Dear KAG: 20191004 Open Thread

Welcome to the QTree Open Thread! It’s a Happy Friday to all!! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire. Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways.

This month of ROCKTOBER is dedicated to our ROCK STAR President DJT and lately, he has been on FIRE. Our President is justifiably mad about the origins of 2016 spying on his campaign and what the bad actors did to his people. “They” have falsely imprisoned his employees, and attacked his companies. “They” have harmed America. He’s ready to fight back and we need to pick up on his cue. He’s a WINNER!

President Trump is spewing fire and ash, laying waste to the press corps, a wide path of destruction…… and then suddenly, during the presser with the leader of Finland, he got quiet. He used the low voice, deliberate, monotone, precise elocution. Yeah, I remember the few times Dad did that voice, and it meant we were all in trouble. Every kid knows THAT voice…. and we know what follows that voice…. it’s THE LOOK.

Al Jones Dinner 2016

The LOOK was usually followed by the FINGER POINT.

This time, however, not only is the President taking on the Dems and the Press Corps, he and his Generals are taking on the Deep State – or more precisely partisan hacks remaining in the bureaucracies – not really sure it’s as pervasive as we think throughout the intel agencies. Many Presidents have tried to solve this problem, and failed. President Trump has said, “This can never happen to another President.”, and he’s right. Yet, we think we know the source of the problem.

This will be a battle royale. Do the people win, or do the “bad” bureaucrats win? Do the good bureaucrats have the ability to fight back? Where are the white hats?

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Eisenhower admired patriotic intel agents and analysts with genuine sense of purpose and an honorable calling to serve their country. It was the overall Military Industrial Complex which concerned him.

And then, there was Kennedy. We all know the quote, “I will splinter the C_A into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.” Yet, there’s this quote from Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson had a very practical view of the C_A

Hold onto your hat, how about this one from Bill Casey? Are ‘they’ almost ‘complete’?

Let’s be clear, my own son came within an eyelash of an internship at C_A, and the local FBI guys… I love them, great men and would trust them with my life. They helped our town and solved a horrific murder. The counter-intel stuff, it’s completely different, and the malintent is different as well… all hyper-partisan hacks with palpable disdain for regular Americans. Our opponents are intelligent, cunning,…… and dangerously desperate. This would be the battle “Q” eluded to, for which the public was prepared in advance. Is this it? Is this the storm? You bet it is.

From Alexander Pope, 1711, Essay on Criticism, we get the line, “For fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.” Yet, President Trump is no fool, and this battle has been brewing in his mind for years, frankly, all of his life. His people and his family have been harassed in vicious ways; his own life has been threatened, surely. If this battle, the fight for control of our country by/for the people, instead of an unelected group of bureaucrats, is to be won….. then President Trump is our best hope.

President Trump is the perfect man at the perfect moment in history.

He needs every inch of our support, and more! All hands on deck.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment, with a new government by you, the American people.

Candidate Trump

It’s time to do a little bit of cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new.

Need some music motivation while we are cleaning? My favorite, Edvard Grieg, Hall of the Mountain King, should do nicely.

Or we could return to our favorite Disney classic……. Flight of the Bumblebee, performed here by our sorely missed and favorite Trump supporter, James Woods, in the movie, “Shine“. How did Woods play Korsakov without dropping his cigarette ash?

Ahhh yes, Disney created our love for the classics when we were kids. Ready for something really spooky? This CARTOON was done in the mid 90’s, “A Meticulous Analysis of History”. Given what we know now, in 2019, watch it and see what you think.

SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY TO OUR PRESIDENT! “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!“…. and pray hard!! God may win, but President Trump can’t do it alone.

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Be part of it. Bring your wisdom, your talents, your opinions, your investigations, your prayers, and your hopes to this thread.


And don’t forget….

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  1. This is from a few weeks ago, but I just saw it. I wasn’t aware of the complaints made by the UN officials. How dare they!

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    1. No doubt the UN Islamofascist majority is as upset about the US President pushing world-wide religious freedom as they are about his position on women’s rights.

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      1. ….and human and drug trafficking and child predators.

        All of that is counter to Islamic traditions and interests – particularly their drug/child/slave trade.

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  2. Dora, here is an interesting twist. It looks like this is more of the smokescreen to give the IMPRESSION that the synod is accomplishing something when in reality it’s a big meeting where the St. Gallen Gang can get together and hold press conference.

    In response to a question Oct. 3 about the criticisms some bishops and cardinals have expressed about the working document, or Instrumentum laboris, Baldisseri said, “criticisms are good.” The Instrumentum laboris was the work of two years of listening to the questions of people in the Amazon, he stated, saying he thinks “it is necessary to listen and not to judge.”

    The cardinal also underlined that synod assemblies are consultative, not deliberative, and said the real “final document” of a Synod of Bishops is whatever document the pope may decide to issue afterward, and not the synodal and pre-synodal documents themselves.

    “They do not have the signature of the pope,” he said, noting that for this reason, he does not think it is necessary to make judgements about the Instrumentum laboris.

    Cardinals Gerhard Mueller, Walter Brandmüller, and Raymond Burke have all penned letters or documents expressing concern about some of the content of the Instrumentum laboris of the Oct. 6-27 Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazonian region.

    “Some points of the synod’s Instrumentum laboris seem not only in dissonance with respect to the authentic teaching of the Church, but even contrary to it,” Brandmüller wrote to fellow cardinals in an Aug. 28 letter obtained by CNA.

    Bishop José Luis Azcona, the missionary bishop emeritus of Marajó, a diocese that includes dozens of islands in the Amazon River Delta, also said the working document does not address the actual problems faced by the Church in the region.

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    1. Yes, but they open at 6 pm or so to get early Black Friday started. Then should stay home and be with family. You dont get a society healthy without making an effort to retain traditions and holidays and family time.

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      1. I didn’t see that any of them “open at 6pm or so” on Thanksgiving Day.

        What I read was the stores on that list would be closed for Thanksgiving.

        I’ll boycott the stores listed below that will be open. I won’t shop at any of them during the holiday season and maybe even afterwards.

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      2. I was shocked when I moved from the PNW to the NE, and learned they have high school football games in Thanksgiving Day. This was over 40 years ago, and I saw immediately it was breaking down not only a national tradition but also the family. No more over the hills to Grandma’s house For anyone involved in high school football, including band, cheer squads, etc.

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        1. Uhh…in these parts we still have Thanksgiving Day HS football games. Big in town rivalry. It’s a tradition in and of itself.

          The Zoo is open.

          My home parish used to have a father/soon soccer match.

          It’s all basically meant to get the men out of the house so the women can cook in peace.

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          1. Then don’t call it Thanksgiving…call it Game Day. (Including all the football games on TV). Seriously…I would never spend hours shopping for and preparing food, setting a lovely table…not to mention the cost (!) if everyone was out leaving me to do the work.
            The problem is there is no choice…you plan to go to grandma’s because she’s 85 years old and still think Thanksgiving is a family gathering holiday…too bad, you’re off the team.

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            1. In some families, the only tolerable way to spend any holiday is to have a distraction. That way the men didn’t have to fake getting along. And if any of us had tried to tell Grandpa to turn off the game, we’d get an obscene gesture. And my grandfather was pussycat.

              As for “all the work,” it used to be a group effort started the day before so all you had to do was turn on the oven the next day. By the time we got over the river and through the slums to Grandma’s, the turkey was usually done. We brought the pies. One of the uncles would make the dressing. Etc. But, then, cooking on that side of the family is a sport. None of us consider it work. And I think Grandma was 77-78 when we started hosting because they had moved.

              Now, we just get out of my sister’s way. She’s the cook. She’s claimed the holiday as her own – even when at someone else’s house. What she did to my one brother’s kitchen one year….

              I’m the clean up crew.

              Not everyone does things the same way. We usually at least make it to the park after Mass. If the kids are here, it’s too long with that many people in the house.

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              1. “By the time we got over the river and through the slums to Grandma’s”…

                Over the river and through the hood… 🙂

                Thanksgiving is a good time to be thankful, and to watch ‘SC beat Notre Dame 🙂 (or the Bears and Green Bay, whatever). Folks who do these things (football, band, etc.) know when they sign up that there will be conflicts. I had a number of friends in the ‘SC band who would either be away, or home, but busy, during Thanksgiving. For the Uni folks, it would just be for four years. For the football players who turned pro, it might be more years, but it’s probably balanced by the off season (where they’re recuperating, I know…).

                Over here all we have is “Erntedankfest”, and it’s on Sunday, so usually no conflicts. No football either, though… (I can just reminisce about the 55-24 victory over ND… where I stupidly sold my tickets to my roomie…sigh…).

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              2. Ever driven through East St. Louis, Illinois?

                At any rate, my grandfather and his brothers were futbol (soccer for non Spaniards) goalkeepers. It didn’t matter the sport, if the three of them were together, we just asked what they wanted to drink and brought it to them. And, of course, Grandpa surrendered his recliner to his older brother.

                Ahh, the memories. I miss those three.

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              3. My Grandpa had one that was brown leather, then kind of beige, and then the green eject-a-chair. 🙂 My grandmother gave it to a friend of hers before the cousins could claim it. HA!

                You kind of have to be a member of the family where we pass furniture around like old fashioned hand me downs.


        2. Similar here.
          We have a large state college rivalry, Bowl Game, played on Thanksgiving night. I was perplexed about what to do, cuz our family is small – too small for a decent Thanksgiving. After a few years of shifting schedules to make it work, the gaggle of girls was here and we were all commiserating, planning menus, dreading the days of prep/15 minutes to eat/hours cleanup, etc.
          One girlfriend has 5 sisters and it was her turn to host. She was ready to spend thousands to redo her kitchen prior to the big day.
          It was out of control.
          We came up with an idea to all have our Thanksgiving together.
          Our house -only cuz we had enough china/crystal/silver
          It was the best Thanksgiving in my memory.
          Age 94 down to the babies – 63 of us in total. I’ve never seen so much food in my life. The guys played football outside, kids did go-carts and shot off fireworks, football games were on in the game room outside, dinner was great, clean up – with so many hands was a BLAST.
          A few of our group drifted off to the big college game but most stayed.
          Late in the evening, my girlfriends and I settled into the library with Bailey’s and coffee, candles burning down, huge displays of towering silver laden with cake/pie/pudding/chocolate scraps. Gorgeous. We sampled desserts we missed, and talked for hours.
          We were together and happy.
          The men and kids occasionally drifted in for another piece of pie.
          The youngsters geared up a party in the game room, they didn’t leave until almost 3am.
          What a great day.
          It started a 20yr tradition and we round-robin houses now. We even made an ad-hoc cookbook of our favorites.
          Whatever it takes to make it work.

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    1. As A.O.C. goes, so does Pelosi. Watch the old witch once again follow the lead of the young witch soon.

      Besides, Nancy Pelosi really doesn’t want a public impeachment vote in Congress. It’s all just another scam job by the Dems.

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      1. I don’t know about all of you, but i’m Waiting with bated breath to see the next national issue AOC finds “boring.” Of course, we know it’s because she’s not on the Committee and there not getting the air time she craves.
        And then, there’s the tiny little part of knowing the Constitution…but, hey, evidently she’s not alone. I’m looking at you JUDGE Napolitano!

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    2. Sounds like the Squad is getting squishy. It is a well known fact that squads do not have backbones, a characteristic they share with many Repubs. Wait a sec,maybe I got that wrong. I might be thinking of squids.

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      1. Yup. Even D-Rats will forgo Nitwit Nan’s cash cow money machine to dispense with her.

        To my surprise, now, I do expect Nitwit Nan to get USMC pushed to a vote. USMC will pass bipartisan on its own merits.

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  3. Odd, and another confirmation data point from our mini-series this week about Obama as a target for exposure.
    Husband home talking about listening to Bill O’Reilly on radio in car. O’Reilly has finished a book about Trump, for which, Trump allowed him to use 40hrs of audio tape interviews.
    Cherry picking….
    Candidate Trump said he was going after Obama, Biden, and HIllary. and he was going to “get them” for what they’ve done to the country. O’Reilly told him to be careful.
    More confirmation, the first prime target is Obama.

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    1. When I heard O’Reilley he made me uncomfortable that he does not use discernment. I do not think he is Tump’s friend. Funny these people say there are fiend but cannot was to hurt him.
      Bill should have never written it. Wonder if POTUS realized what was in the tapes? Who of POTUS team is protecting him…? I will never buy the book.

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      1. O’Reilley’s a fence sitter, but he got put to pasture, so at this point he’ll say what ever he needs to get back on top of the fence. Suggests lots of salt for O’Reilley.

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    2. While POTUS didn’t state names very often in his campaign speeches and rallies, he made it clear that he was going to dig out the rot and corruption that had been going on for decades. I have to admit to not knowing or even recognizing just how big, how deep, and how far back this goes.

      POTUS has enlightened us…

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      1. Another blessing of listening to President Trump, “POTUS has enlightened us…”.

        POTUS has enlightened every American listening and applying minimal logic.

        Personally, humbled the extent of my being clueless, the extent of the past half dozen or more Presidents sold America out. Toss in Congress, CoC, Wall Street, and MCM. Simply numbing what they have collectively conspired to destroy our country.

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      1. Just order the book, United States of Trump. Enjoying the title;-) Will read United States of Trump two Sunday’s from now, flight to Manila. Imagine the 14-15 hour flight will “fly” as I read, United States of Trump…;-)

        Sooooo many great days!

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  4. Sports Illustrated laying off people and “collapsing”…LOL their mag featured a model in a burkini (yuck) and a very large woman in a skimpy suit. Now I’m not their target audience, but even I know what men would prefer to look at–IF they were gonna purchased the magazine…
    When will these companies learn that American consumers do not want a hefty dose of “social justice” with their products and services? We also don’t want feminists and progressive kooks shoving their agenda down our throats. We’re all adults and we will think, believe, and behave how we see fit. We don’t need unhinged liberals guiding us along the way.

    Until they learn this lesson they will continue to lose money and collapse, and they’ll deserve it.

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            1. Sounds like a amish women’s softball team my dad played against in a tournament one time in Ohio,except most of them had a chaw of tobacco as well

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              1. gosh that takes me back…when I was a young girl, my uncle played on a baseball team where all the men dressed in dresses…they played for charities and it was a hoot–they were before their time apparently…

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              2. yes they did…and they were fun to watch…they played women’s teams, high school teams, and men’s team–anything for charity…I remember the team pictures–they were a HOOT!

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  5. literally what the HELL??????? someone from intel community might put a SHIV in POTUS’s back? and the host said nothing?
    CNN’s counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd sent out a dire warning to the President. If he keeps upsetting the Intelligence community and State Department embeds, they might stick a shiv in his back. If that’s true, and we believe there are at least a few who are capable, then what does that say about our government agencies? All Americans should be terrified.

    This could be the result of eight years of Obama’s leadership.

    Mudd was on CNN threatening to kill the President and Chris Cuomo let it slide.

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    1. This is actually a very good sign.

      It means that Barr, Huber, Horowitz, and Durham are closing in, very near now, and the black hats are in a panic.

      These people are stupid.
      We know everything.
      They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

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    2. Time to stay close to home. Was surprised Melania was in Wyoming yesterday.
      It’s the battle royale.
      President versus the Intel Community.
      Who will control the country? The people or the bureaucrats?
      Candidate Trump told us what he was going to do.
      Steven Miller is repeating the line, over and over.
      Today, President Trump, “I don’t care about the politics, I care about the corruption.”
      Not sure he doesn’t entirely care about the politics, but this is a man on a mission.
      “This can never happen to another President”

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      1. Me thinks, President Trump only cares about politics enough so he can easily get reelected…to continue cleaning up the corruption and ensuring America is on a solid footing….when he steps down in twelve or so years;-) Just kidding, 5 1/2 years or so.

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  6. Hey guys, remember the media blow up, about two weeks ago, “New allegations against Kavanaugh” and calls for his impeachment?
    Remember the breathless reporting? And the revelation from Ford’s atty that Ford was primarily worried about the overturn of Roe V. Wade?
    Well, it was all because two NYTimes reporters wrote a book about Kavanaugh, and they were promoting the book. Remember those two women on every outlet?
    Guess what?
    With all the free media they received, the book bombed.
    Sold 3,120 books.
    Amazon rank is #6,795

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  7. Interesting take,

    And from the replies 😆

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  8. Romney is what my Mama used to call a ‘snake in the grass.’

    Count on it – Romney or his sons have got dirt to hide.

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    1. There was a time some years ago when I admired Mitt Romney, George W Bush, and Paul Ryan. It is funny how opinions change when the facts are presented. i believe I was admiring an image and not the real man. I forget who, but someone said ‘facts are stubborn things.’
      I could say the same about National Review. Behavior sure does change when the heat is turned up.

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  9. I don’t know what this is supposed to be about, but she forgot to mention that she was kicked off for lying and fabricating evidence.

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    1. “… One of my jobs was to sit alone in a windowless room and listen very carefully to tapes of President Nixon’s phone calls.”

      …and then I lied about them. HRC

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    2. ANDddddd she was fired from working on the Watergate Commission.
      Strange that Hillary would be involved in 3 impeachment inquiries, eh?
      1. Nixon, she lied and was thrown out.
      2. She kept BOXES of files subpoenaed by Ken Starr, in an upstairs WH closet, only found 2yrs later, and AFTER the hearings.
      3. She’s up to her neck in Trump inquiry.

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      1. And, the hosts just sit there and never push back…hang on to every word (thank goodness they haven’t gone as far as to gush over her toned arms 😂😂).
        Of course, her handlers carefully select the appearances…and that’s what got her into trouble last time.

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    3. Hillrotten was the same then as she is today.

      She lied, stole and falsified information to advance herself.

      She was also caught and fired from the investigation.

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  10. Oversight Committee Repubs push back against Cummings…
    All of the Oversight Republicans sent a letter to chairman Cummings late Wednesday night after the Maryland Democrat sent a subpoena to the White House without allowing Republicans to debate the merits and terms of the subpoena.

    The Republicans said that Cummings’ memorandum rationalized his subpoena to the White House by misstating information to “propagate a misleading narrative” about the president’s actions. They wrote to Cummings:

    You decided to issue this subpoena without consulting Republicans and without allowing Members to debate the terms of the subpoena. Your memorandum cherry-picks and misstates information to propagate a misleading narrative about the President’s actions. We object strongly to the issuance of this subpoena and your stated reasons for issuing it. If you proceed with this subpoena over our objections, you will be violating our bipartisan agreement about subpoenas, trampling on long-held minority rights in the House of Representatives, and proving the partisan nature of your inquiry.

    House Oversight Republicans noted that in January, Cummings promised to consult ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH) before issuing subpoenas.

    Cummings said, “Members deserve the opportunity to go on the record for some of the most important work they will do, and the public deserves the opportunity to see them do that work in the open.”

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  11. update re chemical burns last night

    Thank you for the prayers. Much better today.

    We think I sat in ant bait that washed into the pool or that got into my swimsuit skirt (yes, I wear an old fashioned swimsuit with a skirt around it that covers my not as small as it used to be backside! ha) when I was sitting on the edge of the pool.

    I either experienced a chemical burn or an allergic reaction. We don’t know which for sure.

    Took children out for some splash time (and exercise) yesterday evening. I wasn’t feeling great so I thought I would just hang out on the steps. Sat there on various steps + the top step/edge for about 20 minutes or so. Felt a little burning but thought it was a bug bite. Absentmindedly scratched. Made it worse. Still not thinking about it too closely – figured I would put something on it after showering from the pool. Let children shower first and I sat in my swimsuit waiting.

    Started to REALLY burn. Looked in the mirror – two wide, red bands across my upper back thighs. The burning was steadily increasing. Began to be downright Painful. Took shower, soaped and then called husband for dish detergent to really pull whatever it was off of me. he applied lavender like one would for a burn as soon as I patted dry. Stung! Then applied salve we keep for burns and we keep it in the fridge. Felt some relief. Applied jell icepack we keep on hand – real relief.

    Husband had also been busy looking up the ant bait ingredients, the product as a whole + individual ingredients + how/if the ingredients react with chlorine. Rash started to break out and he took the icepack as skin was looking worse. Applied aloe straight from the plant. First thing besides cold to really make a difference. It had stopped getting worse so we were relieved and didn’t head to an urgent care. A rash appeared but no blisters and the damaged stopped increasing.

    He went to the store for burn spray. Stung like fire. Patted off. applied more straight aloe. Did that throughout the night.

    at this point, red, like a slight burn and there is a rash. No blisters. Better already than last night.

    Already have back problems so laying completely on my stomach added to the pain/discomfort but I seem ok from that part too.

    we do almost everything homemade and organic. take care of fire ants with orange oil/molasses mixture that works. these fire ants had gotten under the concrete and we couldn’t douse them with orange oil. Haven’t had chemical stuff (except for pool chemicals) around our house for ages. Even make most of our own cleaners!
    Unusual to have chemicals – good thing, as I am evidently sensitive. Still not exactly sure but had to have been something I sat on as it was evenly matched across both legs.

    Scary as we didn’t know how long the damage would continue and very painful – esp. last night. Now just tender and a rash. Will be ok. thank you for prayers.

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      1. Significant rash and burned like fire – like my legs were against the heat. Increased in intensity for a little while but began to level out after shower

        Fresh aloe was key

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    1. WTH???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ” following a shamanistic ritual in the Vatican gardens”.

      Francis the talking fool is most assuredly NOT a man of God. He is anathema, as they used to say.

      Maybe he should excommunicate himself, or Ratzinger should take back his place as Pope.

      I can’t say I’m surprised, but, I am appalled beyond belief. That dork is dancing with the Devil. And he will have to explain it to GOD some day.

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  12. Ohhhhh, and looky here.
    Earlier today I made a post about a guy named Taylor.
    Thought he was chief of station at C_A in Kiev, but not true.
    He is not a handsome man, but works at the Embassy in Kiev.
    He’s a hack.
    He sent a text message to Sonland, paraphrasing, “why would we hold back armament that is needed for the purposes of the President’s reelection”
    Appears damning, right?
    Melissa Francis noted today, the text looked like a set-up.
    Sonland replied 5 hours later, correcting his statement, paraphrasing, “No, this is 2016, there is no quid pro quo, President has been crystal clear about his intentions in Ukraine, wants to know if new Pres is a good guy and serious about investigations…. blah, blah, blah”

    Well, Schiff released the text messages and cherry picked the ones he wanted to feed to the press.
    By the time I woke up this morning, Taylor/Sonland texts were trending on Twitter.

    Then we get this piece of information, again, damning to Schiff.
    According to Volker, YESTERDAY, Taylor’s assumption about the President holding arms for reelection, contingent on Biden investigation……. was completely FALSE.
    Taylor was asked about it and revealed HE READ IT IN POLITICO, on August 28th.
    Which was the same day Adam Schiff made a tweet about the whistleblower…….
    ….. which he wasn’t supposed to know about at all…….
    …….. which is what Schiff lied about on MSNBC “no contact with whistleblower”

    And then we get from Rudy Giuliani, “lots more to come about Schiff”,

    and from Nunes on Tucker last night, we get the WB story was disseminated to media outlets like what happened with Fusion GPS…….. like the Politico article read by Taylor in Kiev, above.

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    1. The process is important. We’re still learning about the process.
      Sean Davis from The Federalist, says if he went to HPSCI first, they pointed him to lawyer, THEN WB filed complaint, = there is no legal protection for WB under statute.
      We are getting, the WB had a “colleague” who went to Counsel General of C_A to tell about the complaint, not happy with how it was handled, so “colleague” went to staffer at HPSCI to talk about it.
      If so, then were is the “colleague” and no legal protection, whatsoever, for the colleague.
      Should be interesting to see how the lawyers handle this one
      In the meantime, makes the ICIG look weak, and make Atkinson look like he jumped the shark.
      A win for President Trump and our side.

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  13. Paying homage to Daugh’s use of Pinky and the Brain to illustrate political realities of our time, I have to admit that this is my favorite and most missed cartoon.

    I watched the episode cited below with my kids while under the influence of a massive migraine. (I was too sick to turn off the tv and lay there helpless, overcome with giggling and feeling as though my head were going to explode with every peal of laughter). The incredible result, though still sore and weak in the aftemath, was a complete cure by the end of the episode.

    Therefore I present the following blurb along with heartfelt appreciation for those of you who take the time to read and decipher the legalese of much of the current goings on and explain it to the rest of us.

    The following is pretty much what I hear without your help….

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    1. LM – Re: Suffering with migraines. I had classical migraines starting before junior high . . . and I really suffered until I met the right doctor. Always got the aura, followed by the start of pain in a little over a half hour. Pain and nausea so bad that as I was on the floor by the commode and started to puke, I had to choke it back because the effort to puke caused the pain to be unbearable.

      So . . . the right doctor . . . I was in my 20’s. At the onset of the aura, I would take two percodan for the pain, some compazine for the nausea, and some cafergot to fight the swelling of the blood vessels. That regimen made the experience tolerable, though still quite unpleasant. I also went to a cool, dark place to lie down if one was available. Brain was sore the next day.

      The good news is that in my late 40’s, I still got the aura, but no pain followed. This is called a silent migraine, and I’ve not had pain with a migraine since then. My brain is still sore the next day, but that’s no big deal at all.

      Anyway, best of luck with your migraines in the future.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Thank you Carl.

        My migraines have greatly (thank God) abated with age, but I was often able to head them off with Advil….so not as bad. God bless you❣️

        There is little more miserable than the experiences you have described and my heart goes out to you for ever having had to deal with them. I am so glad you were able to find the right help.

        Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing what helps.

        Returning the favor (I hope), I found one trigger was an allergic reaction to a substance (unknowingly present) in a med. i now thoroughly check out every med on line and/or with pharmacist, not the doctor, since the doctor assured us it did not contain the allergen.

        Another may have been hormonal fluctuations. Since now I probably don’t have many hormones that is better. And then, I try to eat clean and stay hydrated, so I think that helps.

        But stress can also take a toll.
        And I saw… laughter helps, like a medicine .😊

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  14. Candace is talking about
    Black on Black crime – 93% of homicides,
    Democrat run cities,
    Media ignoring real problems in black communities.
    Beginning to introduce President Trump…..

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Candace is a brilliant treasure for all America. Always enjoy listening to Candace. AND, Candace’s husband is one lucky dude.

      Will pursue video of the Young Black Leadership Summit later.

      AND, just occurred to me Terrence is attending, participating I assume.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. . . . but let the Spirit move you frequently. Love those new pics. Scene reminds me of walking across the marshes to where Club Head creek meets the Rowley river for clamming. Great views and great clams!!!

      Liked by 5 people

    1. The atmosphere can play tricks, reflecting light 10’s if not hundreds of miles over the horizon. I saw a similar sight which was the reflection of an oil facility in the ocean.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Could be, Bakocarl. You only see these lights very briefly but they appear to be quite stationary…all of them together quite stationary… which gives credibility to your suggestion.

        Liked by 3 people

  15. I keep forgetting to post this, just for fun.

    My seventh great-grandfather was named John Durham!

    He rendered material aid to troops in the Revolutionary War (one mare and one colt), being too old to serve as a soldier. He was given a land grant in North Carolina for this.

    I thought it was pretty interesting with today’s John Durham. I hope he renders a whole lot more aid to our country!

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Studying the lives of my ancestors who were so dedicated to the cause of liberty is so humbling to me. I find their wills and other evidence of how little they had, so to give up a couple of horses would be similar to giving up a couple of cars!

        Liked by 4 people

    1. You know, you might be on to something. Forgot about this.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. “I can keep moving, stay the course, because I can sense the Power of the Almighty, the presence of the prayers and the support of the people like a powerful wind propelling me forward . . . ” ~ President Donald J Trump

      Liked by 7 people

  16. Nice! Congratulations Poland! I’d sure like to visit sometime, you guys wanna crowdfund that? 😆🤣

    Liked by 8 people

    1. We have a President who is on the Forbes list…… I’m dancing.
      Who’s elite?!!???
      Irks the hell out of the Davos crowd.
      And he has a running battle with Steve Forbes for valuation of “goodwill” or “name brand”. Forbes won’t give him any credit for it, while others easily value the Trump name at 5 billion or more. Two of his hotels are on top ten list, and Trump Int’l in NYC took first place with luxx travelers.
      Estimated that AFTER he is out of office and can work internationally again, the Trump name will be worth another 5 billion.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Said it earlier ……………. DIMs are insulted if you ask them to explain their crimes………..

    THREAD – click on tweet

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Of course ol’ Quid Pro Joe wants the media to focus on President Trump and not on Joe’s crimes. Now they’re really going to be after him. And that’s the way it should be.


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