We Don’t Have To Eat Them Now

a guest post by Wolf’s dear hibernophile sister Fox Moon

Just play the video and read the words.


I proclaim it loud and clear
I proclaim it now and here
God be praised and bless the men
Women, grannies, dear children
Whoever in the hell it be
Who gave this song to you and me

Twas a lad named dear Cthulhu
Who gave its tune to me and you
Twas a dream, I swear it be
That gave this line to you and me:
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

Fields a-burstin’ with their pride
Be there shame if any died
Turn the bitter Kool-Aid down
Let not man nor baby frown
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

When I saw dear girl’s lament
Babies’ blood to be our rent
I tore my pockets, thanking God
Greatest op of dear Mossad
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

For twas clear this mad appeal
Born to kill the Green New Deal
Came from somewhere high above
Born of God’s eternal love
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

For though it might be CIA
Or Putin’s girls in their sweet way
We shan’t be picky who it was
Whose hand that devil’s work undoes
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

So praise all spies and saboteurs
Stealthy girl provocateurs
Those who made my own life hell
But saved our babies good and well
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

A million years, or maybe two
There’s no rush, I dare tell you
For God constructs where others steal
And fool us with their Green New Deal
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

A viper’s plan as Irish spring
A devil’s trick as papal thing
Let Tree of Life bring huggers down
Let babies smile, their buggers frown
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow

And thus I bid you now good bye
And walk off into fields of rye
And leave you with this sage advice
That Earth shall bloom as long there’s rice
We don’t have to eat them now
Let them live and grow somehow.

-Fox Moon (borrowing Wheatie Warrior’s avatar)

117 thoughts on “We Don’t Have To Eat Them Now

    1. Just saw this referred to as “The Green New Meal”

      (over on Chiefio’s blog, H/T to H.R. who said he pinched it from somewhere else 🙂 )…

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    1. They’re trying to make it go away. It wasn’t a troll job. It was a “true believer” – they’ve had these crazies out there all along – anyone remember Harris’ rally where the guy was literally in tears worrying about the end of the world. These people are real – yes, they have mental illness, but they’re real.

      The Democrat lunacy preys on the vulnerable and unstable in society.

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      1. They sure are nuts,I was reading a link that said the group of wackos are Trump supporters but President Trump doesn’t support them.
        Anything to try and tarnish our VSGPOTUS.
        DARK TO LIGHT God wins…

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        1. LaRouchies are Communists (Maoists, iirc,) pretending to be salt-of-the-earth, old-fashioned Democrats, wanting working-class jobs, union benefits, hydrogen fusion for the national electric grid, the Queen of England to halt immediately her damnable meddling in American politics (ok, so maybe they use crazy theories to rope in followers, or maybe they’re just a little ahead of their time…), etc.

          Basically, a controlled opposition group.

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    2. The beauty is, it matters not
      If troll job then, our Lord begot
      This Green New Deal, satanic plan
      Forsaking God, exalting man
      Consumes its own, in devil’s fire
      Can only knaves like me inspire

      A thousand miles, above the land
      We see the future God has planned
      That trees of past, returning now
      Shall warm His hearth, and fill His plow
      Can not a scholar read a graph
      That knave like me gives hearty laugh?

      Become as this, my fellow knaves
      Return to God, whose wisdom saves
      Look to His Plan, writ into time
      Our lowly copy, still sublime
      Call it science, call it Word
      Let their Union now be heard.

      Wings of dove, unite in flight
      Word of prophets, dark to light
      Sons of man, may all awake
      Babes of women, never quake
      We don’t have to eat them now
      Let them live and grow somehow.

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    1. Yep, I said this on another thread: they’re trying to sneak this concept into our consciousness, subtly, like the Devil does.

      One thing that’s kind of disturbing (OK, one of MANY things) about this nutcake and AOC’s response to her, is maybe the CEMONicRATs and their Satanic masters are PLANTING the idea of CANNIBALISM into the public sphere, with the means of planting (the nutcake) providing plausible deniability. They already have no qualms about murdering and parting out babies; this is just the next (horrid) step. And just in time for SamHain (Halloween), no less…

      One way the left (e.g. Gernard Schröder, who was a master of this) worked this was to propose something over the top, outlandish, and unreasonable. The public would respond with “that’s crazy, that will never work, BULL$HIT, and where’d you get a dumb idea like that”… Schröder (or whoever) would quietly back down, looking to be deteated, and let the idea sit and stew for a while.

      Months, if not years later, he reintroduces the idea, toned down a bit, packaged better, and the populace responds with, “well, it’s not so bad after all, is it”, and go along with what was basically the same terrible idea as the first one… Demonic deception… Started in the Garden of Eden, and the libturds and DEMONicRATs are continuing it to this day…..

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      1. https://www.truthorfiction.com/did-a-swedish-scientist-propose-cannibalism-to-fight-climate-change/


        The rumor frenzy about Magnus Söderlund’s presentation on climate change and cannibalism kicked off in part because U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted a misleading article and — as usual — the news media followed suit. Marketing expert Söderlund appeared on Swedish television to discuss potential global food shortages resulting from climate change, and stark choices that might be forced by famine. From the available original material, it seemed very much as if Söderlund speculated that cannibalism might be a result of such shortages — and it seemed many people latched on to the sensational topic to present viewpoints in opposition to fighting climate change. We found absolutely nothing substantiating the claim that Söderlund (or anyone) had suggested cannibalism could “combat climate change” at any point. Accepted approaches to actually fighting climate change include reducing emissions and greenhouse gases, not eating human flesh.

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        1. truthorfiction.com leans far left (background in snopes, daily fail, and racialicious). The Greens here in Europe have advocated cannibalism, among other anti-human behaviours. I’d be far more inclined to believe VSGPDJT than a leftist snopes v2.0…

          For example, from notrickszone:

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          1. I am fully aware of truthorfiction, Cuppa – however, sometimes we get information they do not think we will factor out – that helps us search for the truth – Thanks for the link!

            PT is my goto news source for everything that IS – these other sites show the lies – lol

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      2. Soon after $0r0$ bought into Netflix, at the height of the spirit cooking controversy, Netflix produced Santa Clarita Diet special movie….trivializing, normalizing, making a comedy of cannibalism.

        Look it up.

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    1. You’re welcome! 😀 ❤

      I don't have a picture of dear sis that's fit to share, so this random / not random picture off the internet will have to do! 😉

      [original URL=https://s2.best-wallpaper.net/wallpaper/1680×1050/1802/Girl-walk-at-railroad-fox-moon-art-picture_1680x1050.jpg]

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  1. I am a bit alarmed at how many people on this site are taking the trollette seriously. I don’t know whether she was an originator of the idea but I have the notion that a bunch of people put this together. She was wearing a T-shirt advertising the “cause” and a guy outside the event was wearing an identical shirt.

    Dan Bongino says to wait 24-48 hours before concluding anything about a news event. That advice should work well here. I have a notion that this could even be a DJT/Parscale operation intended to capture on video whatever response AOC made. I have another notion that maybe some of her posse read a short story from centuries past:


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    1. The entire point is that the Left is so insane that it’s difficult to tell anymore whether this woman is a troll or not.

      The lack of reaction from the audience is also alarming.

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      1. Yes. They have to virtue signal into literal insanity to get attention.

        The greeniacs are beyond help. They are bots of an agenda they can’t even comprehend.

        The FAKE NEWS has now proven itself complicit in an actual WAR AGAINST HUMANITY.

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    2. Admittedly, I am slow. Not cunning, nor strategic.

      DJT/Parscale don’t need to set something like this goof talking about eating babies. No upside for good guys to instigate this BS. D-Rats create this stoopid shit all by themselves.

      Yes, it may get debunked in another 12-36 hours. I suspect D-Rats will surely try to do so. But, it does appear to this slow guy, that goof was sincerely. Clueless, but sincere.

      Content to be wrong. But D-Rats and their maroons, are somewhere in the mix of idiots, stoopid, deranged…and couldn’t give two shits about The Constitution, America, Americans…

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      1. This troll / not troll is SO LEGENDARY that it doesn’t matter. EVERYBODY is a suspect, because the Dems and AOC are now so insane they’re not even on this PLANET.

        Anybody SANE is a suspect in bringing down the Green New Deal. It’s absolutely hilarious. I can accuse EVERYBODY OF SANITY for plotting to bring this crap to a close.

        When scientists started seriously proposing that we begin pumping LIFE-EXTINGUISHING CHEMICALS into the atmosphere to “fight global warming”, I knew that it was time to just UNLEASH HELL ON ITSELF.

        This is the same thing. CLIMATE MADNESS.

        “There is no time?” REALLY??? *REALLY*???

        Destroy it. Destroy everybody who refuses to let go of it. BURN THEM ALL.

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        1. They’ve discarded ‘Global Cooling’, -> ‘Global Warming’, -> ‘Climate Change’, ->‘Climate Crisis’ – and we’re now at ‘Climate Catastrophe’.

          All that’s left is ‘Climate Armageddon’ so we’re almost done here.

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          1. Or maybe she didn’t know what her reaction should be. So she was waiting for her Soro$-sponsored handler/acting coach to tell her what to do?

            Remember, she was a 20-something bartender who responded to an ad about a cattle call, and auditioned for the role of ditzy young photogenic leftist congresswoman.

            “So what’s my motivation here?”

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  2. Found in the depths of my computer…..

    Crooked Little Hillary
    By Freedom Ninja
    August 12, 2016

    There was crooked woman,
    Some call her Crooked Hill.
    She married a man,
    Who is known as Crooked Bill.

    He took charge in Arkansas,
    A clearly crooked Gov.
    Some say the two together,
    Create a really crooked love.

    They decided to go national,
    With a crooked little scheme.
    Many voters were deceived,
    By this crooked little team.

    After her time as First Lady,
    It took only a crooked minute.
    For her to set up camp in New York,
    And join the crooked little Senate.

    There was never too much power,
    For this crooked little witch.
    If the polling winds would change,
    Her crooked vote she would switch.

    After years in Washington,
    With her crooked little mates.
    She became the crooked leader,
    Of the Department of the State.

    After more years of lying,
    And putting us all in harms’ path.
    She then caused Benghazi,
    With her crooked little wrath.

    She defends her email scandal,
    With a crooked little fervor,
    But we all know the problem,
    Was more than a crooked server.

    She makes bad decisions daily,
    And she’s now the ISIS MVP.
    She also wants crooked laws,
    To take guns from you and me.

    To join her on this plight,
    She bought a crooked little Kaine.
    If you support their crooked evil,
    Our country will suffer crooked pain.

    This year we have a choice,
    To stop this crooked little liar.
    Cast your votes with passion,
    Unleash your Freedom fire.

    There is but one person,
    Who can chop down this crooked stump.
    I cannot tell a lie,
    That man is Donald Trump.

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    1. Oh, DARN! LOL. Why couldn’t it have been somebody WORTHY???!!! 😉

      Well, I TRIED to claim it as a redemptive move by the gray hats, but I guess it was just ACTUAL loonies and not “go along with the other loonies” opportunists.

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            1. In this day and age there’s a big risk in indulging somebody so ostensibly wacky. Hello security! Gently escort out…but after all, AOC owns wacky in the Democrat Party.

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              1. I remember the day when the whole darned Squad would have been escorted out of Congress, and never allowed to return!

                It was bizarre watching those old Congressmen stand around like dummy stage props when Occasio-Cortez presented her Green New Deal to the press.

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              2. Amen! Nobody strong enough to even raise an eyebrow at the insanity, preferring instead to hold up a wet finger and see which way the wind blows today.

                EXACTLY what allowed the socialist insanity of HITLER to rule!!!

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  3. Romney, Kasich and Hillary running again….. like zombies coming back from the dead….

    There is no popular call for their candidacy….it’s either defense against exposed crimes and prosecution or just sour grapes.

    Nobody wants any of them.

    It was the same with C-A disinformation disseminator McMullin.

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  4. Here’s the thing….

    If the baby-eater wasn’t a troll, that would surprise no one.

    The fact that we are even debating whether or not she was a troll simply shows how utterly loathsome, vile, insane the left has become.

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  5. Another poem from the bowels of my computer – from Christmas Morning 2015!!!

    boojum says:
    December 25, 2015 at 9:38 am
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. As a small present I repost below Trumpvictus with the requisite apologies to William E. Henley


    Out of the night that blights this land
    I cling to hope from poll to poll
    And thank the man who takes his stand
    To Trump the cards elitists hold

    Despite the RINO’s worst attacks
    Despite the wrathful PC crowd
    He tells the truth, destroys the hacks
    His hair unruffled, head unbowed

    Before he rose to show a way
    Our Republic seemed but doomed to die
    But rallied now, we join the fray
    Good patriots, come cast the die

    It matters not, lean right or left
    Those tags were set to cause divide
    Tyranny leaves us all bereft
    Time to choose sweet Freedom’s side

    Link – http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/12/25/december-25th-2016-presidential-election-open-discussion-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-1859888

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  6. And of course we must have at least one Bako Carl Poem!!!

    They Came

    They came for free speech, want to give us PC
    To control what we think and make sure we agree
    They came for our guns, because it’s guns that kill
    But keep all of theirs, for they want theirs still

    They came for our faith, want to take away God
    And give us their prince with tail, horns and claws
    They came for our healthcare so they can control
    Who lives and who dies; keep workers not the old

    They came for our kids to groom and to train
    As their future subjects over which they will reign
    They came for our votes with their lies and schemes
    And invading hordes full of Socialist dreams

    They came for our borders, they said walls don’t work
    Except for theirs: one of their many perks
    They came for our heritage, our history and heroes
    To substitute shrines to Big Mike and Zero

    They came for our country to make it their own
    So we’ll slave for them as workers and drones
    They came and took you, they’ll come next for me
    To extinguish the lamp of our liberty

    But know, fellow Christians, all of this could be
    Except for our God, Who keeps you and me
    We’re but lowly soldiers in this worldly fight
    Footmen in God’s army where He has the might

    No matter the evil planned for by man
    Our God’s in control; all will go by His plan
    We’ve all read the Book, we know how this ends
    The world will go down, but we will ascend

    Total victory is ours, the war has been won
    Sin has been conquered by God’s Holy Son
    Now all that remains of the evil one’s power
    Will be taken by God in God’s Day and Hour

    Then we, victors all, come before God’s Throne
    To be welcomed by Him as His heirs, His own
    And then we will spend all eternity
    Giving glory to God – our souls set free

    posted by bakocarl – July 13, 2019 at 00:04 – https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/07/13/dear-kmag-20190713-open-topic/comment-page-1/#comment-198821

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  7. Make that two Bako Carl poems – this one based on the Bible:

    II Kings 6:15-17

    …15Now when the attendant of the man of God had risen early and gone out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was circling the city. And his servant said to him, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?”
    16So he answered, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

    17Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.…”

    God’s Army and the War

    We look at the world all around us,
    And we see all the evil and say,
    There’s a war between men in this world,
    The good men fight, keeping evil at bay.
    We think there’s a heavy burden on us,
    This fight that may engulf you or me,
    But the struggle is not against flesh and blood,
    Though it’s armies of men that we see.
    This war and the armies are much bigger;
    But men of this world are not the source.
    We fight against powers of this dark world,
    And their evil spiritual force.
    Elisha, God’s prophet, warned Israel’s king
    Of the Arameans plans to attack.
    So Aram’s king sent his army at night,
    Surrounding Elisha. He’d never get back.
    Elisha’s servant rose early that day,
    And saw they were trapped, all hemmed in.
    “I’m afraid, Elisha, what shall we do?”
    Elisha answered, perhaps with a grin:
    Don’t be afraid, was what the prophet said,
    Those with us are much more than that army.
    And Elisha prayed to our and his God,
    “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!”
    Then the servant looked, looked up and saw
    Hills full of horses, chariots of fire;
    A huge army of angels, sent by God,
    All protecting Elisha and his squire.
    God’s got the power; He’s in control.
    His forces will win in this evil war.
    All will proceed according to His plan,
    With Him, we’ll be victors, and much more.
    What shall we say to all of these things?
    If God is for us, then who can oppose?
    Should we sit back and leave it all to God,
    Trusting in His Son, Who died and arose?
    We run the race and must fight the good fight,
    Strong in the Lord, secure His power.
    We are given the full armor of God
    To take our stand against evil’s hour.
    When evil comes, we’ll wear God’s armor:
    The belt of truth buckled around our waist,
    The breastplate of righteousness all in place,
    Guarded from arrows by the shield of faith.
    With readiness from the gospel of peace,
    Our feet will be fitted and firmly shod.
    All with the helmet of salvation,
    And the Spirit’s sword – the Word of God.
    With God’s armor, we can take our stand,
    And with the strength we get from prayers.
    Final victory is ours, glory to God,
    And eternal rest in His merciful care.

    Posted on June 13, 2017 at 12:45 pm – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/06/13/june-13th-2017-presidential-politics-trump-administration-day-145/comment-page-3/#comment-4027515

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  8. Marvelous.
    Was she a troll? Sure. Doesn’t matter. The way the group and AOC did NOT react was even more frightening.
    It’s all about the kids.
    We understand.
    Every time a baby is born, the world tilts a little, everything changes… along with our priorities.

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      1. False alarm, she’s at home, Big T is flapping his arms so much he doesn’t need Delta to fly to Tampa. We sit and wait.
        Babies have their own schedule.

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        1. “generation unto generation” those were my first thought when our daughter told us she was expecting. I started thinking of future generations and started recycling way before every city collected cans and bottles. I’d bag ’em up and haul them to the commercial recycling folks. That granddaughter is now a Vice President of an investment firm in NYC. She’s got business/money smarts like you!

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        2. Oh no, Daughn! I’m SO thrilled for you and Big T, but the #FakeStarts are killers 🙄. Just a matter of time till that bundle of joy is in your arms. Nothin’ better in the world than g’babies 😍❤️❤️

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          1. IDK, my brother is a barbeque connoirsseur. (spelling I GIVE UP). This is a local favorite. He’s younger than I am and doesn’t care as much about his arteries.

            P.S. How’s the daughter making out? Everyone doing okay? A friend’s daughter had a BIG baby boy that had to be taken. I hope your girl has a natural outcome.

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  9. “We don’t have to eat them now”


    I have to confess something…

    I wasn’t ever going to eat them, no matter what the NPC herd did 😁

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