20190918: Horowitz Testimony Thread

11:00am Eastern Time, the show begins. Michael Horowitz is the Inspector General for the DOJ, FBI, DEA. His testimony (To House Oversight Committee – read as Dems in charge) is supposed to be about progress in oversight over the past 10 years…….. however, with all the interest in the FBI/DOJ scandal, we can expect a few more questions.

Link to testimony: (We are still looking, the below link just takes us to the Committee website.) https://oversight.house.gov/legislation/hearings/overseeing-the-overseers-council-of-the-inspectors-general-on-integrity-and

We HAVE a link, here we go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH6ltqAD8dY

We missed the spectacular Lewandowski testimony yesterday, don’t want to miss anything today.

There are three witnesses testifying today:


Ms. Kathy Buller
Inspector General, Peace Corps, on behalf of Executive Director, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency Legislation Committee

Mr. Scott Dahl
Inspector General, Department of Labor, on behalf of Chairman, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency

Mr. Michael Horowitz
Inspector General, Department of Justice, on behalf of Chairman, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency

84 thoughts on “20190918: Horowitz Testimony Thread

  1. Daughm…if you click on your link above…then go to News-Press Releases–Sept 16, 2019…where it says the committee will have hearing to discuss 10 yrs of oversight…click on that press release and there is a livestream here link that takes you to you tube and the Subcommittee’s sight there…it’s already being watched by 242 people…???

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  2. Heyyyyy, this is cool.
    OIG’s have recovered 23.1 BILLION
    For every dollar invested in these agencies, we, as taxpayers, get a $22 return on investment.
    If only the REST of the gov’t were so good.

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  3. connelly is the majority leader
    Mark Meadows is the minority leader
    They seem to be getting along well
    Meadows is a little mad because the IG for Ramada was denied to the Minority… but people are dying, and we wanted to question him.
    Connelly is apologizing for it.
    Completely different tone from yesterday’s contentious hearing.
    Miscommunication as Ramada is not a fed agency.
    But Ramada testimony is scheduled for another time.

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          1. Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (from above).

            Anyone remember the cartoon Ziggy? Would kind of fit…

            If they’re returning 23.1 Billion for the Efficiency part, here’s hoping they have as big or better return/improvement on the Integrity part…

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  4. Inspector General, Peace Corps 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    There’s an evil government-sanctioned left wing org if I ever saw one. My brother spent two years in the PC in Yemen, smoking qat with the men and gazing at women’s ankles. He came home so radicalized, we haven’t had a non-confrontational conversation since. Nowdays, we rarely speak. He lives in Austin; hates Texas; hates the USA and thinks Hillary walks on water. His wife signs her emails with her name followed by (“she, her, herself”). She, her, herself thinks every white man is a vile rapist (not sure how she squares that with having a white male husband).

    It breaks my heart that we lost our brother to govt-sanctioned indoctrination in his formative years. We’ll never get him back.

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    1. I was in the very, very early days of the Peace Corps…can assure you that was not my experience, nor the results. Came home a much better person!. Definitely received much more than I gave and the experience shaped my life forever.

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        1. Brother was in PC in the mid ‘80s. Could be I didn’t understand my brother’s political orientation BEFORE he joined Peace Corps (although we were certainly more aligned then), or perhaps the place he was sent -Yemen – turned him. But he came home with a cynicism and dislike for ‘all things American’ that has only grown through the years.

          I am happy to hear Teagen had a very positive experience, and hope that’s the more normal result.

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  5. Horowitz was asked about the OIG report on FISA.
    horowitz said he turned over everything, up to DOJ to mark up as far as classification.

    Now talking about Comey report.

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  6. Jordan and Meadows said this morning that they intend to question Horowitz on Comey report, as it may be only chance they get since Naddles won’t schedule a hearing.

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    1. Fired her and then rehired her, she is an Acting IG – not Trump appointee
      IG’s don’t seem to be a priority
      there was a 15 month vacancy when Horowitz took over when he was Senate confirmed.

      DOD – Dpt of IG has not had a permanent ig since Jan of 2016.
      Problem is not just with Trump.

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  7. Mc Cabe lied to the IG – “lack of Candor”
    Referred to DOJ for criminal referral

    McCABE authorized an agent to provide FBI info to a reporter.
    Failed to safeguard sensitive law enforcement information.

    Back to back FBI Directors were referred for criminal prosecution.

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  8. Jordan on Comey meeting Jan 6th in Trump Tower
    Comey briefed Trump on the potential pee tape at Ritz Carlton in Moscow

    They were there to supposedly brief an incoming President on national security matters.
    Instead – they did this, and had many meetings about it
    Clapper/Brennan with Obama, etc, Biden in the room

    More meetings with Rybicki and others discussing what Trump’s reaction might be.
    Whole thing smells bad.
    They set up the incoming president for a national security briefing and instead – it looked like entrapment. (my words)

    Comey represented to the President he was NOT under investigation at the time. Horowitz will neither confirm nor deny if he was.

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  9. Mark Meadows is up.
    Attempts to influence the IG and the press – Comey did it multiple times.

    Horowitz is NOT up to date on all the Congressional testimony, to compare to testimony of people he has interviewed.
    Horowitz depends on criminal referrals from Congress.
    Did you initiate an obstruction of justice investigation regarding what the President said at dinner (congressman was asking Comey in congressional testimony)
    Comey answered that he did not
    When the OBVIOUS answer NOW, is that he did, and he leaked docs to the press for a special counsel investigation.

    Meadows is looking for Horowitz to ask Meadows for MORE criminal referrals from Congress.
    Okay fine ——— start writing them up.

    Meadows asked Horowitz if there are any criminal referrals coming out of the FISA report and Horowitz will not answer.

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    1. The comment that an inspector general is seeking criminal referrals from Congress seems odd. Inspectors general are not prosecutors and cannot prosecute crimes. Their job is to see that internal procedures are followed and/or to evaluate the efficacy of the procedures themselves. The remedies for stuff they find are disciplinary actions within the various agencies and/or recommendations for changes to procedure. They report to agency heads, and generally stay well out of the limelight.

      We only know about these particular IG investigations because Hussein’s people shredded so many of the procedures within their various departments that are intended to protect our rights as citizens. Said another way, these investigations are merely intended to preclude the various Hussein administration miscreants from arguing “I followed the rules and therefore did not break the law.”

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      1. Allow me to reword, apologies, typing too fast.

        The IG Horowitz was asking congress for a referral in this case, and more of them if needed.
        IG investigates current employees and issues report to agency head for internal discipline and is bound by LAW to issue criminal referral to the DOJ for prosecution, when evidence warrants.

        In this case, Muh Russia, Meadows has gone through the various times Comey has testified in front of Congress and found inconsistencies with what Comey claims in the Comey IG report.

        Meadows wanted to know if Horowitz KNEW about the inconsistencies (lying to Congress) and was investigating them OR did he need a referral from Congress to spark an investigation?

        Horowitz, paraphrasing, send me MOAR referrals.
        Horowitz did indicate he issues a CRIMINAL referral to DOJ on Comey.

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      2. While IG’s are not prosecutors and can not prosecute crimes, one of their main functions is to investigate any wrong doings, crimes included. Normally the crimes surface from anywhere with in the organization and it’s an IG’s duty to substantiate or non substantiate the wrong doing and forward the results with recommendation to the head of the organization for disposition. A notable exception by law from where an alleged crime surfaces is a Congressional Inquiry by which an IG is obligated to return a finding and recommendation.

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  10. Jordan again.
    Back to the Jan 6th meeting
    Meetings beforehand
    After meeting, he memorializes his conversation, as agreed by his team.
    We think Trump might misrepresent what happened, even though Comey was misrepresenting the purpose of the meeting and tried to set up the President

    Rybicki, Baker, McCabe, supervisors of Crossfire Hurricane – who are the “supervisors”.
    Jordan wants to know.
    Could it be bigger number
    Will not confirm if Strzok was one of them, won’t confirm he is a supervisor or that was the nature of his responsibility.

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    1. “After meeting, he memorializes his conversation, as agreed by his team.
      We think Trump might misrepresent what happened, even though Comey was misrepresenting the purpose of the meeting and tried to set up the President…”

      Comey did to President Trump what Strzok did to General Flynn.
      1. Have a ‘friendly meeting’
      2. Do not TELL the subject it is an OFFICIAL FBI INVESTIGATIVE MEETING.
      3. Write up ‘302s’ [or meeting notes]
      4. ENTRAP General Flynn and President Trump

      The Playbook is EXACTLY the same.

      McCabe to several high-ranking FBI bosses who cheered his comment.
      First we Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump”

      McCabe was the one who set up General Flynn.

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  11. Administrative office of the Federal Courts does not have an IG
    Problems with sexual harassment
    Do we need an IG there?
    Horowitz = that’s another branch, I cannot say.
    Connelly – how careful of you.

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  12. To IG Dahl
    We’re worried about whistleblowers, protecting them.
    Dahl: We share your concern………. blah, blah,, blah
    Connelly: we also are concerned about claims versus proof of wrongdoing. Wrongdoing and raw data about a pending investigation can smear an innocent person. One thing to make a claim, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Horowitz weighs in – he’s concerned too.

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  13. DOJ IG gets over 10K complaints a year – sometimes it is a retaliatory complaint – does not really belong with us. Complaints made against IG also because oversight is uncomfortable.

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  14. Thanks,Daughn ,Great play by play .
    Between this mornings tasks , I was lucky to come in just as hearing started, and caught the whole thing.

    Glad it was short, and not a drama filled circus as yesterday.. I have things to do

    Chairman Connally struck me as a fair person, very collegial and offered to work with Meadows at numerous points/areas .
    Horowitz Sounded like he knew more than he could safely say.
    Caught himself, so as NOT to get out ahead of the BARR
    I was impressed with his candor .
    Other than Md’s Raskin , Elenore Holmes Norton (DC), and Chairman Connolly, no other dims spoke or present?

    What does THAT tell us ??

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      1. Very interesting. I hadn’t had a chance to watch the video, but read the text. Watching it – yes, he almost gave it away, but he did appear to indicate some heads of agencies had been referred. Then he pulled back. 🙂

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  15. Relevant?

    The judge in Michael Flynn’s case has pushed back the hearing on Flynn’s prosecutorial misconduct claims to Nov. 5.

    Which is the same day Roger Stone’s trial is going to begin.

    Michael Flynn and Roger Stone will be in court on the same day. Let that sink in.

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    1. Lawyer insight here. Docket changes are routinely made based upon the ebb and flow of cases ( e.g: some turn into guilty pleas or settle when a trial was expected). Federal judges and not the clerks have total control of their docket so they are constantly tinkering. Many times when a case settles or pleads out (“goes away”), the trial judge will accelerate a case from a date two weeks away to “the following Monday” in order to put pressure on the parties to resolve their case as well.

      In this case, however, the judge pushed the hearing back a few weeks. My experience tells me that there are two likely reasons. The first is purely ministerial such as the judge has a root canal or a day surgery that has to be done in that time frame. These things happen.

      The other, most interesting and most likely reason is that the parties have informed the court that the hearing on prosecutorial misconduct is not a two-three hour affair but will be a lengthy undertaking (see my earlier posts about Brady Hearings) involving days not hours of court time.

      Assuming this is the case, it gets even “interestinger”. The judge is going to have to make a ruling at the end – thumbs up or down as to whether the prosecution has complied with Brady. THEREFORE, the govmint has the burden of proof. Now, as to the difficulty of the burden, I am not sure and perhaps some of the other eagles here may know but the govmint was to sustain the affirmative burden that it complied with Brady and acted in good faith.

      Then, depending on the decision, there is the remedy. This , of course, depends on the evidence that was withheld by the govmint. In my limited experience, the most likely and common remedy, is full and total dismissal with prejudice accompanied by a blistering written opinion and referrals for discipline.

      Thus, as I have said before, you heard it first from me. This is now almost certain to be an epic hearing that, to this point, is cruising along below the radar, just like Sidney wants it. The last things she needs is the media figuring out that she is planning to lob nuclear hand grenades at the hearing.

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  16. Part of what the Dems are going after is this…

    The Acting I.G. DNI has not forwarded a whistle blower complaint that the Intelligence Community IG had marked as urgent. Schiff is going Ape Schiff over it. I posted on this a couple of days ago. The link below will fill you in though it’s not the link I posted before. Making their inquiries to this body is like going over to the neighbors house to complain about another neighbor. Weak.


    Another thing they seem to be doing is brow beating the Horowitz in advance of his report.

    Different note on how Congress can stymie IG work products is by law put too much burden on the IG by requesting numerous reports and investigations which they are not manned to handle thus overwhelming them Cloward and Piven style. Note the sections on https://fas.org/irp/congress/2019_rpt/ssci-auth.pdf
    YEARS 2018, 2019, AND 2020
    Does just that. Putting extreme strain on IG’s in the Intel Community. This is Schiff’s baby, sole sponser of the bill. Still not passed thankyou as it’s still waiting to be married up with the equally bad Senate Bill. Mind you this is still the same Act that expands protections for identities of covert agents. Sec 305. It also makes it easier for Whistle blowers to get notice outside of their organization which makes it easier to weaponize the IG system for political purpose. Neither good things. Part of that is covered in this story that has been posted here a few months back.
    https://consortiumnews.com/2019/06/24/john-kiriakou-cia-seeking-more-impunity/ of note the act is retro active so that anything done in the past will be covered in the act.

    Mind you all that is a serious headache to look at. Huge maze. True puzzle palace.

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    1. “… of note the act is retro active so that anything done in the past will be covered in the act….”

      Ex Post Facto Law??? Ain’t that unconstitutional?


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