Dear MAGA: 20190901 Open Topic

This cheerfully and purposefully reposted

open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever
they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said,
comment on people’s comments.
Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road,
which are few but important.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:

Presidential Seal w/ Q tail

“We must choose whether we are defined by our differences —
or whether we dare to transcend them.

We must choose whether we will squander our inheritance —
or whether we will proudly declare that we are Americans.

We do the incredible. We defy the impossible. We conquer the unknown.

This is the time to re-ignite the American imagination.

This is the time to search for the tallest summit,
and set our sights on the brightest star.

This is the time to rekindle the bonds of love and loyalty and memory
that link us together as citizens, as neighbors, as patriots.

This is our future — our fate — and our choice to make.
I am asking you to choose greatness.

No matter the trials we face, no matter the challenges to come,
we must go forward together.

We must keep America first in our hearts.
We must keep freedom alive in our souls.
And we must always keep faith in America’s destiny —
that one Nation, under God,
must be the hope and the promise and the light and the glory
among all the nations of the world!

Thank you. God Bless You,
God Bless America, and good night!”

— President Donald J. Trump, 2019 State of the Union Address


Full State Of The Union Video & Transcript

In these United States of America, there have been few speeches more memorable than this. God bless our Lion PDJT.



I am fully confident that you all will keep this Sunday Open lively with discussion while I am away from my computer. I look forward to reading and catching up when I return. God bless. Think*3

276 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190901 Open Topic

    1. It was probably the best reaction he could have, except for fighting over the cell phone. Fear provokes aggression. This guy didn’t show any fear, he acted like he didn’t even care.

      For one thing, that’s not the reaction the gunman was expecting. It interrupts whatever lunatic narrative is running through his head while he’s walking around with a rifle.

      For another thing, it’s a lot harder for the gunman to freak out and hurt someone in the process, if the people around him are calm and non-threatening. It’s a lot harder to loose your cool, when the people around you are acting like nothings wrong.

      And the last guy you want to loose his cool is the guy with the rifle.

      So acting like it’s no big deal could be a good a survival strategy, if you can pull it off. Helps if it’s not the first time someone has pointed a gun at you.

      I’m guessing it wasn’t the first time somebody pointed a gun at the guy sitting at the bar.

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  1. There are corrupt bureaucrats all over the world. It should be child’s play, with the justification of a carefully crafted white paper or two, to send a billion dollars to a nember of them with the (wink, wink) understanding that if they send half of it to a certain Swiss bank account, they will get another billion next year, and if they send half of that, then . . .

    If should be simple for a corrupt President to become unbelievably rich, very quickly.

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    1. I have no doubt that this was happening, bakocarl. I also bet that was what the Iran deal was all about. I wonder how many people and how many slush funds got filled with that. I bet POTUS knows!

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  2. Totally random, out of the blue question, but this is the open thread, after all.

    Does anyone here have a favorite video or webpage for upper body stretching, particularly shoulders and trapezius muscles? Even mid thoracic? I used to do Pilates and will get back to that, but need to work on flexibility first.


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      1. Do Qi Gong search for upper body exercise or pain.
        Qi Gong is excellent for when space is limited. Similar to Tai Chi however long routines are not necessary to learn and you can tailor to your needs. Here’s just one.


  3. People are waking up everywhere:

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  4. Texas mass shooter threatened neighbor, shot animals from roof: report

    Red flags all over this guy and WTH is this ? Police just shrug off this nutbag threatening his neighbors because it’s hard to find his place?

    FTA~ .She said cops tried to confront Ator following her report to police last month, but his property didn’t show up on GPS and was difficult to find.

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        1. The officers are getting investigated now. Not sonething you get fired for, but scrutinized.
          I know of a chase about 2 weeks ago. A SGT and an LT for Riverside sheriff chased some guy into a field. Their units caught the grass on fire, burned a house down, the 2 units, and damaged like 6 other homes. A couple million damage. You arent suppised to drive into grass for that reason. Its basic non supervisory knowledge, but these 2 did it. And they arent getting in trouble bc they are favored.

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