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320 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190916 Open Topic

  1. Fail


    As if Iranians don’t have enough to worry about:

    The Iranian air force has a very old jet trainer that can’t fly. At air shows, people sit in it and have their picture taken.

    The air force never inactivated the ejection seat, so a little boy ejected himself from the cockpit. He went right through the canopy. Miraculously, he wasn’t seriously injured.

    The headline is gibberish, translated from Chinese.

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    1. Glad the kids ok but funny as.
      Nothing, absolutely nothing is idiot proof.
      Case in point.
      My state govt spent a squillion dollars on a new rail line. Underground all the way. State of the art stations and safety features because fire, terrorist bombs underground are tricky. Called for tenders worldwide blah,blah,blah.
      Opened it and guess what ? The trains wouldn’t work. The gradient was too steep.
      Everyone’s running around ,hair on fire, screaming, editorials,news blah,blah
      Me 😂 rotfl

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  2. More on the abortionist who kept the bodies of the babies at his home.

    “Doctor Who Had Fetal Remains in Home Performed Abortions on 10-Year-Old, 13-Year-Old“

    Sorry, the next link is Redstate, but it’s worth clicking on the link to read.
    “Pete Buttigieg’s Association With The Abortionist Who Stockpiled Baby Corpses In His Home Is Hardly Surprising”

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      1. I have had a decades long interest in this guy. He is in the book Lime 5 also. Tried to sidewalk counsel him once. Didn’t know he was the abortionist,, thought he was picking up someone after an abortion. Plus more stuff.

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          1. The Fort Wayne pro-life rescuers were after him very powerfully and persistently. Our neck of the battle ground didn’t have a lot of manpower, but the few organizers locally were awesome and dedicated, and really good people. I love those men.

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      1. Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

        Judas goats are real.

        This may be the biggest Democratic backfire of the modern era.

        Sane people hated this crap when it was happening, and now the Dems are giving it a second try.

        They signed their own death warrant with this.

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  3. You nailed it. Thomas IS right. Reading those comments gives me hope that there are many Decent Dems out there who are sick to death of the evil in their own party.

    Landslide might not even be the right word.

    In old English a synonym is *earth-burst.*

    Yep, his victory is gonna be that epic!

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    1. REX
      Gloves off. No more GOPe politeness.

      Screw that.

      I hope that Kavanaugh sues the crap out of them. He’s perfectly in his rights to do so.

      You can be sure Trump will, in due course. When he talks about NYT’s ‘unfunded liability’, he is referring to his massive libel action coming their way.

      It will put them and #FakeNews out of business.

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    2. Ehh. This tweet. From a DEMOCRAT voter because of the Kavanaugh circus
      Read this glorious tweet, and the comments below.
      It will brighten up your day!

      “The Kavanaugh railroad is the most politically clarifying event in my life, and it is why, as the New York Times seems intent on reminding us, I will crawl over broken glass to vote for a guy I don’t particularly like next year.”

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      1. So you’re telling me,

        These old, uncorroborated allegations against Brett Kavanaugh,

        Levied by a former Clinton defense attorney,

        Which the alleged victim says she doesn’t even remember,

        Are grounds for impeachment? 🤔

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      2. I think JohnEkdahl is a nevertrumper conservative, Ozzy.

        That is…if he’s the same John Ekdahl who posts over at Ace of Spades HQ.

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    3. Hell, Kamala Harris already was spouting it as gospel…I think I hear a death rattle coming in her campaign. I hope that Kanvanah or perhaps his WIFE sues the NY Times for libel…big time. As I said, Ginsburg must be TOAST, they are DESPERATE. Six – Three = GAME OVER Liberals. (no more 9th circuit rubber stamp either).

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  4. @HeshmatAlavi

    Trump wrote that we’re waiting for the Saudis to tell us what they want us to do.

    The mullahs have the same mindset as the Taliban. They carry out acts of war as a form of negotiation.

    Notice how NORTH KOREA did no such thing.

    That should tell you about the nature of the relationship between Trump and Kim.


    I’m not answering for Heshmat. This is my own opinion.

    The Saudis did not retaliate to over 200 missile and drone attacks. Therefore the mullahs finally did this. It was a trap.

    For the mullahs.

    We won’t have a WAR. That’s all I can say.

    What happens next will either be invisible or spectacular.

    We need to not alienate the Iranian people. I trust the Saudis and Trump to have a plan.

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    1. I am betting a 5.2 magnitude earthquake will soon hit the Mullahs “top secret” nuclear enrichment bunker…completely DEVASTATING their nuclear capacity. It happened in NK, it happened in Syria, and I bet it happens in Iran…VERY soon. Wiktor will tell you all about Thor’s Hammer. I think we DO have it, and it HAS been used, at LEAST twice. Hell it might happen at their oil fields too.

      NO evidence with this, just a BIG hole. It imploded a MOUNTAIN in NK, and sent the attached military base into the SEA. But sure, it was a mere result of 10 years of testing (yep, that is why all 200 of Kim’s nuclear scientists were in there when it happened) It is also pure COINCIDENCE that a few weeks later the Syrian ammo dump of chemical weapons used against the people in DOuma,also experienced a 5.2 magnitude “earthquake”, even though BOTH regions are not on the same tectonic plate and BOTH regions are not known for seismic activity.

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  5. This is gearing up like Gosnel scandal.

    I am wondering if he labeled the remains with the name of the mother, therefore doxing the women after his death. He had to know that his trophy stash would be found after he died. Some abortionist BLAME the women for what the abortionist did.

    Also, There should be a mass burial of those babies and a service or Mass. when Joe Scheidler’s people found over 2k babies on a loading dock in Chicago, they pushed then Cardinal Bernadine to provide space in a Catholic cemetary for the babies and either held a service or a Mass for the burial.

    Another link. This is a news video.

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            1. Since I’m functioning kind of detached today, 🙂 I just assumed I did it. LOL.

              Honestly, this Klopfer business kind of got to me. Wish I could have done more in pro-life before I cripped up. One of the things that I keep remembering was talking with a young black girl who started giggling about Klopfer. I never asked her why. Wonder if he was up to more than we know.

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      1. IIRC, It seemed so, but I could be wrong in using that word. I no longer have the news flyers on any of that. Perhaps there were technicalities involved. What I remember was, it seemed so.

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  6. “Purdue Pharma, the company that made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, filed for bankruptcy in White Plains, New York, days after reaching a tentative settlement with many of the state and local governments suing it over the toll of opioids.

    The filing was anticipated before and after the tentative deal, which could be worth up to $12 billion over time, was struck.

    “This settlement framework avoids wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and years on protracted litigation,” Steve Miller, chairman of Purdue’s board of directors, said in a statement, “and instead will provide billions of dollars and critical resources to communities across the country trying to cope with the opioid crisis. We will continue to work with state attorneys general and other plaintiff representatives to finalize and implement this agreement as quickly as possible.”

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    1. I think a dig on the family that owns purdue would turn up a lot of ugly like there involvment with HRC and Hati ,child trafficing amongst other vile business.

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  7. THREAD: Our friend Harold Finch is in The Library on Telegram, but I felt this thread about Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court was super important. Here goes!
    1. OK, Time for a thread on the new round of smears and lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There is a lot going on here, so let’s break it down and look at whats going on.
    2. We all remember how Christine Blasey Ford lied bold faced on national tv to try to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation. the Left trotted a whole busload of fake accusers to try to stop his appointment and preserve their ability to swing the court’s decisions.
    3. They are worried about abortion being over turned and other decisions.
    Blasey Ford Attorney Admits Abortion ‘Motivated’ Kavanaugh Accusations
    The attorney for a woman who made unsupported allegations of sexual assault Brett Kavanaugh admitted they were motivated by their support for abortion.
    4. We know it was an organized slander campaign to kill his nomination. the goal was to make it so ugly and unpleasant he just dropped it and walked away. Thats why #creepypornlawyer and McCabe’s scummy amoral lawyer were involved.
    Kavanaugh’s Accuser Just Hired Andy McCabe’s Lawyer
    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford added Michael Bromwich, a former federal prosecutor and Justice Department inspector general, to her legal team Saturday.
    4. And yes, Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti, known for his attempted shake down of the president with porn actress Stephanie Cliffords (cont)
    5. and for allegedly beating his girlfriend and being indicted for committing fraud and embezzlement against his clients and trying to extort Nike, on tape and camera.
    Avenatti calls Democrats ‘weak-kneed’ after criticism of his handling of Kavanaugh accusers
    Attorney Michael Avenatti has said that he has ‘credible information’ that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh participated in sexual misconduct. He said his client will come forward publicly ‘only…
    6. It’s coming up on one year anniversary of Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation and some important things have happened and are about to happen.
    7. Late last week, the 9th circuit court overruled a federal judge who had granted opponents of the trump admin’s denial of asylum seekers a NATIONWIDE injunction. They told the judge he could only enjoin for the area his circuit oversaw.
    8. Not to be dissuaded the same Obama appointed just ignored the court and re-instated it.

    He was slapped down 7-2 in a response by the US Supreme court.
    Supreme Court allows Trump administration to deny asylum to migrants on southern border
    The Supreme Court will allow the Trump administration to fully enforce a new policy aimed at curbing Central American migrants’ ability to claim asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, handing a victory to…
    9. This has some major consequences: this sets the precedent that both the 9th Circuit and the USSC, the US Supreme Court, will stop activist judges from using nationwide injunctions to derail national executive branch policy, exceeding their authority.
    10. This presents an enormous problem for the left, who are relying on Lawfare, use of activist judges & never ending frivolous lawsuits to bog down, slow and block this administrations policy.
    11. Loss of ability to use nationwide injunctions by activist courts force the Left to take cases all the way to the surpreme court, and mean they cannot rely on lower courts to do their will
    12. With the court now 5-4 solidly conservative, and with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the midst of another fight with Pancreatic cancer that saw her receive a liver stint to releive blockages of bile and liver jaundice.
    13. She is elderly and far outside the average life span of adult females in the US and is not cancer free.
    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently underwent treatment for pancreatic tumor
    It’s so serious, even Russia-collusion-nutter Trump-Derangement-Syndrome-stricken Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe is asking people to pray.
    14. This is DEEPLY alarming for the Left, they’ve lost the court and they understand its going to be 6-3 before Trump leaves office. But before that happens, they still have very real, and serious, problems in the immediate short term.
    15. We are about to start the new USSC term and cases be heard, cases the Left expect to lose, and cases that are going to be devestating to the Left.
    16. One of the cases the USSC has agreed to hear is the case of New York Pistol and Rifle Association against NYC, to determine if guns can be carried or transported outside the home. This goes to the heart of concealed carry, and right to self defense.
    Supreme Court to hear New York gun control case that aims to restrict firearm transportation
    The US Supreme Court said it will hear its biggest gun rights case in a nearly decade — one that seeks to undercut New York City rules sharply limiting gun owners from carrying firearms outside of t…
    17. NY amended the law and asked the NY Pistol and Rifle Assoc to withdraw the complaint, but they rightly told NY they didnt go far enough to protect the freedoms of gun owners and the case stands.
    18. This case will affect every one of the 50 states in the union and if NY loses, most gun control laws in CA, NY, IL, MD, Wash DC, CT, NJ, OR, WA and HI will be unconstitutional overnight.…
    19. This lawsuit has the Left so scared, they have actually threatened the US SC. See remarks by Sheldon Whitehouse and others in the link below:
    Whitehouse Threatens U.S. Supreme Court Over New York Gun Case
    Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse bases his brief on an argument that the Supreme Court must change because the public will not like the court’s decisions.
    20. The Supreme Court is also set to hear arguments and issue rulings on President Trump’s legal authority to undo DACA, and also issue a ruling on if the citizenship question can be added to the US Census.
    21. The Left expects to lose all three of these cases- And that is what this is ALL about.
    Top Supreme Court cases to watch in 2019
    The Supreme Court’s 2018-2019 term got off to a sleepy start, but there are a number of potential blockbusters on the docket for the new year.
    22. AT THE VERY HEART of the effort to slander Justice Kavanaugh and his confirmation is the INTENDED GOAL OF DE-LEGITIMIZING THE SUPREME COURT ITSELF, AND ITS RULINGS.
    23. This is meant to pave the way for states like CA, NY, MD, CT, Wash DC, and others to IGNORE Surpreme Court rulings and to claim they are not legitimate; This will create a constitutional crisis, but the Left has no other option.
    24. The probability is VERY HIGH they lose all three cases, and this would put an end to Gun Control, Illegals Voting in Elections, and with the wall in place would spell the End of Progressive importing a new Voting Block via illegal immigration.
    25. So right on queue, immediately in advance of the beginning of the next US SC session, the Left launches a coordinated effort to de-legitimize a Key USSC justice and by extension the court, and its rulings. This is a desperation tactic.
    26. This is made even more desperate by the fact that if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not well, or becomes sick in the near term, these judgements will be even more likely to go against the Left. Make no mistake, they are panicked, and this is the result.
    Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.
    Deborah Ramirez’s Yale experience says much about the college’s efforts to diversify its student body in the 1980s.

    27. I (Finch) could talk extensively about how this story is a lie, and how it is easily debunked (take for instance that the victim ‘doesnt remember it happening’) but thats a moot point.
    28. It’s not designed to sway voters, its not designed to help legal cases- it ONLY SERVES ONE PURPOSE- AS AN EXCUSE TO BE USED BY LEFTWING BLUE STATES TO IGNORE SCOTUS RULINGS.
    29. On social media, in discussions in person, we need to make absolutely clear what they are doing; highlight it & call it out. Expose it. Expose their strategy to ignore the Rule of Law.

    31. ADDENDUM: what does constitutional law say about states ignoring Supreme Court Rulings? What legal remedy is there? How would enforcement work?

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    1. “How would enforcement work?”

      Well, the ultimate enforcement action was probably Sherman’s March to the Sea. Not that I’m particularly happy with the prospect or proud of its historical exercise (N.B. I was born in California, am moving to NC, and find it horrific. I wasn’t there and haven’t done enough research to sustain or contradict the point of view that it was necessary.)

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      1. Wolf I wanted to put together an attack thread last night but I really did not have time to make it happen.

        I also wanted to see if some else posted one or wrote something worthy. I think we have the answer.

        Battle Formations!

        Justice for Kavanaugh – No Do-Overs!

        “New rules: We win, they lose.” – Dan Bongino


        September 28, 2018: Ep. 817 What You Witnessed Yesterday Was a Momentous Shift in American Politics
        by Team Bongino Posted: September 28, 2018

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    2. Awesome summary Ozzie. Thanks for that.

      By this recent stash of dead babies found, since Klopfer’s death, God just maybe, hopefully put the nail in the coffin of abortion on demand in the eyes of the public. The left will have to be batshit crazy.

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              1. Please God, convert them or defeat them and stop them. Give us strength and virtue to withstand their attacks and the grace to know it is You in charge.

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      1. The left today ARE bat shit crazy, and that is the problem. They must be CRUSHED once and for all. Notice I did not say Dems, but the left. There still are MANY MORE level headed but different ideological theory Dems. The left is the 5-10% that are totally off the rails. People and the MSM want us to think them a majority, but they are a VERY small yet vocal minority.

        I fully expect there to be a “reckoning” for the Dem party after Trump clobbers whatever palooka is unfortunate enough to be nominated by the screeching minority in 2020. There will be a purge, perhaps even a 3rd party because of it, but it WON’T be on the Republican side. This will almost ensure a Republican, hopefully conservative. majority for a generation or more. Trump really was a once in a lifetime President, when he is through he will get a spot on a certain mountain in the Dakotas.

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    3. what does constitutional law say about states ignoring Supreme Court Rulings? What legal remedy is there? How would enforcement work? There is ALWAYS Marshall Law if they choose to force that. But, the smear has ALREADY been debunked before it even got off the ground. Good thread though and HIGHLY probable that is their intent, they WILL fail. ALL they have, much like they did to Trump, is lies, innuendo, and smears. Funny thing about the truth, it ALWAYS comes out, it may take a long time, but it ALWAYS does. In this case, it ALREADY has. Time to stop playing nice and start suing these smear merchants, including the organizations that propagate and dispense them. IF Lawfare is at the heart, make them accountable. At LEAST shine a light on the roaches, so that they have to scurry back into the dark.

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  8. Hiya Wheatie!!! Cowboy and I spoke for the 1st time on email…My dedication His Sweet request…pretty imminent…Keep our lil Blog in your prayers..❤❤

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      1. BINGO. Holder knows it will be his and his “roadie” Obama in the gallows too. It is FAR worse than most could ever imagine, and it is ALL connected. From Fast and Furious to Benghazi. From Epstein to NM. From the US, UK, Australia, to Iran, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (though no more since MBS) and from Clinton, Bush, to Obama. Follow the MONEY, the children, and the OIL. Follow the WEAPONS. Why do you REALLY think Hillary’s emails were so super important? They are like AL Capone’s ledger, the Clinton Foundation was the money launderer for it ALL.

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    1. Long but too funny not to share

      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Copying this Biden thread from a writer at the Root (@MichaelHarriot) because it’s too funny not to:

      I’m always astounded by the imaginings of white people as it relates to race. Many of them have this fictionalized jigaboo version that is almost alien-like. And one of the greatest examples of this ever is Joe Biden’s story about Corn Pop the gangsta.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Now it has already been demonstrably proven that Biden will make stuff up. But any black person who hears this story will automatically give you the side-eye and says: “nigga please.”

      It begins when Biden was working as a lifeguard at a pool.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Now Biden is like, 176 years old, but he’s still in pretty good shape. This supposedly happened in the summer of 1962.

      Biden says that, instead of hanging out all summer, he decided to take a job working as a lifeguard at a black pool.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      So, that summer, Biden was the only white lifeguard at Prices Run swimming pool in Brown-Burton Winchester Park. He says he did it—y’all, I SWEAR this is true—”in hopes of learning more about the black community.”

      Yes, that’s an actual quote.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Biden says that he became popular at the pool because many of the black people in Wilmington, DE had never talked to a white person before.

      This raised by bullshit-o-meter, so I decided to look it up. In 1960, Wilmington was 73% white, according to census records


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Anyway, during Biden’s Negro Summer Safari Adventure, one day, all of the town gangsters came to the pool.

      Now I know what you’re thinking, but don’t stereotype. Gangbangers are NOT a monolith.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Why can’t a real street nigga enjoy a nice refreshing dip? Sometimes a thug wants to play Marco Polo, too.

      Well, the gang that invaded Biden’s pool was called the Romans, which sounds gangsta AF. And the leader of the Romans was a dude named Corn Pop.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Now if you’re black, I know this shit sounds like some white kid tried to make a gang fairy tale for a sixth-grade play because you and I know there ain’t no squad led by a nigga named Corn Pop going around terrorizing Delaware pools.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      But, I guess, in white people minds, thugs get two weeks vacation and go on retreats at city pools.

      Anyway, Biden says he had no idea that Corn Pop was the duly elected leader of the hood niggas. So when Corn Pop began bouncing on the diving board, which was against the rules,


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Biden told him:

      “Esther Williams! Get off the board, man…”

      Then Biden kicked Corn Pop out of the pool.
      (I know you’re thinking “Who TF is Esther Williams?” She was a famous swimmer in the 50s. But I admit, I thought he was talking about the lady who played Florida Evans, too)


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      They told Biden that Corn Pop carried a straight razor and was gonna be waiting for him when he got off work. Now you and I both know that, if this was true, Biden would’ve just called the cops to walk him to the car.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      But this was in 1962, and before 911, you had to dial a whole seven numbers. Plus, Biden said that he knew that if he called the cops, he wouldn’t be allowed back into the African American community

      Nigga, what?


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Anyway, Biden says, instead he wrapped a six-foot metal chain around his arm and wrapped that in a towel. Because everyone knows there are ample black chains just laying around the “African America community” but no police officers.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      When he went out to the car, Corn Pop was indeed waiting for him. But Biden went Clint Eastwood on Corn and told OG Pop from the Romans:

      “You might cut me, Corn Pop, but I’m going to wrap this chain around your head before you do.”

      Again, that is a direct quote.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      And guess what happened?

      Just like that, my nigga CP put down the straight razor and he and Biden became friends. From that day own, Biden was untouchable in the black community because Corn Pop vouched for him

      Again, STOP LAUGHING!


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      Now I don’t know how it works where you live, but in my hood, you don’t actually get a laminated street credential card from the neighborhood thug council but, then again, I’ve never been on the mean streets of Wilmington.


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      But this story is actually recounted in Joe Biden’s 2007 autobiography AND is retold in the Washington Post, here:


      Pilgrim @PilgrimsLanded
      But this is not about Biden.

      This is a celebration of the life of a straight razor-carrying certified street thug who I’d bet my pinky toe never existed. But if you ask Biden, I bet he’d say Corn Pop has passed on.

      RIP my nigga Corn Pop.
      This is how it sounds when thugs die

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      1. Moar. We could be watching the launch of 1000 memes. Except Biden screws up like this every day. Shit I hope he doesn’t drop out

        I always visually scour pictures for “the rest of the story”.

        Look to the faces of every person around him, who just happen to be black. One is looking down, two others are looking at each other.

        They all are exuding “Bullshit!”

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        1. The msm has been covering for this fool for so long he doesn’t know that the games changed. Is he a drunk? Imma thinking confabulation. Lies to cover memory lapses.

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      2. Living where I do, and having been a lifeguard at the local municipal pool which had patronage far more diverse than it is now back in the day, this hits too close to home. There were summers where we had the cops looking for crime witnesses on a daily basis. And, yeah, there were people we kicked out every year that had street cred.

        It’s not that way anymore. But I seriously doubt Biden would have had such an encounter.

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        1. Your welcome. Below another long read but funny as

          Tim Blair
          kerry IIWhat was the key to Donald Trump’s stunning 2016 US election victory over Hillary Clinton?

          The ABC’s Media Watch host Paul Barry has no doubts, declaring last year: “Tonight, in a special program, we’re going to look at how Facebook and Twitter allowed their platforms to be used by Russia to swing the US presidential election and divide America.”

          And there you have it.

          Forget Clinton’s dreadful campaigning and her complete misjudgment of the political mood in the US. Ignore how eight years of President Barack Obama had doubled his nation’s debt and halved its morale. Pay no mind to an electorate weary of professional politicians and their scorn for so-called “flyover states”. Dismiss as inconsequential the open hostility towards ordinary voters evident among the Clinton-adoring elite media.

          Tim Blair’s columns appear in every edition of Quadrant.
          Click here to subscribe and duck the paywall

          It was the Russians wot won it for Trump, plain and simple, and they achieved this merely by investing $146,000 or so in dumb Facebook ads and some Twitter nonsense. Or so the ABC (and many others) would have you believe.

          Well, even if it was true that Dimitri, Vladislav and their Moscow mates turned millions of voters away from Hillary—and it wasn’t—I’m here to tell you those Russian meddlers were absolute amateurs. Basic beginners. Total trainees. When it comes to fixing the 2016 US election, they had as much influence as the ABC’s charter has on the ABC. None, in other words.

          And I should know, because fourteen years ago I fixed the 2004 US election. And I did it without spending a single cent.

          You see, instead of buying ad space online, I used idiots. But not just any idiots. For a job like this, you need the highest-quality idiots you can possibly find. I’m talking about idiots so over-educated and under-aware that their idiocy is almost transcendent, and whose vast reserves of ignorance and imagined superiority are a rich, usually untapped source of international election-swinging power.

          I’m talking about British left-wing idiots.

          It all began on September 27, 2004, when I mocked a piece by the British Guardian newspaper’s Jonathan Freedland. He was deeply concerned about the upcoming election battle between incumbent George W. Bush and Democrat rival John Kerry, and proposed that people outside the US be allowed to cast a ballot.

          “If everyone in the world will be affected by this election,” Freedland pleaded, “shouldn’t everyone in the world have a vote?”

          In response, I suggested at my website a refinement to that idea: “Here’s a way Freedland and his fellow meddlers can still have their say in the USA: each could simply identify and adopt a random individual living in one of the battleground states and target that person with emails, letters, and telephone calls begging them to vote against Bush.

          “I’m sure average Americans will be pleased to receive whiny 3am calls from people called ‘Jonathan’, and will alter their vote accordingly.”

          Bugger me, but the Guardian actually ran with this. On October 13, I received an unbidden email from the Guardian containing “the address of your voter in Clark County, Ohio. Please use it wisely.”

          At the Guardian’s website, the just-launched Operation Clark County was explained in detail. “We have come up with a unique way for non-Americans to express your views on the policies and candidates in this election to some of the people best placed to decide its outcome,” the determinedly-lefty newspaper announced.

          By typing your email address into the box on this page you will be sent a name and address of a voter in Clark County, Ohio from the most recent publicly available voters roll. You may not have heard of it, but it’s one of the most marginal areas in one of the most marginal states.

          It’s a place where a change of mind among just a few voters could make a real difference.

          Writing to a Clark County voter is a chance to explain how US policies effect [sic] you personally, and the rest of the world more generally, and who you hope they will send to the White House.

          The Guardian later denied it lifted my idea, but that unsolicited e-mail remains one hell of a smoking gun. In any case, I didn’t mind, because from this point forward I knew exactly how things were going to work out. And it wouldn’t be pretty for the Guardian, John Kerry or Bush-hating leftists worldwide.

          Backlash came immediately. The Guardian was regarded as rather influential back in 2004, so Operation Clark County gained significant coverage throughout the US. As you might expect, of course, voters profoundly resented this intrusion. The US hadn’t fought the War of Independence in order to be patronised by General Gage’s pallid, noodle-limbed descendants.

          Instead of submitting to letters from the UK, Americans commenced a counter attack, bombarding individual Guardian staffers with hilariously abusive e-mails. “Real Americans aren’t interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions,” read one typical missive. “If you want to have a meaningful election in your crappy little island full of yellow teeth, then maybe you should try not to sell your sovereignty out to Brussels,” roared another.

          In Clark County itself, the Guardian’s campaign “prompted a surge of indignant local voters calling the county’s Republican Party offering to volunteer for Mr Bush,” according to the UK Telegraph, which also noted “mounting evidence that urging foreigners to send anti-Bush letters to Clark County—an isolated slice of the rural mid-West—was only hurting Senator John Kerry.”

          Clark County’s local newspaper, the Springfield News-Sun, reported that the first woman to receive a letter from a Guardian reader, Kerry supporter Beverly Coale, promptly threw the document away for fear it was from a terrorist. Local Republican Party chairman Dan Harkins could not believe his luck. “This is a very competitive county, where the undecided vote is very small,” he said. “What the Guardian has done is firm up the Republican base. What a gift!”

          Belatedly realising the destruction their campaign had wrought, on October 22 the Guardian shut down Operation Clark County. “Somewhere along the line,” wrote Guardian supplement editor Ian Katz, who claimed to have conceived the plan, “the good-humoured spirit of the enterprise got lost in translation.” I suppose that’s what happens when you translate Australian sarcasm into British snobbery.

          But the best was yet to come. On election day in 2004, with the world fixated on the tight Kerry–Bush contest, I cared only for numbers emerging from Clark County and surrounding Ohio. Democrats had carried the county four years earlier by just 324 votes while Bush won the state by only 3.5 per cent, and he needed another Ohio win to continue his presidency.

          It didn’t look good for the Republican. Most Ohioan urban centres went strongly to Kerry, who also scored increased majorities in twelve of the state’s sixteen Democrat-leaning counties. As Slate’s Andy Bowers observed: “Kerry won every Gore county in Ohio except Clark.”

          Within that targeted county, however, it was a different story. “Nowhere among the Gore counties did more votes move from the blue to the red column than in Clark,” Bowers reported. “The Guardian’s Katz was quoted as saying it would be ‘self-aggrandising’ to claim Operation Clark County affected the election. Don’t be so modest, Ian.”

          Al Gore’s 324-vote Clark County victory margin became a 1600-vote swing to George W. Bush in 2004. “You may recall that the Guardian, the leftist British newspaper, convinced its readers to participate in a letter-writing campaign to the residents of Clark County, asking them to vote for Kerry to save the world from Dubya,” National Review Online’s Michael Ledeen summarised.

          “To say this scheme backfired is to fail to give it proper credit. It ranks right up there with the worst political schemes, ever.”

          “Could the Guardian and its Operation Clark County be responsible for a second Bush term?” wondered BBC correspondent Kevin Anderson, who also picked up this happy note sent by a US reader of the Guardian’s website: “Just wanted to thank the Guardian for helping deliver Ohio to Bush. Cheers!” In a post-election interview, Ian Katz lamented: “We didn’t get Kerry elected and nobody’s going to be hiring me as a political strategist.”

          Bush finally prevailed in Ohio by a mere 2.1 per cent. The state clearly swerved towards Kerry, only for his advantage to hit the Operation Clark County wall. Here’s a fun little exercise: shift Bush’s twenty Ohio electoral college votes into Kerry’s column. Hey presto! Ladies and gentlemen, by a margin of 271 to 266, John Forbes Kerry is the forty-fourth President of the United States.

          And it might have turned out precisely that way if the Guardian hadn’t taken my unintentional bait. Fixing US elections is easy and fun. All you need are the right people on your team.


  9. RE: The renewed efforts to smear and impeach Justice Kavanaugh. OT has a post regarding Radical Lefty Lawfare group firing up big guns to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

    Ristvan’s take on the smearing of Kavanaugh

    ristvan says:
    September 15, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    “I think you are right. This Kavanaugh stuff was debunked during his confirmation. The Dem pres candidates piling on ‘impeach now’ based on a salacious new book miss two key factors that ordinary people can easily grasp, which PDJT will tweet teach:
    1. The claims are unprovable, decades ago where no witness can come foreward, including the supposed victims.
    2. Impeachment is for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ while in office. All else is water under the bridge once confirmed.
    More clown show. Where Lawfare really fails is preventing what is now soon coming: Horowitz FISA abuse taking down at least Comey and Yates, then Durham EC predicate taking down at least Brennan and Clapper.

    DOJ already has the Nunes criminal referrals on both as conspiracies ensnaring more names.”

    ristvan says:
    September 15, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    “I think this Lawfare Kavanaugh nonsense could be something else than RBG health, but equally unprecedented (bad) in our country’s history.
    There has never been an impeached Justice. Dems get Kavanaugh impeached on spurious grounds, will then argue he must recuse until Senate ‘trial’. That would make SCOTUS 4-4 rather than 5-4, and a lot of crucial appeals coming up this term will deadlock, meaning appeals court ruling stands, but no national binding precedent. Think DACA. That is Lawfare fighting a rear guard action against major permanent loses.

    An unprecedented leftist/Dem attack on our country is unfolding, thanks to PDJT election.
    Deplorables led by PDJT need to fight back hard. Primary RINOs. Call out Lawfare. Support PDJT rallies. Above all, work 2020 to take back the House and deepen Senate majority.”

    Even Brit Hume is disgusted, finally calling out the Media.

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  10. Very interesting word choice from POTUS tonight. The word “Justice” capitalized like it’s a job title followed by “on a respirator.” Given the recent out-of-nowhere attack on Justice Kavanaugh today, could this be a hint about RBG’s health?

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    1. I like how you’re thinking, Sadie. It may well be why Lawfare did a sudden hit job on Kavanaugh, laying the groundwork for the next combative confirmation hearings.

      POTUS knows exactly what his DOJ is going to do, and what’s going down… 🙂

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      1. The phrasing in that tweet struck me as odd as well. Then there is the one 9 tweets back from that (also from 9/15) but aimed toward RINOs.

        Again with the assisted breathing…

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  11. So, with a nod to Daughn for oversharing, I decided I’d spin this tale tonight.

    As many of you know, I’m a CPA. In popular culture, that paints my entire life and career with a broad brush of deadly dull…..but CPAs are all about where the money goes, and why, and this can lead someone into unexpected byways at times.

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I was working at a firm where I considered the senior members to be mentors…..and one of them retired. Even though I was very junior, I performed a special function and was very involved with senior members, which led to me attending the later hours of the retirement party, after a few desk drawers had been emptied of libations.

    And one of the elders related a story from when he was a middlin’ staffer, probably in the ’60’s. It seemed that one of his firms’ clients — a concrete contractor — had a workers’ compensation audit. This is an ordinary thing that happens — all classifications in the building trades have high workers’ comp rates, and the rate differential between a forms builder and a pour technician and a texture guy can be substantial. Since this involves a lot of access to payroll records, it’s normal to have a middlin’ member of your CPA firm attend the meetings.

    So, there’s the usual formalities and introductions, and usual probes about who goes out with the truck, and what their duties are; and who goes out once the concrete is placed, and what their duties are…..and, then, the workers’ comp auditor asks……”I see you have a large number of women on your payroll, many more than I observed in your business office while walking to this conference room. What do they do?”

    Remember the thing about lawyers and never asking a question you don’t know the answer to?

    Somewhat startled, the accountant turned to his client, only to hear him say, “they f**k”.

    Both the workers’ comp auditor and the accountant got a double-take out of that. So the client continued, “that’s how I get all the jobs.”

    Mind you, he didn’t pay them under the table — they were on payroll with withholding. And he didn’t short their workers’ comp — he classified them as “sales” and paid that rate (there wasn’t a separate rate for “sex worker” at the time), and they certainly didn’t qualify for the hazards of pouring concrete……but there were certain other problems involved…….

    So everything got dumped over to the anti-corruption lawyers, and both the teller of the tale and the workers’ comp auditor were very glad to wash their hands of it. But when money is involved, sometimes things go sideways unexpectedly.

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    1. He should’ve had those women listed under ‘Public Relations’ as “corporate good will ambassadors”.

      That’s where all the other corporations hide them.

      And these days…it’s probably not just women who are in the corporate stable.

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  12. Another anecdote from the same retirement party…..

    The elder accountant (when upper mid-level) was to accompany a client to negotiate with the Feds at the Federal Building in San Francisco. They drive up, the accountant has all the backup accounting records in a catalog case (this has gone out of style with laptops, but it used to be that accounting/audit records were always carried in specific pieces of boxy luggage that could also house an adding machine). Being back in the 60s, they park on the street nearby.

    The accountant busies himself with loading-up, and he and the client set-out to walk to the Federal Building. Before they get 20 feet, the client excuses himself, doubles-back, and takes a semiautomatic pistol out of his glovebox to tuck into his waistband.

    “What was that?” asks the accountant. “My piece. I never negotiate anything without my piece.”

    Whereupon a discussion ensues — the accountant insists that the client can enter the Federal Building with the accountant, or the Federal Building with the piece, but not both.

    Eventually, they entered the Federal Building without the gun and prevailed.

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    1. Godless, demonic creatures have had a home within the Democrat party for a long time, Coothie.

      For example…Biden often looks like there is a demon inside him, struggling to emerge.
      It gave him a bloody eyeball and knocked his teeth loose.

      Pelosi’s struggles with her inner demon often result in her accidentally telling the Truth sometimes…like she did when she blabbed about their strategy of the Wrap Up Smear.

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  13. This is Notable:

    Our VSG is a genius…and he knows what a spike in gas prices at the pump, would do to our Economy.

    Oil Futures prices jumped 9% to 10% overnight, after news of the Saudi oilfield attack.

    Our own domestic production could take up the slack, easily…it would just take a little time.
    Releasing the SPR would bridge the gap until production increased.

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    1. Can’t help but think what it would have been like 5-10yrs ago.
      Oil is one of the top three commodities traded for every country on earth.
      USA = #1 supplier.
      After years of being dependent, we can lead.
      God Bless Texas, North Dakota, and the oil workers in PA/Ohio.

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      1. We’ve got quite a few here in OK who are happily adding to the production numbers.

        And yeah, if this had happened during HusseinO’s reign, the price of oil would have skyrocketed.

        Some say we’re on an ‘Oil Economy’ worldwide.
        And there actually is some truth in that, I think.

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      2. Never, ever again can we allow America to be dependent on other countries for energy!

        AND, we must have steel, aluminum…manufacturing, minerals…

        President Trump has illuminated these fundamentals for every American to see.

        AND, placed the spotlight on past presidents acting in their personal interest as well as other countries.

        America First…the obvious answer to our Freedom…financial, political…

        MAGA, KAGA, KAG…America!

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  14. Fancy that…

    It’s all connected, Congressman Nunes.
    The Globalist Cabal wants oil prices to skyrocket…they did it in 2008 and it helped Ozero to get elected.

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  15. This is really outrageous:

    “Democratic congressman introduced truck crash legislation benefiting his family law firm.”

    ———- From the article:

    In June and July, the Pennsylvania Democrat introduced two bills that would require commercial truck drivers to purchase insurance liability coverage at a minimum of $4.5 million, a 600% hike from the current $750,000 minimum. Cartwright previously introduced a similar proposal just months after joining Congress in 2013.

    Higher insurance liability coverage can allow law firms representing a victim suing truckers to collect greater sums.

    Trucking industry advocates claim the bills would be devastating to small shipping companies and independent drivers who can’t afford to pay the higher premiums. They also say Cartwright stands to benefit directly from the legislation due to his wife’s work as an attorney who specializes in truck accident lawsuits and his own profit-sharing agreement with his family’s Pennsylvania-based personal injury law firm, Munley Law.

    ———— End quote, there’s more at link.

    This increase in premiums would be passed on to us consumers, in higher prices for everything that is shipped via trucks.
    In other words…higher prices on just about everything.

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  16. Well, I’m glad I missed the Kavanaugh firestorm ——– as the NYTimes issued a correction this morning.
    Alleged victim has no memory of alleged incident.
    And just like that……. it’s over.

    NYTimes decides to push a book written by people who work for NYTimes and write an incredibly incendiary article about SCOTUS judge, Kavanaugh.
    But from the SAME BOOK….. is the exoneration of Kavanaugh.

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    1. Yep, and Mollie wrote a scathing article about it too, which eviscerates the lying NYTimes:


      ———– From the article:

      The authors go on to say they have seen no evidence of Ford fabricating stories. They ignore the dramatic inconsistency between her claimed fear of flying that necessitated a lengthy delay of the reopened confirmation hearings and her stated love of global “surf travel” to remote islands across vast stretches of ocean and other distant destinations, such as Hawaii, Costa Rica, the South Pacific islands and French Polynesia. A sworn affidavit from an ex about her tendency to fly frequently and in small planes is waved away by the authors.

      ————– End quote, there’s more good stuff at the link.

      I had forgotten about all those other lies from Two Door Ford!

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      1. I saw Dan Bongino on Fox News this morning equate this bogus NYT article on Kavanaugh with someone saying they say some guy go into the back to rob it and came out with a fistful of cash. What they failed to mention was he just went inside to use the A.T.M. and wasn’t robbing it at all.

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  17. Note: Current DNC talking point. “Many Leaders felt as though the Kavanaugh allegations never had real closure”
    Translation: They tried to smear Kavanaugh but the facts weren’t there. If only they had endless time, endless years, endless funds…… they’re SURE they could find some dirt, somewhere.

    Sounds like “Muh Russia” to me….. if only we could find one single Russian ……

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  18. Pelosi And Schumer Had A Call With Trump About Gun Control. This Is Their Non Negotiable.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Sunday had a call with President Donald Trump about gun control legislation. According to a statement from Democratic leadership, universal background checks are a non negotiable that must be included in any proposal Trump moves forward with. Specifically, Democrats want Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to bring the legislation to a floor for a vote.

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    1. If it gets that far…then I hope our good guys in the Senate will poison-pill it to death.

      Like an amendment to establish reciprocity for CC permits across All State Lines.
      Or an amendment to make high capacity magazines legal in every State.

      There would be splodey heads.

      We do not need this ‘gun control bill’.
      It’s a trap to get electioneering points for the Dems!

      The whole thing was brought about as a result of those FF shooter spree events.

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      1. Concealed carry reciprocity makes sense.
        We’re licensed to conceal carry. Yet, our closest metro is across a state line, and it’s a high crime city.

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        1. Heyyyyyyy, since gun licenses are state run……
          How about states getting together and offering reciprocity with each other. That would makes sense. Could Repub governors and state houses do something like that?

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          1. I believe there are several states that have reciprocity with their neighbors. Interstate compacts happen all the time — the only time the Feds have to be involved is in judicial proceedings regarding same.

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        2. Many states honor CCW from other states. Some states do not require a CCW to CCW.

          Some may find following resources handy…

          USCCA’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws By State

          USA Carry
          Click on Concealed Carry Resources drop down.
          Click on Concealed Carry Permit Information By State…select state group by alphabet.

          While it is very beneficial many states allow reciprocity…honor CCW from other states, National Reciprocity is essential.

          AND, more fundamental, “Constitutional Carry” allowed in, IIRC seventeen states allows OC / CC without permits.

          “Shall not be infringed” needs to the enforced law, “Right” of the land.

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    2. I have a question–one that’s been confusing me for a while. SO this whole you can be any gender at any time crap that some states recognize…how does that interfere with any kind of a background check? (not just guns)

      If I put down on my application for “X” that I’m a female (at least for today) and the information in my background check uncovers that at some time I also put down somewhere that I was a guy (that day) how do they reconcile whether or not I am able to have an “X”?

      is there any way to ensure that I am even the same person? maybe someone stole my identity and I don’t know it?

      and if I’m not a stable gender…shouldn’t that be an indicator of my overall fitness for things?

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    3. Help me here, please.
      Our local pawn shops do a background check and that’s in MS.
      Are the Dems asking for universal background check when father passes to son?
      That would be a no, of course.
      Background check on private sale = No. How would that be facilitated. Would I have to sell to the gov’t entity first and they then do a background on the person wanting to buy my gun?
      Ex-husband finally got his Federal Firearms. If someone purchases over the internet, weapons are sent to him first. He makes about $20 each time but it is a good idea to have another set of eyes on a purchaser.
      I go back, again….
      One year, more than 5yrs ago.
      I recall the stat.
      Over 47K were turned down for firearms purchase, yet only about 40 of them were investigated. Seems like a good place to find the troublemakers.
      Easy to say you’re “for” a universal background check but the details….

      And still nothing on schizophrenics?
      Do we drop MIB access to all pawn shops and gun retailers? Not sure I want my medical info out in the ether.

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      1. The whole “universal background checks” thing is to create a de facto Federal gun registry. They pinky-swear that all the records are not put into a massive database and are destroyed after three years, but you can put me firmly in the doubting column for that.

        That way, when they go “full Beto”, they can show up and demand you hand over the weapons on their list.

        Universal background checks have little or nothing to do with keeping weapons out of the hands of nutcases — as your 40/47,000 statistic notes.

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              1. am doing well! I think you are thinking about someone else! My Grandsons are 8 and 6. My memory is bad! So, it was either BJ or Plain Jane and Marica has one on the way! I’m so embarrassed about not being able to remember who!
                Love you sweetie! 💖

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              2. That makes two of us, mama – LOL – they say (not really sue who ‘they’ is – lol) – after 40 – it is time to get a ‘little spiral notebook’ and write things down – lest you make major ‘boo-boos’ – and get things cross-wired – guess it is time to buy me a ‘little spiral notebook’ –
                * Giggles *

                Actually, I thank God there are many ‘buns in the ovens’ – What a great blessing!!!

                Thank You, Jesus!!! Love you, too, mama!!!

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          1. This is one of my favorite verses. ” . . . He shall direct thy paths.” If we acknowledge God in all that we do, God will direct our paths. The Hebrew word for “direct”, yashar, means to be smooth, straight or right.

            In this verse, this is an action God promises to take.

            God didn’t say He’s going to whisper in your head in some small, quiet voice that you can then later claim that it was God speaking to you, nor give you multiple cryptic messages that could have many interpretations and apply to almost any number of situations, nor require you to endlessly search the Bible for small clues that you can then incorporate into your decision making process.

            God says He will make your paths smooth, straight or right.

            Remember the verse just before this one: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.” God’s got this, if we acknowledge Him in all that we do. He wants us to trust Him to steer us down the right paths. What a wonderful promise!

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        1. I am just a messenger, nikki – God chose this verse through someone and I shared it – God is so good to us – we are so blessed!

          Love you, too, nikki – May God bless you so abundantly you will not know what hit you – Hugs!!!

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Awwww 😬🤚❤️‼️🤗❤️
            You’re a real sweetheart duchess01 … what a blessing …. as intriguing as it might be to win a big lottery … it just can’t touch the heart felt blessings in this Q treehouse .. with all who post threads and post comments. I find it difficult to keep up as much as my heart wants to and I wind up more lurking … there so much good news and “are you aware of this” news … it’s awesome so I want everyone to know if I don’t comment .. (being a lippy woman 😑) I’m reading are the jewels 💎 posted here in our wonderful Wolfmoon 🐺 Q treehouse … 😃🤚❤️❤️❤️
            As the saying goes .. “What’s NOT to like ‘eh?” … ❤️

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            1. Oh, I know the feeling so well, nikki! And – I know the people here, too – so many of my favorite people in the whole wide world – we are so blessed to be invited here – I was lonely OT – wondered where everyone went – tried to make peace between the Q aficionados and the Q deniers – but, it did not work – then, all of a sudden – they were gone – but, that was the choice of the blog owner – not much we could do about it – but, I understand this is how ‘blogs’ go – I guess.

              This Treehouse is so much friendlier, too – people can disagree without attacking each other – and all are welcome – you do not have to be a certain ‘kind’ to come here – if you know what I mean –

              I thank God every day for this group of great posters – I learn so much here – so many smart, savvy people – just love it!

              And – I love you, too, nikki!!! Hugs!!!

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  19. On Hong Kong the Pope Is Silent. Obedient to Beijing

    Silence on everything that could irritate the Beijing authorities is certainly one of the many prices that the Holy See has agreed to pay, to keep from breaking up the fragile accord on the appointment of bishops that it sealed on September 22 2018 with China.

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  20. With help from Ben Tallmadge:

    On the Saudi OIl Strike: Important
    Sept 3, 2019 China and Iran flesh out 25-year strategic partnership China will invest $280B in oil, gas & petrochemical sectors in Iran.
    Another $120B investment in upgrading Iran’s transport, manufacturing infrastructure.
    Chinese firms will be granted the first refusal to bid on any new, stalled or uncompleted oil & gas field developments.
    Up to 5,000 Chinese security personnel’s in Iran to guard the projects. (Chinese military in Iran).
    Biggest part = The trade between Iran and China does NOT have to be done in USdollars, which is the rule for OPEC. The Iranians will take Chinese Yuan as payment.
    The Chinese have printed the equivalent of 40 TRILLION dollars in Yuan since 2008. It’s funny money.
    In effect, the Chinese have colonized Iran.
    And suddenly, the Saudi oil facility is attacked?

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    1. Good find!

      And the cover story that “the Houthis did it” is falling apart, with the release of satellite views showing the precision of the attack:

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    2. When the U.S. drone was attacked we did not respond directly although we were prepared to. We wanted a “proportionate” response.

      Granted, that was no ordinary drone. It was an extraordinarily advanced technology laden piece of military equipment that was more expensive than a jet fighter.

      Now we have a direct attack on KSA, an act of w@r.

      It was extremely strategic to throw off the balance of the world energy supply. At the one place where Trump’s policy is weakest: We still need KSA for the time being to fill the supply gap to prevent others from manipulating world energy supplies and prices and allow Trump’s trade reset to work. The devilish strategery they’ve shown in this is honestly infuriatingly impressive.

      I think a proportionate response would be to target P3rs1an oil production and transport in highly surgical ways.

      Hit them 100x as hard.

      Especially NOW that they are on the ropes.

      With a coalition approach, coordinated from multiple angles at once: They won’t know what hit them.

      Make it so difficult that it is impossible to recover without outside foreign investment. And not from the usual suspects either.

      World energy is SUPPOSED to be 100% off Iran oil by now by sanction policy.

      On this approach, there will be shocks in the energy market but they should be fear and policy driven, not supply drive.

      Hit them hard enough that it will take YEARS for them to recover. If not decades.

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      1. Haven’t we sold the Saudi’s millions if not billions of dollars worth of military gear, armaments and jets?

        Why don’t the Saudi’s attack Iran rather than the U.S.? Why must we always do the heavy lifting and dirty work?

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        1. “Coalition”. I agree with your sentiment, consider 1) US will provide intel and support. 2) multiple counter agents working in unison are harder to counter or agitprop against 3) KSA would be best to do bulk of dirty work, but will need strong coahilition presence to deter P3rs1an escalation, discourage China intervention, KSA can’t do that alone 4) oil markets will go nuts if this escalates, contrary to US NATSEC interests, we need to help keep a lid on it, keep P3rs1a in the pressure cooker

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          1. Well, I hate to say it, but I must agree with Tulsi Gabbard on this issue and this issue alone. It sounds as though our military forces will be used to attack Iran and I don’t think that’s right. Let Saudi Arabia declare War on Iran since they are the country that was attacked. What Iran did was definitely an act of war.


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        2. Saudi’s need to fight their own fight.

          They have lots of military equipment. Much of it state of the art. REFUELING is probably not in their logistics bag of tricks.

          AND, they probably lack intelligence on creating missions to deliver ordnance on target in Iran…getting their, then on target, then departure tracks. AND, where are the Iranian defenses – tracking, surface launch missiles, air assets…

          US could provide intelligence. BUT, refined skill sets required to execute these attack missions, me thinks.

          AND, no way we US execute these missions.

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    3. Two thieving, lying countries signing an agreement. What could possibly go wrong.

      Chinese military on Iranian soil. Oh my. A mismatch if there ever was one.

      Looking forward to Chinese military celebrating Chinese New Year when year of the Pig returns. Sad 2019 is year of the Pig. Gotta wait twelve years for another.

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    4. Does anyone here know if there is any truth to the concept that refineries are calibrated to crude from specific locations? I remember reading something about it some time ago, and at the time we were calibrated for Saudi oil, somebody else for Iranian, etc.

      I just am unclear if that’s the way it really does work.

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  21. This is a good video that our Duchess posted on a previous thread.

    It is worth the time to watch it, IMO…if you haven’t seen it yet.

    “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming”

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  22. Have you seen this? This is great. Hah.


    I liked this reply:


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  23. Comprehending God’s Truth

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

    2 Corinthians 2:10-14 But one whom you forgive anything, I forgive also; for indeed what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, I did it for your sakes in the presence of Christ, 11 so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes. 12 Now when I came to Troas for the gospel of Christ and when a door was opened for me in the Lord, 13 I had no rest for my spirit, not finding Titus my brother; but taking my leave of them, I went on to Macedonia. 14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.

    The Lord speaks to us in such a way that we may fully grasp His truth. He doesn’t speak in riddles but instead communicates so that we can comprehend.

    Now, we may not always understand everything He says to us. All of us struggle to interpret His message at times. However, we must realize that this difficulty is not because the message is foggy. Rather, it is because something in our own life is getting in the way of His truth.

    Unforgiveness may prevent us from hearing the Lord correctly. Fear, anxiety, doubt, and prayerlessness can also create spiritual “static” that clogs our ears. At times, though, the biggest distraction is our own minds—that is, our human tendency to figure things out for ourselves. That attitude can create a wall between our ears and the Father’s voice, and it is a wall we must tear down.

    Remember, the reason we can hear the Lord is because He put His own Holy Spirit in the heart of every person who trusts in Christ. You see, nonbelievers aren’t able to understand the things of God because they have only their human mind to use when interpreting. As Christians, however, we have the Spirit of God, who works to make the Lord’s communication clear to us.

    Do you struggle to comprehend God’s message? If you approach every challenge with determination to understand and master all aspects of the situation, the answer may be yes. Slow down. Surrender your anxious thoughts to Him, letting His wisdom fill your spirit—and your mind.
    Dr. Charles Stanley

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      1. I’m getting to a point in my life that all the “stuff” that got my knickers in a twist was just that/stuff .. it’s amazing and humbling that when you don’t get worked up about a possible wrong/hurtful action but look inside first and at the cause/action from an individual who you feel may have caused that response in you, … the Lord puts His steadying Hand on you and you’re rescued from a wrong path, this leads to peace and focus on what’s important … it’s a real beauty .. 🙂❤️

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      2. forgiveness can also be used against you. sometimes trying to take the high road and forgive someone who’s wronged you only works out for the one doing the wrong…
        my first husband abused my forgiving nature all the time.
        There has to be an honest and sincere request for forgiveness–not just to assuage the conscience of the wrongdoer, but to also acknowledge the pain of the forgiver.

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        1. Absolutely true that forgiveness can be weaponized! Satan loves that one!

          Forgiveness is one of the KEY topics in Judaism, and is not simple. The Christian school of thought WITHIN that framework appears on the surface to be simple and blind, but it’s not. When Christ CHALLENGES us to forgive enemies – which he ADMITS is hard – he is challenging us to forgive better and smarter – LIKE GOD. Christ wants us to understand situations, but not necessarily to agree with our enemies, to fail to defend against them, to fail to GET THE XXXX AWAY, to walk our own way, to change their minds, to simply tolerate, to befriend our enemies anyway, to find patience, to go on suffering, or an infinite number of other responses. He is simply saying TO FIND FORGIVENESS. This may be a long search, possibly painful, but that search is in our interest. You can TRUST GOD that it is better than the alternative.

          What we do with the understanding that comes from forgiveness is also complex. Sometimes forgiving an enemy may mean putting up a WALL and not a BRIDGE. Forgiveness can be a way of saying “I’m not going to let you get into further debt, even though that is what you are doing.”

          Thus, those who say “Your forgiveness has to look THIS WAY” are not really speaking with any authority, in my opinion, and may even be introducing error, intended or not (generally not). There cannot be true forgiveness and true understanding without true guilt and true responsibility. Forgiveness belongs to those who have to forgive. How they forgive and when they forgive is their journey.

          Some choose to forgive immediately without understanding. That is their choice, and their right. “Forgive first – understand later.” The older I get, the more I see this not only as virtuous, but tactically wise – as long as we actually DO seek to understand. Although I leave open the possibility that we should forgive even when understanding is impossible, and I’m just wrong.

          In the end, I simply choose to trust God, trust Christ’s counsel on God, and trust that when in doubt, I should trust anyway. Including the crazy idea that I should forgive my enemies! 😉

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    1. We had to *Hire* a Moving co.. (Two Men & a Truck)..
      WE TRIED to Hire a couple folks & pay them if We rented a truck.. DO YOU KNOW? We couldn’t get anyone to “help” & pay a person or two @ 200.00 per Day? Even tried to get folks at a “Labor ready” place..
      NO ONE wanted to help Load & unload a dern truck for 200.00/Day,, WHAT is this world coming too?

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      1. When we moved from Calif to Nevada, we contacted a youth leader at the church who easily came up with 5 high school age helpers for $20 an hour. 5 hours later the U-Haul was packed . . . with only one very small instance of damage to one inch of veneer. I think they were very happy with $100 apiece.

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    1. … 😱😫🤚‼️ … NOOOOO‼️ … not that link .. wow 😮 so many links to gun control articles …

      ….. this one .. ⤵️ …. 🤞😐🤚❤️

      Kurt Russell Drops Massive Truth Bomb About Gun Control – The Federalist › 2015/12/11 › kurt-russell-drops-massive-truth-b…
      Dec 11, 2015 – In a recent interview for Hollywood Elsewhere, Kurt Russell shut down a reporter’s argument in favor of gun control. The conversation started out civil enough, focusing on Russell’s performance in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film “The Hateful Eight,” but things took a …


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      1. A friend sent this to me by email. I thought it was pretty good data.

        Interesting Gun statistics! This jives with the research of Prof. Lott at the University of Chicago, who is a noted expert on gun laws and stats.

        Here are some facts.

        There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms; this number is not disputed.

        The U.S. population is 324,059,091 as of June 22, 2016.

        Do the math: 0.00925% of the population dies from gun related actions each year.

        Statistically speaking, this is insignificant!

        What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in perspective as compared to other causes of death:

        65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws.

        15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified.

        17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons – better known as gun violence.

        3% are accidental discharge deaths.

        So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100.

        Still too many?

        Now let’s look at how those deaths spanned across the nation.

        480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago

        344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore

        333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit

        119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years)

        So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities.

        All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.

        This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation, or about 75 deaths per state.

        That is an average because some States have much higher rates than others. For example, California had 1,169 and Alabama had 1.

        Now, who has the strictest gun laws by far?

        California, of course, but understand, it is not guns causing this. It is a crime rate spawned by the number of criminal persons residing in those cities and states.

        So, if all cities and states are not created equal, then there must be something other than the tool causing the gun deaths.

        Are 5,100 deaths per year horrific? How about in comparison to other deaths?

        All death is sad and especially so when it is in the commission of a crime but that is the nature of crime.

        Robbery, death, rape, assaults are all done by criminals.

        It is ludicrous to think that criminals will obey laws. That is why they are called criminals.

        But, what about other deaths each year?

        40,000+ die from a drug overdose–THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!

        36,000 people die per year from the flu, far exceeding the criminal gun deaths.

        34,000 people die per year in traffic fatalities (exceeding gun deaths even if you include suicide).

        Now it gets good:

        200,000+ people die each year (and growing) from preventable medical errors.

        You are safer walking in the worst areas of Chicago than you are when you are in a hospital!

        710,000 people die per year from heart disease. It’s time to stop the double cheeseburgers!So, what is the point?

        If the liberal loons and the anti-gun movement focused their attention on heart disease, even a 10% decrease in cardiac deaths would save twice the number of lives annually of all gun-related deaths (including suicide, law enforcement, etc.).

        A 10% reduction in medical errors would be 66% of the total number of gun deaths or 4 times the number of criminal homicides …. Simple, easily preventable 10% reductions!

        So, you have to ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, why the focus on guns?

        It’s pretty simple:

        Taking away guns gives control to governments.

        The founders of this nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power may become corrupt and seek to rule as the British did by trying to disarm the populace of the colonies.

        It is not difficult to understand that a disarmed populace is a controlled populace.

        Thus, the second amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution. It must be preserved at all costs.

        So, the next time someone tries to tell you that gun control is about saving lives, look at these facts and remember these words from Noah Webster: “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed.”

        David H. McDonald … President … The McDonald Group, LLC

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              1. I suppose, but I’m not the author of it. He’s credited at the very bottom of the post.

                Also, I’d assume once something is publicly posted on a blog like this, it’s considered to be fair game for sharing on the internet. But then, I’m not an attorney.

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      And from the following article:

      Imagine the internet controlled by regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, China and North Korea. Imagine these nations telling Americans what they can and cannot put on the Internet. This is the ultimate end game. This will be the destruction of the Internet as a tool of liberty and commerce, instead making it nothing more than a massive propaganda tool

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  24. Light at the end of the tunnel for RSBN? Here are some options for watching the rally tonight if they are still locked out.

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    1. I’m here in ABQ – local news are reporting that by 8:00 a.m. there was already at least 1000 people lined up to get in. I have tickets, but unfortunately won’t be able to go – just had major knee surgery a few weeks ago, and I’m not up to handling this trek! I’ll be there in spirit though. President Trump is spending the night and State/City offices are closed early today thru 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. I pray we don’t make the national news again!

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  25. The New Mexico Rally thread is up and going……… but I need help from you guys, desperately.
    We need spicy food snacks for this evening.
    Not my wheelhouse.
    Who makes great fajitas??????
    Need GOOD ideas for what to tailgate.
    And wow, I had no idea New Mexico was so close during 2016. Gary Johnson stole the state from our man, Trump.
    We should win it in 2020, for sure.

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    1. Fajitas

      Package of chicken tenders
      One each green, red bell peppers, yellow onion
      3 cloves fresh garlic, minced
      1 lime
      Chili powder
      Ground Cumin
      Olive oil
      Shredded cheese of choice
      Avocado cut in cubes or slices
      Sour cream
      Black olives and tortillas optional as is the salsa

      In a glass bowl, combine rinsed chicken tenders, garlic, about 1/2-1 tablespoon each of chili powder and cumin (be sure you can smell the cumin), juice the lime into the mess and add enough olive oil to coat the mixture. Let that steep.

      Slice veggies for sauteing. Saute in olive oil.

      In a separate pan (I use cast iron), saute the chicken tenders about 7-8 minutes. Remove from pan and cut into bite sized chunks and return to pan to finish cooking, about 2-3 minutes or until no longer pink.


      Continue construction of fajitas with additional ingredients listed above or combine them sans the tortilla in a soup bowl. (This is how I eat them.)

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    2. Do you need the guacamole recipe, too?

      3 small avocados
      1 lime, juiced
      Fresh cilantro, chopped
      2-3 cloves garlic, minced
      3-4 slices of red onion, diced
      2 jalepeno peppers cored and diced (watch the juice on your fingers when rubbing any sensitive skin, eyes, nose, etc.)
      Fresh ground pepper
      Kosher salt

      It’s all to taste. Just toss it in a bowl and mash with a potato masher. Pack it in a bowl for the fridge and cover with saran actually against the mixture so it doesn’t oxidize.

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        1. Urban Dictionary: Mensa
          Interestingly, the Spanish use of the word mensa (female) or menso (male)generally denotes someone who is crazy or stupid.

          So, Biden is a crazy, stupid bitch. Yup.

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