Why Are The Dems So Angry?

Many of our friends and family will ask us about the latest developments of the hybrid Impeachment “Inquiry”. How do we react? What are you saying to your friends? Please include your insights in the comments below.

My response has been to donate small amounts to the Trump campaign, and narrow my eyes with cold determination. This is a war. Accept it. Stop thinking your opposition does not know the truth, or they are idiots. No, they know exactly what they are doing. These actions are intentional.

As time goes on, we see holes in the Whistleblower story, and whether or not this qualifies as a whistleblower complaint. I’m going to put that debate to the side for a moment to examine another issue. What we cannot understand, what makes no sense to us, and sets off our spidey-sense, is, why are the Dems so angry?

When confronted, leftist voters and their politicians have a hard time communicating a legitimate reason for hatred of Trump, let alone, impeachment of an American President. They stumble and stammer, defaulting to frustration and emotion. It could be a deliberate effort to oust a President because the opposition seeks control of government…. more nefarious. Is it a rejection of the people who voted for President Trump and an effort to control public discourse, quell dissent, to silence ….. us? Is it a grand conspiracy by a bunch of globalists who really want to continue sucking the USA dry? Is Trump really a Nazi and an existential threat to the world? All of the above? Who knows?

We’ve had opposing political parties in the past. Every election cycle, each side rallies supporters, but one side fails. We lick our wounds, analyze our mistakes, and move onto the next election. Yet, we’ve never seen anything like the way the political opposition + media have acted during the Trump administration.

Whatever the reason for the left’s motives, why are they so desperate this time? If we can get to THAT answer, the root cause for all the venom, we may figure out the truth and begin to make peace…..

The reaction from the left is “over the top”, not normal, which leads us to believe something else is at stake. It indicates regular, GUILTY, human behavior. If a toddler descends into tears because mom accused them of stealing a cookie, it means admitting the theft is perceived as MORE disadvantageous, than the embarrassment of having a fit…. which means parents need to correct the toddler’s priorities, asap. We teach our children to own up to their failings and mistakes. Strong and spontaneous, “over the top” emotions, which have no clear basis, indicate deflection of the real problem. Likewise, if a husband and wife are screaming at each other about whether to have chicken or salmon for dinner…. chances are, the argument is NOT about what’s for dinner. It’s something else.

So, what is it with the Dems?

The Premise: The Dems are trying to hide something…. and it’s big.

The more they scream, the greater the effort, the bigger the problem. It’s directly proportional. Let’s see if the premise works. We have 10 reasons.

  • 1. In my opinion, it all comes back to the “alleged” fraud, targeting of the Trump campaign, during the 2016 election and the attempts to hide the crimes. If the fraud is discovered, people will go to jail and the Dem party (and maybe a few on the Repub side) will have their political careers destroyed. People involved will be disgraced, legacies ruined, think tanks shuttered, and there will be many more Dr. Mudd’s. The Dem party would be eviscerated for a generation. This time, EVERYTHING is at stake. They’re fighting for their lives.
Why were Mueller/Weissman so careful to limit their investigations?

Let’s be objective. Well, it’s a plausible argument, which remains largely unproven as yet (the fraud/the FISAs/the spying/the entrapment), and would explain the visceral hatred, desperate actions of the Dems. It could be one example of why the Dems are so angry. Let’s look for further evidence.

  • 2. The first person the Dems attacked was Lt General Mike Flynn. Why go after Flynn, first? Back in 2014, Mike Flynn wrote a book called The Field of Fight. It was Mike Flynn’s approach on how to fight Radical Islam………….. but it included a restructuring of the intel agencies to become more effective, less analysts, and more people on the front lines and in the field. Ohhh, the intel agencies did not like Mike Flynn’s book at all. Flynn was fired by Obama because of his alleged naming of Radical Islam, but insiders claim it was because of his ideas on moving the agencies around. And we do have McCabe’s words, “First we fu$k Flynn, and then we fu$k Trump.
The intel community targeted Flynn before he ever set foot in the White House.

Hmmm, Mike Flynn would definitely be a threat to the intel agencies, particularly the Obama holdovers. Mike Flynn could easily find what the intel agencies would be hiding. Is that why they went after Flynn, first? Whatever the truth, because of Flynn’s experience, he would certainly know how to reorganize the intel agencies, which would be a direct threat to established fiefdoms with the intel community. Fear of Flynn would create automatic resistance, heightened emotion………. and perhaps mistakes.

We learned last night, from Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, new information. By January 30th, 2017, Flynn had be cleared of being an “agent of Russia” and another DOJ letter cleared him of bogus Logan Act Charges, + we know those who interview Flynn did not think he lied. By January 30th, there was no reason for Flynn to leave the White House, but it’s NOT what the DOJ was telling McGann and President Trump. Extraordinary steps taken to get rid of Flynn – someone was scared of Flynn.

It could be Mike Flynn but let’s keep looking for other things which scare the Dems about Donald Trump.

  • How about CrowdStrike?
  • 3. It’s all about the effort to cover up the CrowdStrike report that the DNC was hacked by Russians. If the public understands what happened with CrowdStrike, the reputation of the intel community would be irreparably harmed. It would be similar to the false claim of “WMD’s in Iraq” but more severe, as the intel agencies were actually smearing a US President. In DC, there is a sense to “protect the institutions” at all costs, which could be compounding the problem.

We know CrowdStrike issued their report, and Alperovitch went on PBS before Christmas, 2016, to explain to the public. Comey testified the FBI requested access to servers at DNC several times but ended up reading the report from CrowdStrike as did CIA/DNI. Yes, CrowdStrike was the ONLY ONE to examine DNC servers and pronounced the “Russians hacked the DNC”.

But we later learned in the Roger Stone case, all the FBI ever had was a redacted draft of the CrowdStrike Report. Most Americans still believe Russia hacked the DNC.

On December 29, the Joint Analysis Report was published. We read it, because there was much confusion. Many people thought the DNC hack was actually a download, or Seth Rich was involved, and Julian Assange flatly denied a Russian hack. We looked for answers from our intel community, and we thought they would tell us the truth. Well, the JAR was disappointing and obviously a rush job = establish Russian hacking narrative before Obama left office, and btw, throw out a few Russian diplomats while we’re at it.

January 7, 2017, the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) Report was released. Was it the same day Comey met with President Elect Trump in Trump Tower? Please read the ICA, it’s a joke. Thus, the “17 intel agencies” lie was born, and the set up to “Trump at war with the intel community”, and the relentless press, “Why won’t Trump admit Russians hacked the DNC” had begun. https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/ICA_2017_01.pdf

The CIA/FBI/DNI put their name and reputation on the line when they signed onto the CrowdStrike report. CrowdStrike based their theory on the premise of Russian hacking of D-30 Howitzer targeting software, during the Crimea invasion, by a hacker named Cozy Bear, which resulted in an 80% loss of armament. CrowdStrike backed up this claim with stats from a think tank in London which counts weapons in action or available to all countries in the world. CrowdStrike believed the DNC hack was similar to the Ukraine hack and thus, “Russia hacked the DNC”.

Yet, by March-April of 2017, the foundation of the CrowdStrike Report began to fall apart. IISS merely updated their tally of D-30 Howitzers in Ukraine and only showed a 15% loss. Furthermore, the execs at IISS were never contacted by anyone from CrowdStrike. Plus, the Ukraine General on the field disputed any problem with tracking software during the Crimea incursion. Whoops, CrowdStrike was busted.

The other points in the CrowdStrike report were easily defeated as well. A.) There was a Russian malware string found during the hack – but we learned 30% of all computers in the world have the same string. B.) There was a Russian language string in the hack – but we learned all Apple/Android phones are capable of Russian language, or, we could by a Russian language keyboard in Brooklyn for about $14.00

By May of 2017, CrowdStrike was cornered and forced to retract their principle finding of the D-30 Howitzer tracking software as similar to the DNC hack. Yet, their spokesperson claimed their conclusions were found to be VALID by the “17 Intel Agencies” of the US government…. and therefore, CrowdStrike was reliable.

See what they did there?

CrowdStrike put out a false report, and truly sloppy work, which was quickly debunked. The agencies bought in, claiming it was true. By the time we learned the whole thing was false, the SPOX for CrowdStrike claimed their work was validated by the agencies. It was a vicious circle with the agencies and CrowdStrike lying to American voters and the rest of the world. “Blame Russia!”

Remember how ANGRY the press became when President Trump would not repeat the LIE, “Russians hacked the DNC” which is different than a few Facebook ads and “Russia Influenced our election”? The media went wild in Helsinki when Trump met Putin. The press forced the President of the USA to repeat what he knew had to be a lie. And sure, Google put 100 million dollars into CrowdStrike and the company just went public.

Additionally, we all waited patiently for two years on the Mueller report to learn the real problems in 2016. Yet, on page 3, Mueller states, Russians hacked the DNC and Mueller/Weissman never challenged the premise.

To this day, there has NEVER been any proof Russians hacked the DNC.

If the American people become aware of this fraud, the sloppiness of CrowdStrike, and the complicit nature of the agencies, what are the chances they would trust the intel community, or the Democrats, or the media? Yeah, hiding this fraud would be a good reason, and a BIG reason, to be irrational, emotional.

It sure would be a good reason to target a sitting President with a bogus CIA “whistleblower”…. right before the real investigation from Barr and Durham reveals the origins of 2016 campaign fraud. Yeah, that would be The Mother of all Distractions.

Yet, there are many more reasons for the emotional and “over the top” reaction of the left. Let’s list a few more and we’ll turn it over to the forum.

  • 4. It could be …. all those people who voted for Hillary feel cheated and lied to by the media. Surprised when Trump won? I wasn’t. They MAY be more angry at their own leaders, or people like Nate Silver who pushed wild polls, than President Trump. The “Russia helped Trump” narrative helps these lower IQ voters to focus their rage and resentment back to Trump. They feel cheated but still validated, because “we really won”. If what was hidden comes to light, the hatred turns back to the Dems and those who lied in the media.
  • 5. We’ve known about problems in the Swamp for years, but it’s never been more clear than today, thanks to President Trump. Lobbyist arrangements, media activists, GOPe’ers like Ryan/Sasse/Mike Lee/McCain…….. become exposed when a President like Trump comes to town. It’s why the GOPe helps the Dems. Theirs was a cozy arrangement. Many bureaucrats and politicians enriched themselves and family to the detriment of the American public. Yeah, that would be a good reason to keep the status quo hidden from the public.
  • 6. It could be as simple as “victim culture” and fascist ideology which has taken over our universities. College students think a perceived “offense” is more important than another person’s constitutional freedoms. It’s upside down. Yet, college students and lower IQ voters are far removed and more likely a result of actions from higher up the food chain. If the masses are more absorbed with their own problems, it’s easier to keep big problems hidden.
  • 7. Or, the reason for all the hatred could be completely unrelated to President Trump. It may have to do with more of a human failing. Recall Ashley Judd, speaking at the Women’s March. It was clear, something happened to Ashley Judd which hurt her deeply, but it had nothing to do with President Trump. We learned later, it was Harvey Weinstein. Yet, why would Ashley Judd take out her rage on another man, the wrong man?

The #MeToo women were the same women who smeared Kavanaugh. What brings a woman to incorrectly hate/blame all men for the actions of one. Rationally, they MUST know their logic is flawed. Or, is it guilt, because they compromised themselves at some point, for money, power, fame, and instead of admitting the their mistake/personal failure? Again, breeding class/gender resentment makes it easier to hide bigger problems. “Distractions are necessary.”

  • 8. Could it be the brushfire of identity politics, and political correctness, added to our problem? Today, it’s north against south, coasts against heartland, black against white, police against criminal, Hollywood against Red States, and an attempt to paint a political opponent as …. evil, unworthy of life. It’s dangerous and very un-American. Can we only find comfort and safety with those who are the same age, skin color, socio-economic, politically minded, similarly educated? Who wants to be put into a box?

The more class/gender/skin color/geographic division we see, is there a direct parallel to the amount of distraction necessary to keep bigger problems hidden? Bernie supporters, young students, as well as Trump supporters, resent an abusive and all-powerful government. There is no reason we should be separated in the goal for accountability in government. BUT, if we’re separated, we cannot be organized, which is good for those who want to stay in power.

  • 9. It could come back to Hillary herself. Hillary has listed, for the past 3yrs, 80 some-odd reasons as to why she lost the election of 2016. Has Hillary ever blamed herself? A friend remarked, “She’s not teaching young women how to handle rejection, is she?” This creates a larger problem, “I can’t possibly be wrong.”

If Hillary was really part of the elite, the smart ones, the cool ones, the people who knew everything……… and they lost………. then, they’re not so smart after all……….. are they? Worse yet, they were wrong. America rejected them. They’re losers. Their entire image of themselves has been fundamentally threatened.

How can elites be “elite” if they’re wrong?

If Trump is so stupid, and his followers are uneducated-skeevy-toothless-Deplorables, then how come they beat the $hit out of Hillary and the alleged “cool” people?

At street level, every time Trump “wins”, it’s salt in the wound. It’s personal. It means they lost, again. They don’t see a Trump win as a win for America, too wrapped up in their own bubble, still too fragile. The media stymies their individual recovery by reminding the losers everyday about how much they should be offended. The daily dose of offenses becomes like morning coffee. Think about it. CNN/MSNBC can’t even talk about Trump’s successes, because it’s too painful.

  • 10. Finally, the emotional, irrational hatred of Trump has to do with economics, because everything boils down to power or money. Yes, those who run multi-nationals would love to continue exporting jobs, importing foreign workers, screwing over regular Americans. It’s just a desire to continue on, business as usual.

No one believes Levi’s, who hasn’t manufactured in the USA since 2004, would donate 1 million dollars for an anti-gun campaign because the CEO of Levi’s cares about “gun violence”. No one believe the Nike CEO gives a damn about Colin Kaepernick. No, both were a way to attack a sitting President on a social issue, degrade his popularity, because companies like Nike and Levi’s would LOVE to continue on, business as usual, manufacturing in China, and move their products into the USA with no tariffs. Fentanyl deaths or job losses to Americans don’t matter, what does matter is earnings per share.

With all the virtue-signaling so prevalent with US companies today, how come we don’t have a CEO who decides to bring production BACK to the USA, instead of China, because it would be unethical to support a communist regime who exports fentanyl into America, killing our fellow Americans. Where is that CEO?

The above are a partial list of reasons why we are suspicious about the actions of the Dem/GOPe leadership, the activist media, and traitorous CEO’s. Sure, we’re cynical but legitimately so. Anxious to see what the forum adds to the mix.

It’s been said, “Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

If the amount of flak we and our President are taking indicates our nearness to the target, we’re almost there.

Let’s hope and pray we’re ready.

It’s time.

Turn up the volume and hear our theme song. All attributions to the legendary AC/DC.

234 thoughts on “Why Are The Dems So Angry?

  1. Behind every one of the symptoms you mentioned — 0. A fundamental misunderstanding of public service.

    It’s not to enrich yourself; it’s not to get the most salary and benefits; it’s to serve your fellow citizen and build your community. It’s not meant to be a career; it’s not meant for a giant payoff book-deal afterward.

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            1. Got it! Here is what I did.

              (1) right click on video for the video URL – got a .mp4 type URL
              (2) open an “embed” block
              (3) enter the URL – it gives a bracketed URL text output for the block
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              (5) update the page

              Not all MP4 files embed properly, but this one did!!!

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  2. Great post, Daughn. I’m happy to see you here in full throttle because your pieces always broaden whatever is already on my mind, or open whole new pathways to ponder.

    It depends on which ‘they’ we are talking about…

    President Trump has taken, and is going to continue to take, a lot of goodies away from a whole slew of goody-grabbers who have a long legacy of feeling entitled. They feel robbed. They fear not being able to buy their fourth multi-million dollar mansion or having to sell their posh private plane. They fear being unmasked for the charletans they’ve always been. They fear being tarred and feathered by the unwashed masses, should their Ponzi schemes and Money Laundering ever come to light.

    President Trump is the quintessential alpha male. He embodies everything the angry anti-male feminists are sworn to abhor. Whether it’s his refusal to pander; his penchant for calling ‘em like he sees ‘em; his absolute negation of identity politics; or his uncanny ability to marshall resilience and succeed where others fail, they utterly loathe ‘that’ man. I have even watched a family member become even more churlish to her husband – who already kowtows to her every demand – because she hates Trump ergo she’s gonna dump her hate on the nearest man.

    I could keep going, but I’m headed to bed 😊 Will enjoy all the comments with Caturday Covfefe 🇺🇸💞

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  3. Elites are elite, because they KNOW that they are right / good, ergo, you are wrong / bad. They have “made it”, proving that they are right / good.

    Thus they MUST be restored to power, so that the good can prevail – by whatever means necessary. They are populated with lawyers, and can thus write the laws – retrospectively even, does not matter, because it is for the good.

    Don’t you understand? If you don’t, it must be because you are deplorable …

    Or maybe, you are deplorable BECAUSE you don’t understand. Either way, you are deplorable …

    You are in an existential RELIGIOUS war. Politics is America’s religion now, this is your new reality.

    Funny that after the cold war ended, Russia has an official state religion, and the USA has burgeoning socialism. Who really won? Seems a fair question to ask.

    After you defeated Nazism, you adopted some of their most despicable practises via the CIA. MK Ultra was never going to end well for you. Power corrupts, and the hyper power that was America is hyper corrupt. Your swamp’s depths are yet to be plumbed.

    Trump may win this battle, I pray that he does, because he is fighting for the good. But America’s soul is sick. Your life expectancy is sputtering because of drug overdose and suicide. MAGA is impossible without getting to the root of this. Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from religion – normally. In America, and most of the west, this appears to have all been rolled into politics. Politics is now your religion.

    There is much more to say, but I will leave it there for now.

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    1. My first thought too in response to why are the Dems so angry was that PDJT is threatening their version of liberalism, and because they have abandoned God and adopted their version of liberalism as their primary belief system, PDJT is threatening their fundamental beliefs. They believe this is a religious war.

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      1. Considering the DEMONcRAT-controlled House, the Seven Capitol Sins…

        Somehow I’m getting the purple critter-with-a-pinned-on-tail feeling from OT… we all need to stop worrying, and START PRAYING!!!

        Like we used to back in 2016… because this IS a religious war, whether we like it, or want it, or not.

        Ephesians 6:10-18 says what’s really happening, and what we should do, for there are indeed dark forces at work:

        10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

        11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

        12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

        14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

        15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

        16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

        17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

        18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

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    1. Sundance has a very chilling post about the impeachment plans are set up now by the Dims. Very sobering and very discouraging when read. I can only hope we are prepared for the battle ahead….it looks be be a major one.

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      1. Yes, that was discussed late last night in yesterday’s thread, and the mood went South. I’m not going to read it. I am going to peruse the comments to see if Ristvan weighs in.

        My daily paper, and the WSJ, and the ‘net have been pushing the impeachment anyway, so for me, it’s better to shut the Dark out, and stay focused on the Light. We can’t make it if we let them get to us.

        American Thinker has a number of good articles – posted since I looked in on them last night. This is good from yesterday, but maybe folks will look in on some others.


        BTW, the change in the whistleblower form can be undone in a snap. Someone from the Deep State made that change recently. Hearsay isn’t acceptable in a court of law, if people start using hearsay… well, you get the picture. That form change is part of the conspiracy of this Schiff Dossier.

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          1. I let folks read things so I don’t have to. 🙂 Your concern (knowing Big T is there too) worried me, so I have to find a way to make things work – so we can go on. Despite the cloud cover, there is always Light and POTUS is going to take us THROUGH the cover to the Light.

            This isn’t going to happen in a vacuum, and while Jake Tapper says POTUS has a “Troll Army” – they’re going to find out what a Troll Army looks like. 2010’s Tea Parties are nothing compared to what we are today.

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              1. I’ll borrow that next time I see Jack Tapper in twitter, grandma. He’s just voicing his wishful thinking – that we’re a “Troll Army” – he doesn’t understand our power. He thought to marginalize and demean us. He has no idea…

                He’s a sleaze.

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            1. Great read Daughn. After reading and scrolling thru the comments I kept singing to myself the lyrics of a song, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of the song’s title. I did a little searching and found this:

              To fight for the right
              Without question or pause
              To be willing to march into Hell
              For a heavenly cause

              And I know if I’ll only be true
              To this glorious quest
              That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
              When I’m laid to my rest

              And the world will be better for this
              That one man, scorned and covered with scars
              Still strove with his last ounce of courage
              To reach the unreachable star

              ..I kept singing the ‘march into Hell’ part. So I copied the versus of “The Impossible Dream” from that verse to the end, and guess who those last 4 versus describe…

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      2. I didn’t read that post yet, but want to add something I heard someone on the radio say yesterday.

        There is no one heading or in charge of the phony impeachment process or phony debate, so that will make it nearly impossible to stop.

        It is a headless demonic action with all demons going halter- skelter doing whatever they can do to sow hatred and chaos while satan looks on and laughs in approval. The final war?

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      3. Sundance has gone to the dark side (or Sundance isn’t Sundance anymore).

        I wouldn’t give him the light of day.

        Please, everyone, cheer up. GOD has this. And please bear in mind, the Devil was the first “terrorist”. And influences his DEMONcRATs, who have rejected GOD, and man, by fomenting abortion, worshipping the creature instead of the Creator, and fostering every perversion known (and not known)…


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          1. “Benedict Arnold’s are out there”…..
            These names come to mind:….
            John FUKIN McShame
            Adam Cuntsinger
            RYNO Ryan
            Mike Lee
            Susan Parkinson’s Collins
            Dumb Mass BURR
            And these are the Reublitards!
            The DEMONICrats are too numerous to name.

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  4. Wow, Daughn, very good list of reasons for the anger. I think all of them are at play. And I almost think that Q is a big part of the anger of the elites. This isn’t just about the coup and all the little puppets who were a part of it, though that will bring down a lot of people. Q has directly targeted and exposed the puppet masters themselves. He’s shown us who they really are and what they do – the pedophilia, the Satanism, in all their ugliness. That’s why they won’t be able to walk the streets when it’s all exposed. Those people know that as long as Donald Trump is president, that all this is going to be exposed. That’s why they have to get him out, no matter the cost. They know everything they’ve worked for for decades is going to come crashing down. That’s why they’re so angry and all their puppets are going insane from the pressure and what they are going to lose.

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        1. As I noted above, Ephesians 6:10-18 says it all. But the battle has already been won, even before the Creation, by GOD.

          Proverbs 3:5-7, John 14:27, Isaiah 40:31, and many others…

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      1. Now that I know what the “Liddle” reference regarding Schiff means, and also “Pencil-neck” – it is demonic. Pedophilia is depraved and decadent. That’s who these people are. Everyone must remember that. My twitter feed had something so egregious the other day, I couldn’t bring it here. A public display in a park with elementary school children watching – two male perverts, with almost nothing on, doing some kind of theatrical play. It was shocking and horrible. Where were the teachers? Parents?

        The sickness is from Satan.

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        1. And that, in the end, is what the DEMONcRATs are afraid of. Being exposed (ironic, I know) in their depravity and sin, and called out for their lies, skulduggery, malfeasance, and crimes.

          When the “silent majority” quits being so silent, wakes up (like that Garrison “Gulliver” cartoon), and starts dredging out the swamp, there will be nowhere for the DEMONicRATs to go. And that scares the Schiff out of them… I think VSGPDJT is letting this happen in order for the normies to wake up (we Deplorables have been “woke” since before 2016)…

          Klintoons, Soros, Democrats, RINOs, pay heed:

          or BURN.

          YOUR CHOICE.
          YOUR ETERNITY.
          CHOOSE WISELY.


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          1. “YOUR CHOICE.”….
            Not so sure of that…….
            Saul was KILLING Christians…..
            GOD….. Changed him into the Apostle Paul…..
            Saul did not “Chose” to be Christian……
            GOD…. chose…… (Before Creation) 🙂


      2. Ephesians 6:12 New International Version (NIV)

        For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


  5. Daughn it is really incredible in its absurdity. We’re going into an election season and the BIG news stories are… all about the prior election season! It’s almost 2020 and we’re about to have a national referendum on what happened in 2016!

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    1. It really is bizarre, Michael, you’re right.
      Yet, just like Wack-a-mole, all the same players are back again. Hillary, Ben Rhodes, I even saw Tommy Vietor (i’s been like two years dude) the other day.
      The leave and come back, they morph.
      We need to put them in prison.

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        1. Somehow I read “Giblets” there…

          Well, they are Turkeys…..

          I think Gail mentioned drawing and quartering a while back, might be appropriate. Since they’re trying to return us to the dark ages (or before), why not “return the favor”…

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  6. Nothing new here. Just a simpleton’s thoughts. Long post.

    ^^^ Ultimate motivator…AND uniter of bad guys to act against President Trump, America and Americans. ^^^
    Fundamentally, power and money has been the motivator for the criminal behavior.
    – Uniparty (D-Rats and RepubliCONs alike) don’t want to lose power.
    – Globalists / Wall Street don’t want to lose power to Main Street.
    – CoC does not want to lose power.
    – IC, DOJ, FBI does not want to lose power.
    – MCM does not want their complicity to be exposed.
    – Leftist Judges in my mind have been bought. They rule accordingly, against President Trump.
    – Hollywierd is all about their personal glory, money and perceived power over adoring fans.
    – Thus far President Trump has been beating the attempted coup across the board.

    COUPLE the above, with President Trump steady string of achievements AND owning every issue across the spectrum that are important to Americans.
    – Lower taxes, lower regulations, highest employment across categories, lowest unemployment across categories, booming stock market, increased manufacturing, businesses returning to USA, jobs expanding, wages increasing including blue collar…
    – BS trade situation exposed. Glaringly every American knows Presidents of both parties consistently sold out America (jobs, manufacturing, wealth…) to favor every country, EXCEPT AMERICA.
    – USMCA should be in with NAFTA out. South Korea deal. Japan deal. Tarrifs in general great motivators to get countries to be fair. China absolutely exposed for the lying crooks they are and going down bigly. EU will get in line, after Brexit. UK / US deal after Brexit.
    – TPP exposed and trashed. Paris Climate Accord exposed and trashed. Iran Nuke deal exposed and trashed.
    – America the worlds Energy leader, AND growing. Drilling, pipelines, ports…
    – Ending endless wars. Every American likes this.
    – ISIS territory zeroed out. ISIS largely decimated.
    – NK stopped nuke testing, long range missile testing, return some of our fallen. Chance for Korean Peninsula being nuke free real. Chance to end Korean War real.
    – America First. The obvious answer.
    – Two Supreme Court Justices and ~150 Federal Judges confirmed. 100+ in the pipeline or will be soon. This is about the only thing RepubliCONs do correctly.
    – Illegal immigration being slowed through the absolute will and creativity of President Trump. The massive wall being built, and working. Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and one more I can’t recollect finally helping stem the flow of illegals. Catch and Release should be ending soon.
    – Obama care mandate trashed. More health care plan choices. Drug prices going down. Right to Try.
    – VA choice. VA accountability.
    – Rebuilding the US Military.
    – Pride in our military and police.
    – Outstanding assistance after tornadoes, fires, hurricanes…

    IG reports done and nearing completion will have massive indictments. Spanning both parties, Federal employees (present and past), private companies, foreign country citizens… We’ve read it. I believe it. Only hope this happens soon and swiftly.
    ^^^ This is hugely motivating for bad guys to conspire it not happening. Threatens power, money and personal freedom of those involved.

    D-Rats have nothing and D-Rats know they have nothing of interest to Americans.
    – Open borders, higher taxes, more regulations, new green deal, cancel private health care, Medicare for all including illegals, police bad, ICE bad, capitalism bad, socialism good…

    D-Rats know they are systematically being flushed by President Trump. D_Rat power at the precipice.
    Thus we have found ourselves with the Ukraine hoax – Schitt Dossier. Phony, contrived and ought to be simply tossed by a Court.
    ^^^ Gotta believe this is a last gasp by the deep state, CoC, D-Rats, crooked RepubliCONS to:
    1) Stop President Trump.
    2) Ensure Uniparty, CoC, Wall Street, IC, DOJ, FBI, MCM, hollywierd maintain their power, wealth and personal freedom.
    100% believe this tussle we are witnessing is the culmination, last gasp by bad guys.

    It is on EACH of us to maintain a stiff spine and absolute resolve that good will prevail over evil. Our donations to president Trump large or small matter. As do supporting email AND calls to president Trump. AND appropriate calls and email as appropriate supporting or blasting our Congress critters.
    Well that turned into a rant of sorts. Sorry for the length.

    G’nite on and all;-)

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    1. I’ll read this later, but I bet Romney’s name is on some of the enriched folks’ list when all is revealed. That’s why he is fighting so hard to take POTUS out.

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  7. Daughn, I am just throwing truth bombs wherever I can.

    After this second attack on Trump, I’m DONE with being nice.

    These people are evil. They’re liars. They need to go to jail.

    Q was right. And WE ARE NOW Q. So buckle up.

    Love your title graphic. THEY LIVE.

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      1. They are not only liars they are mafia.
        Why was Pelosi in Italy? Why do Obama Kerry and other democrats fallowing Trump’s meetings with world leaders an d now they are in his phone conversation because of an CIA operative who was put into the WH to spy.
        The laws are no longer and democrats make up their own rules and there is nothing to stop them.
        What really bothers me is republicans who claim to support Trump but instead pointing the finger to the democrats and intel they point at Trump saying “he made a mistake.”
        He made no mistake this is all on unethical people and Pelosi who clothes herself in her religion . She is not a christian she is a demagogue.

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    1. I agree wolf 100% this is a demonic plan all the way. When Jesus disciples asked about the end times here’s the first thing he told them, In answering His disciples on what would the signs of the end include, Jesus began his most extensive discourse by saying-
      “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4.
      When I was recovering from cancer treatment I was bed bound for months,I couldn’t talk as my throat was swollen shut so I had many hours to think and ponder and the one thing the Lord brought to my attention the biggest thing was deception, the whole world is in the grip of deception.i prayed for wisdom to see through deception and not fall to being decieved.the choice is ours to see through it all and it’s ugly ,evil and terrifying, but we must trust the Lord in all things and with his help we can face this bravely.deception is all around us and it’s very few who find the courage to look reality square in its face and declare the big lie to all.our POTUS is the bravest for standing toe to toe with the reality of this horror show and ripping it’s mask off for all of us to finally see the ugly truth and smash into a million pieces.
      I am so thankful Jesus for bringing President Trump to us .When we are weary of the battle that rages ,we must seek refuge under the wing of our savior who refreshes and gives us strength to carry on. How this will end I know not,I do know that our Lord will end this with swift justice to these evil doers.

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      1. I too am “so thankful Jesus for bringing President Trump to us “…….
        “the choice is ours” ????
        I think NOT!
        If it were up to me…..
        I…. (You, Us) would surely screw thing up even WORSE than it is.

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            1. We are still recuperating from this past week’s concrete storm. Thank God we were able to hire a husband-wife team to clean our basement. They were able to come yesterday and probably will spend two more days here yet.

              We had the water seepage between our basement floor and the walls fixed by PermaSeal. Concrete was busted up and removed from the perimeter of our basement, stone and piping installed leading to our sump pumps. Concrete dust everywhere. Thirty-three giant shelves on casters covered with fine concrete dust. They finished Thursday. We got torrential rains yesterday. Our 6 “ rain gauge overflowed half way through the rains. Thank God, no water came in.

              Am thinking this was a metaphor for Trump coming to the rescue just in the nick of time. 🙂

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              1. Apparently some new homes are beung built with the usual footing tiles outside the poured walls AND inside for if the outside fail through the decades.


  8. Great deep dive into the psyche of the left.
    The planned eclipse of our Constitutional Republic by the commie/socialists was very close to fulfillment. Who would have ever believed that so many would succumb to the siren call of the Godless left or that one man could so effectively encourage them to expose their true intent.
    Thanks Daughn. Thanks to PDJT. Thanks to God for providing the man for such a time as this.

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  9. Daughn, what this really comes down to is the question of whether criminals can use “politics” as an excuse to hide their criminal activity. Everything is so turned around now, thanks to the long-term corruption of our socialist fools, that they simply cannot accept the idea of rule of law applying to themselves. They truly believe that the laws are suspended by their “hack” agreement not to go after each other for corruption.

    We may have a civil war, but if so, it’s needed. Whatever. Time to clean up. They can let us do it nice, or they can make us do it the hard way. I will try to be a pacifist for as long as possible. But I will never give up my guns to these communists.

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      1. The cynic (actually, the realist) in me considers those two words, criminals and politicians, as synonyms.

        We deplorables have turned the other cheek(s) so far that we cannot move, hamstrung in our efforts to “be fair, and not legislate morality”…


        Abortion, perversion, LGBTWXYZ marriage and “rights” and compulsory acceptance (~approval), free drugs and “chemicals” for everyone, pot in every chicken, so to speak, vegetarianism encouraged if not forced (as Paul warned Timothy), weather and science folly, etc., etc., etc.

        The GODless religion of the einvironment, GAIA, and animal rights (and rights to perversion) is working to eclipse and eliminate GOD’S Church, indeed GOD’S people and Creation.

        And yet we stand (more or less) idly by, and let them do it, because we’re nice, we’re fair, we’re tolerant, etc. Yet another heresy foisted upon us by Fosdick et. al. And being passive, letting the left always call the shots, backing down and letting them (including SD and his trolls) discourage us in only helping the evil ones.

        Jesus didn’t say “tolerate sin”. He said “Depart out”, and condemned sin; turning over the moneychangers’ table is only one of many cases where HE didn’t tolerate.

        For toleration is passive assent; and passive assent breeds even more crime, perversion, sin, and acts leading to death, both physical and spiritual.

        It’s time to get in their faces, and not give up until we have vanquished the globalist, elitist, perverted weasels from the face of the Earth; and dissolved and destroyed their institutions of perditions (e.g. UN, WEF, CFR, various Roundtables, etc.) permanenty, leaving no trace of their evil or their proponents. AWAY WITH THEM!!!

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        1. Great thought(s) Friend……
          But the “Book” tells us that it will not happen….
          Things will only get WORSE….
          Until that day when HE…. calls “US” up…..
          To be with HIM for EVER!


    1. It makes me crazy to see the politicians enrich themselves and let this country slide down the tubes and we the people along with it. Criminals as politicians -yes, Wolf – that is what they are. Congress, government itself is a criminal enterprise, and just how the Hell do you stop a criminal enterprise? The ballot box, perhaps, but I’m not sure that will stop the Swamp. The next couple of elections will give us a clearer picture. Also, the actions of our officials in the executive branch.

      I agree with your assessment that we may need to clean up this mess the hard way. I do not see the criminals giving up their power voluntarily. I do not see this schism between government and citizen and between the citizens themselves healing from this. I do not see the genie being stuffed back into the bottle.

      Isn’t it funny how this president, God’s gift to America sent to show us the Promised Land, is also the president who has shown us the precarious hold we have on our Republic? Unafraid, he holds up the mirror, and the image is ugly, indeed. Is it any wonder that Daughn’s words ring so true? That the Democrats’ rage has overtaken their reason?

      I agree with Victor Davis Hanson’s assessment of Donald Trump as the tragic Greek hero. He’s the stranger that rides into town, cleans it up and everybody hates him for it.

      For me, Donald Trump is here to warn us of the danger we are in. If the Obama years were a time to prepare, the Trump years are a time to double and triple those efforts. The signs are everywhere. We’d best heed them.

      Wolf, I especially agree with your last sentence. Never, ever, ever, ever give up your guns to the criminals and Communists.

      Many thanks to all on this board. It is a place of hope, fellowship and clarity. I am grateful for it.

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      1. ^^^ Wolf, I especially agree with your last sentence. Never, ever, ever, ever give up your guns to the criminals and Communists.

        A few days ago post from Gail in part read…

        “Absolutely every communist regime on the planet did this as soon as they got in power.”

        The next two steps is to disarm the public and then start the purges.

        “Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun” – Mao Zedong

        1911 Turkey Gun control — from 1915 to 1917 – 1.5 million Arminans killed
        1935 China gun control — from 1948 to 1952 – 20 million killed
        1938 Germany Gun control — from 1935 to 1945 – 20,946,000 murdered.
        1956 Cambodia gun control — from 1975 to 1977 – 1 to 2 million educated people murdered.
        1964 Guatamala Gun Control — from 1964 to 1981 – 100,000 Mayan Indians killed.
        1970 Uganda gun control in — from 1971 to 1979 – 300,000 Christians killed, a total of 2 to 3 million murdered.
        A few hours later Scott expanded with sobering FACT…DON’t DISARM.

        This is why people have to work together and NOT WAIT for them to take your guns.

        1911 Turkey Gun control — from 1915 to 1917 – 1.5 million Arminans killed
        No way the leader of Turkey or his regime survives if 1.5 million armed Armenians came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.

        1935 China gun control — from 1948 to 1952 – 20 million killed
        No way filthy Mao Tse DUNG or his regime survives if 20 million armed Chinese came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.

        1938 Germany Gun control — from 1935 to 1945 – 20,946,000 murdered.
        No way the Hitler or his regime survives if the armed Germans came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.

        1956 Cambodia gun control — from 1975 to 1977 – 1 to 2 million educated people murdered.
        No way the leader of Cambodia or his regime survives if 1 to 2 million armed Armenians came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.

        1964 Guatamala Gun Control — from 1964 to 1981 – 100,000 Mayan Indians killed.
        No way the leader of Guatamala or his regime survives if 100,000 armed Indians came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.

        1970 Uganda gun control in — from 1971 to 1979 – 300,000 Christians killed, a total of 2 to 3 million murdered.
        No way the leader of Uganda or his regime survives if 300,000 armed Christians along with 2 to 3 million others came after him, instead of waiting to be killed by him.
        Which leads me to reality here in America…

        – Never, ever support UBC – Universal Background Checks. UBC IS gun registration, disguised.

        – Gun registration is essential to disarming Americans.

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      2. I had been thinking that this all would be going down not in my earthly lifetime, but in the lifetimes of the next generations. Now I’m not so sure. It looks like the puss has come to head. It needs to be lanced VERY soon.

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      3. GOD…. gave Moses the 10 Commandments (Not Suggestions)……
        “WE” can NOT live up to the (Try as we may)
        “The ballot box, perhaps,” ????
        I think the ONLY way out is “Sackcloth and Ashes”….
        (Nineveh….. Story of Jonah)

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    2. I often hear people call for more laws governing how our elected officials operate. My response is that our system of government is predicated on virtuous people. Our system simply does not work if we allow criminals into positions of power.

      We need to have the humility to see that this is what we have done, and the temerity to punish the criminals.

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      1. Yes. Religion, Culture, Politics. Your politics is betraying the parlous state of your culture and religion. You reap what you sow – your just deserts. This IS how the world works.

        The way back to the narrow road is simple – ironically most people don’t want that, until it gets bad enough. They so cherish Baal, Mammon and Moloch that they are prepared to descend into Hell…

        The real battle for each one here is not to be dragged into Hell by them. Satan is rubbing his hands in glee at what is unfolding – DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!

        Stay true to ALL your teaching …

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  10. Excellent post, Daughn…double thumbs up!

    “Why are the Dems so Angry?”

    Yes…it’s all the reasons you listed.

    And I also think they are angry at all the pressure they are under, from the donors who own them.
    They’re under pressure from the ChiComs, the Globalists and the elitist Cabal who own their pinkslips…who are telling the Dems:
    “Do something! What do we pay you for! Do something now!”

    It is forcing them to do stupid things.
    Really stupid things.

    The Dems are hoping that their media operatives will be able to provide cover for their stupid lies.
    But they’ve got to be worried if that will be enough…since so many people are starting to see through the media’s biased coverage.

    I hope our President will unleash hell by declassing the docs that will expose their sedition.
    And I hope AG Barr will follow through with an avalanche of indictments.

    Because as you said…It’s Time!

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      1. In my experience, admittedly limited, time is rarely wasted. What is unfolding now is priceless – money cannot buy such Truth.

        This lesson being lived will serve not just you, but the world, far into the future. This cataclysm between Good and Evil will hopefully shock the world into a higher state of consciousness. Most of humanity are still unaware of which masters they serve – this is part of the Great Awakening. Only then can mankind change for the better.

        It had to happen to America. A lesser nation falling afoul of Satan like this would not get the message through. It has to be you, the best of us, in order to shock the world awake.

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    1. Forcing them to do stupid things….making them look like utter fools in front of the world. That’s what really gets me..,obviously any sense of pride or self-worth has been taken over by the deal they made with the Devil. To they ever go home and reflect on how they degraded themselves as a person…or do they go home and check their bank accounts?
      To me, most of these on stage politicians and the behind stage support cast are not any different than those who have prostituted their bodies for money.
      But, the Romneys, the Mike Lees and even the Comey’s have somehow convinced themselves they are the righteous ones…they are saving the world. And, if it’s against what the people want…well, they are doing it for us poor, misguided deplorable. And, if they just happen to become rewarded along the way…well, it’s because they are so righteous and deserve it.

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  11. Lawfare group has only a few in an official position. Should find the crimes those individuals have committed – just give each one the examining eye – and arrest them on their crimes.

    This is a good suggestion for those 95% FIB agents.

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      1. Good guys in government never rise up. They did not under Nazi nor communism because the power is addictive even if they do not support it all the way. The other is the paycheck the good life.
        The price for standing up for truth and righteousness is death not figuratively but job wise.
        It takes much strength to be ethical doing the right thing in this environment.
        The temptation is to great wanting to be in the new power structure. I have seen it before I heard it before.
        Only the righteous will defend the truth and the country and loose their life for the Nation and future of a free USA.

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        1. Yep singingsoul, the most unique, unusual person in the House, is Devin Nunes.
          He is the biggest fighter in Washington. He fights against the everybody else black hats first, on his own, in his own strength, then turns to us if he happens to be interviewed.

          All the others, even Matt, Louie, Mark and Jim, turn to tell us what the black hats are up to now, and ask us to stop the Dems with our money. And I love those four men.

          If one of these five men becomes the next Speaker, I don’t expect they would use the same Dem level of urgency to fight against the Dems. Even tho that’s needed these days …

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  12. Love this post and comments!

    Like the rest of you I have felt a “disturbance in the water” for a long while. The long march of communism (aka the devil’s religion) has made deep inroads into our national psyche.

    The People of the Lie (Scott Peck) have been encouraged and promoted and given free rein to lord it over us. They exhibit ALL the characteristics of the children of the Father of Lies: supremely prideful, selfish and grasping, greedy, gluttons for power and control, liars, full of filthy perversions, wrathful, covetous.

    In short, they are of the devil.

    What do they do to truth and truth tellers? They fight it/them tooth and nail, lest their deeds come to light. They work in darkness but steal the light.

    They talk about freedom and democracy and apple pie, but those words mean to them something much different than how we understand them.

    Freedom to them means having unfettered ability to tell you how to live, but not hold themselves to the same standard. Democracy means they control the votes so that they always win. They love apple pie, but they want to control how much of it the rest of us get to enjoy. And in their playbook, there isn’t enough for them AND us.

    The only way to overcome this kind of demonic posession is to decisively defeat those who have sold their souls for political power.

    They must be exposed. They must be named. They must be cast out of our national political life and properly punished.

    Their sheeple, the zombified masses must be shaken awake. That’s why we have to fight the battle in our communities. This is not just a federal battle. The demonized are running our schools, our appraisal districts, our county seats.

    Every last one of us is on the battlefield, and we damned well better get our MAGA hats on and get involved. We will be held to account by God, our grandchildren, and history.

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    1. Yes the lying!!! I need to get Peck’s book. Just had a discussion with my daughter about how prevalent lying is in her workplace at all levels. She said it’s fascinating to watch people double down on their ridiculously obvious lies and not take account, even thought everyone knows they are lying!

      And when the liars are called out – no matter how delicately – they go on the attack and the honest people have to defend themselves. At this level it’s spiritual. People have lost all self respect. She works in higher ed but the lies are everywhere now.

      Great post daughn!

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    2. AMEN. Great post, grandmaintexas.

      “Their sheeple, the zombified masses must be shaken awake. ” This is what is crucial, as so many are lulled into zombified acceptance by the MCM/YSM, NPR, CNN, and cabal-cable-babble-on. The art of discernment is all but gone, having been eviscerated from public education and mocked and challenged in the public square.
      Even science, which by definition NEVER has consensus, always seeking a better model by challenging and disproving previous models, has been dammed (or damned, so to speak) by the so-called consensus… a fake agreement purported by John Cook (the books’) misleading survey.

      Interesting that BibleGateway had this as today’s verse:
      I Corinthians 2:14:

      14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

      and in the previous chapter, Paul notes how insignificant yet wrong the “wisdom of the world” is: I Corinthians 1:18-31:

      18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
      19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
      20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
      21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
      22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
      23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;
      24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
      25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
      26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
      27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
      28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
      29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.
      30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
      31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

      and, to the Romans he warned:
      Romans 1:18-32:

      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
      19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
      20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
      21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
      23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
      24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
      25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
      26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
      27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
      28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
      29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
      30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
      31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
      32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

      And, finally, Paul describes pretty much what the “elite” of today are doing, and how little they REALLY know. I normally only quote 1-7, but 8-9 I think will apply here as the deep state and the “elites” are exposed. I Timothy 3:1-9

      3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
      6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
      7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
      8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
      9 But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their’s also was.

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  13. They’ve had a plan in place since the creation of the Federal Reserve and probably long before that. FINALLY, after centuries of planning and work, they were going to get their Satanic one world government where they no longer had to hide their sick religion or pedophilia from the plebs. Not only was it going to happen in their lifetime, but they were going to be the chosen heroes to usher in the new age. It was going to be glorious.

    …and then big bad meanie Trump snatched it all away at the very last second.

    Well, no wonder they are fuming. At least that’s why the high level cabal lost their shit. The mid-level useful idiots like Maxine Waters are probably just mad that the President is inconveniencing their illegal operations. Now they actually have to work to hide their corruption. I mean, they can’t even flaunt their one-eye signs and pedo symbols on Instagram anymore without rabble causing a ruckus. How dare he! Ugh, when are things finally going back to normal around here? Can’t we just drone him already? [That was a bad joke, NSA.]

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    1. And as for why the average Democratic “normie” is so upset…

      Decades of brainwashing via school, Hollywood, and the media have convinced them that the “official narrative” is the only valid worldview, and anyone who dares challenge it is “uneducated” or “racist” and beyond reason. We aren’t even considered human to them. It’s how they can gleefully talk about the “racists” dying off and being replaced by Third World immigrants. It’s why they think censorship is hilarious. Because we’re nothing more than an inconvenience to them. How dare we disrupt their worldview. They’re the “educated” ones here, and how dare these stupid racists hold back progress.

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      1. Son came home from high school (university school about 200 miles away), with a band of buddies one weekend. One of the kids had been homeless, “lived under a bridge” when he received a scholarship to my son’s school, ranked #3 in the country.
        I smelled a lie.
        Oddly, my son, in a strange way, admired his “victimhood”, as in the boy was MORE disadvantaged, more downtrodden, had a better story to tell.
        By the time he left, we figure out it was all a lie. His dad was a dentist.
        I don’t like liars. That boy ever did graduate.
        For my son, it was like finding out the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist.

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        1. When I was in college, a professor warned my class that the dirty hippies always begging for change on campus all went to the same private Catholic high school in the wealthy suburbs that she did. This is what happens when the social engineering turns victimhood into heroism.

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      2. Thanks Sadie, for a spot on comment!

        This follows my train of thought about why the average DIm voter is so wound up.

        The plan was to convince people, through school, media, Hollywood, that they are RIGHT in their thinking, and their thinking was programmed to be COMMUNIST.

        So, when confronted with how WRONG and destructive their thinking really is, the cognitive dissonance is unbearable.

        The last two years has shown how GLORIOUS our system can be, when properly managed. JOBS, more money, a booming economy, LESS RACISM, less war, better relationships with world leaders, name it.

        The average Democrat is faced with the TRUTH, that everything they’ve been taught, their CORE BELIEFS, are WRONG. They can’t take it, because the other thing that was done to them was even more insidious. Their COPING SKILLS were destroyed.

        Not knowing any better, I sent my kids to public school, but only one went to college, thank God. Because that is where they are lost. The two who went to work are fine, but the college kid…a story about a recent conversation with him is perfectly illustrative of what we are discussing.

        In my frustration with arguing with him about his erroneous beliefs about damned near everything, I commented that if I knew then what I know now, I would never have sent him to public school. I have NEVER seen such an irrational, emotional breakdown in my life! His reaction was over the top. He said I was calling him stupid, that I was stating he was an idiot. He refused to talk to me if I was going to criticize his EDUCATION.

        I am terrified for this boy of mine, because unless something big happens to wake him up, he is lost. I honestly wonder if he would “report” me for wrong thinking to the “authorities.” This from the boy who was closer to me than the other two, until college.

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        1. We need to follow St. Monica’s lead when it comes to our children. Her prayers and sacrifices to God gave us St. Augustine.

          My sister is faced with two in your face gays, one who went Buddhist, and the third who left God for leftism. All were baptized and went to parochial schools. We pray. Chin up Aubergine. Hope is in God and prayer.

          I need to remind myself of that often also.

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            1. You are welcome Aubergine. Sometimes I think the hearts of parents truly do get broken. Faith is the only way.

              Remember that, as much as parents love their children, we cannot ever love them more than God loves them.

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        2. My daughter is brainwashed with compassion. She bleeds for everyone who has less than she has. Poor children they do not have this and that.
          One day I sat her down told her my growing up with nothing. She could not understand how I could have come out so happy. I made clear to her poverty is a state of mind. As long as a person is respected for who they are is worth more than all the stuff one has. I found happiness in animals nature church and people.
          Socialism takes away the joy and freedom that gives life.
          We can do everything right but our children live often in another state and are influenced by college , work and who they marry. We recognize what the state of mind is by their words.
          Aubergine I pray for you

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        3. Sorry to hear that, Aubergine. I had a similar situation with my Democrat father. He was a smart and kind man in all other aspects of his life, but politics made him act in uncharacteristic ways. It was bizarre and heartbreaking to watch.

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        4. Matthew 10:21 King James Version (KJV)
          21 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

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        5. I have a lefty child, too. Prayer works. Just don’t give up. Keep praying. The most effective prayers I’ve had so far are that nothing prospers in his life that is not of God, and that God sends others in his life to show him the way.

          In the last few years he has moved to a more libertarian position. It is a long slog, but all glory belongs to God. 🙏

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  14. Brian Cates @drawandstrike
    “Excuse me?

    Mr. Attorney General Barr, sir?

    Hi, it’s me, the House Democrats.

    Just wanted to let you know sir, in light of all these troubling revelations from this Ukrainian whistle-blower complaint, you need to recuse yourself, sir.

    Also this really needs to happen before that next DOJ IG report is made public, sir.


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    1. Barr best NEVER recuse from any of this BS.

      Rather sure DOJ ethics criminals will recommend and pressure Barr to recuse.

      Can’t happen if we are to see Justice over the attempted coup and traitors.

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    2. And finally, we get down to the real reason for the hybrid impeachment inquiry.
      Whole thing is an effort to throw a kink in the works for Durham and Barr.
      Stop the investigation, stop the cooperation, and somehow claim getting to the truth of the matter is a bad thing or worthy of impeachment.

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  15. Democrats have done nothing but hate the President while the President has been making America great again. That just infuriates the Democrats more. They cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas. They are fighting themselves for the most unworkable socialist position while doing everything they can to smear the President with false and empty slander and accusations.

    The Russian hoax, the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch confirmation hearings, the various other concocted lies, are all beyond reprehensible and yet here we go again with an uncorroborated hearsay accusation about a phone call. Hate and schizophrenia. Hate is corrosive. It seems to have already consumed any constructive thought capability in the Democratic Party. We are left with the manifest derangement. There is a very good possibility that complete meltdown and destruction will come if and when the party is crazy enough to actually try to impeach the President.
    And don’t forget the lying msm media. Most Dims don’t get their news from any where else.

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  16. 1. Alleged fraud of targeting Trump campaign during 2016 election
    Definitely must be a big part of the insane, emotionally unhinged hatred. But it’s much bigger than that.

    2. Mike Flynn
    Naming ‘Radical islam’ at least assigns responsibility to the obvious but heretofore never-acknowledged cause of 99% of all terrorist activity on American soil (and everywhere else on the planet, for that matter). There is no such thing actually as ‘radical islam’, because all islam is ‘radical’, and the use of the adjective ‘radical’ attempts to distinguish between muzzies who all follow the same religios texts, and those texts teach violent (‘radical’) acts, and the founder of their entire religion committed violent acts as an example. That’s reality, and there is no way to get around it besides blatant denial.

    But Flynn could certainly be a threat, if he was calling ‘bullshit’ on the entire islamic infiltration of the government.

    As for reorganizing the intel agencies, DJT can still do that, and he could certainly consult with Mike Flynn about it, directly or indirectly, so as long as Flynn stays out of Arkansas or Fort Marcy Park, he remains a threat. Getting him removed from the WH created an inconvenience, but couldn’t actually prevent Flynn from assisting the president, if the president wants his assistance.

    3. Crowdstrike
    Crowdstrike is really just an extension of #1

    4. It could be …. all those people who voted for Hillary feel cheated and lied to by the media.
    Unfortunately, the political-class doesn’t care AT ALL what the voters think or want. We don’t even rank as ants to them. As for the Leftist voters, most of them know their candidates are frauds and liars. The Bernie-bots certainly learned who the Leftists are, and they learned that Bernie sold them out for cash to buy a second home, and that his wife caused an entire university to go bankrupt. These are horrible people, and their supporters know it.

    5. We’ve known about problems in the Swamp for years, but it’s never been more clear than today, thanks to President Trump.”
    Yes, he definitely dropped a stink bomb in the middle of their coven, but that doesn’t explain the insane hatred.

    6. It could be as simple as “victim culture” and fascist ideology which has taken over our universities.
    That might explain the students’ emotional melt down, but not the professional political-class’ emotional meltdown.

    7. Or, the reason for all the hatred could be completely unrelated to President Trump.
    Nope, I think it’s definitely Trump, lol!

    8. Could it be the brushfire of identity politics, and political correctness, added to our problem?
    Still doesn’t explain the lunatic reactions of the professional political-class, who all know that identity politics is just one of their own scams, like globull warming.

    9. It could come back to Hillary herself.
    They all fear Hillary because Hillary will have anybody killed (or expose blackmail material she has on them), but that doesn’t explain the professional political-class’ insane and emotional response to Trump.

    10. Finally, the emotional, irrational hatred of Trump has to do with economics, because everything boils down to power or money.
    Well they definitely hate DJT for interrupting their wealth-redistribution plan to undermine America and continue enriching themselves in the process. But that doesn’t explain the emotional meltdown of the professional political-class.

    Not even all ten of the above in combination explains it.

    It has to be something MORE.

    Something BIGGER.

    Something so abominable that they would commit outright Treason without hesitation in order to cover it up, and literally hundreds if not thousands of others will go right over that cliff with them.

    Without question or hesitation.

    Remember, NOBODY has broken ranks, or gone public to explain the big ‘WHY’.

    Not one.

    What could possibly command that level of loyalty and secrecy?

    What could cause so many different people of varying backgrounds all gladly risk being executed for High Treason without even caring about the consequences to themselves?

    What does that sound like?

    Who do we know, who does things like that?

    What kind of person straps dynamite to their own body and then detonates themselves in a crowded city street, without care or concern for their own life?

    Who does that kind of thing?


    Brennan is supposed to be an islamic convert.

    Certainly Hussein is. He even wears a ring (doubles as his wedding ring, though he had it years before he met Big Mike) that is engraved with ‘There is no god but allah’.

    How many others are islamic converts — or converts to something even more insidious, working in alliance with islam? There’s only ONE ‘religion’ more insidious than islam, if islam can even be credibly separated from it.

    What does it take in order to care nothing for your life, to do ANYTHING for the cause, to put the petal to the metal risking execution in an attempted coup, even to go on national television while Congress is in session and lie straight to the camera about a conversation the president had with the leader of Ukraine the Ukraine — even after the whole world knows the actual content of the conversation?

    Religious fanaticism answers just about all of those questions.

    It also at least partially explains the apparent ‘religious fervor’ of so many Democrat supporters. And anti-fa. These people don’t act like ‘normal’ supporters of a legitimate cause they believe in, according to principle and rule of law. These people act like religious zealots.

    They act like ‘true believers’ who believe in something truly horrifying.

    What could possibly explain all of the other things we’ve learned, the pedo trafficking?

    The rituals, the secret societies, the sex cults?

    Pedo Island and the global blackmail scheme (of which Pedo Island was certainly only a small part).

    What explains all the SYMBOLISM we have learned about?

    What ties all of this fanaticism and quasi-Baal worship together in a neat black bow?

    Three guesses as to what ‘religion’ that is, and the first two don’t count.

    What happens if all of that gets exposed?

    What happens if it goes all the way to the top of nearly every Western government, and who knows how many non-Western governments? What if it goes to the top of the Vatican? What if it goes to many churches and NGOs and ‘foundations’ and giant ‘charitable organizations’ all over the world?

    What happens if all of that is exposed, and the people involved don’t have a standing army or a place to hide, because they are not a nation-state?

    What if they and their forebears have been working on bringing their world-conquering ‘religion’ into power for hundreds of years, maybe even thousands of years, and THIS was supposed to be the ‘moment’?

    What if they’re dead anyway if they don’t ‘go for it’ now?

    What if they have nothing to lose, because if they don’t defeat Trump, not only will they certainly lose their lives, but everything they believe in and have worked for, going back generations, will be lost?

    It all boils down to one question:

    What would it take for for YOU to act as the traitor Cabal is acting?

    I’m sure the people who post here would answer “nothing, there is nothing that would make me do what they’re doing”, and that’s well and good.

    But we need to put ourselves in their shoes, and ask that question, and then eliminate the impossible.

    Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

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    1. Scott, you bring up a good point.
      What would make us act like these members of the “cabal”.
      It would have to be something BIG.
      Long time ago, I wrote an essay about my price to sell out would have to be so big, the enemy could not afford to pay it, $600 million was my number in the mid-eighties. It worked, price was too big and deterred the bad guys.
      But to sell your very soul…………

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    2. Scott, you always make me think.

      Islam was founded by a pedophile.

      What if….

      What if, the “initiation” into the religions “hierarchy,” (cause you know there has to be one, right?) is some rite so dark that the normal world would rise up and kill them all if we knew?

      Because if that’s it, then of course they would do anything at all to prevent our knowing.

      There are secret societies which keep secrets we only guess at. Many people seem to think secrets like that can’t be kept, that people would talk. But some have, haven’t they? And some appear to have been driven almost mad with the knowledge, and probably by what they did themselves. A couple of Hollywood stars come to mind. How crazy would you sound if you were sure your soul was lost? And would you tell the WHOLE truth out loud, or only part of it? Not YOUR sin, but the sin around you? Isn’t that how many people try to “redeem” themselves?

      What I know, and feel deeply, is that we are watching a battle of good versus evil come to its culmination. This is the tipping point, the end game. Too many people can see the edges of the truth for it to be hidden much longer, I think. And I am SURE my President knows that he’s playing for ALL THE MARBLES, not for himself, his family, or for us, but for goodness itself. He’s literally fighting EVIL.

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      1. “Secret Societies”?
        Like “Skull and Bones”?
        (ALL of the Bushes are members as far as I can tell)
        So is John Fuckin Kerry!
        Remember that “(s)election” where it was Bush vs Kerry?
        “They” had it in the bag no matter who won the (s)election!

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    3. Devil gets his power via the sacrament of blood to him. Abortion has weakened will and immobilized discernment. Right there is the 40%.

      Drugs come into big play after abortion and molestation. Molestation necessitated abortion. It’s spiritual, and acceptance of all gods are equal is based on inability to discern. Discernment is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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      1. Witches and warlocks get their power by sacrifice and ceremonies. Illuminised Black Magick Satanic witches get their power by blood sacrifices, which Moloch (Baal, Satan) requires. And the younger the victim, the better. And pre-born is the best of all. (Which relates to Moslems considering killing a pregnant non-Moslem to be an extra-special honor, as it were).

        These blood “sacrifices” are, like everything of the Devil, the antipode, the absolute opposite of sacrifices to GOD, be they the Old Testament sacrifices, or the Perfect Sacrifice, the Death of Jesus on the Cross and HIS Resurrection, ending the need for Blood Sacrifices forever (which is yet another abomination by the Satanists).

        Someone posted an article a while back saying that many of the Planned (un)Parenthood staff are witches/satanists. No surprise there. And DP posted that after extended prayer vigils outside of a PP facility, abortions there decreased markedly (if I got that wrong, please correct me, DP).

        Satanism is the tie that binds the “earth religions”, the left, the NAZIs, the religion of Baal/Moloch, and the ecoloons (and their St. Greta the Greenhearted) together. Sure, they cover it with a thin veil of legitimacy, be it “saving the planet” or “climate health” or “population realism” or “animal rights” or “it’s the woman’s body” or whatever. But in the end, it’s doing the Devil’s will, which is opposing GOD and attempting to destroy HIS creation (which includes US, don’t foget).

        Remember that video of the Dutch Financier, Ronald Bernard. He left the high-finance (and high-reward) world because of a meeting. A meeting where a child was going to be sacrificed, i.e. KILLED BY THOSE PRESENT IN ORDER TO GAIN SATAN’S AID AND APPROVAL.

        THIS is what we are fighting. These people (e.g. Hill-the-BEAST) do not shy away from killing and bloodletting, because they need it to gain and keep power, as in Satanic power. Hence the ever-longer strings of Arkancides. Those are not only elimination of evidence or crimes, or opponents, they are also Demonic “recharges” from the “powerpack of Perdition”, sourced by Satan.

        We must fight this WITH PRAYER, discernment, and probably with fasting too, as there are likely powerful demons involved, especially with the Klintoons. Ephesians 6:10-18ff.

        But the eternal battle has already been won, by Jesus, at Calvary. in John 16:33 Jesus says:

        33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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        1. “And DP posted that after extended prayer vigils outside of a PP facility, abortions there decreased markedly (if I got that wrong, please correct me, DP).”

          You have the essential point, yes. Locally, a prayer chapel opened across the parking lot from PP. SInce they opened, the number of abortions has dropped. Also, in various places, priests have stood outside clinics reciting the exorcism prayers, and clinic workers have come out to curse and swear at them. Prayer does work, and women who walk out of the clinics without having undergone the procedure many times say the sound of the prayers, and singing got them to reconsider.

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          1. “You have the essential point, yes. Locally, a prayer chapel opened across the parking lot from PP. SInce they opened, the number of abortions has dropped.”


            I would guess at least part of the reason for the drop is because many women are unsure that they want an abortion in the first place, and among that group, many are believers in Christ.

            Seeing a chapel or church building, right across the parking lot from where one might decide to get an abortion, might be enough to prevail upon the conscience of some, who turn away from the abortion clinic and go home instead.

            It is harder to do something you know is wrong, when you have a visible reminder that what you are doing (or about to do) is in the sight of God.

            Maybe it’s a good idea to put small chapels across the street from ALL abortion clinics.

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        2. Great post CC. Solid info. As I mentioned in the threads about Klopfer, the body saving abortionist, when Father M scattered blessed salt and those inside had no human way of knowing, but rushed out to tell the LEO about blessed salt, I was convinced about demonic play. We knew what was involved, but to see it for one’s self was impressed in our understanding.
          Father M had since then studied in Rome, and is an exorcist. My PP prayer partner is one of the prayer warriors who accompanies him.
          Another demonic happening in another situation of which I cannot speak, solidified abortion’s connection to demonic activity.

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              1. You know what, I’m curious about the translation of The Lord’s Prayer…the part “ lead us not into temptation” has always seemed a tad “ off” to me. I read a while ago that there may be a push to get it closer to a proper translation, but I cannot remember what that is. If it is changed there probably will be a lot of disgruntled faithful out there.

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              2. Might be the only time he might be on the right track when he’s not speaking Ex cathedra.

                Either scary guy, or mutilated translations by the pressitutes of what he says.


    1. I think islam is being used to destroy Christianity. That said I don’t think the cabal behind this have any use for Muslims except as walking bombs. They are disposable.its not a culture that encourages original thinking or thinking at all. Islam dictates every tiny facet of life , which is comforting to the stupid as it’s follow the rules to win.

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      1. For what it is worth….
        I read somewhere once that the “Pale” horse of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse is actually translated as: GREEN…….
        White = Christianity
        Red = Communism
        Black = Capitalism
        Green = Islam

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  17. Daughn, what a wonderful post. I was a little worried last night, and struggled to find the right words to sort this all out, because I’m/we’re not going to let them win. POTUS knows what’s going on, expected even. Nancy calling the AG “rogue” – that’s FEAR talking.

    POTUS will go through it, and get through it. I’m pretty sure he has enough patriots to destroy the enem. You saw this right?

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    1. Schweikart has an excellent thread about impeachment, historically and what’s possible today. Worth reading his thread on the impeachment folks.


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  18. Remember to push back on our side where you can. For example, Amanda Carpenter, a “conservative” – the question, oh so innocent, but not really… Most people responded, “Of course,” but I called her out on the little insidious shot at POTUS in her question.

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    1. Wonder if CNN would have hired dear Amanda if they knew she was screwing Ted Cruz in a hotel room at 5:30am, and ended up wearing his suit coat in a selfie.
      She was one of the FAB FIVE!

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      1. “Wonder if CNN would have hired dear Amanda if they knew she was screwing Ted Cruz in a hotel room at 5:30am, and ended up wearing his suit coat in a selfie.
        She was one of the FAB FIVE!”


        Yes, that was rather amazing, and it never seemed to get any MSM coverage, and I don’t remember either Amanda OR Ted being asked about those photos.


    2. I remember Amanda Carter as Never-Trump traitor.

      Clearly she still is.

      As for her question, “An honest question I have for 2016 GOP primary voters. If you knew everything about Trump that you know now, would you still have supported him for president in 2016?”

      I supported DJT strongly and enthusiastically in 2016, ever since the first debate, that’s when I was sure.

      If I knew everything about Trump in 2016 that I know now, I would have supported him even MORE in 2016, if it’s even possible that I could have supported him more than I did.

      Go crawl back under your rock, Amanda.

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  19. In the end, I think it boils down to this:

    That goes double for the people who used the reality of the Bushes as a club to get them out of office.

    The anger, IMO, falls into two categories.

    The first is the people in office who were oh, so close to achieving their overlords’ goals. It’s been snatched from them, and at the same time, there is fear there that what they have done will be exposed. Schiff and Feinstein are the poster children for this. Maxine Waters is too clueless to get that exposure is going to be a problem.

    The second group that is angry are the lemmings who actually believed the promises made to them. These are the echo chamber dwellers who cried on election night. They’ve been trained to be emotionally involved in every aspect of their lives. That’s part of the problem on both sides, Americans are emotionally involved in a lot of this, sometimes too much.

    And…frankly, all the soy and phyto-estrogens (flax, beans, and a few others including multi-grain bread) in the food supply aren’t helping get the emotions out of the process. Emotions are being triggered by the language used, also. There have been decades of studies on the psychological impact (emotion invocation) of words, images, colors, etc., and that is in the leftist arsenal. Conservatives scoff at the notion, but having seen the research and the data, yeah, it’s true.

    When the second group finds out that they have been lied to about a lot by the first group…tears will be the least of what happens.

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  20. This is one of my dearest friends, met her post 2008. She’s a firebrand, and we’re opposite in personality, she watches out for the “Little Penguin.” She is a former Dem – left them long before Obama. She knows I don’t retweet strong language, but I did this tweet of hers. The one in reply to mine, re: Amanda Carpenter’s little snide question to conservatives. Hope you don’t mind the language, Daughn.

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      1. “Obama sounds like Hitler even the way he presents and body language. I saw that the first time he spoke.”



        For eight years, he was everything Hitler wanted to be.

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    1. “Not enough to simply beat #Trump.He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must NOT rise again!”


      As always, the exact opposite is the truth.

      They are what must be destroyed, that their ‘kind’ cannot ever rise again.

      And we had better not look away or go wobbly when the time comes.

      Destroy them THOROUGHLY, and sow the ground with salt.

      Then nuke it.

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  21. Serious question.
    Could it be that some people are simply prone to fanaticism? Need to fill some kind of hole in their lives?
    I have a girlfriend who fits the bill.
    When she arrived she was hard left, bra burner, from the northeast, bitter divorcee, so much of a feminist she became a volunteer firefighter…….. in Dariann, CT (bwhahhaa). Her teenage son had dyed orange hair and carried a skateboard…… no belt on those blue jeans either.
    Well, she was a hapless soul. I took pity on her, she lived with my grandmother. My husband straightened out the renegade son. He ended up as an Army Chaplain.
    Hey, I’m the pragmatic Presbyterian, we do everything in moderation. The idea was the extremes make you unobjective.
    Now, she’s so hard right, she scares the heck out of me (and that’s saying something).
    She swapped one extreme for another.
    I mean, how is it possible for a person to swap out their values 180 degrees within a few years? What did they believe in to begin with?

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    1. I think there are people who live life at extremes. And they can be hard to be around, that’s for sure. Worked in a kitchen one evening for a fish fry with an environmentalist extremist who wouldn’t let me keep the water running in the slop trough where we were scraping off the dishes. Can’t waste water, you know. Ours comes from the Mississippi River and is cleaned down to molecular level, but that isn’t a consideration.

      That cured me of volunteering for a while.

      It is easy to get caught in obsessive behavior, I will say that. Being a pack rat is part of that. (My dad, and my mom to an extent) So is just pitching everything you don’t think you need. (My mother’s mother) I’m trying to gradually clean out the house so that it isn’t such a big job, and this morning found a box full of baby bottles. My youngest nephew is 7. yeah, that’s being donated to a local charity. And then all the graphics software manuals for graphics software that’s no longer made (Quark). Not even the book fair can use that.

      Anyway, yes, there are people who need a cause for which to crusade. A lot of them are drama queens, too.

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      1. But you could always reformat the floppies to use….

        Oh, wait… 🙂

        (I have no room to talk: we have an “Adobe Master Collection” which has NEVER been installed – probably 50K worth of (student discount) software” – I doubt the license servers are even still online 😦 )…

        And remember the Murphy’s law of packrats: The day after you pitch something (that you may have hoarded for years), you’ll be in a situation where you need it, and it’s not available ANYWHERE…
        (BTDT and I didn’t even get the lousy tee-shirt 🙂 )…

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        1. “The day after you pitch something (that you may have hoarded for years), you’ll be in a situation where you need it, and it’s not available ANYWHERE…”


          fleabay pretty much fixed that problem.

          If something is obsolete, out of print or otherwise unobtainable except by nationwide scavenger hunt — as long as it has value, it will show up on eBay, sooner or later.

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    2. “What did they believe in to begin with?”

      Perhaps they had a great big hole to begin with, and they desperately something to fill that hole, something to hang onto. Once they realize the “hole” can’t be filled with Lefty beliefs, a big disillusionment follows. If by good fortune they find our side, and something more solid to belief in – they embrace it even more than the cradle believers.

      Kind of like the religious convert is even more Catholic than the cradle Catholics.

      My friend, who I mentioned above was a radical Lefty, until she saw the light, and now you couldn’t meet a more forceful, militant soul for our side. 🙂

      Perhaps it’s because they’ve been where it’s Dark, they appreciate the Light so much more.

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    3. “Serious question.
      Could it be that some people are simply prone to fanaticism?”


      It goes back to my earlier comments on religious fanaticism.

      What was the Nazi ‘SS‘ in WWII?

      Isn’t there a great deal of information showing they (and Hitler himself) were into all kinds of occult beliefs and activities and practices?

      Weren’t these the most serious and high ranking members of Hitler’s ‘German Reich’?

      True believers, with impeccably pressed uniforms and determined behavior?

      Able to torture and murder human beings on a mass scale, without scruple, conscience or inhibition?

      Did they not know how they would be treated, the consequences they would suffer, if they lost?

      If anything, did that knowledge not make them even more vicious and determined?

      Look at the visible Left today in Congress and the media and in entertainment and technology.

      Why would they be any different?

      Are they not committed?

      Well past the point of no return?

      Does the knowledge of what will happen to them if they fail not drive them to continue their antics, even when they appear lunatic to the rest of us in doing so?

      From where does anti-fa, and the Left generally, get their symbols?


      Is that an accident, or a coincidence, or is it by design?

      And if it is by design, then what does that mean?

      Everyone wants to look away. It’s natural. It’s understandable. It is hard to connect dots to a picture we don’t want to see.

      But it’s also dangerous, because if we won’t look directly at it and recognize it, then are we not helpless against it?

      Don’t look away.

      Look directly at it.

      Recognize exactly what it is.

      Only then can you begin to decide what to do about it.

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    4. “I mean, how is it possible for a person to swap out their values 180 degrees within a few years? What did they believe in to begin with?”


      She didn’t understand what she believed, or why.

      Maybe now, she does.

      It’s far less dangerous to the population of the world to be ‘hard right’ than to be ‘hard left’.

      Just ask the victims of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc.

      Who are the equivalents on the right?

      They are not found.

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    5. Some people are very black and white but don’t forget there no one as anti smoking as a reformed smoker. Once people have the scales ripped from their eyes Stuff they have been firwalling from their actual critical intellect will fill them with shame and rage. No one like being taken for a ride by scammers


  22. I have had the misfortune of being at the mercy of evil people who hated me with such passion that it consumed and ultimately destroyed them as they sunk ever deeper into the pit of substance abuse and its accompanying dementia.

    What would stop a decent person, a sense of empathy or compassion even if they did not know God, was lost to them. Yet hiding their sin, outward appearances, social acceptance, and the acquisition of wealth remained entrenched as a driving force in their psyche.

    Even to themselves, they justified every evil action with lies and character assassination.

    What justifies the daily beating of a small child by drunken parents? The constant litany of complaints about the child….the child is “bad”, the child makes noise eating, the child is lazy, the child is disrespectful, the child is no good, the child is a “problem child”….I could go on. The lies would ramp up with the alcohol until a crescendo was reached and the assault and beating would occur.

    What justifies the sexual abuse of such a child? The child tempted me, the child is not properly covered up, the child is trying to seduce me.

    No lie was too big because the reality of what they had done would hold them responsible for such reprehensible behavior that they could not bear it. They drank more and more to quiet reality, and they engaged in greater falsehoods and more despicable acts as they lost self control to the alcohol.

    What enabled this to continue for years? The cowardly quietness of people who knew but just wanted to keep their comfortable lives and not confront this. They sacrificed the well-being of a child on the alter of self interest. Doing the right thing is often uncomfortable.

    There is a religion that justifies actions so evil that I have thought that most of the world would be revolted and stand against it, just as I thought that nothing as evil as Naziism would ever again be allowed. How wrong I have been.

    The celebration of the “beheading” of the President by the left, the way they have embraced and elevated a religion that demands the destruction of all who do not submit just because that religion is antiChristian tells me that they would turn away from confronting any level of evil committed by its practicers.

    The head in the sand “Christians” and “ordinary Americans” will look away from evil and continue to pursue the God of self comfort until that evil turns on them and consumes them.

    If there are no consequences for evil behavior it will continue to corrupt. Our country, our children, our way of life is being corrupted by allowing absolute evil people to remain in power and not bringing them to justice.

    Yes they hate. Their hatred is built on and justified by self serving lies.

    We have had a level of comfort by telling ourselves that the truth, when it is revealed (declass) will right the wrongs and save the country.

    But I have seen that the truth will not matter to many who are so consumed by evil that they will say and do anything to counter the truth and continue their tyranny and pillaging of those they have convinced themselves are worthless (but often fear might in some way be better than them).

    My only answer is Jesus. He is who saved me, and ultimatelyneven those who persecuted me.

    He is Love, Strength, Goodness, Peace and Righteousness, He is Salvation. The Lordship of Jesus drives out the control of demons. The courage He gives will strengthen us and equip us to demand justice to drive out the corruption of evil in our land just as He drove out the money changers from the Temple.

    Apologies for the length of this. I have to go to work and do not have time to edit, but I felt much of this needed to be said.

    Good people here (thank God) have difficulty understanding the depths of depravity they are encountering in the left. I hope this helps, just as I hope it persuades any who might be tempted to look the other way to call out evil, confront it, and demand justice in order to end its rule of corruption over our country.

    Liked by 16 people

      1. God bless you, too Daughn..

        I am old, but not too old (I hope) to learn. You and Big T are teaching me life lessons in the celebration and practicing of goodness and hospitality, and I am grateful.

        God enabled be to choose Love, and I am daily grateful for its practice here.

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    1. I Peter 4:1-2, well, really 1-11 come to mind. Those who have been victims or suffered due to their own and others’ sin, who have become aware of the cruelty, toxicity and harm of sin, have no desire for it and want to live for and in Christ.

      Liked by 9 people

    2. Awesome post LM. On target in your assessment of the preservation of one’s pride and self of righteousness when they fall very short, and their enablers. Thanks for that.

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  23. My first reaction to Daughn’s post without reading all of it (I like it by the way!), or any of the comments here (which are always great by the way!)—we have not had a President until now who was not bought and paid for (whether by blackmail material, lobbyists, etc.).

    The political control mechanism of the past is not present here with Donald Trump, which the Uniparty hates and cannot tolerate! President Trump is a billionaire businessman and not part of the ruling class—he must be removed because we have no control mechanism over him, nothing corrupt to keep him in line so as to support their greed and power through the corrupt political system they have put in place!

    These corrupt bastards will keep pushing this agenda until the strife it creates becomes physical. Evil !!!

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    1. Pete, you’re spot on.
      Our boss man, Trump, is an unusual President, for sure.
      Twisting in my head…. with the onslaught of the surveillance state, which none of us can escape, would it be possible to have a President which was independent?
      I mean, anyone born today would certainly do something bad, on video, something which could be misconstrued and used against them.
      In other words, would we ever be able to have a President who was not blackmailable, ever again? Under the control of unelected intel community.
      Scott Adams was talking about this the other day.
      His idea – we have to save President Trump, and check the deep state/big tech, otherwise we’ll never have a free President again.
      It’s not odd that you’re on the same wavelength as Scott Adams.

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      1. Agree totally on your point about how the mechanisms we use today to make our lives more comfortable ensure that anyone will be, any time the cabal wants them to be, blackmailable.

        I’ve been thinking about this, and have roughed out an idea that may help. I know we need to win the present fight before this will even become relevant, but we need to prepare in case we get the opportunity to address this problem.

        My thought is simply this — we need a constitutional amendment to the effect that we have a property right in any information that may be used to identify us individually. In order for this notion to actually protect us, we would need implementing legislation that creates some form of agreed upon mechanism to punish transgressors. My suggestion is that we would set (and index for inflation) a monetary value on every use of an item of every citizen’s data ($10,000 sounds like a good starting point), so as to preclude having to either prove harm or prove value in order to defend against transgressions. And we would need to preclude they types of disclaimers present in our cell phone contracts and elsewhere whereby we sign away our rights without understanding that we are doing so. In order to do this we would also need to preclude the use of a single consent to enable a multitude of uses for the same data. I would require a direct contractual consent for the use of my data with each and every person (to include individuals, trusts, corporations, partnerships, limited liability company, tax exempt organizations, governmental entity, political party, etc., etc.) seeking to use my data. This is intended to precluding any transfer of a consent to use my data without my knowledge.

        Obviously, we would need then to debate what are legitimate exceptions to this. Is it appropriate for law enforcement to read our license plates while we are grocery shopping? How do we treat get out the vote activities? Are advertisements tied to our computer search patterns a bad thing? I’m not sure how we sort through all of this, but I like the idea of starting from the notion that we can protect our reputations and our persons by precluding certain uses of our data.

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  24. You left out:

    mentally disturbed
    emotionally unbalanced
    obsessive compulsive
    depression prone
    low self-esteem
    desperately needs approval from others rather than from self
    lack of character
    lack of self-awareness
    lack of integrity
    lack of self-control
    sees self as victim in any circumstance
    easily manipulated
    easily indoctrinated
    prefers group think vs. independent thought


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  25. “What did they believe in to begin with?”

    Perhaps they had a great big hole to begin with, and they desperately something to fill that hole, something to hang onto. Once they realize the “hole” can’t be filled with Lefty beliefs, a big disillusionment follows. If by good fortune they find our side, and something more solid to belief in – they embrace it even more than the cradle believers.

    Kind of like the religious convert is even more Catholic than the cradle Catholics.

    My friend, who I mentioned above was a radical Lefty, until she saw the light, and now you couldn’t meet a more forceful, militant soul for our side. 🙂

    Perhaps it’s because they’ve been where it’s Dark, they appreciate the Light so much more.

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  26. Because Positive Thinking, and I agree with Unseen, who has been quite logical on events. It’s a thread, click on the time stamp.

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  27. Another good thread:

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  28. Catturd on Twitter just said “Liberals could make a list of the 10 most important things politically that they want in life … And if you gave them every single one … they’d still be the most miserable, bitter, angry people on the planet.
    Liberals were born to cry.”

    He’s not wrong, you know? Only I might swap out “cry” for “be angry”

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  29. @Aanvals_Kanon The whole climate change movement reminds me of HL Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

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    1. So true Ozzie— crisis, upon crisis, upon crisis— day in and day out, always in turmoil !!!

      So much easier now with worldwide, as-it-is-happening, media outlets. This wasn’t the case before radio and TV, and everything thereafter. Now we are bombarded with bullshit 24/7!

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  30. Take a big fat fresh pungent onion and toss it into the blender. Hit the puree button for about 15 seconds.

    Dump the contents.

    Add ingredients for a milk shake.

    Mix well.

    Tastes like crap, you say?

    Mind works the same way. When its filled with worry, fear, conflict and anger absorbed from 24/7/365 ‘news,’ it becomes similarly tainted.

    Unplug sometimes. Be happy.

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  31. Daughn I posted this also on flea’s thread.
    This is a video of Steve Piczinet and worth watching.
    My intuition seems right this is a CIA coup but I believe others figurers this out also?

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  32. I went hunting for Ristvan’s take:

    ristvan says:
    September 28, 2019 at 11:27 am
    LTR, exactly. Haste makes waste and that will be so here.
    The faster Pelosi’s process tuns to get ahead of Barr and Spygate indictments, the more partisan it will be and the worse the articles ‘product.
    But I think she has already lost the race. Horowitz was last week within the final two week window.He has conferred with Durham, so criminal referral indictments could already be in place under seal.dirham has done this stuff before in the Boston/Bulgar mess.

    ristvan says:
    September 28, 2019 at 12:02 pm
    Great Sundance post about the process. IMO it also presents Pelosi with great dangers.

    1. Nakedly partisan. Republican Congress people like Nunes and Ratcliffe can expose and exploit that during the House impeachment process. So can PDJT as his new ad demonstrates. Not a good look in flyover country helped by PDJT. We will see more Brad Parscale creativity.

    2. Don’t think the 31 (mostly new) Dem Reps in districts PDJT won in 2016 will be able to ‘sell’ impeachment during the present two week recess when there is no there there yet to sell.
    — Officially No collusion no obstruction plus Mueller bombed so Nadler has nothing on obstruction yet since PDJT released the Zelensky transcript with Zelensky’s permission. 2020 election interference is a joke argument since Biden isn’t the candidate and no primaries have yet been held. PDJT’s new ad starts running tomorrow, probably the first of many.
    —Schiff made stuff up Thursday. The IGIC urgent concern form was provably altered either just for this WB complaint or (worse) after the fact. That Lawfare goof can be run down in PDJT’s favor.
    IMO there is a decent chance flimsy politicized articles will not get the requisite majority vote. The faster Pelosi’s gang tries to run, the greater that risk for them.

    3. As as said agreeing with LTR observation upthread, haste makes waste. And no matter how fast Pelosi’s gang tries, they cannot at this point outrun Barr, Horowitz, and Durham on Spygate. And that puts even more pressure on the 31 Dems in PDJT districts.

    4. PDJT is a street fighter with many political assets on his side:
    —tweets. “How can you impeach the most successful president ever?”
    —rallies. “Zelensky did not even know I delayed Ukraine aid to try to get Germany to contribute more until a month after my call. And the aid was ultimately timely delivered. No quid pro quo unlike Biden”.
    —Senate. Yes Romney is a snake. But there are shaky state Dems and primaryable Repubs up for re-election next year. McDonnell has already said that if necessary, he’s got this. And the Senate trial format isn’t lopsided like the 116th new House rules. That poses the opportunity to fully expose the deep state lawfare process and REALLY drain the swamp. For example, things like subpoena the whistleblower to find out who wrote his complaint since it is evident he didn’t. Subpoena Schiff to find who wrote and when his parody. Subpoena ICIG to find out who and when and why the urgent concern form was changed. All sticks of dynamite against lawfare.

    Tom Hansen says:
    September 28, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    I believe it would be a strategically fatal mistake for Barr to announce any indictments of the FISA and coup conspirators after an impeachment because the media would spend 100% of its time on the impeachment and will literally ignore the indictment announcements, and claim Barr is only defending Trump and is a rogue AG.

    Barr needs to announce the indictments first to claim the high ground, and then when the impeachment occurs, Trump can then claim it is Presidential harassment and the Dems attempting to deflect from the corrupt federal bureaucracy to minimize the grounds for impeachment.

    Liked by 1 person

    ristvan says:
    September 28, 2019 at 2:26 pm
    Agree. And think that is exactly what will soon happen. It explains the Dem rush to judgement.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. I will read comments in a minute…… But….
    Daughn! Damn! What (another) AMAZING POST!
    And what an awesome ending!
    AC/DC Video was excellent ….. as are YOU!
    Much to consider here……
    Our IDIOTIC “education” system…..
    CRIMINAL… CORRUPT…. Politicians (on BOTH sides)…….
    WHO the HELL “Votes” for most of these BASTARDS?
    Is Vote FRAUD that bad? (I know… Rhetorical)…
    Anyway….. Back to read the comments from the MOST AWESOME people on the Net!

    Liked by 1 person

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