Dear KMAG: 20190913 Open Topic

Happy Friday! Are we ready for a weekend? Settle into the Q Treehouse and let’s catch up. Let’s see what our buddies are doing down the street and across the world. Yes, it is Friday the 13th, but bad karma can’t touch us. In fact, this Friday afternoon would be a lovely time for a big info drop from the OIG, especially since it’s the 13th.

We welcome you to the Q Tree, WQTH! Here, you can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it. Please, keep it SOMEWHAT civil because most of the people here are our friends. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

You may have noticed the sun has shifted and the days are getting shorter. Time to get out of our Treehouse for a while and still enjoy the outdoors while we prepare for winter. When we were little, we could watch a caterpillar for hours…….. and in the grand scheme of life, probably more important than our latest text message. Yet, it’s mid-September and time to take that last dip in the lake…….

…… before we stock the pantry, recaulk the exterior doors, and clean gutters. Don’t forget to clean out the birdhouses and bird baths for winter. Might be nice to make a little treehouse, a smaller version of our own, for our fine feathered friends.

Never let the music die, and look for the music in the most unexpected places.

As we discuss topics of the day, never forget Wheatie’s Rules.

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.


When you’re finished with chores and taken a walk in the forest, come on back to the Q Treehouse. We’ll still be here.

316 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190913 Open Topic

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    1. It was the local Houston ABC affiliate station that ran it, not the entire ABC network, so it was only seen in Houston. IMO, it was quite good and very thought provoking. That’s probably why the snowflake liberals hate it so badly.

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    1. Kamala seemed high and cackles like Hillary.
      Who are those people cheering for taking guns? They are anti-American.
      Biden is toast.
      Warren (not in that clip) presents as someone who cares, is serious, and is somewhat sane, though socialist to the core. She could fool people.

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        1. … 🧐 … 😳 … I think my cat Nikki decided to add a post .. 😑 … she can’t type or spell for crud tsk tsk ..

          I considering buying her opposable thumbs … 🤫 … I want it to be a surprise .. heh heh .. 😜

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            1. LOL .. 😝👍❤️ …… Yeah .. maybe, I’m still taller than her though … but she’s sneaky and quiet, except when she jumps off her tower, then you hear a loud .. thud .. (she’s a fatty 🤫)

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              1. HA! She’s a big girl but I love her 😛🤚❤️
                I would like to get a couple chihuahua’s to run wild in the house and chat Nikki and Chico around. Chico is good at hiding in high places … poor Nikki is very gravitationally challenged so she would have to run like heck to escape the dogs …. and she would be getting her exercise ..
                😃👍❤️ … 🤫 … one of these days … heh heh … SURPRISE ‼️‼️

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    1. Unless you’re in law enforcement, I think Open Carry is stupid. IMO, Concealed Carry is the way to go. A lot of these Open Carry guys are just on a power trip and want to look tough. It’s like, “Don’t mess with me ’cause I’m packin'”.

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        1. IMO, the rougher the neighborhood, the dumber it is to Open Carry.

          Thugs have been known to walk up behind an Open Carry advocate, put a gun to the back of his head and demand his gun. IMO, Open Carry can trigger someone to become suddenly violent with their gun. Why risk it when you can Carry Concealed?

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        2. phoenix, I think it may.
          I have friends in Apache Junction AZ, and guys open carry in the grocery store, and no one seems to notice or care.
          you can tell by their tack they probably wear their gear in their houses!

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      1. Sends a powerful message when you combine it with the right to assemble.
        Something that may well need to be done to make these leftists think twice.

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      2. I’m sure some to many “open carriers” are on a power trip, but in my state you need no permit and no expensive to very expensive training and renewals. You just open carry.

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      3. Unless you’re in law enforcement, I think Open Carry is stupid.

        ^^^ Everyone is welcome to their opinion. Including what appears to be a bit, narrow minded.

        Thankfully we are in America, Freedom reigns. Cherish, the choice is ours. Yea, State dependent, it is a choice.

        Sort of like revolver or semi-automatic. Necessary round capacity…4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15, 17…. Carry extra rounds / magazines? OC or CC? CC, IWB, OWB, sholder, ankle… OC… Type of holster. Caliber? Weapon manufacture… On and on.

        It is all situational and personal preference. Me thinks.

        D-Rats live for the day they can further restrict the Second Amendment until it is extinct.

        100% vote freedom of choice. Whether I like the choices is irrelevant. So long as OC motives are legal, it is not my place to hot mouth them.

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        1. Amen. Open carry is a lot like many choices in clothing and accouterments. Sometimes it’s just right, and sometimes it make one look like a yahoo. Let freedom reign!

          Store owners open-carrying always get a thumbs-up from me. The message to any person should be “Guess who else in this store MIGHT be carrying?”

          Out in the country – small town – just looks natural to me.

          OTOH, I was in a campground with real yahoos open-carrying, and it was *facepalm*.

          Open carry to a gun rights rally or a gun show, also a thumbs up here!

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    2. ‘Asking’ is just that ……………….. what are they going to do if someone legally open carries in their store?

      Ask them to leave, turn away their money? HAHAHAHAHA NO………..

      They’ll DO NOTHING. This way they are playing both sides of the fence on 2A issues.

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      1. Actually, I asked a Walmart manager after Walmart opted for the dark side a week or two ago. Walmart manager said OC is absolutely not accepted and the OC person will be asked to leave.
        What can they do? What they can do, varies by state laws.

        Some states dictate required signage size, narrative, placement…

        NV, they can ask you to leave, and you must. First offense not leaving is a misdemeanor, AND OC person leaves the business. Beyond that, dunno. Rather sure, significant legal problems.

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        1. Smith’s one of the many supermarket brands Kroger owns. Kroger has made statements I consider to be on the dark side…

          Also asked a Smith’s manager, IF OC was banned, the OC person would be asked to leave. She told me no change in policy that she was aware of…follow state law.

          So, in NV, OC is OK in Smith’s.

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    3. I always find this interesting. I know that some people are scared at the mere sight of a gun, Setting them aside, if someone is carrying openly, you know they have a gun and can avoid them if you want. If someone is carrying concealed, you have no clue. You could be engaging them in conversation within a couple of feet, and you would be a couple of feet away from a gun.

      Open carry could deter criminals, but no one wants to look at that.

      The Left doesn’t want people to get used to seeing guns. That would help our side, not theirs. It would normalize it as it once was, and they can’t have that. We need to keep fighting because they will never stop.

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      1. I know that some people are scared at the mere sight of a gun, Setting them aside, if someone is carrying openly, you know they have a gun and can avoid them if you want. If someone is carrying concealed, you have no clue. You could be engaging them in conversation within a couple of feet, and you would be a couple of feet away from a gun.

        I think that qualifies it as a phobia, if you don’t care about it unless you can see it.

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        1. Hard-core leftists don’t want anyone to own a gun, much less carry one, concealed or openly. But those less politically aware who are only looking at surface issues just don’t want to see the nasty gun. Out of sight, out of mind. They would probably prefer there be no guns, too, but their gut reaction is “Get that icky thing out of my sight.” They are the ones who can be used to further the agenda of keeping people afraid of the sight of a gun.

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        2. Yes, phobias can’t be allowed to set the agenda. We don’t outlaw balconies because some people are afraid of heights. They have made “-phobia” a pejorative suffix — homophobia, Islamophobia, etc. — so if someone suffers from firearmaphobia, they must be called to task for it.

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        3. I do not care if a person carries a gun. To me it does not matter maybe I am a little fatalistic at my age.
          If a person wants to shoot they are going too if one carries open or not.

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        4. A couple decades ago, at a former employer, there was a sketch artist tutorial going on in the meeting rooms. City and county cops were attending in street clothes with their side arms on their belts. The moonbat employees of the place were like, are those people wearing guns?!

          The staff had to explain that they were police officers getting training. Then it was okay.

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      1. Me thinks it is all PC crap from CEOs trying to placate nanny state fools against guns by stating no OC AND placating gun owners that they can still CC, if allowed by that state. CEOs focused on money.

        Me further thinks nanny state fools, anti gun are happy…chipping away at gun rights.

        AND, me also thinks gun owners should take ZERO comfort when OC is banned.

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        1. True. Losing OC does not feel like winning. But it does feel like businesses who are clearly IMPLYING that CC is OK, are helping us create a DEFENSIBLE LINE on CC. So there is that. They are basically saying “we don’t mind if our sensors show you carrying – you don’t mind, either”.

          It’s a nice trick that reverses the outrage. We WELCOME THE SENSORS by welcoming the non-ban.


          Because TRUST ME – this is all about sensors, IMO. That’s where the money is going to be. Sensors hooked up to AI that can even “guess in the absence of CC data” whether a carrier is friend or foe, although they can use FBI data to get around that for many cases. It is this ADDED SALE of “friend-or-foe AI” that is, IMO, behind relenting on CC. There’s more MONEY in it if sensor companies “do the math” than just “identify a POTENTIAL threat”.

          Change of heart at security state sensor companies. There is now MORE MONEY in allowing CC than in getting rid of it, which the cabal originally pushed them to try in beta testing.

          CC won’t be CC to corporate and government sensor networks sharing through 5G. We will only be CC to each other.


          The world is becoming a very complicated place. What little privacy we have, is all there is that restrains many corporate and government criminals from hacker-minded social scams through deterministic knowledge – facial recognition, ubiquitous sensors, 5G, government and corporate databases. And that’s not counting higher players, who apparently already have some kind of abilities to use our current cellular infrastructure. I find that startling. How much more can they do with 5G? I’m betting a LOT.

          We have to be very careful now. We are sometimes building what the enemy needs.

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  2. I just heard a guy call into the local radio talk show station and say when the protesters were yelling at Creepy Joe last night in the debates, he saw Beto O’Rourke turn his back to the audience and put one finger in a nostril, then blow out the other once right onto the stage.

    I didn’t watch much of the event, so I can’t verify this. Did anyone else notice it? If he did that, it’s truly disgusting and fits his character or rather lack thereof.

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    1. What you are referring to is commonly called “the farmer’s blow”. And I have and will still do it, usually when I’m doing yard work and 1) don’t have a handkerchief at hand, or 2) to prevent sneezing.

      I most def. would NOT do it during a televised debate.

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      1. OMG – you’re “real country”! High five!!!

        My wife HATES IT, but I learned it from country kid friends when I was a kid, and refuse to give it up, although I never do it where anybody but my “country” neighbors can see it.

        What in the heck is Beto doing? Trying to get cred with rurals? BAD MOVE. That’s like doing it in church.


  3. And now for the news we have all been waiting for!

    Trump on energy-efficient light bulbs: ‘I always look orange’

    In a speech to Republican House members reported by NBC News, the president quipped that light bulbs that the Obama administration “forced” Americans to use were “no good.”

    “People said, ‘What’s with the light bulb?’ And I said ‘Here’s the story,’ and I looked at it. … The bulb that we’re being forced to use, number one, to me most importantly, the light’s no good. I always look orange,” Trump said, to laughter.

    “And so do you, the light is the worst,” Trump added.

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    Any local, state, or federal legislator or elected gov’t official who publicly either publicly endorses and/or votes in favor for ANY infringement of the 2nd Amendment rights of any US citizens shall immediately, without delay of any kind of type or reason, dispossess themselves, their family members, and any security personnel either assigned to or hired by them for protection of any and all kinds and types of firearms

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  5. Theory: They were going to bomb the Washington Monument on 9/11.

    From 1999-2000, the Washington Monument was shutdown for repairs and covered in ugly scaffolding that sort of resembles the old WTC. The Parks Service’s website describes these repairs as:

    “The Monument closed to the public once again in December 1999 for the refurbishment of observation levels at 490 and 500 feet and to replace the elevator with an upgraded cab. When it reopened to the public on July 31, 2000, only the new elevator had not been installed.”

    “Refurbishment of observation levels at 490 and 500 feet” is good cover for planting explosives in anticipation of 9/11. Kind of like that “Israeli art project” that was used as cover for planting explosives at the World Trade Center in 2001. I believe FLOTUS’s 9/11 dress is a depiction of this horrible plan. Note the “explosion” on the right side of the monument on her dress.

    The monument briefly re-opened on 7/31/2000, but was shutdown again from 12/2000 – 2/2/02. Probably to avoid anyone accidentally discovering or (worse) triggering the planted explosives.


    Click to access WAMO_CLI_10-9-2009.pdf

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    1. On that note, Melania will attend the re-opening of the Washington Monument on 9/19/19. It has been closed since December 2016 for “repairs.”

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  6. A little bit more on phobias…. Phobas was the greek god of fear (Hercules carried his image on his shield, a ferocious lion’s head, for it loved blood and men feared it), his brother was Deimos (god of terror) and their sister Eris (goddess of strife or as the Romans would call her Discoord) all offspring of Ares (god of war) and they accompanied him into battle. In those days those gods were revered and sacrificed too so that they would accompany them into battle.

    In the past people faced their fears. Today people are taught to indulge them.

    Sigmund Freud said: A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity. General Introduction to Psychoanalysis. (1920)

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  7. So here. Now the waterways are being contaminated with fecal matter. Now THIS is absolutely an environmental and health disaster waiting to happen. Start testing more areas, esp after we start getting rain.
    Its bad enough we get mexicos sewage spills off the socal coast, now weve got whatever is in the water from vagrants.
    Sacramento is worried about the dekta smekt, well, wtf are they going to do about this?
    Its not goose poop. They really think people are stupid.

    “A stretch of the American River in Northern California is seen in this undated image. (Credit: KTXL)

    A newspaper investigation finds part of the American River in Sacramento contains high levels of E. coli bacteria, a sign of fecal contamination.

    The Sacramento Bee says this week that E. coli was found along the lower stretch of the American, where homeless camps line the banks, residents walk their dogs, and swimmers dip into the water in the summer.

    Thirteen out of 15 samples taken at a beach since June exceeded state and federal standards.

    Local officials have begun a study that will test DNA of the bacteria to determine its exact source.

    The newspaper says homeless encampments are proliferating, and there is a widespread lack of bathroom access in the area.

    But the contamination also could be a result of geese excrement.

    E. coli can sometimes sicken people, with symptoms ranging from diarrhea to respiratory distress.”

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    1. Last night on local San Diego news..Mexico’s waste treatment plants spewing sewage into the ocean. It’s drifting all over, beaches closed.
      Do ANY of these lousy countries ever take care of themselves? Will the US have to step up and fix their pumps and old pipes to keep their waste from polluting?

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    2. Dr. Drew has been sounding the alarm on this for a while. 60,000 homeless people adding “untreated waste” into the city’s storm drains are bound to cause environmental issues. Would a small town be allowed to do this? Where are all the environmentalists??

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      1. “Where are all the environmentalists??”
        ^^^^This. Those who truly care and monitor these situations would have been on this from Day One. Why are people on the Right the only ones concerned about this?

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    1. Thread on the Canadian spy (RCMP) they just caught. Read somewhere else, he speaks fluent Chinese IYKWIM.😉

      The plot thickens……

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  8. I’m glad POTUS clarified this. The vaping community has been going nuts the last few days after the prior comments made.

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