Double Standards, Emoluments, and Home Field Advantage.

In today’s episode of “Outrage du Jour”, we examine the media’s double standard for offense/outrage over people staying at Trump Properties. Absurd. We definitely need visiting world leaders to stay at Trump Properties……. it’s called Home Field Advantage.

The left, in their insatiable hatred of our President have tried everything possible to sue the President, impeach the President, investigate the President, or degrade the reputation of Donald Trump via the properties he took a lifetime to build. The left has posted fake reviews to his hotels, protested his hotels, vandalized his hotels (spray painted the Post Office) and ripped up Trump golf courses. Plus, Dems such as Richard Blumenthal have sued the President under the Emoluments Clause. Lately, the left has begun to attack all Trump supporters as well.

All of the Emoluments litigation has been thrown out (save one still working its way through) In one case, Federal Judge Messitte was chastised by the 4th Circuit by a “writ of mandamus” (rarely used – a case opinion so wrong that a superior court reaches out and snatches it for correction – even before an appeal has been filed) for what “…amounted to a clear abuse of discretion.” and for allowing the case to proceed in the first place.

The last Emoluments case is in front of Judge Sullivan (yes, the same Mike Flynn – Judge Sullivan), where Sullivan reasons the Democrats have a “personal interest” and have been treated unfairly since they did not get to “vote” for these payments. Sullivan has allowed the Congress to subpoena the President’s financial info, AND has not allowed an delay in the case while the President appeals the Judge’s decision.

Of course, it’s all politics……

When it comes to meeting with world leaders, however, all Americans should want to give an American President every advantage in negotiations, right? As much as our side loathed Obama, Clinton, Carter, LBJ, we wanted Carter to succeed in Middle East Peace. Political opposition usually remains quiet when “our guy” is up to bat on a world stage, especially when the President is traveling overseas. One would think proper decorum would continue…… because it’s in our best interest and we’re all Americans. Yet, Dems are so angry, they seek to undermine President Trump on foreign soil….. cuz orange man is bad. Yes, the radicals seek to harm America rather than have the President succeed in any way. Don’t be surprised. The same people are hoping we have a recession because the Trump economy is TOO GOOD.

  1. Remember the Dems scheduled the Cohen testimony while President Trump was in Vietnam for the second summit with Chairman Kim.
  2. Recall the American Press having a fit in Helsinki because President Trump did not excoriate Putin in public for meddling in a US election.
  3. Who can forget, “Trump the Idiot” headlines as our President traveled for his first trip to NATO? “He bullied our Allies” – who don’t contribute.
  4. Or the fake picture from the G7 in Canada which captured Merkel looking at President Trump with disdain…. until the other pic emerged.
  5. Or the most infuriating, “Why is he in Saudi Arabia?” when the Trump Admin traveled to speak to the entire GCC, and lay the seeds for ending radical Islam terrorism.
  6. The Dems and press were even churlish when the President met the Queen of England.

The knee-jerk animosity for President Trump is childish and irrational. When asked, Dems have a difficult time explaining why they are so angry. As the Fourth Circuit explained, “when plaintiffs before a court are unable to specify the relief they seek, one must wonder why they came to the court for relief in the first place.” Even if Trump Org. was forbidden “somehow” for earning money from a stay at Trump Property, the same people might still choose to stay there….. and the Emoluments Clause does not prohibit children from earning funds for the same property. It’s a bogus claim designed to harass the President.

The idea from the left is President Trump should have sold all his properties before becoming President. Well, that’s silly. Did Jefferson sell Monticello? Did Washington sell Mt. Vernon? Did Carter sell the peanut farm? Did FDR liquidate? And…. what about the those Kennedys? Of course, they held onto their properties.

Meanwhile, America has serious problems on the foreign policy front and we need resolution. If President Trump succeeds with China, DPRK, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, trade negotiations with the EU, USMCA, South Korea, Vietnam, the Taliban, and a new odd calm in the Middle East, we all win and the world becomes a safer place. Give the man some space….. he’s making more headway than any other US President we’ve had in a long time.

In fact, let’s be proactive and give the US President a whole lot of space and advantage. We’re lucky this time to have a President who is also a self-made multi-billionaire. This gives him extraordinary gravitas among other world leaders, especially the men. Recall when President Trump went to Davos for the first time. He was greeted like a rock star. It’s simple, really. It’s one thing to go to Davos as the leader of the free world. It’s ANOTHER THING ENTIRELY to travel to Davos as a multi-billionaire, ONE OF THEM, who is also the leader of the free world.

Well……. if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Right now, the USA has Trump, let’s use it. We have a President who HAS resources.

It’s called home field advantage. The entire city of Washington, DC was laid out for “home field advantage”, broad sweeping vistas, designed to be intimidating to foreign dignitaries…….. on purpose. At Texas A&M, it’s known as the 12th man, the power of the crowd. If you’ve ever attended a football game in the SEC or at Lambeau Field/Soldier Field/Superdome/Gillette Stadium, home field advantage is obvious. Just try to score a touchdown inside the 10yd line and get the snap count off without a delay of game penalty. You can’t do it. You’re on our goal line and we support our team. We’ll make too much noise, and we KNOW what we’re doing. We feel the same way about our President. Time to stack the deck for our Team America.

Remember when President Trump invited Prime Minister Abe and his wife to Mar-A-Lago? It was a win, and cemented their relationship…. which has been a valuable alliance in Asia addressing the DPRK and China.

While the Press FUMED about President Trump and Emoluments, the President invited Chairman Xi to Mar-A-Lago. It’s different among men. Trump invited Xi to his house, not a house owned by the government. HIS OWN HOUSE! Strange that Marjorie Hutton saw Mar-A-Lago as a Summer White House, and President Trump actually owns the estate. Funny that, almost like he planned it.

For those who think “it’s not right”, what about all the other Presidents who invited world leaders home to visit? It’s commonly done to create a warm relationship. Trump just happens to have nicer houses. After all, the Secret Service had to BUILD facilities to house their people at the Crawford Ranch in Texas.

President and Laura Bush with the Chinese in Crawford, Texas
President Bush with Ariel Sharon in Crawford, Texas
– FILE PHOTO TAKEN 25APR05 – U.S. President George W. Bush walks with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah (R) on his ranch in Crawford, Texasm in this April 25, 2005 file photo. [Saudi Arabia’s Kind Fahd died on August 1, 2005 and Crown Prince Abdullah was swiftly pronounced monarch of the world’s largest oil exporter and key U.S. ally.] – RTXNOCJ
President Bush with President Vicente Fox of Mexico, Summit on Security, in Crawford, TX.
President Bush and Vladimir Putin, riding around the ranch in Crawford, TX.
Vladimir Putin with Daddy President Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine.
President Reagan and Gorbachev at the Reagan Ranch in California.
President Reagan and PM Margaret Thatcher at the Reagan Ranch in California.

Ohhh, I’m sorry. Can’t post any pics of Obama or Clinton taking world leaders back to the house for chicken pot pie…………, cuz neither of them had homes conducive for a dinner party. Obama rented houses for vacations, but never invited a world leader to travel with him. Wait a minute, we do have pics of Clinton, visiting Putin at Putin’s house, outside of Moscow….. Remember those three days Clinton spent with Putin in 2010 (after Presidency), right after Clinton made the $500K speech in Moscow? Clinton went to OTHER people’s houses…. and rented out the Lincoln Bedroom in OUR HOUSE!

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (R) walks with former US President Bill Clinton at the State residence of the Russian President Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow on June 29, 2010. Russia bristled at US claims that it had smashed a Cold War-style Russian spy ring as former KGB spy and Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed hope the scandal would not damage improving bilateral relations. AFP PHOTO / RIA NOVOSTI/ POOL / ALEXEY DRUZHININ (Photo credit should read ALEXEY DRUZHININ/AFP/Getty Images)

Doral, Mar-A-Lago, Jupiter Golf Course, The Winery in Virginia, the Golf Course in DC, Trump International at the old Post Office, Trump Tower, Bedminster, the Hotel in Vegas, a stop at the Trump Hotel in Hawaii, Doonbeg in Ireland, the gorgeous links in Scotland…….. where the Trump family employs the locals and the President knows the chef?

When a guy takes clients golfing, it’s one thing to buy the beer, dinner, and tee fees. It’s another thing entirely when you OWN THE COURSE. Are you kidding me? Of course, we should absolutely take advantage of the President’s vast resources to entertain world leaders.

It’s also an issue of national security and state etiquette. As impulsive as the activist left has become, not sure we should trust waiters, kitchen staff, hoteliers, etc., at other locations as much as we would trust employees of Trump Properties. After all, the President is “the boss”. We all know what could happen. We don’t need a topless feminist in the midst of the G7. By next September, screwing up the G7 in the USA, hosted by President Trump, right before the 2020 election, would be a temptation to sweet to resist for a rabid socialist.

Nah, homefield advantage makes sense. Use it or lose it.

Oh, and those Crossfire Hurricane Blues………… long gone.

56 thoughts on “Double Standards, Emoluments, and Home Field Advantage.

  1. I’d much rather have a President who already HAS property, and is near-bored with the idea, than one of these damn Democrats who are so easily BRIBED with property.

    Thank you for taking this one BY THE HORNS!!! 😀

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      1. Trump seems to be susceptible to bribes, extortion, and blackmail by “a better future for humanity”. That’s what James Comey was protecting him from – dontcha see? YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT….. Comey was just PROTECTING HIM…..

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  2. They certainly didn’t ask the Kennedys to sell the Sears Tower in Chicago, did they? Such petty, vile little minds…how can anyone want to be associated with this thinking? .

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  3. I stayed at Trump Doral on a very hot weekend this June for the awesome Diamond & Silk show. Room was cheaper than a stay at Disney World or Universal Orlando! Clean, beautiful, just an awesome place. And I have to say, the staff, from cleaning and valets to wait staff and front desk – were ALL the most polite, well mannered staff I have ever dealt with – anywhere.

    Had a wonderful conversation late one night in the gift shop with the clerk from Guatemala (or Honduras, can’t remember LOL). She wanted to know why I was there and where I was from. How do you explain to an immigrant where BFE Florida is?

    She told me about a woman and her husband that flew in from Sweden for a 2 week vacation. He golfed, she shopped and just hung around the club. Said they both LOVE Trump so much and we’re so excited to be there. The clerk showed me a picture this woman forwarded to her – the Swedish woman met Trump coming down the stairs in the clubhouse. (Mind you, this was just after his Orlando rally announcing his run for 2020). He stopped & took a picture with her and the dog. She said he couldn’t have been more gracious. (I missed him by TWO days dammit.)

    So all I can say to the haters is, get over your TDS. THEY need to really go to a Trump property and see it for themselves, before they spew their hate. I plan on going back to spend a weekend. Don’t golf, but who cares – I was more than happy to contribute my pittance to the Trump family. If you ever get a chance to go to a Trump property – do it! If I can afford it, you can too.

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  4. Thank you daughn, this puts into perspective the insanity that our amazing Titan President deals with daily. I honestly don’t know how he tolerates it. Most comments made to his tweets are poisonous. The coordinated lies repeatedly heard on the fake news channels are infuriating. This level of hate can only come from the Godless world they live in.

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    1. “Most comments made to his tweets are poisonous.”

      But did you ever see the Q drop where Q showed the reality of a Trump tweet?

      @jackboot’s filthy little minions and their algorithms push the poison of the socialist spoiled brat shilldren to the top.

      One time Q asked @jackboot if he wanted to play a game. Then Trump tweeted something, and Q captured a screen shot of what really happens to a Trump tweet. It was almost all favorable stuff by Trump supporters, without all the paid socialist spam.

      Yesterday (Monday) Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India crossed the 50 million follower threshold on Twitter. I bet if it wasn’t for Operation Mockingbird’s preneur @jackboot and his “So CIA” Media tricks, Trump would be way ahead of Modi.

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      1. I knew the Krakenstein (sp?) brothers were paid trolls and blocked them long ago but must’ve missed that Q post. The socialist democrats have to cheat to give the appearance that they’re winning.

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        1. It is the Bolshevik WAY!

          Bolshevik meant ‘majority group’ when they were just a VERY VOCAL minority. They used the name to FOOL PEOPLE into thinking there were many more of them than their actually were.

          The Commies, like Jackboot, are using the SAME PLAYBOOK trying to get people to think the extreme leftists are the ‘majority group’ when all they are is just a VERY VOCAL minority.

          It is the MONEY the Central Banksters STOLE for the American People that is being USED to finance these VERY VOCAL extreme leftists just as they financed the original Bolsheviks AND demanded they destroy the Tsar’s bloodline in payment. LINK 1 and LINK 2.

          Why do you think the Bolsheviks have been SO SUCCESSFUL in taking over the USA???
          Because the Bolsheviks AND our Politicians AND our Media (LINK 3) are ALL financed by the Central Banksters!!!!

          HECK Karl Marx was just a puppet of the Central Banksters and Aristocracy LINK 4

          ☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️

          Marx secretary Pieper was at the same time employed the Rothschild. When the Rothschild left Frankfurt they went to Paris(the first place Marx lived in Exile) and London(the second exile home of Marx). — SxyxS

          The mentor and role model of Karl Marx was Ludwig von Westphalen. Ludwig, was the youngest son of Baron Christian Philip Heinrich von Westphalen the de facto “chief of staff” to Duke Ferdinand during the Seven Years’ War. His mother was the descendant of many Scottish and European noble families. So Ludwig (later Baron) was well connected to the European aristocracy.

          The French Revolution lasted from 1789 until 1799. The Holy Roman Empire, after existing for a thousand years, was dissolved on 6 August 1806, after its defeat by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz. The Napoleonic Wars involving most of Europe was from 1803 to 1815. By defeating Napoleon, the European aristocracy managed to hold onto their way of life by the skin of their teeth. BUT they were scared out of their wits.

          A year later in 1816 Ludwig von Westphalen was transferred to Trier where he met and befriended Heinrich Marx, the father of Karl Marx. Now why would a well connected nobleman befriend a Jewish businessman/lawyer?

          Perhaps because Heinrich Marx, wife’s first cousin married Nathan Rothschild, founder of the British branch of the Rothschild banking dynasty!!!
          ☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️💲 💵🤑☠️

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          1. Wow, that was a heck of a history lesson! I have the full documentary called “The Money Masters” on my watch list. Surprisingly it’s still up but they’ve disabled the comments.

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            1. It took me a long time to put all the pieces together. Unfortunately you will NEVER see this taught. Also some of the early info such as the Tzar warning England and France that if they attacked the USA, weakened by the Civil War, HE would attack them from the rear. (Can’t have Russia look like a friend of the USA now can we?)

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              1. Gail,,

                I know you know are aware of this. It’s in Griffin, The Creature from Jeckyll Island.

                If the South could have sold its cotton to Britain and France prior to the Egyptian cotton industry starting up, it could have won the war.

                So Lincoln needed every seagoing US Navy vessel and every seagoing US Coast Guard vessel, no matter how small, to enforce his blockade of Southern ports. No successful blockade, no victory.

                But there was a thriving international commerce of supplies going into San Francisco Bay, at highly inflated prices, to provide for the 49ers in gold rush country.

                Lincoln needed to collect the tariffs on those imports, too, to finance his war effort. How to collect tariffs in California, with no armed American ships in the Pacific?

                Solution: the global banksters (who were then trying to break up the post-Jackson, “central bank-less” USA by splitting off the South) were mad at the Tsar at that time, also, for other reasons.

                So the two great non-central bank leaders stood together against the globalists. The Tsar put his Pacific fleet at the disposal of the United States, and Lincoln authorized the Russian ships to collect American tariffs in lieu of the Coast Guard.


          2. TakeBackOurRepublic,
            Look at the THREAT in this tweet:


            It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again. — David Plouffe (@davidplouffe) June 13, 2016.


            Brietbart missed the boat on this one… or just does not want to go there. Like the Tzar, the Central Banks WILL DESTROY TRUMP’s ENTIRE FAMILY if he loses. THAT is what President Trump has put on the line.

            I do not think many people actually realize just how VICIOUS and EVIL these people really are.

            Bill Ayer literally discussed murdering ~10% of the American population that could not be ‘Re-educated’ in concentration camps. He went on to TEACH in our universities.

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          3. “The Holy Roman Empire, after existing for a thousand years, was dissolved on 6 August 1806, after its defeat by Napoleon…”


            A Saxon king was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, as Otto III, at the end of 999/beginning of 1000 AD. This coronation was apparently the first event in history to be recorded and widely publicized using the newfangled AD (Anno Domini) time scale, which had allegedly been developed about 500 years earlier by an Eastern European Catholic monk, St. Dionysius Exiguus.

            There is a radical theory I’ve mentioned here before called Phantom Time, (or Fantomzeit, in the original German) theory. It was developed a few decades ago by a German systems analyst and amateur art historian named Heribert Illig, and more recently extended and strengthened by Emmet Scott.

            It is one of those theories that is rejected by the Western academic community, and sounds crazy when you first hear it, but that turns out to have some logic and substantial data behind it.

            I dismissed as too wild when I first came across it, but now find it very appealing, though I still don’t know whether it is true. It would clear up several important mysteries if it is, in fact, true.

            The idea is that the Emperor in Constantinople, his leading bureaucrats, the Greek Church, Pope Sylvester II in Rome, and Otto III (whose mother had been an imperial princess in Constantinople, and close relative of the Emperor) in Saxony formed a conspiracy to restore the Roman Empire and (at least in counter-jihadist historian Emmet Scott’s view) protect Europe and Christianity from the onslaught of Saracens coming out of Persia, the Arab Middle East, and the southern Mediterranean.

            Not to bury the lead, the defining idea of the theory is that this all happened about 700 years after Christ, in the aftermath of Justinian’s Plague, Roman defeat by Persia in the Last Great War of Antiquity, and contemporaneously with, or in almost the immediate aftermath of, the Saracenic invasions. (This would have been only about 200 years after Dionysius Exiguus, if his story is accurate.) But, for reasons of Biblical prophecy and multiple reasons of public relations, they fudged, and said it was 1000 years after Christ, and that Otto III would be the glorious, historic first ruler of the millennium preceding Christ’s second coming.

            Then the imperial bureaucracy, the Orthodox Church, and the Roman Church embarked on a multi-generational secret project to backfill the “history” of the years:

            -from about 615 (disaster of the Last Great War of Antiquity, beginning of Saracenic Wars, population scanty due to catastrophic losses from virgin-soil bubonic plague outbreaks)

            -to about 912 (almost within living memory of Otto III’s day.)

            The theory takes its name from this period 615-912, which, if the theory is correct, is imaginary or, in Illig’s terminology, “phantom”.

            Obviously, the backfill project could not have remained secret if the printing press were already in use in Europe, or if there were then more than a handful of Europeans who were literate, in possession of historical materials, and outside of the control of the churches and the imperial bureaucracy.

            So, yes, sounds crazy, as previously mentioned. But scholars in former Warsaw Pact, eastern countries have been more accepting of it than have the German or English-speaking universities, and have located new data to support it that Illig was not aware of when he originated it.

            Anyway, if the theory is true, Otto III was the first real Holy Roman Emperor, and the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved after only about 800 years of existence! Thought you might like this tidbit, lol !


  5. There’s some other things to consider when Trump uses his own properties for state visits. One is security. He controls it. Another is banquet space and the commercial kitchen. The White House was not built for that. Mar-A-Lago may not have been, but they have much larger facilities to be able to handle a state dinner. And…not to be classist or anything, but, frankly, Trump’s style may be ornate by American standards and tastes, but it’s on par with other world leaders’ abodes and official buildings. It’s far more impressive to eyes used to rococo, and a lot of gilt.

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    1. Mar-A-Lago reflects Mrs. Marjorie Meriwether Post’s decorative tastes:

      “Before it became a private club owned by Donald Trump, the opulent Palm Beach mansion known as Mar-a-Lago was built by businesswoman and philanthropist Marjorie Merriweather Post as a place to entertain.

      One of the wealthiest women in 20th-century America, Post came by her riches in multiple ways. She not only inherited the bulk of the cereal fortune built by her father, C.W. Post—estimated at the modern equivalent of $550 million. She also inherited control of the company, which she herself grew exponentially by cannily purchasing other food-industry leaders like Jell-O, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Log Cabin syrup, Bird’s Eye and others—and calling the new conglomerate General Foods. If that wasn’t enough, she also married into great wealth with her second husband, legendary Wall Street financier E.F. Hutton.”

      “Marjorie Merriweather Post liked to live large. Really large.

      The world knew the size of her fortune, the length of her yacht and the speed of her Vickers Viscount turboprop jet with its Rolls-Royce engine. But her family, friends and retinue of cooks, footmen, chambermaids and chauffeurs were the ones aware that no matter the extent of Post’s cereal inheritance, there were few as generous and big-hearted.

      Marjorie Merriweather Post was photographed in 1929, two years after she completed construction of her elaborate Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago, the name of which roughly translates from the Portuguese as “Sea to Lake.” Photo courtesy of Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens Archives

      “There are others better off than I am. The only difference is I do more with mine. I put it to work,” she once told an interviewer.”

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    2. Yep. Indeed, many suffer (or own) a gilt complex 🙂

      [Dodges flying crystal (with extra lead), services for 200, plate warmers, and wine chillers 🙂 ]

      (To paraphrase Douglas Adams, “very little expense had been spared to give the impression that no expense had been spared”. And I don’t mean that in a snarky or negative way. Just as high managers need fancy abodes in order to entertain their peers, leaders need appropriate surroundings as well.)

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      1. Did you read it. A persons social standing , reputation are not grounds for sentence reduction. Otherwise the rich would never do time…….
        Oh wait……do they?

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  6. Ha ha
    Gender studies. That could take a lifetime at this stage. I was wondering today, once someone goes full transvestite do they recognise other transvestites walking by. Same goes for gays. Like when you buy a namebrand car.

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  7. Great Op Ed piece, Daughn…and you nailed it.

    We are so fortunate to have a President with the personal resources that our Pres Trump has.
    For all the reasons that you listed…and also because he cannot be bought.

    It is beyond ridiculous for the Dems to harass PDJT with Emoluments litigation because he has been losing millions he announced he was running for President!

    I think he recently said that he had lost over a billion dollars since he’s been President.
    The man has sacrificed so much for us…that’s why it’s infuriating to see how he is being persecuted by the Dems.

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  8. It isn’t just a matter of how much the Democrats – Leftists – hate the President; it’s morphed into the final push to take down America. They almost got there with the election of Obama, and his treasonous moves against this country.

    The Leftists thought they had it made and We the People were going to be destroyed… until Donald J Trump came along. He is all that stands in their way. In 2016 it was almost a fait accompli – Hillary was supposed to win, and that would have been the final take-down. There would have been enough establishment GOP to vote with the Dems to end private healthcare – the gravest threat to our lives and Freedom. The 2nd amendment would have been on the chopping block as it still is.

    Wanna be, power hungry elitists are no longer pretending, they’re out in full battle mode.

    The good thing about these first four years – the People have had time to rally, and the Dems are being exposed – it just might be enough to wreak enough destruction on the communist/fascists/globalists – at least for a couple of generations.


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