Dear MAGA: 2019929 Open Topic

This very special
We Are All Your Data SUNDAY open thread

is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody
to post whatever they feel they would like
to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the KAG!KMAG world.

Header photo credit: James Belkevitz/Protonmail

Say what you want, comment on what other people said,
comment on people’s comments.
Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road,
which are few but important.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


This Sunday is also the day of the year that we honor Gold Star Mothers in America. (More details from

Group photo of American Gold Star Mothers

We Are All Your Data Sunday

We all understand the incredible power the internet wields in our lives today. And yet all the big players seem to have no serious interest or ability in building an internet that provides good value, security and privacy at scale. And every single one seems to have curious founders and beginnings associated with persons involved with government agencies of various stripes.

The worst offenders need no elaboration. In the early days we loved to hate Micro$oft, Yahuuuu, and Netscrape. Now we worry about Faceborg’s over the top invasive data collection, with it even trying to contract with hospitals to get personal medical records! Their interest in collecting everything on everyone certainly should bring a smile of delight from the control freaks that want to run the planet.

In the run up to the 2020 Elections the ways in which our voices are silenced will likely be beyond belief. If there ever was a time to pray for God to place his hand on the technologies such that they serve his purposes, now is that time.

Another excessively large and questionable player, the Goolag, loves to build everything in a way that allows data collection on pretty much everything they touch.

Department Of Justice Expected To Launch New Anti-Trust Investigation Of Google

And they aren’t afraid to use their search engines to not only manipulate public perceptions, but undercut their competition as well.


The article partly shown above, Search Risk – How Google Almost Killed ProtonMail, chronicles the year long battle by ProtonMail to get them to “fix” a problem that was killing search access to their site and product information. It cost the company some serious loss of revenues. Here’s more of the story…


Our VSG Lion PDJT has made sport of our enemies using the online media giant I like to call Twister, even using it to call out the service when it shut down the accounts of James Woods and Mary Ann Mendoza (among others). We should all be infuriated by their heavy handed ways that distort, throttle and even silence the voice of our conservative Patriot “digital army.”

With all that said, the hidden 500 pound Gorilla controlling much of the internet today is a company called CloudFlare. You many not even know how much power they wield over much of the global internet traffic. They have built a global infrastructure that virtually replaces the federation model of an internet run by multiple providers at every layer. This puts way too much power into the hands of a small number of technocrats.


They took a lot of heat in their early days for not deplatforming a controversial site, and in the end they did indeed remove support for the site–on a whim of the CEO. And have more recently been in the news for deplatforming 8chan.

Cloudflare founders
CloudFlare founders Michelle Zatlyn and Matthew Prince

But make no mistake, the concerns over CloudFlare run far deeper than the ability to stop providing DDoS protection services. Some have suggested that the addition of certain new board members this past spring, may have been a factor in the decision to join in the smear campaign (and all out attack) on the home of the Qanon message board. That may be, but you can be sure that there have been many pressures to take sides in this war.


CloudFlare is now the Man-in-the-Middle of nearly everything that is on the internet. That means they can block access to site content,  spy on everything that goes through their world-wide server network, and give higher paying customers faster internet traffic routing with faster results.

What could possibly go wrong?


In the days to come, it will become more and more important to have researched and developed alternative platforms for the sharing of information and real-time communications. Tech companies are going to keep promising that they care about your safety, security and privacy. And those same companies will not really care at all…


Finding alternative comms will not be as simple as getting a Gab account as we have discovered. While 8chan was in the crosshairs of those at war with free speech and the Q movement, Gab was next in line.


The troubles they have encountered are helping us all to see where the weak points are and hopefully develop better services in response. At this stage, it would seem that we need multiple modes for connecting in the hopes that not all of them are taken out at the same time.


At this point it would seem that CloudFlazi is going to be one to watch and to keep in our prayers. I’ve been given a server unreachable error message from CloudFlazi more than a few times when trying to reach in the past month.

We are in this to win, with the help of God.
Let’s work to get wise and to stay connected!




Calendar side note: Today is also the beginning of the festival celebrated in India called Navaratri (meaning nine nights). It’s definitely not a Christian event, but Christians in the Indian culture do sometimes participate. Top line: it’s a celebration of good triumphing over evil. Under the hood: this is a purely Hindu festival with goddesses receiving worship as the heroines in the struggle against the demons of their mythology. As believers, understanding this holiday may help us open a conversation and offer a Christian perspective to our Indian friends.


390 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 2019929 Open Topic

    1. THREAD – click his tweet………………….

      btw…………… I hope you guys are not listening to the Borg………………. WE ARE THE NEWS…………….

      VSG POTUS has this………………….

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    2. Yep. The leftards and screaming and yelling, as in their nightmares they’re fearing and being defeated (as they should be) by “The Music Of The Right”

      (now where’s Michael Crawford to sing them a new verse whilst their Schiff is sinking…).

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  1. TRUTH!!!

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    1. I was disgusted with Maria after this. She was parroting all the Dem/MSM talking points. Why scream at Rudy “Where are the indictments??”, he doesn’t work for DOJ! He shouldn’t know or if does, shouldn’t say a word on National TV about it!!

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      1. Yes she was rather combative yet quite ineffective. I only see clips, no TV persay, but I didn’t expect this from her. It is good in the way that she wasn’t a push over because Giuliani smoked her, the dems and Biden.

        Part of this might be that these news personalities still don’t get the most basic thing about this being that Trump is fully in his right in getting to the bottom of the Russian Collusion Hoax. It’s hardly been a talking point because it should be so obvious apparent but apparently not. Now they are getting push back on Biden being fair game and incidental to any investigations in Ukraine. Maybe next time the dems will vet their candidates better.


        1. I was shocked! She was chastising Rudy for defending POTUS. You’re causing trouble, Bill Barr is unhappy with you, Pompeo’s mad at you, blah blah blah,..she sounded like MSM. She supposedly flubbed an interview last week. I’m wondering if drinking the Ryan koolaid is part of her new contract.

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      2. In her interview with Doug Collins after Rudy, she seemed like a citizen EXTREMELY frustrated that people aren’t being held accountable. It was as if she could no longer contain her disappointment and angst.

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        1. She used to ask “Will” we see indictments. Today she screamed and demanded to know “When” from both Rudy and Doug. Alerted my spidey sense. Maybe she was frustrated, but it was totally inappropriate.

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  2. open topic….

    The STL Cardinals are flying high. Post season, baby! I didn’t realize the manager and I are star twins.Anyway, feeling no pain in the Lion of the Valley!

    Anyway, the Dodgers are going to mow down everybody. In the meantime, we’ll have fun.

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      1. I’m reminded of Douglas Adams’s character “Dirk Gently” in “Long Dark Teatime of the Soul”, where, to make ends meet, he ends up writing horoscopes for the local paper. As he had just broken up with his girlfriend, he made the horoscope for her sign to be unfortunate, if not downright horrid.

        After a while, the readership of the paper dropped by one-twelfth… 🙂

        The Dirk Gently Books, as well as the vastly misnamed Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Trilogy (all five or more volumes) are well worth reading, and hilarious.

        Sad that Douglas Adams was a flaming Atheist, and died so soon. If only he had gotten to know Jesus, who blessed him with such special talents…

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  3. I think I’m gonna go offline … for a while…

    Believing as I do that we are all connected consciously, WWG1WGA….

    and believing that our Will, our ATTITUDE about this mess determines the outcome (the Lord gave US FREE WILL) I don’t want to expose my consciousness to any negativity…………..

    I discont’d from TV decades ago, never had cable… so, until Peeps start having a LITTLE more confidence, until Peeps are willing to be discriminating about whom they follow… just going to spend time in quiet, prayer and joy. There is PLENTY of JOY… God has surrounded us with it. God has given us POTUS and we have only to trust. We are MANY, the Cabal are few… See y’all later.

    P.S. Happy New Year to our Jewish friends.

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    1. Good for you PR! I have to disengage too when things get too nasty, it’s bad for the spirit. Rest, recharge, and come back to the fight when you’re refreshed. 🤗😘PR🤗😘

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        1. Thank you very much Pheonix I need all the prayers I can get.I am praying for good news and it just struck me that some of the best news ever is that Hillary is not our President and never will be.Our God is an awesome God.

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  4. Liked by 11 people

    1. “I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason…..”

      The storm is here, methinks, And it looks like the Schiff is already taking on Watters, and sinking…

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  5. Posted on the Rudy thread OT…..reck’n she wont be there for long;-)

    lela says:
    September 29, 2019 at 6:05 pm
    Quote Tweet
    Brian Cates
    · 24m
    And when somebody on the RIGHT, who is supposedly on Trump’s side, puts a lot of their time and effort into SELLING YOU on the idea that Schiff is really about to get Trump impeached, they’re trying to get you be AFRAID of what Schiff is doing….

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    1. Yes, and Team Disinfo Eeyore is already on the case…

      MakeAmericaGreat says:
      September 29, 2019 at 6:35 pm
      I would be careful listening to a lot of what Cates (Stealth Jeff) says. He’s one of the founding members of Team Trust-The-Plan.

      I love this post from Sundance and would “like” it just for the post title alone. lol

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    1. I need new glasses – I saw that as the elephant of her grandparents… and thought, what is Fauxcahontas Liarwatha saying now: that her grandparents helped Hannibal to cross the Alps???

      More like Hannibal Lecter… guess who’s coming to dinner, Faux???

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  6. Please spread the word.
    October 17 10 a.m. DC….go to for details…..some are still evolving.
    Tell your friends about this please……
    Thanks and God Bless.

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    1. Whoever advised this move did him no favors. HidinJoe was better than CommieJoe.

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        1. No wonder they cannot give up on these blatant, outrageous charges against PT –

          Q says FISA brings down the House – still wondering how that will happen – since FISA involved the intelligence agencies – unless CongressCritters were complicit.

          Got any ideas GA/FL? Anybody?

          Liked by 7 people

              1. Forgot about those bad dudes – having an ‘R’ after your name means nothing – when it comes to voting – they show their true loyalty or lack thereof – even if we took them out back and worked them over – they would not change, BFLY! Bums!

                Now – we have Paul Ryan at Fox News ready to get even with PT – he must be worried about losing his perks – or rather having lost them – needs to make up for those loses – we know who pays him…

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        1. Hiya Duchess!!! Daughter is good..Super Prego,,and am rethinking going to Fla for my nephew’s wedding..a week before this new g baby is due… (BTW–I love you!!!)❤❣

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          1. Gee, Marica – you frequently find yourself split between a rock and a hard place – however – imho – after all she has been through – I think you should be there for her – you can always make a video – and send your congrats to the new couple – yes? – a week is cutting it close – pray about it – and let God guide you! So excited for all of you!!!

            Smooches and Huggles – Love you, too!!!

            God Bless You for all you do for others! He knows!!!

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    September 29, 2019
    by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins

    The Enneagram is a personality system that posits there are nine basic personality types. The Enneagram has become widely popular in some Christian circles within the past few years, but the system’s origins are somewhat disputed. Some credit it to Christian mystics from the fourth century, while others attribute it to pagan, Eastern or psychoanalytic sources. In an online video of his sermon, Brown says whether the Enneagram has pagan or Eastern roots does not change his feelings about including it in sermons. “You don’t have to be a believer to have information,” Brown says.

    Matt Brown, founding and lead pastor of Sandals charismatic Church in Riverside, California, recently defended why he uses the Enneagram as a tool in his sermons.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

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  8. This is just how it is…..

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  9. Whew, what a workout!! My fingers are tired. Just got finished liking and retweeting the 20+ videos and comments that POTUS has been tweeting about Mark Levin’s smackdown of Ed Henry. 😂😂😂
    POTUS’ twitter feed is glorious. They even mention Snake Ryan’s influence at Fox. FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!!! 🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🦋🦋🦋
    Ed is probably hiding in a hole somewhere. Expect Shemp and Juan to defend their colleague by blaming President Trump tomorrow. 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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  10. Oh boy…

    Note the time he tweeted this–911.

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    1. Trump is quoting Pastor Robert Jeffress from FBC Dallas, one of the few remaining strong voices in the SBC vocally supporting POTUS, while opposing the Leftists trying to take over the SBC. Jeffress has been invited to several Trump events and asked to pray, one notable occasion at the commissioning of the embassy in Jerusalem.

      Looking at the replies on the thread, the crazies hate Jeffress almost as much as Trump 😉 Looks like this set of tweets has really lit up the haters tonight…

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