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20180629 First Family walking to Marine One

Overcoming Offendedness

The following article is part of a larger series by Rick Joyner intended to help people prepare for the battles right on our horizon. I highly recommend prayerfully going over the entire set of articles as time permits.

“A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city.”
(Proverbs 18:19a)

The Great Commission was to make disciples of all nations, not just individuals. The Lord said that when He returned He would divide the nations into “sheep” or “goats.” The sheep are good and the goats are bad. We have come to a time when nations are determining ultimate issues that will result in them being a sheep or goat nation.

In this series, I will continue to unpack the dramatic dream I had about the American Republic that deals with ultimate issues of our purpose from heaven’s perspective. Regardless of what country you are from, there will be a level of civil conflict coming in your nation too. Many will be similar to what is unfolding here.

Therefore, even though this is American-centric, in many ways it addresses the same basic issues all nations will be facing, as these are all connected to what The Lord said would come at the end of this age.

As covered previously, the first two Great Awakenings in America each preceded wars, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. As we study the primary messages that came from those two Great Awakenings, we can see a direct link from the Awakenings to the wars.

So did these great spiritual awakenings cause the wars? In some basic ways they did. The light from these Awakenings exposed the darkness, and this required that it be confronted until it was driven from the land.

Could the darkness have been driven from the land by spiritual warfare so that the physical conflicts would not have been necessary? Perhaps. That certainly would have been desirable.

However, what I saw in my dream included physical conflict. I saw the nature of this, which I will share later in this study. Even so, it is my conviction that to the degree that evil strongholds in our land are destroyed spiritually, the degree of the physical conflict will lessen.

As we enter the Third Great Awakening in America, we can expect the same kind of light to expose the great darkness in our time. When powers of darkness are exposed, they rage. When they are cast out of their high positions they come to the earth with great wrath, as we see in Revelation 12.

God’s provision is to send us great champions of the truth to face specific evil strongholds in our time. They are being sent to completely destroy these strongholds, not just defeat them and push them back. What is happening in the Spirit will be reflected in the natural with rage and conflict.

It is always a tragedy when our differences degenerate into violence. It has been a great hope of Western Civilization to rise above war, to eradicate it completely from the earth. That is a noble hope, however, as we see up to the end of the Book of Revelation, there will be increasing war right to the end of the age.

As we see in Revelation 7, for a brief time the winds of war (winds of the earth) are held back so that The Lord’s bondservants can be sealed, but this is a short time and the winds are released again.

To be prepared for the times we must understand that violence has already begun, and it will get worse for a time. Again, this may be reduced by spiritual victories, but there is now a level of violence that we will not be able to avoid and we must be prepared for—spiritually and physically.

A major reason we can expect increasing violence is because of a contingent that not only does not want open debate, but cannot tolerate it. This is the fruit of an education system that no longer educates, but rather indoctrinates.

A generation has been conditioned so that if you disagree with them they will be offended, and being offended has been elevated to the level of being considered almost worse than a physical assault.

That many are so easily offended is a major cause that will make the physical violence unavoidable. As we are told in Proverbs 18:19, “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city.”

One of the most important things we can do to prepare for the coming conflict is to refuse to be offended. This is basic Christianity and is called “forgiveness.” Jesus forgave the ones who had Him crucified and even those who nailed Him to the cross. Learning to be quick to forgive is basic discipleship and basic to following Christ.

To stay on the right side in what is unfolding, we must not engage in the rage and bitterness that is fueled by unforgiveness. We must learn not to react to personal offense, but take the actions that we do because they are the right thing to do.

To make it through what is coming upon the world will require all Christians to follow Christ more closely and be more like Him than we ever have. We must guard our hearts, especially from the evil stronghold of unforgiveness and offense.

The Lord will help us get ready by allowing opportunities to learn to forgive quickly and totally. Don’t waste these trials. Embrace them as the opportunities they are, especially when you are persecuted for doing what is right.

The Lord promised a special blessing for this. See these as an opportunity to get closer to The Lord by bearing your cross to identify with Him, and getting closer to Him will be the greatest blessing of all.

 “One of the most important things
we can do to prepare for the coming conflict
is to refuse to be offended. “

Rick Joyner

We are in a battle for the ages.
Our lives, our families, our communities, our nation need us to win this.

Living in offense is like keeping your eyes on the rear view mirror.
Fixating on the rear view mirror is a distraction we cannot afford to entertain.

Let’s clear our vision so we can maximize our battle readiness!



I am fully confident that you all will keep this Sunday Open lively with discussion while I am away from my computer. I look forward to reading and catching up when I return. God bless. Think*3


248 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190908 Open Topic

  1. In Portland, Oregon, Antifa has found a way to appeal to young airheads at soccer games. Major League Soccer is very popular in Portland, why, I don’t know. But Antifa supporters have been flying large Antifa banners and now the MLS management has banned them at games. The fans are incensed and have been fighting back with signs of protest.

    It’s always amazing how many clueless bastards live in Portland.

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    1. “Major League Soccer is very popular in Portland, why, I don’t know.”

      A: because the game is chock full of phony, fake drama queens crybabies…

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          1. agree Andy…hard drugs have been mainstreamed into this country. Metropolitan cities don’t even bat an eye while junkies shoot up right in the open, on public transit, in front of schools…
            Once China used their country as a sprawling pop up lab sites , the internet was as easy as ordering from amazon.With their ties in transport…they easily sent deadly addictive products here…many of them disguised as synthetic xxx (whatever..vicadin,ambien, weed..anything)

            They didn’t do this for profit, imo..they knew the target consumers would be younger fighting age people. Get ’em young..if they don’t end up dead..they end up fighting an addiction for the rest of their lives

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    1. Bernie was, still is, a “Sheepherder” ………………… a well-paid “Sheepherder”

      Bern supporters were fooled the first time…………… won’t be the second time.

      2016 Bern supporters will either stay home or vote for POTUS (my crystal ball is clear today, foggy tomorrow)

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  2. Meanwhile in the Pacific…

    North Korea just received it’s first typhoon landfall ever. There are concerns about it creating a humanitarian crisis.

    Japan, one of America’s closest allies, is dealing with a strange storm as well. Typhoon Faxai went from a tropical storm to Category 4 strength in 30 hours, and is currently making a direct hit on Tokyo. Only four Cat 2+ typhoons have hit Tokyo since 1950.

    What a highly unusual week for weather!

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    1. Hi Sadie,

      thanks for bringing this………. the Cabal continues to threaten NoKo if they negotiate with POTUS………….

      Dorian opened my eyes big time…………… once ‘awake’ one can never go back to sleep.

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      1. YES!!!

        Expect more ‘WILD WEATHER’ we are looking at a MINIMUM the low point of the 88 year Gleissberg solar cycle.

        Much more likely the low point of the Milankovitch Cycle with either the very turbulent weather between insolation peaks or full on glaciation.

        Revisiting the Analogue for the Coming Ice Age (March, 2008)
        By Peter Harris

        When paleoclimatologists gathered in 1972 to discuss how and when the present warm climate would end, termination of this warm climate we call the Holocene seemed imminent and it was expected that rapid cooling would lead to the coming Ice Age.

        These ideas were based on the 1 million year record which shows how climate has regularly and predictably responded to the variations in energy or Insolation reaching Earth from the Sun as Earth orbit slowly changes under the influence of the complex gravity changes due to planetary movements in our solar system.. It was first proposed by Milutin Milankovitch (1941) that these cycles correlate with major transitions in climate between Interglacial and Ice Ages on a regular nominally 100 000 year (100KY) cycle.

        It was recognized that the Northern Hemisphere was most sensitive to the onset of a climate transition and later in 1991 the following chart (Fig.1 )was derived by mathematicians Quinn, Levine et al to show the complex variations in Insolation at Lat.65N due to orbital variations . This was compared with climate based on the stages of Glaciation derived from proxy by Lisieki and Raymo over a 1M year history as shown in FIG.1.

        The predominant driver in the major long term climate transitions is the insolation factor due to Eccentricity which describes the elliptical shape of our orbit as Earth moves toward and away from the Sun in a 100KY cycle , and from an elliptical to an almost circular orbit in a 400,000 year (400KY) cycle. The sum of all of the factors affecting insolation including Eccentricity, Precession and Obliquity is shown in yellow as Solar Forcing in FIG.1….


    1. True justice would be trying McStain as a traitor and then confiscating his family wealth in the aftermath of the guilty verdict, in addition to removing his name from wherever it is currently displayed.

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    1. NebraskaFilly last spotted in the wild Sat Aug 24 7:58PM

      Odd Post: Sat Aug 18 at 12:55AM

      Don’t feel bad, sunny. I am apparently persona non grata here now – perhaps you will be joining me? I’m sure it was noticed that I have not been participating as I always have in the past. Guess I just don’t play well enough with others. Now I see the “credit” for the Oathkeepers statement is handed to andy. Funny, when it was me who posted their statement in a reply to andy. Gee……imagine that.

      Y’all take care. It’s been real.

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      1. Thank you Michael, for letting me know—as sorry as I am to hear this.

        It is at least better than thinking something might have happened to her.

        Nebraska Filly, if you see this I want you to know that you still have friends here who are praying for you and have missed you.

        And I continue to hope you run for that local office. You will be great!

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        1. Yes, me too… thanks for bringing it to my attention so I could dig in more.

          Everyone gets a little burned out on the personalities here from time to time… some times the flavors come in “Extra Spicy”! 😉 It’s good to take a break sometimes. Hopefully she’ll be back in little bit.

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  3. Well, here it comes —
    Credit to the New York Times — a copy of the proposed resolution WAS LEAKED TO THE TIMES
    24 minutes ago
    Apparently, the House Judiciary Committee (that prime ass, Rep. JERROLD NADLER) is going to formally vote THIS WEEK to set the rules and procedures for the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS of President Trump. There is also apparently language in the proposed resolution to “jump-start” the process and to “expand” certain areas of questioning.
    It also appears that the House is going to approve language that will permit HOUSE COMMITTEE STAFF MEMBERS to question a witness, AFTER House members have exhausted their own time allotments.
    They’re going after POTUS on Obstruction of Justice and Abuses of Power.

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    1. They’re trying to sell a false narrative to Americans………………

      one very few are buying, including members of the House ………….

      this stupid action will come back to bite them !

      (Marcia, insert your latest gem in reply when you get a chance 😉 )

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    1. There is a sickness in the culture that is created by drugs and greed of wanting to appear young for ever.
      There disease of admiration for youth specially woman. Women are supposed to stay young and if they do not they are no longer desirable.
      Not all culture operate that way and I do not believe this country was always like that ?
      The obsession of perfection that has been burden on women to the point where they using discussing facial serum. I find that revolting how women use babies to stay young the price is steep.
      Personally I find many women in advanced years attractive and also men. I always wonder when I see desired perfection what they are hiding. When a person has a sweet spirit it is more worth than using baby part serum to look young and neglect the soul.

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      1. I agree with you. I don’t know if this country has always been like this; I doubt it. I believe the age of Hollywood, and then television, and now big-screen TVs where you can see every pore and wrinkle on someone’s face have made people think they have to be youthful and perfect in appearance. That, and their worship of self and the superficial.

        Using a product made from other human beings is not cannibalism, but it is on that path, in my opinion. We are made in the image of God and have dominion over the animals, not each other. The product mentioned in that clip is from surgeries that are being performed anyway, but I have no doubt that babies and children are being abused and even killed for what can be obtained from them. I have learned from Q, NXIVM, Epstein, etc., that people are more depraved then I ever could have imagined.

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  4. If voting doesnt work, how bad does this need to get before the health and safety of the state us considered a national security concern? Look at all the rats.

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    1. Pres. Trump has done so much to help people on welfare, veterans, the unemployed, etc. I wish there was something he could do to clean up cities like this. He would be a hero to many (but not to hard-core liberals who only say they care about the homeless, but don’t really). I don’t know what he could do legally, though.

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      1. We have to show that we want it and all vote, for starters. Being able to prove the vote fraud via motor voter, ballot harvesting, etc on a large scale also. I dont know what they can do either. Some kind of federal order like when they supervise police depts federally. Dunno…thats why he makes the big bucks.


    1. Somebody VERY SMART (and I mean VERY smart) knew that the only way to get humans to do unthinkably bogus things to their planet intentionally was – as FDR said – FEAR ITSELF.

      Next to cannibalism, sending sunlight-blocking CRAP into the atmosphere ALMOST sounds sane.

      These people are NUTS because they are being DRIVEN NUTS. Satan’s heavenly and earthly allies. BLUNTLY.

      We simply need to NOT ACCEPT this shit. Climate Hoax. Transmania. Open Borders. It’s NUTS.

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      1. One of my favorite questions to anyone preaching the gospel of “globull warming” is this.

        Supposing everything the climate hoaxers say comes true, or even worse, that the temperature rises 5 degrees over the next fifty years, what’s the WORST that could happen?

        What’s the downside, if you can actually think of any?

        Because I’ve thought about it, more than I ever wanted to, and I can’t come up with a single down side to an increase in ‘greenhouse gases’ and globull warmth.

        More warmth and for longer periods each season means more food can be grown.

        More carbon dioxide means all vegetation (including rain forests, regular forests, everything) grows much faster, meaning more FOOD and more RAW MATERIALS.

        It is true that melting glaciers will be disappointing for the tens of people who study them, but the other 99.999999999% of the population really won’t care, at all.

        Rising sea level will mean a construction boom like nobody has ever seen, on coastlines all over the world, which will translate into prosperity, for everyone, everywhere.

        Still looking for a down side…




        ECHO… Echo…echo….

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        1. Warm up 3 to 5 degrees means LARGE LAND MASSES NORTH of 40 degrees north can GROW FOOD like wheat and corn. (This would be large parts of Canada and Russia and China)

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    1. Very happy you are still around.

      The sweet pictures of you and your wife, the fun of watching your “kids”, your great (and soothing) southern accent (music to my ears with reminders of childhood friends), the goodness of the choices you have made in how and where you live, and your open honesty in sharing it with us make this a better place.

      Thank you!

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