Dear KMAG: 20191007 Open Topic

This Merry Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA-KMAG-KAG! world.

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

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Wheatie’s Rules:

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  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition by James Paget, titled ‘Possibilities’:


It’s coming.

[Hat tip to Eilert and SadieSlays.]


463 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191007 Open Topic

      1. There is just something about those Christians and $…almost like they have a book of ancient wisdom that gives the secret to business success and financial wisdom. I wonder who their silent Partner is…????

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        1. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.

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  1. Larry is a pretty serious guy, “perhaps” having a little fun, but…

    This was in one of the replies:

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  2. BEAUTIFUL fall evening here. Gorgeous afternoon, so spent time outside for once, and made an amazing discovery. The dill that I planted in the spring for the black swallowtails…well, the first crop of caterpillars got eaten by the nasty birds. BUT, there is a second group. Eight hungry caterpillars between the 2nd and 4th instars on the mature plants, four and six little guys and gals on the plants grown from the seeds of the first. So, I may get new butterflies yet. And one caterpillar looks like it might be a Monarch, but they are supposedly milkweed bugs exclusively. Well, we’ll see.

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  3. Praying in a new direction……

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  4. Natalie Hoffman from Flying Free reports:

    Dear Michael,

    I just got back yesterday from Dallas, Texas where I attended the Caring Well conference put on the by the ERLC (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission), a branch of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) – one of the largest and most influential evangelical entities in the US with over fifteen MILLION constituents.

    Last spring the Huston Chronicle exposed over 700 allegations of sexual abuse and cover-ups within the SBC. In response, the ERLC decided to scrap their original conference theme and put together an entirely different conference.

    It still seems to me like an attempt at image management, but they invited some strong abuse advocates like Rachel Denhollander, Diane Langberg, and Boz Tchividjian who powerfully condemned their actions and called them to repentance.

    It was an interesting conference to say the least. In fact, it was SO interesting that my friend and fellow survivor, Daphne, and I decided to record a podcast in her car where we discussed the things we learned and the things we felt could have been done better.

    You can listen to (or download) this special bonus episode HERE ( ). There are also links to some short, but incredible clips I video-taped on my phone and posted on Facebook during the conference.

    Daphne and I both took copious notes and share some of the gems we picked up along the way. I think you’ll be encouraged!

    Fly Free,


    As a survivor of spiritual abuse myself, I have one common piece of advice for people who are facing spiritual, emotional, or physical abuse:

    Trust your Instincts.

    If Natalie feels like “[i]t still seems to me like an attempt at image management” … that’s probably because there’s something wrong.

    “In response, the ERLC decided to scrap their original conference theme and put together an entirely different conference.”

    In fairness to Natalie, she is probably not aware that the ERLC had been planning a conference on sexual abuse all along.

    This conference isn’t about image control – it’s about expanding the Overton Window. They aren’t interested in fixing anything – the exact opposite, this is a huge P.R. stunt designed to convince people there is a huge problem that only the ERLC and SBC Executive Committee (the corrupt insiders) can fix.

    To give the ERLC so much power that they control the SBC and can bully the member churches.

    (Remember: In the SBC, the Convention is accountable to the churches, not the churches to the convention. But they have inverted the accountability – does this remind you much of how our government has been corrupted? It’s the same scheme from the same playbook.)

    The Houston Chronicle article, like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article (funny how everyone conveniently forgot about that) was NOT a surprise to the ERLC.

    After all, they were behind getting it published, through their buddy Jonathan Merritt at the Washington Post.

    It was all kicked off Lawfare style.

    If you don’t believe me, ask why the ERLC had agitators at the June 2018 SBC Annual Meeting aggressively working the convention to give the ERLC unprecedented and sweeping authority to investigate sexual abuse allegations. . .

    . . . Many months before the Houston Chronicle story came out. It didn’t surprise anyone who was paying attention.

    Remember in March 2018 that the Washington Post decided to do a series of hit pieces against Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Paige Patterson?

    Yes there’s that Jonathan Merritt again.

    Oh and look who else conveniently decided to join in? Al Mohler, standing in the ready with his own personal hit-piece on Paige Patterson.

    The ERLC is being run a former Democrat operative in Russell Moore with the help of the Bezos owned Washington Post to either control or dismantle the SBC.

    In large part to VACATE the evangelical vote for Trump, and any other Evangelical political resistance.

    These corrupt operators do not care about sexual abuse survivors! They only care about using them.

    The abused are victimized twice.

    Anyone who could do anything legitimate about it does not have decision making authority in the executive leadership of the SBC.

    And the Executive Leadership isn’t content to let this crisis go to waste.

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  5. A theory….

    Reading the background IC IG Michael Atkinson on a thread OT it got me thinking about Qs post “FISA works both ways”

    What if, through a FISA warrants on Obama era DOJ-NSD employees, perhaps Mr. Atkinson shady/questionable activities were known and aloud to play out? Perhaps that’s why he was hired in the first place?

    ….just a thought

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  6. Hannity mentioned this. Gowdy told us to follow these emails.

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    1. Wictor makes a great point (one of many) which is never made: the Demokkkrats and their spokesmen ALL look like they are out of central casting for the many varieties of unlikable/despicable/evil people.

      Even the “glamorous” Hollywood people look like drunks or lunatics.

      Every time I see Schiffty, he radiates dishonesty and idiotic cunning, and part of that is his face out of central casting which has been asked to provide someone with an untrusty look.

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