Time to Talk About Mike Flynn

There are so many questions and bombshells found within this document, I thought it best to turn it over to the group for a thorough vetting.

Can’t wait to read your comments.

205 thoughts on “Time to Talk About Mike Flynn

  1. So, I already asked Big T the following question:
    Can the gov’t deny Sidney the information claiming that Durham has an ongoing investigation?
    Bit T: No, does not matter. She has a client to represent who is scheduled to be sentenced in December. It her right as counsel and his right as an American, to have access to info.

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  2. #2 BIG POINT
    With the internal letter of Jan 30th, exonerating Flynn, and the McCabe letter of Feb 7th, concluding no Logan Act violation of Flynn………. that means James Comey, on February 14th, 2017, lied to the President of the USA (which is a felony in this case).
    Comey, on February 14, 2017, already knew Flynn was innocent of everything. Yet, Comey went home to write a memo with the specific purpose of setting up a special counsel for OBSTRUCTION, and used the “Hope you can let the Flynn business go” as a key component of “obstruction” charge against the President of the USA.
    In fact, Comey was so determined, he called his buddy Benjamin Wittes and had him give it to the NYTimes.

    Comey lied to the President – it’s a felony.

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    1. I need to get up to speed on the significance of both the letter of Jan. 30th and the Feb. 7th McCabe letter. If I understand correctly, then Comey, hearing, “Hope you can let the Flynn business go,” should have told Pres. Trump that they had evidence that exonerated Flynn and there would be no problem. That would have put an end to the Flynn persecution and prosecution, as well as any question of obstruction of justice on Pres. Trump’s part. Instead, Comey lied, covered up evidence, selectively leaked, admitted he wanted a special prosecutor appointed, and got his wish. Those in the know correct me if I’m wrong, but Comey should be enjoying a lengthy prison sentence — and this doesn’t even cover the FISA abuses. He’ll have lots of time to read and write philosophy and poetry.

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      1. And if he’s allowed a projection machine in his cell ,he can then Grace all of his new friends with cornfields,mountains and shadow puppets photos.what a hoot that would be.oh and he can write all of his tweets in long hand on toilet paper.

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  3. Big Point #3
    In a normal case, the DOJ may decide they don’t want to produce evidence and drop charges. A judge would chastise them, smack them around, and let the DOJ go to civil court where a guy like Flynn would sue the crap out of the DOJ.

    Yet, in this case, it’s different.
    Remember, Emmet Sullivan oversaw the Ted Stevens case.
    This is an opportunity for Emmet Sullivan to hold the trial of the century, and create a legacy to be studied in law books for centuries to come —— and it all turns on the Motion to Suppress Evidence Brady material.

    Bit T thinks Sidney knows this and has the right judge at the right time.
    In this way, the Judiciary provides oversight of Executive Branch, where the Legislative Branch has failed for 20yrs.
    It’s almost too good to resist… for Sullivan.

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              1. I hear you, but I don’t believe that restoring rule of law is really possible without repairing the BREAKS that have been so intentionally targeted and successfully exploited by the left. NEW [derivative] LEGAL PRINCIPLES which shore up the targeted uncertainties in the old ones – meaning greater legal intelligence – is needed, IMO.

                But what you say IS in fact the RESTORED PRINCIPLE at the top of the heap. Observing it is of primary importance – and CULTURE needs to be a primary driver there. Shoring it up legally is, after that, a damn good idea! 😀

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              2. Exactly. Re-institue the LAW, equal LAW, and morals, and society (hopefully) will follow, The degradation of morals, the family, and the law are the three pillars the dems and their evil masters have attacked for the last 40 years plus. That coupled with Hollywood and MSM propaganda, and you have a “dumbed” down morally bankrupt generation that have no true religious, or family structure to fall back on, therefore they are EASILY mislead and manipulated. Then there are the drugs,etc that make an already susceptible class EASY pickings.

                I Believe Trump has a stepped plan of his own to combat this.
                Step one, RESTORE the rule of law and equal justice for ALL. He is accomplishing that by enforcing laws already on the book AND putting in over 150 judges that WILL enforce the laws as written, no more “activism” A HUGE part of that is re balancing both the SCOTUS AND the 9th circuit. Without the 9th circuit to “automatically” rubber stamp any judicial activism, and NO SCOTUS wishy washy rulings from Kennedy and Roberts, the left is FUBAR in their one true ace, the judicial branch.

                Step 2 expose the criminals and corruption in Congress and from the Obama, Bush, and Clinton years. Using step one, hold them ALL accountable , and systematically weed out the remaing bad apples. That is ongoing and about to break BIG TIME. Did you hear DiGenova last night on Hannity? he CONFIRMED everything I wrote in my book. It started in 2015, by Obama, and it involved using the NSA database to spy on Americans and using CONTRACTORS to do it to “skirt” accountability (Nellie Ohr, and Fusion GPS). I was shocked and pleasantly surprised, I feel VINDIICATED!.

                Step 3 secure the borders AND use extreme vetting to keep the morally weak, corrupt, criminal, and those that would simply be a DRAG on our society and economy OUT. Again using step one…the LAW, he is doing it AND building a wall and support base that will ENSURE it remains. Notice he has LET the dems enjoin everything, getting it on the record, and THEN setting precedent through the SCOTUS…BRILLIANT, no it takes a LAW and not a judicial activist to undo it. Rebuilding the Military and the handling of NK, Iran, and ISIS are part of the border security, as was re-establishing the relationships with our allies, and our enemies. Thereby restoring our rightful place as THE superpower and realigning our roles as such. The ending of the War in Afghanistan,NK, and maybe even peace in the middle east once Iran is taken care of are ALL on the horizon. ISIS is already crushed, and Al Queda is marginalized.

                Step four, rebuild our economy, get jobs, level trade, AND set us up as both energy independent AND restarting OUR own manufacturing capabilities (Coal and Steel )

                Step five, make us energy independent, drill baby drill,, use OUR resources like Natural gas, AND become a net exporter. DONE, we are energy independent for the first time since…WW2. That will lead to MORE economic and manufacturing growth. MORE jobs!

                Step six, rebuild our infrastructure. This required the economy to be robust, us to be energy independent, level trade, Coal, steel, and LNG production, AND manufacturing to be restarted. This is complicated, but we needed to cut the cord from the middle East first, make our own oil production skyrocket, use our LNG to offset any dips, AND break China, Mexico, and Canada’s iron grip on trade, NAFTA, and manufacturing. Part of this was border security, part was NAFTA and TPP , as well as the Paris Accord, and all the burdensome regulations that were leftist wet dreams only, STOPPED, and removed. This required the tax cuts for business as well. We had to be both a lower tax incentive, AND a less restrictive environment, AND financially competitive on trade (tariffs) This is ALL mostly done now, just finishing the wall and the oil pipe lines and neutering China remain.

                Step seven, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Trump is a business man, he KNOWS the EASIEST way to rebuild the infrastructure is to get companies to MAKE STUFF HERE first. That means they will need things like new roads, new power grids, new bridges, new rail, new utilities like water, fiber optic, sewer, and GAS. That means they will help by investment and tax dollars GET those things started. That will create even MORE millions of jobs.

                Step 8 reshape the society through prosperity, inclusiveness, pride in our country and its history, a renewed focus on morals, family, and religion. This is the HARDEST and it is partially underway, but it will take time for people to break out of the spell that Hollywood, the Dems, and the MSM have put them other. It can not just be one big thing at once, but MANY small things that ALL tie in to the other steps. restore the rule of law and equal justice, Border and Military security (People feel safe) Jobs, tax cuts, trade deals, energy independence, and then infrastructure (People feel prosperous). Restore GOD to his rightful prominence in our government and society (people value religion again, morals will follow) Restore pride in the flag, the country, our law enforcement, our military, our history, (people take PRIDE in them selves, AND their country while STILL honoring their own heritage) See now why Trump focused on the “kneelers” and the “squad” Just one man’s humble assessment of what is going on.

                Trump has a plan, and it is multifaceted, and complex. It IS being systematically implemented, but I hope this helps people see how it ALL ties into MAGA.

                Trump will go down in history as one of if not the greatest Presidents ever if he is able to pull this off, and he IS well on his way.

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  4. Judge Sullivan granted the order that these materials be produced!!! I never thought I would live to see the day. Hallelujah.

    FISA applications on Russian going back to 2015, any and all FISA application on Flynn, Mifsud and any other spies thrown at Flynn, all the Strzok/Page texts, communications with the White House regarding Flynn, communications with Flynn’s lawyers, leaks to the press, on and on and on it goes.

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      1. Allow me to revise and extend my prior remarks.

        Pages 12 and 13 are a proforma opinion written by Sidney Powell to simplify the process in the event that the good judge accepts all her arguments and wishes to grant everything she asked.


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        1. On the good side of things, Sidney’s draft order essentially says, “come clean on the entire farce” and then kicks ’em in the nuts with contempt.

          It may get watered-down a bit, but it’s a good starting point.

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        2. This is purely for future reference and so we don’t get confused when discussing the inane nit-picking that plagues all “lawyer-stuff”. Lawyers write and submit what are generally called “pleadings”. These are: motions, memos, briefs, requests, draft orders, complaints, answers, replies, affidavits. Very often these “pleadings” are further defined as “supplemental” or “reply” or “counter”. The term “pleading” is from old English law when a “plaintiff” made a “plea” to the court for “relief” or “judgment”. The form of a “plea” was placed in a “pleading”. Much of this arcane stuff is long gone but some still persists.

          A judge or a court issues orders, opinions, findings, injunctions, decisions. All of these are distinct in that they have affirmative power to bind the parties to the case to the terms of the court’s order or decision. It is best to see pleadings as “questions” and the court’s orders etc. as “answers.”

          So endeth the Procedure 101, class 1.

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              1. Mother: Go ask your father
                PLEASE Mommy, I don’t want to know THAT MUCH about elephants!

                (Conversation overhear by the daughter of a PhD Nuclear Physicist who is a friend. It is now a running joke in our family since Hubby is almost as bad.)

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        3. By way of further explanations (Procedure 101, class 2), most federal judges have a standing order ( I guess other orders “sit”), that whenever a party submits anything that requests any kind of “relief” ( order, injunction, finding) they also must submit a “Proposed Order” of “Proposed Findings”. SP didn’t caption her “Order” as a “Proposed Order” so it is easy to confuse anyone not well-schooled in the maze known as “lawyer-speak.”

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    1. Okay, that part took me a while to figure out.
      Judge has not yet granted the request for docs.
      It’s what lawyers type at the top of a request —- waiting for signature from the Judge.
      Emmet Sullivan has not signed it yet.
      I get it, now……. but it took a while.

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      1. Daughn, the first time I read It thru, I thought Judge Sullivan ordered DOJ to give up everything to Flynn defense AND appear in court in two weeks to defend themselves against a finding of contempt.

        Just like on Oprah …
        “You get a contempt, and You get a contempt, and you, and you ! You all get a Contempt!”

        Then I thought, aww, nothin’ comes that good, on the very first try too.

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      1. Hi A Fort, it took me a while to figure this one out.
        The approval, from he judge to order the DOJ to give up the docs, has not been signed as yet.
        It’s the way lawyers type up their requests, so that all a judge has to do is sign it.
        Makes it easier for the judge.
        But we don’t have it yet.

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  5. Unfortunately, the thing at the end is a pro-forma order drafted by Sidney. It’s not an actual, signed order.

    It is common to attach a “here, your judgeship, if you think I’ve got it exactly right….all you have to do is sign this.” to the motion.

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      1. This is FOUR separate documents — a Motion, signed (by SP); a Certificate of Conference, signed (by SP); a Certificate of Service, signed (by SP), and a draft order — hopefully to be signed by Judge Sullivan.

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  6. Brief comment on the Sidney Powell opus. A litigator’s job is to cast a wide net because you are working in the dark. Document production is all about definitions, scope inquiry, relevance and imagination. In that respect, SP’s pleading is a tour-de-force in net-casting.

    Beyond that, at this point, it is nothing more than a lengthy wish-list. I point you all to the Brady Hearing which Sullivan has scheduled for October 28. This pleading forms the subject matter for the hearing – IF AND ONLY IF – Sullivan want to go that route. A full Breaud hearing will require witnesses, documents, cross-exam and, if her request is based on good faith allegations that most of these documents exist, several days of testimony. It very easily could be the become the landmark part of this case.

    The next act in the single-most bizantine guilty plea in US judicial history is waiting to be written by Judge Sullivan. I have read conflicting reports about his attitude and demeanor during the last hearing. The most persuasive one suggested that Sullivan was actually “trolling” both the government and SP trying to get someone to withdraw a plea or dismiss the case. His findings and opinion in the Stevens case should have long-ago chastened the DOJ but apparently Van Dorky is a the height of government arrogance and condescension. If these assessments are accurate, Sullivan may see this as a chance to his statue placed in the Halls of Retribution and Lightning Bolt Justice. I default to Judge Sullivan playing the role of Sam L. in Pulp fiction.

    Beyond that, it’s wait and see time.

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          1. It was all part of the plan. The deeps state had a plan but Potus and Flynn were just reeling in the legal swampier too. Multilayered deception. Bet they are quietly checking their life insurance policies. Are they covered for “suicide/ arcanzicide”

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              1. But it’s one of those interesting twisty plot line ones. Laters we will look back and go ahhh. That’s should have given us a clue


      1. Do you say “po-tay-to” or “po-TAH-to” – “to-may-to” or “to-MAH-to”?

        We had a running joke in Irish South Boston. Whenever some guy wanted to move, all you had to do was “call Sully for help.” Because every other guy in South Boston was named “Sully”.

        In this case, I guess the answer is “Ask Sully”.

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    1. Will justice and the rule of law prevail?

      Is Judge Sullivan clean? Do the right people hold markers against him? I’m sure the DOJ filth have been searching for some sort of corrupt leverage against him! Hard to find someone in DC who is not being blackmailed or coerced with compromising materials.

      I golf with lawyers (one a former DOJ dude under George W)—they sure think they are special! As a businessman, I don’t—however, they are a necessary evil. Lol

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      1. “I Golf with Lawyers” What a great name for farcical play in which the audience is taken on a dark ride of unethical and downright evil behavior as 4 lawyers use all manner of tricks- ethical and not – to win a meaningless golf match on a fall day when they tee off at in blazing sunlight at dawn and finish in a driving hailstorm to be handcuffed by local police as the dead body of one of their own was found on the 16th green with a 4 iron buried in his skull.

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      2. Funny you should mention that……
        We were talking about Sullivan’s ethics earlier today.
        Conclusion = If Sullivan could have been bought off, surely he would have been compromised during the Ted Stevens trial, where Sullivan tore the DOJ to shreds.

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  7. Yes indeed, I got out a little too far in front of my skis earlier.

    Since we have a lawyer amongst us, why was this document unsealed (given that it obviously was not unsealed so as to implement a decision by Judge Sullivan)?

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    1. Big T said, he didn’t know this one was filed under seal, but the only on who could unseal would be a judge.
      Big T inferred, if Judge Sullivan did unseal this doc, then it is more of an indication he’s getting ready to have some fun with the DOJ and Van Grack.

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      1. Powell stated that this document was filed under seal in the hearing, and the document itself says “sealed” on page 1. This is part of the reason I had thought the judge had granted Powell’s request.

        (And back in my day, it was difficult to miss whether a document had been approved because approved documents would have had a big bold beautiful flowing John Hancock on the signature line instead of an /s/ followed by some little print.)

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          1. The list in the documents and the story they paint is pretty damning, and it is quite clear that Flynn knows of the existence of many of these documents. I thought it was funny that Powell cited documents referenced in the Mueller report; it is hard to argue against the production of those since they obviously were in the possession of the Justice Department.

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  8. Wake me up when justice is served, after seeing Obamas stooge skate the other day I wont be holding my breath for justice to be served.
    Leftist are winning without even firing a shot.
    Awesome thread Daughn you are truly worth your weight in gold here.

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  9. For Wolfie
    Alien civilizations may have explored the galaxy and visited Earth already, a new study says. The Fermi paradox, and the related fact the Dinosaurs went bipedal and never made the leap to neurologically-related predictive intelligence over 350 million years are head scratchers.

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    1. Democrats and leftists are living proof that aliens have visited earth. And had sex with loose women.

      What woman would consent to having sex with an alien? Same women who follow rock stars in order to have sex with them.

      Conclusion – the aliens who have visited earth look like rock stars.

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      1. Any man with wealth and power is automatically desirable. This is the woman’s selfish genes looking for the best chance for their perpetuation. With men it’s health and youth their genes are looking for.
        Beauty is often an indicator of good genes and good health. No one with any number of diseases or organ failures looks good

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          1. A woman’s children’s best chance of survival is usually to have a wealthy, powerful, good provider father.
            She has a limited amount of children she can produce and has to invest lots of time and effort in them. She has to be choosy.
            A man can have vast multitudes of children and is not compelled to invest any effort into their survival. He’s looking for young(higher fertility) healthy women to have sex with. He’s looking for a young healthy high status woman to marry and he’ll invest in their kids but if shit happens he’s still hopefully got wild oats out there

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  10. Damn, Ms. Powell is going after the whole nine yards. Names names. Goes after Van Grack and all the other DOJ Munchkin lawyers. Wants the Sally Yates 302’s. Demanding an unearthing of everything related to that FBI “No, you don’t need an attorney” interview with Gen. Flynn (entrapment).

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      1. Powell KNOWS the true head of the “Special” Counsel was not Mueller, it was Weismann. Since she literally wrote the book on him. History is about to repeat itself. Weismann and the DOJ are about to get smacked down by the same lawyer and same Judge that smacked them around on the Stephens case. Deja Vu all over again.

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  11. Good to see Sara Carter reporting on this. You are in with some good investigative journalists Daughn and with the contributors comments on this post.
    I’m patient to wait until December and beyond to finally see General Flynn cleared of this BS.

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    1. I was sure hoping NOW so General Flynn could take Bolen’s place. Then all we would have to do is a massive clean-up after all the DemonRat explody heads.

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  12. On the taliban and their total misreading of President Trump. Now where would they get the idea that a Potus was a beta bottom boy?
    Alex Graham @Alex_Graham@social.quodverum.com
    @ThomasWic @kbrendell

    1) I believe the Taliban are about to get slaughtered and nobody can complain about it now.

    Article: US to Ramp Up Fight Against Taliban as Afghanistan War Enters 18th Year

    “I think we’re talking a total spectrum” of new offensives to punish the Taliban, Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, said Monday at Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, Reuters reported.

    US to Ramp Up Fight Against Taliban as Afghanistan War Enters 18th Year
    The head of U.S. Central Command says that war against the Taliban will be stepped up following the collapse of peace talks.

    Alex Graham @Alex_Graham@social.quodverum.com
    @ThomasWic @kbrendell

    2) “”And, again, whatever targets are available, whatever targets can be lawfully and ethically struck, I think we’re going to pursue those targets,” he told reporters traveling with him in the region, according to Reuters.”

    Alex Graham @Alex_Graham@social.quodverum.com
    @ThomasWic @kbrendell

    3) IMHO This coming offensive was planned once Trump took office. So many things happening behind the scenes. Inviting the Taliban for peace talks knowing they’d mess it up was part of the plan. Now they have nobody to blame but themselves once the total spectrum offensive hits them.

    ty1028 @ty1028@social.quodverum.com
    @Alex_Graham @ThomasWic @kbrendell and don’t forget the economic leverage on Pakistan to cooperate. China is hurting and the one belt one road money isn’t flowing like it used to. Pakistan can’t afford to lose US aid much less have the US cozy up to India now.

    YolandaHolman @YolandaHolman@social.quodverum.com
    @ThomasWic @kbrendell Trump said they were dead. I do not think the media reps present when Trump said this fully understood what that meant. I did

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        1. It is close to harvest season isn’t it?
          It it takes up to five months for the ordinary poppy plants to develop, grow and reach maturity. Unfortunately the growth cycle of opium in Afghanistan is now around two – three months thanks to a new seed variety, thus allowing farmers to crop three times a year instead of just twice….

          BURN THE DARN POPPY FIELDS! Then sow the fields with a 5 year ‘weed’ supressant barrier spray.

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              1. I absolutely HATE Johnson grass. We have it too.

                The stuff I have is a broad leaf weed killer.
                TRI-LETE 252 lawn weed killer
                topaz turf corp
                130 corporate dr
                holtsville ny 11742

                Round-up will kill it. You can cut it back then use a funnel over the hand sprayer to make sure it only goes on the johnson grass. Unfortunately it then comes back from the seeds and rhizomes so you have to till the soil to bring the seeds and rhizomes to the surface and continue treating with Round-up and tilling until the patch is completely dead. link

                “…a single plant can produce up to 80,000 seeds in a single year and many of the seeds can lay dormant for up to 10 years before sprouting. The second reason is that Johnson grass sends rhizomes (roots that grow new plants) up to 275 feet in all directions….” linkso it is a real bitch to completely kill without repeated applications of a weed killer and tilling to bring the rhizomes to the surface.

                I found the sheep or goats do a nice job of killing it since their digestive track kills the seed. Horses just re-plant it in fertilizer but if they are kept in a small enough area they pound the rhizomes into the ground and young plants from seeds do not survive the pounding. I have found only bermuda grass survives the intense pounding. However once you take the horse (ponies) off the area the seeds sprout back up agian but not in prolifferation. Unfortunately my ponies will avoid high dense stands of Johnson grass unless mowed close to the ground.

                Johnson grass does not like constant mowing and that is one of the recomendations I have gotten for killing the crap. I prefer fencing off the infestation and letting the goats at it since they will preferencially eat and KILL the seeds. Then I mow it and let the horses overgraze the area. You have to be careful because Johnson grass is poisonous if it is drought stressed. — I really do hate the darn stuff!

                A last ditch method is to spray with roundup. Mow as close as you can, till and then place a thick black plastic over the area to allow the heat of the sun to COOK the seeds and rhizomes.

                GOOD LUCK!

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    1. Sooner rather than later, the leaders of the Taliban,Iran, ISIS, NK, China, and the rest of the world are going to have to STOP taking advice from Barack Obama and John Kerry and wake up and realize just WHO they are fooking with NOW. I wonder how long it will take them to realize that they were played by Obama and Kerry? Trump is the ANTI Obama, he does NOT play, and yet there are still some that lament that he will let the Cabal get away with what they did…NOT a chance. They are FUBAR. Trump is a winner, and he cares a BIG stick (the US Military) I suspect the Cabal will be seeing that stick as well…soon.

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      1. The even bigger stick he carries is the us economy and he’s reshaping that to the advantage of the us. Obumma and Kerry weren’t playing them. They were happily throwing away America’s wealth, power , prestige. Now their plans are in ashes they are trying to save their asses

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      1. Reminds me on an old” Imus in the Morning” radio routine when he and Bernard were at their best. It was entitled “Tres Huervos – The Man WHo Sat Unusually High in the Saddle”. Why? Because he had Tres Huervos – much like PDJT.

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  13. Thanks for all the info, folks. Sydney is a Wolverine. Glad Flynn’s got her leading the charge. I cannot believe The Fuckers blackmailed Flynn into his plea by threatening to go after Jr. and now claim Brady rights are moot because Flynn signed his coerced guilty plea. Keep Attacking, Sydney!

    Praying for Judge Sullivan to do what’s right for our country and serve justice.

    Also wouldn’t mind if Sydney Powell met Sally Yates in a dark alley, then walked out whistling “you can’t always get what you want.”

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          1. Sally Q. Yates has sullied a good name. Her maiden name Quillian was once the name of a dozen or more preachers in the N GA Methodist Church in the 1800-1940s. She is a cousin by marriage and the daughter you all have prayed for shares the same SQ name/initials, but was not named after her.

            As soon as PDJT fired Sally Q Yates, the lefties started showering her with meaningless awards and accolades.

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            1. Satan comes at us all a thousand ways. Weirdly, I would be where she is – defending this Babylon – had I made other choices that looked outwardly like the most moral ones.

              Does time make a difference? Is sinner first or sinner later better? I tend to doubt that time looks the same to God, as it does to us.

              Every day I live, I see more clearly that we are ALL trapped by sin, and cannot free ourselves.

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            1. Absolutely – she could have done something different, but then ask WHAT. Ask HOW. Down in her heart, she probably knows – they would have KILLED HER.

              That is where I both despise her, but despise myself for being no better. Her lack of courage and mine are so similar. I just snuck out of the system early, and then got pinned down in my hidey-hole, trying to understand stuff that made absolutely no sense. “Stayin’ alive.”

              The racial virtue signal is POWERFUL. It is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. It is – ironically – one of the best ways to manipulate GOOD PEOPLE. The people who gave us Obama KNEW exactly what it would mean, and what they could do.

              The way out of this is to UNDERSTAND what was done to us. I am finding that forgiveness is an incredibly powerful tool of understanding. I believe that it is an essential part of the Great Awakening. I am only now learning how to TRULY apply it.

              It’s very weird. I need to RAIL at people like Yates, but then I grasp how little worse than me they truly are. Comey wandering in the fucking trees, wondering what the hell is going on, after he did what he thought was the right thing. BEEN THERE – DONE THAT. And that was the beginning of the ASS-KICKING that God needed to deliver on my doorstep. Everything I thought I knew was turned upside down, but in the end, God delivered on prayers in the most unexpected ways.

              I strongly suspect that when the integral of blame over the whole universe settles, it ain’t gonna look much different than it does now, but it will be much smaller, and we will all be awake. THAT is what Mattis is talking about.

              Sorry – I’m in philosophy mode. I’m actually mentally DEFENDING Sidney Gottlieb from the failing New York Times, for calling MK ULTRA a failure. Without admitting what is REALLY going on, everything is BACKWARDS from the truth.

              They could have worked harder to kill me, and they didn’t. Who do I thank for that?
              They could have killed Bob Lazar, and they didn’t. Let ME thank somebody for that. Weirdly, I’m learning what Corso said – that the CIA and KGB ended up respecting each other.

              Fucking design. It’s beautiful. I think I need a beer. 😀

              Yup. Sally Q. Yates needs to follow Comey down the Wolf Trail. We ALL have to go through some ROUGH STUFF. But the AWAKENING is at the end. 😎

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              1. Yep. There but for the grace of god. No one knows how they will react when shit gets real.. and I don’t think it’s like a big neon signposted thing. It’s incremental steps. Do a favour , bend a rule, help a friend. The road to hell isnt paved with good intentions it’s paved with inattention to details, small venal sins leaving you leveragable.

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          1. I WANT THE STRING PULLERS‼️‼️‼️‼️

            The ones pulling the strings of all the bad actors we see including ValJar, Oh‼️Bummer, Brennan, Comey, Sally Yates, Eric Holder, Hitlery & Billy…..

            The rest I want in GITMO singing their lungs out.

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            1. This entire Russia-gate/ Spy-gate saga would make a seriously off-the-charts miniseries if any conservatives (no Leftwing liars from Hollywood) ever secured the funding to create it….

              Liked by 3 people

      1. Yep, you do know that she was the retaliation by Trump for the Flynn stuff right? She was PURPOSELY given an order Trump KNEW she would refuse (she had literally written the contrary Obama DOJ opinion on immigration). Trump essentially set her up to fail the task given her, and she obliged with flying colors, allowing him to remove her for her role in the Flynn setup (Remember SHE went to Don MCGahn about Flynn’s “lie” on what Pence said) It was always a theory of mine that the Cabal were NOT aiming for Flynn to catch in a “lie” but PENCE. They wanted to get rid of BOT Trump and Pence, giving us a President Ryno Ryan. Pelosi and Waters said as much, and think, it NEVER meant sense to get rid of ONLY Trump, as Pence would have carried on the agenda and MORE.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Excellent thinking! Agreed!

          Yes – I read a theory somewhere that there was a plan for YATES to get and stay where Rod Rosenstein was, and then harass Trump into impeachment by some clearly outlined mechanism. I never bookmarked it, but the exact scenario that was laid out made SO MUCH SENSE. However, I think your idea of them trying to GET PENCE makes a LOT OF SENSE, for other reasons that don’t bear mention.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. I really need to share my book with you. I think you would enjoy it. I have lots of theories on the moves and counter moves between Trump and the Cabal. There were many, and I think I even wrote an article on my blog about it.

            I will go look and post the link It is pretty amazing when you step back and look at simply the facts. I did a timeline to help me organize it because there is SO much out there. One of the reasons I wrote my book was to provide a “road map” for people that are or will be confused when this hits. A major Cabal tactic is to throw out so much info and disinfo, and then let it sit for months that people either forget, become confused, or tune out.


              1. Look at my entire blog, but start with this. https://wordpress.com/post/politicalprognosticator.politics.blog/273 If you start chronilogically at my blog from about right after “The Circus” which was on Kavanaugh, and move up, while some things are OT, most detail my book theories, and how I evolved and firmly became convinced what actually happened. There is ALOT there, and it even has a few chapters from my book in it and my timeline. Happy reading, hop you enjoy. The link to my blog is in the link, just omit the title and you will see all my posts,


              2. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it. It is rudimentary (not as fancy as some) but I feel there is a lot of info there. Most of it is from my book, and a few of my theories have evolved over time, but the basic premise and conclusion is the same. If you start from the beginning, you will see the evolution, but still one consistent theme, in the end they ALL had only ONE boss.


          1. We agree to disagree. Pence would be even WORSE for the dems, as Roe would already be history. But, the BIG tell to me that this was at one time a plan is simple. Paul Ryan is in his 40’s, and the #3 person in Government, why the heck would he simply “retire”. No one THAT young “retires” from government, especially when one has had a taste of SO much power. He was their “Manchurian” republican, he would have done just as he did with Obama, rubber stamped what ever the dems and their globalist masters wanted..PEROIOD. As a member of the Gang of 8 and SOTH he KNEW what the Cabal did and was doing to Trump, and he did NOTHING to stop it, he WANTED him gone, but PENCE would have been in HIS way to power. Ryan did EVERYTHING he could to stall, obscure, deny, or downplay the Trump agendas. Pence was interviewed ONE day before Yates revealed the “lie” by Flynn the day BEFORE Pence was interviewed. That tells me Pence was at least ancillary used as the hammer on Flynn. BUT, Maxine Watters AND Pelosi have both said on the record that PENCE would be Impeached too. So IMHO, it is NOT out of the realm of possibility that PENCE was the original target, and Flynn fell on the sword to SAVE him. No doubt the Cabal wanted Flynn, because HE knows where ALL the bodies are “burried” in the Obama admin. He would also have STOPPED this coup attempt before it began in earnest.


              1. I Trust Trump, not Pence or anyone else, I just think that that was the Cabal plan to install Ryan, and when it blew up, knowing what Ryan had done, and what he allowed and knew, he retired. Name me another 40 something SOTH and VP nominee that retired from Congress in an EASY district to win that did not have some scandal or major heath issue? Pence may not be full MAGA, but if he were a Cabal man, he would and could have went along with the 25 amendment scheme easily, he didn’t, which means he either is not Cabal or he was scared it would not work. I trust Trump, and if he thinks Pence is OK or at least necessary, then I am OK with that. IF Pence is not what he seems, he has a purpose, and when Trump is through with him, he will replace him. Lets see if he is on the 2020 ticket, if he is, he is NOT swamp, IMHO, because there would be NO better time to replace him than that.


  14. For the religious
    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    For @KenLarkin

    One of the most famous stories from World War One is the Angel of Mons.

    The contemporary reports were wildly distorted, but I found the original account, as told by a man who was there.

    A British patrol was lost, and the Germans were closing in.

    One of the men told everyone to pray.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    As the British crossed an open field–this happened before trench warfare–the saw a light in the distance.

    The sergeant said that it was a French farmer doing some kind of nocturnal farm work.

    So the patrol approached the farmer to ask for directions.

    But it wasn’t a farmer. It was person wearing a white robe a carrying a lantern.

    They couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

    The person beckoned for the British to follow.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    As they walked along behind the lantern, one man said, “Anybody ever hear about something like this in Sunday school?”

    “Don’t talk,” said the sergeant. “Just keep walking.”


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    The person in the robe led the British to a sunken road that hid them from the approaching Germans.

    As soon as the British were all on the road, the person with the lantern disappeared, and the men made it back to their unit.

    Their commanders ordered them to not talk about it, but word got out.

    The story was distorted into angels protecting the Brits or fighting alongside them.


    Thomas Wictor

    But that’s not what happened.

    The men prayed for help in finding their way home.

    They didn’t pray for direct intervention in the battle.

    Therefore their prayers were answered.


    Liked by 4 people

  15. Ripple effect

    Reuters World News @reuters_worldnews@newsbots.eu
    **El Salvador sends hundreds of police to border to thwart migrants**

    “El Salvador’s government will deploy at least 800 police to its borders with Honduras and Guatemala in a bid to thwart U.S.-bound migrants, officials said on Wednesday. “

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Me too, gal.❤️ Posted it too. It is a 12 minute video that is so inspiring. Indicative of the American spirit. A small Coast Guard craft put out an APB to all crafts that the people of Manhattan needed boat evacuations ASAP. The channel suddenly filled EXTREMELY QUICKLY with our American boat captains answering the call. Tugboats, ferries from nearby places, luxury yachts… you name it. They came running in minutes. And got half a million people evacuated in 9 HOURS.

      Liked by 6 people

  16. Big big win. (And itwas me wandering off into the weeds again)🎶Winds of change
    running all through the land….🎶

    Supreme Court allows Trump asylum restrictions to take effect, ending 9th Circuit injunctions
    In a major win for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court issued an order late Wednesday ending all injunctions that had blocked the White House’s ban on asylum for anyone trying to enter the U.…

    “Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented.”


    Watch the Democrats lose their minds now that they can’t stop it.
    U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco blocked the new policy in late July. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed Tigar’s order so that it effectively applied only in Arizona and California, states that are within the 9th Circuit.
    That left the administration free to enforce the policy on asylum seekers arriving in New Mexico and Texas. Tigar issued a new order on Monday that reimposed a nationwide hold on asylum policy.
    Got that? After being slapped down once by the 9th Circuit, who told him “Nope, you can’t issue a NATIONWIDE injunction; you can only impose it on the states within your jurisdiction!”

    he came right back on Monday & said “Nope, it’s NATIONWIDE. I **dare** you to stop me again.”
    So the 9th Circuit…SLAPPED HIM DOWN AGAIN.

    “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals then narrowed Tiger’s order again on Tuesday by issuing an administrative stay. The stay blocked Tiger’s order nationally, but ruled it still had could take effect within 9th Circuit’s boundaries.
    And tonight?

    Well tonight….

    The Supreme Court gave the biggest bitch-slap it can administer to a single district judge.
    “In a major win for Trump administration, Supreme Court issued an order late Wednesday ending **all injunctions** that had blocked the White House’s ban on asylum for trying to enter the U.S. by traveling through a third country, such as Mexico, without seeking protection there.”
    Now, Tigar had the nerve to turn right around and issue another injunction in direct defiance of the 9th Circuit.

    Let’s see if he has the nerve to buck a 7-2 Supreme Court order.

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  17. Well, what the heck, I will say it. Powell’s motion is a political statement. Legally (it seems), it is bluster and nonsense.

    Although Powell is either deliberately vague or misleadingly non-specific (always a bad sign), her motion is apparently NOT intended to “exonerate” Flynn from the actual offense to which he pleaded guilty, it is to provide a basis for a more lenient sentence, or to have the charges dismissed because of government misconduct while NOT denying Flynn’s guilt.

    There are many points which could be made, but here is one. Other than name-calling the prosecutor, Powell provides zero legal reason for refuting the argument that Flynn WAIVED his right to further discovery when he pleaded guilty.

    Here is another point: Powell implicitly accuses Flynn’s former attorney of ineffective assistance of counsel, but you will notice she makes zero argument or even reference with respect to this necessary consideration.

    Maybe bluster and nonsense will succeed, anything is possible.

    No one knows what is actually happening, or what the motivations are. But Powell’s written documents call into question whether she knows what she is doing, or has General Flynn’s best interests in mind.


    1. Missing the point that Flynn plead guilty when he didn’t have to because the FBI already had info, which was not known to Flynn or Covington and Burling at that time.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Had info about what? That he did not do what he swore under oath he did?

        Powell is NOT asking to withdraw the plea. I saw her and heard her say that. She is NOT contesting the question of guilt.

        Notice how she has zero legal argument that goes to your point. Nowhere does she say “My client would not have pleaded guilty had he known about certain Brady material.”

        Whether Flynn is guilty or not (and I believe he is NOT) he pleaded guilty, under oath, “freely” and “voluntarily.”

        Powell is NOT arguing that the plea was invalid, period.

        BTW, I read the original charging papers and thought the case was extremely weak if not non-existent. Flynn knew that, his lawyers knew that, but he pleaded guilty anyway.

        Powell may know things we don’t know, but on the surface it looks like she is playing a very dangerous game.

        The judge already ascertained that Flynn stood by his plea and did NOT want to withdraw it.

        Now the judge can simply say that he abrogates the plea based on various grounds.

        Powell does not want that to happen but what does she do if it does happen? Or what does she do if the judge does what EVERY judge (wrongly) does – – increase the sentence to serious time in light of the time and effort expended on what was already settled? Especially since Powell has not shown in the slightest that she has a meritorious legal argument?

        Powell IMO is playing a dangerous game with Flynn’s life. But in other respects her life is getting better and better.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Towanda — I have friends, family and neighbors who deal with national security matters, and have had a multitude of discussions wherein I have strayed into things they cannot discuss (in part because they frequently don’t tell me what they actually do for a living). I understand that they are required to give to me less than full and completely truthful responses when I stray into forbidden areas. I do not conclude that they are dishonorable people when they do this.

          With that in mind, here is my take on your discussion with Daughn:

          I believe that Flynn did not fully and completely convey to the FBI in January, 2017 the content of his discussion with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak because the contents of that discussion were classified. The content of that call remains classified, and Flynn is not free, unless the government permits him to do so in his own defense, to reveal what was said.

          There is almost no legal precedent for this type of dispute because our government has procedures in place to preclude the FBI (or anyone else in law enforcement for that matter) from asking questions that require a person with high security clearances to lie to law enforcement. Those procedures were not followed in this instance – Comey has stated explicitly that he failed to follow these procedures because he wanted Flynn to feel at ease and speak freely and because he thought the Trump Administration was so disorganized that he could get away with it — and so Flynn failed to provide the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

          I just reread Flynn’s plea deal. It basically says that Flynn agrees that he said X whereas the actual facts were Y. It does not say that he knew he was being interviewed in the course of a law enforcement investigation and lied knowing that doing so might impede the investigation. Flynn does not deny he said X, which is why he has not said to the court “I didn’t say that” and/or “I didn’t lie.”

          I agree Powell is playing a dangerous game. But the plea agreement Flynn signed explicitly says that the court is not bound by the plea agreement.

          Prosecutorial misconduct is relevant to the disposition of Flynn’s case. The failure to produce Brady material is evidence of that misconduct.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. We don’t know what Flynn was thinking when he pleaded guilty, but we can assume the ramifications and possible options were thoroughly explained to him, and that he understood what he was doing. For some reason or reasons, Flynn did not want to go to trial despite the glaring weakness of the allegations.

            And Powell does not want the plea withdrawn, which means she does not want to go to trial, either.

            I hope she knows what shes doing. I hope she succeeds. But what she is doing IMO is reckless, and nothing she has said so far in her legal pleadings gives any indication that she anything like a slam dunk legal winner. Brady sounds like a straightforward proposition, and the language is very sweeping and grand. But Powell does not address the various aspects of Brady indicating why she might possibly win, and those aspects might very well be far more complicated and “nuanced” then people imagine.

            It would be interesting to learn how often genuine government misconduct actually leads to a different result. My guess is very seldom. That is why the government engages in misconduct, they have learned that there is almost zero downside other than tut-tutting. Courts have taught the government that in case after case.


            1. As to not wanting to withdraw his plea and/or go to trial, I believe the government communicated to Flynn that they could charge him with a multitude of crimes, and that as part of the plea agreement they have agreed not to do so. Were Flynn to seek to change or withdraw his plea, the government would not only take him to trial on the original charges, but they would also charge him with several other crimes.

              I think Powell is pointing to unethical behavior on the part of the Justice Department that she personally has observed in the short few months she has been on the case in order to pierce the presumption that government lawyers act ethically when before federal courts (to the extent anyone labors under this presumption).

              And I think she is not providing legal arguments to defend Flynn because by providing a massive list of Brady material that has not been provided to the court, she is providing evidence of unethical behavior in this case which also happens to violated the court’s standing Brady order. By making this list of material public (and it appears that Judge Sullivan agreed to unseal it), she is demanding that Judge Sullivan consider the extent to which Justice Department lawyers acted contemptuously in his courtroom. This is a gusty move, as it directly challenges Judge Sullivan to defend his court.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I agree with your analysis 100%, although I use the word reckless and you use the word gutsy, a respectable difference of opinion.

                Last night Victoria Toensing said that Flynn pleaded guilty in part so his son would not be indicted. This is one of those tactics which seems to be completely legal “extortion”. Even if Powell is successful, what if the result is the indictment of Flynn’s son?

                Another thought: what appears to be an easily made case of corruption leading to Flynn’s indictment might be more complicated and speculative than appearances. And the allegations of corruption will not go unopposed by the government, and so a hearing would possibly be required to establish the “truth” of the “corruption,” a hearing which theoretically could dwarf an actual trial. What judge wants that? Especially when guilt has already been admitted, and reiterated?

                And yet another point: Sullivan has a reputation because of Stevens, and maybe that is why Powell feels emboldened to raise these issues. I do not know Sullivan whatsoever, but another possibility is that he does not want to be known as the chump judge who lets defendants undo plea deals with post-plea elaborate Brady requests. It would seem that judges always are strongly motivated to deter what they consider a waste of time by future non-repentant defendants.

                The Flynn case may or may not be the Stevens case, but Stevens WENT TO TRIAL and his conviction was affected by the government corruption of Brady, in the sense that the outcome would have been different had Stevens known about the Brady information.

                When you say “I plead guilty and as part of my plea I waive my right to further discovery” you are saying that any possible Brady violations are irrelevant to the guilty plea, and that is true despite Sullivan’s “standard” order, which applied to sentencing considerations at the point Sullivan made it (IIRC).

                I hope Powell is successful in the sense of getting a dismissal with no consequences other than victory. And the theory you posited a couple months back is still in play, about the hidden motivation behind Flynn’s behavior in the case, a theory which seems plausible to me and may actually be boosted by what Powell is doing.

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      2. ALSO missing the point that Muleheads Attack dogs had BANKRUPTED General Flynn. With the government witholding the evidence of General Flynn’s innocence and no other way to prove it, he really had no choice which was EXACTLY the idea.


        American Patriot @GenFlynn did not lie to Pence (or anyone else in the admin) about his perfectly legal and appropriate conversations w Russian AMB Kislyak in Dec 2016. Why would a highly decorated military intel officer lie about something legal? Been a MSM lie from day 1
        — MFLYNNJR (@mflynnJR) April 23, 2018

        There was never anything my father had 2 protect me from bcause I was nvr involved in or did anything illegal. Any1 who knows me, knows I operate w incredble integrity. This narrative that @GenFlynn had 2 “plea 2 protect his son” has been false from day 1

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Good point. That is the extortion part, not just threatening his son – and who wouldn’t give their lives to save their children? – but bankrupting him into a coerced plea. Down below I remark that they (FBI/DOJ) didn’t just go in search of a “crime” they created the crime to go in search of.

          I consider entrapment, planting of evidence, extortion, under duress, etc. etc. all misconduct on the part of the government. Only the rich and connected have the means to withstand an assault of the government.

          Just asked the recipients of IRS attacks.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Judge Sullivan has already ruled that whatever bound the DOJ and Flynn in his plea – did not bind his Court.

      While not a lawyer, I have good understanding of the legal speak, and disagree that Powell’s words are just bluster. She backed up everything she is claiming in her pleading, and the Unsealing of the entire document indicates that she is correct about the malfeasance and misconduct on the part of the DOJ – with threads all the way to Mueller’s investigation.

      Suborning perjury on the part of the DOJ, and using extortion to enact a guilty plea would appear to be plenty of factual evidence. Flynn’s passing of his polygraph, the machinations with Pientka’s 302 by McCabe and company, and then the letter from Clapper clearing Flynn offer further proof – that not only did the DOJ go in search of a crime, but they created a crime. They’ve been guilty of this previously – Stevens.

      Powell doesn’t have to go after previous ineffective assistance of counsel unless she loses on the path she has chosen. She is demanding the right to represent, as new counsel of record, the information in order to advise her client appropriately.

      You don’t like Powell, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t doing good stuff. From what I can tell, lawyers do almost 90% of their work through bluster and nonsense, but IMO, Sidney is far superior to this.

      Will see how it plays out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. People are set up by law enforcement all the time. Half the people in prison were set up, and most pleaded guilty. In a sense, law enforcement is all about setting people up.

      Papa pleaded guilty, and to my knowledge he never said he was not guilty. He kept his mouth shut and did his time, time which could very well have been a lot longer had he engaged in protracted litigation about being set up.

      An argument could be made that the law enforcement system is corrupt on all levels, everywhere. Every aspect has been long since gamed out, and the difference is a disparity in leverage, which is 97% on the side of government.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Except these people were set up under false pretenses in foreign countries, by foreign spies WITHOUT a legitimate warrant to do so. NO due process. That is a clear fourth amendment violation.
        Then these same people who btw did plead guilty because they were STRONG armed, intimidated, AND had exculpatory evidence WITHHELD that would have proven their innocence. That is hardly ” all the time”

        They tried to RAILROAD Papadopolous. they DID railroad Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort. These people perpetrated a defacto coup de tat and committed at LEAST Sedition if not treason in doing so. Obama, Comey, Brennan, Lynch, McCabe, and all their sycophants wiped their asses on the constitution and SPIIT on the rule of law.
        There is NO justification OR defense for what they did. Remember this, if they can do what they did to the President of the United States, they can and most likely HAVE done it to everyone.

        This was NOT “law enforcement” this was an abuse of power by people who thought they were ABOVE the law. As for Papa pleading guilty, what choice did he have? They tried to get him on a FELONY, the second time, and accused him of treason, conspiracy, and being a TRAITOR the first time using made up bullshit, and FOREIGN spies on FOREIGN soil to try and cover it up and skirt US law. What was he to do fight a T-Rex with a ballon? He took his UNDESERVED and ILLEGAL lumps, and lived to fight on another day. He will see justice, and he will be VERY rich because of it.

        These people who perpetrated this fraud ALL should and hopefully WILL hang for what they did, and what they attempted. People like Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, and Papdopolous had their lives upended, their careers ruined, their families torn apart, their businesses RUINED, their rights violated, and their freedom taken for a LIE, to try and remove of force out someone that THEY did not like and disagreed with politically.

        This is beyond mere corruption. This was and is a CONSPIRACY to treason, sedition, a coup, and a abuse of power, subversion of US law, suborning perjury, and that is just a start. All in the hope to protect a useless President’s “legacy” and elect try to put in someone we the people did not want. Hillary did, ans has committed more crimes by a factor of 1000 than ALL Trump’s people combined were forced to “plead guilty” to. Where is HER setup? Where is Obama and her justice?

        The days of accepting justice for thee but not me by rolling over and playing nice are OVER. I will personally volunteer to pull the lever if these people hand, and I will be in a LONG waiting list of people volunteering to do so.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Thank You, I apologize too if I seemed “snaky” One, I have been sick as a dog the last two weeks (sinus) Two, I actually wrote a book and did extensive research on the Cabal and what they did to innocent people like Flynn and Papadopolous. Manafort was not a true innocent, nor was Cohen, but they were abused by a corrupt DOJ at the behesst of a corrut President. We are ALL on the same team here. I just am passionate about what they did, I want them ALL to pay. BTW, did you happen to hear Joe DiGenonva on Hannity last night? He basically confirmed ALL the conclusions that I wrote in my book. Check it out, it is at the end when he goes OFF on the Cabal. Peace!

            Liked by 1 person

  18. A heartfelt thank you to all for commenting on the Flynn situation and gifting us with your expert insights.

    Yesterday I was mostly out but I kept checking back to get information about my favorite General.

    Reading the statements coming from those at the trial wasn’t helpful since I don’t have legal training and didn’t know what “Brady” and other terms meant.

    I kept coming back to the Q tree, hopeful that Big T and others would weigh in and make sense of it all.

    Happily, they did!

    It means a lot to have trusted voices to turn to that help us navigate through the verbiage to the truth.

    Liked by 3 people

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