Why Are The Dems So Angry? Version 3.0 ~ It’s OBAMA

Got it.

It’s Obama.

It answers so many nagging questions. Let’s see what you guys think.

Stay with me for a few minutes and let this whirl around in your head. We’re going to use an analogy. During WW2, our key leaders wanted to defeat Hitler and take Berlin. That was the goal, with many steps in the process. In order to get to Berlin and defeat Hitler, we had to go through the Battle of the Bulge, with Generals like Eisenhower. To get to the Battle of the Bulge, Colonels, Captains, Midshipmen, LST Commanders, had to get us through D-Day and into the Euro theater. Along the way, a whole lot of soldiers complained about the mud in the trenches. That’s the view from the top…. down, thru the chain of command.

From the bottom, to the top, the view is different. The individual soldier is not privy to all the plans. The soldier is only concerned with “taking the hill” which is in front of him. In the civil war for control of the USA, let’s say we are the soldiers. Some things we can see, but the bigger plans are obscured. The strategy is not yet clear to us. Yet, during WW2, all throughout the ranks, everyone was united in a CLEAR goal, defeating Hitler and taking Berlin. Our enemy wanted to rule the world for 1,000 years.

In today’s politics, our goal could be described as preserving our freedoms in America, less government intrusion, more privacy, less taxes, and the freedom to speak, associate, and advocate, to “pursue happiness” and via our own ingenuity and hard work, ensure prosperity for successive generations. We see the Left’s goal as oppression of the right, to assume power, create a larger government state, to control the people, to ensure equality of outcome rather than equality of effort or expenditure, to take rather than earn. We can define it as a battle of good versus evil, God versus Satan, or right versus left.

Yet, we’ve never been able to understand why the left has been so intense these past few years. We’ve never seen the media as activists, hate-filled, and united in their efforts. It seems like up is down and down is up. Did we ever think we would see a political party running a national election based on MORE taxes, and allowing illegal aliens into the USA, unrestricted? Or killing babies in the womb, up and until the moment of birth? Openly advocating to take guns away? Or for socialism? Who could have imagined such a political platform 10yrs ago? Why does the media think this is OKAY?

Even if the ultimate goal of the left was communism/state control/confiscation of wealth and guns, and Hillary’s election was the final piece of the puzzle, then yes, the left would be angry and surprised by Trump’s election, BUT it does not explain the rabid and over the top nature of the left – the hate. No, their emotions and irrational behavior are symptoms. There’s something bigger, something else, the real reason for the left’s motives.

It’s Obama, and the fear of Obama being exposed.

Why would a CIA director, FBI Director, Head of DNI, the National Security Division of the DOJ, Counter Intel Division of the FBI, the State Dept, Italy, the UK, Australia, and officials in the Ukraine all conspire to harm Trump and ensure a Hillary win? The pundits told the world Hillary was a sure thing and Trump was orange and bad. They committed treason along the way. Big crimes. Career ending, family shaming crimes. What would cause a General to make the ultimate sacrifice, fall on a sword, for their leader?

It’s their loyalty to Obama. They know what they’ve done.

The left was willing to throw Hillary under the bus. They already threw Bill Clinton under the bus with MeToo. No, Obama must be protected at all costs. But why?

Well, let’s think about it.

It’s easy. Obama is the air in the balloon. If Obama is compromised, everything else unravels.

Obama was sold as hope and change, a monumental shift, historical, something different. How many suburban households voted for Obama because it was time for a black President, so America could “deal with their race problem”, only to learn the same people are racist again in 2016 because they voted for Trump? Obama was a disappointment.

Obama turned out to be the deepest swamp rat of them all. He surrounded himself with grifters who made themselves wealthy at taxpayer expense. Obama didn’t save the poor African American Community in Chicago or anywhere else. Foreign leaders loved Obama’s doctrine of an apologist America, stepping back, out of the limelight, and bolstering foreign aide. It cost us 10 trillion dollars. It’s amazing how many “friends” I have when I give our free food and liquor at our house. Meanwhile, the agencies were politicized and stacked with sympathetic-minded partisans, perhaps chosen for their skin color rather than their competence. Those who opposed, even in the military, were handed pink slips, degrading overall readiness.

If Obama is exposed as corrupt, a fraud, a fake, unworthy, a cheater, a liar, a criminal, ……. then everything else for which the left has worked, for decades, will be destroyed. Their Messiah would be gone. Associate Professors all over America would melt down. For the media, every day would be November 9th, the day after election day 2016. Sad faces and lots of tears.

The risk of Obama being exposed could motivate a desperate John Brennan to take action. It explains the actions of the Lynch DOJ, meeting on a tarmac, and allowing the NSD to run wild, entrapping Trump campaign officials. It would explain the massive effort to tie up President Trump and his Justice Dept for 2 yrs with a Mueller Special Counsel, and certainly explains why Mueller did not report “no collusion” prior to the 2018 elections. It explains the hybrid impeachment to stop or deflect the Barr/Durham investigation. It would explain why Susan Rice would fall on a sword over a “youtube video”, or why Samantha Power would unmask 273 Americans.

And of all people to run against the Obama legacy? 330 million people in the USA…..It had to be the one guy, Donald Trump, who challenged Obama’s records……….?

What are the chances, the one guy who zeroed in on Obama years prior, would be the one guy to win the Presidency? Yeah, those are impossible odds.

What if, going after Obama for the fraud of 2016 is the goal of our leaders, President Trump and his top General, Barr? It would defeat all of communism, socialism, radical professors, political correctness, activist judges, and strike a death blow to the media and Hollywood. What if……. Obama is Trump’s goal?

How many times has President Trump said, “What happened to us (him, his family, and his staffers, during 2016) should never happen to another President!” Truth is, as President, Trump has an obligation to make sure the same thing never happens again.

Okay, if we have defined the goal, now work backwards from Obama. In other words, what is our path to Berlin?

For years, the FBI/DOJ were uncooperative. Would our path to expose Obama include a personal attorney, like Giuliani, working with trusted people at the State Dept to obtain info from Ukraine? Would the path include someone like Michael Mukasey who inferred, this morning, the evidence on Manafort was fabricated in Ukraine?…. but Mukasey didn’t want to say to much, and quickly moved the subject back to Barr and Durham, indicating an ongoing investigation. Would an “ongoing investigation” be part of our path? Would our path look strikingly similar to where we find ourselves, today?

Recall the Trump Tower meeting, January 6th, 2017, when Comey met privately with President-Elect Trump. Comey told Trump of a dossier, and a claim to have pics/video of him pi$$ing on hookers at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow. And what was Trump’s FIRST reaction? He wanted Comey to investigate and PROVE the allegations were not true. Comey resisted………… but that’s exactly what President Trump is doing right now. One way or another, Trump wants the truth of how the smear started.

Surprised? Dear Lord, I’m surprised. What if we’re right?

Remember the story told by Former FBI Agent Michael Moore? Back in the 90’s Moore was hired by Steve Wynn. Trump and Wynn were in competition for …. some big deal. Wynn lost, yet 2 decades later, Moore still marveled at how Donald Trump was always one step ahead of his team. Moore couldn’t get over the strategy of Donald Trump, and realized he was a superior opponent. Does anyone think a man like Donald Trump would suddenly change his method of preparation to accomplish goals, after 50+yrs of success? Nah, Trump is not lucky, Trump is well-prepared.

We’ve heard other rumblings, from Tracy Beanz sources, hints from Q, other articles, about discussions taking place on HOW FAR to go in the sweep. If we go too far, do we damage the Republic? Do we jail a few minor Colonels (McCabe and the Ohrs) but allow Hitler to remain in Berlin? Or do we expose everything, all the fraud, and let the chips fall where they may?

Forget about rumors of Obama being born in Kenya, we don’t have time to chase that rabbit. Let’s focus on Obama being a criminal, as in, “What did Obama know and when did he know it?”

We have the texts from Page/Strzok, claiming “O wanted to be informed”. We know the Alexandra Chalupa was in the White House, January of ’16, giving her permission to speak to the Ukraine Embassy. Mary Jacoby, wife to Glen Simpson, was there in April of ’16. We can assume all the intel agencies would not suddenly go rogue, develop an ENORMOUS cross agency operation, spying on the Trump campaign, unless someone in the White House ordered it and was running it. And why do former Obama officials still travel the world, shadowing Trump Admin visits? No, the Captains in the Army are not the ones who decide to invade on D-Day. The decision comes from the top.

And let’s look at the opposition. Take a look at the opposing General, Nancy Pelosi. Many of us read the new rules and procedures for the House, and yes, they are chilling. Yet one of the biggest sections of the new rules is the development of a mini-DOJ within the Congress, to defend at all costs (taxpayer expenses) any attack on Obamacare. The Congressional Attorneys would even sue our own DOJ….. at taxpayer expense. Why Obamacare? Because it’s the only successful thing, the only part of Obama’s legacy still standing……. Could it be the reason why Pelosi has taken such drastic action?

Would the opposition try to impeach our President before we could could disgrace theirs? You bet they would. If a “General” Nadler was ineffective, OR if Captains Jim Jordan/Doug Collins/Mark Meadows, etc. were MORE effective, would the opposition appoint a new General Schiff? Well, it just happened.

Exposing Obama annihilates the Deep State. Obama is the end goal for our side and restores an equal standard of justice for all Americans.

Yet, ….. we’re still the soldiers, trying to see beyond the next hill. We’re clear about our ultimate goal and we’re ready for the brawl, without physically harming anyone.

We’re not kids anymore, playing soldier. This time it’s real life, and the “field of war” is information and influence. This time, our country and our President need our support. Let’s be smart and tactical.

And there’s always a way to accomplish the goal. Sometimes…… it’s a little unorthodox.


176 thoughts on “Why Are The Dems So Angry? Version 3.0 ~ It’s OBAMA

    1. I agree. Obama is GROUND ZERO of everything they did WRONG to AMERICA. If he is revealed as criminal, there is no protection.

      TRUMP is our FLAG.

      OBAMA is their FLAG.

      But the best part is that TRUMP is really NOT our flag, it’s THE FLAG ITSELF. So if Trump falls, WE KEEP FIGHTING, Star Spangled Banner style. We can’t lose. But if OBAMA falls, socialism in America falls.

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  1. Scary stuff but entirely possible.

    🙏 May God continue to protect our President and all those around him, keep them from all harm and deliver this country from the evil that has become entrenched in the halls of power 🙏

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  2. President Trump is challenging their carefully crafted “reality” and calling the emperor has no clothes after decades of them selling us the fake, PC alt reality that he does have clothes & that we must be the only one’s who think the way we do. He has pierced through their fake news narrative & is breaking the hold fake news has had. He is going for the center pole and will bring the whole tent down the globalist circus.

    And Dem followers have their reality being challenged as well. they have been conditioned via school, media consumption and pop culture to one reality + expecting a specific future and now they are being challenged and realize that some people, Many people think differently.

    how many times during the 2016 election did I hear, “I thought I was the only one who thought like this” & “I love Donald Trump because he says what I am think (or I and my friends are thinking and saying to each other)”. Heard this type of thing over and over again.

    If he is successful in revealing corruption and he continues to be successful at breaking through the media narrative and challenging the alt left reality – he will then be successful at breaking their power and stopping not just the alt reality they have for us now but the future they have built and planned for so long

    Success is planned – but it is not a done deal. Swamp will strike back, is striking back and will continue to do so until they are fully exposed. We must cont. to do our part by being active participants in this political drama.

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    1. From OT – comment that the Dems shenanigans don’t seem like real life. Made me think of thoughts I had just shared. Sad – they believe their own fake news reality that they have helped create. Kind of like Hillary believed her own fake press about the election and needed strategy.

      This crap going on in the msm honestly doesn’t even feel like real life. Today at the house we had friends over and (they all dems since I’m in SoCal) no one thinks this new impeachment is gonna work. I think the dems are {loose} their crazy base a little bit.


      (do we put the link when we direct quote?)

      Point is – yes, they are desperately trying to cont. but they are loosing both their grip on us and their grip in their own fake reality they built and want to live in. Its all slipping away…..

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      1. If obama goes all alt reality goes. He was fake, corrupt and had no clothes but they propped him up. They were all in on it.

        Same for Hillary? Would undermine them a lot but they could still claim a scandal free obama. However, it would prove the conservatives were right about her for Years.

        I wonder if there is any way that one would go down without the other falling too? Possible to disentangle them? Disentangle the corruption?

        If Obama falls do they loose the idealist youth and leave their party in absolute rubble?

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          1. Exactly. If Obama falls, it gets us back, at least, to the 1960’s and Frank Davis.
            Push for Communism in the USA would be dead. Soros defeated by the people. Alinsky no more.

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            1. Obama is a complete fabrication and, fittingly, the cornerstone of implementation of decades of planning. He is incredibly vulnerable and specifically important. Their weakest and yet most prized link in executing their plans

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            2. Since you reference Frank Davis…. (arguably Obummers REAL father)…
              You stated: “Forget about rumors of Obama being born in Kenya, we don’t have time to chase that rabbit. Let’s focus on Obama being a criminal,”

              I believe Obummers Birth (and FAKE certificates) along with his Citizenship or lack thereof is a BIG KEY to this whole mess. Obummer is too DUMB to become President on his own. HE was Groomed and Handled by some one(s)…. I think the C_A is behind him and always were.

              We see what the IC (Brennan, Crapper, Comey and the rest) has been doing and saying and most are convinced that they are at the root of Trumps (and OUR) troubles.

              Don’t forget Schmucker saying that the IC can get you 6 ways from Sunday….

              Just my humble opinion of course.

              (Another Great thread from Daughn)….. Gets us THINKING 🙂

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              1. I agree. I don’t think it is Obama himself…he is an empty shell. It is that if he goes down, it exposes the corrupt institutions and handlers from on high that have been subverting our government for many decades now. It is THAT exposure which they fear.

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              2. This reminds me of what Stephan Miller said on Sunday, we either have a democratic republic government or we have a deep state (ruling us). It sounds like we’ve had a deep state pulling the strings the whole time Obama was being groomed and prepped and while he was in office. I agree, I don’t think he’s clever enough to pull off two winning elections on his own, he had help from somewhere. And, if Obama is the linchpin in all of this like Daughn supposes (and I agree with her), then like the eyes of the people watching the emperor and his “new clothes” – the majority of Americans are going to be very angry they were hoodwinked for 8 years. People will be angry and not know where to project that anger, the deep state is hidden very well.

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  3. It’s not Obama. He’s a nobody. It’s not his handler, ValJar. It’s at least one level up from there. Mind you, we all know all sorts of names from lower levels but don’t yet know the names above.

    And, yes, all sorts of things are being thrown at the wall in hopes they’ll stick…..because a bunch of Names are going to be hit very shortly…..but the real powers behind the events are at least one level higher.

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    1. I agree, I think there are entities several ranks higher than Obama. I also don’t think Hillary would try to protect Obama for his sake, but only for her own power and protection from her own misdeeds. She sees herself as being on his same level.

      I think it’s a global scheme that has many subparts. At the top is globalism, which involves taking down America and having one-world government with no more nationalism or patriotism. Reference illegal immigration and teaching students that America was never great, as well as visas to give foreign workers our jobs.

      Globalism involves humanism and self-worship. It is anti-Christian, so that faction works to infiltrate our churches. Then there are the crimes of pedophilia and human trafficking and even human sacrifice. Those must be covered at all costs, and many people’s actions are based on blackmail. Epstein traded in it. And the altar of abortion plays a role. Some people will do anything to keep Roe v. Wade on the books (Kavanaugh hysteria, RBG, etc.).

      There are also those who want the U.S. in perpetual war. An article appeared today that Schiff and Pelosi have ties to a Ukrainian gun-runner. The anti-American actions of all those people must be covered.

      They want us disarmed so they can have power to accomplish their goals.

      Then there are those involved in other crimes — Congresspeople using their offices to get rich, embezzlement, insider trading, voter fraud, etc. One thing feeds on another. Once someone has been compromised, they can be used by *them* to do their bidding.

      Patriots have always taken a stand for America, but Pres. Trump is the first politician who has the courage, conviction, and intellect to be a real threat to all of the above. The idea of exposure, loss of powler, and possible jail time is making them act irrationally. And their go-to modus operandi employs dishonesty, deception, and fraud. Their only way out is to come clean, and they aren’t going to do that.

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      1. Just in case anyone needs reminding, the ranks of demons echo the nine ranks of angels: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones; Powers, Dominions, and Virtues; Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus were fallen Seraphim — those closest to God who turned away from Him.

        There are hierarchies and hierarchies and hierarchies…..on earth, as it is in Heaven, and as it is in Hell.

        This trail will go cold when it rises to a sufficient altitude — long before it exhausts its human tools.

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        1. The demons are fallen out of Thrones, Principalities, Powers and Dominions. St. Paul’s letter to the Colossians, Chapter 1:16

          For in him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and in him.

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        2. 1 Peter 5:7-9

          7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

          8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.

          Job 1:6-7

          Satan Attacks Job’s Character
          6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. 7 And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?”

          So Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”

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    2. I think for our purposes here that Daughn is correct. Obama undoubtedly has power behind him, but for the Dems, toppling this idol would be the event that changes the game.

      And isn’t it lovely that Obama’s vice president, his right hand man so to speak, is in hot water up to his neck?

      We can see Berlin from our vantage point, troops. 😁

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    3. In some ways I agree…IMO Obama just isn’t smart enough. But, he was the perfect Manchurian Candidate and (again, only my opinion), Valerie was there to “handle” him, perhaps with Michelle’s assistance.)
      But, Obama is the SYMBOL, the flag-carrier if you will, and that is where Daughn is correct. Obama represents all that Daughn covered and if he is exposed and goes down, that is the key.
      BYW, another terrific piece this morning…have already shared it with many. Deep appreciation, Daughn!

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      1. Thank you for kind words, Teagan, but I’m following you guys.
        Funny, every time we want to scream about the perils of the internet, we have a moment like this.
        My game room isn’t big enough for 500 like minded people, smart enough and willing to look under the cover on big issues.
        Here, we can talk and explore at will.
        God known what we will find, but we’re still pushing.

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  4. I don’t think it will be hard at all to prove that Obama was running the coup. Strzok and Page already admitted it in their text messages. And don’t forget that both of them are supposedly cooperating with the investigation of the coup, as are others. I would bet Barr/Durham/Huber already know this and are getting all their ducks in a row.

    I also wouldn’t discount the “rabbit hole” you mentioned. Don’t forget that there is a lot of evidence that Brennan hid/altered Obama records. And Pelosi is on the hook for vouching for Obama’s Constitutional ability to run in the first place. The best way to totally undo his presidency is to prove that he was never Constitutionally qualified in the first place. I would bet that POTUS/Q/and others already know the answer to that.

    Another point in all this is that Obama is and was a puppet. Just indicting him and all his minions still doesn’t undo all the damage done to this country that will keep happening in the future. It has to go higher up the food chain.

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    1. It’s important though, because there are a lot of people that don’t think of him as a puppet, and “like” him. If he’s not discredited, it makes it harder to nullify the people that are “running” him.

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    2. Remember Brennan made Ann Dunham’s passport disappear. The passport that would show barry’s change in status to INDONIESIAN.

      The suttlebutt is that Lolo Soetoro ADOPTED Barry SOETORO making Barry INDONIESIAN. Also His college records were sealed because he would be shown to have been a FOREIGN STUDENT.

      If Obama was behind the coup against President Trump AND a FOREIGN USURPER, it would be doubling damning for the DemonRats.

      However I agree with TheseTruths, that the goal is to take down the Puppet Masters

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    3. Okay, how about this one. Go back to WW2. We fought the WHOLE war, and only learned of the death camps AFTER we took Germany and defeated Hitler.

      Follow the same logic. We go after Obama and his minions for crime, prove him to be corrupt. Only LATER do we learn of fraud of HOW they were installed to lead the USA or the disgusting pedophilia which has been rumored.

      See what I mean? It’s gradual in people’s minds. If we told the American public in 1939, the Nazis were killing millions of people in death camps, their natural aversion would leave them skittish. It’s such a wild story, it would be hard to believe. See what I mean?

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      1. Problem is, in “winning” WW2, you imported the enemy’s poison back into your heartland. You brought Nazi “scientists” of various persuasion to “teach” you how to do evil shit.

        Same in “winning” the cold war – the socialists are now an existential threat IN THE HEARTLAND.

        You cannot afford to keep winning like that – LEARN!!!!

        Knocking over Obama will unleash demonic fury. I am not saying you should not do it, but do not expect “them” to just go meekly away …

        Every human culture ever studied by anthropology was religious / spiritual. A human being cannot be other. Our brain structure is predicated on this – we REQUIRE a hierarchy of values in order to function. We need an animating spirit, a religious drive, in order to do anything beyond the basics of survival. This is why people in very poor countries have not been desperately unhappy until recently – staying alive provides plenty of meaning for them. The opioid / suicide crisis in your heartland is moe than indicative of a meaning / spiritual malaise in the most powerful country in history.

        The left have constructed a new “religion” with their narrative engineering. This is why facts do not matter in the “muh climate crisis” – it is baked into their religious narrative. They ONLY APPEAR TO BE IRRATIONAL to us, because we are non-adherents – they are driven by their religion, wherein facts that don’t fit the narrative are simply not engaged with – they cannot “see” these facts due to “scales on their eyes”. You only see what your brain allows, when you are in this mode. see


        Some people are starting to get close to what is happening in climate ..

        Apologies for bringing Monbiot here – but you need to get how important “narrative” is to these people.

        Monbiot – A new story

        This is a religious war. Knocking over Obama will not end it. But, yes, he needs to be exposed, regardless. These guys are out on the streets every day – they are ZEALOUS. Greta the Great little girl is their Joan of Arc. Have you seen the amount of press this child has got? This is RELIGIOUS.

        To win the war you are going to have to get smarter than their “narrative engineers”. I am working on something and will share in due course.

        PS – Great work in launching this series Daughn – you have highlighted the critical factor. Kudos is due!

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        1. The article in “Understanding the climate movement: the impotence of science” which is written by Dr. Paul Rossiter and to which you linked is an EXCELLENT article.

          I should warn readers that some of the quotes within that article that are taken from a book (The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray) can be difficult to comprehend because of errant sentence structure.

          But do not let that stop you from reading the article. The overall subject is treated VERY well and confirms what many of us have suspected about the direction of our society for the past ~30 years. Highly recommended to all Q-Treepers.

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    4. Obama wasn’t running anything although the OVal Office was the headquarters. VJayJay was the public face of the shadows behind him for whom he was working. He isn’t smart enough to maintain the cover while also doing the ministerial stuff necessary to maintain the perception of a working president. But, again, defenestrating him disembowels the shadows behind him and likely reveals the pathway to expose them – which likely runs through a small island in the USVI.

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      1. Remember when he disappeared for several weeks, supposedly on an island the South Pacific, to “write his memoirs? I thought at the time he was either setting up his “payments” promised or getting his orders for the War Room plan of action. Perhaps both.
        If only the SS could testify about who he saw and where he actually went.

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  5. Daughn I really like your thinking on this 🙂

    Personally I think that Obama is a figurehead. He’s being protected not because of who he is (an empty suit) but because of who he was (the person at the top that can’t pass the buck any further).

    I don’t think all the anger at Trump in 2015 and 2016 was simply Obama. Obama is protected but that’s a far cry from Obama being loved. Zero was supposed to step aside gracefully and let HRC take over where he left off… most a chewed up and spit out shell would be left. Many on the left were eager for him to move along.

    I really believe the anger is religious anger. They worship power, they worship the state. Whether they believe in God in an sense is irrelevant because to them God is absent. All that matters is the power of the state, for whatever ideological purposes it doesn’t matter.

    It’s the same anger as a child having a temper tantrum. The immature and irrational anger expressed day after day that Johnny is eating their ice creams! TWO SCOOPS!!!

    But combine that immaturity with the idolatry of the state, a religious extremism that is jealous and rabidly intolerant of any competition… a political religion the justifies getting power BAMN…

    Swap out Obama with any other leftist power figure – he is replaceable. The only thing keeping him from being replaced is that he WAS the keystone behind the deep state’s power, and remove him the entire thing collapses.

    But if the keystone is removed, and Zero is sacrificed – he is not the King on the chessboard anymore – will having a new champion quell the left’s anger?

    Knocking out Obama is important but it cannot be our endgame. At this point losing Obama would be a queen sacrifice, not a checkmate. The left will keep on playing, with every bit of rage pointed at VSGPDJT.

    DJT is playing for checkmate.

    But this means bringing down many “kings”. China/Xi. P3r$1@. Brussels/German. Clownada to the north, NAFTA and USMCA. The UN. The DNC. The bureaucracy and the DS. Criminal gangs (RICO). Many others…

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    1. “I really believe the anger is religious anger. They worship power, they worship the state. Whether they believe in God in an sense is irrelevant because to them God is absent. All that matters is the power of the state, for whatever ideological purposes it doesn’t matter.”

      I think you have a very important point here. The state replaces the Church and all of her functions for these people: education, healthcare, succor of all sorts.

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      1. Been thinking a lot about your comments and other here, ie. “Politics has replaced religion”
        Trying to put it all together. Getting there. Every time someone makes a comment on this, I snip and put over to the side. Accumulating ideas. There’s something there.

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        1. Found it! Here is the perfect place for what I am thinking.

          I ask myself, what do I know, or think I know, about Obama?

          Obama is a foreigner. Not born in the U.S. Illegitimate president. Lie.

          Obama is gay. Fine, but he lied and led a double life. Not good.

          Obama’s “wife” is probably trans. Fine, but her life is also a lie.

          Obama is Muslim. U.S. is a Christian nation, however you slice it. The country was founded on Judeo/Christian ethics, even if you aren’t Christian.

          Obama led a coup against a Presidential candidate, and then a legitimately elected President. Sedition.

          So, what we know is, Obama is a false idol. He IS worshiped by leftists, who get “thrills” up their legs when they think of him. He is the golden calf, made up of all their gold and jewelry (lies and promises). These people have eaten and drunk, and indulged in revelry (pedophilia, perversion). And they are a stiff-necked people, filled with pride over their creation, which they worship.

          Moses (Trump) is trying to intercede with God to protect the fools. But many were struck down then to bring the people to the promised land. And they will be this time. The righteous will prevail. But there will be a cost.

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        2. Ugh! I want to sit hear and “talk” but I am slipping farther and farther behind on my day. Frustrating.

          But, yes, a “religion” of sorts – a belonging, a purpose, a worldview, an alt reality, + more all rolled into one. A way of being secure about the future and a way of knowing where they are going.

          MAGA, conservatives, Trump movement…bringing it all back to reality and shattering all of the above.

          bless their hearts, many at this point don’t have an actual Christian community of believer, or even a local/regional community to which they belong, don’t have a foundation of a proper world view, a nuclear family with a supportive and involved extended family…pathetic and yet clear why these things were attacked first. many did not have a Mom at home in those early and parents involved in their lives, a dependable family to which they belonged.

          the state is now all to them and the alt left vision, worldview and fake reality is their perceived Real life.

          they are unmoored by what is happening and terrified.

          All of the above is mainly about the followers not the leaders. And yet many “leaders” are just followers at
          a higher level of responsibility and reward, more informed yes but followers not the less.

          The Obama explanation is more applicable to the leadership and structure and will fry the minds of the followers because the truth of their reality will be revealed and their foundation, worldview and all they believe in will be torn asunder. Painful. Pathetic. I feel sorry for them.

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    2. Depends on *HOW* he is brought down. As one corrupt individual or even one of several, probably replaceable. Whole fake edifice of which he was the puppet king with no clothes revealed….not replacable as the Throne and the fake kingdom destroyed with the king being revealed to nothing but a vacuous fake creation of the deep state for the globalists.

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      1. Good point, Maga Mom, you’re thinking.
        Well, I am encouraged by Candidate-President Trump’s unmasking of China.
        Maybe we could see something of a pattern there????
        What do you think?

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    3. WEF (World Economic Forum), Bilderbergs, Bohemians, the various RoundTables, CFR, and the many “front” organizations need to be taken down, as well as the real powers behind them.

      “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. That applies here, too. With the hyper-rich, and hyper-powerful, there is a point that possessions are no longer enough. In a sense, they need to be possessed, with Demonic evil, hence the child sacrifices, be it abortion and dismemberment, or actual blood or fire sacrifices (cf. Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Financier). Indeed, we can only go after the earthly part of this demonic chain, but we must also ask and pray for GOD’S help in taking the whole thing down, both on the physical and spiritual planes.

      There are a couple of levels “above” Soros; some of the names and families have leaked out. That’s why there’s so much tumult, fear, and skulduggery against the nationalist “MAGA-like” movements, and the MCM/YSM categorizing them as “right-wing extremists”, which is FAR from the truth. Even the French suppression of the Gilets Jaunes is not a complete blackout. But close, because France holds some of the wealthiest and most powerful of those shadowy puppeteers (or, rather, they hold France).

      Taking out a figurehead like Øbozo by applying/rendering justice isn’t the entire solution, but it is an important part, for it weakens the enemy. Just look at how the Mohammedans work. They deal with images, figureheads, attacking cultural figures and icons. And that is how the left work, as well. Time to use some of their “tools” (but NOT CRIMES or CRIMINAL ACTS, of course) against them.

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  6. Could be he’s the goal. It shouldn’t matter whether or not he’s the one calling the shots, he APPEARS to most people that he is. The best legacy he could hope to be remembered for would be to usurp Carter’s claim to fame, Carter would only be the 2nd worst. It could end up being a lot worse. One can hope.

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  7. Is that pic of LessThanZero crying supposed to get me to feel compassion for him? If so, then it’s an epic fail.

    Or is it his demented version of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina?

    Or is it him watching his wonderful creation shrink into nothingness before his eyes?

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    1. Funny point, Pgroup. I was looking for the pic of Obama crying when I was putting together this thread and reminded it came from a speech he gave on gun control. Many panned his tears as fake.
      From husband, I know many trial lawyers, because of their schooling, are trained in acting (within law school). They know how to turn on the waterworks, on command.

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      1. Daughn, I wondered too why you used that pic of Obama, and why you didn’t position the picture so that the wolfmoon icon covered his nose mole. It’s slightly irritating, but funny. I love it! And I love these thoughtful posts, very informative and really gets my brain pondering. You always bring a good group discussion up! Thanks friend!

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  8. I think you’re right. Obama is the cornerstone of 8 years of FAKE HISTORY. Pull it out, the whole edifice crumbles, and then it KEEPS CRUMBLING all the way back through Obama’s life. DECADES of FAKE HISTORY fall apart.

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    1. Pulling out Obama not only destroys everything downwind (the history/the false “hope”), but it also unlocks everything above Obama.
      Obama is the lynchpin, the keystone.

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    2. Pulling out and exposing Obama would give us the higher circles, who may or may not be known to each other.

      And…I’m willing to lay money I don’t have that do the same with the squatter on the Throne of St. Peter, and the people a few circles up the food chain are the same as those above Obama.

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  9. The continued presence of Øbominable in his Kalorama bunker ops center down the street from the White House is a brazen attempt to maintain hold on power and control.

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    1. I would imagine there’s enough monitoring of them going on to make the most well-equipped spook outfit envious… FISA FISA FISA… Probably enough radiation going through there that their food cooks by itself 🙂

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      1. Yep, they’ve been groomed and there’s a whole organization behind it. Always On Camera is only part of it. Here are some great infos about AOC from a while back, in a comment on citizenfreepress.com:

        Agree, this is a great video. AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ was plagiarized from a 2009 United Nations document titled “Rethinking the Economic Recovery: A Global Green New Deal“ Some of the wording is verbatum taken out of the 144 page document (Joe Biden would be proud).
        Much of the 2009 report is taken from the work on Sustainable Developement that came out of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Many of the Sustainable Developement ideas are taken from 1930s Technocracy (which is also the title of one of Zbignew Brezinsky’s books).
        There is nothing new about AOC’s work, it is all rehashed 1930s propaganda that will never work, or is even planned to work. At it’s core it’s about population reduction and control. [end excerpt]

        These two vids are about 40-45 minutes in total and well worth watching.
        (original post is at https://www.citizenfreepress.com/column-1/rand-paul-offers-money-to-ilhan-omar-for-trip-back-to-somalia )

        The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

        The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez part2

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  10. “What if……. Obama is Trump’s goal?”

    To dream the impossible….to fight the unbeatable….to bear the unbearable !

    In order to do so, We elected that Dreamer, that Fighter, and that Persevere-er……..

    Pat ourselves on the back for following and having faith in such a person just like the Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, Privates in WWII who followed Eisenhower, Patton, etc to defeat another POS!

    I have no doubt in my mind this will come to pass….PDJT and America will succeed and be stronger because of it!

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  11. I think it depends on from which vantage point are you looking at things….from the 10,000 foot level?, or zooming out—-from a 20,000, 30, 40 or 50,000-foot level—??? Q told us from the beginning: “Expand Your Thinking”—essential opening advice since what we had been taught (history, politics, what Christianity was all about, etc etc ETC…) ——so much of what we had absorbed “about the way things are/ about how things work” was WRONG.

    Needed to be revised….expanded….dumped….replaced…..

    To me, Q and the whole Q-Phenomenon has been tutoring us very very carefully….methodically…..with great and positive results. —>All along wakening people up to what is REALLY important…..

    —–towards: developing Critical-Thinking skills…principled living….telling the truth……..living under rule of law….importance of God/Family/Country.. ——> Better, more accurate understanding

    I had lived at about the 10,000-feet level——yes, God’s way is the best way, no stealing etc,

    NOW (post 2 years of active GREAT AWAKENING-participation ) I see more (underlined): Satanism….Evil at work in the world…the Illuminati at work….the Cabal…..NWO thinking….. a Whole great big interconnected, interlinked UGLY mess of wrong thinking/acting/behaving going on around the world!

    [Can we say at root, the ENORMOUS vulnerability of humans to temptation?—and sinning….]

    “What’s the Big Picture?”

    Which/what me and a few million people around the globe are NOW actively pursuing !!——WOW, thank you Q, thank you PDJT, and to all those around the internet now so actively contributing!! Like daughnworks today, and each and every poster here. EXPAND YOUR THINKING. We have, we are, we will continue to do so.

    And, most of all, thank You Lord for leading us inexorably towards TRUTH.

    Waxing philosophical and kinda wordy here–with Wolfie’s encouragement awhile back—trying to get my enormously R-Brained brain to work better! (using words instead of images) and need practice to do so. All feedback welcome–did this make any sense? I know missing some things—feel free to correct or add to. xoxo-L.

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    1. Highlander, your post is most welcome.
      You’re right, we continually need to dump, revise, shake the box, try something new, …. and expand our thinking.

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      1. danka danka….appreciate your encouragement, your kind words. What an amazing community this is! Once we’ve developed some flexibility in our thinking-muscles, have the mental spaciousness to consider others’ thoughts and points of view….and have THIS kind of place to grow (and thrive) in- – – my goodness, Life becomes very very exciting….

        And, I might add—-much much easier to hear that Still Small Voice which unerringly guides each of us…..


  12. i believe you’re right…how many times have I heard and uttered myself…give me one indictment…one arrest…but if you’re aiming for the top, you really can’t arrest a small time player. keep them in the dark about how much evidence there is–allow the trap to spring without warning.

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    1. Okay, it’s time for me to confess.
      This was not really my idea but more like husband’s idea. I merely put it into words, he can be really technical sometimes.
      He just knows more about legal stuff than I do.

      Here was the break, the lightbulb moment.
      It is tried and true legal practice to start with the low hanging fruit and see where it leads. Build the case over time.
      Big T told me a lot of the big corruption investigations start the OTHER way. Figure out how to get to the head of the snake asap. Saves time and resources.

      It makes sense. Just a different way to attack than we are used to – kind of like a different viewpoint, that Scott467 gave us yesterday.

      For instance, imagine you’re a US atty in New York and going after organized crime. That’s what Rudy Giuliani used to do…. successfully. Throughout the police efforts, there would be many times the prosecutors (good guys) would be stymied because Lieutenants would step in the way, making the big boss untouchable.
      Have to be creative to take down the big boss.
      Rudy didn’t take on the mob in NYC by arresting small time hoodlums and hoping they would snitch. I’m laughing…. we’ve all seen the Sopranos, we know they go to prison and cook Italian food. Bwwhahaa. Anyway, Rudy set his target as the big boss, and took the shortest path.

      Rudy knows how to do this.

      Hey……Maybe that’s why they went after Capone in income tax?

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      1. Remember that Q has said that O will claim Kenyan citizenship to escape? So if they nail Biden, and it looks like it would go up the ladder one more step, would O fly? I know most of us would like to see other results, but he would lose all his stateside assets, we wouldn’t be paying for salary, SS details, etc. He would be rendered ineffectual. This particular tool would no longer be of any use to whomever/whatever has been utilizing “it”. Then whatever happens to him is on himself.

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        1. ” So if they nail Biden, and it looks like it would go up the ladder one more step, would O fly?”


          It would be GREAT if he ran!

          It would be a blunt and direct time ADMISSION of guilt in the most PUBLIC way possible, lol!

          And he wouldn’t just get to stay there.

          No way, no how.

          You don’t sneak into the presidency in violation of the Constitutional requirements, proceed to wreck the entire country for 8 years, then proceed to attempt a coup against the new president, and just retire to Kenya

          Ohhhh NO!

          Not even, lol!

          Say hello to my little friends, SEAL Team Six.

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          1. And GOOD LUCK to the fearsome military of Kenya stopping us.

            His ass is coming back for trial.

            Hopefully military tribunal.

            Everything he did MUST be exposed.

            The future of our nation DEPENDS on it.


  13. Why are the Dems so Angry….

    If you go back to the 2016 Election, right after the election was called Hillary DID NOT give a concession speach that was left to a minion. (Do not forget Hitlery moved in to a house in Westchester County close to David Rockefeller. Is that where she was?)

    When Hitlery did appear, she and Billy Boy were wearing PURPLE and the PURPLE Revolution — RESIST!! was born.


    From the DURAN: United States purple revolution: Has George Soros committed treason?

    The press prostitutes continue to lie to us. They pretend that the anti-Trump protests are real spontaneous events although the prostitutes know that the “protests” are orchestrated by George Soros and front groups for the Oligarchy such as change.org and other fake progressive groups funded by the oligarchs.

    Soros, change.org and various progressive and leftwing fronts for the oligarchs pretend to be for democracy, but they are acting in behalf of Oligarchy. We are witnessing a direct attack on American democracy. These protesters are the hired mercenary enemy of the American people.

    Below is an email I received from a friend in Massachusetts. They preach peace and love while they commit violence:

    Below is one of the emails I rec’d regarding immediate organizing to get rid of Trump. JWJ is Jobs for Justice serving Massachusetts with the main group in Boston and the subsidiary in western MA. You appear to be correct, because I rec’d the notice below the day following the election and election results were not even in until 3:00 a.m. Moveon.org was/is behind this one. Moveon.org is link under 3rd local event.….

    Given the purple tie & DressAND this e-mail, either they KNEW they would lose OR they reacted very very FAST.

    Here is the e-mail. I bolded significant sentences.

    Dear JWJ and allies,

    If you were like me, today was a hard day to get up. Donald Trump is the president-elect, and last night Republicans took the House, the Senate, and thus the Supreme Court. This is a terrible situation for humanity, let alone the workers’ movement and our ability to expand organizing and collective bargaining rights. And yet, there is no time to really brood about it. We are called to take immediate action.

    Today, we are joining with others throughout the movement to demonstrate our non-consent with the election results, in particular the election of Donald Trump. This evening, thousands will gather in cities across the nation to affirm to ourselves and one another that we will not give up the fight-the fight for a nation with liberty and justice for all. We will stand with one another, across race, religion, gender, age, ability, national origin, sexual orientation, and all of our identities.

    We will join hands, pledge our solidarity, and resolve to forge ahead even in this moment of peril and challenge. See local events below.

    Check out moveon.org/standtogether.

    In these most difficult of political moments, we have to come together and stand stronger. Never has the “I ‘ll Be There” pledge been more necessary than today.

    In struggle,

    Erica Smiley


    Sounds VERY COMMUNIST. Note the words “We are called” that is almost religious.

    David Rockefeller Died on March 20, 2017 in Pocantico Hills, New York

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      1. The fix was in, just as we suspected all along. Only just enough “fix” was corrected to allow for a more truthful election. There was plenty of wrong doing left for people to see, more voters than populace, etc.

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    1. “We are called” – definitely religious language there. Who does the calling? God? Or a false god?

      Remember that Trump was not elected by the consent of the -elite- people…

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  14. Thinking through things….

    What if Egypt was right and Obama is a member if the Muslim Brotherhood? And, what if President Trump was right and Obama was not even an American citizen?

    What if this is an open secret known especially to foreign leaders who are also members of the Muslim Brotherhood? What is these same leaders and other foreign powers had great Influence on Obama’s decisions as our president?

    How many people was Obama willing to kill to usher in Morsi as Egypt’s president for instance?

    Would Obama’s presidency been the ultimate interference by a foreign powers into our elections? Would the people who covered up for him and ushered him into power be exposed? Would their future plans for a global takeover as well as their very lives be at stake?

    Are their imams helping the globalists plot the take down of our President and the takeover of our government and all of our lives?

    Why did Obama preferentially hire members of the Muslim Brotherhood to head our government agencies and fill their ranks? Why did he preferentially allow them into the country and deny persecuted Christians access?

    Why were members of the Muslim Brotherhood such frequent visitors to the Whitehouse during his presidency?

    How will and how have the powers behind Obama and his rise to power responded to the threat of
    exposure? Are the people he embedded in our government still working on his behalf and against our President?

    If the most alarming answers to all of these questions are true, this is global conspiracy of such magnitude that it poses a threat almost unimaginable, and the religious fervor underlying it would go a long way towards explaining the risks many of its perpetrators are willing to take as well as the dedication they have toward achieving its goals.

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    1. “What if Egypt was right and Obama is a member if the Muslim Brotherhood? And, what if President Trump was right and Obama was not even an American citizen?”


      I certainly won’t be surprised at all if BOTH are absolutely true.


    2. “How many people was Obama willing to kill to usher in Morsi as Egypt’s president for instance?”


      As many as it takes.

      How many people did Hussein and Clinton have murdered in Libya when they initiated the coup against Gaddafi?

      These people are mass murderers, guilty of CRIMES against HUMANITY.

      Do such people only look like Pol-Pot?

      Do they only look like Stalin and Mao?

      Do they only look like SS Officers in gray or black uniforms and swastika armbands?

      What would any of those people look like, if they were alive and in positions of power in 2019?

      They would look just like Hussein and Hitlery and all their cronies.

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    3. “Would Obama’s presidency been the ultimate interference by a foreign powers into our elections? Would the people who covered up for him and ushered him into power be exposed? Would their future plans for a global takeover as well as their very lives be at stake?”



      All of the above!


    4. “Why did Obama preferentially hire members of the Muslim Brotherhood to head our government agencies and fill their ranks? Why did he preferentially allow them into the country and deny persecuted Christians access?”


      The answers to all of these kinds of questions are obvious.

      They are plain.

      The only people who don’t understand are those who don’t want to understand.


    5. “If the most alarming answers to all of these questions are true, this is global conspiracy of such magnitude that it poses a threat almost unimaginable, and the religious fervor underlying it would go a long way towards explaining the risks many of its perpetrators are willing to take as well as the dedication they have toward achieving its goals.”



      How many of Hussein’s cronies are islamic converts… secretly?

      We know about Brennan, we know about Huma being islamic with ties to the bruthahood.

      Is Valerie Jarret islamic?

      Are the Left’s (and Hussein’s) tactics not expressly fascist?

      Did the Nazis not ally themselves with muzzies in WWII?

      Remember, the Nazis were an occult organization. The Left tries to paint Hitler as a Roman Catholic, but then the Left tries to paint Hitler as ‘far right’, too.

      Both are lies.


  15. Why are the Dems so Angry…. They can’t handle the Truth!

    Their politicians lie to them, their media lies to them, their pollsters lie to them….and when those lies don’t come to fruition, they get pissed off (that’s the same as angry) and they take it out on those they hate; PDJT and his supporters. You never see Dems criticize their politicians, they continue to follow them to the slaughter.

    As a contrasting view, think about the establishment of the Tea Party. As life long Republican, I was pissed off at the Repubs; they were complicit, they let Obama do whatever he wanted and all we got was more bullshit.

    Personal example: In January 2015, wife and me moved to a different State. When we went to get a new driver’s license we registered as independents…bye bye GOPe. We were ready just to go about our lives, forget all the political BS, make a lot of money and enjoy our lives. Then came Donald J. Trump. We liked what he said, cautiously waiting to see how he would be treated. Wow, that didn’t take long!

    The GOPe and most of all the ‘know-it-all’ Conservatives went right after him. Some of those folks now are staunch defenders; or appear to be anyway. Some are ‘yea but’ conservatives; you know the one’s that say they support him and always have a ‘yea but’ condition; i.e. not presidential. his tweets, don’t like how he says….

    We changed our affiliation back to Repub just so we could vote for him in the primary..we have never regretted that and continue to support him 110%!

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    1. Steve, I did the same: moved to a new state, left the lame GOPe and registered at MV when getting my new drivers license as a DEFIANT Independent but HAD to Chg back to Repub to support candidate Trump in the Primary. I’ve been a PROUD despicable Deplorable ever since. I say that should be an official Political Party … the despicable Deplorables.

      His ride down that beautiful escalator was the beginning of my falling in absolute LOVE with this incredible American Patriot. Prayers for him continue, along with my gratitude and love.

      God bless you, Mr President. 🙏🦁❣️

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  16. Obama is key to the US piece of this fight, but the cabal has global scale and reach. The US fight will be nasty and brutish for one simple reason – the US military. Within a very short period of time, PDJT will replenish our military to where Cabal controlled militaries, even acting in concert, will be massively overmatched. This simple fact drastically limits the cabal’s ability to draw us into financially ruinous wars because it will be difficult to entice foreign military leaders into suicidal adventures.

    They will of course turn to other schemes in an attempt to bankrupt us, as they impelled the banking crises in the mid 1800s, the Civil War (and the assassination of Lincoln when that failed), the follow on banking crisis, the creation of the Fed and the enactment of a US income tax, the notion of a world government, WWI, the Bolshevik revolution, the Great Depression, the destruction of the Wiemar Republic creating Hitler’s Germany and setting them on a collision course with us, the importation of Nazis into the US, the cold war, etc., etc., etc. (To include the massive fleecing of US taxpayers to cushion European banks from their incompetence in managing their global risks in the period prior to the 2008 collapse).

    PDJT has so far been able to neutralize the cabal’s financial schemes so as to preclude a financial crisis during his Presidency. But holding them at bay will not be sufficient.

    The endgame must be financial freedom – from wars created to enable lenders to lend profitably to both sides to debt created by useless social programs designed primarily to burn massive amounts of money, to Quixotic environmental schemes that merely destroy productive activity, to manufactured downturns that enable quality investments to be cheaply acquired – the destruction of the system that enables the cabal to create and maintain its wealth is the true goal.

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  17. Regressives are so angry because they have emotionally “bought in” to what they know is a lie…which is leftism writ large. From Obama to “safe spaces”, they know it is all lies, but to admit that now would mean the destruction of their ideology. It would be an admission that THEY are the idiots, and they will go to their graves with the label. Doomed to live, and die, with an asterisk next to their names (just like Nazis, or murderers…to cite two examples).

    It’s actually even worse than this.

    What happens if the people crying “racist” at every turn are shown to be racists? What happens when a liar is exposed as a liar? What happens when a hypocrite is exposed as a hypocrite?

    Now make it personal. And it is all is DEEPLY personal.

    What happens when these kind of people are exposed as such before their friends and family…the ones who they have ostracized and ruined relationships over their leftist pap??

    Put another way, regressives would rather chop off both their legs than admit they are wrong. After all, they claim they “are on the right side of history”.

    They are so angry because they know they are full of shit that they have become the shit themselves.

    As the Bible says, “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” when they are exposed for exactly who/what they are….knowing the punishment in store for them.

    Before THAT happens, though, comes the anger and the war over being exposed for who/what they are.

    For we can be certain they are literally willing to kill to put off this day of reckoning. Just as the fascists of WWII were (also known as Nazis).

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    1. “What happens when these kind of people are exposed as such before their friends and family…the ones who they have ostracized and ruined relationships over their leftist pap??”


      I am absolutely looking forward to it!

      Not for revenge.



    2. “For we can be certain they are literally willing to kill to put off this day of reckoning.”


      Oh yes, they have always been willing to kill.

      They would kill 99% of the population of the world if they could do it.

      That is EXACTLY who they are.

      BUT, most of them would not DIE for what they know is their own con and schemes.

      Some of them might commit suicide to avoid earthly consequences, but they would not DIE for the ’cause’.

      Nobody dies for a ‘fraud’, and the people at and near the top ALL know it’s a con, and always has been.


      1. The exception is any of the higher-ups who are islamists or Satanists.

        Those would be ‘true believers’ who would be willing to die for their twisted perception of a ‘higher’ cause.

        They might be willing to die for Satan and his cause, but I don’t believe any of them would die for a fraud like Hussein.

        Not unless it wasn’t really for Hussein personally, but dying for Hussein served their ‘higher’ (lower, actually) religious reasons.


  18. Excellent, and yes, it’s about Obama. All threads lead to him, and beyond to the globalist masters – George Soros. Taking over, and “transforming” America were just trite little sayings, but engaged warfare.

    I’ve despised Barack Obama from the days of his Harvard, “The police acted stupidly.” Wrote several articles about WHO Barack Obama really was – a puppet and a tool, but an EFFECTIVE one. I believe that Obamacare remains the greatest threat to this nation – any country that controls the healthcare of their people, controls the people. It took away the Right of the People to say “No.” Unconstitutional.

    Obama’s presidency is a blot and stain upon this great country, and God knows I hope he is outed for the criminal fraud he is.

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    1. I see Obama as a chess piece in the overall scheme. Exposing him would be important and would uncover a lot, but say, for example, we learn his birth certificate was indeed fraudulent, that his education was paid for by [fill in the blank with an enemy of the U.S.], that he was put here to infiltrate and transform America into a globalist state — all of which we suspect anyway — that still wouldn’t explain everything about why the Dems are so angry now.

      O is no longer in office and Hillary lost, so yes, they are mad about that, but why the extreme anger? IMO it is about much more than O. They are corrupt to the core and don’t want it exposed. They want power and will cheat to win elections for it. They don’t want the status quo on foreign labor, trade, and the economy rocked. None of that is specifically about O. The only way it correlates to him is that he was also facilitating that agenda. He is a huge player, but is only one of many in this coiuntry and around the world.

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    2. Amen. You just expressed my own feelings to a t. I have despised him from the beginning,as well. The information was all on the net — anyone could see that his background was hazy, his associates anti-American, his formative years the antithesis of most people’s … the years that form the personality were spent in a Third World country where attempted coups were not out of the ordinary, where authoritarianism was the routine,where he registered for school as a muslim student….

      And magically, he turns from the muslim Indonesian student Barry to the presidential candidate Barack? Didn’t people know he voted against comfort care for “aborted” babies, when he was not voting “present”? Didn’t they know what “community organizer”meant? I was shocked when he was elected, because I had thought that, regardless of the “competition,” he was too far left for the country. But they only saw skin color.

      His smugness and arrogance….to this day, every pic you see of him has the same tilted chin,the same “looking down” on the people…his tone was always mocking and scornful….when people praised his public speaking, I wondered if we were hearing the same person. And then when Mitt won the first debate and threw the second…

      You expressed it perfectly. A stain that must be removed.

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  19. I think the cIA is in control not only of the intell but also our congress and maybe part of senate.
    Who is the intell working for and what is CIA doing operating on home soil?
    They are breaking the law?
    God help us if the CIA finally gets into Presidency they will be worse than KBG. The congress Schiff, Pelosi and others are compromised even Obama. What about they CIA are involved in weapon smuggling and creating small wars in Africa and middle east maybe even in Ukraine.
    What about if CIA is also in bed with drug smuggling.
    What about if CIA are into pedo and traffic in it?
    I am wonder if they got rid of the good guys in the agency and put criminals in.
    Why is the whistle blower protected? Why is Brennon now calling for Intell to be whissleblower if they know something illegal even if they participated or heard of it?

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    1. “God help us if the CIA finally gets into Presidency they will be worse than KBG.”


      They already have been.

      GHWB was director of the C_A before he became president.

      Right after Reagan.

      And the country has been going straight downhill ever since.


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  20. Excellent work Dawn, If I didn’t know better, I would swear you read my book. You highlight EXACTLY the premise I put forth in my book. This whole charade was and IS about saving Obama. Obama orchestrated it, funded it, ordered his minions to do it, AND keep him up to date on EVERY aspect (through his PDB). This is ALL about saving his “legacy”. I will sum it all up in my catch phrase. “In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss.”

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  21. Daughn, great thread and great discussion. I agree Obama is the keystone here, if he falls, the cabal is exposed and all the lies they have used as the biases for every policy, every decision is gone. Up is down, down is up… they have created so many tangled webs of deception that they no longer see the light of truth. I think that is another reason of their anger, more and more middle ground Americans are slowing waking up from the blinders of PC culture (which we gave consent to back in the 90’s) even today, we are told “Oh! You can’t say that!” even if something is starkly obvious. We allowed our freedom of speech to be taken away or diminished and I think some are beginning to see it for what it was.
    Some one up thread wrote about human beings have a need for values, a religious “God shaped” hole in our heart that we fill. Whether God lives there or not, is different for each person. But if the hole is filled with the true living God the Father, then every thing we do, say or think should align with the values taught in God’s Word. Far left learning liberals have a belief system that is almost 180 degrees away from that. They have filled their God-shaped hole with hedonistic lies and angrily condemn anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

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  22. “Our enemy wanted to rule the world for 1,000 years.”


    That claim never made sense, since the first time I heard it, because what happens after 1,000 years?

    Suppose they had won, and ruled the world for 999 years and 364 days, and tomorrow was the big 1,000.

    What are they going to do?


    Surrender (and if so, to whom)?

    Or would they just remain in power until someone defeated them, like anyone else like them would do?

    Of course they would remain in power.

    So why put a self-imposed time limit on it, indicating even to your own people that the end will come?

    All it accomplishes is to cause people to ask questions exactly like the ones I’m asking.

    And besides all that, claiming that they would rule the world FOREVER is much more optimistic and in keeping with the Reich’s superiority complex, than acknowledging some kind of total defeat is inevitable in the year 2945.

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    1. The Y2K bug would have exploded.
      Just like all the climate change bozos, who predict the end of the world in 20yrs….. they will be long gone by the expiration date of their estimate.

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  23. “In today’s politics, our goal could be described as preserving our freedoms in America,”


    I hope we could restore our freedoms first… I wouldn’t want to preserve what passes for ‘freedoms’ today in their current surveillance state, without rule of Law, weaponized bureaucracies and intelligence agencies, daily threats to the 2nd and 1st Amendments, and an ongoing coup attempt against the president.

    I mean, it’s a horror show…

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  24. “It’s Obama, and the fear of Obama being exposed.”


    If that’s true, it’s going to be a tremendous let-down.

    If that’s really what this is all about, and they have put the entire country through this hell for ANOTHER four years AFTER the 8 years of Hussein tyranny, then we’re definitely giving Trump a third term if he wants it.

    Think about Hussein for a second.

    He’s a complete and total fraud, and everybody (especially his supporters) knows it. He has no back-story, no credible background, all of his records are sealed and the communist media never demanded them.

    He appeared out of nowhere, ‘won’ a gift seat in the most corrupt state in the Union, and began running for president after two years of public office (with no votes besides ‘present’ for a record, except voting against a ‘born alive’ bill or something of that nature, not once, but twice).

    He’s a flim-flam man.

    He’s not a ‘leader’ of any kind.

    He certainly doesn’t inspire loyalty. He takes no chances. He has no competence. No experience. And cares about no one but himself. He exemplifies narcissist. Everything we actually KNOW about Hussein is a narrative, and even that isn’t much.

    Who even KNOWS this guy? Nobody remembers him from either of the colleges he could never have afforded to attend. It’s a farce.

    HE’s a farce.

    Putting our country through this hell out of fear and love for Hussein would be like putting our country through this hell for Sanford.

    Yes, THAT Sanford.

    AND his son, Lamont.

    If that’s what ALL of this existential angst has been about, simple Democrat butt-hurt over a flim-flam man, what a terrible disappointment that would be.

    ALL this, for NOTHING.

    Maybe THAT is the ‘truth’ Q keeps referring to, that we might not be able to handle?

    That’s nothing “big” at all… it’s not aliens… it’s not Satanism throughout the governments of the world… it’s not about a New World Order or any of that stuff.

    It’s just about the Left putting the whole WORLD through this insanity in order to rescue a worthless traitor stooge from having his legacy pedestal pulled out from under him…

    Maybe I can’t handle the truth after all?


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    1. We know all of the above about Obama.
      BUT to the left he is everything.
      It gets us up the chain, and allows a spontaneous combustion of the history of the Obama Presidency.

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      1. “We know all of the above about Obama.”



        “BUT to the left he is everything.”


        Maybe to the goofs on the street-level, with zero education or ability to think for themselves, and hopped up on emotion like it was crack cocaine.

        But the professional political-class knows Hussein is and was a complete fraud… they PUT him in office.

        They KNOW globull-warming is a SCAM… it better be, they’re the ones who invented it, and they’re the direct beneficiaries!

        ALL of their schemes are scams.

        These are literally criminals, white-collar thugs in suits. They don’t even really try to hide it, because they enjoy the ‘street cred’ aspect accorded to them by their followers.

        It’s just US, regular Americans, who don’t want to SEE it.

        Because if we ‘see’ it, if we wake up out of our denial and SEE the truth about the emperor with no clothes, then WE will bear some accountability for allowing it to HAPPEN.

        The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

        If we admit that Hussein and the entire political-class syndicate are outright criminals, then we have to admit that WE fell asleep during our WATCH.

        Are we not as psychological vulnerable in that regard as we’re postulating the Left is over Hussein being exposed?

        I’m not personally, I knew Hussein was a fraud from the first time I heard him speak. That doesn’t make me a genius or a prophet, it just means he was a Democrat (corrupt) from Illinios (corruption HQ and home of Hitlery), with no record or background, who obviously had a racial chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Everest, and far from being an eloquent speaker (the laughably perverse MSM narrative), he droned on like Ellsworth Toohey in The Fountainhead.

        I don’t know how ANYONE couldn’t see Hussein for what he was, from a hundred miles away.

        It was like a spell was cast over the nation, and I was wearing the special sunglasses Rowdy Roddy Piper used in “They Live!” (the source of yesterday’s article, 2.0, header btw 😉 , so I could see exactly what was happening.


      2. “We know all of the above about Obama.”


        And so do they.

        Deep down, in their bones, they KNOW.

        No different than the Germans didn’t know what was happening to the Jews that were being rounded up and sent to the death camps.

        They claimed not to know, they might have tried not to think about it, they might have been in serious denial…

        But is it possible to BE in ‘denial’, unless there is something significant enough to DENY?

        That’s the problem with ‘denial’ as a coping strategy.

        You can’t be in ‘denial’ without knowing what it is that you don’t want to know.

        Like a variation on the David Mamet saying, that in order to be a Liberal, you have to forget that you know certain things.

        So the people who pulled the wool over their own eyes for Hussein are without excuse.

        They can repent, and many of them have, and I hope many more do, but nobody can credibly claim Hussein isn’t a fraud.

        Not with even a shred of intellectual integrity or honesty.

        That ship sailed before it ever reached port.


  25. “The left was willing to throw Hillary under the bus. They already threw Bill Clinton under the bus with MeToo.”


    Throwing Bubba under the bus with ‘me too’ could be part of the narrative that he went along with. After all, he could never be president again anyway, so if it helped Hillary, Good-times Billy wouldn’t care.

    As for the Left being willing to throw Hitlery under the bus, they might be willing, but I don’t see how they can (or ever could). She has hit squads and blackmail dirt on everybody, and she’s not afraid at all to use either one.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she turns out to be the Devilrat nominee next year. Until death do she part… she ain’t departing.

    Remember, she ain’t no ways taaard.

    Tyrants grow old, but they don’t fade away or relinquish their grip on power.

    Soros is exhibit ‘A’.

    He must be a hundred years old (certainly looks like it).

    And nobody wants to be George Soros than Hitlery.

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  26. “What if, going after Obama for the fraud of 2016 is the goal of our leaders, President Trump and his top General, Barr?”




    Don’t tease me like that!!!


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  27. “What if, going after Obama for the fraud of 2016 is the goal of our leaders, President Trump and his top General, Barr?”


    I think if that’s the plan, that it has to be a lot more than just the fraud of 2016 that they nail him for.

    If you’re going to de-pants the Judas-messiah, the Great Betrayer, the devil in Mommy Jeans, the androgynous Pat who put the ‘metro’ in metrosexual, the muslim from Kenya, you better have more than just election fraud.

    Not that election fraud isn’t enough legally, it’s plenty.

    But if you’re going to take a shot at the Devil, you better BURY him.

    And fortunately, Hussein is more than criminally corrupt enough to bury him at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and fill it all the way to top with his dirt.

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      1. “One sitting President trying to subvert a successive and duly elected President is about as bad as it gets.
        Whaddya think?”


        I couldn’t agree more — from our side’s perspective.

        From the side of anyone who cares about the rule of law, for that matter… which, of course, is clearly and without controversy, only our side.

        And not even all of our side, but nobody on THEIR side cares AT ALL about the rule of law. If anything, the rule of law is a hindrance to everything they seek to do.

        From the street-level doofus Leftist perspective, the ends justifies the means. It’s what they’ve been taught from grade school through college, and it has been reinforced every step of the way during and since by the Leftist media.

        Do they think Hussein trying to subvert Orange Man Bad’s election is a bad thing?

        Or would they give him a medal for hit and enshrine him on Mount Olympus?

        See what I mean?

        But if you can add layer after layer after layer of criminality, you take away their fig leaf, you take away the veil they use to enable their denial.

        The German People would have forgiven Hitler for almost anything, if he had been victorious. But they can’t forgive him for the atrocities, because the WORLD won’t let them.

        The evidence of Hussein’s criminality needs to be exposed completely, all of it (of which the election subversion, while huge, was only a small part and a natural outgrowth of all his other crime).

        Only then will his supporters have no possible justification to defend him.

        I don’t know which particular straw will break the camel’s back.

        So you just keeping adding straws until it happens.

        We will be looking for the ‘Baghdad Bob’ moment.

        When the MSM talking heads are looking into the camera, spewing their lies in defense of Hussein, and you can hear the (rhetorical) machine gun fire over their microphones inside the television studio.

        When traitors like Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski look at each other on live TV and realize it’s over, they can’t do it anymore, because they’re a laughing stock.

        The mockery is what will end it.

        The Left can’t tolerate mockery indefinitely.


  28. “It would defeat all of communism, socialism, radical professors, political correctness, activist judges, and strike a death blow to the media and Hollywood.”


    I’m not at all sure the Left ‘thinks’ that way.

    Our side seems more of the ‘all or nothing’ type.

    The Left, especially the communists (and globalists), play the long game. Decades. Centuries.

    No matter how badly they are defeated, no matter how devastating the setback would be to their plans, they won’t stop. Evil never quits, and sadly, evil can never be totally vanquished from this world.

    .If we are very fortunate, we might set them back a 100 years.

    And then it will be that generation’s turn to deal with them.

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  29. “What if……. Obama is Trump’s goal?”

    “Surprised? Dear Lord, I’m surprised. What if we’re right?”


    Hussein always had to be the goal.

    Not the ultimate goal, but to get to the ultimate goal, you have to go through Hussein to get there.

    There is no reason to take on the mob, no reason to waste resources and get people killed for nothing, unless your intention is to get the Boss.

    Anything less than the Boss is a complete and total failure, because the underlings are all replaceable, and will be replaced, before the sun goes down.

    But Hussein isn’t the boss.

    He’s a puppet.

    Trump is a BOSS.

    Trump has a lifetime of achievement which molded him into a Boss.

    Hussein is no boss.

    Not only does have zero achievements in his background before he was thrust into the Illinois senate and then catapulted into the WH, but whatever his real background is, it’s either so bad or so empty that either way, it had to be sealed and never opened under any circumstances.

    Hussein couldn’t mastermind his way out of a paper bag.

    He doesn’t even show any INTEREST in accomplishing anything, he just likes being in the spotlight.

    When you look up the term ’empty suit’, there should be a picture of Odufus there. The same picture could be used for the definition of ‘puppet’.

    There is no chance that Hussein organically rose from the swamp of Illinois and parachuted easily into the presidency on his own merit and ability.

    He was groomed and sheparded, the way before him was straightened and prepared, he was selected and inserted.

    But in order to get to his owners/handlers/puppet masters, you have to go through Hussein.

    So Hussein always had to be the goal, from the very start.

    I’m positive DJT already knows who the puppet masters are, and already has more than enough evidence to take them down, with or without Hussein offering a plea deal.

    But you can’t clean up the corruption BELOW Hussein, and clean out the corruption ABOVE Hussein, and let Hussein go.

    So Hussein isn’t necessary in order to get to the real bosses above him (i.e., we don’t need Hussein to flip, Trump has Hussein’s bosses either way), but Hussein is smack-dab right in the middle of the net, and there is definitely no reason to let him escape.

    There couldn’t even be any justification for it. How would you let Hussein go, when he is the one who either gave the orders or approved the orders for everything going on below him? Hussein is a middle manager. How do you take out the actual bosses, and the underlings who do the street-level work, and let the middle manager go?

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    1. “I’m positive DJT already knows who the puppet masters are, and already has more than enough evidence to take them down, with or without Hussein offering a plea deal…..”

      Oh yeah, President Trump SWAM in those waters for years. AND he had top notch hotels, clubs, golf courses and casinos where the SWAMP PLAYS…. AND TALKS FREELY.

      -Daughn said above:
      “…Remember the story told by Former FBI Agent Michael Moore? Back in the 90’s Moore wass hired by Steve Wynn. Trump and Wynn were in competition for …. some big deal. Wynn lost, yet 2 decades later, Moore still marveled at how Donald Trump was always one step ahead of his team. Moore couldn’t get over the strategy of Donald Trump, and realized he was a superior opponent. Does anyone thing a man like Donald Trump would suddenly change his method of preparation to accomplish goals, after 50+yrs of success? Nah, Trump is not lucky, Trump is well-prepared…”

      President Trump KNOWS. What is more, if the Skuttlebutt is to be believe President Trump was RECRUITED.

      Read this again: List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama And think of what contacts and information that group of PISSED OFF MILLITARY LEADERS has.

      Also there is Dr Steve Pieczenik…


      People OT whine about how ‘alone’ President Trump is….

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  30. Who is the one person standing apart, in front of all others?

    No way she took that position of prominence unless she was the top dog in that crowd.

    If there was any other top dog, his or her ego wouldn’t have allowed VJ to take that spot in a photo they knew was destined for posterity.

    If I had to guess, Valerie Jarret is his primary handler.

    She’s an Illinois slumlord who scammed millions of dollars from the government.

    She may not be a global criminal mastermind, but she would be capable enough to be Hussein’s handler, the go-between, between Hussein and his actual benefactors/owners/puppet masters.

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  31. “The risk of Obama being exposed could motivate a desperate John Brennan to take action.”


    But would he be willing to go to the gas chamber, or the electric chair, or the hangman’s gallows, for Hussein?

    Because that’s the decision he and the others would have to make.

    Will you DIE for him.

    A flim-flam man?


    One of the circumstantial arguments for Christ being exactly who He claimed to be is what his disciples and apostles accomplished.

    They knew Jesus personally. They were with him every day. They saw what He was able to do with their own eyes.

    As best as can be determined, every one of the Apostles except John was martyred, went to their execution, rather than denounce or renounce Jesus Christ. And who knows how many other disciples did likewise, in addition to the Apostles.

    Would any of us die, suffer torture and potentially crucifixion, for someone we knew was a fraud?

    Would any of us die for a flim-flam man?

    A con-man?

    Would anyone?

    For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.” (Romans 5:7, KJV)

    Scarcely even for a righteous man would one be willing to die.

    Hussein is no righteous man.


    1. correction: “One of the circumstantial arguments for Christ being exactly who He claimed to be is what His disciples and apostles accomplished.”

      “They were with Him every day.”


  32. “We’ve heard other rumblings, from Tracy Beanz sources, hints from Q, other articles, about discussions taking place on HOW FAR to go in the sweep. If we go too far, do we damage the Republic?”


    Damage the Republic?

    MORE damaging than the traitors who turned it into an organized crime syndicate and then attempted a coup against the man who unseated him?!?

    It’s just a terrifically, breathtakingly dishonest argument.

    The Hussein administration, and the Clintons, and their cronies, and the GOPe traitors who assisted them, bear the FULL BURDEN of responsibility for the incredible damage done to our Republic.

    Only a fellow traitor and conspirator would suggest it was possible to do even MORE damage by exposing the criminals and rooting them out.

    I DREAM of meeting someone face-to-face to have that argument.

    They have NO LEG to stand on.


    “Do we jail a few minor Colonels (McCabe and the Ohrs) but allow Hitler to remain in Berlin?”


    Of course not.

    For one thing, Hussein is STILL engaged in ongoing criminal activity (unless we all forgot about the coup, and his global hotch-scotch game of follow DJT around to meet with leaders right after Trump does).

    Suggesting that Hussein NOT be prosecuted is like suggesting that the leader of a bank robbery should be let go, WHILE he’s still inside the bank, with hostages, and shooting at the Police.

    It’s LUNACY.

    There is no possibility of a rational argument that could be made to support such a path.

    The only kind of person who could even credibly advocate such a thing is someone who is severely delusional or in a state of psychological denial so deep that they should receive a 72-hour psych-evaluation.

    It’s fantasy land.


    “Or do we expose everything, all the fraud, and let the chips fall where they may? ”


    Ding ding ding ding ding….

    We HAVE a winner!

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  33. “Forget about rumors of Obama being born in Kenya, we don’t have time to chase that rabbit. ”


    But that rabbit is definitely coming out with the rest of the wash.

    As DJT has said, this CANNOT be allowed to happen again.

    In order to make that case, you need someone to make an example of.

    We could use Ted from Canadia as exhibit ‘B’, but exhibit ‘A’ belongs all to the Kenyan.

    There are GOOD reasons for the birth qualifications to be president of the United States. They’re not racist or any other Leftist social justice excuse to turn over another apple cart just for the fun of it.


    Hussein is going to be the cause for closing ALL of the qualification loopholes for the presidency that people think they can exploit in their personal lust for power.

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  34. “Yet one of the biggest sections of the new rules is the development of a mini-DOJ within the Congress, to defend at all costs (taxpayer expenses) any attack on Obamacare. The Congressional Attorneys would even sue our own DOJ….. at taxpayer expense. Why Obamacare? Because it’s the only successful thing, the only part of Obama’s legacy still standing……. Could it be the reason why Pelosi has taken such drastic action?”


    If it is, it’s not because they care about Hussein-care.

    These are not idealists or even true-believers.

    These are the most cynical, conscience-seared, tyrannical people in the world. They wouldn’t be where they are right now, if that wasn’t so.

    So if they are pulling out all the stops to defend Hussein-care, it has to do with MONEY.

    It’s always about the money.

    Follow the money.

    Money Money Money.

    And did we tell you the name of the game, boy?
    We call it riding the gravy train…………

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  35. Daughn, Absolutely on target, hussein = Berlin. Great analogy. As a primary target at this time. More on that later.
    Big T great insights, me thinks.

    Have been noodling on your article all day. Been through the comments a few times.

    Obama an empty head, manipulated by the puppet masters. Don’t know who they are, but President Trump knows, me thinks.
    – After hussein and his criminal followers are taken out, President Trump can focus on the higher level criminals.

    Nailing Obama is the right guy at this time, well earned target on his face for all of the criminal things he has done. In this environment, start with the attempted coup. Bringing down the D-Rat, MCM, hollyweird myth of the great messiah, hussein.

    On the way to hussein, major players in hussein administration, top echelons of DOJ, FBI, IC, some Congress critters will go down in flames.

    BONUS of sorts. After hussein, DOJ, FBI, IC are fully exposed, indictments…great things can happen.
    – D-Rat party literally implode. They have blindly adored hussein, gave him cover for all of his administration criminal wrong doing (IRS, Benghazi, Fast Furious, Iran nuke deal…), spying on candidates, contrived story line supporting Russia hoax, phony FISAs, decimating our economy, manufacturing…
    ^^^ Everything exposed as lies….traitors.

    MCM and hollyweird lose majority of their base. D-Rat 24/7 echo chamber evaporates.

    AND, President Trump can both demand and implement IC organization changes needed. Gen Flynn can be brought in to effect those changes.
    ^^^ This is huge.

    THEN, President Trump can move against the uber manipulators…above hussein, cry’n chuck, turtle, Eddie Munster (when he was Speaker), nitwit nan, no nads, shitty shift…perhaps a few Judges, a Justice (the big one;-).
    ^^^ Globalist $$$ families Rothchild’s… OR communist powers in China and or Russia.

    Fundamentally criminal behavior rooted in…MONEY FIRST. Then, power which creates and maintains money generation.

    Follow the money.

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  36. Awesome discussion and theory, Daughnworks. You present a well-supported cases do others in the comments.

    I have always figured Ozero to be a Manchurian candidate of sorts, answerable to the Globalist Banking cabal (based in London and Brussels). The United States has long been their primary source of funding, and Leftists desire for totalitarian government meshed very well with Globalist desire for One Word Government (not that the Leftists would realize before it was too late that the NWO cabal would crush the Marxists in the final takeover).

    President Trump knows of this dynamic and existential threat to the USA, and that has been his primary objective, to rid the US of the threat from the Globalists including China. China has been its own unique problem because their goals are not aligned with the western-based Globalist banking Cabal.

    IMHO, Ozero represents the first major milestone in PDJT’s quest for a purge of the primary sources of US government corruption. Yes many parts of the false edifice Ozero represents will fall with him but it will not capture the deeply entrenched subversives within the IC, the Deep State. That cleansing of the DS will require the installation of a solid layer of America-First patriots at the top two levels of management of all LEAs in the IC including the C_A. And it will require MAGA patriots in Congressional leadership positions, so that laws and procedures can be restored that balance the power and do not concentrate it in any one chamber, branch or party, and that make ALL agencies ultimately accountable to the voters.

    Finally, the U.S. eneMedia and academia are currently the hotbeds of leftist, anti-American thinking and scheming. Hollywood is too, but they are trivial compared with the education system and the media. The federal government cannot change those industries; but it can remove federal obstacles (as well as politically misdirected federal funding) for local citizens to begin to change their local schools and colleges, and their local sources of news. Then the citizens at large can begin to demand change, unhampered by politically correct federal laws, The change will occur first locally, then nationally.

    None of this can be done merely by exposing and revealing Ozero’s fraud. I agree that it will be the removal of an idol, a false god. But the Left and Globalists existed before Ozero and will continue their quest after Ozero and Shriller are both exposed and removed permanently.

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    1. Removing the $$$ both ‘Legal’ and ILLEGAL will go a LOOOOOoooong way to killing the ‘Beast’ since it has ALWAYS been artificially maintained. Communism would have died with Marx without the Support of the Banksters.

      Trials of the top tiers PLUS EXPOSURE of Child Trafficking, pedophilia and worse will WAKE UP much of America as to the EVIL Beast in our midst.

      Getting rid of ANCHOR BABIES, RAP-U-GES and Illegals will also help A LOT.

      ” Cartoon by Robert Minor in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1911). Karl Marx surrounded by an appreciative audience of wall street financiers: John D. Rockerfeller, J. P. Morgan, John D. Ryan of National City Bank, and Morgan Partner George W Perkins. Immediately behind Karl Marx is Teddy Rosevelt, Leader of the Progressive Party. Intro Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Arlington House Publishing 1974. “

      …Minor was a talented artist and writer who doubled as a Bolshevik revolutionary, got himself arrested in Russia in 1915 for alleged subversion, and was later bank-rolled by prominent Wall Street financiers…

      Was Robert Minor dreaming? On the contrary, we shall see that Minor was on firm ground in depicting an
      enthusiastic alliance of Wall Street and Marxist socialism. The characters in Minor’s cartoon — Karl Marx
      (symbolizing the future revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky), J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller — and indeed
      Robert Minor himself, are also prominent characters in this book….


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    2. ” and that make ALL agencies ultimately accountable to the voters.”


      Now THERE’S an idea.

      Put every one of them on the ballot EVERY FOUR YEARS, and make the director of each one justify their continued existence to the voters.

      Either they are doing measurable, quantifiable GOOD for the American People, or they’re GONE.

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    3. Why not legally DEFINE communism and fascism, and then OUTLAW THEM BOTH because they are foundationally in opposition to the Constitution of the United States, while we’re at it?

      Communism is defined by the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, and they each stand in direct opposition to the Constitution — so outlaw it!

      NOBODY has any ‘right’ to be a Communist, if the entire self-declared purpose of Communism is to subvert the Constitution!

      Fascism would be a bit more complicated to define, because (to my knowledge) it doesn’t have a single Author who did us a favor of defining it for the world.

      But the same principle applies.

      Fascism exists to attract power to itself, and every expression of fascism of which I am aware is in direct opposition to the Constitution.

      The “test” is whether or not an ideology (OR religion, i.e., islam) is SUBVERSIVE, according to FOUNDING FATHER Samuel Adams. The following quotes by Adams and analysis by Breitbart author AWR Hawkins is in relation to islam, but the exact same litmus test applies to Communism and fascism, because both exist to subvert civil society.

      “It is interesting to note that in 1772 Sam Adams wrote “The Rights of the Colonists,” through which he set forth a litmus test for religions that could be tolerated under the new government colonists would form.

      Adams’ litmus test rules out theocracies like Islam.

      Hanover College published “The Rights of the Colonists,” in which Adams wrote:

      “In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind.

      And it is now generally agreed among Christians that this spirit of toleration, in the fullest extent consistent with the being of civil society, is the chief characteristical mark of the Church. Insomuch that Mr. Locke has asserted and proved, beyond the possibility of contradiction on any solid ground, that such toleration ought to be extended to all whose doctrines are not subversive of society.

      The only sects which he thinks ought to be, and which by all wise laws are excluded from such toleration, are those who teach doctrines subversive of the civil government under which they live.”

      So Adams sets forth a test for ascertaining which religions should be tolerated and that test is whether the “doctrines”–or teachings–of a given religion are “subversive of society.” Adams contended that religions “are excluded from… toleration” when they “teach doctrines subversive of the civil government.



      1. While I like the concept of defining what types of government or legal systems would be illegal in this country, and having read some of Adam’s writings, I do realize that trying to put it in actual practice today will take us down a very slippery slope ion we are n to very deliberate and astute in how the laws are written. We do have the 1st Amendment which doesn’t have any exclusions. So there is that hurdle.

        Bigger & more immediate problem today is Sharia. That is now rearing its ugly head on a larger scale than it has previously. It is in complete conflict with our Constitution as well as with Judaism and Christianity, the top two most widely practiced religions in the USA (polling at 1.9% and 70.6% respectively, according to Pew; with Islam at 0.9% in the same poll).

        So I think these issues are going to need to be addressed more specifically than they have to date because there are factions in this country who are already pushing for their religious laws to supersede the nations laws. There are those who are pushing for full-blown central government command and control socialism and communism.

        We are facing this much sooner than I would have imagined only 20 years ago.

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  37. thoughts on politics as the “religion” of the left.

    Huge post – am I cluttering or is anyone going to come back to a thread now that the parade has moved on and there is so much excitement in the news!?! Below are ideas that have tumbled around in my mind for years and the first time I am trying to articulate them. Trust me – this is NOT the well organized writing of our gifted leadership here in Qtree or the commenters/contributors at OT so you are prewarned on that. (maybe I should have written on a doc and then edited down) (why do I feel so much more comfortable sharing here than at OT? being more “real” while still being careful about personal identifiers, hopefully)

    For many on the left, politics is what gives them a framework, a worldview and a vision for the future – as I stream of consciousness shared in the post above. Breakdown of our West Civ culture facilitates that the absence of traditional meaning to life, life structure, worldview and way of life. Did the left politics come as an outgrowth of the breakdown or was the breakdown to make the left politics happen? A cause or a result? Or to interwoven to know?I think it was a planned event – West Civ and its support systems identified and targeted so that we would now have a culture ready and vulnerable for the left.

    (breakdown is from breakdown of traditional communities of nuclear family, extended family, location/geographic community, school communities and what is taught, longterm work place communities due to today’s frequent job changing and relocating, church communities, etc. + the degradation of society/culture through education and culture)

    Many years ago I read the Feminine Mystique. From there, I read other feminist books and as well as books written to/about housewives, such as Fascinating Womanhood. They were all pro women (woman making their choices and being successful in those choices) but from many different perspectives. I was a young woman who wanted to be a housewife and homemaker and yet was intelligent curious, analytic, a student of history and greatly admired those who were educated (something that I greatly admired and still do but no longer equate a college degree with necessarily being “well educated”!).

    One thing I pondered was the actual “feminine mystique” – the described loneliness, the emptiness, the void, the hole in the center of women’s souls that was not fulfilled by being wife, housewife/homemaker, mother, community volunteer, friend, etc. I pondered why Christian women were less likely to have this issue.

    I was not a Christian at the time so open to the theories/claims that the Christian women were all just deluded &/or brainwashed. I jokingly thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to be deluded into happiness! But I continued to wonder why so many Christian women were happy and why the Vast majority of the modern feminists were Non Christian and often non practicing if they were Jewish.

    (And how many were actually Jewish. I never and still do not at all think it is Any kind of Jewish conspiracy nor is about Jewishness at all. More Christians, esp. in the 40s-early 70s, were practicing and actual believers while many American Jews were and are not actually practicing, religious Jews. I think the lack of spirituality in what accounts for the early disproportionate, over representation in feminism by women who were also Jewish in the post WWII “feminism”.)

    What I came to realize over time, as I read biographies of Christian women who were housewives is that they were genuinely happy in their roles. They Liked being a housewife and homemaker. Yes, all of the things that go into homemaking, into being a wife and caring for children are enjoyable and satisfying.

    It really isn’t so hard to believe that many women enjoyed being housewives. Look at current popularity of decorating, gardening, sewing, crafting, cooking, budgeting, volunteering, being involved in one’s children’s schooling/education and so much else that housewives/homemakers have always done and enjoyed.

    Of course, not everyone enjoys every aspect to the same degree as other aspects of homemaking or the same focus as other fellow housewives. Some people couldn’t careless about crafting or sewing but love to garden and cook while others are terrible housekeepers but keep an excellent budget, lovely yard + garden and make a huge difference in their community and children’s school via volunteering in any number of community orgs/schools, etc. All of these go into making a home, caring for the family + enjoying doing so.

    And all of these things go into life satisfaction for the wife/mother + the children, husband, extended families and communities.

    But not because their was entire fulfillment in making beds, doing dishes, gardening, decorating, etc. It was in relationships and how these things served/gave to the People in their lives – from the nuclear family to their extended family to their church family, their neighborhood, their town, their husband’s job/business/customers, etc.

    A lovely home facilities hospitality and lots of company. By the way, modest home – a well, kept, neat home decorated purposefully even if on a budget with a warm, loving family and a gracious hostess is just as lovely as an expensive home! Good cooking, well kept garden, etc., all are blessings and All of these things ultimately facilitate Relationships.

    So, yes, housewives of old (and today) found satisfaction in being a housewife when they found their emphasis, their giftings, did the job well and did it for their interests and their people in their lives – Relationships & Community.
    And, no, one doesn’t have to be a full time homemaker to accomplish much of the housewife list but most with modest jobs can not hire out what they don’t have time to do so those things go undone. Most importantly, there isn’t the time to maintain the relationships and communities of the traditional US culture.

    Feminists seem to think that the actions were supposed to satisfying and fulfilling v. the relationships. As I already described about, some aspects of a life as a housewife are truly fun and satisfying and which aspects will varying (Ex: I love to cook, find parts of gardening enjoyable & oddly, I love ironing and vacuuming – I find both satisfying! but most housework is just doing what needs to be done to have a clean house and to keep our things serviceable and useful to us) but most of what one does is For the results, for the people in one’s life and for the family, friends, community.

    Feminists also seemed to get their cues from movies, radio, boos, magazines, commercials and TV – as though that were real life and when their life didn’t match fake reality…surprise, anger & meltdown.

    But the core issue is that the feminists – and this is what brings me to post this whole thing here – seemed to think that anyone, esp. the happy, Christian housewife was actually fulfilled in that deep down part of our soul by housewifing. They seemed to think the Feminine Mystic, not being fulfilled in one’s soul by being a housewife was Because one was a housewife v. spending one’s time doing something else.

    No, that hole that they describe is a God sized hole that is Only filled by Him. Their longing, their restlessness, their emptiness describes one who is Spiritually empty and a soul thirsting for Him.

    When feminists went to work, careers didn’t fill that hole either.

    When feminists split time between work, family, home, hobbies – nothing fills that hole in their souls.

    Now, truly there are a large number of women who can do it all or can do it all but do it at various stages in life (ex: some stay home for a few years while their children are babies and preschool then go on to 30 yrs of a successful career or women who worked and now are retired and love gardening, sewing, cooking etc. or those women who find a balance of both all the way through their lives). Many women have callings and giftings and passions for work that leads to careers – – > > Wonderful! I am NOT against that at all!! But Everyone – men & women – still look for that inner fulfillment and find it is a Spiritual void that only God can fill.

    Maybe that is why Christian women were stereotypically happier in the role of housewife, homemaker and often partner to their husbands (in various ways) careers/businesses than the leftist feminists. The non Christian and non practicing Jews were trying to find total fulfillment via their roles as women v. finding that inner void filled as daughters of God. Their feminism became a method of trying to fill that empty void, the so called Feminine Mystic.

    I have mulled over the above for many years after reading many books on feminism. When we began to talk about the fear on the left and why the TDS then spoke of leftism being almost or actually a religion to the left it seems to me that their is overlay between what I saw in feminism (modern feminism filled with hate v. 1st wave feminism to be treated as a person v. as a female under the law and in the work place – that type of feminism I am for!).

    Today, leftists continue trying fill that void, to justify not filling it via Spiritual means, with their “religions” of feminism, man made climate change and now Social Justice. Most are not practicing Christians or Jews and have a hollowness and thirst, overwhelming desire to fill that God sized void. They have chosen poorly and will never be satisfied.

    Like trying to satisfy hunger with only raw veggies! We Need the meat, healthy fats, etc.

    Today’s leftist are also driven by their lack of community and family structures into false “family”, into feeling like they belong to a group, to “family”, like people care and will always be there for them and like what they are doing matters. All of these things were/are fulfilled when one is a Christian and in traditional communities and real family.

    Starved of authentic relationships to God, parents, siblings, extended family, long term neighbors, church, local community, etc., they are attempting to find spiritual fulfillment, meaning, belonging, love & relationships via leftist politics, their pop culture and their social media bubble.

    It goes to the core of who they are and how they find meaning and fulfill their emotional needs. No wonder they experience TDS when all of this is threatened by reality of facts, truth and authentic people with authentic, fulfilling happy lives.

    They experience pure hate – because they are experiencing pure pain and absolute fear that nothing that they have clung to for meaning will be left after truth is faced about their life, as sunlight is shown on their life’s foundations and premises.

    All of this mainly refers to the every day follower. However, much of the “leadership” are not really actual leaders/power players but advanced worker bees so this would apply to them as well + their power, material security, lifestyle and job that gives their life meaning, their life mission are being shown as fake, false, and corrupt.

    So, the leadership, too, howl in pure hate and lash out in desperate fear for all of the same reasons but with even more too loose and more consequences to be faced!

    My 2 cents

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    1. They are confusing Who they are with What they do. They are substituting politics for spiritual fulfillment.

      Gee – could have saved all the above post with these 2 sentences! ha

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        1. Not sure about “profound” but thought I would put it out there in case it helps or gives someone else an idea or two.

          BTW – I am not anti careers for women. I am an old school feminist but just didn’t want a career for myself. If someone told me I couldn’t then I bet I would have wanted one more than anything! ha

          But careers won’t fill that empty spot either. I think many feminists really did expect careers to be completely fulfilling and fill that empty void, that infamous Feminine Mystic. Sad.

          Anyway, my 2 cents, for what its worth

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