This is actually about establishment of Space COMMAND as a predecessor to Space Force.

If the accidental Wolf Moon logo placement on today’s post is to be taken as me being 100% behind our VSGPOTUS, you are free to take it that way!

Here are some of SpaceCom’s first tweets and re-tweets!

And finally, here is the Periscope of the ceremony, from VSGPOTUS himself!

A fine day in America’s history! AND BEYOND!


82 thoughts on “SPACE COM

  1. Went to Twitter and the first person who I could find talking about Space Force and not Lyin’ Jim Comey was this guy, who EVERYBODY should be following, IMO.

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      1. should have mentioned, he has a website and links to his videos etc there (remove * before cutting/pasting)


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  2. thoughts (nagging, nuances, itchings – call them what you want)

    1. Speech was 25 mins late
    2. POTUS appeared focused as always, but image of his tossing lots of balls into the air
    3. Announcement immediately VP going in his stead to Poland………… hmmmmmm
    4. Understand his goal to keep Americans safe, but did not expect this
    5. Speech very short
    6. Seemed to be hurrying back inside to consult with others
    7. Yes, I’m getting more senile and paranoid by the day

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    1. Agreed. The lateness makes me wonder if this was hastily arranged.

      Definitely he’s worried about THE STORM.

      Love the way he GRABBED THE METAPHOR for propaganda use.

      Pence is a champ – going to do the hard work.

      Pence is a HARD WORKER LIKE TRUMP – let us never forget that – PRAY that we don’t forget that.

      Remember – this was just about Space COM, not Space FORCE, which will be a much bigger deal when they launch it.

      Many great hints in his speech.

      Q is right about how this all plays out eventually. IMHO.

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      1. Ohhh, I certainly believe Pence is up to the task, agree he is a hard worker and we must con’t to pray for him also. I was wondering WHAT else might be going on, or DOWN…. here in the US that he decided not to leave the country.

        Definitely believe (or WANT TO believe) something is happenin’

        Thanks for the reminder that this today was about Space COM, not FORCE… that makes a HUGE difference to all my ‘thoughts’

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      1. Interesting tidbit. Red Arsenal is AWESOME.
        I had no idea until Gunner went to NASA Advanced Pilot school for a summer, orbital robotics at UAB, etc. Nevermind that part, but we learned all about Red Arsenal, waiting on Gunner.
        Later on, Gunner won a NASA grant for a big robot, started a team at school.
        We were so naive, stupid, idiots, but trying so hard. Most teams have NASCAR like pit crews and hundreds of thousands in equipment. We had a couple of screwdrivers and good intentions.
        Anyway, we were having trouble and Gunner was desperate and frustrated. Could not get the robot on the competition floor.
        It stalled.
        Out of desperation, I glanced up and looked across the convention center for a kind soul.
        And there he was.
        Sweet ole fellow, named Sam.
        I locked eyes with him and he knew he would have to help.
        “I noticed you men were havin’ a problem…, need some help?”, he said.
        He was so patient with the boys, like a gift from above.
        Come to find out…….. he was the lead engineer who designed the robotic arm on the International Space Station.

        OMG. WUT????

        Do you get the impression, sometimes, that God just toys with us. And all of a sudden, something big happens? So God is up in heaven and looking around the world and solving BIG problems, right?
        Counseling souls in REAL need, people dealing with grief in all forms.
        And out of the side of his eye, God sees Gunner’s team is in trouble and ……. POOF!
        Let me send the boy’s team the guy who designed the International Space Station robotic arm.
        Just….. stunning.
        Knock me over with a feather.
        SAM, our hefty angel, worked at Red Arsenal.

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      1. WELLllll….
        At least it is not as tectoniclly active as Iceland but it is not exactly ‘quiet’ either.

        WIKI on the Greenland Plate

        …Since the closure of the North Atlantic–Labrador Sea rift, Greenland has moved roughly in conjunction with North America; thus, there are questions as to whether the Greenland Plate should be still considered a separate plate at all.[9][10] The area between Greenland and Baffin Island is, however, seismically very active, being the location of the epicenter of many earthquakes including a 7.3-magnitude earthquake in 1933. As of 2009, scientists have been unable to correlate the seismicity with particular geological structures or geophysical anomalies. It has been suggested that seismicity in the region is related to the stresses associated with post-glacial rebound.[11][12]….

        Redstone Arsonal is more stable.


    1. I think this is about more than the hurricane and that something else is going on. We might never know what it is, but it *feels* like something is up.

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          1. BRILLIANT. Thank you for that.

            SNEAKY as F***.

            As part of an ongoing initiative to transform the U.S. military, on June 26, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that U.S. Space Command would merge with USSTRATCOM. The Unified Command Plan directed that Unified Combatant Commands be capped at ten, and with the formation of the new United States Northern Command, one would have to be deactivated in order to maintain that level. Thus the USSPACECOM merged into an expanded USSTRATCOM, which would retain the U.S. Strategic Command name and would be headquartered at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The merger aimed to improve combat effectiveness and to speed up information collection and assessment needed for strategic decision-making.

            Following this change by searching on Unified Command Plan and 9/11 leads to a lot of relevant history which supports my contention that 9/11 was used to control the US military.

            Good people all reacting in a good but predictable way. Works to hide their shit every time.

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    1. I was working for a now defunct blog when Atlantis launched for the last time. It was the last Shuttle launch. I can remember being in school and the teachers had us all watching when Columbia went up the first time. Then, a few years later, after the family years long excursion to the Pax River vicinity (military people know of this) for the FA-18A/B flight test work, we went to the Cape to watch a friend’s first launch on Discovery. It only launched 15 minutes late, which for a shuttle mission was on time.

      Anyway, I was in tears writing my So Long Atlantis piece. It felt like surrender. VSGPDJT confirmed it if we are RE-ESTABLISHING Space Command. Obama gave away the advantage of it. &%$#@!*.

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      1. “Obama gave away the advantage of it. &%$#@!*.”

        He made making Muslims feel good about themselves the prime directive of NASA.

        But it was Bush the Little who killed Space Command, after 9/11.

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    1. Read between the lines on this. The final statement says it all.

      Arguments by KGB-CIA-XXX to keep the hot rods in the garage should be – COUGH – looked at with FIVE SUSPICIOUS CATS!!! Give Space Force what it needs!

      Side note – gotta wonder about “allied forces” – exactly how vertical are we talking there?

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        1. The master of half the leftist trolls. He’s the head of Media Matters and Shareblue. Pedophile ally of Cankles. Ex BF of James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza or whatever it’s called.

          All the really deadly trolling and disinformation is his stuff.

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  3. Lord, bless this endeavor…for your glory and eternal honor…that through it we may directly support and participate in the fight against the darkness in this world as we await your triumphant return and with it the final victory over evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever!!

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    You can read the label on a military badge from space and identify – and STOP and even kill – insurgencies/invasions/illegals from space!

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    1. which is why I have wondered about lack of air patrols along the southern border NOW, esp. with drug and human trafficking……………………….

      why haven’t we had this ?

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    2. Not so fast. There are problems.

      Just for starters, satellites such as what you speak of have limited maneuvering capabilities and, more importantly, what fuel they do carry onboard is also finite.

      Another problem is the number of satellites with the capabilities you speak of. They are extraordinarily expensive and, as a result, their numbers are limited.

      So, while technically speaking you are correct, from an operational standpoint it just isn’t feasible. We simply don’t have the numbers. And the ones we do have we are not going to burn the fuel they have for missions they weren’t designed for.

      We can’t very well take sats tasked daily to watch Iran or NoKo military targets, for example, and turn them to watch the border. It doesn’t work like that, and adjusting orbits burns a LOT of fuel.

      No offense intended, but it seems like you are just coming to these ideas with the launch of US Space Command today. Trust me, these notions have been kicked around for decades by the people who actually operate the sats on a daily basis.

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      1. You are right – we don’t have all that right now.

        That’s what the SpaceCom is for – to develop defensive and offensive capabilities that we currently do not have!

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          1. my comment upthread

            “which is why I have wondered about lack of air patrols along the southern border NOW, esp. with drug and human trafficking……………………….

            why haven’t we had this ?”

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  6. FWIW and FYI….

    The REAL reason for a US Space Command is the EXACT same as for the creation of US Cyber Command (as envisioned by Adm. Mike Rogers)….also begun by President Trump.

    The reason??

    To neuter the historical and deeply corrupted Alphabet intel agencies and placing their assets under the Command and authority of the US military, whose commanders are themselves directly answerable to the Commander-in-Chief and who are very easily relieved of command and COURT MARTIALED, if need be, by military courts….unlike, say, James Comey & Co.

    Please and thanks.

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      1. Corso’s book confirms alphabet chicanery in spades. His frank talk about the alphabets as far back as the 1940s was a real surprise to me, but it absolutely matched Q’s thinking, and the impression I’ve gotten from MANY others.

        The world’s alphabets are basically engaged in a kind of technology sharing and global control, which is increasingly NOT GOOD for the United States, our beliefs, our freedoms, and our way of life. They have been working AGAINST national interests for a LONG time. That’s fine when other nations are basically another brand of one’s own home. No longer. We’re seeing utterly un-American law and policy in what used to be close allies. And the absolute worst part – as utter disrespecters of sovereignty, they desperately want to spread that shit here.

        STOPPING the madness is advisable, in preference to CIVIL AND WORLD WARS.

        IN my humble but defiant opinion.

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        1. Ever see this movie??

          The protagonists are the head of MI5 and the KGB, who are working together to destroy the outbreak of peace so that they won’t lose their funding and jobs.

          It’s a comedy, but shadows what has been happening since WWII.

          Ever seen a charity actually go out of business because it eliminated the problem for which is was created?

          Nope. And you never will. For the same reason….people don’t want to lose their jobs, their income, and the influence they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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    1. We are at war, after all, and the military….unlike the civilians in gov’t….have long, traditional histories of honor and duty as a backstop against corruption.

      PDJT’s re-election is the most important of our lifetime. I know that phrase gets tossed around a lot, but this next one REALLY IS for all the marbles.

      Win it, and PDJT is off the hook in terms of taking action (or not) that could affect his re-election. Lose it, and all has been for naught.

      NOTHING makes this reality more stark and plain than the standing up of the two new commands. We simply MUST NOT FAIL in re-electing President Trump.

      As they said during the Apollo 13 mission……failure is NOT an option.

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  7. From Sec. of Defense, Mark Esper:

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