20191005: Glenn Beck Expose on Ukraine Corruption.

RealSauce posted the video yesterday. Finally got the chance to watch. Blown away!

Across social media, everyone is talking about the Glenn Beck expose on Ukraine Corruption. I just finished watching it. Two hours in total, real presentation starts at 33 minutes and goes for about 50 minutes. It is MARVELOUS and worth every minute.

Highly recommended. If you’ve been here for a while, in this group, these are things WE KNOW. These are things we’ve uncovered. Actually, we tracked corruption in Ukraine/Russia back further than Beck, back to 2008 McCain and Rick Davis. We’ve already connected the dots. The presentation, however, is flawless.

No matter how you personally feel about Glenn Beck, he was best at the chalkboard, unraveling the spider webs. Put your animosity in your pocket, forget the Cheetos, and watch. It’s worth it. Here he is once more, and masterful.

Bravo Zulu!

61 thoughts on “20191005: Glenn Beck Expose on Ukraine Corruption.

  1. Yes, there is a lot to be said for chalk talks….visuals as the story is told. Easier for folks like me to connect the dots and reinforce what happened.

    Off to watching the video…

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  2. Glenn Beck did an incredible job back in the day reporting on Hussein’s Muslim connections when nobody else would. Glad he’s back to using his natural talent for something worthwhile, and I hope this is the beginning of his redemption in the conservative community.

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    1. Have yet to watch the video, but ever since Mark Levin joined with Beck to form CRTV I have been waiting for the rehabilitated Beck to surface. I know Levin is considered untrustworthy by many PDJT supporters, but I like him. He has been one of the top conservative media personalities in the country for 15 years now. He would not have allowed himself to be associated with Beck unless Beck has straightened up.

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      1. I listen on and off to Levin bt his screeching gets to me. One half hour in the beginning of his podcast is all I can take. I never was a beck fan but this illustration was vey good and tied everything together into a nice package.

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  3. Agreed – just finished it (the algorithm pushed the first half at me) about an hour ago. I saw the first hour. Does he get into the CF receipts of “donations” from Ukraine in the second hour?

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    1. This one is all about Obama, the ultimate target (I guess), BUT it fully reveals how the Ukraine/Chalupa/and Obama operatives were involved in helping Hillary get elected.
      They were setting up a system.
      Thank GOD our man Trump won.

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    1. just finished watching that one….excellent work, Glenn…and if anyone appreciates GB’s humor, this will not disappoint…

      thumbs UP

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  4. As Daughn said above in the intro, Beck was masterful in this two hour video.

    Beck was vintage. Informative. Entertaining. Educational. The way I like to remember the Beck of years ago.

    Best two hours I’ve spent in a long, long time, watching an information video.

    – First 33 minutes a great primer. Not essential, but 100% worth listening and watching.

    – Great 50 minute chalk talk. Walks through Ukraine conspiracy 2014 through today. Ties in hussein, bite me, podesta, DNC, USAID, DOJ, USAID, DOS…so much more.

    – In total, great 2 hour video. 100% Informative – educational. Links together some of what we knew from before, with so very much more.

    – 100% worth watching with focus.

    AND, Beck, after introducing the Chalupa wench, Beck apologized to Taco Bell…;-)

    G’nite folks.

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  5. I watched the whole video after all of the recommendations here. First time I’ve paid attention to anything Glenn Beck said in years. Very well done video. Highly recommended.

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  6. Glad you posted this vid Daughn. There’s a radio local talk show that has Beck on in the slot right before the Rush Limbaugh and if I’m out and about in the morning listen to Beck. He mentioned this chalk board show coming up on Thursday and yesterday caught him again saying Blaze TV, Facebook, and the vid was on Youtube. Just hadn’t got around to watching…
    Crossed off my lists of things to do this week-end. Well worth the time. Thanks!

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  7. From all the comments I’ve been reading, it seems like the old Glenn is back. That’s good news.

    I wish I had the time to watch it now, but I will definitely save it for later.

    Thanks so much for posting.

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  8. The word Democrat has come to mean Corruption – just like the name Benedict Arnold means traitor.

    Lie, cheat, steal, kill – that’s the Democrat way.

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    1. Øbama in his Kalorama bunker down the street from the White House is orchestrating all of this cr-p…….

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    2. Manafort was town under the buss in an most despicable way. That is a big stain in American judicial system DOJ, Mueller Rosenstein operation and who ever was in the mix.

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  9. Beck was at his best when at the chalkboard giving explanations of the Muslim brotherhood and the Caliphate. This was like the old Beck my opinion is still a wait and see now with him. If this could help the masses comprehend this corruption better great, but he’s lost alot of credibility with people.

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  10. THANK YOU for sharing this !

    this is what GB used to do best…good to see him back at it…very very good.

    I’m sharing this w/ others, too.

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  11. Thank You for this Daughn.
    I saw this posted in Molly Hemingway’s tweet yesterday, and had the opportunity to watch it .
    Well worth the time for everyone.

    THIS is what RICO-Rudy has been looking at since Nov 2016 and explaining lately.

    Ukraine has been an international cesspool of corruption since Maiden (overthrow ) .
    OBO/Clintons/WEST broke the Reagan Gorbachev deal .. corrupt Russian oligarchs and western corruption joined to fill the vacuum they created.
    Both corrupt-Dimms AND Rino/never-trumper McCain cronies are up to their necks in this one .

    Washing each others hands in exchange for keeping knowledge of it under the table in DC
    Too much globalist money floating around to resist a profit.

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    1. Yes. Only thing left is President Trump and AG Barr applying justice.

      Thoroughly enjoying, Red October!

      MAGA / KAG folk have been incredibly patient, awaiting unveiling of the coup details and fully identifying the guilty bastards.

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  12. It is so good to see the Glenn Beck that I know and love and oh how I wish he would stay just like this.
    I really don’t think GB gets the whole Trump Gravity thing just like so many others and it really pisses me off to no end.
    Thanks for the awesome post Daughn,you rock.

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        1. I’m having to do this in snippets. There’s an electronics recycling event I need to get to, and I’m packing up loads to go to the book fair and Goodwill as well as to a friend of my mother’s who is a nun running a center for the poor.

          I just can’t sit for two hours to watch it.

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  13. I haven’t watched it (but will).

    When you say “everyone is talking about…” does this include people who aren’t Trump supporters? Has this actually gotten the attention of people who’re inclined to believe the YSM narrative?

    Side note:

    In march of 2016 I found myself in a very large room FULL of Bernie Sanders people. They were astounded when I told them Beck hated Trump. (They probably thought of them both as buffoons, and figured they’d get along because of it.) Note this was before I myself was an enthusiastic Trump supporter, so I tended to agree with them about Trump being a buffoon.

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  14. Watched 1/2 last night and finally finished it this morning despite some interruptions. Everyone’s comments about it being excellent and reminiscent of the old chalkboard are spot on. He deals with hard facts which are hard to dispute. There’s so much more that ties in with this, but it’s a good framework for people to start with that don’t know or understand what’s been going on.

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  15. I’ve been pondering all the stuff that isn’t talked about in his presentation. He wrapped it up with pointing the finger at the media as the guilty party. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but who owns the media? Who hires the “reporters”, writes out their contracts, and controls the narrative? We know, but I wonder if he knows? I wonder if he’s able to go there, and if he does, what he might learn about himself and how he’s been manipulated.

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      1. You’re right, he did. But also at the very end when he’s wrapping up, he faults the media for not doing their job. Now it may be a matter of semantics, but to me that also points them out as a one of the guilty parties. Not directly, but indirectly because there’s no documentation he’s presenting to directly tie them to being guilty. Also, because I truly don’t believe they are real dupes. I believe they are complicit.

        I’ve also been thinking about Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike, and their part in this as well, which he didn’t bring up. That may have been just as well as it adds another layer of complexity to the whole “story”.

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  16. I did watch it; though I dozed off for a large part of blackboard 2 and need to revisit it.

    That statue you sometimes see is “Motherland” in Kiev, Soviet era work (the Soviet crest appears on the shield). They ended up lopping off the sword to make it shorter than some other building in Kiev, and the sculpture is controversial today (Wikipoo didn’t mention the Soviet crest being part of the issue, but I can’t believe it isn’t).

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      1. I generally try to hit the news roundup thread if I don’t have time for much; I may or may not comment on something.

        Been rebuilding a computer that (essentially) crashed. My fault entirely, nothing sinister. Murphy has gummed up the works a lot–a CD-ROM drive died just before the last time I needed it, just for instance.

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          1. Yeah, well my biggest issue right now is some things exist on all machines, some on only one machine…time for a NAS, which will introduce its own headaches (still not sure how I will back it up).

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            1. I’m planning to build a ZFS array of multiple drives. It’s not a true backup, but given enough disks it’s pretty bulletproof as a NAS…

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              1. I’m doing that, in fact, ordering a machine intended to be a NAS. However, they themselves caution you in all caps that this is NOT a substitute for backups (which guard against you messing up, as well as hardware failure). And indeed, the problem with ZFS is no other machine will be able to read it, so if the NAS itself goes tango uniform, without a backup you are screwed.

                “I have too much storage” said absolutely no one, ever.

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  17. Thanks, Daughn!! Beck and his crew did a great job with these chalkboard explanations. It is also important that people can find the supporting source documents at his website. I started a new job in January and with the different commute, I hear snippets of Beck when taking a morning break. He is much saner again and I am able to listen to him most times. He also finds great guests who are outside the mainstream but interesting. Most importantly, Beck recognizes in this video that chalkboards are his special gift; that is, explaining complex things in a simple way. I concur. I highly recommend watching the whole two hours.

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