John Bolton Resigns

Well, John Bolton was asked to resign last night and did so this morning. At 10:55am the WH issued a press release stating Bolton would be in the WH presser at 1:30pm. Bolton insists he offered to resign last night after a heated discussion on Afghanistan. Bolton claim the President said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Yet, at about 11:28am, the President issued this tweet.

Bolton is gone and a new National Security Advisor will take his place.

And then, about 2 hours later, Secs Mnuchin and Pompeo took to the podium to explain details about the new EO the President signed targeting terrorists all over the globe (and wow, are they ever targeting terrorists, “most significant action since we went to war after 9/11”). Wolfie, I’m having a hard time getting the C-Span link to show up properly, can you help, please?

Here is the presser for the ages. Starts at 31 minutes and it is HOT!

We all know the media will spin this story into a 4 day story. The people in this forum are equally if not more qualified to respond and speculate.

What do you guys think?

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  1. The take from MSN, which is really CNN.
    CNN reported last week that tensions between top figures on Trump’s national security team had devolved into all-out hostility, creating a deep disconnect between staffers on the National Security Council, led by Bolton, and the rest of the administration, six people familiar with the matter said.

    Bolton was initially brought into the administration last year to replace HR McMaster partly due to his hawkish position on Iran — supporting Trump’s exit from the Iran nuclear deal — but he soon began to clash with the President’s vision for diplomacy in North Korea and most recently on Afghanistan.

    The campaign by Trump allies to push Bolton out of the administration had ramped up in recent weeks, multiple sources told CNN.

    The President had received multiple phone calls and appeals to replace Bolton with someone who agreed with him more and was willing to follow through with his decisions when he didn’t. This was something Trump heard since he hired Bolton — but people noticed the President’s frustration with him was growing in recent weeks so they upped the pressure.

    A senior administration official echoed that sentiment, telling CNN that Trump has been getting more and more irritated with Bolton over the past several months for his statements on Iran, Venezuela and now Afghanistan.

    Trump no longer believed Bolton could advocate for the President’s agenda, and instead felt he was harming his credibility, the official said.

    Trump also felt like Bolton wasn’t a forceful enough advocate for him in the media — and that when he did make appearances, he wasn’t convincing enough, since it was evident he didn’t believe in some of Trump’s foreign policy goals, the source added.

    Another senior administration official told CNN that White House and national security officials learned about Bolton’s firing from Trump’s tweet. The official described aides as frantically trying to figure things out following the tweet.

    Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney called his departure a “huge loss” for the Trump administration and said he was “very unhappy” to learn Bolton was leaving.

    “The loss of John Bolton as a senior leader in foreign policy is an extraordinary loss for our nation and for the White House,” Romney told reporters, adding that he was an important voice in the room because he would take a different view.

    But fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a leading Bolton critic, told CNN that “the chances of war worldwide go greatly down” with his firing.

    “He has a naive view that believes we should recreate the world in our own image by toppling countries by violent overthrow and somehow democracy will prevail,” Paul said about Bolton.

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      1. EXACTLY. That is the most reassuring thing I’ve read yet.

        I like Bolton, and I still like Bolton, but I don’t always agree with him. I suspect he was suggesting NON-STARTERS with Trump.

        I’m with Rand Paul on this. World war is not a good thing. TRADE is the big weapon, and Trump knows how to use it, too.

        I think this should cure ANYBODY who thinks Trump is a neocon of that particular delusion.

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        1. I like John Bolton A LOT. But he was never a great fit with PDJT because they have really different ideas about how to solve international problems.

          They rubbed along okay for awhile but this was always going to happen some day, and some day has come. It’s okay, it’s fine, it is by no means the end of the world. Bolton contributed what he could, and now PDJT needs to find someone to help him with his current objectives.

          Mitt Romney continues to be a putz. SMH.

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        2. Yep. Anything he disagrees with sounds right to methis is very strategic. With Bolton the neocons felt they still had a place at the table. Potus has definitely gone with the new warfare the bcc are doing so successfully in the Middle East and is happening down south against the cartels and hizbollah financiers. Not indiscriminate war, targeting the ones who matter. And gutting the financial networks. I linked an army news article that the us army is rapidly adopting this strategy. Potus has no problem killing bad guys – see the talibans own goal, but wants to capture the enemies country intact. No rebuilding costs. Potus, I suspect, would now run rings around sun tzu

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          1. Bolton’s out the same week we hear the Taliban murdered half a dozen just for “leverage”against Potus. Potus posits “how many more decades” do they want armed conflict? Ironic cause Bolton would have enjoyed the ensuing engagement.
            Pdjt’s tone was so emphatic I can’t help thinking that the command in Afghanistan has been green lighted to inflict maximum pain on the Taliban. How will the Taliban like Trump with few ROEs ?!

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            1. Oh yes . Trumps game strategy of choice is tit for tat. He offered them a chance to resolve this peacefully. They spat in his face. Unlike obumma Potus won’t tolerate this. They are going to get hurt

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      2. According to theHill

        Mitt Romney (R-Utah) defended outgoing national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday, calling his firing a “huge loss.”

        “His view was not always the same as everybody else in the room. That’s why you wanted him there. The fact that he was a contrarian from time to time is an asset not a liability,” Romney told reporters Tuesday after the president tweeted that Bolton had been fired.

        “I’m very very unhappy to hear that he’s leaving. It is a huge loss for the administration in my opinion and
        for the nation”
        Rommey is a LOSER

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        1. And POS Romney knows Bolton was a contrarian only from time to time . . . how? What if Bolton was a contrarian 80% of the time . . . and didn’t support ant PTrump views that he didn’t like . . . and talked up opposing views even after PTrump made his decision? Romney’s just like CNN . . . fake news, fake facts and fake assumptions.

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            1. Yes ma’am. Bless my heart but y’all are so much nicer and honest and you cook so well. And always fixin’. Last year a friend told me that “After fixin’ the pick-up, I’m fixin’ to make fixin’s for Thanksgiving dinner.”

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    1. “But fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a leading Bolton critic, told CNN that “the chances of war worldwide go greatly down” with his firing.”

      Rand Paul pretty much sums up how I feel about Bolton’s departure.

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  2. Personally, we know we cannot trust anything CNN says = disregard.
    Sound like Bolton may have leaked something.
    President Trump LIKES opposing viewpoints in the room and has never been one to shun a vigorous debate on key issues. He likes to flush out ideas among the staff.
    All CEO’s treasure this kind of a mix.

    It had to be something else.

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      1. Wolfie, I updated the post and put the CSPAN link in for the Pompeo and Mnuchin presser but it is not showing up correctly.
        Can you, pretty please, fix it?

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      2. Trump like to compartmentalize his appointments. They all have specific tasks, some are long term, and some are short term. When their task is completed OR not being handled in the way that Trump wants, he REPLACES them with someone that WILL get the job done. See Neilsen, Kristen, and McMaster,HR, and Tillerson, Rex. Even Mattis was replaced because HE thought HE knew better. Bolton will now be a media darling after being compared to a ghoul forever by the same media. All in the hopes that he will say ANYTHING negative on Trump. Trump is a BUSINESSMAN first and a politician second. In the buisiness world you are hired to produce or complete certain goals, when they are achieved, if you are VALUABLE, you are reassigned, if your usefulness was limited to a specialty, you are reassigned, or relieved of duty..IE fired. If the goal is NOT met or bogged down, you are FIRED. There are timelines in place, and there IS a plan. Bolton either did NOT get his goal accomplished in a timely manner, FAILED to complete his goal, of tried to move out of his scope.

        Trump has a socioeconomic plan for the world. He is using the MIGHT of the US economy to bring other countries like China, the EU, Iran, NK, and others to the table. Some is for trade, and some is to get them to stop being bad actors. The economic pressure, coupled with the mere THREAT of our military might is MORE than enough to achieve these goals. Some “hawks” only want the US military to CRUSH our enemies, they do not get the diplomacy impact of using our ECONOMIC power, which exceeds even our military might to accomplish the job, quicker and with less or even ZERO bloodshed. Few besides Reagan in the last 50 years have understood this, Trump DOES. Reagan defeated the Soviet union without really firing a shot, and definitely without a protracted bloody or even nuclear war.

        Trump has ratcheted up the pressure on China, the EU, NK, IRAN, and even the Palestinians by using the THREAT of military intervention coupled with the REALITY of CRUSHING economic policy. China is all but ready to say Matay, their recent capitulation in Hong Kong is a BIG TELL. Xi BACKED down, and it was DIRECTLY because Trump threatened to WALK AWAY from trade talks if ANY violence occurred there. The MSM will NEVER admit that. Iran is in EXACTLY the same boat as China, their economy is DEVASTATED, and without oil sales, they are doomed. The same goes for Russia, the EU, and even the Palestinians (NK is a proxy of China, so when China taps out, NK WILL follow). Trump uses MONEY to accomplish what a mere gun could not or would not. It is brilliant, because he STILL has the military option in his back pocket, but he needs NEVER use it, the THREAT is enough, allowing the REAL damage to be done ECONOMICALLY. That is EVERY country’s weakness. The reality is Trump and Bolton clahed because they had 2 different approaches. Trump is more subtle (no, really, speak softly ((economy) and carry a BIG stick (US Military). Bolton is a blunt object, similar to Mattis, blow shit up. And, thinking about it, that MAY have actually been his SOLE PURPOSE. The WORLD know’s Bolton’s resume, and his ideology. He is a WAR HAWK. Trump may have USED that to get compliance, all the while using the REAL hammer, the economy. Now, as the economic hammer has done it’s job, there is no NEED for the War Hawk, The diplomats and economic advisers can seal the deal WITHOUT a shooting war.

        Lets just see who he picks, I bet it will be 180 degrees opposite of Bolton, and THAT will be the tell that deals ARE coming. Trump is a MASTER negotiator and EXPERT in manipulating his “enemies” RIGHT where HE wants THEM, and they never even know it. The MSM and pundits call Trump a dumb ass and crazy. But it is his GENIUS that makes him crazy like a FOX. Just IMHO, but the EXACT strategy has already worked on Canada, Mexico, NATO, and the EU (economic pressure not so much the military, but he did threaten to pull OUT of NATO unless they paid their share…which they DID.) Mexico and Canada said “uncle” and so did the EU when Trump threatened an auto tariff. Now Trump WILL help the UK and Borris Johnson, in fact I think Trump is advising Johnson to an extent. Trump will wait till Brexit is almost upon them, and then BREAK the EU by announcing a MASSIVE trade deal contingent on the UK leaving the EU. Watch!

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          1. rayzorbak
            I agree that Bolton’s purpose has been served…… He WAS there for a “reason”…. Now, other parts of the plan need done…..
            Just don’t go MOOCHIE on us now John!
            I never had a positive or negative feeling on Bolton.
            Now I wait and see how he will behave and conducts himself and that will show what type of a person he is. We will know his soul.
            The Mooch showed us who he is and POTUS had the right instinct to distance himself from him.
            Bannon showed his true color with the Wolf book he endorsed and allowed into the WH. He is redeeming himself because for ideological reasons because POTUS is the best for conservative principles.
            There were others who were the right choice to let them go.
            I noticed something, POTUS said he firers Bolton normally POTUS says the people resigned . It is not good to be fired the Mooch is finding this out and so is Bolton and he tries to save his reputation.
            I agree with some posters here that Bolton much have done something more than just disagree he mid have helped reached up the idea POTUS is loosing it since Bolton is always right and no other person is in Bolton mind. Tucker made that point in his show.
            One can like Bolton but not share his stance on War. Any person who ever has experienced War and its aftermath chooses peace over War.

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          2. My gut tells me Mooch stuff is not what it seems…

            Either, as Wolf suggested on a thread some days ago, Mooch was kidnapped at a conference and MK’ed,…

            …or this is moar games to fool the baddies, like the “Trump hates dopey, inactive Jeff” game, to disguise executive branch FISA, or take the heat off the anti-pedo-ring operations.

            In this case, I have no clue what the “TDS Mooch” game is about.

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        1. Very nice article prog, I was surprised to hear SoS M. Pompeo refer to the Euphrates River in his press briefing and to say that they would not take their eyes off of it. I am aware of the role that area plays in Christian Scripture for end times events. I think I’ll shave my moustache, i looks too much like Bolton’s signature.

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          1. “…SoS M. Pompeo refer to the Euphrates River in his press briefing…”

            “I am aware of the role that area plays in Christian Scripture for end times events.”

            In ancient times, a section of the Euphrates formed an important part of the border between the Roman Empire and Persia.

            During the early 7th century AD, this border turned out to be highly relevant to Constantinople losing the vital southeastern quadrant of the Empire to Persia in the course of the Last Great War of Antiquity.

            Constantinople had already lost the western half of the Empire to Germanic invaders in previous centuries, and then most of its urban population to disease from the plagues that started late in the reign of Emperor Justinian.

            The overall logic, as well as the exact sequence of events, regarding the end of the Last Great War of Antiquity are now extremely murky, almost certainly because of deliberate attempts to obscure the true history of that era. But the end of that war seems to have coincided with the start of the Saracenic Wars, which in turn led directly to the current cultural geography of the Old World, with European Christian civilization to the north facing off against the slavery, ignorance, and other moral darkness of Islamic culture to the south

            From very early Phoenician and Greek times, and even more so from the beginning of the Pax Romanum, until the Last Great War of Antiquity, the higher cultures of the West had been grouped around the Mediterranean, and had been united by it in trade, if not in outlook.

            For centuries, the Mediterranean was called by the leading European power, Rome, mare nostrum, “our sea”. It was the interstate highway system of the West. Since the Saracens came it has been, not a highway, but a moat.

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    1. WAIT A MINUTE. What if Bolton was being UNDERMINED from within the NSC, by old Rice and McMaster loyalists? Trying to influence Trump by mind-fracking Bolton to lead Trump astray? They would have Bolton’s neocon number and be able to tweak him into damaging Trump.

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            1. They’re just “the best”. Seriously, Trump’s haters in NSC have been the MOST damaging to Trump from the start. That is where the “Flynn war” emerged (not where FOUGHT, but where it emerged – and I’m starting to see HOW now – using “above top secret” crapola). That was where Bannon was kicked out by machinations. Hell – even K. T. McFarland was booted from it, in an effort to undermine Trump. Even McDupester couldn’t handle the place, and they LOVED HIM.

              BOLTON was acceptable to them, and THAT is how Trump got recovery from firing McMaster, which was an extremely difficult but artful move (tricking McMaster’s aides into leaking about Russia).

              There is also the huge Israel and Iran component there. Oh, it’s a minefield. And that box of snakes is NOW OPEN.

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  3. I have mixed feelings. I did not agree with talks with the taliban, especially with no cease fire and other circumstancwes, and did nto agree with inviting them to Camp David, though I suppose that might have helped Trump’s security. I think it might have been good to keep Bolton, even with disagreements. Trump likes to have differing voices in the Admin. Still mulling it over. Curious what others have to say.

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    1. Dissenting voices during discussions is good, but once a decision is made, you support the decision. If you are creating dysfunction in the ranks by not supporting your boss, you gotta go. If POTUS needs another dissenting voice, he can find one without Bolton’s jamming up the forward movement.

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      1. This is why I think Trump’s China-loving enemies in NSC would have been smart to push Bolton into instransigence and greater neocon positioning. It’s a beautiful controlled opposition move to open the NSC box during China negotiations. China gets to protest against the dangerous neocon on Hong Kong issues, but takes him out by making him overplay on all fronts, including whatever will really burn Trump. But deep down, Trump wants him out, too. “Win-win”.

        The trick now is avoiding whoever CHINA wants to take his place, unless Trump can play that person better than China.

        Sabre-rattling with rattlesnakes is not easy.

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    2. Arafat was invited to camp david and other blood soaked loons. It’s the optics. You gotta show you tried jaw-jaw before war-war. But Potus has now unleashed a special brand of hell on them. They going to come crawling back on their stumps with a seriously adjusted attitude

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      1. Exactly.
        Notice, he didn’t invite them to Mar-A-Lago.
        Have to talk to your enemies.

        Dad used to say I would walk a mile to persuade the Devil.
        If there was a 1% chance…….. sure.

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    3. Talking with an enemy, is OK by me. That includes Taliban.

      Mittens going away is NOT a big deal.

      Mittens is a putz on the same sub terrain level as McStain…

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  4. Mr Bolton has had many years in past admins to advise. President Trump is currently realigning workd economies, alliances, and dependencies. Bolton is not able to see a vision for the future and the tactics have to change due to the shift in the above. He seems hell bent on one view that had always been used, without the kund of progress President Trump is looking for.

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      1. Bolton was anything but a “yes man”. Trump assembles an array of views and dissenters to get every view. He is not a limp dick needing puffery to sooth his ego like Odrama. At some point, however, the contrarians serve their purpose, especially in foreign policy, once an administrator has staked out its positions and goals

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    1. gil00
      He seems hell bent on one view that had always been used, without the kund of progress President Trump is looking for.
      Some people cannot embrace a shift in policies because other things shifted. One cannot be entrenched in one idea. Bolton was good for a time and now things concept have changed. POTUS is a business man.

      Just wondering if Bolton has alignend himself to close to Romney and the never Trumpers? Some never Trumpers are making the move against Trump including the Mooch out of the blue and who knows who else?
      We now with elections closing into 2020 we will see the snakes who served in the WH and those who worked against Trump from the outside.

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        1. No. Bolton is a Fox contributor and he actually has more class I think. He can disagree on foreign policy and not be a NT. If he shows up on CNN he will torch his entire legacy and he knows that.

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  5. Here were my INITIAL speculations from the other thread, before reading anything above…..


    My suspicion is any, some or all of several things:

    (1) Bolton lost sight of the fundamental truth that Trump is a “peace through strength” player, who WANTS PEACE but will push STRENGTH to the absolute limit. THE WALL is a literal emblem of that thinking.

    (2) Trump REALLY IS a Christian, in the sense of Jimmy Carter (whose Christianity was used and manipulated as a Soviet dupe), and he BELIEVES IN PEACE. He CANNOT BE SHAKEN from this thinking – WAR IS A WASTE.

    (3) Trump LEARNED WHAT HE NEEDED from Bolton, and was now SEEING PAST Bolton’s playing and positions, making Bolton an increasing liability or at least a non-productive player

    (4) Bolton is no longer helping Trump’s vision be achieved, but is simply offering unacceptable alternatives

    (5) Trump needs more “military” thinking that what Bolton can offer

    (6) Bolton may or may not be “read in” on what Trump needs in a primary national security adviser (WOO-WOO) – OR there may be some disagreement about “off the public table” stuff

    (7) Trump reached some point of long-term choice – NEOCON vs. TRUMP FUNDAMENTAL – and Bolton is unable to abandon the neocon position, thus offering his resignation.

    (8) The “1000-to-1” ratio (Taliban deaths vs. ours) may be strong play for Trump, but if you don’t USE IT for achieving the Trump goal (peace), then what use is it? A waste of 1001 lives. Bolton may have been unable to offer ways to ultimately work toward Trump’s goals in Afghanistan.

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    1. I think your points here are the heart of the matter:

      (3) Trump LEARNED WHAT HE NEEDED from Bolton, and was now SEEING PAST Bolton’s playing and positions, making Bolton an increasing liability or at least a non-productive player

      (4) Bolton is no longer helping Trump’s vision be achieved, but is simply offering unacceptable alternatives

      (5) Trump needs more “military” thinking that what Bolton can offer

      (6) Bolton may or may not be “read in” on what Trump needs in a primary national security adviser (WOO-WOO) – OR there may be some disagreement about “off the public table” stuff

      DP comment: I said this on the open thread and repeat I wondered how long he was going to last when he was hired. Bolton’s style is just not in the Trump perspective. This was inevitable.

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        1. DJT is a master at being able to flex with any and all circumstances without losing site of the goal. One thing he is firm on is flexibility. Bolton served his purpose, couldn’t adjust, and Trump is moving on to the next step in the end game.

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  6. Here we go.
    Briefing room – Mnuchin and Pompeo in the room, Bolton was supposed to be there.
    Trump signs new EO to sanction terrorist leaders.
    He’s going after the money – and let’s face it, Mnuchin is almost God-like when it comes to sanctions.
    Quds, ISIS, all across the board.
    It’s a economic war.

    Pompeo is up. Most significant action since 2001.
    EO 12334
    Target leaders and associates of terror entities, training, AND the foreign financial institutions who do business with them.
    ISIS – leader
    ISIS Philippines
    TPP in Pakistan
    and I missed one
    and one in Syria, as a SPECIAL bad guy.

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    1. Oh they are, aren’t they Daughn? I cannot stand the group shouts to get their questions answered. It is a grating exercise that wastes everyone’s time, and is downright rude. Why don’t they draw straws or rotate – it’s not like one shouter’s question is uniquely important.

      Clucking chickens indeed …

      Gotta say I LOVE our Band of Merry Wolverines 🇺🇸

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  7. Pompeo, POTUS asked for Bolton’s resignation last night and received this morning. POTUS is entitled to staff he wants. In other words, no comment!! 😉

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  8. Mnuchin, the Sec (Pompeo) and the President and I are completely aligned with a maximum pressure campaign.
    Question to pompeo – will you support a meeting with Iran Leader – Pompeo, SURE
    Question – were you surprised by bolton’s firing
    Pompeo – I’m never surprised.

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        1. Dead tired……. Pool Deck Prep in 100+ heat is killing me 🙂 Pool Deck pour tomorrow at 6am…
          But I just Had to check in as I am behind on “Real News” (which can only be found here now)!
          Thanks to Wolf, Flep, Daughtn, Big T, Gail, Michael, Pete and the rest!

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  9. Question: WH says Bolton’s foreign policy was not aligned, what do you think?
    From Pompeo, make no mistake, just because one person leaves the admin does not mean the President’s policy will change at all.

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  10. Venezuela to Mnuchin, very active on sanctions working, we’re concerned about the people there and are working with neighbors in region.

    Mnuchin told Acosta – that’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard.

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  11. Question – on top Russian asset.
    Pompeo – materially inaccurate, we don’t usually talk about this, only when the material is so egregious do we comment
    Factually incorrect.

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    1. Former Bushies trying to worm themselves back close to power. Bush people are for War in middle east so why hirer them? Wonder if there are others who are qualified? The problem is there are not many people with the qualifications to fill the Bolton post.

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      1. That’s what I would LOVE to see.
        We had Flynn in the first place.
        Trump wanted FLYNN
        FBI/DOJ Bullshit prevented the president from having the guy he wanted.
        Then, we had McMaster – total joke and NeoCon
        Then, we had Bolton, did no good.
        We want FLYNN back again.

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          1. Is the timing not interesting?
            Today Flynn has his case heard in court and Bolton gets released this morning ?
            Nothing surprises me any longer. POTUS is a stable genius 🙂

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  12. Reporter, “Is the National Security Team a mess?”
    Mnuchin, “Absolutely not. That is the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard of. Team consists of NS adviser, SedDef, SecState, SecTreasury, CoS, and many others”

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  13. Ohhhh they’re all jumping up and down, arguing process.
    We’re blindsided, we didn’t see this coming
    WH in chaos.
    Stock Market is not moving – they don’t care.
    Do you suppose the press wanted the President to ask for permission first, to fire a National Security Advisor?

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      1. I swear, These Truths, they do think they’re that important.
        It might be why we love the chopper pressers so much, the press is relegated to “the yard” – can’t behave well enough to let them in the HOUSE!!

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      1. My understanding is that the charge is perjury. Here that means lying when you’ve sworn to tell the truth, like in court, or on a signed document,like a stat dec. is lying to the fbi perjury? If not then his original lawyers are
        1 incompetent
        2 hostile to their clients interests or
        3 it’s a trap that they are in on.
        If 1 or 2 surely there are professional ramifications for the lawyers
        If 3 then why spear them now and go with Powell.
        The irony would be delicious if the original lawyers had to plead that the were hopeless screwups as the lesser of the evils.
        Methinks Potus and gen Flynn have cast their net wide and Swamy lawyers are being reeled in

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        1. After Flynn fired Covington and Burling, I remembered that Covington is where Holder landed. The law firm can talk Chinese walls all they want, I ain’t buying it. I’ll go with number 3.

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          1. The sheer arrogance and hubris of these people to think that gen Flynn could be such a naive fool to make rookie mistake after rookie mistake and then hire swampy lawyers affiliated with the dems/deep state. It’s the same as they misunderstand and underestimate Potus. And they’re not learning!

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  14. There we go – rumors but Stoddard is talking about a Bolton LEAKKKKKKKKKKK about the VP disagreeing with the President.
    Whereby the VP put out the statement yesterday, NO, I’m completely on board with POTUS Trump.

    It was the leak.

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      1. Was Bolton trying to create a rift between VO and POTUS?
        I know there is a push to replace Pence with a woman? The one who was in the UN.
        I do not remember her name because I do not like her.
        Never create a rift between people who may differ but get along.

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        1. WOW. That would have been a real mistake for Bolton, but it fits in with my theory that Bolton was used as a TOOL by anti-Trump NSC forces. I will bet that they MISLED BOLTON on how to deal with Trump and Pence.

          A SMART opponent would know that playing Pence against Trump is a non-starter, but can still cause trouble or mistakes, and – considering Bolton expendable – would push him against Pence – JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH EXPENDABLE McCABE ON PENCE TO GET FLYNN.

          The game would be to push Bolton on Pence to manipulate Trump into a mistake, or failing that, take out Bolton.

          BOX OF SNAKES!!!

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  15. Bing, bing, bing – Mollie Hemingway is two steps ahead.

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  16. What are the odds that all this happens the same day a George Soros oped appears in a cabal “news” outlet praising VSGPDJT for putting the screws to China via Huawei.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but something is going on that we aren’t privy to at the moment.

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    1. You know, one of the targets from Mnuchin and Pompeo was in Pakistan.
      The Awan brothers was my favorite scandal.
      Luke’s reporting was spot on.
      Would have unraveled the swamp and killed the Dem party for a generation.

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      1. Just finishing Rosiak’s book, “Obstruction of Justice”. Paul Ryan purposely lets this injustice slide—to protect the Uni-Party! He has to protect his fellow Democrats!

        The corruption in DC is overflowing the toilets! Do I smell shit again???!!!

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    1. Two very impressive men. Love what they said to Acosta.

      Pompeo has lost weight and looked so at ease and masterfully in control of the situation. He is one I would gladly vote for POTUS.

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      1. Yes!!!
        Lovin’ me some Kansas, but I would still love an extra rinse cycle at the State Dept and want to see him give up the damn docs on Hillary!!
        I know, I know, it’s asking for too much..

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      2. I, too, commented that he’s lost weight…good health move…we want him to be fit for what’s next! I think Newt has also lost some weight…looks the best I’ve seen him in ages.

        Liked by 8 people

  17. Frankly I’m surprised it took this long. The timing of his departure is interesting in how it connects to the cancelled Camp David meeting between President Trump and the Afghanistan officials. I believe that Trump places people in key positions, be it briefly or longer, for specific reasons which we can only guess.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. My first thought too was that this was related to Afghanistan, more specifically that PDJT delegated Afghanistan to Bolton and has decided that the job is not going to get done.

      Or maybe it did get done and PDJT fired Bolton in this manner to express his gratitude, knowing that Bolton can make more money on the outside if people think he is on PDJT’s bad side.

      I think it will be a while before we know enough to form a solid opinion.

      Liked by 5 people

          1. I don’t know how you found us but did you notice this blog is named The Q Tree? Q has posted 3,570 times since November 2017. They can be found sequentially at along with a lot of other relevant information. But before you jump to the posts, it’s important to understand the background on what (who) Q is here

            Welcome to the Great Awakening.

            Liked by 2 people

  18. I’m personally quite fond of The ‘Stache, but he is best in roles where he is to project DGAF. I think his time as Ambassador to the UN was just about perfect.

    That said, I’m not sure that National Security Advisor was really the right place for him — I mean, when his talent is stepping on all the right people’s feet, who is he supposed to annoy in such a position?

    I do hope he finds a good place to land, as he is fun to watch.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. I agree with you! He is AWESOME. This was never really a good fit. It worked as long and as well as it could but it’s over now. I love Bolton and enjoy him. I hope he turns up somewhere that I get to see him. He’s really smart, and funny, and I agree with him on a lot. However, there’s no contest between him and PDJT and if he wasn’t serving PDJT the way PDJT wants/needs, time to go. No doubt.

      Good to see you cthulhu!❤❤❤

      Liked by 8 people

    1. Thank for posting this Daughn .. it was great to watch on tv and extra great to watch it again. Pompeo, and Manuchin looked like they were stifling grins .. they may have placed bets on how crazy e media folks would get … I wonder who won …. bwahahahahaha 😂👍

      Liked by 3 people

  19. I say:
    JOHN BOLTON took one step too far in something. Maybe he thought he could become “Grand Vizier” to POTUS. Maybe he was involved in the “Taliban at Camp David” demarche.
    MAYBE — POTUS had what he needed to fire Bolton already — and SMOKED HIM OUT with the “Taliban at Camp David” situation.
    AND when POTUS got that last piece in place — he pulled the “trigger” and fires Bolton.
    And I betcha that John Bolton NEVER saw it coming. He may have believed that he was “indispensable”.
    Except — I think the ONLY things that are INDISPENSIBLE to President Trump are HIS FAMILY and THE CONSTITUTION.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Interesting that Stoddard pointed out something big was going on, like Trump Chairman Kim meeting, and Bolton was all the way in Mongolia.
      Lot of people saying Bolton was disengaged from center of power for a while.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. VERY interesting. That doesn’t sound smart. In fact, I thought that was a very stupid move, and was wondering if TRUMP sent Bolton there as punishment.

        If Bolton was playing the “I’ll just take my marbles over HERE” game, that is NOT SMART. Did an “aide” suggest that? SABOTAGE if so. He has to HELP TRUMP, even if disagreeing with him. Disengaging is not helpful. Even just BEING THERE is helpful, as a show of solidarity.

        Liked by 10 people

    2. Made me think of “Was I Wazir” from Kismet… (song cut from the movie, so only audio, but great lyrics):
      (The movie also cut “Rhymes Have I”, another brilliant number…sigh).

      (Shades of the wrath of Khan (the mighty Khan) and Borodin)…


  20. OK So look – this is my take.

    Bolton is the distraction.

    Not necessarily a fully intended distraction but, it’s time for him to go (more on that in a sec) and it’s better that the press chew up this news story now. They’ll try to get at least 2 weeks on it – heck the Dems will try to pull him into their impeachment plans.

    Still the Bolton thing is convenient cover.

    The real story is the meat of the press conference itself – massive Executive Order to counter tango’s.

    * Try first other measures before escalating to kinetic action
    * Designate more tango’s and persons as tangos – EVEN IF (or rather – ESPECIALLY IF) they do not have any kinetic attachment to tango action. MEANING: People who run the books by get past the counter tango nets by being “clean” will not be able to escape easily now!
    * Priority on action = MORE TOOLS on the table.
    * I was thinking, why is Mnuchin and Pompeo giving this briefing? AHA… for the first time since, well, forever, US Treasury is considered THE FRONT LINE in the counter tango effort!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE drops.

    Was the meeting at Camp David tied to this? Oh hell yes. Puhlease. It CAN’T NOT be. No double negatives. It is either the thing or it isn’t. It is part of the thing.

    But Camp David is not the story. The story is the EO, period. That’s the meat.

    The sesame seed bun on the hamberder is Bolton. That’s all the press will see, that’s all the press will cover.
    Where’s the BEEF? The EO.
    Camp David is just some lettuce and special sauce filler. They could’ve put anything else on b/c it’s not the BEEF.

    OK So whoopdy doo that Bolton is upset about this. Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be? Bolton was the architect (a little too much credit, but let’s roll with it) of the post-9-11 U.S. foreign policy toward tango’s.

    Trump just flipped upside-down 18 years of United States foreign policy dating back to W and 9-11!!!!!!!!

    And there wasn’t jack diddly SQUAT that Bolton could do about it.

    So let’s not miss the EPOCHAL important of what JUST HAPPENED:

    Trump just upended decades U.S. counter tango strategy – permanently!

    Liked by 16 people

      1. Hmmm. I think I’ll have a Double-Double (or, heck, a 4×4), Animal Style, with peppers on the side, and fries well-done… 🙂 from IN-N-OUT Burger…

        (sigh, oh, for a chili-burger from (there WAS nothing finer than the) Doggie Diner)…

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  21. America is at war every single minute of every single day. Wars are not always fought with weapons of violence. Neocons are like bullies, when they can’t win the argument with reason and intellec they resort to threats of violence and such. The Book of Ecclesiastes says it better that anybody ever has. There is a time…

    Liked by 10 people

  22. From my first post:
    “CNN reported last week that tensions between top figures on Trump’s national security team had devolved into all-out hostility, creating a deep disconnect between staffers on the National Security Council, led by Bolton, and the rest of the administration, six people familiar with the matter said.”
    Read it again…………
    Deep disconnect between STAFFERSSSSSSS on the NSC, led by Bolton, and the rest of the ADMIN.
    and who leaked?
    maybe it was the six STAFFERS at the NSC

    The staff at NSC will not contribute and push the Trump agenda.
    This is the problem.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Agreed. I think that putting “NSC-acceptable Bolton” there started out as a tool of Trump, for Trump, but eventually the NSC itself re-organized to push back THROUGH Bolton, grabbing him by influencing his aides, staffers, and NSC contacts.


      Liked by 8 people

    1. Sorry, I have yet to resolve my browsing problems —- ugg

      Beer at the Parade RT’d this:

      Sun_Q_Tzu @Sun_Q_Tzu

      Gear up patriots. Recall the last #qanon post on Bolton? Whitehouse is now clean. It’s go time.

      Where We Go One We Go All Marker
      3 Apr 2018 – 12:18:17 AM
      Drops will go fast.
      WH clean SIG.
      Everything is planned.
      We Fight.
      Follow Bolton.
      Learn how to archive offline.
      The streets will not be safe for them.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Melanie Lauren @Sweetemmilyn
        2h2 hours ago

        Replying to @Sun_Q_Tzu

        What are the odds that #JohnBolton is dismissed today, the 1st day of the LAST PALINDROME WEEK of the century?

        9/10/19 = 91019
        9/19/19 = 91919

        TEN DAYS to be exact. Hmmm😏

        Any relation to Qpost 88
        ‘Ten Days of Darkness’?

        #qanon #10daysofdarkness

        Liked by 6 people

    1. my sentiments exactly !

      And… remind me again, how long since Condi’s been in gov’t ?

      15 years since she was Bush’s National Security Advisor, right? So, why is Martha talking with her?

      Rhetorical questions of course

      Liked by 4 people

  23. Speaking of Bolton….he never fails to remind of an old joke.

    What is a mustache??
    A: It’s a built-in shock absorber for a high-speed cock-sucker.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agreed. He didn’t resign. He was fired. The questions that flow from that, though, include why did VSGPDJT hire him in the first place when his foreign policy philosophy was obviously counter to the president’s, and why TODAY. What’s going on that we don’t know about?

      IMO, this was necessary, yes, but still a planned distraction of some sort.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. TOTALLY my sentiments Dep Pat,

        I was distressed the day POTUS announced Bolton’s appointment …

        Bolton was/is and always will be a Neo-Con……… a war hawk, if you dislike the NC label……..

        Q said when Bolton gone, WH will be CLEAN…………….

        Stage set, or to be set ?

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Dep Pat………….

          POTUS tweeted this about Condi

          Donald J. Trump

          Verified account

          19m19 minutes ago

          Excellent interview by @CondoleezzaRice on @MarthaMaccallum on @FoxNews. Very interesting and secure perspective on life.

          898 replies1,616 retweets6,664 likes

          Liked by 5 people

            1. Remember, she was the one who suggested Rex Tillerson for Sec of State.
              He would have been fantastic, perfect biz man, well known throughout the world, yet it seemed Tillerson wanted to be the President instead.


  24. Tucker did cartwheels 🤸‍♂️ tonight, he’s had it bad for Bolton for awhile now. One of his last reports made me mad, he was very disrespectful, which was totally unnecessary. Of course he played all his highlight bash Bolton reels. He opened and closed with celebrating Bolton’s departure. Juvenile, IMO. AND he brought back McGregor who proceeded to detail how to get out of Afghanistan plan Again, same repeat of last night. Then Mr. McSmarty proceeds to tell POTUS how he needs to sign a treaty with Xi, Moon, and Un and turn everything over to Moon. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! We don’t want Mr. McFakeHair!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  25. Looking at Bolton he has aged since he joined the WH.
    As i often happens people loose sight who was elected who is the President and whom they serve.
    This does not make them bad people but very human. Some people handle a position so close to power than others.

    Liked by 1 person

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