as a VERY SLICK attempt to get under our door – so slick that it make the Wokeoids scream at it.

        Show me this film where the Joker turns to Christ at the end and turns himself in, renouncing violence. At that point, Suspicious Cat might tell me “Go – I’ll be OK for a few hours.”

        But that is not how it ends.

        I went to read the “spoiler ending”….

        I could not even finish it. My “cleanse” of Hollywood didn’t allow it. SO MUCH cultural Marxism.

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  5. It’s getting good….

    …better than good….

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    1. Of course this will never transpire, but should give her a little insomnia. Heh heh.
      Bet she never thought in a million years this is how her political career would end.

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  6. Do tell, Eye the Spy, you big tease. Or is it cheese?

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  7. from zeroHedge:

    In short, a registered Democrat on the CIA payroll went to Adam Schiff’s committee, who referred him to a Democratic operative attorney, who helped him file a whistleblower complaint on a form which was altered to allow second-hand information.

    ‘The aristocrats’

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  8. Liked by 5 people

    1. Not necessarily … there’s Ms. Amy… with tons of backing. $$$$$$$$$ & connections.

      What backing does Loser Hil have? No war chest this time. Nothing to offer the broke DNC

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          1. Not by me.

            Big Mike would be UFB by me for many reasons. But, so many times we read it.

            Somewhere between nonsense and ridiculous. But it is out there when folks address the shallow D-rat clown car of candidates.

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        1. The topics we have discussed in our small groups OT and here are getting noticed or attended to by the right people, including this one in particular. The cartoon is Q related.

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  9. Maybe be funny….?? It’s on Youtube now.

    Full show (at least until Youtube yanks it)

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    1. I’m still completely skeptical that they were ever lovers. Besides the obvious self interest in the “lover” narrative there is the fact that it is nearly impossible to imagine either of them being into each other that way.

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      1. On the positive side, always good to read happy news twice;-)

        Or a third time….UN running a $230M deficit…may run out of money in October. LOLF to me;-)

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        1. Did you read “… as a result of a 30% underpayment by member states (esp Trump administration) they are nearly insolvent.” ?

          I love this president… UN has depended on US to make up the underpayments in the past, and US Presidents have made sure that happened… UNTIL President Donald John Trump. hey Kal, how ’bout they get evicted for non-payment?!

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  11. Well well…..

    John Solomon reporting,
    US officials were aware that Ukraine decided to open investigatIon into Burisma corruption back in February 2019. (before Zelensky was elected) Before Biden announced – 4/25/19.
    Hunter was collecting $166-$220K/month, not $50k like Joe said

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    1. Didn’t PTrump, sometime ago in a tweet, say that Hunter Biden was getting $XXX (substantially more than $50K per month) and (plus, plus) . . . he knows.

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    1. Not White House confirmation yet . . . just another source here:

      UPDATED: Trey Gowdy has signed on to help Trump through impeachment inquiry: Report
      by Ellie Bufkin
      | October 08, 2019 06:45 PM
      | Updated Oct 08, 2019, 07:49 PM

      Print this article
      Former Rep. Trey Gowdy has agreed to a request from the White House to assist President Trump as the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry moves forward.

      Though initial reports claimed that Gowdy had declined an invite from the White House to participate in the president’s defense, the former GOP representative of South Carolina is now on board to assist, according to Law & Crime.

      Gowdy was approached by the White House this week as potential legal counsel for Trump as he prepares to fight against an impeachment investigation stemming from a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to a report from CNN. Though Gowdy is an accomplished attorney, the nature of his involvement in Trump’s fight against impeachment is not immediately clear.

      “Confirmed, per a senior White House official, who says Trump has blessed the move,” Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted on Tuesday night. “Trey Gowdy is on the Trump team.”

      Confirmed, per a senior White House official, who says Trump has blessed the move. Trey Gowdy is on the Trump team.

      — Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) October 8, 2019
      Gowdy, 55, opted to retire from Congress ahead of the 2018 election to continue his career as an attorney. He has also become a regular FOX News contributor and has spoken consistently against the Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump. He has sharply criticized House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for his false characterization of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky and his possible knowledge of the whistleblower before the complaint was made official.

      Gowdy has also suggested that Schiff should be called as a “fact witness” for his potential prior knowledge of the call.

      UPDATE: This story was updated after initial reports that Gowdy declined to participate in an impeachment defense changed to reflect that Gowdy was likely on board to assist in President Trump’s defense.

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  12. Plot twist….

    What if the whistleblower is a registered Democrat who currently works for the CIA and used to work for Joe Biden…

    ….but turned Judas Goat and is leading House dims to their electoral doom??

    How cool would THAT be?

    Hat tip: Thomas Wictor

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    1. Further…

      What if the change to the whistleblower form allowing hearsay testimony was authorized by the WH, as an added sweetener?

      Ya gotta ask yourself….are dims this stupid?

      A: yep.

      Here’s another question……would a deeply experienced NY commercial RE investor turned TV superstar turned POTUS be capable of such diabolical cloak& dagger maneuvers (with some input from super-spooks like, say….Adm. Rogers and Gen. Flynn)??

      Not saying this is true……just that it’s possible.

      Enjoy. 😎

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  13. Wanted to share this here because I respect Ristvan so much, and he is the only reason why I go OT. He has a logical and positive perspective on what POTUS is doing; outlook and potential outcomes.

    ristvan says:
    October 8, 2019 at 5:24 pm
    “Schiff announces he is going to subpoena Amb. Sondland. Too stupid to see that PDJT immediately goes to court to quash on grounds CTH previously laid out, linked in this main post.

    That forces Pelosi’s hand. Either she calls for a House vote to have Judiciary formally initiate an investigation toward Articles of impeachment, or the Schiff charade collapses in full public view. And, if the report last night from Ratcliffe are correct, Horowitz drops the finalized FISA report this coming Friday, BEFORE the House returns from its most recent vacay.

    Separately, the WH just sent a letter to the House declining to participate further in the charade, period. Further calling Pelosi’s bluff. Letter legal reasoning will be worth analysis here.

    This WH response is cast in the ‘proper’ political spheres: unprecedented process (many Nadler quotes), denial of due process (many SCOTUS refs), dishonest (Schiff made up Ukraine call).

    But IMO it deliberately pulls the most powerful counterpunch, as already highlighted by CTH: the ‘inquiry letter “subpoenas”’ have no judicial teeth. That simple fact destroys the whole attempted ‘obstruction’ fabrication as this chess match moves along. A future PDJT checkmate.”

    ristvan says:
    October 8, 2019 at 6:12 pm
    “Ok, read the WH letter in full. Does something very clever.
    1.Unprecedented process, with lots of supporting Nadler quotes from Clinton impeachment.
    2. Strips away constitutionally mandated due process (lots of SCOTUS stuff concerning impeachments).
    3. Calls out the Schiff fabricated Ukraine call version AFTER the transcript was released.
    All in the political realm, hitting Dems where Dems are.

    Does not mention at all the fact Sundance has amply pointed out that Dems have no judicial substance to their letter ‘subpoenas’. Bows without arrows. Guns firing blanks. So PDJT and team are saving that legal ‘detail’ for round 2 of this boxing match.”

    ristvan says:
    October 8, 2019 at 9:28 pm
    Paula, sincerely many thanks.

    But I am well beyond seeking appreciation here or anywhere. Three decade plus long successful careers in one lifetime, 13 issued US patents in four different subject matter areas. Two great kids and now three potentially greater grandkids. No one deserves or needs more…altho I do wish we could find a Doc capable of finally treating my significant others anaphylactic shock induced anxiety disorder.
    I am mostly working on that myself recently. Med school stuff isn’t that complicated if you do not have to know anatomy, already know the cause, symptoms, and diagnosis, and do not intend to practice yourself.

    My involvement here at CTH is purely and only because PDJT is saving my country.

    If anybody started out by being a potentially privileged swamp creature, it was me with three Harvard degrees, all with honors. Turns out I was always a Deplorable. Just now woke.”

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    1. “Mark Levin used to be a Never Trumper.” Not exactly. Levin was a Cruz guy but kept a fairly even keel between the two during the run up. It was during the nomination process that Trump said something that set him into tizzy. Set a lot of Cruz people into a tizzy, can’t remember exactly what it was, but yes, Levin became a very vocal critic (imagine Levin’s style when I say that), a Never Trumper if you will, but only for about a week or so until said comments wore off (I don’t recall how it resolved itself but I don’t think it was with a Trump apology per say, more than likely it was separate actions (like Trump slowing down so the Cruz people could catch up) that got Levin and Cruz supporters back on board to stay on board. Anyway he never really qualified as a true Never Trumper but Trump supporters were equally upset with Levin not understanding who this guy with the sharp tongue was and thus many people to this day still remember Levin as once a never Trumper.

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    1. UFB what past Presidents did to America. Yes, I know they were never found. But they knowingly went to war, over a known lie.

      AND, Colin Powell and his smug attitude towards President Trump and conservatives in general.

      Thousands of American lives lost. Tens of thousands of Americans crippled, for life. Trillions (?) out of the National treasury…for nothing. ALL on a lie. Criminal, it is. Truly saddens me.

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          1. True…but its not like the Hill is a bastion of pro Maga opinion either. …and Fox still has a few reporters that seem to be real reporters, and allowed to be…K Heritage (sp?) comes to mind

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    1. “Based on my 2 decades of covering the Justice Dept. (Durham) is not the type of prosecutor to ask for extra help is there is no there there.”

      Durham is broadening the timeframe under investigation and is asking for
      – additional resources
      – additional agents
      and has been to Britain, Italy, and is making inquiries in Australia.

      Additionally, we know that both Durham and AG Barr listened (together) to the recorded Mifsud deposition while in Italy.

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      1. If China sees that Trump is out of the woods on impeachment my guess is they’ll make the move toward the trade deal and yeah, give us Biden as a bonus too since they can see him going down on Ukraine. Foolish not to help. Anyway makes it clearer that China would of been along with this Trade deal all along if it wasn’t for the Dems. Unless of course if China hardliners are willing to wreck their economy and risk a confrontation.

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  14. Too funny AND great imagination…

    Hong Kong Protesters Wear Pepe The Frog Facepaint To Evade Capture


    Liked by 8 people

    1. Fast forward 4 years to a time when major news outlets and prominent “journalists” have been indicted/convicted for conspiracy to commit treason against the USA and sedition against the lawful US govt…

      How might those who bought into their lies (you know, the outrage mob) react to the realization that they’ve been played as dupes, and in so doing destroyed relationships with friends and family who are now sitting there with the “I told you so” look??

      These people are stupid.
      They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

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