Dear KMAG: 20190919 Open Thread

This Showing My Age Night Before Daughn Thursday 20190919 Open Thread is officially Open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil.

They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven



Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  • 1.No food fights.
  • 2.No running with scissors.
  • 3.If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Since I’m off to the camp and cut off from the daily grind and to get in a little fishin’… .

I leave it all in the hands of you Qtreepers to shine the light on this GREAT TREE!

Yea, that’s me (not really-N. Rockwell July 1930)


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      1. Yes – it’s extremely profound! If one asks WHY what he’s saying is true, it leads into all kinds of higher math, science and philosophy, including the very idea of what can be proven and what cannot.


    1. 3:34 “The answer to ideological subversion ironically is very simple. You don’t have to [target people], you don’t have to [confront militarily] … you simply have to have faith and prevent subversion. In other words, not to be a victim of subversion. Don’t try to be a person who in judo who is trying to smash the enemy and is caught by the power of his hand. Don’t strike like that. Strike with the power of your spirit and moral superiority. If you don’t have that power it’s high time to develop it. And that’s the only answer.”

      Sounds very much in line with Václav Havel, Solzhenitsyn…

      The biggest threat to communism is the virtue of the people who trust in the Lord.

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      1. Which is why, unfortunately, so many people these days are flirting with socialism. The democrats threw God out of their party back in 2012 and are now doing outreach to what they say is becoming a big religion – atheism.

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        1. It’s a problem…

          But it’s also socialism’s Achilles heel.

          What he does not talk about however is the left’s blatant infiltration and subversion of the churches. Part of the reason so many churches are dying is because they stopped following Christ and became cheerleaders for every leftist cause known to man.

          Leftism can be described as a religion. I prefer to look at it in terms of a cult. A lot of mind control goes into the thought system to put left turn signs a every intersection. That’s why you can’t talk to a leftist without them changing the subject like they were chasing squirrels – “But what about …???”

          Alison, talking about the Peace Corps “My brother spent two years in the PC in Yemen, smoking qat with the men and gazing at women’s ankles. He came home so radicalized, we haven’t had a non-confrontational conversation since. Nowdays, we rarely speak. He lives in Austin; hates Texas; hates the USA and thinks Hillary walks on water.”

          That’s exactly the kind of setup for someone deal with cultic mind control. Sounds a lot like what Steve Hassan described in his story and in his books as a former Moonie. Get them on altruism, do good for the world. If you can get people overseas, you can show them how bad everything is, and EVERY STORY you can make it out like the Americans really screwed everyone over… young people don’t know better and will quickly believe all that garbage. The more outrageous the stories, the better – make them feel moral outrage, not curiosity to find the facts. If they’re smoking, they are very susceptible – get them high enough and even a total blathering idiot suddenly seems like a genius. A few months with their critical faculties shut off, getting outraged and bitter with crazy lies – it poisons everything. Leftism is a ready made belief system for resentful people feel like the world really owes them something. About what other people should do for them, but not about responsibility to self. That kind of attitude makes it very hard to reconcile a belief system with God.

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          1. This is why RETROCULTURE is so subversive right now.

            CULTURE is now COUNTERCULTURE.

            So I say BRING IT INTO those mainline churches as a kind of smart, slow and persistent REBELLION. Which, like the original Christ model, cannot be defeated.

            Stop running from their subversion. SUBVERT BACK without shame.

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    2. A chalkboard and an eraser…talk about retro.

      God’s law gives us social order, that’s the gist. And one of the appeals of Islam is the lack of choices. They are made for the individual. My own faith does that for some issues, but not others. However, the order of things is laid out. Where we went off the rails before my time, was removing the sense of majesty and awe from all things related to the Savior. And the people were told 55 years ago or so that this was the way the early Church was. Dora posted a story about a fifth century church building in Hippos that belies that. There is clearly a sanctuary and high altar in the ruins.

      In the 20th century, religion was attacked so as to destroy it, and, thus, society. There is no other way to explain it.

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  1. Beautiful opening scene, TrumpIsMine! It looks like there’s a ladder or windmill behind the tree (I see just a tiny bit of the base behind tree trunk on lower right) (or I really DO need to see the eye doctor!). Anyway, beautiful colors in that picture.

    Enjoy your camping 🤓

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            1. I don’t think they’re big enough to be nightcrawlers. We tore down the chicken coup a few yrs ago, the yard for where the chickens were has best dirt and 100% guaranteed fishing worms.

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  2. Has anyone seen this addressed? Where does that sexual predator Buck get his money to donate to the Dems? He lives in a sleazy apartment, and I haven’t seen anything about jobs, trust funds or whatever. I don’t think he’s a drug dealer, but he’s gotta be funded somehow if he’s a big enough donater that all the politicians sucked up to him! What an evil twisted man he is.

    I wonder if the jail where he’s being held has checked their cameras to make sure they’re working, and bought NoDoze for the guards 🙄. Sure would hate to see him Epstein’d …

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      1. Thanks for the link, Sadie. After reading it, I still don’t think his ‘path’ makes him wealthy enough to be someone the pols suck up to – maybe Schiff, but Hillary? Seems like he spent more time on activism than profitable ventures. Either he’s just an out and out vile pervert or there’s more to the story. Time will tell!

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        1. Money Launderer??

          The Drug Cartels need a ‘legal’ way to get $$$ into the hands of the politicians so the pols look clean. Ed Buck could have been the middleman.

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  3. Today is Day 45 of 8chan being offline. Today is also the re-opening of the Washington Monument, which has been closed since December 2016. The official reason for the closure has ranged from “repairs” to “contaminated soil,” but I speculate the real reason was to prevent the black hats from staging a terrorist attack.

    Anyways, here are some quick facts about the Washington Monument:

    – It’s 555 feet 5 1⁄8 inches tall. If you convert feet to inches and round the number, it’s 6666 inches tall.

    – The Washington Monument located inside a yonic symbol, making the whole thing look like a symbol of sexual intercourse. The Masons who designed it, however, would probably argue that it’s a symbol of “generation” or “conjunction” rather than call it “sex.”

    – Speaking of Masons, the Washington Monument was authorized by Congress in 1833. 33 is an important Mason number.

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    1. I hate to say it, but that article is from April – from the first election that didn’t turn out to be enough for Likud to form a government. It’s looking like this election is going to be the same.

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      1. Oh no! 😩 Sorry I did not check the date. I want and have been praying for it to be true, that counts right? 😃 Thanks for the catch Miss Linda.

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          1. Some big conservatives were rick-rolled as well, saw them pass it on in my twitter feed. Already had the head’s up here. 🙂


      1. Agree. The MSM will not die unless and until there are real alternatives. But as with movies and other media, it is still a problem that distribution channels are tightly controlled.

        Something probably needs to be done to deal with the fact that the portion of the spectrum that is allocated to broadcast TV offers only one (distorted) perspective.

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          1. Yes. A friend of mine, in the process of talking up the virtues of “decluttering,” was trying to convince me of the virtues of tossing my books and relying on the internet for information. I just laughed.


  4. I wish you guys were here.
    Cit was here all day digging holes in the front of our house at the street, repairing lines.
    Plumbers were here at our house until about 9:30pm, when guy got an emergency call from his wife and had to go.
    He told Big T, “You can do this”, as in cut the copper pipe and thread the pex, reconnect around a frozen valve.
    I just about died.
    Well, he did it.
    Turned the water heater back on, still drawing air, lots of pipes, sputtering air, opened faucets. Gotta wait for the water to come.
    Big T got scared and turned the whole thing off.
    Guests due in about 35 minutes.

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    1. Oh Daughn 😔😔😔. You don’t deserve this owner/operator stress 😔😔😔. The hospitality business is most definitely 24/7 worries. Although I kinda chuckled about that plumber sounding like our VSGPDJT saying to Big T, “You can do this (and I won’t take no for an answer).”

      If it’s any consolation, we spend more time fondly reminiscing about the B&B in Vermont where there was no hot water and they ran out of maple syrup – in Vermont!! – and I can’t even remember some of our inns where everything ran smoothly.

      Hang in there. Sending you extra ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    2. I’m not sure if I understand your comment. Did it work, or didn’t it?

      Incidentally, when you’ve done plumbing that drains significant amounts of the system, you have to let it all fill up before you can assess whether you’re dry and tight. This is even true with automobiles — if you drain your cooling system, you have to use a special funnel to overfill it and use a special drain plug to bleed off the air. Everyone has probably heard of bleeding brakes. Until you get all the air out, it won’t behave normally.

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  5. This is crazy.
    August 12th – Whistle blower goes to Intel IG about a “matter”.
    Intel IG does prelim investigation (14days), decides it is “urgent”, reports to Acting DNI.
    Adam Schiff claims he is supposed to be notified of what the problem is in 7 days.
    Acting DNI does not report to Schiff, instead he goes to DOJ for advice and consultation.
    Schiff blows a gasket, “Tell me, and tell me now.”
    Acting DNI and Schiff have conversations but Schiff was not happy.
    Schiff sends letter to Acting DNI which says, “We can only conclude it has something to do with the President and what he’s done wrong today – or maybe his staff did something wrong” – which is a bogus claim. So, report to me and my committee by Sept 17th or I will subpoena you for Sept 19h.
    Acting DNI sends letter back, says it has nothing to do with “Intel” but an executive branch matter = none of your business = and contains sensitive info. Oh, and I’m not coming to testify – cuz I’m too busy on short notice.
    Schiff is mad all over again.
    Tonight – we get the following from WaPost.
    According to FORMER WH officials, the whole “matter” has to do with a phone call the President made to a foreign leader, where the President made a “promise” which was so egregious, the whistleblower felt he had to report it.

    1. There is no way the FORMER WH officials could know this.
    2. If they do know it, and it was leaked, where the HECK did the info come from and are they still spying on the President?
    3. Normally, top secret clearances are left in place for former officials because they act within certain protocols. If the FORMER WH officials are going to do this kind of stuff, they need to have their clearances stripped.

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    1. A foreign ambassador had a credible claim that Schiff was invading the embassy’s kennel and screwing his dog after midnight. VSGPOTUSDJT personally assured the foreign leader that even though Schiff is a member of Congress, he would personally see that such perversions were halted. The assurance was picked up by FISA surveillance, edited, and leaked to Schiff’s committee……

      This stuff has gotten to the point where it cannot even be parodied.

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    2. They’re using the same m.o. they used to take down Flynn by going in early before McGuire gets himself established. Hit him with this whistle blower complaint that the ICIG marks as urgent and then hopes he complies with Congressional rules and turns it over to Schffity.

      Best guess on what happened. Likely the call was monitored by the NSA. Likely the NSA monitor’s all calls the president makes and the president is likely aware. Done to learn information and to make sure any thing the president talks about or offers in the way of a free discussion between world leaders can latter be examined in order to fix any details that need to be taken care of as a result of the discussion. The president doesn’t have to be concerned about all the nuances of security while in a discussion with a world leader. He needs to be able to talk freely and frankly as he deems necessary. The NSA can help detect any breeches in security or the like and send them up the chain to the appropriate persons or agencies to modify the operational stance if need be. This is likely routine for them. The whistle blower aspect of this however is treasonous.

      This was privileged communication and the Shiffty plan was to snowball McGuire into thinking some big breech of security happened and drop the whistle blower information in Schiffty’s lap. McGuire didn’t fall for it and thus the leak to the WP.

      They obviously want to attach this to the slop wall hoping it sticks long enough in the uproar to start impeachment proceedings.

      All that said, the ICIG is not a new kid on the block and may likely be complicit in this stupid gambit. He should of never marked the Whistle Blower charge as urgent or else is incredibly naive.

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      1. I wonder if there is a Five Eyes angle to this story. The top Australian guy was just here, and recall that one of the first leaks after PDJT took office was a leak of a call with another top Australian guy.

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        1. daughnworks247

          Or a canary trap.
          Which would prove the intel community is still illegally listening to the President.
          Which is CRAZY.
          Intel community might be invested in globalism and Trump out before 2020 ?
          Tiger does not change their stripes.

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    3. Shem has a thread on this. Expect more of hit jobs to smear POTUS as we get closer to declassification and charges. Schiff has no say over the President’s interactions with foreign leaders – Executive office is responsible for foreign policy. Schiff getting nervous…

      Another example of Pelosi’s “Wrap-up” smear. Leak some false story, let the media run it, and then use the media’s reporting on the story as “evidence” something happened.

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    4. Hmmm 🤔

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    5. 1. There is no way the FORMER WH officials could know this.

      Why is that? It’s not a claim that it was an official from the prior administration (that shall not be named before breakfast). There are plenty of people who worked in the Trump administration and no longer do; they are all former White House officials. They just had to be there when the incident happened–which, I am gathering, wasn’t yesterday.

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        1. Who knows? Someone who’s so low down the totem pole we never hear about them, maybe.

          Or…it could turn out that it’s made up since it is after all, an un-named source. My point being that using the word “former” isn’t evidence that they made it up totally out of whole cloth.

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          1. Ohhh, looky here. Being reported right now, the Acting DNI is doing closed door testimony to Schiff’s committee.

            1. The Wa Post is lying
            2. The FORMER WH officials are lying
            3. Schiff is lying.
            4. The intel community is still illegally spying on the President of the USA.
            5. Sounds like it might be a canary trap. Be careful what you wish for.

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        2. daughnworks247

          Okay, so……. like ………. Bolton?

          Bolton , Coats or Gordan…?

          Would they not be more professional?
          Just wondering unless one has such big ego and he ego was hurt?

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  6. Tonight I watched the old James Bond movie “Thunderball” for the umpteenth time.  It had been a few years since I last saw it and I had recorded it on the DVR.

    Anyway, I like to look stuff up on the computer and I noticed the call letters and numbers for the small helicopter that was used in the movie during the last half hour or so.  It was N1190W. 

    The movie Thunderball was released in 1965, meaning it was probably filmed in 1964.  

    Here’s what I turned up.  It seems the helicopter was wrecked beyond repair in 1977. Thankfully nobody died considering they are motorized rocks.

    You can find all kinds of stuff about a particular aircraft simply by Googling the numbers.

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    1. Thunderball is a very interesting movie from a meta-perspective (as in — not dealing with acting, plot, locations, etc.).

      Some screenwriters got together with Ian Fleming (the author of the Bond books) and brainstormed up a plot for a film. Ian Fleming wrote the novelization of the hypothetical film, then Eon Productions (Saltzman/Broccoli) made the movie, claiming that it was entirely sourced on Fleming’s book.

      When the movie became a commercial success, the screenwriters sued for credit and other special behaviors…..which lead to the movie being remade nearly 20 years later outside the Saltzman/Broccoli franchise but starring Sean Connery as “Never Say Never Again”, despite the Eon Productions Bond being Roger Moore at the time — and despite Connery having sworn a dozen years prior that he would “never again” play the role.

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      1. Hmmm, I don’t understand what you said about the “movie being remade nearly 20 years later outside the Saltzman/Broccoli franchise but starring Sean Connery as “Never Say Never Again”

        The two movies are nothing alike, IMO.


        1. It is a matter of legal record that “Thunderball” and “Never Say Never Again” are the same movie made by two different production companies a number of years apart and starring the same actor as James Bond……because EON owns the exclusive film rights to James Bond except with regard to their shenanigans with the guys who made NSNA. The guys making NSNA even entertained the thought of “going big” and expanding their production, and were told they had to keep it within the bounds of the original Thunderball concept.

          The NSNA guys could make a Bond film so long as it was Thunderball. They couldn’t remake Goldfinger; they couldn’t remake Dr. No. NSNA had to be Thunderball, or it couldn’t be a Bond film.

          There are different directors, the locations are different, the actors (other than Connery) are different, but it’s the same movie under law — not according to my personal impression of it. If they appear to be different movies to you, I should advise you attend several film studies and/or drama classes, as well as review the court records.

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          1. Well, if you say they’re the same I won’t argue further since you seem dead set on it, but to me, they are two entirely different movies and I don’t need any “film studies and/or drama classes” to change my mind.
            We’ll just have to agree to disagree.


          2. That’s exactly how I remember it. Some of the plot elements were reworked but the pattern is the same.

            Thunderball: A pilot is replaced by a body double with major reconstructive surgery to gain access to da boms
            NSNA: A military officer has major surgery to his eye to gain Presidential access to a secure area with da boms

            Both movies there are 2 boms.
            Thunderball: one bom stays in Carribean and has to be recovered there
            NSNA: one bom ends up at a middle eastern location where Bond has to travel to recover it


            1. As for the differences that ARE there, I would look at as them trying to file the serial numbers off.

              I stopped watching the rebooted Star Trek franchise when the second movie just turned out to be Wrath of Khan all over again. And with Star Wars–our heroes go to blow up the big bad ship. They didn’t even follow the normal Hollywood progression for Episode I. They made it LESS big and LESS badass than the prior movies, and the hero Inspector-Clouseau-ed his way through to destroying it–displaying no heroism whatsoever. This is the sort of thing you’d do in a parody, not in a movie intended to continue a franchise.

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  7. Ffs sciffy. Where is your brain?

    From Harold Finch in The Library on Telegram:

    DNI Maguire spent the majority of his life as an Operator in the SEAL teams, rising to Top SEAL in command of Navy SPECWAR.

    After leaving the Teams he went to work at the National Counter Terrorism Center. He’s led men as an officer while serving with DEVGRU, commonly known as SEAL Team VI.

    This is who Adam Schiffe has now picked a fight with.

    The Left are determined to destroy themselves.

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  8. On that abortion trial from draw and strike
    Remember when the @CtrMedProgress & @daviddaleiden Planned Parenthood videos first surfaced, what I said after I watched them?

    Somebody who was **intimately familiar* with this human organ underground for-profit trafficking had to have coached these journalists how to do this.
    mentions Daleiden and Merritt knew **exactly** who to approach with their hidden cameras, how to make the approach, what to say, the lingo, etc.

    Somebody from **deep** within the other side must have flipped and coached them to prepare for this undercover sting.
    mentions Whoever it was, they did such a fantastic job, a noted CA abortionist who was going to try to ‘expose’ Daleiden and @CtrMedProgress after the story broke, just ended up TESTIFYING IN THEIR DEFENSE at this trial.

    The evidence accumulated is that damning.
    mentions You can read about this amazing story here:

    Abortionist testifies at Daleiden hearing: ‘No question…some of these fetuses were live births’
    ‘There’s no question in my mind that at least some of these fetuses were live births,’ the still-practicing abortionist testified.…some-of-these-fetuses-were-live-births

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      1. My link failed too. Using the search tool on their site type in “daleiden abortionist testimony” and it will be the first story (link) served up.

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  9. Profile picture
    Brian Cates
    6 hours ago, 10 tweets, 2 min read Read on Twitter
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    His connections to top Democrats literally helping him get away with this TWICE before his THIRD attempt went awry when the victim managed to escape makes Ed Buck’s arrest something that a **real news media** would thoroughly explore.…
    “Now, prosecutors say a third man tried to escape from Buck’s home in September after being drugged. They claim Buck prevented the man from getting help.”

    Here’s why Buck got arrested: Moore & Dean aren’t around to testify to what he did.

    “Joe Doe” is.
    “Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Buck’s home of men in compromising positions.”

    No kidding? 🤔
    Note the LA Times is quoting from what it describes as ‘court papers’.

    Buck’s indictment, when it’s made public, should make for very interesting reading.
    Buck got away with this because he could always claim the drugs were self administered by the deceased.

    Now that “Joe Doe” survived, he can testify that Buck personally injected him.

    In both the Moore & Dean cases, Buck could play distressed innocent bystander.
    “The latest man found in Buck’s home, identified in court papers as Joe Doe, went to the apartment on Sept. 4, where Buck “personally and deliberately” administered a large dose of methamphetamine, prosecutors said.”

    The distressed innocent bystander act won’t work here.
    “He was high when he got here and I let him in.”
    “I have no idea how much of any drug he had taken.”
    “I’m a compassionate guy, I’m trying to help men down on their luck.”

    Those were all lies.

    He injected these men personally. He knew exactly how much he was giving them.
    “He returned to Buck’s apartment a week later, on Sept. 11, when Buck again injected him with “two dangerously large” doses of methamphetamine, prosecutors said.”

    So this guy survived and he’s told investigators that Buck injected him not just once, but TWICE.
    “But this time, prosecutors say, Buck thwarted the man’s attempts to leave. The man eventually fled the apartment and called 911 from a gas station. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.”

    I guess watching the guy die was part of the thrill for Buck.
    ““From his home, in a position of power, Buck manipulates his victims into participating in his sexual fetishes,” prosecutors wrote in court papers.”

    Given the evidence found in the apartment & the living witness, the prosecutors are making some pretty serious claims here.

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  10. Why today’s renewables cannot power modern civilization”

    Comments that came with this article from a friend whose a retired engineer:

    “There is also another issue looming with respect to solar panels, how to properly recycle them.It is a serious problem because of the problem separating the hazardous materials used in them.”

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    1. I wonder if there is a connection between the fact that the only source of many of the materials required to produce “today’s renewables” is China and the fact that these materials create massive disposal problems after “today’s renewables” reach the end of their useful life.

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  11. From Richard Baris a little more followup regarding POTUS’ recent rallies in New Mexico and Texas. Good data mined.

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  12. Promising

    darksidedog @darksidedog
    Press secretary statement on declassification!
    “At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials:

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    1. The date on that is 2018. Someone posted that the other day (also Larry Ledwick did over at Chiefio’s)…

      Issued on: September 17, 2018

      Or could the WH press folks have goofed the date?

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  13. 2d
    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    Bloom was set up.

    Remember the woman who said that Trump raped her at Epstein’s parties when she was 13?

    Representing her destroyed Bloom’s career. The woman is an insane liar.

    Trump took her out.

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      1. Thank you
        I’m zoomin’ already (not a good thing, lol. I need to be sleeping/can’t TSH…….through the roof……..and………knock out-meds…ain’t gettin it done).🤪

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              1. When I asked you if he was a gelding, you said, no (a gelding meaning castrated).
                Odd that a stallion (intact balls) would be ‘gentle’ with any rider other than his owner.

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              2. well, I honestly never asked Mrs Farmer. but from seeing him in the fields, he has a lot going on down there…lol…so i assumed. but i don’t know him well enough to do a more thorough inspection…

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              3. does NOT surprise me one bit…
                if I thought I was going to do a lot of riding, I might have to look into that, but I’m content with the ride I had. Still will bring him apples–he comes to the fence when he see my Jeep…

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          1. 😘 HOWDY Cowboy!

            Good to hear from you. I did not know that you rode.

            My recomendation for a pleasure saddle for a beginner (My Hubby) is an Aussie saddle.

            They come with or without a horn and really hold the rider in the saddle. Hubby, whose balance has never been good did a lot of trail riding in that saddle on my gentle Saddlebred mare. She took good care of him and would stop if his balance was off.

            A couple of my friends had very gentle stallions. Ben was even used as a lead line horse for children in shows!

            One of my ponies, my favorite, that I have used for a child’s mount for over 30 years, I suspect is a ridgeling (cryptorchid) I think that is why he was sold at age three.

            However it is most likely that Joker is a gelding.

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              1. You have to be behind the horse (out of kicking distance) and watch when they swish their tail or drop manure.

                They can also be seen from the side:

                A heavily muscled neck is also indicative of a stallion or a horse that was gelded late. Most people do not keep a stalion unless he is of such high quality that he is stud material. They are just too much trouble and are NOT WELCOME on trail rides and other events. (A mare in heat is often the trouble maker not the stallion BTW.)

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    1. Could get a bunch of folks together with those and start a, erm,
      fan club…

      (dodges falling leaves, drifts by a window[yowwww], more falling leaves, of red and gold…]

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        1. Well, Ima not………too patient……………..these days, myself……………………………………..
          Regardless of their ‘political persuasion.’

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              1. Always had a full………………dance card
                Coarse………………………….they might’a been
                Just being
                Knowing I wouldn’t leave anyone………hanging…….
                (inside/outside-story, lol)

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              2. I don’t do that group stuff……………..
                One at a time………………………..for me
                In case they want to talk…………………

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              3. Condensed version:
                Thyroid went crazy……………….
                Overcame the med/cocktail
                Am at the point (for about 2 more hours) that any more doping would do more harm than good.

                Shit happens…………………….

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              4. ok I won’t ask, no problem…
                we’ve had our pond for about 3 yrs–but it was only “stocked” for the last 2. the “pond guy” who did it, told us he was putting in an entire eco system–from little snails and crayfish (?) to several types of bigger fish…well some didn’t survive the first winter…we now found another different looking fish in the pond but don’t know how to identify it…know any good reference books?

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  14. Meanwhile…in New Zealand:

    And all because of a staged, false flag shooting spree.

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    1. Well isn’t that just precious, confessing to the plants.well I have one that will top even that.while kinda listening to the morning local news,only cause hubby watches every day due to his preoccupation with the local police blotter,which I can’t say to much about as I read the obits every thurs. But I digress .so out of the Portland news comes this doozy,there’s a website now where you can go to confess your environmental sins,such as 20 years ago while I was traveling with 3 children in my car I threw all my McDonald’s wrappers out the window on I5 near the cali border.or this is my favorite true one lol I stacked 4 cases of keystone beer cans in a pyramid and shot them full of holes and left them there in the I been saying for years we live in the twilight zone.but I’m having fun with this one .Oh and of course all confessions are anonymous 😂🤤


      1. Hope you did it on the Cali side of the border 🙂

        Even some of the politicos over here are saying environmentalism has become a religion, complete with sins, confession, and, apparently, eternal penalties (in the form of CO² taxes, no doubt)…


  15. What would he know about a moral decision? Does he even know the meaning of those words?

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    1. Steve Milloy has done yeoman’s work on the Climate Hoax and is often over looked. His suit agains the EPA & universities who were doing HUMAN experimentation on diesel fumes (one girl died) was tossed out because he had ‘No Standing’ 🙄

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  16. I was reading the comments on a story about Corey Lewandoski’s hearing…the comments are priceless—it must have been something to behold because everyone was talking about how he had Nadler for lunch…LOL…

    Liked by 9 people

      1. Democrats appear to elect a significant number of incompetent, amoral, and reelect some with dementia. So far, I don’t see any of that in the GOP – and that makes the difference. Dems elect lowlifes and eventually it catches up with them where they no longer appear able to return fire.

        Of course, when you’re amoral, evil and corrupt, it’s difficult to fight back against honest, decent people.

        The Truth has enemies, but cannot be defeated.

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          1. True, empty suits in the Senate, but in the House, where the radical Dems are running a dog and pony show – their weirdos are in charge. I don’t think we have any House members as crazy as what they have.

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  17. The Democrats are trying to get AHEAD of theDemocrat Voter Fraud Story
    Of the 27 recounts since 2000…

    IIRC from OT voter fraud is only good for swinging ~5%. OVER 5% they can not get away with the fraud. We saw that in North Carolina.

    Remember a few counties like Durham were not called until the morning of the next day. Attorney Chuck Kitchen told me that 20% of the counties in NC had MOAR VOTES than adult living in the county. Many ballots ONLY had Hitlery and NC Governor Roy Cooper(D) marked. Roy Cooper had been the State Attorney General BTW so any claims of voter fraud would have to go through HIS OFFICE!

    The NC ballot was not arranged by party so it took quite some time to vote a straight Republican or straight Democrat ticket. I think this is why so many NC ballots ONLY had Hitlery and Cooper marked. If you are ballot box stuffing at the last minute, trying to check off all the Democrats would take forever and they just did not have the time.

    What is interesting is that the fraud was caught. However thanks to The Consent Decree of 1982 which prohibited the RNC from investigating Democrat Election Fraud nothing could be done. With the ending of that Decree (the judge finally died) The GOP CAN go after voter fraud.

    It is not just North Carolina that has a massive Voter Fraud problem:

    Voter fraud is real:

    Over 60% of Michigan counties had more registered voters than citizens

    This same irregularity occurred in 76% of states and 15% of U.S. counties

    Over 3.5 million reported suspicious or fraudulent registered voters reported in 2016 election

    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 8, 2018

    Did you know:

    U.S. has 3.5 Million more registered voters than living adults

    Voter fraud is real.
    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) May 7, 2019


    The DemonRats are in a panic about their loss of their Licence to Cheat

    Stacey Abrams, the woman who gave the State of the Union Rebuttal in 2019, is spear heading the try to get that Licence to Cheat re-instated. This is why the hysterial screaming of RACIST! They HAVE to convince the public in general that racism is still a very large and wide spread problem. (It isn’t)

    Stacey Abrams Most Recent Move
    August 14, 2019 NPR Stacey Abrams Is Not Running For President, Instead Will Focus On Voter Protection

    The Georgia Democrat, whose race for governor drew national attention, says she aims to enfranchise voters across 20 states with an initiative called Fair Fight 2020.

    “There are only two things stopping us in 2020: making sure people have a reason to vote and that they have the right to vote,” Abrams said in announcing the initiative at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

    Lauren Groh-Wargo, chief executive of Fair Fight 2020, cited “unprecedented voter suppression mainly targeted at communities of color, but also at students and low-income folks across this country.

    “Our Democratic presidential nominee, our U.S. Senate nominees and our down ballot Democrats next year are going to need unprecedented support ensuring that voters are able to cast their ballot without issue or incident,” she said….

    So are Union thugs now being called upon to supress WHITE VOTERS??
    Historic union intimidation of ‘scabs’:


    In 2008, a couple of nightstick wielding goodwill ambassadors of the NBPP stood outside a Philadelphia polling place verbally threatening white voters.

    ANDDdddd The Rest of the Story

    8/24/2019 Real Clear Politics: Stacey Abrams Benefits from a Voter Suppression Lie
    “Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams lost her 2018 gubernatorial bid to Republican Brian Kemp by nearly 55,000 votes, but she still refuses to concede. Instead, she claims the election was stolen from her.

    Aug 19, 2019 Daily Caller: Abrams Explains Why She Still Isn’t Conceding Her 2018 Election

    Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said she’s still refusing to concede her 2018 election defeat because doing so would be an admission that the “process was fair.”

    “I run an organization that in 10 days, between election night and the night I refused to concede, we received more than 50,000 phone calls of people who were denied the right to vote,” Abrams, who lost her election in November 2018 by nearly 55,000 votes, said Monday on CBS. “I am complicit if I say that system is fair.”….

    “I did not deny the legal sufficiency of the election. I am not claiming to be the governor of Georgia,” Abrams continued. “What I have said is that we won the battle of making sure more voices were heard because we had the highest record turnout in Georgia history for Democrats.”

    ….Abrams has maintained, without evidence, that Kemp maliciously leveraged his former position as Georgia Secretary of State to suppress minority and Democratic voters in order win the 2018 gubernatorial election.

    Abrams said as recently as Sunday that voter suppression is worse today than it was in the 1960s, presumably speaking of the era before Jim Crow laws were repealed.

    “Over the last 20 years, we have seen numerous laws propagated that have eroded your ability to [exercise the right to vote], especially if you’re in a marginalized community — a community of color or from a community that is seen as less valuable to the Republican Party,” Abrams said about voter ID laws, updates to voter rolls, and other basic election regulations.

    Despite Abrams’s claims that votes were vehemently suppressed, 2018 election turnout in Georgia reached a record high.

    During the 2018 contest, 3.9 million Georgians went to the polls. This was a massive increase from the 2.5 million votes cast in the preceding midterm election in 2014. In fact, 2018’s midterm election in Georgia came close to the 4.2 million votes cast in the 2016 presidential election — midterm cycles historically see far lower turnout than presidential election years….

    Abrams recently announced the launch of a new initiative: Fair Fight 2020. Her organization aims to monitor the election process in numerous battleground states during the upcoming presidential election.

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        1. … yeah, I bet if you left a trail of quarters leading out to a wilderness the old boy would disappear … LOL. … it’s worth a try .. 😏

          He reminds me of Aunt Clara from Bewitched … but w/o the talent .. bwahahahahaha …

          … ❤️ …

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            1. Reminds me of this joke (the Schwäbisch were reportedly kicked out of Scotland for being too cheap 😉 )…

              Did’ye hear the one , a Schwäbisch couple was visiting Scotland, found a nice restaurant, very crowded, figured the prices must be good, but couldn’t get a seat or a reservation.

              The man said “gee, ye’ve gotten a bit careless, there’s a penny out there on the mat”.

              The restaurant cleared instantly, and they had their choice of seats…

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            1. Yeah only difference is Uncle Fester was at least likable … bwahahahahahah

              Bernie is such a crotchety OLD man … for crying out loud if you’re gonna grift the taxpayers of the USA you could at least TRY to be tolerably pleasant … 🤨‼️‼️


  18. I admit I can be naive about things, but can someone please explain this to me…
    Kamala is still a California employee is she not? how does she travel to Iowa to campaign and get herself on the ballot if she’s not allowed to go to Iowa? (or does the state make an exception for her?)

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Is Iowa one of the states that California employees are supposed to be boycotting?
      Is that what you’re asking about?

      And yeah, I would imagine that the state would make an exception for her campaigning efforts.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Kamala is still a California employee is she not?

      Nope, her paycheck as US Senator is cut by the US Government, not the State government. And the state of California can’t fire her (as if they ever would)–once elected, a Senator serves their term, though I think the other Senators could expel her (I’d have to go look that up). In fact, she even gets to raise her own salary (if she can get a majority of her coworkers to go along), subject to a limitation in the 27th Amendment Congress quickly found a way around.

      The Framers thought that bit of independence from their states was crucial to having federalism work right. Unfortunately it removes a check between the state and federal layers that (IMHO) should probably have been left in place. If the senate is supposed to represent the state government in Congress (which is as it was before the 17th amendment), they should serve at the pleasure of that government.

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  19. Sara Carter has done a dig on how the Chinese are committing Visa Fraud:

    The Chinese cheat at everything.

    Liked by 10 people

            1. Ahhh, but a BACON TREE:

              There are two Mexicans who have been lost in the desert for weeks, and they’re at death’s door.

              As they stumble on, hoping for salvation in the form of an oasis or something similar they suddenly spy, through the heat haze, a tree off in the distance.

              As they get closer they can see that the tree is draped with rasher upon rasher of bacon.

              There’s smoked bacon, crispy bacon, life giving juicy nearly-raw bacon, all sorts.

              “Hey, Pepe,” says the first bloke “Ees a bacon tree!!! We’re saved!!!”

              “You’re right, amigo!” says Pepe. So Pepe goes on ahead and runs up to the tree, salivating at the prospect of food.

              But as he gets to within five feet of the tree, there’s the sound of machine gun fire, and he is shot down in a hail of bullets.

              His friend quickly drops down on the sand and calls across to the dying Pepe.

              “Pepe!! Pepe!! Que pasa hombre?”

              With his last dying breath Pepe calls out… “Ugh, run, amigo, run!!

              Ees not a Bacon Tree!”
              (Scroll Down, ees worth it!)
              “Ees… a…. Ham bush”

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  20. The Church is returning to paganism. But then what?


    Amazon Ideologists Turn Church into Hippie Playground

    “Our Mother Earth agonizes” the Red Ecclesial Panamazonica (REPAM) sighs in a September 14 manifesto, published in Quito, Ecuador.

    The REPAM is a Vatican backed transnational Church network, set up in Brazil, in September 2014. It is the main coordinator of the Amazon Synod.

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    1. Ooooh, but they got a Brotha’ now…
      (and it’s even documented in his year book)

      [no one mentions that he’s a part-time drama teacher]
      [or maybe a full-time one, come to think of it]…


    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
    Sep 18, 2019
    standing firm revelation culture

    Like the church today, the church in Pergamum also endured intense social pressure to walk away from the Truth. On the outside, the church seemed to be following God’s commandments. Inwardly, they allowed the culture to weaken their courage. They began tolerating the customs of their pagan society. They permitted false teachings to infiltrate their church. They remained followers of Christ but chose to blend in with society instead of standing for His Truth.

    While Jesus encourages them in their suffering, He admonishes them for tolerating what they know to be false doctrines and teachings: “I know where you live—where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, not even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city—where Satan lives. Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam, . . . [and] . . . the Nicolaitans” (Revelation 2:13-15).

    The world’s opposition does not excuse us from speaking against the lies of our culture.

    Jesus knew the Pergamum believers faced intense attacks because of their faith. He knew that Satan held a stronghold in their city. Jesus was aware of their situation, just as He is aware of everything that we face today. He knows it is not easy to feel the pressure of a godless society. Yet the world’s opposition does not excuse us from speaking against the lies of our culture. Jesus still expects us to stand up for His name and His Truth.

    Prayer: God, no matter how difficult it may be, I pray that You would help me to unashamedly stand up for You. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name” (1 Peter 4:16)

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