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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this performance from 2 Cellos, who have mixed Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony:


Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: A huge Tree sits in a clearing with large stones and boulders around it. There are stone steps leading up to a covered entrance in the trunk, with windows on either side. A small stream of water is cascading down some rocky steps to the side of the Tree. Little lanterns are strung from the branches…and from the branches of nearby trees.

Second Image: Is a comfy-looking room with light streaming in from two arched windows and a curved bay window with a window seat. There is a wicker loveseat with overstuffed cushions and pillows…and another wicker chair with a plump cushion and pillows.

Third Image: President Trump has a slight smile on his face as he is giving the side-eye to something out of our view. His hand is on a microphone and he looks like he is about to speak.


The Storm is here…but we’ll get through this together.

291 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190928 Open Topic

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!
    Quick calculations. 13 METRIC tons = 2200lbs x 13 = 28,600 lbs x 16 (avoirdupois ounces real weight versus 14.58 troy ounce/lb) x $1520/ounce = $695,552,000
    Ohhh no, in Communist countries or with Bernie Sanders/Lizzie Warren, you’re not allowed to have that much wealth.

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        1. It’s probably from the gold fillings in the teeth of political and religious prisoners the Chinese government has murdered for their organs.

          It’s incredible that we live in a world where such things happen routinely, every day, right now as we speak, and yet the nations of the world still speak to Xi ping-pong and members of the CCP like they’re not committing grotesque atrocities and crimes against humanity that make some of the worst butchers in history look kind by comparison.

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      1. I smell a STORY.

        NAAAAAAAH. Something STINKS HERE.

        Is this an excuse for CURRENCY MANIPULATION?

        Even worse (and I have been thinking about this problem due to recent reading about “rare elements”) is this an excuse for illicitly imported (COUGH, COUGH) gold and cash to support CHINA as somebody’s puppet?

        I think this is BULLSHIT. And I’m calling BULLSHIT.

        As far as the “sudden discovery of metals”, I have been thinking that we may start seeing “critical materials” funneled to players. In fact, I would assume that this has happened for a long time.

        Interesting problem. “Molly B. Damn”, so to speak.

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          1. I loved that movie when I was a kid, because there was a huge science joke throughout. In its time, it was quite funny. It’s somewhat juvenile humor, but hey – I was a kid!!! 😀

            Now, I look at the whole movie and see it as really cheap, bad old Grade C Hollywood junk. That scene does not age well – it was sharper when I saw it back then. Now, it’s no longer compelling. Of course, I don’t watch much fake entertainment now, so it doesn’t grab me right at the start, like it used to do.

            “Every movie is a foreign movie to me now.”

            But yeah, that scene is still funny, even though I knew it was coming!

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    1. Except under the system here, because we still have the Constitution and weapons, police and military will fight. They will have to bring in u.n. mercenaries andvwe will have an all out civil war.
      If POTUS is impeached it may go that route anyway. I think a lot of people are not going to wait much longer. Without positive action and results , people are only goingbto get pushed so far before they go 1776.

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      1. “Except under the system here, because we still have the Constitution and weapons, police and military will fight. They will have to bring in u.n. mercenaries and we will have an all out civil war.”


        We would kick the U.N.’s ass so hard they would never be able to put on pants again.

        And we would start by demolishing their headquarters.

        They only have 91,000 uniformed ‘troops’, spread all over the world, busy trafficking in children, stealing and raping children.


        I don’t think it’s even possible to have a Civil War today. I understand the idea, but Conservatives and Communists are not separated by geography like the North and South were in the 1860s. Where would the battle lines be drawn? How would you know who was on your side and who wasn’t?

        The simple fact is that a large majority of the gun owners in America are Conservatives, and a large majority of the Leftists wouldn’t fight and wouldn’t know how to even if they needed to.

        And the large majority of retired military (many with combat experience) are going to fight for freedom and the Constitution, not the commies.

        I believe a large number of active military, police and especially Sheriffs are white hats who would fight for freedom and the Constitution too.

        It would be the shortest Civil War ever fought, and the commies would be WIPED OUT.

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    2. “According to Chinese law on corruption, the official will be executed.”


      I think the law (at least in practice) is actually against not sharing corruption.

      If he had shared his gold with other members of the corrupt communist party, he would own many communist ‘friends’, and he would certainly not be executed.

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  2. I gotta say, I do NOT understand why POTUS appoints some of these people – Kurt Volker (sp?), US envoy to Ukraine appointed by POTUS in 2017 part-time and unpaid (former Ambassador to NATO under Bush and Obama) has resigned just hours after receiving three House subpoenas (on OANN). Then I find out he is the director of the McCain Institute, for pete’s sake!!! W….T….H??!!??

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    1. And you have found a LEAKER. (not the Whisleleaker, but maybe a SOURCE for the Whistleleaker) If this guy was on the up and up, he would NOT have had ANY problems testifying. Who wants to bet when is compelled to do so, he will take the 5th, and NOT from the dem perspective (which they and the MSM will use to say that he is hiding something for Trump) but from answering REPUBLICAN questions.

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    2. “I gotta say, I do NOT understand why POTUS appoints some of these people – Kurt Volker (sp?), US envoy to Ukraine appointed by POTUS in 2017 part-time and unpaid (former Ambassador to NATO under Bush and Obama) has resigned just hours after receiving three House subpoenas (on OANN). Then I find out he is the director of the McCain Institute, for pete’s sake!!! W….T….H??!!??”


      It has to have been on purpose, like all (or at least most) of the other highly questionable appointments.

      DJT must have put these people in positions where they would do exactly what he knew they would do, exposing themselves and their corrupt institutions in the process.

      Or he’s Chauncey Gardiner and his successes and failures are pure… chance.

      He’s definitely not Chauncey Gardiner.

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      1. *sigh* I know – good thing I decided not to run for city council – I am NOT good at diplomacy or this kind of deep, intricate planning. I am up-front, in-your-face, speak my mind and would never succeed as a politician, that’s for sure!

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          1. I often forget how fierce I can be – back in my younger days in NOVA, I was feared in the office! Project Officers would flee their offices and hide in the copy room when I went on the warpath. Ah, those were the days!

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  3. “Two illegal aliens accused of raping children are now on the run after they were released by sanctuary cities in New York and New Jersey, according to federal immigration officials.

    Luciano Trejo-Dominguez, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged with raping a child between the ages of 13 to 15, criminal restraint, criminal sexual contact, and endangering a child in Vineland, New Jersey on August 12.

    Though the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency asked that Trejo-Dominguez be held in local custody until he could be properly turned over to agents, the sanctuary jurisdiction released the illegal alien on August 23, according to CBS New York.

    New Jersey is a sanctuary state that mandates police and sheriffs release criminal illegal aliens back into the general public rather than turn them over to ICE for deportation.

    Likewise, Joaquin Rodriguez Quiroz was arrested and charged with third-degree rape on September 6 in Westchester County, New York, after he allegedly raped a child under the age of 17.

    At the time, ICE asked Westchester County officials to hold Quiroz in local custody until he could be turned over to them, but instead, the illegal alien was allowed to post bail and be released.”

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    1. “New Jersey is a sanctuary state that mandates police and sheriffs release criminal illegal aliens back into the general public rather than turn them over to ICE for deportation.”


      Why doesn’t anyone CHALLENGE that bogus law all the way to the Supreme Court of New Jersey and then to the (not)Supreme Court if necessary?

      Any such law is a direct violation of ANY Constitution of the 50 United States.

      The entire purpose of the Constitution (any state Constitution) is to protect and defend the People of that State and their Rights. That is the reason Constitutions were created, it’s their raison de etre.

      So when a legislature passes laws that not only does not prosecute people who have committed heinous crimes, but turns them loose to commit MORE heinous crimes, this is expressly and undeniably a violation of the oaths of office of everyone in the government, and expressly a violation of the State Constitution, and a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

      But nobody does anything.

      Why don’t the Feds arrest the governors of lawless ‘sanctuary states’, or the mayors of lawless ‘sanctuary cities’?

      Why is NOBODY in government (local, state or federal) ever held accountable, for ANYTHING?

      What the *&^% is going on?!?

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  4. “The California judge who approved the “Flores” catch and release loophole in the nation’s border laws has rejected the regulatory fix drafted by President Donald Trump’s deputies.

    Judge Dolly Gee’s rejection clears the way for the Department of Justice to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule her decision and so allow officials to end the so-called Flores decree that forces border officials to release migrant children — and their parents — after just 20 days in detention.

    Trump’s regulations fix the catch and release loophole by allowing officials to hold migrants and their children in detention until their claims for asylum are processed by courts. The continued detention will deter migrants because it bars migrants from getting the jobs they need to repay their smugglers. The detention also prevents migrants from using their release to escape deportation by hiding among the nation’s population of at least 12 million illegals.

    The regulations “fail to implement and are inconsistent with the relevant and substantive terms of the Flores Settlement Agreement,” Gee wrote. “The Flores Settlement Agreement remains in effect and has not been terminated.”

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    1. Before I look it up, I’m willing to bet that Dolly Gee is Chinese. Probably under the control of the ChiComs, and appointed, probably, by some maneuvering by ChiSpyWiFiDiFi…

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      1. Yep. Parents are Chinese, and she’s an Øbozo appointee. Father worked in the aerospace industry and on the Apollo program. Wonder how much of that tech made its way back to China???

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    1. When they started screaming, it really seemed like a REACTION to something, rather than an ACTION. They are trying to get in front of whats’s coming by discrediting PDJT, AG Barr, Kansas et all, so they can claim retribution against themselves.

      Had Faux on a little while ago…they are breathless and spinning fast, will not let anyone finish a thought that does not support the narrative 🙄

      I hope they remember their mantra….NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, and must be held accountable. That one is gonna leave a mark, methinks

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      1. Paul Ryan’s name might even be on some documents as having benefited from Dem/Uniparty corruption. Anybody wonder why Ryan landed a spot on the board of FOX News? I say pay for play. He did the bidding of the masters and now they’re rewarded him.

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    2. The FISA abuse perhaps, but we STILL need to get to the start of this, and that would be the dossier…incremental steps, FISA abuse highlights dossier and Comey and DOJ corruption. Ukraine gives info on Crowdstrike, proving ZERO Russian Interference. Then EVERYONE wants to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY the Russian farce started and was allowed to continue in the form of Crossfire and Mueller. Then we get to the setups that happened BEFORE JJuly 31 2016, then that leads BACK to the dossier and illegal unmaking by Rice and Power. Then we find out WHY, WHEN and WHO. Tic toc Barack.

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    3. We had 2 IG reports he suggested prosecution and DOJ refused. I do not think democrats worry about IG report because they all get a slap in public get a book deal and live happily

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  5. EXCERPT: “Results showed that participants in the program experienced a significant decrease in PTSD scores, almost 67 percent, after just three weeks of THR,” Johnson says. “After six weeks, participants experienced an 87 percent drop in PTSD scores.”

    And maybe even more remarkable is that some of the participants had been suffering PTSD from the Vietnam War. “Interestingly, the veterans who self-identified for the study all were from the Vietnam War era meaning that some of these military veterans had been experiencing PTSD symptoms for 40 or 50 years,” added Johnson.

    Most of us who have known and loved horses understands how powerful they can be. And of course the same goes for therapy animals of every stripe. Tucked away in the study was the following paragraph, showing how help can come in surprising ways.”

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        1. Nebraska, my BIL has had 3 spinal surgeries.
          CBD, both orally and topically is the ONLY therapy which has allowed him to physically function around the Ranch.
          Mercifully, he can now obtain it w/o a drive to adjacent County, due to relaxed laws.
          I understand this is anecdotal, but his experience set me on the right track.
          There is standardized product available, just requires a bit of homework.

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          1. Thankfully, my brother had CBD before he died – a friend of his has a prescription for it and gets it from CO and gave it to him. I wish he could have gotten the CBD with THC to help him mentally since he was suicidal. I am just thankful he went fast. IMO, it is criminal to prevent people from getting this medicine. MJ is no worse than alcohol – indeed, it won’t kill you like alcohol will – and it should be legalized.

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        2. Living in CA my entire life at being among the first states to push for legalization has kept me in the loop. We have nothing but crime associated with the use of either, and the medical use is nothing but abuse. There are benefits for select conditions. The overall use though for “headaches, anxiety, and stress” is an excuse to get high and an inability for police to do an accurate field test for intoxication is a threat to my childs safety when Im on the road, particularly with the frequency of use or thc concentration. Public schools here also have been given the go ahead to distribute to elementary kids.
          There are VERY specific uses but its being treated like a bandaid one size fits all approach. Science is not settled and there are no standards. Until then, I wont be so liberal to agree with widespread use.

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              1. Cancer, yes, parkinsons, glaucoma if that works. If it relieves the symptoms of people who have no other alternative, great. Otherwise, it’s no different than the other stuff out there. Especially since word is that the newer breeds of plants produce a stronger chemical.

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          1. Science is never settled, IMO. Do the police test for pharmaceuticals that treat the same condition of “headaches, anxiety, and stress?” Your child is in just as much danger from them or from cell phone use – actually, in MORE danger. However, I agree more studies need to be conducted – it is our own government who is preventing that. Does that make sense to you? I don’t understand how someone can be just fine with alcohol and mind-altering pharmaceuticals but dead set against ANYTHING to do with marijuana.

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            1. Police do test for most of the other meds, because there are various tests, side effects, etc that can be looked at. Marijuana isnt one. Dui under any circumstance is wrong tho. The duis with thc here just cant be scrutinized at an intoxication level , which would also be heloful in dosing for diseases, not self dosing. Thats where all the research will assist, and controls. Hopefully it will be done in a fair comprehensive way.


              1. Interesting – I had never heard the police test for pharmaceuticals. Found the following Newsweek article that claims they CAN test now for MJ.
                olice in California can now test drivers for marijuana and other drug use. The two Dräger DrugTest 5000 machines which San Deigo police debuted during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday can detect the presence of seven drugs including marijuana, opioids, cocaine, amphetamine, methadone, methamphetamine and benzodiazepines.

                “The drug tests, which use a mouth swab to determine the presence of drugs, have already been implemented in other states where marijuana is legal as well as in Australia, Belgium and Germany since the machine’s creation in 2009.

                Although the machines can detect the presence of drugs, they can’t determine exactly how intoxicated a driver is, unlike traditional alcohol breathalyzer machines police officers use to determine blood alcohol content level. Drivers who are found to be under the influence of drugs will still have to undergo blood tests to determine intoxication level.

                As with the state’s alcohol laws, drivers can refuse to undergo a Dräger 5000 test. However, if a police officer has reasonable suspicion of drug use, a driver could be forced to give a blood sample.”


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              2. Thats interesting. Its not widespread use, sounds like a pilot program. Field tests are for general intoxication and testing whats in possession. They take blood for specifics, always have.

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      1. I vape and I’m not stupid. I smoked for 41yrs and AFTER a lot of research, switched to vaping. Nicotine is very addictive and no other cessation methods worked for me. Cigarettes contain over 400 carcinogens. Eliquid has one, diacetyl. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. You can find responsible vendors that voluntarily publish their ingredients, that do not use diacetyl. Those are the only ones I trust. And yes, I, like most ex-smokers use flavors, they’re more palatable. Cigs tasted nasty, but we needed the nicotine. I have also been able to gradually reduce my nicotine levels, with the ultimate goal of 0 one day. Vaping has been a health improver, life extender for me.

        Just like cigarettes, Kids should not have access to these products. I would like to see ingredient labels on all juices. I would also like to see a cap on the nicotine levels. 24mg (equal to a Marlboro red) used to be the highest concentration in ejuice. With the invention of Juul and these other mini devices, they concentrated the juice(salts) and the nicotine can go as high as 36-59mg. One hit is supposed to last you hours, the kids are smoking 3pods a day. That’s a big problem!! I smoked ultra lights, when I tried 18mg ejuice, it gave me chest pains so I had to go down to 12mg.

        The Vitamin E they’re adding to THC oil has been the primary cause of deaths. And bootleg sellers, there’s no telling what they’re using in their concoctions, are dangerous.

        To ban all vaping is wrong. There are many facets to vaping. Used responsibly, it has helped thousands of people quit cigarettes. Big tobacco doesn’t like that and have been bashing and fear mongering since day one. THC oil should be banned, if people want to get high, they should do it the old fashioned way and smoke a joint.

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        1. If quitting is the goal then its a tool for that, like the patch. Its been abused and marketed way past that, as if people are slowly increasing their use. Not starting any tobacco or drugs in the first place is the healthy option.


    1. Hasn’t been following this too much but it seems they are using cumulative numbers to justify banning vaping. Example illness reported to be associated with vaping have now reached 800 plus country wide.
      What? If that is the case they needed to have outlawed chicken decades ago. These numbers they are complaining about are minuscule.

      Personally thinks that do gooders have been joined by evil people who think they need to take away the calming effects of nicotine to set more people off or more realistically politicians are just upset they can’t get the tobacco tax revenue from vaping market.

      Minor policing like above is all that is needed. Not bans.

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  6. EXCERPT: “A United States entertainer and businessman and a Malaysian financier were charged in a four-count indictment unsealed today in the District of Columbia for conspiring to make and conceal foreign and conduit campaign contributions during the United States presidential election in 2012, announced Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

    Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, 46, and Low Taek Jho, 37, also known as “Jho Low,” were charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States government and for making foreign and conduit campaign contributions. Michel also was charged with one count of a scheme to conceal material facts and two counts of making a false entry in a record in connection with the conspiracy. Michel appeared today for his arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey in the District of Columbia. Low remains at large.

    According to the indictment, between June 2012 and November 2012, Low directed the transfer of approximately $21,600,000 from foreign entities and accounts to Michel for the purpose of funneling significant sums of money into the United States presidential election as purportedly legitimate contributions, all while concealing the true source of the money. To facilitate the excessive contributions and conceal their true source, Michel paid approximately $865,000 of the money received from Low to about 20 straw donors, or conduits, so that the straw donors could make donations in their names to a presidential joint fundraising committee. In addition, Michel personally directed more than $1 million of the money received from Low to an independent expenditure committee also involved in the presidential election in 2012.”

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  7. “Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who currently sits on the board of Fox Corp., is reportedly urging Fox News to “decisively break” with President Donald Trump, according to a Thursday Vanity Fair report documenting the network’s “management bedlam.”

    Vanity Fair’s Gabe Sherman, citing four sources, reported that Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who has long tried to move Fox News to the center, “is already thinking about how to position the network for a post-Trump future.”

    Ryan, the longtime Trump antagonist, has reportedly been suggesting to Murdoch that “Fox should decisively break with the president” as Murdoch holds “strategy conversations with Fox executives and anchors about how Fox News should prepare for life after Trump.”

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    1. Ryan is part of the Cabal. He KNEW throught the gang of 8 briefings what they were doing to Trump, and he did NOTHING to stop it AND only helped it by stalling Trumps agendas. Remember, as I have speculated before, the plan was to Impeach BOTH Trump and Pence in 2016-2017. That would have lead to a President Ryan. See how that would work. Then Ryan despite being arguably the 3rd most powerful Republican and still YOUNG “retires” in an easily won R district. Now you know WHY. His part WILL come out, he is fooked, and he KNOWS it, so he drops all pretense and acts like the Dem he truly IS.

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      1. why do you think he is moving/has moved to MD, after refusing to move his family from Wisconsin when he was Speaker?

        Are you sure about including Pence in “Impeach both Trump and Pence” …

        why not just plan to have Pence appoint Ryan? After all, the two were, at one time, very close friends.

        Ryan is definitely a tool of Deep State… more than GOPe. He served the Cabal, part of uni-party while Speaker. The House was not in hands of GOP 2014-2016… thru Ryan as Speaker, it was controlled by uni-party… (I repeat myself, sorry 😉 )

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        1. I am very sure it was both, Pelosi and Waters said as much. I wrote in my blog that the Flynn setup may have been originally a set up for Pence, who was interviewed by CBS, and that is what brought about the Flynn “lie” It was either Flynn or Pence that was “lying”. So, IMHO, Flynn did what ANY good Patriot would, he fell on the sword to protect Pence.

          ALL of the Trump transition, and cabinet were also spied upon. ALL of they had traps set. Of that I have no doubt. Sessions was set up by Kislyiak (the SAME guy that they used to take down Flynn.) and a conversation Sessions had in SEPTEMBER 2016 as a member of the Armed Services Committee, in his OFFICE, and something that was perfectly legit. Al Franken, of all people, was used to close the trap. Remeber HE asked Sessions in his confirmation hearings about Russia, and talking to Russians, that is when Sessions answered that he would have to recuse IF he did, and they did use that meeting to FORCE his recusal. Here is an odd unseen fact. There have been NUMEROUS moves and counter moves by BOTH Trump and the Cabal in this farce. Flynn was taken down, and then Yates was taken down for Insubordination. Who helped setup Flynn by running to McGahn telling him of Flynn’s “lie” Sally Yates. When Sessions was recused, Comey was fired. Notice too that Al Frankin ALSO was forced to resign.

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  8. “How difficult would it have been for the Register to show a little moral leadership here and call for an end to this madness? How hard would it be for the paper to say, “You know what? Tweets from when the subject was a minor are now off limits“?

    How hard would it be to institute a policy that says, “Regardless of the person’s age, if the subject’s social media post is more than five-years-old, was a one-off in a moment of bad taste or passion, and there is no other history of this, we’re going to leave it alone“?

    Some good might still come out of this. Maybe the media will be a little more circumspect in the future before pulling the trigger on someone’s life over a moment that in no way defines who that person is now.

    And then there’s this… Stepping in for the corporate quislings at Anheuser-Busch is the Geneseo Brewing Company out of Genesco, Illinois, which has named one of its beers “Carson King” and will donate $1 of every pint sold to that children’s hospital.”

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    1. 3 things in response to that article:
      1. The media is not going to be more circumspect before pulling the trigger on conservatives. “Circumspect” and “media” are in different galaxies.
      2. This is war.
      3. They’d better just “learn to code” as a backup in case they get canned after being exposed as they have exposed others. What goes around comes around, etc.

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  9. Susan Rice: Obama Put Call Transcripts On Top Secret Server, Too

    Former national security adviser Susan Rice acknowledged last night that the Obama administration moved transcripts of conversations with foreign leaders onto the same top-secret server where the Trump administration stored his recent phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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  10. Be of good cheer:

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  12. I was wondering the same thing.

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  13. Another good thread:

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      1. I am not kidding – this is sneaky ass bullshit – ultimate politicization of IC.

        People either hang and go to prison for seditious conspiracy, or abolish these agencies and create new ones. Or both, but I think the only way these agencies can stay is if they are cleaned out to the level of life sentences and executions for some of these players.

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        1. If Pres Trump abolished any of these Intel agencies, then the Dems and their media mouthpieces would declare:
          “Obstruction of Justice! He’s doing this to cover up his crimes!”

          So the only thing he can do, is to clean them up from the inside….and yeah, maximum penalties, life sentences and executions.

          He could *combine* some of them, though.
          As a part of Mulvaney’s plan to “streamline & make more efficient”.

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          1. Whatever happens, it has to be fixed. We can’t tolerate this kind of “cheating” behavior any longer. And if that means things get rough, I DON’T CARE.

            Mulvaney’s plan sounds fine with me, as long as we’re not SPREADING THE ROT. A lot of CRAP needs DOWN THE TOILET in the process.

            Rot has to be cleaned out – BIGLY.

            We need NAMES on those form changes. NAMES and OUTCOMES. Whoever changed those forms and whoever they dealt with in doing that needs to be ON TRIAL IN PUBLIC. This is abuse of IC, pure and simple. END IT.

            Steve Pieczenik is right. Gotta go in and swing the jawbone and clean out the Brennanoids. I don’t care if there’s shooting in the hallways – BRING ‘EM IN.

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  14. On a different subject, not sure if folks know… A teacher in Florida wants to buy some books for her kids to read. Budget doesn’t give her much to work with, and the kids love to read.

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    1. I always say “Caveat Emptor” on all the internet money begs. You really have no idea who you’re sending money to and what it will be used for. There are so many scams on the internet, you just can’t know for sure which is and is not a scam.


  15. The owner of this account pulled up #7 in the thread today. Almost 19 months later, IMO, it’s worth a revue.

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    1. Yep. There’s a complete news blackout about it all over Europe. The French are very good at that, having covered up nuclear incidents (not meltdowns, but cooling system failures, etc.), the Air France flight going to/from Brazil (info leaked out VERY slowly from that), and many political and other scandals or problems that would normally be reported in most other countries.

      The globalists have a VERY tight hand controlling France, sad to say. Otherwise Macaroon would not be President, and the Moslems would have neither the numbers nor the power that they do in France…

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    1. Interesting! Good stuff. His last few minutes show that he’s approaching the same points of view that I am from a slightly different direction. Especially from 19:45 to 20:45, he has a little monologue that is SO SPOT ON about the way (and this is my take) a lot of reality got loaded into divine revelation about the future which, as we see now – is turning out in expected ways from the viewpoint of “higher intelligence”, and so prophecy kind of depends on how you look at it, and this is in fact a teaching about the universe and things above it and beyond it, up to God.

      The main point being, we are armed with Biblical discernment – extremely important way of looking at the universe – which starts with a key assumption that makes all the difference – translate that 1000 ways – we have faith and it makes all the difference.

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      1. Thanks, wolf! Deep thinking here – lots to digest – logical thinking required – pinpointing so many possibilities – mathematical probability – man/machine – the last frontier; the brain – or is this all satan’s way of becoming equal to God – his way of destroying God’s creation – controlling it – will God decide – enough is enough – and bring on the final battle?

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        1. God WINS. All we need to do is STAND. STAND without FEAR. If we never relent on the principles of GOD’S DESIGN, we cannot be defeated. When I see people talking coherently and deeply like this, I know we are on the RIGHT PATH.

          There is no reason that technology cannot respect God’s principles. A mean, God created the universe. Uphold those principles, and DOORS WILL OPEN. We just have to be willing to learn, and to REMEMBER and NOT FORGET THE BASICS. To NEVER forget the basics.

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  16. When it comes to gun confiscation, New Orleans was a pioneer. People who had guns confiscated by law enforcement subsequent to the Hurricane Katrina aftermath never got them back. Let this lady’s words be a warning to all gun owners in the U.S.

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    1. Short answer: yes. When asked the other day whether Hillary’s “lost” emails could be in the Ukraine, Pres. Trump said they could be. The Ukraine seems to be a major key. An investigation into Biden’s dealings there has them scrambling.

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    1. Communist Chinese Police? They’d be welcomed with open arms by the Portland Oregon city council and loony leftwing mayor.

      After all, Portland isn’t called, among other names, The Peoples’ Republic of Portland for nothing.

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    2. Theyve busted a couple people with ccp stickers all over their cars that are police emblems. One person was quoted as just buying them on amazon because he thought they were funny. I dont. We have had several police impersonators, who are mostly hispanic, pulling people over to rob and rape .
      We have WAYYYYY too many chinese nationals in CA. Maybe testing the water. Its a felony to impersonate law enforcement here no matter the country(halloween party costumes excluded).

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      1. About 30 years ago, some actor dressed as a cop was shot to death by two real cops at a Halloween movie-peeps costume party. He thought they were fellow actors doing improv so he improved back by reaching for his prop gun.

        There was no “cut”. Just multiple gunshots at close range.

        Why were the cops there? Neighbors said the party was too noisy.


    1. Wrong tweet. Sorry about the repeat. I meant to post a tweet of a letter from Nunes and others calling for Schiff to resign as House Committee Chairman, but now I see that it was dated in March of this year. It seems that once a party is in the majority, there’s not much the opposition party can do. It’s too bad the Repubs have been so spineless and do-less while in the majority in the past.

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  17. This is one great, encouraging post. Just got home and haven’t had to read it all or any of the comments (even here) so please forgive me if this is a double post….. but I was so excited by the part I read that I had to share.
    Attorney General Bill Barr Visits Italy on “Official Business”? – Remember That Audio-Tape Deposition by Joseph Mifsud?…
    Posted on September 28, 2019 by sundance

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  18. Absolute embarrassment of a police chief. Incompetent, really. Garcetti put him there so it figures.
    So having an ad to become a cop is taboo on breitbart. Wth? Some good depts should advertise immediately. Make a jab at l.a. in the process.

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