20190918: Robert C. O’Brien Named National Security Advisor

The President announced it himself:

The Pic in the header comes from the first day of the A$AP Rocky Trial in Stockholm. Robert O’Brien was there. The LATimes article is spectacularly devoid of background on Robert O’Brien, other than the position is the 4th National Security Advisor (we were cheated out of Flynn), and that the position is not subject to Senate Confirmation. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-09-18/national-security-advisor-robert-c-obrien

From FOX News, we understand O’Brien was under consideration as Sec of the Navy for a period of time. He is currently the Special Envoy in charge of hostages. Hmmm…. the President has had excellent success in releasing American hostages.

You get the feeling the pundits are still digging for background on Robert O’Brien? Yeah, me too.

As information comes in on O’Brien, we will edit and add to inform the QTree. If any of you have info to add, please drop it here so we can compile a full bio and be informed.

Hat tip to the greatest group of crowd-sourcers on the Internet.

Zero Hedge is the first media org to come in with background on Robert O’Brien. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-nominates-special-envoy-obrien-replace-bolton-national-security-advisor

Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien serves as the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Working for Secretary Pompeo, O’Brien leads the U.S. Government’s diplomatic efforts on overseas hostage-related matters. He works closely with the families of American hostages and advises the senior leadership of the U.S. Government on hostage issues. O’Brien also coordinates with the interagency Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell on the development and implementation of U.S. hostage recovery policy and strategy.
O’Brien previously served as Co-Chairman of the U.S. Department of State Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan under both Secretaries Rice and Clinton. The PPJRA promoted the rule of law by training Afghan judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers and provided scholarships for young Afghan lawyers to study in the U.S. From 2008 through 2011, O’Brien was a presidentially-appointed member of the U.S. Cultural Property Advisory Committee, which advises the federal government on issues relating to the trafficking of antiquities and other cultural items. In 2005, Mr. O’Brien was nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as a U.S. Representative to the 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly where he worked with Ambassador John Bolton. Earlier in his career, O’Brien served as a Senior Legal Officer for the UN Security Council commission that decided claims against Iraq arising out of the first Gulf War. O’Brien was a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve.
O’Brien is the co-founding partner of Larson O’Brien LLP in Los Angeles, a nationally recognized litigation firm. His law practice focuses on complex litigation and international arbitration. In addition to his client work, O’Brien has served as an arbitrator in over 20 international proceedings and he has been appointed by the federal courts to serve as a special master in numerous complex cases.
O’Brien is a graduate of the Boalt Hall School of Law at U.C. Berkeley. He received his B.A. degree in political science, cum laude, from UCLA. He is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy.
* * *
Like Mitt Romney, whose campaign he worked on as an advisor, O’Brien is a mormon. And after he is confirmed, will be the highest ranking Mormon in the Trump Administration.

As many federal jobs remain unfilled, Trump didn’t take long to nominate O’Brien, which suggests the administration already had him in mind, and that they only needed to vet him.
O’Brien has been involved in many high-profile incidents during the Trump years, including, most recently, the negotiations with Sweden over the fate of rapper A$AP Rocky.

This makes O’Brien the highest ranking Morman in the U.S. government https://t.co/ZN3QOsDHxL
— John Hudson (@John_Hudson) September 18, 2019
Back in 2017, O’Brien was reportedly considered to be Secretary of the Navy, but was instead nominated to his current position, and given the rank of ambassador one year later.


107 thoughts on “20190918: Robert C. O’Brien Named National Security Advisor

  1. Folks, this is amazing.
    30 minutes after the announcement by President Trump and he seems to have caught the press flat-footed.
    Normally, they would have a list of potential nominees, with background and articles ready to go, fired up, push the button and release…….. right?
    Bloomberg, Politico, CNN, The Hill, LA Times, all across media, we have release of the Trump tweet, maybe a paragraph or two……and then,
    “This story is developing, please check back for further updates”
    They have NOTHING on this guy.
    Media was caught with their pants down.

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    1. Heh-heh-heh!!!!

      Picturing PDJT smirking, rubbing hands together before hitting send on that tweet!!!

      Our Guy in DC LOVES messing with the media. He did it from the first day coming down the escalator.

      Then there was the first debate when he exposed and disappointed MK, who was gunning for him – he turned the her bullets back on her!!!

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    1. I thought it was ridiculous to send him to WSweden for that purpose. More important to work on getting Christians out from under persecution. But that’s just me.

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  2. His wiki page is interesting too, even though it is wiki. Gives his history with Bush, legal background, and a book he’s written.


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  3. O’Brien must have shown some brass ones while serving as President Trump’s hostage negotiator:

    From Wikipedia:
    “In 2017, O’Brien was under consideration by the administration of President Donald Trump to serve as Secretary of the Navy.[6] The Orange County Register editorial board endorsed O’Brien to serve in this position, stating, “He is the ideal candidate to ensure American global dominance continues — in a way that fits both the present national mood and our enduring national values.”[7]

    On May 10, 2018, President Trump appointed O’Brien as Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs.[8] He was given the rank of ambassador one year later.[9]

    On September 18, 2019, President Trump announced in a tweet that he would be appointed National Security Advisor succeeding John R. Bolton.”

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      1. Yes, the ability to recognize when to fire is one of his strengths. Smiley2’s comment about O’Brien’s old connection to Romney was what triggered my post.

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      1. Why don’t we all give him a chance to DO SOMETHING before criticizing him in his new position.

        I’m starting to see the color purple with a pinned-on tail…

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        1. Be BANNED EEYORE !!!!!!!!
          We KNOW our President likes and admires performance.
          Pres and O’Brien did a chopper presser today.
          Pres said O’Briens performance in hostage situations…….. and we’ve had a lot of them……… has been stupendous.
          That’s high stress too
          Lives on the line
          Pres likes him, then O’Brien is our man!

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  4. Happy birthday to our home here at the QTree where, no matter how little I personally am able to contribute, I always feel welcomed and encouraged to post. This is the first place I land in the morning and usually the last I check before my weary head hits the pillow. I arrived here last November after I got banned OT from probably saying something as simple as “Trust the Plan” during all the Sessions bashing. Luckily, some people did something (hehe) that led me here. Love you all to the Wolfmoon and back, my frens!

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  5. While America Slept,” by Robert O’Brien.
    Sept. 6, 2016 (written before the election)
    19 Reviews 5 Star rating. Here’s a few.

    == O’Brien has been in top geopolitical trenches for two decades. He is a voice in the howling political wilderness, railing against the dangers the DC Industrial Complex (of both parties) are foisting on American security. These are concise essays on topics that may brutally affect the 21st century if not checked. Let’s hope this author’s depth and insight will change the course of U.S. policy, and that he will never be in the regretful historical position of telling us, I Told You So.

    ==A very good read that tells us and reminds us that our govt is altruistic but not necessarily for you. They fought a political war, sacrificed/murdered over 55k young American men, for their motives that still aren’t clear.

    One thing is clear though; we did not fight for freedom and democracy. Shameful that our govt treated our young men (18-22 years old for the most part) no different than expendable pawns in a chess match
    A must read if you need your conscience to be reminded of what is right and what was wrong

    ==This book is a quick, if not sobering, read.

    Robert C. O’Brien’s book satisfies the adage that before one can solve a problem, he or she must first understand it. While America Slept: Restoring American Leadership to a World in Crisis should be required reading for anyone who thinks our foreign-policy challenges are currently well-managed or even under control. Not only does he describe the raging storm of foreign-policy challenges facing the United States, it argues for what should (and perhaps more importantly what should not) be done in response. Whether it be a discussion about America’s maritime challenges (Section 3–To Rule the Waves), it’s sobering analysis of the war on terror (Section 5–Losing the War on Terror) or a broader discussion about leadership development (Section 6–The Leaders we Require in 2016), this book will serve as a resource for those looking for an unflinching assessment of the modern foreign policy landscape.

    What’s particularly interesting about this book, is its focus on smarter implementation of conventional foreign-policy strategies. It ultimately makes a convincing argument that viewing the state of the world as it is, not how we wish it it to be, will lead to more long-term peace and stability. As we go into this election season, you owe it to yourself to understand the current state of affairs outside our country. Read this book and you’ll be ready.

    ==While America Slept by Robert O’Brien is an excellent book on how we must learn from history so that the same mistakes are not repeated. O’Brien connects the dots of how our foes quickly assessed President Obama’s stunning lack of competence with his policy of “Leading from behind” and how the next president must reestablish the time-tested policy of “Peace through strength”. O’Brien is certainly a Master of history and its lessons learned. As an example, he references Winston Churchill who said, “Virtually every non-aggressive nation wants peace but neglecting one’s defenses is a defeat without a war”. President Obama, whom obviously hated Churchill, as demonstrated by the return of his bust to England upon taking office, never learned this lesson.
    I was personally touched by his heartfelt dedication of his work to his late son, Robert Christopher, whom I had the pleasure of knowing, albeit way too short of a time, and I absolutely loved his positive upbeat attitude and wide-eyed enthusiasm for life…just like his dad. Mike Hill

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      1. Heard of it also and would of never had made the connection. Someone above posted his wiki page and then searched from there.

        It does help alleviate concerns. 🙂

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  6. Hmm. Things heating up. May need a hostage negotiator
    Heshmat Alavi @HeshmatAlavi
    US President President Donald Trump says there’s an “imminent announcement” coming regarding the Saudi Aramco attack. There are many options to deal with #Iran, including the military option, he added.

    I’m sure it’s true.

    The Saudis have not retaliated for hundreds of ballistic-missile attacks on the kingdom.

    This non-retaliation was a trap.

    It made the mullahs overconfident.

    The worst thing you can do is underestimate your enemy.
    Heshmat Alavi @HeshmatAlavi
    Attention: @ThomasWic

    Big news IF true from Saudi -owned Independent Arabia:
    Saudi fighter jets took part “along with other jets” in targeting #Iran posts in Bukamal Syria on Tuesday.

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  7. Heshmat Alavi @HeshmatAlavi

    Quoting @IntelliTimes on Twitter:

    Saudi sources report that the Royal Saudi Air Force is behind the attacks against the installations of the Revolutionary Guards and militias in Al Bukamal on the Syria/Iraq border two days ago. According to these sources, similar attacks are expected on Iranian interests soon.


    Thomas Wictor

    I’m sure it was the Saudis who carried out all the previous attack in Iraq.

    From a geopolitical standpoint, it’s simply not possible for Israel to begin an expanding, regional campaign.

    Also, the Israelis have a problem with intelligence leaks.

    Therefore I knew it was the Saudis. They’re using advanced weaponry designed to eliminate collateral damage.

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  8. And this shit needs to be shut down. I’m glad someone’s onto it

    Jackie @Jackie

    Chinese woman, 41, admits to running a ‘birth tourism’ scheme in California that helped more than 500 pregnant foreigners give birth in the US

    Dongyuan Li, 41, admitted to running company ‘You Win USA Vacation Services
    Company mainly assisted Chinese foreign nationals give birth in United States
    Website advertised that it had catered to more than 500 Chinese ‘birth tourism’ customers reportedly housed in 20 apartments in Irvine, California

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    1. ““An obviously very liberal judge, who was promoting Hillary during a deportation hearing, was just debarred for 30 months and forced to pay a $1000 fine for violating the Hatch Act.””


      ‘Debarred’ for 30 months and pittance fine?

      I had harsher punishment for riding DOUBLE on a MOPED when I was KID!

      What, is he supposed to be a ‘changed man’ after 30 months are be a paragon of judicial virtue in 900 days?

      I’m sure that $1,000 fine will really sting.

      A whole thousand…

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    1. Interesting exceprt from that article (note the “lack of maintenance” – seems endemic with Øbozo et. al.)

      The turbo activation exercises are meant to provide an assessment of the readiness of U.S. sealift forces and ensure their readiness in times of need. Not only do they ensure that ships can meet their five and ten-day readiness status, but also that their crews are prepared to operate alongside the Navy.

      USTRANSCOM notes that typical activation exercises usually include a small number of vessels, but this most recent is being described as a stress test to test the readiness of the fleet, coming after MARAD Administrator Admiral Buzby and the head of USTRANSCOM testified to the poor shape of the RRF fleet before a joint hearing of the House Armed Services Committee in March 2019.

      “This comes after a March 2019 testimony of the head of Transcom and MARAD on the poor state of the force due to deferred maintenance and age of some of the vessels,” notes gCaptain contributor Salvatore Mercogliano.

      “These exercises typically involve only a few ships but this event targets 28 vessels for activation to provide a better assessment of the readiness of U.S. sealift forces than can be accomplished with fewer activations,” US TRANSCOM said in a press release.

      We understand that the this most recent activation – exercise or not – is the largest since the Persian Gulf War in 1990 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

      (to the tune of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”…
      Ain’t No Scaffold High Enough… )

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      1. Don’t know what a lot of the acronyms are but it’s good to see that the armed forces are not just getting ammo but everything is being whipped into shape


  9. Very interesting for us pet lovers
    Texas A&M breeds Golden Retrievers with Muscular Dystrophy to use in experiments. One, they shouldn’t be breeding them. Let them find them in the population, and pay the owners to try and fix dogs who are already going to be afflicted. Two, why is that trait in the population when the dogs can be selectively bred to remove it? I absolutely loathe the American Kennel Club and its worthless dog shows. One in eight Golden retrievers will get lymphoma because of a genetic predisposition. Don’t get me started on what they do to other breeds. What they do is hold dog shows for dogs who are two years old, so the breeders will breed dogs who are beautiful and unique at two years old, and then fall apart rapidly right after that. Hold the fucking dog show while giving points for age, so a 25 year old dog who is healthy and happy will beat a 2 year old dog who will be dead by four or five years old from some genetic illness or predisposition, or worse, crippled from some progressive debility. If you said no dogs younger than ten or twelve years old would be allowed in the show, they would produce much stronger and healthier lines. But instead like rabbits they prefer flash over substance.

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    1. You are so right. The AKC is all about “looks” and the looks change with whatever is deemed (fashionable) best. I almost went on a rant here, but this is not the place for it. Maybe later.

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      1. Looks subject to fashion often detrimental to health. Dogs with pushed in faces having breathing problems etc. but something that can be faulted in the ring like hip dysphasia can be selectively bred out

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  10. Cold front brings first snow of the season to Sierra. it seems just about a month and a half ago they were pointing out the snow from last season still hadn’t melted, which is the start of glaciation. Seems we are getting closer to the next little Ice Age.

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    1. I’m doing everything I can to warm the planet and have the biggest carbon footprint possible.

      I could use a little help here… I can’t warm this sucker up all by myself! 😁

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  11. Back

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    Only a Turk could blame the Saudis, the UAE, and Israel for Iran’s actions.

    Editor Of Turkish Pro-Government Daily: Two Iranian Missiles Striking Dubai Will Leave Neither An Economy Nor The UAE In Its Wake


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    “US/Israel’s ‘Trojan horses.’ The madness of the two Arab crown princes is going to burn the whole region to the ground…

    “Call it the ‘Arab-Persian war’ or the ‘Islamic civil war.’ We can also say it is the “Invasion of the entire region.” Because this would be a war that cannot be won by any country in the region. But it will end with the destruction of the entire region and Western armies spreading throughout it.”


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    What is it about Jew-haters and Arab-haters?

    According to this long-haired freak, Muslims are incapable of volition.

    They do whatever the evil US and Israel trick them into doing.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    Here’s the reality:

    The Syrian Civil War is over.

    Thank the Gulf Cooperation Council.

    Western troops will not invade the precious Muslim sand of the Middle East.

    The Iranian mullahs are totally isolated. There will be no “Persian-Muslim war.”


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    The reason Turkey was excluded is that Erdogan is exactly like the mullahs and the Taliban.

    They carry out acts of war as part of negotiations.

    This is traditional for certain groups.

    But it’s a new world. Erdogan refused to change his ways, so he’s been bypassed.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    I hate childish fantasy.

    That entire opinion piece may as well have been written by a seven-year-old.

    Trump and the Saudis know what they’re doing.

    Unlike the Turks.

    Erdogan bought German Leopard 2 main battle tanks.

    They’re deathtraps.


    Thomas Wictor

    The Turks need to just shut up and let the competent countries handle this.


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  12. Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    For @HeshmatAlavi

    The mullahs want a war.

    This is the wreckage of a Hoveizeh cruise missile.

    The Saudis intercepted it.

    You can see that the tail sections match.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    Anti-missile systems automatically calculates where the enemy missiles will hit.

    The Saudis intercepted at least one missile that was headed for a populated area.

    However, the Saudis decided to allow the other missiles to hit the oil facilities.

    The main reason this was done is that the Saudis don’t want to reveal their full capabilities.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    A secondary “benefit” is that the world can see that the mullahs are completely out of control.

    The Saudis are in the process of degrading the mullahs’ offensive capabilities.

    That’s why we’ve had the attacks on missile depots.

    This is a balancing act. Unfortunately it’s guaranteed that the mullahs’ will try to fool the Saudis into bombing Iranian civilians.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    The mullahs may carry out their own attack on Iranian civilians in order to blame on the Saudis.


    The Saudis very brilliantly allowed the baseless accusations of war crimes in Yemen to go unanswered.

    The world lost interest.

    And Trump helped by hogging the global limelight whenever possible.


    Thomas Wictor

    “Saudi fatigue” will allow secret operations to go ahead.

    I’m sure that these operations have already begun.

    What will happen PUBLICLY?

    I have absolutely no idea.


    If the Iranian people rise up, we can help IF ASKED.
    Sep 19, 2019, 07:13 · Web · 12 · 25

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    But I doubt that there will be a massive public military retaliation against the mullahs.


    But the mullahs want a war.

    Therefore I’m 99.99 percent sure that they will NOT get one.


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  13. Hey Daughn!!! …and ALL!! Let Wolfie know that his tweet about the court reporting on Sydney Powell!!! SHe is lovin on it!!!! I retweeted it with a quote “Court: so that’s–that’s a good point😂😂😂😂
    Sydney Powell LIKED IT!!!!!! WUT?!!!

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    1. Wait, the best part…….. when questioned, Trudeau admitted he dressed up in high school (with makeup) to sing “Day-O” in a talent competition.
      We gotta find that video.
      And Trudeau continued….. I tend to like costumes perhaps a little more than I should.

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  14. Thread


    Russian fake news.

    This video is FAKE, so don’t be grossed out.

    For one thing, it takes the guy forever to get to the other car.

    And he put on his FLASHERS after he stopped.
    The “flare” makes no reflection on the car.

    The guy just spins around, making no attempt to dislodge the flare.

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    The woman makes sure to pull him right in front of the camera

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    Then she TURNS HER BACK, hiding the man from the camera for a full four seconds.

    When we see him again, the whole front of his hoodie is soaked with blood

    How to write a narrative


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