Wolf Bytes

I wanted to do this for a while, but kept forgetting or putting it off. No more.

This is a collection of small but powerful ideas – maybe the source of future posts – maybe not.

Some are “waking-up realizations”. Others are “shower ideas”. Still others are “hold that thought” moments where I feel a great post coming, but can’t do it right now.

Others may simply have other purposes. But they’re all GOOD purposes.

Even the howlers!

Even the howlers!

The point is, they are HERE, in a handy collection, listed in the sidebar.

SO – enjoy some tasty wolf bytes, starting not with the FIRST, but with the first that motivated me to do something about them. I will try to recover the earlier ones and add them later.

They’re not exactly poetic, and a bit more like tweet philosophy, but they are sufficiently important that they merit NOT being on Twitter, subject to FAKE NORMAL.

They may actually appear meaningless, misleading, wrong or insane at the moment.

That is the part that makes WOLF smile. Figure it out. And ENJOY!




Planetary exclusion was a brilliant choice, but it’s a double-edged sword.


(Reply to tweet by Dr. Danielle.)

Once I realized that (1) debunking bias is as much a problem as confirmation bias, and (2) that only a working fusion of SKEPTICISM and PROOF-BUILDING creates actual advancement, then (3) it became clear that those who only see confirmation bias enable a WAGON-CIRCLING AGENDA.

LINK: https://twitter.com/WOLFM00N/status/1173067961831174144


Retroculture: Mine the past to save the future.


To burning hell with Fake News and Fake Entertainment.

Link: https://twitter.com/WOLFM00N/status/1180858993612341248

83 thoughts on “Wolf Bytes

  1. What Is a Planet?
    By Elizabeth Howell April 07, 2018

    . . . The International Astronomical Union defined a planet as an object that:

    * orbits the sun
    * has sufficient mass to be round, or nearly round
    * is not a satellite (moon) of another object
    * has removed debris and small objects from the area around its orbit

    The IAU also created a newer classification, “dwarf planet,” which is an object that meets planetary criteria except that it has not cleared debris from its orbital neighborhood. This definition meant that Pluto — considered a planet at the time — was demoted and reclassified as a dwarf planet.

    But not all scientists agree with this classification, particularly after the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto in 2015. The spacecraft revealed a complex world full of geological change. This included mountains reaching as high as 11,000 feet (3,500 meters), a heart-shaped region nicknamed Tombaugh Regio that contains methane ice and other substance, and weird ice-ridged terrain that looks like snakeskin, among many other features Since then, members of the New Horizons team have made scientific presentations arguing Pluto is indeed a planet. The new scientific findings continue to amaze the public, Alan Stern said in 2018.

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  2. Well, I can’t see the sidebars, but maybe it would just be too confusing–not sure. I’ll be gald to peruse the comments, though, and glean whatever I can.

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      1. No, I saw this post listed at the bottom of the page, but when I hit the link it just shows the comments, Wolf. It’s okay, sometimes these things can’t be helped.

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  3. As a child I remembered the planets by the phrase ‘ MoVE MY(J) SUN’ and you would just remember Pluto. This was when it was considered a planet yet was tagged on the end and not in the phrase.

    I alway thought the phrase strange because how or why would you move my sun? If you did what kind of chaos would ensue? But then again it’s always moving and we are moving right along with it.

    planetary exclusion…not sure what that means. Exclusion from our planet or excluding a planet (Pluto)?
    What have we, by choice, excluded from the planet?
    A free thinking world wouldn’t exclude anything. It would study, learn, discuss, accept, adapt and sometimes control (Ha! The controlling bit is where things can get a bit awry, controlling the language is what you’re getting at?)

    Anyway, I gave it a go 🥴 have fun. It’s early and my little brain just went stellar ⭐️

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      1. Not sure, ‘Poets Hitchhiking On The Highway’ has a line ‘I told him the sky chases the sun’

        This jumped out at me…

        That I lean forward on a desk of science
        An astrologer dabbling in dragon prose
        Half smart about wars bombs especially bombs
        That I am unable to hate what is necessary to love
        That I can’t exist in a world that consents
        A child in a park a man dying in an electric chair
        That I am able to laugh at all things
        All that I know and do not know this to conceal my pain
        That I say I am a poet and therefore love all man
        Knowing my words to be the acquainted prophecy of all men
        And my unwords no less an acquaintanceship’

        From ‘Bomb’

        Thanks W, now my head is reeling.

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      2. One trick I learned from a bibliophile was to make your own index writing in the back cover of the book. This was especially important for certain books where you couldn’t trust the author/editor to include a complete and accurate table of contents or index – cultic books in particular were notorious for hiding critical information in other chapters or inverting the names of chapters to disguise their meaning.

        I mostly used tape flags and post-it notes for that purpose but his method was a lot more thorough than mine.

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          1. Kindle edition should have full text search, courtesy of Amazon, if you are willing to trust that that doesn’t just feed Clown SIGINT.

            Maybe we should all avoid it for that reason.

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          2. Wolfie, when I got a new computer operated GC with a manual 2 inches thick I used:

            Avery Self Adhesive Index Tabs with Printable Inserts.

            To make it easy to find the sections I wanted to re-read as I tried to get the beast up and running.

            It saved me a HECK of a lot of time and agravation! — Even if the manual ended up looking like a porcupine.

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          1. That’s a good point too.

            But that reminds me of another good point… you have to be on the lookout for shenanigans

            On physical books: Check which edition, and which impression of the book you have. People will sneak in changes even between impressions.

            A recent example was the book “The Shack” where the author snuck in changes to some controversial parts of the book. Because the book was “fiction” it wasn’t held to a high standard.

            Electronic books almost always have differences from the print version. This is most obvious if there are a lot of charts and diagrams, because they don’t come through correctly.

            But some people like to cut certain sections of text in the electronic version.

            Also sections of text can be explicitly blocked from searching and indexing in some ebook formats and in PDF as well. DRM is really some evil stuff. I had a PDF edition of a phony academic journal and the publisher who wasn’t on the up and up put PDF code in to block copy and paste b/c they wanted to make it harder for people to point out the baloney they were putting out.

            Key points can also be made in sidebars and other places – and putting the text in an image file prevents these from being indexed. If you see a definitions table in an image format, that’s a big red flag, especially if the definitions are highly questionable, like in some of the critical race / racialist propaganda. They don’t want people stumbling on to their incendiary definitions – that’s part of their game to control the language.

            Lots of FAKE publishing crap to go with FAKE science.

            So it really depends on the fidelity (faithfulness) of the electronic copy…

            Books are like having a conversation with the author. (Ahh, how romantic!) Just remember that many authors are pathological liars.

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            1. “you have to be on the lookout for shenanigans…”

              But even if what you are looking for is in the electronic version, and searchable, you still have to beware of shenanigans of 🤡 tracking your search.

              Bezos, or Bozos, or any of that lot. And if you ever hear them say they aren’t doing it, you have to be willing to call 🤥 on them. Because it is their nature to behave like 💩.

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  4. REX @REX
    The Cameron Ortis arrest in Canada appears to be linked to the arrest of a senior detective/cop in Switzerland.

    Both arrests are now being reported as linked to Magnitsky & Russian money laundering.

    Speculation at this point, but Canada was a conduit through which dirty Russian money was laundered to the Clinton Foundation in 2015, in Uranium One. Was Ortis involved?

    Let’s see what happens.

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  5. Back

    REX @REX
    ‘Andy’ McCabe to be indicted.

    But of course. He’s at the epicenter of the conspiracy to rig the election and also take down a POTUS.

    A nastier piece of work would be difficult to find.

    Somehow I doubt the charges will just be for ‘lying to the FBI’. I predict people will be shocked at the indictment and the counts within it. If there’s any justice, one should be seditious conspiracy.

    The Justice Department will reportedly recommend criminal charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe


    REX @REX
    If anyone remains in doubt about how serious this situation is and what is coming down the line for SOBs like McCabe, recall A G Barr’s words from May 30:

    You don’t think that they have committed treason?” Barr was asked.

    “Not as a legal matter,” he replied. “Sometimes people can convince themselves that what they’re doing is in the higher interest and better good. They don’t realize that what they’re doing is really antithetical to the democratic system that we have.’

    AG Barr breaks with Trump, says he does not think Obama-era officials committed treason


    A G Barr has known EXACTLY what’s gone down since at least May, some 5 MONTHS ago.

    Since then, he’s learned more.

    Technically he’s right on the treason charge. Legally you most likely need a state of war and even if you didn’t it’s a very high bar to prove.

    I’m not ruling treason out, but will be disappointed if there’s no seditious conspiracy charge in the indictment.

    If it’s just a perjury charge, to me it means McCabe has sung like a canary. Which wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    Sep 13, 2019, 08:42 · Web · 20 · 50

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      1. I watched a video last night of 12 teens beating a man. I won’t post it here, it’s too hideous. The person who posted it titled it Omar’s Minneapolis. This goes on every damn day. It’s the norm, now, in Minneapolis.


        IrredeemableOne @IrredeemableOne

        I saw the video. The bicycle assault left me speechless.



        kathleen @Kathleen
        @IrredeemableOne @redwhitebluedude

        they were brutal and added insult to injury by stripping his clothes off. Effing inhuman POS.


        @Kathleen @IrredeemableOne @redwhitebluedude
        From the videos I have seen of Islamic Terrorists, they strip their victims before they kill them to humiliate them AND their families. This gang of thugs has brought that crap to America.

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              1. The only aid that would help in the long-term would be for them to learn from our philosophical theories the nature and importance of respecting individual rights.

                But, for that to work, they would have to stop believing in a philosophical/legal/military system in which all rights belong to Allah alone.

                So, for the foreseeable future, it is hopeless.

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  6. Now watch the idiot blame it on hits during his NFL time…lol.

    “But police soon found televisions with drywall still attached in the bed of Coughman’s truck (they were among the items purportedly stolen from his business).”

    Ex-NFL Player Arrested For ‘Jussie Smollett-Style’ Hate Crime Hoax

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  7. America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters

    The figure means more than 50 million new people have registered to vote in the past eight years. Only 146.3 million were registered as recently as 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama first won the White House — a remarkable 33 percent surge in the electorate during a single presidency.

    America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters
    The milestone is a sign of the aggressive voter registration…

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  8. Ever…….notice….that…………….there are………………………

    12 Notes of music (Dodecatonic Scale)………..and……………12 Zodiac Signs.

    That there are………………………………

    9 Planets (Even though the secular scientists have ‘demoted’ Pluto)…
    And that…………………………..
    9 is the Number/Hebrew Name of/for ‘Adam’ (God ‘made red’/skin color..Man/Adam…according to The Book).

    In addition……….(pun not intended)

    (12) 1+2 = 3=…………………………Trilogy
    Anything +9 = the same as it was,……………..to begin with……………….’In The Beginning’
    ex……….3+5=8……….8+9= 17 which is 1+7=8…………….If your counting………..lol

    Just stopped by to say, 👋,…….wolfie…..

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            1. Just a lurker here now but when I saw you had posted, I had to say hi – so glad to “hear” from you. On a side note, my brother is now on hospice care with brain and liver cancer and will probably be waiting for you. Say Hi to Charley when you see him! So glad you have great care and people around you who love you!

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  9. Speaking of random ideas, it would be interesting to note how people read threads. I, myself, like to catch them when they have about 40-60 comments, and I’ll open a new tab to contain them at that stage…..then might come back and actually read them (and the comments) when I have time. If they’re going nowhere at that stage, I can think, “ok, I’ve done that thread” and close it — without necessarily reading the 200 comments they have by the time I actually read ’em.

    If those first 40-60 comments inspire me to comment, I’ll revisit the thread but search my nic to see how well I’ve contributed, and maybe spot-check other comments. If a thread is really lively, I’ll re-read the entire thread (including the 40-60 I’ve already seen) and see where things are going.

    I have a ton of things going on, some of which are outdoors and hot, so I’ll frequently come in for 15 minutes after I get something done in order to cool down and check my to-do list. At such times, I don’t really have time to absorb and think about things, so I’ll just try to look at headlines and freeze threads if they have “ripened” sufficiently.

    I tend to “riffle through” my “key sites” to see if I should capture something before it refreshes off the page. These include Instapundit, HotAir, Drudge, PJMedia, FoxNews, FoxBusiness, The Market-Ticker, ZeroHedge, the OT, and here. I also tend to have about 200 tabs open at a time, currently in nine windows. Some are musical accompaniment, some are research based on something I was interested in, some are items of great meaning, some are funny memes, and some are merely brain farts.

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    1. Finally someone else who OD’s on tabs…I hate when the computer shuts down & I can’t reboot where I was. Sometimes I’ll send links to myself in email but I rarely follow through on those because there is already so much more interesting info to process.

      Consider adding WhatFinger.com to your key sites–it’s Way Better than Drudge, conservative & Fun!

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  10. Now this is good but I can’t find no1. Or Rex has forgotten how to count

    REX @REX
    2. A perfectly executed terrorist attack, by Islamic extremists.

    We knew EXACTLY who was behind it. Al Q had been attacking the US with increasing boldness for years.

    It’s sad, looking back. FakeNews had been interviewing the main suspect the whole time, as he plotted the operation and laughed at the west: Osama Bin Laden.


    REX @REX
    3. A colleague and I wandered from the Place de la Madeleine in Paris, to an English pub.

    Hundreds watched the scenes, gobsmacked, on TV.

    Including watching the jumpers.

    We just shook our heads. That bastard and his gang had pulled off a spectacular coup.

    A few hours later, a drunken Englishman approached us as we sat at the bar.

    ‘One thing’s for sure,’ he said. ‘Whoever did this to the Americans will regret it. They’ll never stop until everyone involved is eliminated.’

    True enough.


    REX @REX
    4. What he didn’t realize is that you can’t ‘eliminate’ evil.

    AlQ gave and still gives extremists everywhere hope. They weren’t the first islamic movement and they won’t be the last.

    They had admirers within the US, too. Including one Barack Hussein Obama. Not an extremist islamic terrorist, but someone influenced by islamist ideology. And globalist socialism.

    A man who understood AlQ’s hatred of the west and America. And who sympathized with it.


    REX @REX
    5. Much of what we see these days is the final writhing of a malign ideology, that Obama and his gang tried to foist on America.

    He failed. The Democratic Party started burning under Obama in in 2012/14.

    Many don’t understand that the destruction of the Dems we are witnessing is directly related to Obama and what he did.

    24/7, we see his disastrous legacy.

    Perhaps on this sad day we can reflect that in 2019, we are at least starting to see the start of the end of Obama’s virus.

    I hope so.


    6. America was attacked on 9/11.

    But it almost fell in 2008-2016.

    Then America gave us POTUS Trump, who has our back.

    Today, I mourn for the past, but am hopeful for the future.


    The end.

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    1. Good stuff. But Rex and Crew have to go deeper and take some risks later to get ahead of things. Obama and his immediate backers are nowhere NEAR the top of the people who were really trying to take down America. The Wictorians will have to “get above the chessboard” to see what’s really going on. It is not safe there – AT ALL. This is where the fights in the NSC are originating, IMO. Again, Corso for the win on that one. This is an OLD fight in NSC – and long before NSC.

      The Wictorians will have to be very careful not to get burned on disinformation, and also, because things are going to get NASTY, and they have to ACCEPT BAD STUFF ABOUT ALLIES and THEN FORGIVE. Inability to do that does not allow one to attain higher visibility on the situation.

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    2. From 15 years of research….I can say…..Obie was just a catalyst, who actually was put in place to speed the evil forward faster. (A lot of “this generation’s commies are either already dead, or are deteriorating from the evil pulsing from within.)

      This has been going on very slowly for sure over 100 years now….some were more forward, some less so……but even people like Horseface (John Kerry) and people like him, have made statements which I archived off-line talking about We the People waking up….Honestly, public accessibility, which created the ability for people to get info FAST, and share info. FAST, AND…..

      Pat ourselves on the back….multi-millions of us have been networking now for years!! BRAVO!

      But all the sudden the commies had EXPOSURE as to what’s they’ve been doing! Obie pushed too fast….and it back-fired…He woke up MORE people !!!LOL!

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          1. So do I.

            The Aristocracy & Banksters were pissed as hell when they lost control of the peasants during the French and American Revolutions. Marxism is their way of ‘re-inventing’ feudalism with the peasants agreeing to their return to serfdom.

            The British Royal Family, The Dutch Royal Family, The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Schiffs,Warburgs….

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      1. He rush it because
        1 the dems were already losing seat in govt under him
        2 the arrogance of a low iq puppet held up by his puppet masters and the controlled msm as a god-he believed his press ! He will be thrown under the bus by his controllers
        3 Hillary was going to give the us, and be extension , the west the kill shot
        4 hubris . They had seen off every opposition over a long period of time. Whether Leo, govt, military political. They didn’t realise that all the levers of their power were going to be ripped from them by a well laid plan and an adversary as ruthless and cunning as them

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  11. This is the most important thing that was said today.


    Thomas Wictor
    “There is no evidence that the attacks came from Yemen.”

    Let’s look at the map.

    Sep 15, 2019, 13:46 · Web · 6 · 18

    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    The drones or missiles came from Iran, Iraq, or Syria.

    Obviously we tracked them.

    This attack took out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil-production capabilities.

    The world oil reserves will make up for it, and the Saudis will repair the damage very quickly, but there has to be massive retaliation.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    The Iranian mullahs are trying to goad the Saudis into a direct strike on Iran.

    Now, as much as we want Iran o be free, I want you to remember Lebanon.

    Hezbollah was HATED in Lebanon.

    When Israel attacked in 2006, ALL LEBANESE UNITED BEHIND HEZBOLLAH.

    There was a famous Christian activist who did a 180 and went on TV, praising Hezbollah’s courage.

    The same thing would happen in Iran if the Saudis attacked. Trust me.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    There’s a saying in the Middle East:

    “I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my brother and my cousin and I against the world.”

    As much as Iranians hate the mullahs, they would turn on a dime and support them if the Saudis attacked.

    That’s just reality.

    So the Saudis–I’m 99.99 percent sure–won’t do anything overt.

    The Lebanese STILL support Hezbollah. they know that their support is insane, but they won’t stop.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    The problem with Iran is the same one with Syria:

    If you overthrow the dictators, the country falls into total chaos.

    Libya is a perfect example. Samantha Power convinced the Very Special President to overthrow Gaddafi, and Libya has been a catastrophe since 2011.


    The army overthrew the dictator, and when it looked like civil war was coming, they asked Trump for help.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    ALL SIDES AGREED that the only answer was Trump.

    So Trump sent an envoy, and now even the armed rebels are cooperating.

    But the Sudanese themselves had to take the first step.

    The Iranian mullahs tried to cause a civil war there by murdering about 120 soldiers and civilians.

    But the civil war didn’t happen.

    Trump’s envoy Donald Booth was able to help all sides resist the interference of the Iranians and their lackeys.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    PERSONALLY, I’m absolutely sickened by the Lebanese closing ranks behind Hezbollah.

    But my disgust doesn’t change reality.

    The Saudis have to tread carefully.

    I’m sure they’ll work out the best solution.

    They’ve earned my faith in them.


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