News Roundup! Our Economy Is On Fire While China’s Continues To Fall, Data & Anecdotals From the NM Rally, Thank You Beto, MSNBC Poll On Gun Rights, PDJT’s Fundraises $15 Million Dollars In CA, Blacks For Trump, SleepyCreepy Joe Back At It Again, Sean Spicer’s Performance On Dancing With The Stars, Rescinding CA’s Authority To Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions…..

The Economic Train can’t stop laughing her ass off as she crisscrosses the country picking up passengers and running over her enemies. They tried to derail her with all the talk about a recession. She knows that there will never ever be a recession under PDJT.

From the article linked above:

U.S. manufacturing output increased solidly in August, boosted by a surge in the production of machinery and other goods.

Manufacturing production rose 0.5% last month after an unrevised 0.4% drop in July, the Fed said. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast manufacturing output rising 0.2% in August.

Excluding motor vehicles and parts, manufacturing output increased 0.6% in August after declining 0.5% in the prior month. Machinery output rebounded 1.6% after dropping 1.7% in July. Primary metals production increased 1.3%. There were also gains in furniture and computer and electronic products output.

The jump in manufacturing output in August, together with a 1.4% rebound in mining, lead to a 0.6% increase in industrial production last month. That was the largest rise in industrial output since August 2018 and followed a 0.1% dip July. Industrial production rose 0.4% on year-on-year basis in August.

From the article linked above:

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) showed builder confidence in August hit the highest level for 2019. Homebuilder sentiment has held in the mid- to upper 60s since May and September’s reading matches the highest level since last October.

“Low interest rates and solid demand continue to fuel builders’ sentiments even as they continue to grapple with ongoing supply-side challenges that hinder housing affordability, including a shortage of lots and labor,” said NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde, a home builder and developer from Torrington, Conn.

From the article linked above:

Apple is shelling out $250 million for further development of glass technology at Corning’s factory in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, according to Brett Larson’s exclusive Fox interview with Apple COO Jeff Williams.

Though he won’t directly say exactly what they plan on developing, he said the money will go towards research and development, new technologies, new innovations as well as retrofitting some advanced glass production in Corning.

“Last week, we had a big announcement and we announced two new phones, and they, of course, feature Corning glass and are the toughest glass in any smartphone, and it’s developed right here in Kentucky,” Williams exclusively shared with FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria.

Meanwhile China’s economy continues to free fall.

From the article linked above:

China’s economy showed more signs of strain Monday as the country published weak data for industrial output, investment and retail sales, amid a lingering trade war with the United States.

Industrial output grew by 4.4 percent year-on-year throughout August, falling to its lowest level in 17 years and down from 4.8 percent in July.

The figure was well below analyst expectations, with a Bloomberg survey of analysts predicting heartier growth of 5.2 percent.

Retail sales also slipped to post growth of 7.5 percent — 0.1 percent down on the previous month and a knock to Beijing’s aims to boost domestic consumption.

Investment in fixed assets saw year-on-year growth of 5.5 percent in the first eight months of the year, 0.2 percent less than the first seven months, including a slight dip in crucial real estate investment.

All three sets of data fell short of analyst expectations, with Bloomberg predicting 7.9 percent growth in retail sales and 5.7 percent growth in investments.

Our President has a killer campaign team. Look at this incredible data they got from the rally in New Mexico on Monday.

Love the anecdotals from everyday Americans who were waiting in line to see our President at the rally.

Generation Z!

Thank You Beto! There will be no gun control legislation passed anytime soon.

From the article linked above:

Prospects for a bipartisan deal on gun control legislation have dimmed significantly as President Trump and Democratic leaders appear to be far apart on the key issue of expanding background checks.

Republicans expect Trump to put forward a proposal addressing gun violence later this week, but Democrats predict it is likely to fall far short of what is needed and that they may not vote for it.

Democrats are pressing Trump to agree to a gun control bill already approved by the House, but the president has yet to even signal support for a scaled-down background check bill sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

“I don’t think anyone thinks he’s going to endorse the Toomey bill, which is weaker than the House bill,” said a senior Democratic aide, expressing growing doubt on Capitol Hill that Trump will strike a bipartisan deal.

Republicans say the political momentum within their party to expand background checks suffered a blow last week when Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke declared, “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s, your AK-47s” at Thursday’s primary debate.

It was a big moment for O’Rourke’s campaign, but it underscored long-standing arguments from gun rights proponents that Democratic efforts on gun control are really aimed at the confiscation of firearms.

Once again the Democrats are on the wrong side of an issue.

From the article linked above:

A poll hosted by the MSNBC asked respondents a simple question: Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

Given that it’s MSNBC, the leftist conspiracy machine, hosting the poll, I doubt they thought the results would be so favorable to our beloved Constitution.

At the time this post was published, more than 547,000 people voted and 92% of them answered “Yes! The second amendment guarantees it.”

I just answered the poll question and the percentage went up to 93% with 630K people participating.

Our President went to California for two fundraisers and walked away with $15 million dollars for his reelection campaign.

From the article linked above:

President Trump sent liberal California activists into a tizzy on Tuesday, as he executed a lunch-dinner-breakfast-lunch fundraising blitz expected to scoop up $15 million from wealthy Republicans in the state in the span of just two days.

Trump kicked off his moneymaking Tuesday with a $3 million Bay Area luncheon, to be followed by a $5 million Beverly Hills dinner at the home of real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer. He’s expected to bring in an additional $7 million on Wednesday with a breakfast in Los Angeles and luncheon in San Diego.

Love the fact that Black Americans are showing their support for our President.

The Democrat front runner was at it again.

Sean Spicer is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Here is a clip of his performance from Monday night.


From the article linked above:

The Trump administration will announce it is rescinding California’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles on Wednesday, according to people familiar with the matter, a move sure to set off a legal battle with the most populous state.

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to announce it will revoke the so-called waiver underpinning California’s power to set vehicle greenhouse gas standards separately from the Trump administration’s broader rule to ease federal vehicle-efficiency standards, which is expected in the weeks ahead, the people said.

Aaron reached out to me to make sure people are aware of what happened the other day at his brother’s high school. Please share this on your platforms.

Generation Z is the future of TRUMPISM and our country.

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  1. I quibble with China’s growth figures. I think they lying. This trade war is hurting them more than they want to admit. Have read on other sites that satellite measurements of heat from manufacturing areas is noticeably diminished. This would have to correlate to a BIG drop in manufacturing.

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    1. BREAKING NEWS: Prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck is ARRESTED for running a drug den and ‘being a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction’ after a third man overdosed in his California apartment

      Buck was charged on Tuesday with a felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine & maintaining a drug house

      California prosecutors are asking that Buck, a ‘violent, dangerous sexual predator,’ be held on $4mil bail
      California Democratic donor charged with running drug house

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      1. The next big question should be, how long will Ed last in jail if he manages to get convicted? The possibilities of being “epsteined” seem pretty good to me. What a sick, disgusting piece of trash. I hope they get him.

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  2. On the skank tulsi

    Thomas Wictor
    @redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike

    Also, her Combat Medic Badge (CMB) is a participation award given to any medical personnel either in a combat zone or treating those in a combat zone.

    She was a headquarters clerk in a medical company. Her bosses dealt with NON-COMBAT medical issues.

    The Internet is full of lies about how she “went outside the wire” on combat patrols.

    She’s absolutely repulsive.

    Sep 17, 2019, 10:47 · Web · 21 · 35

    redwhitebluedude @redwhitebluedude
    @ThomasWic @drawandstrike
    Non-combat medical issues and away from combat zones? Very telling how much they did not trust her.

    Really have to dig to find such info, but eventually it is going to come out.


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  3. Warning fox offered position in chookhouse

    robbakas @robbakas
    No one can say that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have a great sense of humor. Or hubris.

    Naming the old corrupt slag as head of an anti-government campaign? Ffs, what is this idiot thinking?

    The Nightly Tribune
    ‏ @NightlyTribune

    BREAKING: After a donation from the Clinton Foundation, Elizabeth Warren names Hillary Clinton as head of anti government-corruption campaign.
    7:38 PM – 17 Sep 2019

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  4. A complete lunatic who has more than a few screws loose! If he were to have a brain scan I’d imagine it would resemble a cesspool. You know what I mean? That slimy green stuff that looks to be a mixture of diarrhea, bits of corn, with a lot of sludge in the mix. And, of course, the occasional turd that managed to stay intact that’s floating on top. Yep! That’s the first image that pops in my mind when I think about what Ben Rhodes Brain looks like.

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    1. Let me translate through the progressive globalist gibberish. “Oh shit, Netanyahu is still there and in charge…dammit, I thought we bought off enough votes. That Damn Trump lover Johnson is going to actually get the UK out of our globalist wet dream the EU, and he will team with that evil Trump to make the UK great again too…and there is not a fooking thing we can do to stop him..dammit! Hong Kong is fighting back against our pal Xi, and that is bad, we need Xi to focus on helping us to defeat Trump on the trade war, and even our attempts to create a recession by first talking it up when none existed, and then trying to disrupt oil flow to start a world wide panic by using our buds in Tehran, has all failed because of Trump and his damn insistence on making the US energy independent and not falling into our Mid East War traps we keep laying out.

      That evil Trump even has the GALL to make MORE money by selling the surplus oil from the US to offset our scheme. He is even sending people to help the Saudi’s rebuild their oil fields quickly and who will now PROTECT them, so we cant do that again. GD Trump. someone impeach him…PLEASE…WAAAAAAA…er…OK remain calm..all is well…ALL IS WELLLLLL…..(crunch)……train whistle…. (announcer) The Trump train just ran over Ben, technical difficulties….fade to black…color bar screen…. MAGA.

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    Alright guys. Time for another thread. Unfortunately, i will have to put the #magachallenge on hold before this news cycle blows by. Hat tip to @IndiaMaria for the nudge 😁

    1. I would like to put together a thread about purdue pharma/the sackler family and their role in the opioid crisis. Disclaimer: I am a pharmacist, not a psychic. I’m not here to exonerate/excoriate big pharma. At the end of the day, the only person who knows what richard sackler’s intentions
    2. were is richard sackler. The media is trying to push a “muh evil corporations” narrative but a lot of the pieces of the puzzle are missing. I will fill in these pieces for you guys and you can decide for yourself how guilty purdue is.

    So let’s start with some basic numbers. How many people have actually overdosed from prescription opioids? Through a bit of research, i got a couple of conflicting numbers from 200k-250k since the 1990’s. So to be fair, let’s take the average. 225k since 1995.
    3. Puts the number around 9000 OD’s per year. Certainly nothing to scoff at and a problem, I agree. but how is that number compared to actual legitimate users? according to the CDC , there are around 200 million opioid prescriptions dispensed per year. I’m having trouble getting the exact number of patients who take them but let’s pretend these 200 million were all for chronic patients who take them every month.
    4. if you divide the number by 12 months, that would make 16.6 million patients. if you compare that to the OD deaths per year mentioned earlier, you get a 0.05% OD rate. And once again, this is assuming the 200 million from the CDC stats are all chronic. They are not. So the amount of patients using it is actually way higher, making the OD rate even lower.
    5. So the narrative seems to be that purdue created this product specifically to get people addicted to their stuff so they can make money hands over fist without regard to human life.
    This article lays out all the accusations against purdue. most of the accusations seem to be that sackler marketed the drug too aggressively and made too much money doing it. They also have excerpts from 10,000 emails that paint him in a bad light.
    6. Also, there are accusations of the company providing prescribers with trips to the bermudas as incentives to prescribe. Unfortunately this is a practice that is very common in big pharma. It is illegal to directly give kickbacks to physicians to prescribe your product. So to get around this, they invite top prescribers who write the most prescriptions for their products to these places to give speeches and pay them handsomely for doing so. This is not a phenomenon that is exclusive to purdue
    7. hell, this is not even a phenomenon that is exclusive to big pharma. How much does obummer/hildabeast get paid to make a speech to a bunch of lobbyists? Just a alternate way to transfer money for favors. and once again, EVERY pharma company does this, whether it’s for opioids, HIV meds, blood pressure pills, heart medication, etc. etc.
    8. At the end of the day, Big pharma is like any other business. They are there to sell their product and make money. If you are able to get your hands on 10,000 CEO emails for any other major corporation, I bet you would be able to find similar sounding emails. This excerpt for example. Take out oxycontin and subsitute in any product ever. cheetos, johnny walker, play doh, etc. etc. and it doesn’t sound too strange does it?
    9. Remember that millions of patients use opioids every day without any issue whatsoever. What if say the CEO of smith and wesson or armalite inc. wrote this same email excerpt about abusers and criminals? Would it be seen as inflammatory by us conservatives?
    10. Now, a little background information about purdues product. Purdue created the brand name version of oxycodone called “oxycontin”. This is the Extended release version of oxycodone.
    What does “extended release” mean? In laymans terms, it is designed to provide a longer relief for your pain but with a slower onset. So say you feel pain nonstop throughout the day. You would take this in the morning and it would slowly kick in until the afternoon. Then it will slowly leave your system until
    11. night time. This is different from the immediate release formulation where as soon as you take it, the full force and effectiveness of the drug kicks in and then leaves your system right away.
    12. It’s important to understand this basic distinction between the two. Side effects for the meds work the same way. You don’t get the “high” feeling addicts experience as quickly with the extended release formulation as you do with the immediate release formulation. Imagine you are a code-head and you are jonesing for some opioids and you get one that takes up to 6 hours for you to feel your high. The actual people who are addicted to this stuff and abuse it all go for the immediate release
    13. formulation. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I dispense up to 1000 prescriptions per day. We currently only have one patient on a monthly prescription of purdues formulation. a 60 year old lady with severe cancer pains.
    14. Oxycontin is also dramatic in price. This is from our distributor. So to paint a picture. a strung out drug addict living in squalor would have to pay nearly 1500 dollars for 100 pills of something that will get them high 6 hours after they take the pill. This is simply not happening. The drug of choice for addicts are the immediate release formulations made by companies such as KVK or mallinkrodt that cost less than 10% of the price.
    15. I would also like to point out the name of another medication called buprenorphine. This is a medication that is designed specifically as an anti-addiction drug. It has shown to be very effective in weaning patients off of oxycodone. It is the gold standard treatment for addicts that go to the the clinics for help(in adjunct with behavioral therapy and mental therapy of course)
    16. I’ve had many patients from treatment clinics that are put on the sublingual formulation who have successfully stopped taking oxycodone completely. Who is the company that creates this medication you ask?
    17. How silly of a company who’s goal was to get the population addicted and make money off oxycontin irregardless of human life to then in turn create an effective drug that will make the patients stop taking their product.
    18. Conclusion: So did purdue pharma have a role in the opioid crisis? in my opinion, even if they did, it was minimal. If you’re going to go the route of “oh it’s big pharma’s fault for creating the drug in the first place”, purdue is probably one of the least culpable for the opioid crisis with their extended release formulation that very few abusers(if any) actually use. But it does seem like they will likely be scapegoated and sacrificed in order to make a point
    19. The fall of purdue for this reason is not a good thing in my opinion. American pharmaceutical innovation is responsible for helping and extending the lives of billions across the globe. They do so with profits created from doing the exact same thing purdue did. If we want the same innovation that has kept the US light years ahead of other countries, pharma companies can’t be scared to create, market, and sell their products.

    /END19. The fall of purdue for this reason is not a good thing in my opinion. American pharmaceutical innovation is responsible for helping and extending the lives of billions across the globe. They do so with profits created from doing the exact same thing purdue did. If we want the same innovation that has kept the US light years ahead of other countries, pharma companies can’t be scared to create, market, and sell their products.


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    1. If I might throw in a partial rebuttal…..

      When I was a kid, 40 years ago, it was common knowledge that opiates were problematic. The opium dens of China were part of history, and heroin, or “horse”, was a common street drug with serious consequences. People recognized that going “cold turkey” after opioid treatment was going to be bad, and methadone clinics were established to ease addicts off of the drugs. That said, it was recognized that nothing was available to knock-down short-term, horrific pain as effectively. Morphine was absolutely part of the ER, and rightfully so (and still is).

      Purdue, however, marketed oxycontin for chronic pain management. They played down the addictive elements that are intrinsic to being an opioid because it had a slower onset and fade. They said it was “safe” and not “safer”. And they shipped it in patterns that clearly fed into abuse. This was wrong.

      That said, it is a product that has many beneficial uses and, like with guns, someone besides Purdue pulled the trigger. Anything that lays less than 2/3 of the blame on prescribing physicians is seriously flawed. Pharmacists can take their piece and insurers can step up as well. It is blamestorming BS to ruin Purdue for the entire problem — it’s a jive-ass attempt to exculpate the rest of the corrupt medical system by blaming all their misbehavior on someone who made stuff.

      Seriously, I knew that opioids were dangerous when I was 12 years old in 1975. How a licensed physician in the 90’s could claim that they didn’t know oxycontin was dangerous in 1995 because Purdue said it was ok for chronic pain management is a complete farce. In a just world, Purdue wouldn’t be bankrupt (although they would be strongly sanctioned) — a bunch of physicians would lose their licenses.

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      1. absolutely agree with your remarks. The problem with Purdue going bankrupt is China. Everything in and from China is adulterated. The Chinese people don’t trust anything made in China. I dread to think of them controlling more vital products , especially something so widely used and needed.

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              1. Yup. /s for sarc. We both pitched our points and found things to agree on. Like normal, sane people who respect each other. And we can still talk to each other afterwards — as opposed to screaming rants past each other. *waves [upside down]*

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              2. Yeah, I’m down under so you have to wave upside down. You are right. The doctors are the front line. They are the ones prescribing. Don’t underestimate how manipulative patients can be either.

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              3. “…Purdue, however, marketed oxycontin for chronic pain management…..”

                I am also going to say that it is the DOCTORS who are responsible. “chronic pain management” in a terminal Cancer patient. No problem.

                “chronic pain management” for a back injury or arthritis? ONLY occasionally for MAJOR flare-ups. Even I have that much sense. (And yes I have used it after I have done something really stupid and my back objects at the top of the pain scale)

                As soon as I read this:
                “…So say you feel pain nonstop throughout the day. You would take this in the morning and it would slowly kick in until the afternoon. Then it will slowly leave your system until
                11. night time. This is different from the immediate release formulation where as soon as you take it, the full force and effectiveness of the drug kicks in and then leaves your system right away.”

                I read that and saw that the over dose problem could be patients NOT getting the IMMEDIATE RELIEF EXPECTED AND TAKING MORE PILLS.

                Again this is the DOCTOR who is the problem. It is also Obummercare where the doctor has no ‘feel’ for the patient’s personality. Someone who is impatient is going to be much more likely to take MORE pills than perscribed even with the problem fully explained.

                Ultimately it is the doctor and patient who is responsible in this case unlike in cases where the product was adultrated or KNOWN to be unsafe like RITALIN.

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              4. Where I work there is a group of specialists who deal with pain. They usually have a maintenance dose and have a breakthrough med. this enables people to perform daily living tasks like showering. Careful management by drs and patients is needed to get it right and with a progressive condition it’s always subject to change. Pt honesty is needed. Do they have pain or do they fear pain? Local doctors really don’t get the time for this . Patients got to take responsibility. That said pain changes pathways in the brain and most people do better with pain control if an antidepressant is added

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      2. Sorry but when the govt tells physicians that they will reduce their reimbursement by statistically significant amounts (and it’s already pitiful) if they don’t meet the customer’s “needs” for pain management then it’s not 2/3 the physician’s (provider’s) fault.

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    2. Big T was the lead lawyer in a case against Big Pharma about AIDS drugs. A pharma sales rep walked into his office one day and told him about the problem. The NEXT day, Big T cancelled regular appointments and traveled to DC to check the FDA, and filed the case, first in. Eventually, it was the second biggest settlement behind the tobacco case.
      Case took 6 years and I met Big T in the middle of the case. He was in town to meet the Texas AG and called my lil’ B&B for a place to spend the week. We’ve been together ever since.
      First trip we ever took together was to meet with the California Attorney General…. and the AIDS Foundation in LA.
      Similar to Purdue, the CEO was a high-flyer, uber wealthy, private jet, etc., whom the prosecutors sought to vilify – but being an a$$hole is not against the law. In this case, however, the medication masked a symptom of the disease, and the DOCs wildly overprescribed, making people THINK they were getting better = false hope = financial ruin for terminally ill and desperate patients = hundreds of millions in expenses to the states/fed taxpayers.

      Thus, the hard right conservative, the altar boy, one of the few Repub trial lawyers, spent 6yrs of his life trying to resolve the problem. It cost him everything in the pursuit. The personal sacrifice, financial sacrifice, was complete and all encompassing, but he never gave up. And wow, was it ever a battle.

      Remember that one when the hard left LGTBQ activists come after you with false claims about their high moral ground. We walked the walk.

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    3. As someone who deals with patients on long term narcotics the idea that there are only 9000 OD’s is ridiculous. I can literally think of 20 people off the top of my head who have overdosed in the past 4 years, and if I sat down and thought about it I could probably think of more. My own MIL spent a week in the hospital after an OD. Every single one of these people was prescribed their opiates. Some of them were in the ER multiple times for OD. Every single one of them was an addict and not only had their legal prescription, but also had under the table narcotics to enhance their addiction. My MIL had family send them to her from places where they are available without a prescription. She, just like all those others, had a “legally prescribed” addiction. There might be 9000 documented overdoses per year. That’s the people who end up in the hospital or the morgue. That doesn’t count the people who overdose on a regular basis and become drooling zombies in front of their televisions on a regular basis. I know lots of people like that too, or I used to. Not so much now.

      Purdue Pharmaceuticals is directly responsible for the change in prescribing expectations from one that reserved opiates for critical pain and end of life to the nightmare we currently have.

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    4. I have serious arthritis in my cervical vertebrae. The pain without meds is excruciating. After suffering for years without pain meds (because I was honest and told my doc about my youthful idiocy), finally I asked for a script of Vicodin from a new doc (medicaid stuck me on a plan). Instead he gave me a script for tramadol.

      Surprise — it works! It doesn’t kill all the pain but it kills it down to a tolerable level. And I have been on it for years — no tolerance buildup (or just slightly). And no urge for extra pills. Doc also prescribed one hydrocodone tab for insomnia per night to “backup” the tramadol. I never took more than a half of one of them and not every night.

      I am convinced that docs should tell their patients that pain meds are NOT intended to erase all the pain; just to make it tolerable. But I never heard any doc tell me that. If patients didn’t have such high expectations (no pun intended) of pain meds, they wouldn’t try to kill the pain.

      Fentynel (sp?) is what is likely killing most of these ODs. IMHO.

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      1. There are plenty of conditions that cause severe life long pain. This impacts a persons employment, lifestyle and can result in other health issues. Chronic pain can be managed. Meds for breakthrough pain are important. Lifestyle choices re diet and exercise can be very beneficial

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  6. On Patton

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    @rarity @Baline @selah18

    Patton was much more than a Jew-hater.

    He was a full-blown lunatic. This isn’t a secret.

    He wanted to raise an army of Nazis and immediately start World War III against the Soviets.

    He wasn’t a saint; he was an incredibly brilliant general and a massively flawed human.

    The Jewish Press is leaving out the part where Patton DEFEATED the Nazis and stopped the genocide of the Jews.

    THAT is what matters.

    It’s pathetic, actually.

    Think about it THIS way:

    Patton hated Jews BUT SAVED THEM ANYWAY.

    The Kurds hate the Yazidis but saved them from the Islamic State anyway. Like Patton, the Kurds used brilliant military strategy to do it.

    To this day, Iraqi Kurdistan is paying huge amounts to support Yazidi refugees.

    Yet Kurds hate Yazidis.

    Doing the right thing despite your own personal feelings is what we call “heroism.”

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    1. Intensity Guide…latest, and subject to change…

      expected to become an H by this Thurs/Friday…kinda hard to SEE it on that graphic, above.

      so far, all models have this tracking east…and let’s hope and PRAY it stays that way…

      knocking on wood with both fists, here on out.

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  7. We’ve been watching Reuters for a while, since Brexit.
    The editors are so butthurt over Brexit (Reuters is German), the bias comes through everything they touch.
    It’s almost funny, but I now picture the editors of Reuters with a permanent sourpuss expression.

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    1. It’s going to get more fun shortly.

      KKR, the locust-laden, company-destroying carrion conglomeration have dug their talons deeply into Springer Verlag, a major German publisher (Die Welt, Bild, and other publications, not to mention TONS of scientific and other journals (climastrology would go under “other” other). As an aside, they were, if not the inventors of the paywall, one of the first and most vociferous users of it, so this news doesn’t completely disappoint me.

      Nonetheless, KKR is globalist, and Die Welt, even though having drifted left, was still a reasonable publication, and the comments sections are (at least for now) both valuable and funny. I don’t know how long that will last.

      And speaking of longevity, the careers of possibly half of the Bild and Die Welt journalists will soon see their longevity disappear.

      Fancy that. KKR steps in, jobs disappear. I’ve worked at two companies where they put their blood-soaked paws in and forced people out, all the way up the management chain, not to mention thousands upon thousands of “proles”. The day will come,however, when there will be a reckoning. And KKR, Nadler, and all the elite Heuschrecken (locusts) will face their “reward”…

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  8. I agree. Thank you, Ozzy!

    Enlightening information and fruitful discussion among Ozzy, Cthulhu and Gail. There is always more than one side to these stories, and we WANT to be an informed public. I greatly appreciate hearing from an experienced pharmacist. The insurance companies, drug manufacturers and doctors all have a vested interest, as do we, the patients. But rarely do we have the info for truly informed decisions.

    This is one more example that disclosure of conflicts of interest, and monetary relationships, in both business and politics is vital to seeing the whole picture. Sadly we rarely get such disclosure, and definitely not until it’s too late.

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      1. Works for me!

        N.B. My niece just qualified to be a Pharmacist. I am so proud of her. And if I had to do the “professional licensing” all over again, I might have chosen that instead of CPA (which we all know stands for “Complete Pain in the A’tuchis”). While we’re not very chummy (I’m older than her mom and she has been EXTREMELY BUSY with her studies), it hasn’t gone unnoticed what pharmacists have to know.

        Doctors know enough to write a script for the currently popular drug for a condition; pharmacists know what it’s made of, what makes it work, what it interacts with, whether it works more or less for women or men, and so on. Mind you, they might not recognize a sprain…..but that’s not their role.



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    GO US Air Force!!!

    NOW – Gotta tell an Air Force joke:

    They asked a man from each branch of the military what he would do if he found a scorpion in his tent.

    Marine: Bite the stinger off, spit it out and eat the rest.

    Army: Stomp it with my marching boots.

    Navy: Pick it up and throw it overboard – burial at sea.

    Coast Guard: Capture it, bring it ashore and turn it in to Homeland Security.

    Air Force: What is a tent doing in my hotel room?

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    1. In a similar vein:

      Told to “secure the building:”

      The marines rush in, shoot everyone, and carpet bomb it.

      The army puts a perimeter around it.

      The navy makes sure it won’t wash off whatever landmass it’s on.

      The air force signs a five year lease.

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      1. I was reading somewhere how a squad of Marines were “loaned” to the LAPD during the Rodney King riots. Since the LAPD had no idea what to do with them, they just sent them around like a SWAT team.

        Until they had a warrant to pick up a bad guy at a house. They didn’t know if the guy’s brother was going to deny he existed, or if the guy was going to hide, or if the guy would come along quietly, or if he’d duck out the back, or if he’d start shooting from inside the house, or even charge out, guns blazing. So they ride up, in force, in gear, and they have a tactical meeting halfway down the block. The LAPD guy says, “when I say I’m going in, provide cover.”

        Seems reasonable…..the guy walking up to the door with a piece of paper wanted a bunch of armed guys to be ready to suppress any problems that popped up.

        But that’s the police meaning of “provide cover”. The Marine meaning of “provide cover” is to engage suppressive fire — discharge enough weaponry into an area that everyone is cringing, hiding, and trying their best to be part of the dirt. Think Fallujah. So they roll up to the front of the house, everyone dismounts, and the cop shouts “I’m going in” — and the Marines put 300+ rounds into the house before the cop’s screams of “STOP! STOP! STOP!” halted the operation.

        There was a moment of silence while everyone tried to assess what had just happened, and then a voice from inside started shouting, “I surrender! I surrender!”

        Miraculously, nobody inside the house was seriously hurt — just some minor cuts from glass breakage and splinters from furniture being recycled in place. But it made for a memorable afternoon.

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  11. Israel

    Israel Election Results Based On Counted Ballots

    Sept 18, 2019

    first results of Tuesday’s redo election, based on counted votes…

    4,034,847 votes counted (63.10% of the ballots cast)…

    Blue + White (centrist) seems to have the largest number of seats in Israel’s Parliament (the Knesset) at 32 seats……

    Benjamin Netanyahu’s “right-wing” Likud is a close second with 31 seats.

    more, at the link w/ graphs of all this.


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    1. and, as a result…

      Netanyahu Cancels Appearance At UN General Assembly Over Election Results

      Sept 18, 2019

      FTA : “There will be no speech by PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly, which opens next week, as Tuesday’s inconclusive election results have forced him to cancel plans to fly to New York, address the world body and meet with US President Donald Trump.”

      Netanyahu has always relished this speech…this is the first time in 9 years he will not address the parley , as the article refers to it…. Foreign Minister Israel Katz will do so instead.

      the speech is planned for Sept 26…but that Wednesday (next week), the day prior, Pres Reuven Rivkin will get the official election results…and will then have to choose one of the candidates to form a government…

      so, of course, PM Netanyahu will want to be in Israel for that.

      more at the link + other related liks embedded.

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      1. I guess the new rule in California is that big wealthy white Democrat donors can only get away with TWO (confirmed) rapes and murders of homosexual black men.

        It was the third reported rape and attempted murder of a gay black man which — for the Democrats of California — was a bridge too far.

        Now we know California’s “Three Strikes” rule.

        You can do it once, no problem.

        You can do it twice, and California democrats will definitely look the other way.

        But rape and murder THREE gay black men, and that could get you up to a whole 5 years in some Kalifournya Club Fed…

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  12. I don’t really understand what’s goin on with Israel. Awesome news roundup Flep.
    Promises made promises kept that’s the ticket to a 2020 red tsunami.

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  13. “Republicans say the political momentum within their party to expand background checks suffered a blow last week when Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke declared, “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s, your AK-47s” at Thursday’s primary debate.”


    I don’t know why we NEVER go on OFFENSE.

    A) the government CANNOT simply ‘take’ personal property. It’s theft, and unless ours is a Thugocracy instead of a Republic, theft is against the LAW

    B) the government CANNOT force you to SELL personal property in some lawless ‘buyback’ scheme, because that’s just THEFT dressed up with a consolation prize. Just like the government cannot FORCE you to BUY something (chief injustice Roberts lack of Constitutional knowledge notwithstanding), the government cannot force you to SELL personal property, either.

    C) the government CANNOT intervene in personal exchanges of property between Americans. If you want to sell YOUR personal property (or give it for free) to another American, what business is it of the GOVERNMENT to insert itself into that transaction, and require ANYTHING?!?


    But nobody ever talks about any of this, nobody educates the public.

    We just get whippsawed, every time a lunatic gives the gun-grabbers and excuse to commit psychological terrorism against the majority of the country.

    Imagine if every time a homosexual committed a liquor store robbery, we threatened to outlaw gay marriages, a ‘right’ that doesn’t even EXIST in the Constitution.

    Or pick any OTHER fantasy ‘right’ the Left has dreamed up during the Boomer era. Imagine if we threatened to take their made-up rights away.

    But they threaten to take our actual, God-given, literally written into the Constitution rights EVERY DAY, and all we can do is go on defense and fall back on political maneuverings to wait until the emotion of the latest false-flag dies down?!?

    Liked by 6 people

    1. You are ignoring eminent domain against private property, which the govt can use simply by paying a fair price to the owner of the property.


            1. Because the globalists (CB) wants it that way – – they set it up – and roped every country in the world into their system – it is a debt system – designed so that we will never be able to pay off the debt.

              Why do you think PT has Jackson on the wall of the Oval Office?

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      1. According to X22 Report, Dave says this is a game – if the economy fails – it is Trump’s fault – if the economy does well – the Fed takes credit – Blame it on the Fed – Blame it on Trump –

        Gold will bring down the Fed – How? As the price of Gold rises; the Fed Fiat Money loses value –

        What if the ‘plan’ is to audit the Fed – make them pay back what they have ‘stolen’ – and bring the Fed under USA control – after all – they answer to no one – they should be answering to US!

        If the Interest Rate goes to Zero – we would not be using the IRS to pay interest to Fed – Fed does not want that – our President would like that very much – so this back and forth scenario is just a game.

        Who will win? My money (assets) are on our President! No matter what – he is really in charge!

        Just my thoughts – I am no expert here – but, I think – Dave has some good insights – and it just may be our country and the world will be moving away from the CB Fiat System sometime in the future.

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              1. It didn’t offend me–I put a smiley after it!

                No way I was going to pass up a chance to call them “See BS News.” Then you gave me another chance to do so…and this is the third chance to call them “See BS News” but I’m shamelessly milking it to get FOUR references to See BS News (whoops, now five) in.

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              2. And for the record I did follow the link to see what was important enough for someone on our side to invite people to go to the sewer (a/k/a See BS News 🙂 ) to go see.

                Oddly, though, I don’t remember what it was now. Which just goes to show how uninteresting a story can be made by…(ok, six times is enough for one day) *** ** ****.

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  14. President Trump Re-Tweeted

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    Journalist John Solomon leaves the Hill to start own media outlet

    by Paul Bedard | September 18, 2019 02:39 PM

    Journalist John Solomon has rocked the Washington media world by announcing his departure from the Hill newspaper and the Hill.TV brand he created to start his own media firm.

    In a memo to his team, Solomon wrote, “After two-plus amazing years at Hill.TV I am moving on next month to build my own startup media company.”

    He did not reveal any details about his future plans for an online media site.

    In his memo, he praised the Hill, his TV group, and Capitol Hill Publishing Chairman James A. Finkelstein. “With Jimmy’s vision and your continued great work, I am confident Hill.TV is destined for even greater success in the future,” Solomon wrote.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. I wanted to see to what Kristina Wong was referring in the video above…

      * House votes down resolution to begin impeachment inquiry into President Trump after ‘racist’ tweet storm

      * Texas Rep. Al Green on Tuesday introduced an impeachment article against President Trump

      * The House voted 332 to 95 to kill the resolution Wednesday evening

      * His resolution is privileged and got to come to the floor

      * Vote is different from one that would remove Trump from office

      * Pelosi opposes the resolution and said Wednesday she would ‘deal’ with it

      * Democrats backed the resolution by a vote of 137 to 95

      * Green cited Trump’s ‘racism’ based on his condemnation of four House Democrats who the president said should go back to their countries

      * Three of the lawmakers were born in the U.S.

      * The push comes days before former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to appear before two House committees

      PUBLISHED: 11:05 EDT, 17 July 2019 | UPDATED: 06:25 EDT, 18 July 2019

      The House voted Wednesday to kill a resolution that would begin an impeachment inquiry into President Trump based on his ‘racist’ comments and being ‘unit’ for office.

      The procedural vote came after Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green read into the record an article of impeachment of the president – a ‘privileged’ maneuver that ensured the matter would come to the floor.

      The resolution went down on a vote of 332 to 95, with all Republicans voting for it and more Democrats in favor of killing the impeachment resolution than were for backing it. There was a single abstention.

      Democrats backed the resolution by a vote of 137 to 95, while all 194 Republicans voted for it. Former Republican turned Independent Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan voted for it.

      [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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      1. Most welcome, lady – Dave does two X22 Reports daily – takes Saturday off – but, he does a wonderful job of connecting the dots – and bringing in ‘Q’ posts as well for verification – something is definitely in the ‘offing’ – a new system – and audit of the Fed – all possible – it is what Russia did many moons ago – the Russians no longer have a CB – they own it – so the robber bankers can no longer defraud Russia – I think it was Iceland who threw all of the robber bankers out – and took control – no reason why we could not do the same – I am excited – we are going to be free of this fraudulent corporation – our Treasury will go back to coining our currency backed by Gold – I see a new day coming, lady! And – I thank God!!!

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