Dear KAG: 20191004 Open Thread

Welcome to the QTree Open Thread! It’s a Happy Friday to all!! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire. Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways.

This month of ROCKTOBER is dedicated to our ROCK STAR President DJT and lately, he has been on FIRE. Our President is justifiably mad about the origins of 2016 spying on his campaign and what the bad actors did to his people. “They” have falsely imprisoned his employees, and attacked his companies. “They” have harmed America. He’s ready to fight back and we need to pick up on his cue. He’s a WINNER!

President Trump is spewing fire and ash, laying waste to the press corps, a wide path of destruction…… and then suddenly, during the presser with the leader of Finland, he got quiet. He used the low voice, deliberate, monotone, precise elocution. Yeah, I remember the few times Dad did that voice, and it meant we were all in trouble. Every kid knows THAT voice…. and we know what follows that voice…. it’s THE LOOK.

Al Jones Dinner 2016

The LOOK was usually followed by the FINGER POINT.

This time, however, not only is the President taking on the Dems and the Press Corps, he and his Generals are taking on the Deep State – or more precisely partisan hacks remaining in the bureaucracies – not really sure it’s as pervasive as we think throughout the intel agencies. Many Presidents have tried to solve this problem, and failed. President Trump has said, “This can never happen to another President.”, and he’s right. Yet, we think we know the source of the problem.

This will be a battle royale. Do the people win, or do the “bad” bureaucrats win? Do the good bureaucrats have the ability to fight back? Where are the white hats?

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

Eisenhower admired patriotic intel agents and analysts with genuine sense of purpose and an honorable calling to serve their country. It was the overall Military Industrial Complex which concerned him.

And then, there was Kennedy. We all know the quote, “I will splinter the C_A into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.” Yet, there’s this quote from Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson had a very practical view of the C_A

Hold onto your hat, how about this one from Bill Casey? Are ‘they’ almost ‘complete’?

Let’s be clear, my own son came within an eyelash of an internship at C_A, and the local FBI guys… I love them, great men and would trust them with my life. They helped our town and solved a horrific murder. The counter-intel stuff, it’s completely different, and the malintent is different as well… all hyper-partisan hacks with palpable disdain for regular Americans. Our opponents are intelligent, cunning,…… and dangerously desperate. This would be the battle “Q” eluded to, for which the public was prepared in advance. Is this it? Is this the storm? You bet it is.

From Alexander Pope, 1711, Essay on Criticism, we get the line, “For fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.” Yet, President Trump is no fool, and this battle has been brewing in his mind for years, frankly, all of his life. His people and his family have been harassed in vicious ways; his own life has been threatened, surely. If this battle, the fight for control of our country by/for the people, instead of an unelected group of bureaucrats, is to be won….. then President Trump is our best hope.

President Trump is the perfect man at the perfect moment in history.

He needs every inch of our support, and more! All hands on deck.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment, with a new government by you, the American people.

Candidate Trump

It’s time to do a little bit of cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new.

Need some music motivation while we are cleaning? My favorite, Edvard Grieg, Hall of the Mountain King, should do nicely.

Or we could return to our favorite Disney classic……. Flight of the Bumblebee, performed here by our sorely missed and favorite Trump supporter, James Woods, in the movie, “Shine“. How did Woods play Korsakov without dropping his cigarette ash?

Ahhh yes, Disney created our love for the classics when we were kids. Ready for something really spooky? This CARTOON was done in the mid 90’s, “A Meticulous Analysis of History”. Given what we know now, in 2019, watch it and see what you think.

SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY TO OUR PRESIDENT! “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!“…. and pray hard!! God may win, but President Trump can’t do it alone.

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Be part of it. Bring your wisdom, your talents, your opinions, your investigations, your prayers, and your hopes to this thread.


And don’t forget….

578 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20191004 Open Thread

  1. AOC was getting trolled.

    “LaRouche PAC, a far-right group that supports Donald Trump, has taken credit for trolling Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a town hall meeting yesterday. An operative with LaRouche made headlines overnight after standing up at AOC’s town hall in Queens yesterday and saying that humanity should eat babies, among other ridiculous things, to address the climate crisis.

    Viral video from the incident shows a woman posing as a supporter of AOC and wearing a shirt that reads, “Save the Planet, Eat the Children.” Many people clearly thought she was mentally disturbed, but LaRouche PAC, a fringe organization that believes climate change is a hoax, was behind the stunt, according to the group’s Twitter account.”

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        1. Recycling works yet again to reduce the impact that manufacturing makes on the planet !

          (Though it should be noted that the only manufacturing either of those two corrupt old blowhards engaged in was of lies to advance socialist false narratives. And the only impacts reduced here would be those made by their respective fundaments striking the firmament.)

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          1. Romney’s (left of Ted Kennedy) governorship of Massachusetts was the lab model for Øbama’s administration and Romneycare was the precursor for Øbamacare.

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      1. So our Wolf Moon was entirely correct quite some moon’s ago when he surmised that Russia was not all about Russia, but about Ukraine also, and Ukraine was not all about Ukraine, but about Russia also.

        Quite prescient of him!

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    1. They’re terrified about Ukraine.
      All the skeletons are in the Ukraine, it could be the keystone of all of it.
      Pull the Biden thread, which was tertiary, and it all comes undone.

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      1. You can bet PDJT has had teams of forensic accountants on this for quite some time!

        Bet you are grinning, almost salivating at the very idea of unraveling this business….

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        1. So very delicious…bite me, piglosi, mittens, lurch, mcstain…

          Did someone say Red October?

          Almost posted yesterday…

          …thinking Red October will be 31 days of KABOOM, KABOOM, KABOOM…on D-rats. In hind sight, should have included RepubliCONs.

          Simply LOVE OCTOBER SURPRISES…;-)

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      2. They HAD to know that Biden could be the loose end that once pulled would unravel so many schemes. Why would they let him run? Hillary is also going to get clobbered if she steps in..are they stupid or blind to the achilles heel ? Arrogance?

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        1. “They HAD to know that Biden could be the loose end that once pulled would unravel so many schemes. Why would they let him run? Hillary is also going to get clobbered if she steps in..are they stupid or blind to the achilles heel ? Arrogance?”


          I’m guessing our side isn’t the only side that has read Sun Tzu.

          We keep seeing things appear as if the Cabal / Deep State is walking into every one of DJT’s traps.

          Isn’t it also possible that we’re being baited into a trap?

          We have to account for the possibility.

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      3. “They’re terrified about Ukraine.
        All the skeletons are in the Ukraine, it could be the keystone of all of it.”



        Or Ukraine is part of the Cabal’s plan, something valuable enough that it takes down some main characters, but leaves the real power behind it all untouched.

        Like planning for the possibility of getting mugged by keeping most of your money in your front pocket, with just enough in your wallet that the mugger (hopefully) won’t club you with the butt of his .357 for making his effort to rob you worth so little.

        By all means, investigate Ukraine to the hilt.

        Just make sure we don’t stop there.

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        1. Decoy is the word I was searching for.

          Ukraine could be a decoy.

          Certainly a real and useful asset to the Cabal, but something they can cut loose and hopefully walk away from if necessary, if the investigators and prosecutors are fooled into thinking they’ve got the big prize.

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          1. Scott,

            They can’t possibly stop there. Hannity, Rudy and the rest have been talking nonstop since Witchhunt 2.0 began this summer about Ukraine = $50,000+/month for Biden’s son vs. China = $1.5 billion with a “B” for Biden’s son’s firm.

            (Actually, it turns out to be $80,000+/month for Ukraine, per Peter Schweizer. And the partnership China paid into consisted of Biden’s son, Kerry’s son, and, get this — the late Whitey Bulger’s nephew, per Rudy. Apparently some kind of Irish-American northeastern mafia, -my description, not Rudy’s.)

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  4. Ristvan has this to say about Spygate:

    ristvan says:
    October 4, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    “With respect to Spygate, it will be, and quite soon.

    Horowitz on FISA is due in about a week, if the usual finalization timetable holds once draft has been released.
    Durham must also be nearing some end, since Brennan said he was going to be interrogated in a few days.
    Barr was in Italy last week with Durham reviewing the Mifsud deposition. His attorney said he is a Western IC asset; Mueller report said Russian asset.
    Combo takes down all the Spygate perps plus the Mueller team.

    Concrete signs that the Big Ugly is almost here.”

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    1. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d be against legal weed but now that I see the disaster it is..smh.
      I know people that barely toked a hit before that ran to get a doc’s script (joke) and now are close to burn out bums. They gotta try every blend, the oils…I never saw anything like it.

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      1. Im seeing cbd and smoke shops all over. I pass by a music lesson biz and a cbd shop opened next to it! I would never take kiddo to lessons next to one of those. Now a cigar lounge Ive seen is advertising for cbd stuff. Totally different class of people. I dont see this going well either.

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          1. Thats the thing. Once there were vending machines for marijuana cards I knew it was going to get bad. LEO is on the frontlines then drs and nurses. They see the abuse like crazy.

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  5. Ms Lindsey is good with pushing Judicial nominations, not much else. Wonder what Ms Lindsey is hiding from.
    Wish I was wrong.

    FTA “HE LIED! Fraudster Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham Has REFUSED to Call any Hearings on FBI, CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper… COMPLETE LIST”


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    1. Apparently he and No Name had an involvement in Ukraine that puts Ms Lindsay smack dab in the middle of the replaced corrupt government. Perhaps we’ve touched on it in the past, but I don’t remember it. Anyway here’s him then. and if you want to dig further I saw more articles on my search to find one with a picture (search Lindsay Grahm, John McCain and Ukraine). Needless to say I’m sure Ms Lindsay would not want all the rocks there overturned as some one might find him there.

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      1. “Apparently he and No Name had an involvement in Ukraine that puts Ms Lindsay smack dab in the middle of the replaced corrupt government.”


        I sure hope so.

        I hope he gets smoked out with all the other traitors.

        It amazes me how many people forget the number of times Lady Graham stuck a knife in our backs over the decades.

        He’s as dirty and crooked as they come, and DJT absolutely has to know it.

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  6. Good article from the Crawford Stand/Crawford Broadcasting

    … excerpt:

    In the last year of their congressional employment, they worked 111 of the years 365 days. That is all. The average American works at or about 250 days annually, or even more. But, no matter how long the representative or Senator has worked in Washington, even as little as two years or six years, they retire with the very same monthly retirement amount they were paid as acting and working Representatives! THAT IS FOR LIFE! Can you believe that? Now comes the so called TRUMP CONGRESSIONAL REFORM ACT. That would deal with this inequity and provide that no such retiring representative would have tenure. And no pension. The Congressional Representative collects compensation when in office and receives nothing when OUT. The take home pay is the honor and the pride of having served the greatest country in the history of the world. NOTHING ELSE!

    And, says the Trump Congressional Reform Act every Representative House and Senate, those from the past, and in the present and of course any future would be required to participate in SOCIAL SECURITY.

    There is now a special congressional retirement fund and those monies would be transferred to the social security system immediately. All future funds would flow into the system so that every member of congress would participate on an equal basis with the American people, all of us with regard to social security. No more, no less.

    And more. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan just as WE THE PEOPLE do. A lifetime retirement plan for Congresspersons based on the full amount of their final salary no matter how many years worked in Washington is totally unacceptable. Go back, Congresspersons to where you once belonged and make your life present and future just as we the people do.

    Further, Congress will no longer vote themselves pay increases. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of the CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (CPI) or 3%. No more no matter what. More than fair.

    And, the lucrative, special, current healthcare system and plans available to Congresspersons would be immediately terminated and they the rulers would participate in the same healthcare system as WE THE PEOPLE. Congress has incredible medical privileges well beyond the average American citizen and are for the most part exempt from the rigors of Obamacare, a privileged situation grossly unfair. The Trump proposal would completely do away with that.

    …. that’s the middle of the article … 😃👍‼️🇺🇸‼️

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      1. “Sounds great! But you’ll never in a million years get Congress to pass it.”


        That has always been the problem, same with passing term limits.

        What’s DIFFERENT this time is we have a president who is ready, willing and ABLE to shame not just the other side of the aisle, but his OWN side of the aisle, and direct his own supporters to run primary challengers against current RINOs if needed.

        And he can make it clear to every one of them that this is what he intends to do, just as soon as he is re-elected.

        Trump is taking on the entire planet of evil, and winning.

        He can certainly take on his own party (which should have majorities in BOTH Houses of Congress when Trump wins re-election).

        Congress WILL pass it, for the same reason Congress passes anything else POTUS wants.

        Because POTUS doesn’t give them a choice.

        Like he did with USMCA.

        They can pass it, or they can reject it.

        If they pass it, DJT wins.

        If they reject it, then DJT withdraws from NAFTA, so we go back to the way it was before NAFTA, which is essentially what USMCA is, and DJT wins.

        Heads I win, tails you lose.

        Art of the Deal 101 😁

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  7. Perfect that this comes out on the day of the Black Leadership event. ~~~~~~

    Report: Google Targeted Homeless People with ‘Darker Skin Tones’ for Facial Recognition Software

    One former staffer stated: “They said to target homeless people because they’re the least likely to say anything to the media. The homeless people didn’t know what was going on at all.”

    Contractors were reportedly told to characterize the facial scanning process as a “selfie game” similar to Snapchat. One contractor stated that they were told to tell people to “Just play with the phone for a couple minutes and get a gift card,” and, “We have a new app, try it and get $5.” Contractors were also reportedly told to entice people to take part by telling them of a California state law which says that gift cards valued at less than $10 can be exchanged for cash.

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  8. Committees don’t ‘impeach’ ………………….. there’s nothing ‘official’ about COMMITTEES!

    Call for a vote Nasty Nan….

    You know you don’t have the numbers needed……………….

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    1. As long as the average American doesn’t know that rules (such as House rules) do not apply outside of the organization that wrote them, Nanzi will get away with presenting BS on a silver platter as if it’s a juicy roast.

      Obscure note: It is my opinion that FDR lacked authority to demand Americans turn in their gold. Yet millions of them did.

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  9. Hairy Ass. Truman: “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”


    This statement reveals that Truman was either more naive than Greta Thunberg, or a subversive liar in his own right.

    ANYONE educated well enough to rise to the office of president of the United States cannot help but be familiar with basic concepts of power and human character.

    Concepts like “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    And the law of unintended consequences.

    And basic HISTORY.

    The CIA wasn’t the FIRST intelligence agency ever created. In 1947 it was just the latest in a LONG line of such agencies that have been created over time.

    WHICH of those powerful, secretive intelligence agencies did NOT accrue power to itself, as it grew and metastasized into something practically unrecognizable from its original charter?


    Not even a single one.

    EVERY TIME these morons create another 3-letter agency or “czar” (where the *&^% did THAT concept come from?!?), the first thing that occurs to every normal human being is “oh no, you’ve got to be kidding, I can only think of a hundred ways this could go wrong, and that’s within 10 seconds of hearing about it”.

    And here’s another core concept. If something CAN go wrong, invariably, eventually, it will.

    And another core concept: the nature and character of Man hasn’t changed since Adam.

    And another core concept: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    This could go on and on.

    It’s basic stuff, and someone in the HIGHEST OFFICE in the LAND has ZERO EXCUSE for not being familiar with ANY of it.

    So as I said, either he was naive as a newborn babe, or he was a farking liar.

    I’m nowhere near the level of education and experience that ought to be required to be President of the United States.

    And I could tell you instantly, that any 3-letter agency will eventually become a tyrannical blight on We the People, because that’s what ALL bureaucratic nightmares with three words in their names become.

    Name one that HASN’T!

    Many (most?) of these 3-letter agencies have even (naturally) developed their own armed para-military units.

    But Hairy Ass Truman just couldn’t predict that an unaccountable government bureaucracy filled with nameless and faceless people who are drawn to positions of power over others, and given unlimited ‘black’ budgets, could ever turn into the American Gestapo?

    WHAT ELSE could it possibly have turned into, you *&^%ing idiot.

    @#^ing liars, all of them.

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  10. “William Traitor Casey: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”


    Too bad for you that it didn’t work out that way, you flaming POS.

    You FAILED.


    What happened instead is that you traitors so completely and totally discredited yourselves and our government that the American public believes what the government says (including the C_A / MSM) is false.

    That’s a big difference.

    That’s the starting point in any inquiry, i.e., whatever the government/MSM says is a lie. Then we investigate and discover the truth for ourselves, or as close as we can get.

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  11. “How did Woods play Korsakov without dropping his cigarette ash?”


    Via the magic of editing. 😁

    They probably used at least a whole pack of cigarettes to film that once scene.


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