News Roundup! Money Talks & BS Walks, Black Approval For PDJT Continues To Rise, Tariffs On $112 Billion Dollars Of Chinese Imports Goes Into Effect, Gas Prices Lower By 25% Compared To Last Year, Wall Update, Latest Update On Hurricane Dorian…..

One of my sayings is that Money talks and BS walks when it comes to Presidential Elections.

After spending the morning and afternoon preparing my home for Hurricane Dorian, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Michigan versus Middle Tennessee State football game. I sat next to a gentleman named James. He and I spoke throughout the game.

He is 51 years of age and getting ready to retire from JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) in 4 years. He is a Black American. After about two hours of talking about life, family and our jobs, he said that he loves PDJT because of what he has meant for his 401K.

He said he voted for BHO in 2008 because he was Black. He said he didn’t make that mistake in 2012 because he saw the damage he was doing to the country. He said he didn’t vote in 2016. He said that he, his wife, his mother and father can’t wait to vote for PDJT In 2020 because of what he has done for our economy. Especially the Stock Market.

I was so happy to talk with him the rest of the night. What a breath of fresh air to speak with someone that society says should hate PDJT. There are many more James’ out there. They understand that PDJT is a gift to them and their families.

At the stroke of midnight, the 15% tariffs on an $112 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports went into effect.

From the article linked above:

  • A 15% tariff on a total of $112 billion of Chinese goods are set to go into effect at midnight ET.

Tariffs on $112 billion of Chinese goods are set to go into effect at midnight ET. While some duties have been delayed and some items have been removed from the original list of $300 billion Chinese imports, many everyday grocery items and household staples will still be targeted beginning Sunday, according to an official list that spans 122 pages.

Chinese retaliatory tariffs ranging from 5% to 10% on a portion of $75 billion U.S. goods also are scheduled to go into effect Sunday.


Trump has threatened higher punitive duties after this round of tit-for-tat tariffs, but China softened its stance this week, saying it’s willing to resolve the trade war with a “calm attitude” and indicating it won’t retaliate immediately.

From the article linked above:

  • Today’s average gas price of just over $2.58 per gallon is 25 cents cheaper than during the Labor Day weekend last year, according to AAA.
  • Average prices by state range from a low of $2.20 a gallon in Louisiana and Mississippi to almost $3.66 in Hawaii.
  • More people will likely head out on road trips, and have more pocket money to spend on food and fun, thanks to lower gas prices across most of the U.S.

If you’re heading out on an end-of-summer road trip this Labor Day, you might find yourself spending less on fuel and more on food and fun.

That’s thanks to what may be the lowest average nationwide gasoline rates for this holiday weekend in three years, according to AAA.

That means people will have more money in their pockets and they’ll be more likely to hit the road, said AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano. “When gas prices are cheaper, we tend to see more people traveling.”

That’s in keeping with the findings of a consumer survey AAA did earlier in the year. Asked in February what they’d do if gas prices stayed the same or lower in 2019, 33% of respondents said they would go on at least one additional summer road trip and 27% said they would increase the distance of their trip.

The Wall continues to get built as Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers, CoC etc. are completely helpless to stop it.

From the article linked above:

The acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan used his power to waive laws in order to build the border wall to dismiss 29 federal laws in the Rio Grande Valley on Friday afternoon. The waivers apply to planned border wall segments in Starr County near Rio Grande City and La Grulla as well as much of the unwalled portion of Hidalgo County, totaling approximately 17 miles.

Latest update on Hurricane Dorian.

At 1100 PM EDT (0300 UTC), the center of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 26.3 North, longitude 75.1 West. Dorian is moving toward the west near 8 mph (13 km/h), and a slower westward motion should continue for the next day or two, followed by a gradual turn toward the northwest. On this track, the core of Dorian should be near or over portions of the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, and move closer to the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday.

Data from NOAA and Air Force reconnaissance aircraft indicate that the maximum sustained winds remain near 150 mph (240 km/h) with higher gusts. Dorian is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some fluctuations in intensity are likely, but Dorian is expected to remain a powerful hurricane during the next few days.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 30 miles (45 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 105 miles (165 km). (read more)

107 thoughts on “News Roundup! Money Talks & BS Walks, Black Approval For PDJT Continues To Rise, Tariffs On $112 Billion Dollars Of Chinese Imports Goes Into Effect, Gas Prices Lower By 25% Compared To Last Year, Wall Update, Latest Update On Hurricane Dorian…..

  1. Flep, I have been noticing the significantly lower gas prices for a few weeks, and cannot believe they didn’t rise for one of our nation’s most travelled weekends over Labor Day. Just one more reason I love President Trump keeping his promises 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🤓

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      1. DP – I paid $2.64/gal here at Costco in Utah today. We are usually a bit higher than other states. I have no idea why, but it is still lower than it was last week.

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  2. Stay safe Flep. Give mushu(sp?) a cuddle.
    P.s. gave prices here…
    Closest to me chevron $3.80/g
    Sam’s club and costco $3.26…with long long lines.
    I dont go to either they take so long to get through.
    I go to a grocery store station. Bad state for business!

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  3. Thanks for that report on the guy you met at Buffalo Wild Wings.
    I love it. 😀

    Love that video of the NY Trump Supporters!
    That little girl is sooo cute.

    Thanks for these Great News Roundups, Fle!
    I appreciate all the work you do for us.

    And I hope Hurricane Dorian makes a right turn and goes back out into open water!

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    1. Where are the authorities to stop China to interfere with our election? Those who could with China will they be named traitors to our Republic?
      What we have seen Comey going free does that give confidence to others to could with china and not fearing prosecution?
      If democrats regain power will they proceed to punish China and those who helped China subvert the will of the people?
      God help us if china is allowed to control our elections freedom will have been lost.
      Pray to ward off evil.

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      1. If the ‘authorities’ are corrupt or in league with China to suppress the vote – then, they will have to be charged and sentenced – if there are people China sent here to live that are working to suppress the vote – then, they need to be identified and charged to the full extent of the law – the point is = we need to find out who is doing this.

        As far as Comey is concerned – he is hardly going to get off scot free – right now he is feeling a false sense of security – there are bigger crimes for which he and others will be held accountable – AG Barr is no fool.

        Believe me – PT is on top of this – and he will ensure the integrity of our elections – of that I am certain.

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  4. Flep, I have a friend who speaks to many “James” at the local Y. For all the people who believe the government should take care of them – there are millions who work to make a better life for themselves, and their families. There IS a Black middle-class, and these people are the ones who POTUS is speaking to.

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    1. When they leave the donkey plantation, they become middle class. Defining characteristic – a belief that they can rise higher than they currently are.

      IOW, they start living the American Dream.

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  5. Our VEEP is in Poland, remember????

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    1. I want to like Pence. I’m trying to like Pence. I just have no connection with him at all. If he even has a personality, I’ve never seen it. Has anyone?

      His face is expressionless and inscrutable, his words sound canned and detached. And I’m certainly not the only one who thinks he comes across that way.

      But that’s not even really the issue.

      This issue is that Pence is a professional politician, he *is* the establishment. How does DJT run for re-election with Pence on the ticket?

      At the end of his second term, do we turn the country back over to the same establishment professional politicians who created the Monster that Trump hopefully by that time will have slain?

      How does that work?

      How does one EVER put faith or confidence in another member of the professional political-class, after Trump?

      Did we learn NOTHING?

      Would DJT even DO that to us?

      Lead us back from the abyss, only to turn it over to a card-carrying member of the Abyss Club?

      I don’t claim to know his heart, maybe he’s a reformed man now, maybe he has seen the light. If so, that’s great. A reformed con-artist is welcome in our congregation anytime, but we’re not going to make him the Treasurer…

      And somebody with a sex-offender record won’t be teaching the children’s class in the back room, either.

      No offense, but it ain’t happening.

      It’s great that (or if) such a person has repented, but what responsible adult would ever put such a person in a position of such great temptation, while simultaneously risking unimaginable harm to the innocent?

      No responsible person, that’s who.

      And that’s the problem with Pence.

      He is a lifetime member of the professional HARM class.

      What responsible person puts him in line for the presidency, at the conclusion of DJT’s second term?

      Are we really going to turn to our own vomit again? Right back to wallowing in the mire, after we have been cleaned?

      I can’t do it.

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      1. Not going to happen! It will be one of the following that have learned under PDJT’s tutelage and will carry TRUMPISM forward.

        My favorite is Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida
        2nd Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
        3rd Governor Greg Abbott of Texas
        4th Representative Devin Nunes

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      2. Scott, I am with you, but I don’t think Pence will run for President for some reason. Just a gut feeling and my intuition is usually quite good. You are right, we can never go back to the way things were before Trump. Once seen, things cannot be unseen. Hopefully, we will persist.

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      3. The winning gambit is to pick Sarah Palin for VP in 2020. Four years of apprenticeship (where have we heard THAT word before?) followed by 8 years of female DJT.

        Best part is the narrative. The media will go bonkers over Palin which allows DJT to counterpunch with sequential declassification of docs that the leftists fear.

        It would be a bigly show … err … campaign.

        Drill baby drill is EXACTLY what DJT did. Think about it.

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        1. I like Sarah, a lot, but I see zero upside to having a female president.

          Just my honest opinion.

          For one thing, that’s the Lunatic Left’s narrative, not ours. We don’t need to try to ‘one up’ the cultural Marxists at their own game.

          Second, we don’t need a single ‘nuther drop of estrogen in leadership roles. Half the young ‘men’ in our country are already metrosexuals, and the other half thinking about going full tranny.

          We need moar TESTOSTERONE.

          This Helen Reddy / Billy Jean King movement has already played itself out way too far.

          In an imaginary fairy world, where idealism equals reality, it would be just swell to choose a president based on her genitalia (I suppose…).

          But in the real world, dangerous governments are run by men, and if there is any upside to putting Sarah Palin up against people like Putin and other ruthless dominant alpha males, I don’t know what it is.

          This whole idea of “making” a woman president is a vanity project. It doesn’t even belong in auto racing (where the same kind of vanity projects are ongoing), much less when it comes to leading a nation and our fighting men who defend it.

          Call it old-fashioned, call it sexist, or call it 5,000+ years of historical reality vs. the temporary gender insanity of the Boomer generation.

          Leadership of the country isn’t something to play gender games with. Maybe you could get away with it if we were Lichtenstein. We’re not. We need to be the biggest, baddest, toughest ball-breakers on the planet, just to keep the peace.

          And no matter how ‘tough’ any lady is, she’s not tougher than a tough man.

          We can go Biblical, we can go logical, we can go historical, we can go any which way, and the only argument for a woman leader is for a vanity project. Just to say we ‘did it’.

          To me, our country is more important than that.

          I love women.

          I have no desire at all for a woman to lead our country in a world full of dangerous men.

          Again, just my honest opinion.


  6. On building the border wall:
    For the 4yr we researched the Canal Project, we looked seriously at the endangered species in each and every county along the border. We knew it would be the biggest objection/reason to stymie the project.
    In EVERY instance, the specific animal/insect/reptile/plant/fish was ALSO found in other counties to the north, nd thriving.
    Like the EPA tried to shut down the Tellico Dam Project at 98% completion when they discovered the Snail Darter…… and the Snail Darter was subsequently found thriving in 7 other rivers.
    With the Border Wall (or the Canal Project), there would be NO single instance of obliterating an endangered specie.

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  7. Our President is taking this storm seriously.

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  8. Thanks flep!
    Great news that the MSM will not report on. Just went up to NY and back to Fl.
    Highest gas prices in NY of course about .50/gal more than FL. Saw one place somewhere @ $2.08 along I-95 🤗

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    1. And of course, it varies from state to state, depending on how much the state tax is. The Federal tax is 18.4. There is a chart online which tells you the amount your state adds in tax.

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    1. I would hope the Chinese Government would be doing everything in their power to prevent the manufacture and export of that very potent and dangerous drug. When there’s a drug as strong as fentanyl that can kill humans with just a very tiny amount, it’s important for all countries to control it.

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      1. Personally, I do not think they care – if there is a concerted effort to eliminate a portion of the population in a adversary country – and there is money to be made – then – why should they care.

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            1. No, the Chinese eat dogs too. Someone I know has a Chinese GF and she admitted she’s eaten it when she lived in China.

              I think a lot of Chinese would eat just about anything if they’re hungry enough. They are a very uncivilized culture, IMO.

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    1. And of course the House Dems are demanding The Senate and President Trump sign their oppressive anti-gun owner legislation. They all seem to think new laws will “finally put a stop to these mass killings”. Yeah, right. No law could ever prevent some moron who is on a suicide mission like the one in Odessa and several before him from doing these crimes.
      We already have over 20,000 state and federal gun control laws on the books and yet these random shootings still occur.
      I agree with President Trump the best way to scale back the number of mass shootings is to have more mental treatment and reopen hospitals for those who are truly dangerous to themselves and others.

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      1. Where there are gun control laws – these shootings will continue to happen – the idea is to disarm the public – make them dependent upon government for their defense – and control their lives.

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        1. “Where there are gun control laws – these shootings will continue to happen…”

          That’s why I surmise the ‘event people’ have shifted the focus of their operations to Texas since Trump’s election — Sutherland Springs church shooting, bomber boy in Austin, El Paso Walmart, yesterday in Midland-Odessa.

          Trying to rub everyone’s nose in the fact that a team of highly-trained Clowns, in the ‘company’ — pardon the pun — of a highly-abused MK victim, and masquerading, through the auspices of the Mockingbird Media’s prism, as a single ‘lone gun nut’, can carry out a mass casualty atrocity successfully, despite the relatively favorable guns laws in a red-pilled state like Texas.

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          1. Interesting point, Cova – however, these are planned events – does WM allow cc or not – Austin is a liberal area – not sure about El Paso or Midland-Odessa – but, they pick these places – where someone with cc may not be available to take down the perpetrator – MK victim was sleeping – chosen long ago – people are getting tired of this nonsense – they will call for more personal protection – will backfire on them – imho

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    1. No surprised – that is BO’s MO and WW’s MO – and the whole lot of them – allocate the funds – then transfer them to foundations and personal accounts – how are these people getting so wealthy – if not from stealing.

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    2. Lol!!! Usually never does reach the little people! Did all the money given to raghead Arafat go to benefit the people called “Palestinians” (who are basically reject Arabs from surrounding Arab nations)? If we are going to throw this money away to these nations, we should at least demand accountability— like, what programs or infrastructure did you spend the money on “for your people”??? Better yet, just spend the monies in USA on our needs and problem areas which are numerous. Instead, it is hoarded by the ruling elite of any given country for themselves—their people be damned. Speaking in generalizations.

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    3. It’s a racket. All these 3rd world countries get billions,do nothing and then beg again the next year………..AND now they repay our generosity by invading the US.
      With all that money they could’ve paid mercenaries to blow up every cartel in the country and then not one of those invaders could claim fear of gangs as asylum reason

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  9. Did anyone else notice how quick MSM was to describe the Odessa shooter as “a mid 30’s white man? I heard that description within two hours of the incident.
    What would the description have been had it been a black or brown man? Would we ever have heard his skin color until his photo was released days later? That’s usually the case.

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    1. And, we still haven’t seen any pictures of the “shooter”. His name is supposedly Seth Ator and supposedly 36 years old.
      I despise the way that there is no information. Whatever happened to who, what, when, why, etc.

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  10. Did an ’emergency’ birthday party yesterday. The family was comming up from Florida to stay with Grandma and it was the 4 year olds BIRTHDAY! So grandma tossed together a party on VERY short notice. (Less than 24 hours)

    OUR present was the birthday girl’s Daddy was wearing a TRUMP hat AND a Trump PUNISHER T-shirt. 😁

    I am also starting to see TRUMP signs!

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  11. RED FLAG INSANITY: Pro-Trump Former Marine Has Guns Confiscated to Protect ANTIFA Terrorists

    Red flag laws mean patriots will be disarmed.

    Published 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2019 By Shane Trejo

    A Trump supporter in Oregon was stripped of his firearms under the state’s red flag laws for declaring that his rights wouldn’t be trampled upon by ANTIFA terrorists who have rampaged throughout Portland during the summer.

    “If ANTIFA gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” said Shane Kohfield, a 32-year-old former Marine. “I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out ANTIFA.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. We must never relinquish our self-defense arms! At some point, Antifa will cross the line in their hatred and kill someone. Don’t let that be in Oklahoma!!!

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          1. Hate is anger turned within – agree, Pete – I still have not figured out why they hate themselves so much – only God knows – but, I suspect they have given in to the evil one – so this anger lives inside of them and colors everything they do.

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    2. I am afraid if you are a conservative YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

      Shane GAVE THEM a reason to strip him of his rights on a silver platter when he said:

      ““If ANTIFA gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next, I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out ANTIFA.” (And yes he is saying he is going to defend himself. but unfortunately he went further into vigilante mode.)

      I am hoping that he has the FUNDS & FRIENDS to FIGHT THIS UP TO THE SUPREME COURT!!!

      It is about time these ‘hate speech’ and gun confiscation laws were tried in the Supreme Court but I would prefer RBG was NOT still on the bench.

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      1. Agree – bragging is not a good idea – being prepared is – this needs to stop – I also agree – SC is the only way to put a stop to this permanently – RBG is not long for this world – we will get our chance – imho

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        1. It did happen in Oregon. And he said nothing that was illegal whatsoever. He had a 1st Amendment Right to state if Antifa came and began killing his group, he’d wipe them out. That would be self defense.
          He was not arrested for any crime. He was “detained” and taken to a mental ward of a hospital for a 20 day evaluation.
          That Red Flag Law is highly unconstitutional. I suspect it will be overturned eventually, but it will take a long time and a lot of money.

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            1. Not just Antifa is anti 1st Amendment. Multnomah County, Portland and all the Oregon Democrat legislators as well as the governor are anit 1st Amendment. And they’re anti 2nd Amendment too.
              But I’m certainly not expecting the ACLU to come to this veteran’s rescue. They’re so P.C. and leftist that they’re useless.

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      2. It costs a fortune to appeal a court ruling all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And first it must be appealed to the lower courts, then the state appeals court. That all takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.
        The best he could hope for is the NRA or some other gun rights group taking his case for him. Very unlikely, however.

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        1. “The best he could hope for is the NRA or some other gun rights group taking his case for him. Very unlikely, however.”

          I doubt it would be for this guy.

          They will wait for a case where what was said is more innocuous, and they will therefore be better able to win.


  12. Here we go, again…new method for stifling dissent…

    Adam Schiff’s New Law Expands Definition of ‘Domestic Terrorism’, Promotes FBI Entrapment

    September 1, 2019
    from 21st Century Wire

    Recently, the US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) introduced a bill which intends to criminalize various new acts under the ever-expanding banner of domestic terrorism. Undoubtedly, this is an attempt by the government to broaden the definition of ‘domestic terrorism’ in order to make the interpretation more arbitrary, and thus qualifying more offenses for terrorism prosecutions.

    Schiff’s new law will give the US Attorney General new powers which would potentially charge anythreat of violence or damage to property that “creates a substantial risk of serious bodily injury” – as an act of domestic terrorism.

    Potentially, this might could also include the use of heated political rhetoric during a “planning meeting” (a conversation in person, or in an internet chat room), or even breaking a window during a protest. In theory, the Federal government could them pursue sentences up to 30-years in prison.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. “…any threat of violence….”

      So the figure of speech — “I could kill XXX for doing YYY” would carry up to a 30-year prison sentence. 🙄

      But only if you are a conservative. If you are an illegal you can shot someone dead and get off scot free.

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  13. Gail – This Bud’s for you!

    “A Rare Smoking Gun”: Judge Says Goldman And Four Other Firms “Blatantly Price Fixed” GSE-Backed Bonds

    September 1, 2019
    from ZeroHedge

    Goldman Sachs and four other financial firms are facing claims that they rigged the $550 billion market for bonds backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to Bloomberg.

    In the Southern District of New York, a proposed class action suit accuses the institutions of driving down the offer that they bought unsecured bonds at and “pumping” up the bid at which they sold them over the counter.

    U. S. Southern District of New York Judge Jed S. Rakoff allowed the case to proceed against Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., BNP Paribas Securities Corp., Morgan Stanley & Co., and Merrill Lynch.

    The judge concluded that traders from these banks engaged in price fixing by using industry chatrooms, which exist primarily so that banks, dealers and co-underwriters can work together on a limited basis to find opening prices for bond issuances. However, in this case, four chat logs instead offered evidence that the traders discussed how to avoid a “race to the bottom” on the secondary market.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  14. Haha… Antifa punk learns he’s not in Portland anymore…

    Posted by Kane on September 1, 2019 1:23 am


  15. Liked by 3 people

    1. Sadly that is probably the first time I have seen the unedited version of Trumps words on Illegals since he first said those words. I don’t think anyone has actually heard the real words. .
      I have been trying to find a video for just that portion but as usual it is probably way way back in the archives someplace.

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  16. To Reduce Gun Violence, Arm All Americans


    So there was another shooting in Texas. At last count, including the perpetrator, there are seven dead and around 20 injured. We don’t really know anything much about the perpetrator except that he’s been identified as white. Apparently, what prompted the shooting was the perpetrator was stopped by the police, shot his way out, and then raced off, shooting other people until he was finally cornered and shot dead. (Prediction: we’ll find out he had a long criminal record and active arrest warrants for major crimes.)

    Now because I’m sure some rental commenter is just waiting to start typing, yes I think it’s awful that people got shot and killed. On the other hand, five people have been killed and 42 injured in Chicago already this weekend. Just this weekend. And I can’t help but wonder why the extremely high murder rates in places like Chicago and Baltimore don’t seem to be news stories.

    I’ll leave that for another rant, however, and point out that when you consider murder rates there is a very very high correlation between really stringent gun laws and really high gun violence.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Even Obama’s study proved that guns save more lives .
      It has also has been proven that in Mass shootings where someone is armed, more lives are saved. The stats say over 50% more lives are saved if someone is armed, rather then waiting for the police.

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  17. Ruth Bader Ginsburg assures audience she is alive…

    Posted by Kane on September 1, 2019 2:39 pm

    ‘I Am Alive and On My Way to Being Very Well’

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, said on Saturday that she is alive and on her way to “being very well” after her latest cancer treatment for a malignant tumor found on her pancreas.

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