Confessions of a Retrosexual Backtivist

OK. Confession time.

I’m not just a classic liberal – I’m a PALEOLIBERAL. Which in these incipient socialist times means that I now resemble a “classic conservative”.

Yeah, it’s complicated.

But the bottom line, is that I want America to be conservative enough that it’s MORALLY SAFE to be a wee bit liberal again, championing such radical things as a “wide interpretation” of the BILL OF RIGHTS.

You know – so I can be a flaming liberal moonbat like RAND PAUL!

OK – that’s not working. Let’s try something else.


William S. Lind is a name I had heard of before, back on some blog we now call OT, otherwise known as CTH, or The Conservative Treehouse, or The Last Refuge. Lind’s name came up in the context of two great ideas, both of which I was heavily schooled in, by several of the sharp conservatives hanging out at Sundance’s place. Those ideas were:

  • 4GW – short for 4th Generation Warfare
  • Cultural Marxism in America

But if you look these up on Marxypedia, and search out any connection to William S. Lind, you will get the impression that he’s an unknown crackpot of some kind. HA! More deception by the communist occupation.

Lind is not without controversy, as BOTH of his claims to fame have been vociferously criticized by people who typically get FOUR OR MORE Suspicious Cats from me.

You know – like THE DAILY KOS.

The criticisms of Lind, in my opinion, give away his importance.

So as you might imagine, Lind’s name and his self-description as a “paleoconservative” on the back cover were very attractive to me – just as attractive as the 4GW paleo-hottie featured on the front cover of his book.


Cunning stuff, from the master of 4GW.

Yes, retroculture looks a bit like cultural retreat, and that is indeed part of its brilliance.

Retroculture is an extremely disruptive idea that was just waiting for somebody to BRAND it.

Retroculture was with me every time I grabbed OLD AMERICAN HARDWOOD AND STEEL HAND TOOLS from one more estate sale, to replace CHEATIN’ CHINESE POT METAL JUNK that broke during the first few uses.

Retroculture was with me and the wife, when we purchased our dear abode, which looks, how shall we say – “OLD-TIMEY”.

Retroculture was with me when I proposed to my dear wife, whose very old cultural roots were a bit n00by compared to some of mine, but were still old enough to guarantee retention of TIMELESS values.

I always wanted to CALL these thoughts of LONG-TERM AND PROVEN VALUE something.

RETROCULTURE is exactly what that something is.

Retroculture is, incidentally, the very idea that got Trump elected.

Really? Why?


TIME TRAVEL TRUMP. Yeah. There is a REASON he seems so “timeless”. HE IS.

For those of you who REMEMBER, there was an episode of Original Star Trek called “All Our Yesterdays” – in which people on a planet facing a supernova ESCAPED INTO THE PAST.

This idea was unsettling. BUT what is quite possibly bothering you EVEN MORE right now is the EVEN MORE unsettling idea that this plot actually sounds better NOW than it did THEN.


Let’s take a stroll……

But before we do, just a word of warning. Yeah, we know that Star Trek is filled with the usual Hollywood satanist and Illuminati symbolism, including Spock’s ears, but just keep your hat on for the duration of the ride. It’s not ALL satanic, demonic, and ugly. It’s. Just. Hollywood.

Here we go.

Kirk and the boys end up on some planet that they were thinking might need some HELP, and it turns out that everybody seems to be GONE.

Those old guys are lookin’ pretty good right there, AM I RIGHT? With age, comes discernment. You stop seeing things as “dated” and “old fashioned”, and you see past that stuff. SO……

If “old” Star Trek is lookin’ good to you now, just wait.

All our Star Trek hereoes get “accidentally or on purpose” lost in the past of this planet. Including Spock, who ends up going EXTREME RETRO. And who does he meet?

Remember Mariette Hartley? You kinda missing her right now? Think things mighta been better in Hollywood back then? This was TV, mind you.

Don’t get me started about the Westerns.

You ain’t seen nothin’. Watch this.

We weren’t racists back then. It’s a LIE.


Yeah, the satanic ears probably sailed a lot of this stuff past the Hollywood creeps who would have otherwise nixed some ground-breaking sci-fi and “preppertainment”, but still – ignore for the moment. Factor it out. This wasn’t “The Gong Show”.

Lind correctly identifies the 1960s as where things started going to hell, but not without a valiant attempt to go where things SHOULD have gone – very likely under media victim Barry Goldwater.

Note how the Uhura-Kirk kiss wasn’t the only groundbreaking “civil rights” on television. How these proggies can claim we were racists back then is beyond ludicrous – it’s horsefeathers.

They LIE to us about our past, so they can drive us into THEIR vision of OUR future.

Just ONE random old TV show from the 1960s, betraying the relative innocence of America in only the EARLY Marxist takeover of Hollywood….

Ironically envisioning both PALEO PAST and RADICAL FUTURE…..

And yet it ALL seems so much more NORMAL and DESIRABLE than the INFLICTED INSANITY OF NOW.

Or maybe THIS is more your style. Hold that SCARY THOUGHT that PBS liberals might very well yearn for RETROCULTURE every bit as much as you do.

I mean, you don’t think that William “4GW” Lind would come up with an idea that wasn’t ACTUALLY dangerous to the dark side of the force, do you?


Note that this isn’t “real” in most senses – it’s actually a dramatization of code-breaking basics that the World War II code-breakers knew from the start. More than that, it’s also filled with PC encouragement of women to enter STEM. But THAT isn’t the point, either.

The point is that this movie, which I JUST. KEEP. USING. to demonstrate point after point about information warfare, is ULTIMATELY RETROCULTURAL, and that is why it works SO. DARN. WELL. People love retroculture because HISTORY proves its VALIDITY.

Retroculture throws all of our current chaotically ridiculous social and technical problems BACK IN TIME where they are SENSIBLE and SOLUBLE (including REJECTABLE) in a proven framework where GREATNESS WAS ACHIEVABLE.

And this brings up an important point which Lind addresses over and over, so that it gets past our ALINSKY FEARS – those fears that it’s all just some kind of “reenactment” written as large as our whole lives.

Retroculture is not mere NOSTALGIA, nor is it ABOUT nostalgia, although our current CULTURAL NOSTALGIA is indeed a SIGN that we are actually IN NEED OF retroculture.

Retroculture is something bigger and more profound.

Retroculture SOLVES PROBLEMS. And not necessarily in ways that socially damaging, urgency-foisting progressives want.

Retroculture is more about classic VALUES and LIFESTYLES than about the mere outward trappings of those times.

Retroculture is not any kind of “running away”, into the past. Retroculture is ENGAGING THE FUTURE on solid ground.

And SOME OF US on this very site may actually be a bit “ahead of the curve” on this stuff. Ya know? Look at all our own retrocultural symbolism and take comfort.

The idea of RETROCULTURE as the PROPER COURSE OF PROGRESS of America is such a BIG and profound idea, it escapes any attempt to box it in, and Lind knows this. Lind does not merely remind us that this sort of cultural re-examination and emulation of our classic past has happened before – and was GREAT for humanity – even great for HUMAN PROGRESS. Lind is actually able to make some easy yet startling predictions about what things might look like as this idea of retroculture takes over and defines the rest of this century.

You can’t read this book and not feel your head fill up with YOUR OWN IDEAS about what this means. Here is some of my thinking, inspired by Lind.

Retroculture is MOVEMENT, but it’s BIG MOVEMENT – more like a cultural paradigm shift. Political movements like MAGA and fads like steampunk fall like snowflakes within the mountain range of retroculture and the YEARNING for it, as tiny derivations and exemplars.

Retroculture is also something that I am quite sure scares the hell out of our faux “progressives” – seemingly better described as “regressives”. Why do you think our crypto-socialist social media czars, at the behest of Adam “Pencilneck” Schiff, banned the ultimately retrocultural “Natural News”?

Retroculture might actually be MORE POSITIVELY “progressive” than progressivism. This is shocking to even contemplate, but yet it seems likely. Part of retroculture’s 4GW appeal is that – no matter what liberals SAY, THEY TOO will find value in the past – and likely more than in the current, modern, incompetent, and faulty visions of progressivism.

Retroculture amounts to popular selection of principles by LIVING THEM, not just by TALKING about them. It is validation of tenets of both conservatism and liberalism which PROVE THEMSELVES WORTHY TO RETAIN – voted on BY PEOPLE with their very lives.

Retroculture is selective rejection of the present – of what things are NOT QUALIFIED to become part of our past – our LIVING, INTELLIGENT PAST.

What liberalisms DIE IN THE NOW are fads. What liberalisms are retained by THE PEOPLE are judged WORTHY and maybe someday CLASSIC, possibly enduring who knows how long.

Retroculture is the FINE SIEVE of a truly free and truly equal people which judges and chooses WISELY, not POORLY.

Retroculture is a rejection of CONTROLLING TECHNOLOGY and CONTROL BY TECHNOLOGY. It demands CONTROL OF TECHNOLOGY. It is utterly HUMAN.

Retroculture, embracing what the dishonest subset of modernists tell us must be rejected, instead REJECTS their lies, their fakery, and their deceptions, by CHOOSING what they FALSELY say is dead, and which therefore becomes alive by our mere act of CHOOSING TO LIVE IT.

Retroculture, free and selective, falsifies controlling globalism by its very existence. And yet retroculture, AWARE and never IN DENIAL, retains what powers – moral, cultural, and technical – are needed to defend itself. It’s pure and utter allegiance to TRUTH insures that it will never – can never – be destroyed. RETENTION OF TRUTH is in accordance with CREATION ITSELF.

But that’s JUST ME – running away with Lind’s amazing ideas, in my own directions. It is far more critical to simply take a look at LIND’S THINKING, which I can only begin to address here. And – as a way to share his thinking without stealing his thunder, I think his CHAPTER HEADINGS tell you everything you need to know, to understand that Lind wants you to (1) decide if retroculture is right for you, and then (2) implement a retrocultural lifestyle in the ways that are right for you.

If you are conservative, or old-fashioned in any ways, you are likely doing much of this already. However, Lind is offering you ways to UP YOUR GAME. Particularly if you’re more of a “crypto-retrocultural” like me, hiding behind modernist gimmicks which pass me off as unremarkable despite ANCIENT values. Lind challenges you to WEAR THE SIGNS and SPREAD THE FAITH.

  • Signs of Change [observations on the rise of overt retroculturalism]
  • Retroculture [defining retroculture and understanding its origins]
  • Getting Started [answering your real and basic questions about retroculture]
  • Retro-Homes [how retroculture can be happily expressed in your living space]
  • Retro-Families [how retroculture will flower in your most basic relationships]
  • Retro-Clothing [how you can brand yourself openly as part of retroculture]
  • Retro-Entertainment [how retroculture replaces the hated “fake entertainment”]
  • Retro-Manners [how retroculture changes our personal interactions and principles]
  • Retro-Travel [how your retro lifestyle can be expressed smartly in travel choices]
  • Retro-Business [how to do business according to older, more honest standards]
  • Retro-Service [how retroculture sees SERVICE as an honorable, moral, GOOD thing]
  • Retro-America [the promise that retroculture holds for America and Americans]

Now – let me go a bit beyond Lind and explain why this book is so dangerous – and how to make it even more dangerous.

If *I* was ARKTOS, the publisher, I would have about TEN versions of that cover. Why? Because everybody wants to either BE on that cover, or be ATTRACTED to the person on it.

Sure – jumping right out with that 1950’s white blonde in a dress was utter genius and a perfect thumb in the face of all that is PC, but trust me – EVERYBODY is going to want to get in on the act. RETROCULTURE lets everybody BE WHO THEY ARE WITHOUT GUILT, in beautiful and validated lifestyles that ACTUALLY WORK.

The very next cover, if I were doing it, would be some historical version of Candace Owens. Then maybe a young, swoonable Elvis Presley type. Then more. No matter what, it would show the IN YOUR FACE attractiveness of retroculture and retrosexuality to EVERYBODY.

YES – that genius cover is more than just retrocultural – it is specifically RETROSEXUAL.

This is why I admit that I’m not just a retrocultural – I’m a RETROSEXUAL. Our restrained yet artfully constructed, sexually dimorphic past – GUILTLESS in its beauty- was AWESOME. Sure – now we’ve learned not to be MEAN to well-behaved sexual minorities – but why are we demonizing NORMALCY as part of it? We were doing it right before, more or less, with just a few things that we can EASILY FIX NOW with reterocultural MANNERS (see the book).

That’s the whole POINT of retroculture. It’s not the past. It’s LIKE IT, only BETTER.

And I’m not just an activist – I’m a BACKTIVIST. I’m saying that the direction FORWARD is to ACTUALLY GO BACK. We have been DECEIVED FORWARD, so the PROPER ESCAPE from this WORLD OF MISTAKES we are in, is to simply GO BACK.

Do you see how amazingly dangerous this idea of RETROCULTURE actually is, to phony progressivism and spatially and temporally monolithic globalism? This is jumping the track to ALTERNATE HISTORY where Martin Luther King, Jr. NEVER DIED, and REFUSED – absolutely REFUSED to support racial quotas and all the other stupid stuff that the communists forced upon us.

RETROCULTURE leads to a world where all of the mistakes that were forced upon us after they killed Kennedy just plain NEVER HAPPENED.


How could we not want this?


“Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

Look at your life. I will bet MONEY you are already adopting retrocultural memes, but are just shy about it, or even feeling a bit GUILTY.

Stop feeling guilty!

Here you go. List FIVE unfashionable, out-of-date, out-of-style, quaint, or old-fashioned things that you LOVE, timeless as they may be, but in some cases may feel that you can’t openly love them as much as you would like to love them.


They just need to embrace it guiltlessly while the cabal VAINLY tries to stop it.

The fashion and luxury industries LOVE this stuff, too. Reinventing the past with greater and greater authenticity yet adding some form of “new and shiny” polish is their DREAM COME TRUE.

Retroculture subverts all of the mistakes of the past and present – and it does so without being stupid or gullible.

NOW – we have to be ready for the commie cabal to counter with their own schtick, OR their usual criticisms. I’m sure there is some way they can gerrymander retroculture into “appropriation” of some kind, but that criticism is weak sauce – just ignore it. Humanity is too far along to worry about spreading good and classic ideas.

The greater danger, in my opinion, is a kind of faux retro that leads right back to progressive error.

To see this, you have to dig into Lind’s personal vision of Retroculture. These are not things you will assume at first have to be a part of Retroculture, but the fact is, any self-consistent version of Retroculture DOES HAVE THESE THINGS, because retroculture simplifies life, culture and technology.



One can almost envision Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez jumping up and down in her CIA white dress, biting her old-timey ruby-red lips, raising her hand excitedly, and saying “WE’VE GOT THAT!!!”

Yes, she does. But that’s not all there is to TRULY conserving retroculture. At the same time, retroculture embraces ALL of the smarter past, including HIGHER SMARTER VALUES like GETTING BACK TO GOD, and HIGHER SMARTER TECHNOLOGY for everybody when they want it – not just for a TECHNOCRATIC ELITE.


So let’s be fearlessly BLUNT.

Their “Green New Deal” is really the GREEN NEW STONE AGE, ruled over by a political elite, supported by a technocratic elite, and based on LIES.


THAT is a much bigger, better, and brighter thing.

You don’t think Lind and his editors put that plane in the picture for NOTHING – do you?

Of course not. SMART, MORAL retroculture is not about to get fooled ONE MORE MINUTE by shifty-eyed progressive techno-hoarding and communist privilege rationing.

Retroculture is not simply the past – it’s the FUTURE, too.

Now – you probably have a million specific questions, PROBLEMS TO POSE, and “whataboutisms” which you feel need to be addressed. LIND ADDRESSES THEM. JUST BUY THE BOOK.

The book is cheap. Eight dollars on Kindle, or nineteen dollars in paperback.

Get it, read it, and make your RETROCULTURAL PLANS.

This is not hard.



202 thoughts on “Confessions of a Retrosexual Backtivist

        1. Integrity is a very profound word, and something so lacking in our culture today. The Clinton’s taught well, it is not integrity which is important, but how thorough and clever you can be about getting away with something.

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  1. Preserve what is good…what is timeless…and leave the rest behind.

    Is this 👆 what is meant by ‘Retroculture’?

    I’ve noticed that some use the term “rediscover” for things that they are trying to bring back.
    Perhaps because they are trying to avoid using the word ‘retro’…which has some negative connotations from “retrogressive”, which is used to describe the negative effects of Progressivism.

    But using ‘Rediscover-culture’ instead of ‘Retroculture’, is a bit clumsy and doesn’t have the same catchy quality as Retroculture.

    Something that I would like to see a return to, is…Honor.

    The Left has systematically set out to destroy Honor…and they have made some disgusting advances in that effort.
    Things that used to be considered ‘dishonorable’ are now considered ‘okay’…and even held up as ‘good’ in some circles.

    There is a pragmatism that exists in Morality and a sense of Honor.
    That pragmatism does not exist in the fetid morass of Progressivism/Communism…so they cover over that fact with exploiting ‘feelings’ and emotions.

    What old-fashioned things would I like to see brought back?

    🔸 Household appliances that can be Repaired, instead of discarded.

    🔸 Well-made towels and sheets with hems that don’t wash out after multiple washings.

    🔸 A return to outlawing Mask-wearing in public…it served to break up the KKK, it’s time to bring it back.

    🔸 Truth-in-Advertising used to be a thing — it’s time to bring that back and expand it to ‘News Coverage’ as well.

    🔸 Manners…and Good Grammar.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure there are more.

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  2. This is the attraction of fundamentalist religion inc Islam. All decisions are already made. If you follow every rule you are safe and will go to heaven/paradise. Ie Muslim women wear head coverings to indicate to Muslim men that they are untouchable but hey there’s a slutty Christian over there

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        1. Oh, guilt goes WAY BACK. The EDEN METAPHOR explains that scientific truth at a DEEP level. Nevertheless, Jewish guilt and Catholic guilt are – well, I hate to say it – CLASSIC! 😀

          We need to think carefully about reviving THAT PART! Even in COMEDY. 😉

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        2. It is so sad to see those with a sincere desire to please their Heavenly Father fall below their destiny due to guilt/shame. The ones that learn to run to God with their failures press in, but those hiding in shame miss out on the glory of His grace.

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        1. Ah – this is actually beautiful. It’s not done by “natural” means. This problem is completely analogous to merging two programs written in two different programming languages. One has to understand the genetic programming in both languages completely, and the downstream consequences of statements in either language.

          Bluntly, computer programs can create instructions for a merged individual in either of the two genetic languages, but the individual will be based on one language or the other. Then do gene edits as needed.

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          1. …Except that the genetic code is actually the same across all life on earth. The same DNA sequence will yield the same protein. (I’ll explain this below…but if I do it now, it’ll be tl;dr and I want to make a point.)

            Where incompatibilities can arise of course, is when the number of chromosomes (the length of the program) is different. And of course if the organisms are entirely different there will be other differences (a lot actually depends on the innards of the ovum, too).

            As for the Human/Chimp question…a lot of species less similar in their DNA *do* successfully interbreed, although (often) the progeny are sterile (mules).

            But how do we know that humans and chimps CANNOT interbreed? Ozzytrumpster has asserted they cannot–but has anyone actually tried? (Note: I am NOT advocating that this experiment be done–I am asking if any ethically-challenged person has done it.)

            As for Spock–yes it’s patently ridiculous. An alien life form more than likely doesn’t use DNA but rather some other molecule that we don’t. And even if they do, there’s no reason to suppose the genetic code would be the same, so the sequence that codes for a protein here could code for something utterly useless read by their cellular machinery.

            Genetic code:


            That probably won’t show here; you’ll have to do copy/paste.

            In essence every protein in our bodies (and proteins do almost all active tasks) is a sequence of amino acids; there are 20 or so of those acids. What DNA contains is a bunch of “nucleotides” (four different kinds, A, C, G, T) that are read in order to tell your cellular machinery the sequence of amino acids it should assemble to create a protein. Since there are four nucleotides and 20 or so acids, you need three nucleotides to specify which acid out of 20 to use–it’s enough to specify over 60, but there’s only 20 (plus the need to encode a “stop assembling the protein” code). So AAA will tell your cell to grab a lysine molecule; AAA followed by ACG will cause the cell to grab that lysine molecule and follow it with a threonine, and so on.

            There’s no apparent reason the code has to have come out this way. AAA could just as easily have meant “grab an arginine.” But as it happens, every form of life on earth uses the SAME code, a fact often cited as strong evidence that all life on earth descends from a common ancestor.

            Life on Vulcan, if it even uses DNA, with the same four nucleotides (other things could fulfil that role!) would almost certainly have a totally different code. So when a chromosome from Sarek’s sperm cell is read by the cellular machinery in Amanda’s DNA, it would be total gibberish (whereas T’pring’s ovum would have read it just fine). As an analogy, imagine typing on a keyboard where all the keys are swapped around; you type “A” and “F” appears on the screen. It’s gibberish. (Sure, a good cryptanalyst will figure it out within minutes, but your body doesn’t break codes, it merely reads them.)

            It’s so vanishingly unlikely that the code would be duplicated by random happenstance that, if we were to find life on (say) Europa or Mars, and it not only used DNA but had the same genetic code, we would actually conclude that somehow the life from there managed to infect and seed the earth, or vice versa, rather than that it was truly alien, independently-developed life.

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            1. Hi, Steve. “every form of life on earth uses the same code” to me means they have the fingerprints of the same Creator, just as paintings by the same artist have similarities that show they are painted by the same artist.

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              1. Of course, different people can see the same thing and interpret it within their own paradigm.

                One thing though: If every organism used its own code, THAT would be SOLID evidence of separate creation of all species because such a thing couldn’t have happened if they had a common ancestor. (Or to put it another way: if God had wanted to indicate evolution was wrong, that would be the way to have done it.) It isn’t the case however, so you can’t really use the present circumstance to *prove* anything as it could be explained either way.

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        2. One idea from science fiction books was that there was a master race long ago that seeded many planets with life, including humanoid life. So all the humanoids on the different planets are actually related to each other.


          If there is an intelligent species that evolved on another planet, as opposed to being brought there long ago, there is no particular reason for it to be humanoid (i.e. monkey-based) versus being descended from large birdlike organisms, or from giant squid-like organisms, or from some other form of life that that had a large brain and also manipulatory appendages. This would definitely include from animal families that are like nothing that ever evolved on earth.

          Physicists who are right at home in their own field, but who have not immersed themselves in the findings of paleontology, or in modern Darwinian theory, have occasionally had trouble seeing the logic of this point.

          These physicists look at many stars and planets that are all approximately spherical. Or they look at tuna fish, sharks, porpoises, nuclear submarines, and zeppelins, all so different in antecedents, in material composition, and in internal structure, yet all so similar in overall shape. Then they tend to infer that, just as Newton’s law of universal gravitation make massive objects contract upon themselves into spheroids, or just as universal principles of fluid dynamics favor streamlined shapes for bodies which must propel themselves through a viscous medium, so there must be some universal principle or principles of evolution that cause earthlike planets in certain orbits to tend to evolve intelligent humanoids.

          But no such principles can be inferred from the fossil record under the present understanding of Darwinian thought.

          Indeed, the record tends to refute the idea that there is any such grand, organizing principal towards any particular macro “goal” of evolution, whether towards intelligence, or towards humanoid shape, or towards anything else. If there were such macro “goals” in evolution, a dispassionate observer arriving in a flying saucer in Earth orbit during the Jurassic would have concluded, rather, that the tendency of evolution on Earth was to produce a wide range of four-legged and two-legged dinosaurs, none of them with particularly large brains. If he had arrived later, during the Mississippian, he would have concluded that Earth life tended towards a wide variety of really ferocious large sea creatures, and so forth.


          There, of course, is another group who has traditionally had trouble grasping why Darwinian thinkers on Earth today would find it so remarkable that intelligent beings from another planet should turn out to be humanoids. These are the Bible-believers who reject evolution, and anyone else who thinks that the ancient Hebrew for “created in His image” implies “monkey-shaped”.


          For a thoughtful look at what it would be like to encounter an intelligent extraterrestrial race that is non-humanoid in character, please read Niven and Pournelle’s Footfall, a page-turning and, at times, terrifying novel of first contact.


          The fact that the UFO aliens have almost always been portrayed as small, big-brained humanoids, perfect for flying around packed into tiny little spacecraft and being really smart, has been been one of the characteristics of UFO claims that has elicited Suspicious Cat glances from many thinkers in both the scientific and science fiction communities.

          If I were, say, a globalist bankster with access to the Mockingbird Media, and I were interested in inventing a false narrative to perpetrate a psy-op on the masses for some inscrutable political reason, I wouldn’t make my UFO aliens a race of giants, or of serpents. That would be too frightening, and invite Biblically-minded people to criticize them, or to reject the idea of them as being too awful to be true.

          Nor would I make them descendants of a race similar to giant squids, or to dinosaurs, or to elephants, or descendants of animals that were not similar to any familiar Earth animals. It would be too difficult for the average person to grasp that these fictitious aliens were supposed to be as intelligent as us.

          Nor would I make them four-legged, or really hairy. People associate both the quadrupedal stance and fur with the lower animals. It would be really hard for me to make up my story in a way to explain how these fuzzy little bastards were flying from star to star in antigravity saucers when our best astronauts were still struggling in jumped-up liquid-fueled ICBMs just to get to the Moon, or to Mars, or to get back to the Moon, or whatever.

          No. I would make my fake aliens safely humanoid, to make it as easy as possible for everyone from high school dropouts to Harvard government majors (who had never had two thoughts in their life for either science or science fiction) to understand what I was trying to get across.

          And I would make them small, hairless, and big-headed. This way, they would seem farther along than us from ancestors who had to hunt, or fight, or wrestle wildebeests or whatever for a living. I.E. they are brainier and more advanced than us. I.E. that they are between us and God on the Great Chain of Being.

          This would make religious people think “Gee, they are higher than us, and less physical than us, and they come from the sky. Does that make them 👼😇👼😇👼ANGELS??”


          “And if so, does that make them regular, GOOD 👼😇 ANGELS?”

          “Or does that make them FALLEN 👹👿👻👺ANGELS??”

          😗 😳 🙀

          So, clever globalist bankster manipulator that I would be, I would make sure all the outward trappings said “science fiction scenario made real”, but all the underlying visual and nonverbal cues would hint to the religious “ancient moral symbolism”.

          So, the narrative captures the imagination of many people, at several different levels.

          And how would I deal with the improbability of their being humanoids, as the thinkers who had pondered on the topic of extraterrestrial life long and hard would see it? Easy, by managing the narrative in true bankster style with the use of controlled opposition. I would make sure all the official, government-approved sources were saying “weather balloon” while only the late-night AM radio talkshow guests and a few websites were saying “flying saucer”.

          Thesis: fake alien contact at Roswell
          + Antithesis: never happened
          = Synthesis: society divided and distracted from uncomfortable reality by a fake narrative

          None of this is to say that “Roswell-type” claims are false. Only to show why they attract the scepticism of many of those who might otherwise be expected to be the most enthusiastic for them.

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              1. Thanks.

                Dec 2017 is Trump administration, in fact post Vegas, and Q era.

                Chile releasing earlier, imo, reduces the chance that the US DoD release is fake part of some sort of Black Hat psy-op.

                Hmmm. Is puzzlement. I’ve always had trouble grasping or swallowing the logic of the Roswell-type claims. Now that they seem to have more data supporting them in the public domain, we have the strange problem of figuring out what these things are, where do they come from, and what they mean for us.

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              2. This link is still in my copy-paste buffer, so why not drop it here, too?


                I think Sadie and Linda talking “extradimesionals” and others talking “extraterrestrials” and me talking “multiple universes” – maybe it’s a bit of all of the above.

                I’m keeping an open mind, except that I’ve got bits of insider info that are drawing a tight web around a reality that includes some kind of ET stuff for sure. So the Roswell story per Corso really meshes with what I know otherwise, but SO DOES Q. And the Q focus right now seems to be on the immediate problem of (how do I say this diplomatically to all sides and positions) STUFF HERE, which is basically corrupt people that either ARE US or look indistinguishable FROM US. Or BOTH.

                To be perfectly blunt.

                Dealing with THEM appears to be the first order of business, and MAKES SENSE if we have managed to achieve some kind of reasonably solid “planetary exclusion”.


          1. Out there but I’ve read Europeans have 2% Neanderthal genes. And it’s been European nations that have developed the highest technology and scientific enquire. Including the serendipitous cross technology new applications. Ie the Chinese invented gunpowder but only used it in fireworks. Europeans instantly developed weapons. Chinese developed magnifying lenses but never made glasses. It’s an innovative thought process

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Exactly. Intelligent. Hard working. Great memories but no innovation.
                The 2-4% is all Europeans. Northern Europeans have the higher amount. Maybe selectively winnowed for the best adapters. Most innovative


          1. days gone bye… ❤

            I realize Wolf's point here is beyond just nostalgia for a Byegone Era..

            ….and I also believe that lingering for too long…. ruminating …ab The Past isn’t healthy, mentally…

            …even so, there was an essence of Quality then that no linger exists…people knew how to use their time and skills a lot better than what goes on today…technology, Schmart stupid gadgets, excessive needless consumption, WASTE, automation, lack of decency, much much lower standards, etc etc have eroded the Human Condition to such a drastically LOW level that, for those of us fortunate enough to remember the Quality of The Past, we can only share our memories and pictures with those less fortunate…if they even bother to be interested….in hopes of maybe inspiring younger minds and talented visionaries to rekindle a Renaissance of Quality.

            …where The Past is a template.


            Liked by 7 people

    1. In our little Southern town, we still have 2 drive-in hamburger places and a drive-in movie. Sadly, our bowling alley was just demolished recently after the death of the owner, although it was quite popular. Still have parades, Xmas tree lighting ceremony in town square, etc. pretty nice little retroculture we enjoy here.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. significant lack of cynicism and nihilism and hard-core sexual innuendo compared to today’s sophisticated & lurid marketing and advertising strategies..

        more fun oriented.

        these days, it’s all ab being SELF- ABSORBED to the level of addiction.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. …. ohhhhhh 😮👍❤️‼️‼️ … I love these smiley2 …. look at the movie theater poster, the size of the buildings are so much better the the super huge de-humanizing buildings today .. the proportions are so much more human …

      Liked by 4 people

  3. Self respect. “Pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.”

    We’ve been divided from not only each other, but ourselves as well.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I love it!

      “We’ve been divided from not only each other, but ourselves as well.”

      Yes! Our conversations with the past are not ALLOWED IN PUBLIC. It’s TRICKERY.

      Turn off the fake news and the fake normal goes away, for US to repopulate with GOOD.

      Liked by 6 people

  4. the POSTERS Retro, Deco, Vintage…:D

    oh yeah…

    a little Deco…


    if you miss the sound of a train whistle in the distance in the night, if you miss riding on a train…and The Club Car and The Dining Car…and how everyone got dressed up to travel…

    ,,,raise your hand(s).

    Liked by 8 people

      1. I grew up in an area of Detroit where you could hear the freighters on The Detroit River/Lake St. Clair, propeller airplanes ✈️, and trains 🚞, as they went about to and from in the night. In the summer with with windows the sounds were wonderful …

        My Mom told us kids when her brother Uncle Harvey was drafted during WWII he left home on a train, the family would hear the train whistle and miss him.

        Liked by 7 people

            1. Yup, when you cross Gratiot Six mile turns into Seymour and Denby High School is at the end on Kelly Rd.
              There were some beautiful churches ⛪️ on Gratiot …. it’s a waste land now … 😐❤️

              Liked by 1 person

              1. It burned after we all moved onward with our lives. However there was quite a collection of albums that burned up, some were original Beatles and some of those came from England … such is life .. ❤️

                Liked by 2 people

              2. Yes too true but the neighborhood changed so there was no option to go back .. home is where the heart is. My younger son told dh and I he wanted to go home, he was 3 y/o at the time and we were in Yellowstone National Park .. I told him wherever he is when he’s with his family he is home, he thought about it and it settled him down .. we drove to Yellowstone so there was no quick turnarounds .. heh heh .. 🙂🤚❤️

                Liked by 2 people

              3. Yes. As believers we are “strangers & aliens” here so can never really find a True Home outside of the Lord & His Kingdom. Great wisdom in handling that restless 3 year old. Home is definitely more about love & relationship than physical places imho. Blessings!

                Liked by 2 people

    1. Lind doesn’t say this explicitly, but by the third instance, it’s clear. PC is OFF THE RAILS, and one must be selective as can be, once Marxist/”Whatever” socially destructive memes began polluting the mindshare. Revival of ideas after the early 60’s requires a bit of care, and is best done by culture warriors who can disarm the neurochemical weapons.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. I agree, Daughn. The degree to which we have become individually offended has become untenable. Not to mention the eye-rolling euphemisms invented to stymie offense which, in reality exacerbates it.

      Wolfie, I’m ordering this one, then need to decide whether to re-read Day After Roswell or read this new one first in a long queue of ‘to reads’. Reading books – at all – is my #1 RetroCulture activity 😊

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Not to mention the eye-rolling euphemisms invented to stymie offense which, in reality exacerbates it.

        For instance…you can’t say “bum” any more, it’s “homeless” (even though those two words don’t remotely mean the same thing–but that’s the point of the exercise, to try to destroy the distinction.)

        Eventually, the new word takes up the same connotation as the old word; people will use it as a slur, and it’ll be deemed offensive as well. we “need” a new word…again.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. So somebody wrote a book about it, huh.

    Well, TBH, in some ways retroculture is a fixture in American life. If it wasn’t, Talbot’s and Pendleton would have gone out of business long ago. After Les Wexner wrecked Abercrombie & Fitch, classic styling really could only be found in certain places, and not everyone can afford Brooks Brothers. Ann Taylor survives on it, as does Ralph Lauren. The outfitters usually have it. You get the idea. It’s the American fall back when the fashion industry goes off the deep end.

    It’s kind of funny, as an HGTV watcher, the whole “open concept” idea is a play on the way houses and living spaces used to be built, with just an archway, usually wide with millwork finishes, separated designated spaces. A sibling recently moved into a retro building and has that. It’s perfect for entertaining, actually. And, aesthetically, we’re going back to natural materials like wood. I do wish real plaster would make a comeback, though. Outdoor space is important again.

    As for being a retrosexual, nobody has to know. It’s a way of protecting oneself in the world the cabal worked to create – hedonism and when you catch something, get it treated. Forget fertility, or maybe dying. And then there’s the emotional aspect of it that never gets talked about. Seriously, it’s true protection in the end.

    As for what I’d like to see come back other than plaster:

    Enough self respect for people to know how to dress for their body types, and that includes the guys ditching the closely cut trousers.

    Respect for live performance and the artists who spend countless hours in rehearsal and study to make it happen.

    Not complaining about having to do chores like laundry and the dishes. It’s not going to go away. Ever. May as well just do it.

    Table manners.

    Sunday afternoons on the front porch with the neighborhood visiting.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. the art of conversation…includes people actually looking at each other while actually speaking words and complete sentences…and actually listening to the other person(s)…

      …the art of letter writing….and devoting the time and concentration on it…the thoughtfulness of it.

      yard rakes …and the complete & final prohibition against each & every leaf blower on the planet…!

      Liked by 8 people

        1. Timing matters with these devices. But I think my rakes restored my shoulder, so there is that in their favor, too.

          Retroculture, IMO, looks with suspicion upon “just buy this, just do this” mass consumption, and finds more smart uses for everything that falls into its understanding. It values a neighbor’s advice over potential shill reviews on the internet. But it knows how to get an online review right in the store, as much or more to NOT BUY SOMETHING.

          Obviously, retroculture is TROUBLE. 😉

          Liked by 3 people

    2. DP…my pride and joy as a high school student was my reversible pleated Pendleton wool skirts with matching sweaters AND matching Bobbie socks! LOL and, they were handed down to a younger cousin who wore them through her high school years.

      Liked by 5 people

  6. This is a stark contrast to the present and future *they* have planned for us, as illustrated in a video posted by duchess01 on yesterday’s open thread, “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming.” I recoil from the idea of technology ruling our lives and even reading our minds, and I long for retroculture (although I didn’t have a name for it). I want no “smart” appliances that connect to the internet so someone can monitor my habits. I don’t need or want glasses or computers or watches or interactive tattoos on my body that connect me to something so some entity can monitor my every move and thought. And a return to values (which the Left loves to talk about but fails to abide by) is exactly what we need.

    I hope others, especially the very young, will also recoil from the sterile, computerized, robotic world they have planned for us. It is a battle. I also hope medicine will not go this route so people are forced to accept things on their bodies that they abhor.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. The only way we can WAR trust into these potentially evil things is to REJECT THEM until our trust is EARNED. Technology needs to be DISTILLED INTO SERVICE by the people – not SERVED.

      Cutting off stealthy outside inputs is one of our KEY weapons. AT ALL LEVELS.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. I grew up with Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics from his fiction. And when I was still a kid I read a nonfiction essay he wrote about them in which he pointed out that, even though he dressed them up (from his mid-20th century perch) as a hallmark of ultramodern 21st century technology, each one was just an encapsulation of a principle of sound engineering design that had been understood since ancient times.

        When I started using and programming computers in the days of the mainframe and minicomputer and early days of the microcomputer I read and learned everything I could, and revelled in how well each design feature of every piece of hardware and programming language, and often of the individual applications as well, fit into the paradigm of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, as explained in his nonfiction essay.

        Then, later, the internet came, and certain websites proved to be irritating by violating the Three Laws in some areas of design, particularly when it came to data entry. Then I got a queasy feeling as certain violations started to become de facto standards in the new dispensation.

        Then entire web browsers started to violate the Rules. Then it became more difficult to find web browsers that didn’t violate them. Then mobile apps appeared that violated them. Now entire mobile devices increasingly violate them.

        Now my computing experience is often dominated by a feeling that my devices don’t really belong to me, but exist to shove in my face ads for whatever product is marketed by those paying the software publisher or website in question.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m ordering this book, today.

    My son will love it, and so will I.

    I call myself an anachronism. I am old-fashioned, and I live it.

    My house is 126 years old. I use a wood stove for heat. I grind my coffee in a hundred-year-old hand grinder, cook dinners in an even-older-than-that cast iron frying pan, and I have a very small garden which nevertheless supplies us with vegetables year-round, because I preserve them. I have backyard chickens for eggs, and I live in town, in a residential area. I make quilts for the beds, curtains for the windows, and clothing for me.

    Of course, that leaves out values, but my values are expressed in how I live. I love doors opened for me, say please and thank you to everyone, and I am honest, kind, and loyal. The best compliments I ever get usually include phrases like “salt of the earth.” That is what I strive to be.

    Now for the very best part! All of my son’s nineteen to twenty-five year old girl friends want to hang out with me! They all want to learn how to do it. I am seriously considering starting a small business to teach people how to DO STUFF. Because they don’t know HOW, but they WANT TO. My 23 year old son is as anachronistic as I am, and I’ll bet there are MANY like him and his friends out there, looking for someone to show them the way.

    Thanks, Wolfmoon, for pointing me to this book, and for your awesome review of it.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Excellent! This is exactly what Lind is thinking!!!

      You just gave me a realization that didn’t hit me while reading the book.

      The idea that Americans have no culture is a LIE.
      A LIE that was used to manipulate us.

      Liked by 7 people

  8. Thanks for this post, Wolf….I am certain by day’s end there will be hundreds of comments. Looking forward to them.
    A few days ago, I mentioned in a comment about my deliberate attempts to step back and “smell the roses”, to slow down and appreciate the little wonders of life, to cull “stuff” i’ve accumulated and no longer need or use, etc. My example was very simplistic, limited to a sentence or two, but hopefully most got the point.
    Like many of you, I have been fortunate to have experienced life in various parts of the world and among different cultures. Eventually, you see the vast differences…developing nations are frantic in their survival mode and most definitely are not retro culture. However, if you spend time in a nation like Japan or even some parts of China, they have the retro culture down to a fine art. We can learn.

    Liked by 6 people

  9. Stay-home Moms


    Monsieur Wolf, you’ve raised this most excellent blog several notches with your new posts. I simply love your take on the issues you write about.

    This one might be the crown jewel – so far.

    I’ve got my wheels cranking on a project that touches on this exact theme. I’m buying the print version – I don’t trust the censors.

    Thank you!!

    Liked by 8 people

  10. First of all Wolfe — loved your post. If I were your teacher I would give you an A+ for your book report. If I were your classmate listening to your book report, I would definitely take your advice (which I will tonight when I get home) and buy the book.
    My list:
    People looking and acknowledging you as you pass by in the neighborhood.
    Listening to friends talk about travels within the U.S.A. Instead of out of country.
    Neighborhood potlucks.
    50’s-60’s classic fashions.
    Getting together to play real games.
    Receiving a letter or greeting card by mail.
    Decent family shows on TV.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Honest to gosh thank you notes.
      Wrapped gifts instead of stuffing them into a “gift bag.”
      Real Xmas trees instead of plastic.
      Gift cards and checks only on unusual circumstances…otherwise, buy a gift, wrap it and forget if they really, really like it.
      No more plastic flower cemeteries.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I’m going to disagree with a couple on your list. I prefer gift cards to gifts that are really a way to try to control me. That’s my own experience. And…I can’t wrap a present for crap. Gift bags are the greatest. At Christmas, we just fold them up and put them away for next year complete with names on the nametags. And high school graduation cards, in this part of the world, always come with cash. It’s cultural for us.

        We’ve always done real Christmas trees and real flowers in the cemeteries. In fact…we’ve been know to rip apart casket sprays after the final blessing grave side. At my grandmother’s funeral, the funeral director was quite appalled, but that sucker was a whole lot of expensive roses.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Well, DP, I like a lot of that, except I love to give gifts and receive gifts from those who love me, and I don’t like gift cards as for me they are impersonal and may as well be cash, besides which, I lose them, which is annoying. I put a lot of thought and love into planning my gifts. It’s so much fun. Anyway, like your other thoughts a lot.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Well, DP, that’s sad. I guess it just depends. I’m sure I sometimes get it wrong, too, but it’s from the heart. I keep things just because of who gave it to me, though once in a while, that can get to be a problem–sometimes too sentimental for my own good. Lol. Just giving gifts out of some kind of obligation isn’t fun for the giver or the receiver, in my opinion.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. In out residential community, the women support several agencies at Xmas (Angels)…mental health, council on aging, family shelters, etc.
                We would pick a request card and the shop and return (wrapped!) items in a large garbage bag that would then be distributed to the person. One of the most fun experiences I can remember was my Jewish friend and I spending almost an entire day at a Florida mall shopping for a size 24 “church dress” for one of my ladies, a person we would never even meet. You would have thought we were shopping for a mother of the bride outfit!
                Then, for various reasons the chairmen changed it to gift cards to places like Walmart it Target. I decided that I am not an ATM machine. Fulfilling someone’s wish list was the spirit of the season, for me…not buying a gift card at Publix.

                Liked by 2 people

        2. Well, think of the effort and love you put into wrapping a gift…even if you suck at it! thought counts!
          I had friends that always wrapped Xmas gifts on Xmas Eve, when the kids were in bed. We had take-out Asian food, warm sake, holiday music and sat on the floor in front of the fire place surrounded by piles of paper, bows, gifts and had the most fun. I still remember those special evenings decades later.
          I remember going to my first “East Coast” wedding and being horrified the bride actually had a little custom made white bag for the money they collected going from table to table during the reception. It might be ethnically cultural in parts of the country definitely not where I came from and I found it rather demeaning to the occasion…and have never nor will I ever give cash. It’s just my “cultural” quirk. 😂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Teagan, that group gift-wrapping sounds like so much fun. Every Christmas Eve, rather late at night, my father would come in and ask me to please wrap his present or presents for my mother. I was always so touched and honoured, especially as I am blind, and I never think I’m the very best gift wrapper, but the presents were always in nice dress boxes so easy for me to wrap, and dad would cut my paper for me. Thinking of it still makes me cry after over 20 years that he’s been gone.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. My mother used to pay our babysitter and her sister to wrap our Christmas presents. They lived around the block, so on the way home from Midnight Mass, Mom would pick them up. It was Dad’s job to get us into bed which was not easy because we usually had just come home from a family party.

            Liked by 2 people

  11. I have to run to a fairly old fashioned Devotion shortly, but more food for thought:

    Antique malls. I don’t know how many people here hang out in them, but man, there’s some great stuff in them.

    I have more thoughts re living spaces, but I really have to go. Later.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. It’s kind of funny, I was thinking about doing a post on how Americans have gone back to the past when it comes to living quarters. I just felt funny about it, really. See, in one of the ways I make money, I stay in other people’s living spaces for a few days at a time, and I’ve gotten to experience housing from different eras that way. Also, in this part of town, where the housing was built over about 60 years give or take (some houses are late 19th century in other developments) you can see the differences in the decades.

    Someone upthread made the observation that a return to quality would be nice. I’ll take that a step further and say craftsmanship. In the places I have clients, as a rule of thumb, the newer the construction, the less attention to details there is. Seriously, one client who moved from one of my favorite spaces (a condo with a lot to offer) to a “luxury” apartment where the granite counter tops are not polished on the edges. The building is seriously like living on a cruise ship, and I was kind of floored knowing how expensive the place is that details like a kitchen drawer opening into the dishwasher are just sloppy.

    Another client is in a development of what can only be described as 1980s style townhouses. My big observation there, other than a lot of stuff falling apart, is the lack of windows. It’s also very narrow and cramped, IMO, but vertical with a skylight. Talk about high density living. And, yeah, the place is made..cheaply.

    Contrast that with pre-depression designs where the accents are things like lead paned stained glass. Hand carved doors. Stone doorways, and skirting around a basement rather than concrete. Brightness indoors that comes with a lot of windows. Slate, ceramic and terra cotta tile roofs. Twelve in baseboards, again hand carved.

    To actually pay for the craftsmen to hand repair all that is expensive these days, let alone build it new. It hasn’t been completely lost. I mean, the people who actually still do the work are busy all the time, but there aren’t nearly as many of them as the guys who just rip off roofs and then staple shingles on tar paper.

    Quality and craft would be something I’d like to see, as well.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Here here! And this one suggestion would help greatly with a societal problem too. If we valued quality and craftsmanship, we would by necessity have to hold the skilled worker in higher esteem. And by this I mean not merely write bigger checks to skilled workers, but treat them with respect and actually support the kids who seek to learn a trade rather than getting a college degree.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Houses back then were also much, much smaller…and just as expensive (for the living standards/income of the time) as they are now. That hand-crafting comes at a huge cost in someone’s time. Labor cost per square foot in real terms (man hours) must have been staggering.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. Air conditioning, like the internet, utterly changed the way we live. Only in retrospect do we see the pros and cons of such advances.

    All those fancy decks and outdoor areas you see in every development that no one uses b/c their indoor air-conditioned temperature convinces them it’s too hot outside. And those of us who try not to use air conditioning, and WANT to be on our porches/decks are bombarded by the motor/vibration noise of the air conditioners in surrounding houses. Sound pollution is SO ANNOYING !!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Many southern cities only became “habitable” with air conditioning. How many people lived in Houston (or Phoenix) before it was possible to cool off? Of course, you live in a much more temperate (in the summer) area than that.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. Thank you Sensei; this post is outstanding.

    We hope and pray for PDJT to succeed in fighting the deep state and reinvigorating the ways in which our economy can support a middle class lifestyle and in rebuilding our military and salvaging our manufacturing base, but at the end of the day each and every one of us is going to need to engage in the battle to take back our culture.

    Some things I would like to see:

    1) An end to extended (and/or perpetual) adolescence. The notion that my son’s generation might end up like the characters on Friends — accomplishing nothing in their 20s rather than maturing into adulthood — was and remains revolting.

    2) The widespread understanding of the boundaries of fundamental relationships. Teacher-student, adult-child, representative-voter, priest-parishioner, supervisor-subordinate, tradesman-apprentice — all of these relationships impose specific limits and obligations on each side.

    3) Parents who teach their children about how to work with their hands to obtain some level of competency and control of the physical world around them.

    4) A resurgence in learning to cook your own meals. Cooking your own meals is cheaper, you obtain simple competencies, and you eat healthier. And the process of cooking with friends and family creates a simple, easy atmosphere that facilitates real connections between people. And you can learn about your family, your “tribe” and other cultures by learning to cook their foods.

    5) An epidemic of people striving to be good company. One of the highest complements my mom would pay to you would be to say “he’s such good company.” The world would be a better place if we all applied ourselves to being good company.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Great post, AF. All your points are thought-provoking, but I especially like #2. I was involved in a hospital for 20 years and, naturally, worked with and knew many doctors both professionally and socially. But, when I saw them as a patient…they were my doctor, not my colleague nor friend…and I treated them as such.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I speak to the specialist the 30th.The tech who did my test told me that although my veins are worse than in 2015 that there is a chance blood thinners will be used before surgery.

        Liked by 2 people

  15. Putting a label on it is similar to the Left’s compulsive need to attach a label and identity to every single thing they encounter. It’s one of their methods of control. Now instead of the return to traditionalism being a natural, organic movement, it’s going to be turned into a commodity and sold as an “identity” or “lifestyle.” If the movement grows big enough, controlled opposition will appointed to be “experts” by the media and will be utilized to guide or destroy the movement. I suppose it’s an improvement over the current garbage culture, but not where we ultimately need to go (away from commodified “identities”).

    Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right, Sadie, afraid you are right. The so-called thought leaders will get hold of it and manipulate it and frame it and mold it and–well–you know. It’ll be a fad until people get bored with it. It’ll be in the background of the commie films, but they’ll corrupt it and comodify it. Well, as Wolfie says, we neeed to just Live It.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. “The so-called thought leaders will get hold of it and manipulate it and frame it and mold it and…”

        Well, I say, screw ’em!

        I’m tired of these so-called “thought leaders”.

        Let’s boycott them. Just tune them out.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Covadonga, good plan. But we need to remain vigilant and aware of what those thought leaders are doing because I think much of the populace will be under their sway, as they have been.

          Liked by 2 people

    2. The leftists will react to whatever we do. The thing is, this idea is very amorphous. Very flexible. Very extensible. We can make it get away from them – slip though their fingers. I’m quite confident of that. 😉

      Lind has a winner. This thing is far more subversive than it looks on the surface.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I know because I’ve lived this way for many years. Not a fan of it being branded with a name and considered a political statement when, to me at least, it’s simply common sense. Now instead of people naturally arriving at these conclusions themselves it’s got all the taint of this marketing. Now instead of this natural trend being considered mainstream or simply “American values”, we’re suddenly boxed into a niche called “retroculture.” Yay.

        It reminds me of September 2016 when, completely overnight, Trump supporters were suddenly labeled “alt-right,” and there was group of “alt-right” celebrities suddenly in our face to be the spokespeople of this new label. No, they couldn’t let Trump support be considered default “conservative” or “right” so they had to invent a whole new identity and label for it. I guess the silver lining there is that it didn’t work out for them in the end.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. It is ALWAYS language wars – ALWAYS. We just have to fight smarter.

          I believe that Lind does know what he’s doing here. If they attack somewhere, he’s counting on it. That is a Trump tactic. Offer the irresistible opportunity.

          I think what you say is the key – that things NOT WORK OUT FOR THEM IN THE END.

          Liked by 3 people

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