Comey Report Released

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Personal Impressions: After two brief meetings and very little time spent with Donald Trump, Comey describes Trump as “fundamentally dishonest”. How could Comey know Trump was dishonest? How is it possible for a FBI Director to be so lacking in objectivity?

Several contradictions exist in Comey’s recollections. Places where he has “vivid recollections” and others where he is not sure, purposely evades, or does things for convenience. How was it possible a team from the FBI came to his home to remove all FBI material on May 11th, and the team missed the personal safe containing FOUR of the memos?

The thing I find so disturbing is the private dinner of January 27th. Trump asked Comey to open an investigation to prove the Dossier was not true. Trump said and Comey acknowledge, Trump (himself) was not under investigation, and Trump wanted an investigation to clear the air. Here’s where it gets weird….. Comey told Trump an investigation would be bad…….. because if he was asked, Comey would have to confess the President was under investigation (which Comey knew the President was already under investigation but the President did not know he was under investigation) and that would look bad, or be misconstrued……. by whom? The press? That makes no sense, because the FBI is not supposed to comment about ongoing investigations.

Comey throwing shade on the idea of Trump asking for a full blown investigation, January 27, 2017, was a key moment. Trump wanted to know where the heck the Dossier came from and wanted his admin cleared of any offenses. Trump also wanted to know how the Flynn phone call was leaked……. a serious offense…….. and something Comey completely ignored.

The final thing which bugs me, personally, is the cheerleader atmosphere at the FBI. The all get together and had a meeting about how to tell Trump about the Moscow Ritz Carlton allegations…….. and immediately after Comey finished the meeting, he got into the car and was handed a classified laptop……… so he could write………. and tell the other cheerleaders back at the office.

I lied, one more thing which bugs me. Big T will probably jump all over me for this but, the FBI Director works for the President and if the FBI screws up, the President has to answer. What is with all the “He can’t talk to me” and “I don’t ever want him to call me again”, and “It’s inappropriate for us to be in a room together.” WTF? The FBI is part of the Executive Branch. If I were President, I would want to know what the FBI was doing. This whole notion of “separation” is absurd. Separate and unaccountable is how Branch Davidians/Ruby Ridge/Fast and Furious/Muh Russia happened.

No, I would want the FBI Director in my Oval Office once a week, “How many arrests did you make this week, Director Comey?” We can imagine if the Trump Admin just passed landmark Prison Reform a President would want to know, “Hey, Director Comey, what are the recidivism rates on the people we just let out of jail?” Or, if the President’s Admin was hyper focused on sex trafficking, pedophiles, “Hey Jim, how is the investigation in Hollywood going?” Maybe even, “Um, Director Comey, since there are 3 MILLION people headed to Roswell on Sept 21 to storm Area 51, please tell me if there are really any aliens there…..” A president does not like surprises. Why can’t the President talk to the head of the FBI?????

Am I being unreasonable?

Let’s begin the real hard look at the OIG Report with what Comey did wrong.

Beginning on Page 55: Emphasis is mine.

1. Comey Failed to Return Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 after Being Removed as FBI Director Comey violated Department and FBI policies, and the terms of his FBI Employment Agreement, by retaining copies of Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 after he was removed as Director, regardless of each Memo’s classification level. As a departing FBI employee, Comey was required to relinquish any official documents in his possession and to seek specific authorization from the FBI in order to personally retain any FBI documents. Comey failed to comply with these requirements.

Page 55

A Department employee who wants to retain Department records or information after their employment ends must make a written request, receive approval from the appropriate official, and execute a nondisclosure agreement.89 As the FBI Director and Head of a Department Component, Comey was required to apply for and obtain authorization from the Assistant Attorney General for Administration to retain any FBI records after his removal. 90

Page 55

2. Comey Improperly Disclosed FBI Documents and Information Comey violated FBI policies and the requirements of his FBI Employment Agreement when he sent a copy of Memo 4 to Richman with instructions to provide the contents to a reporter, and when he transmitted copies of Memos 2, 4, 6, and a redacted version of 7 to his three attorneys. We discuss these violations below.

Page 56

a. Comey’s Improper Disclosure of Memo 4’s Contents, through Richman, to a Reporter Comey told the OIG that he made the decision to provide the contents of Memo 4, through Richman, to The New York Times so that the President’s request of Comey to “let[] Flynn go” would be in “the public square.” At the time, as Comey knew from his work as FBI Director, the FBI had an ongoing investigation of Flynn that included examining Flynn’s contacts with the Russian Ambassador.(91)

Comey said he believed disclosing the President’s statement would “change the game” by creating “extraordinary pressure on the leadership of the Department of Justice, which [Comey did] not trust,” to appoint a Special Counsel, who would preserve any potential tapes of his conversations with the President. Comey said his view at the time was that “if the world knew there might be tapes of Donald Trump asking me to drop an investigation, there would be tremendous pressure for [the Deputy Attorney General] to hand it to an independent prosecutor.” Comey also said he believed that this was something he was “uniquely situated to do” as a private citizen, but that he chose to do this through an intermediary because he did not want to respond to questions from reporters.

Comey violated FBI policy and the requirements of his FBI Employment Agreement when he chose this path.

Page 56

Comey was apparently terrified about Trump’s May 12, 2017 tweet about the possibility of “tapes” existing of their conversations. Several times Comey eludes to the fact that he immediately began to write his memos because he felt Trump would lie about what was said in their conversations. (Oh, the irony)

(Comey) He said he viewed the issue as one of “incredible importance to the Nation, as a whole” and told us he felt that taking action was “something I [had] to do if I love this country…and I love the Department of Justice, and I love the FBI.” However, Comey’s own, personal conception of what was necessary was not an appropriate basis for ignoring the policies and agreements governing the use of FBI records, especially given the other lawful and appropriate actions he could have taken to achieve his desired end. (93)

Members of Comey’s senior leadership team used the adjectives “surprised,” “stunned,” “shocked,” and “disappointment” to describe their reactions to learning that Comey acted on his own to provide the contents of Memo 4, through Richman, to a reporter. The unauthorized disclosure of this information—information that Comey knew only by virtue of his position as FBI Director—violated the terms of his FBI Employment Agreement and the FBI’s Prepublication Review Policy.94

Page 57

Comey’s Improper Disclosure of Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 to His Attorneys Comey told the OIG that he shared copies of Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 with his attorneys to obtain legal representation in connection with his removal as FBI Director and any post-removal legal issues that might arise. However, Comey was not authorized to provide these Memos to his attorneys without prior approval from or coordination with the FBI.

As courts have made clear, a federal employee seeking legal advice does not have “carte blanche authority to disclose any and all confidential government information to the employee’s attorney.”

Comey took for himself the “carte blanche authority” expressly denied by the courts, in clear violation of the FBI’s Prepublication Review Policy and the requirements of Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement.

Page 58

Comey Failed to Immediately Alert the FBI to the Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information

The FBI did not learn that Comey had shared any of the Memos with anyone outside the FBI until Comey’s June 8, 2017 congressional testimony. ……. Comey did not mention that he provided Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 to each of his three attorneys.

By not immediately reporting that he had provided Memo 2 to his attorneys when Comey first learned that the FBI had designated a small portion of Memo 2 as classified at the “CONFIDENTIAL” level, Comey violated FBI policy.

Page 59

As Comey himself explained in his March 20, 2017 testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, he was unable to provide details about the nature or scope of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election because…

(From Comey’s testimony)”the FBI is very careful in how we handle information about our cases and about the people we are investigating…. Our ability to share details with the Congress and the American people is limited when those investigations are still open, which I hope makes sense. We need to protect people’s privacy…. We just cannot do our work well or fairly if we start talking about it while we’re doing it. “

However, after his removal as FBI Director two months later, Comey provided a copy of Memo 4, which Comey had kept without authorization, to Richman with instructions to share the contents with a reporter for The New York Times. Memo 4 included information that was related to both the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Flynn and, by Comey’s own account, information that he believed and alleged constituted evidence of an attempt to obstruct the ongoing Flynn investigation; later that same day, The New York Times published an article about Memo 4 entitled, “Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation.”

Page 60

Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility. By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees—and the many thousands more former FBI employees—who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information.

Page 60


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  1. So far, I’m seeing the negative reaction from folks regarding the “DOJ declining to prosecute” – For now I think we have to remember all the complex pieces of this puzzle. It’s not just about leaks, it is about going for the most serious, and evidence supported crimes that these people can be indicted on.

    One other point: AG Barr works for POTUS, when POTUS wants someone indicted it will happen. This isn’t just a DOJ enterprise.

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    1. Yes. That’s what I’m seeing. The declining of prosecution. Classified information, though, was not released.

      We don’t know what we don’t know. Remember, Horowitz was an Obama appointee kept on. He broke department policy, but without knowing WHY or HOW it’s hard to resolve the narrative.

      I’m still thinking this is a shiny red ball, but anything is possible.

      From the Washington Examiner:

      The 83-page report on Comey’s handling of “sensitive information,” released Thursday, said the investigation found “no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the Memos to members of the media.”

      But Inspector General Michael Horowitz faulted Comey for his behavior, saying his actions, “violated Department or FBI policy, or the terms of Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement. As described in this report, we conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.”

      Horowitz criminally referred Comey to the Justice Department for his conduct, but the agency declined to prosecute.

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      1. We don’t know what we don’t know.

        ^^^^This. A lot of people on other sites refuse to acknowledge this. They not only *know* everything, but they also think they can predict the future. We’re all tired of people getting away with things, but we’re in the early days of these investigations.

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        1. I also think there’s a lot of opinions being swayed by shock gossip, and “facts” that surface 30 years later, and were never observed before.

          (Sort of like us Catholics who went, wait a minute, BERNARD LAW is one of the homosexuals? I mean, we knew about Bernardin, and his boyz, but….)

          When the full truth comes out, it’s not going to look anything like the narratives that are floating around on the comment sections.

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          1. How about Antipope Francis being one of the Communist homosexual pedophiles kissing the bankster’s ring?

            Where’s the recovery path back from that?

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              1. The Kremlin worked a long time to bring this result about.

                I’m sure they started long before even John Paul II’s accession, probably in the 19teens or 1920s. But I bet they bumped up the priority of “Project Sink the Church” by a lot, when he became Pope.

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              2. According to Bella Dodd, the 1920s. The records in East Berlin said 1930s, and a study done in the 1980s said 1924.

                Jorge Brogoglio was the youngest of what was left of the St. Gallen group when he was installed. He was their last hope. The rest of them had aged out or died.

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        2. The other thing…consider what leaks and what doesn’t. My guess is that the stuff leaking is bait. Notice, this drops and VSGPDJT’s twitter feed went silent. He’s giving this one a pass given past exchanges? Keep an eye on what he tweets this afternoon and evening.

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          1. One tweet, so far:


              1. I didn’t understand the whole story about the HK dollar being pegged to the USD. HK had about 220 Billion in USD but people have been cashing out their RMB, now, only about 20 billion left.
                The “pegging” to USD is contingent on HK autonomy. Clearly, removing people from HK removing them to China for prison/etc would be violation of “autonomy”.
                To De-peg the HK dollar there is a procedure.
                State Dept writes up a report and submits to President. Yet President can take advice from State Dept or not.
                President alone can make the decision to de-peg the HK dollar to the USD.
                If Trump did it, the HK dollar would fall about 30-40% and so would the Yuan……….
                That big………

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      1. I trust POTUS. He’s knows everything… Barr works for him, and so do a number of other Constitutional, pro-American folks. IMO, the leak charges are have lesser weight than issues like lying to the FISA Court to get warrants for illegal spying on Americans. Plus, there’s the big overall picture – what did Nunes learn that shocked him?

        President has used the word “treason” in referencing these players – he doesn’t use that word lightly. Nor is his calling out “Fake News” without purpose…

        DJT doesn’t tweet just to hear himself talk – Comey clearly violated everything about his employment in the FBI – others were complicit. Strozac and Page texts deleted? Emails “lost”? There’s a reason for that.

        DJT has said it must never happen again – he means it, and knows the right way to get this done.

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    2. ladypenquin
      “One other point: AG Barr works for POTUS, when POTUS wants someone indicted it will happen. This isn’t just a DOJ enterprise.”

      It pains me to say this since i am normally a very optimistic person . One word describes what I think right now.

      “Typical Banana-republic behaviour ”

      The minions are us and Flynn, and others who were prosecuted for far less.
      Shame on Barr !

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      1. Your frustration is understood, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel. Downthread I wrote a little more on this – the leaks are the lesser of charges, and not as easy to make sure the guy is going to get convicted on, or jail time.

        Now lying to the FISA Court, conspiracy to overthrow the President, interfering in an election, etc. etc those are bigger issues and involve other players besides Comey.

        Barr isn’t doing anything without POTUS knowing. When it’s the right time, then POTUS and his DOJ makes their move.

        POTUS has spent 3 years publicly decrying what illegal behavior of these folks – it’s not just to placate us – it’s to get the story out there. He knows all has to be revealed and prosecuted, or he didn’t save the country.

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        1. ladypenquin
          Barr isn’t doing anything without POTUS knowing. When it’s the right time, then POTUS and his DOJ makes their move.
          We know that how? POTUS did not know about Session excusing himself?
          POTUS has to rely on people he hired and sometimes they live up to his expectations other times they do not.
          I am not trowing in the towel but evaluate how much I can trust our Government or what to expect from them.
          I always will be with President Trump we are his support.
          The rest are just Banana Republic people I have no respect for.

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          1. If POTUS did not know about Sessions recusing himself, then POTUS did not know that Jeff testified under oath that he would do exactly that.

            If POTUS did not know something that even I knew, then he isn’t the VSG we think he is, and the swamp likely will prevail.

            In which case, it’s already over and our discussions are a form of grief counseling.

            Either or. It’s an individual choice.

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          2. POTUS knew about Sessions recusal – Sessions said it in his hearings. There had been chatter that he might have to recuse because of all things Russia, and the Comey IG report reveals that Comey knew too.

            Why POTUS acted like he didn’t know remains to be revealed. Perhaps he decided to go with Sessions anyway once the hearings commenced – but we all heard it at the same time.

            I believe POTUS is being kept informed on how this plays out.

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          3. I don’t trust the government, but I do trust POTUS, and he’s been using the word Treason liberally over the past several years – he knows how this must end.

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        2. Ok. But for people who’ve been so badly burned so many times by our State Department, Justice Department, FBI, CIA, Senate, House, Chief Justice, Republican Party, Republican candidates, etc., we are being asked to wait without visible evidence of counter-action an awfully long time.

          If this gets closer to the 2020 election, and turns out to be a nothing burger with Horowitz, Huber, etc., in cahoots with, or even just intimidated by, the coup plotters, we could be totally screwed.

          Just last night, Giuliani was telling Hannity that Barr gave Comey a pass on prosecution once, but that he (Giuliani) didn’t think Comey would get a second pass. Did I misunderstand that exchange?

          Starting to feel a lot like Charlie Brown wanting to get my place kick in…

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          1. Remember this is only the “leak” issues, there are many more involving Comey. Just because the DOJ declines now, doesn’t mean charges can’t come later. Leak charges of classified information could be added to other charges. This isn’t a signed court order that we’re not going to charge you…

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              1. I believe POTUS has the “goods” on everything that went down – but he has to wait until it translated and set up in the very legal world – where it isn’t about feelings, but about the Law. Daughn’s hubby likely is gritting his teeth, but he knows this better than us lay folks.

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              2. I found a couple interesting things on pg. 73 and 74 (leak investigation lead given to “Kellogg”…Why would Comey talk to Denis McDonough?). Comey thought he was investigating POTUS, but who was interrogating whom? Comey knew nothing about “Kellogg” leading a leak investigation. (Cabinet level, military, leading an investigation?)

                Comey in his own words, vetted by Comey himself. Will be hard to retract, or deny

                Leaking liar, lying about leaking.

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    3. Agreed. Comey and the rest of the Cabal ( what I call them), are going to prison or worse for things like 4th amendment violations, espionage, misuse of government resources, FISA abuses, fraud on the FISC court, malicious illegal prosecution, illegal surveillance, conspiracy against the US, Sedition, and TREASON ( using FOREIGN governments and spies in a cop attempt on a opposition party, candidate, PEOTUS, and finally duly elected President. Wait till the gang of eight briefings see the light of day, there will be NO political cover, THAT is why Pelosi will NOT bring Impeachment. Then we get to see, lastly, the PDB of Obama, proving he not only KNEW, but sanctioned, approved, and had meetings on it ALL.

      They are going to prison for life or worse for some, may even face the death penalty. Comey thinks he is in the clear on his leaking and lying, and even the possession of classified materials. His smug rear end actually thinks that just because he got off the hook on the small potatoes (3-5 years for all combined) that he GOT AWAY. He has NOT. Barr, Trump, Durham, and even Huber are REAL. All Horowitz could do was recommend, he could not even subpoena. Durham, Huber and Barr most certainly CAN and HAVE, we just can’t know it yet (grand jury).

      They ALL will not be able to get away with this, NOT this time, and NOT this President. Now that Horowitz is out of the way, expect McCabe to be indicted next week. That is when the FUN begins. He thinks because he works now for CNN as a commentator (journalist) that they or his position will save him. He is WRONG. He is the START. This all leads to ONE person. In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss. Barack Hussein Obama. He is the head of the Cabal.

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      1. It’s important to remember that AG Barr, Dunham, et al work for POTUS – if he isn’t happy with what they’re doing then they’re gone. I have absolute trust that POTUS has his eye on this and knows how we feel, but also knows, intuitively, if not lawyerly, that the indictments/cases have to be airtight – and they really have to prove laws broken vs just ethical or rule violations. That’s where grand juries come in.

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        1. Whole heartedly AGREE. Trump has this ALL planned. It is truly a war, and in War there are battles, moves and counter moves, ground is gained, and lost, as are battles won and lost, and pieces shifted. there are casualties on both sides, and pawn.
          sacrifices. DISINFO is KEY. All to achieve ONE thing complete and TOTAL victory, nothing else will do. Contingencies are laid out, and sometimes necessary. The other side is not just sitting there still, they are also actively trying to win. BUT, Trump has them, all that is now needed is to close the net. Remember. Trump is a Tsun Tsu scholar. “Keep your plans dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move strike like lightening” “When you are far, make the enemy think you are near, when you are near, make the enemy think you are far away” and my fav ” When you are weak appear strong, and when you are strong, appear weak.” These people have NO idea just WHO they are messing with, or WHAT he is capable of. They should ask Steve Wynn, LOL.

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          1. Thanks, prognost., you said that so much better than I’ve been able to frame the picture. But it’s good to keep this all in mind.

            We’re still winning. Comey is now outed for the lying weasel we knew him to be, including betraying his very oath of office.

            Comey wasn’t cleared, he simply wasn’t indicted for his malfeasance in office. We’ll get another chance.

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      2. “This all leads to ONE person. In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss. Barack Hussein Obama. He is the head of the Cabal.”


        I am 99% certain that Hussein is only the top of the visible mountain, and once he is facing life imprisonment and/or death penalty, he will definitely rat out those above him, so long as Epstein’s Ghost doesn’t whack him first.

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        1. Soros, and the “elders” will be gotten in “other” ways. For THIS, Obama is going DOWN. Hillary too, and Bill, just for DIFFERENT reasons. Hill on espionage act violations and treason for letting SAP info out that lead to US DEATHS. Bill for the Epstein stuff. That is most certainly NOT over.

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      3. Here’s to hoping it turns out positively, as I continue to do so.

        We all eagerly look forward to the inquiry and punishment reaching the level of the leadership of Occupy the Oval Office movement, community organizer Barry Soebarkah.

        I respectfully disagree with your claim that he is the leader of the cabal. I don’t believe he was even their highest-ranking operative in the White House. (Valerie Jar-Jar Sphinx was his handler, and his liaison to their employers among the globalist bankster set, imho. As just one slight data point to support this view, her official motorcade was larger than his, on their respective drives through the DC area.)

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        1. I get that. BUT, Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s handler for the MB. This plot was too stupid, too reckless, and too ill conceived to be from the elders. They tried to fix it, but this mess is beyond their control, they risk the ONE thing they fear if they try and interfere now, EXPOSURE. I believe the decision was made to let Obama and his Cabal sink or swim, while they hide back in the shadows and groom and plot the next Obama. If Obama tries to talk, he will meet the fate of all who try and rat on them, ask Epstein.

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          1. Interesting theory.

            So does this imply that Hillary was the candidate for the bloodline families in 2008?

            But Soebarkah and Jar-Jar aren’t just Muslim, but Communist as well.

            What mojo did the MB/Iranians/Communists have to mess up Rodham best laid plans? I know about the violence or threats against the delegates in 2008, but why on Soebarkah’s side? Iranians? Does that mean their patrons the Chinese were behind it?

            Could Zer0 have been the Chinese/Islamic candidate in 2008, while Rodham represented the banksters and Russians?

            Just talking out loud, to speculate on the fault lines that separate our enemies from one another. Since they are so secretive, we can’t find the answers by just reading about them in a book.


            1. Close Hills was the Saudi (not MBS) choice. Obama was the MB choice. Hills had Ukraine and China. Obama had China and Soros. I really think it is just semantics anyway, they are BOTH on the same side..NOT ours. Now here is an interesting idea. Obama was a PAWN that would DO as commanded. Hillary was a pawn, but would do as SHE wanted. ALL for $$. The Clintons have ALWAYS wanted to be rich, it is why they surrounded themselves with money and power, but they were ALWAYS looke ddown on as Arkansas Hillbillies by the elite. They WANTED to be in the club, and for a time (1992-2000) they WERE, but they kept trying to get back in, but were unwilling to do the “job” and take orders to do so. Obama was more than willing to do the job, as long as HE got rich. The elders would have happily taken either, but Obama was more “compliant”. She was in line for 2016, and she would have screwed us ALL. Thankfully, the elders NO LONGER will get what and WHO they want.

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              1. “Close Hills was the Saudi (not MBS) choice.”

                Oh, right. Q said ‘Wonderland’. Equals ‘Saudi’ in the hands of the bad Saudi prince. And Rotten is ‘Alice’.

                Starting to swim into focus now. Thanks bigly.

                “Hills had Ukraine and China.”

                I forget the names of the Ukrainian parties, but is this why Müller/Weissman are so down on Manafort, and won’t let him talk? Because his party in Ukraine beat Rotten’s party, that was ‘supposed’ to win?
                I forget

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              2. The Ukraine and some bad politicians there leaked the “Black” Ledger files to Marie Louise Yovanovitch, who gave it to State here and the Press. It is what Mueller used to get Manafort, in an attempt to get him to “roll” on Trump. Strzok and Bruce Ohr also tried to recruit Oleg Deripaska a Manafort ENEMY to help set up Manafort AND Trump (Russian “Oligarch”). Brucie Ohr was NOT an innocent that “warned the FBI ETC…blah blah.. that Hannity keeps spouting. he was an ACTIVE participant and conduit to the DOJ for Simpson, Strzok, McCabe, and Steele to his WIFE’s work product…you know it as the “Steele” dossier. It was NOT Steele’s. It was Nellie Ohr’s.

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              3. I know from Diana West that Nelson speaks Russian, and has red diapers and a Soviet-friendly past. And that Fusion GPS was working for the Dims. From elsewhere I know about Nelson’s Clown background, and that Simpson’s Fusion GPS might even be a clown shop, like Goolag or like Bezos’ LangPoo.

                I know that spouse Bruce had an important role in the DOJ/FIB coup attempt. But I didn’t hear that Hannity was representing Bruce as innocent. (Maybe a ploy from our side to get him to flip? “We know you were wronged, Bruce. Come over to us and all is forgiven.”)

                But even Wolf Moon speculated that Bruce may have been MK’ed, because he seemed so genuinely confused and unable to explain his actions during his testimony.

                Yeah, Steele was mainly an info launderer for someone else’s info. Dossier was mostly composed by some combo of Dims, Russians, and probably Clowns.

                “It was NOT Steele’s. It was Nellie Ohr’s.”

                One more example of how every word of theirs is a lie, carefully designed to manipulate.


              4. Nellie Ohr was/IS CIA. Hannity keeps saying Bruce Ohr “warned” the DOJ. implying innocence. WRONG. BTW Hannity keeps pushing another CIA puppet..Carter Page. For THREE years (nearly) Page told any conservative that would listen that he was NOT a govt employee. Then poof, as soon as the Papadopolous stuff pops up, he tells Hannity that “yeah i did work for the CIA, BUT, I did it for FREE, cause I am a patriot. ” Yeah, Cater, most people infiltrate the Russian Mob, turn evidence that puts them in jail, and kills their business…all for FREE. My ass. The Russia mob cut your junk off and stuff it in an orifice and THEN go to work on you, yet Mr Page ENDURES and thrives. He is a PLANT or i’ll eat my Gopher suit.

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              5. The supposition is that the FIBs were corrupt before, but then the Clowns and Clintoons launched 9/11 and used it to get their “Patriot” Act passed.

                And that greenlighted Clown infestation of the FIBs. Like Strzok.


              6. Much as I hate to say it the patriot act was all Bush. Notice his “friendship” with the Obama’s? Why would he be so “friendly” with a guy that did NOTHING but blame him for the countries problems? Things that mage you go hmmm.

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              7. Possible, on Papadopolous;s wife, but she is Italian, and she has been VEHEMENT on his defense. I just thinks she fits a “stereotype” honeypot. People think she is “Russian” because of her accent, LOL Page set up Igor Sechin’s family, I do not think Mr. Page would be north of dirt with all his appendages, let alone on TV if he were not one of the CIA spooks and protected.

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            1. You mean something that rhymes with Crock propeller or something that rhymes with broths mild? Those two, and Hi Lynne, do not want EXPOSURE. Q has already shown WAY too much light for those vampires. They IMHO will cut bait on old Barry, and if he gets loose lips, he too will be SUNK.

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        1. AGREED 100%. This was a COUP using FOREIGN powers to setup, spy on, and use Americans that were affiliated with Trump in an attempt to at first STOP him from being elected, and then have him removed through indictment, impeachment, the 25th amendment, or blackmailed to resign. MSM, Congress, and ABC agency employees included. Some will go to prison, some will face a harsher penalty, some will take the easy way out. Some will deny till the end, some will cave, and TRY to cut a deal, and some will NEVER give up till the END.

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              1. They might be whisked away – and their fate only in our imagination is what I am saying – there will be funerals wherein they are praised – and we will wonder why.


              2. Dunno about ‘fake’ deaths, prog. What are you thinking – and what is the purpose for this scenario?


              3. I think some will try to “fake their deaths, or at least an “illness” to try and escape the noose. But there were MANY Germans that “faked” their deaths after Munich, only to be found and REALLY dead later by the IDF. Wasn’t there a movie on this? Not raid on Entebe either?

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              4. Oh, I see – not sure about the movie – someone else might know – however, I believe those in charge might already have made provisions for this – at least – a plan. There will be no escaping it – no deals – and no way they can walk down the street – they found Hitler – a bit late – but, with all they have available – I think it might be a bit difficult to get away with what they did many years ago…

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              5. You mean the IDF? No, people are disappeared ALL the time both good and BAD. It will be labeled as an “accident”, plane or car “crash” “Heart attack” ETC. One thing though is CERTAIN. These people will NOT escape God’s judgement, and his will be a bit hotter and more PERMANENT.

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              6. True, but, I think that will be monitored – they will be taken to a secure location from which there is no escape – and they will not KNOW when to disappear.

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              7. Oh, I think there is a special place for the ‘Fake News’, prog – as far as the others are concerned – they are already being monitored.

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              8. HAVE BEEN monitored for a while. They are STUPID. Have they never heard the term “what’s good for the goose…is good for the Gander”? LOL

                BTW…OT, I once had a white cat named Dutchess…from the Aristocrats Disney movie…loved that cat…pure white, and a sweetie.

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              9. And – I once had a border collie named Duchess – from whom my handle comes – lol – she was a sweetie but, tough as nails!!!

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              10. You can say that, again – a HERD for sure – gee – I bet it is expensive – but, at least they have a good, caring home. Thanks for loving them – God Bless You!!!

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              11. Well, you know, prog, women are more likely to choose a home that is practical – and home prices in Wyoming are likely to be lower than wherever you are now – so practically speaking – you do not have to be rich – now – do you?


              12. Well, then – get your planner and research your prospects, prog – you just might be moving to the wide open spaces after all!!!


              13. LOL I am a simple man that loves his wife, his family, his country and his Lord. I just want to be “comfortable” A honest days work for an honest days pay. My father was military and a WWII Vet. He lived through the great depression, he taught me to live live, be honest, respect my elders, be polite, love my country, God, and my family. I miss him dearly, he was a great man, and I only wish I could carry his shoes. I wrote my book because he taught me right is MIGHT. People needed to know, and I know this sounds corny, but it IS true. I did not write my book, God used ME to do it. It was like it wrote its self, NO BS. It have proven to be right so far, So we will see in the end..

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              14. Well, prog – I believe you – since we cannot do anything without God – it is quite plausible He had his hand in your book – I am sure it is a wonderful tribute not only to your father but, also to you!

                If you trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart – Lean not only your own understanding – acknowledge Him in all that you do – He will make your path straight. IOW – if God wants you to move – He will make provision for you to do so – He loves to provide us with what we need – in addition to the desires of our hearts – so there is no doubt in my mind – He will guide you to where He needs you to be…and yes, we will see…what He wants to reveal to us.

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              15. Most welcome, prog – I speak from the heart and I mean every word – we cannot please God until we know what He wants us to do – that is half the battle – there is a purpose and a plan for your life, prog – and God knows it – you will know it, too, when you listen to His voice – Seems like you have already heard Him.

                God Bless You!

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              16. Oh almost forgot, on this same topic, you don’t REALLY think Biden is THAT obviously “senile” do you? You don’t suppose that “dementia” could be his “exit” from accountability plan do you? Get it. Remeber, Biden was at ALL of the meetings on the coup that Obama held. Who also gets the PDB? That’s right, the VP.

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              17. It is a possibility – but, that will not spare him from what he faces – imho – it will be easy to scrutinize his mental state – there are ‘indicators’ – one cannot fake dementia – because one goes in and out of reality – he rarely visits – so he could be faking – yes – but, I believe there is a way to tell.

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              18. There Is, but he will not be “submitted” to that…blah blah blah…at least that is his HOPE. My mother had Alzheimers. I know when one is real and one is “faking” One is NOT able to turn it on and off, and it will get worse. Pelosi has tried it…

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      4. prognosticatasaurusrex, I agree with everything but this statement:

        “In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss. Barack Hussein Obama. He is the head of the Cabal.”

        OH!Bummer is nothing but a greedy, lazy PUPPET. To really kill this mess and bury it, we have to find the Puppet Masters and WIPE THEM OUT. (I doubt they are Americans)

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        1. I see your point, and Obama did and does have “handlers” . But, in this it was ALL him. This was 100% motivated by revenge for the “birther” issue, and egotism to protect his “legacy” The “elders” would not have acted as openly, recklessly, and STUPIDLY, that would have risked EXPOSURE, and they can’t have that. Even though this became very sophisticated and convoluded, it was STUPID, arrogant, and reckless. This was pure old fashioned Chicago smear tactic. Then it got out of hand and became a monster feeding off its self. This whole plot DEPENDED on Hillary winning, to cover it up. Once Trump won, it became a coup to try and cover up the plot.

          They really thought Hillary would win, and when she didn’t they really thought Trump would cave and rsign under the blackmail pressure. When he didn’t cave, they really thought they would be able to use the MSM and Congress to Impeach Trump. Now they are still hoping they will skate because of their connections. It ALWAYS worked before. But, they are wrong, as I keep telling people, Trump is DIFFERENT. He WILL get them, he HAS to not only for justice and the rule of law, but to save himself and his business and family when he is out of power in 2025. The left will NEVER stop, they MUST be utterly, thoroughly CRUSHED. Trump will do it.Hell, he was not even supposed to BE here, only a 2% chance….LOL


    1. We’re not getting the full picture. The lack of prosecution alone tells me there’s more to this than meets the eye. No mention of a grand jury?

      There’s so many conflicting pieces if you go back to FBI anon and the chans and other boards before all the prior to Q leaks were plugged with gorilla tape after Las Vegas that we’re being fed information, real or imagined, to keep the audience awake. Sort of like Shakespeare would do with the lines about the beast with two backs and all that.

      Thursday morning…curious timing. Big bombshell stuff usually is released on Friday afternoon. Although, tomorrow is a long weekend.

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      1. Its like hes hillary. We know most of the history leading up to now included criminal activity but ” meh lets wait” is the optics we are being shown.
        I sure hope that getting it right and not delaying justice is the goal. Justice delayed IS justice denied.

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    2. They can pretend, but it is merely whistling past the graveyard. They know this was NOTHING, the meat and potatoes are COMING…and GRAVY…LOTS and LOTS of gravy. Then we get to the main course and finally dessert, with a cherry on top. If this was NOTHING, and all Trump had, why bother to create a NEW position SOLELY for the purpose of “transparency” IE bypassing the DS in-beds and expediting declassification. PANIC is setting in…WATCH.

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      1. Many people lose interest when they feel strung along. Im not talking about us who are interested. The general public NEEDS hope AND concrete action, not just wait and see, especially going into an election.
        I think the mistrust is peaking and the specific action will have to begin by the end of fall. That will be about tge 1 year mark toward electiobs when people who are not apathetic about voting begin intense campaign research and the advertising all kicks in.
        On a positive note, here in SoCal, I have only seen Trump 2020 stickers and flags!

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        1. I think the majority, everyday folk aren’t even thinking about this stuff like we are. They’re working, their pay is good, they’re optimistic, and the Mueller Report proved POTUS didn’t do anything.

          POTUS talked about Treason, Nunes was shocked… those are not mutually exclusive, and IMO, more is yet to come.

          In the meantime, Comey is hated by both sides so there is that. 🙂

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              1. I agree – I just think it is odd he is shunned by both sides – after all – he has such a high opinion of himself – and yet – others don’t agree – I think that is funny.

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              2. I know! Guess he’s a little narcissistic. The Left does blame him for Hillary losing, although I think DJT had it won on his own merits – speaking to the regular folks in the rustbelt states – the Lefties never saw that coming. But they had to blame someone, and Comey reopening that investigation made the Dem fence sitters possibly stay home in some areas – but not enough to swing the election.

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              3. I think he is very narcissistic – the left has to blame someone other than themselves – the wicked witch had no chance of winning – she did not need Comey’s approval or requital – there were enough problems with her – she alienated the entire coal coalition states – by continuing to support the same bad attitude of her predecessor who caused them a great deal of loss and pain – she cheated Sanders out of a possible nomination – there was enough dirt on her prior to her running to fill a dozen dump trucks – her message was more of the same as Zero’s

                Trump won on his own merit – he resonated with the American people – he tapped into their needs – he made promises – to which they could relate – he was positive and energetic in delivering his message – it has been proven with old videos – he never changed his thinking – he did not just promise hope – he oozed hope – I could go on – but, you get the idea

                Comey came off like a pompous ass – by not holding the witch up to the same standards as the average man – the integrity of the FBI was lost for good.

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        2. Trump is a MASTER strategist. Knowing where, when, and HOW to get his opponents inflicting the MOST damage ant just the right time. I trust his timing impeccably. He WILL get them ALL, and they will NEVER know when or where. All the I’s and T’s need to be dotted and crossed when you are going after not only a former President, but TWO. and One just happens to be the the husband of the woman you beat, and the other just happens to be the one you replace, who is also African American. You BETTER be not just right, but DEAD on, or they walk, and YOU lose. I am patient, it sucks, because in my research I KNOW what these EVIL people did and do. But, if it means suffering the wait to GET them ALL, I am in it to WIN it, and so is Trump.

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        3. “On a positive note, here in SoCal, I have only seen Trump 2020 stickers and flags!”

          That’s the best political thing I’ve heard in a long time.

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          1. Definitely a good sign… BUT…
            The Democrats have not yet OFFICIALLY chosen a nominee (or perhaps their preordained “chosen one”s bumper-stickers and lawn signs are just not ready for public release!).

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            1. Just the fact that MAGA people in SoCal are confident enough, or brave enough, to put bumper stickers on their cars is a good sign.

              Elsewhere, even outside California, people have been afraid of TDS, of Anti-FA, etc., and are afraid their cars will be damaged, if nothing else

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  2. Hmm. Good question.

    Disinformation is necessary.

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      1. I’ve been following the boards on Comey for four years. Not the news, but the places Q made legit. Before Q the news on Comey was that he was out for Hillary’s blood.

        We have yet to be shown the entire picture. I have no doubt Mr. Comey has flexible morals, but I don’t think the surface tells the whole story on WHY he did what he did and to what end.

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          1. What Catholic university? I understand he teaches at College of William & Mary. That is not Catholic and never has been dating back to the colonial era when Catolicism was illegal in any territory England owned, even Maryland which was founded by the Calvert family FOR Catholics.

            If he’s teaching at Georgetown, that’s Jesuit, and if the pope wasn’t one of them would be told to correct themselves. Comey himself is fallen away from the Church. That can be rectified.

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          1. I’m sure there is a Nobel Peace Prize being engraved with his sorry name on it.

            As soon as (cousin by marriage) Sally Quillian Yates was fired, the leftists started showering her with various leftist awards!

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        1. Rosenstein who is a classmate of the Mooch . Those two are an example of Harvard University Law School. They graduate the best and brightest.(s

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      2. John 8:44
        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

        King James Version (KJV)

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    1. Comey is a SNEAKY POS just like his masters.

      Worse, he’s a communist, using their favorite tactic of BLAMING THE VICTIM.



      His BEING A LIAR figures into EVERYTHING.

      Notice the way he phrased his tweet.

      TWO things are important – “president” and “people who…”

      “ask yourselves why you still trust the people who gave you bad info for so long, including the president.”

      The whole statement is a sneaky abuse of the fact that this chess is a long game, and he’s accusing our “playing WELL” now as meaning we’re FAKING IT.

      Not true, Jimmy Boy. The JAILABLE is COMING.

      The word “president” is intentionally not capitalized, perhaps in part because it’s Trump, but mostly because it’s the AMERICAN “president” – which these POS don’t recognize as having authority.

      The part about “people who gave you bad info for so long” is aimed STRAIGHT at the WHITE HATS.

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          1. Comey is milking his dismissed parking ticket for all it’s worth.

            He’s spotlighting the failure to prosecute while ignoring the negative things the report said. From what I’ve read about what the report says, it is a devastating account of Comey’s behavior when he was in such a high position of trust.

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            1. More akin to peeling out in his stolen car full of drugs and money, while flipping the cop the bird after the cop just let him off for his failure to signal a lane change,IE not gonna end as planned or well, as now we will have a PO’d cop realizing the error of his leniency.

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            2. I admit that I had an illusion that there is going to be fairness of justice under Barr not going to enter that room again.
              Telling myself stories what is going to happen when others hold the cards and I know nothing .
              I am better off sticking with what I know that Comey skated and anyone else would have been in jail a long time ago.
              The rules of law do not apply to the elite FBI or DOJ specially if they are politicized and out after Trump and deplorables..That is reality and I stick with it until I see otherwise.

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          2. I love that.”Milking his dismissed parking ticket.” Perfect metaphor. Just the other day he remarked about being tired of criticizing the President – that was strange – I’ll go to my grave criticizing the anti-American president Obama, so why would Comey be tired? Making a plea for mercy?

            The IG Report is a devastating evaluation of his performance as FBI Director – and it clearly shows that POTUS was justified in firing him – therefore that already proves the Mueller Russian investigation had no basis for being started.

            Despite the lack of “leak” charges, and can’t those be added later? Comey is outed as having broken numerous rules and regulations. Fireable offenses.

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            1. I agree that Trump’s FIRING of Comey is now totally justified. AND Comey’s leaking actions and non-credible testimony about the Weiner laptop are going to serve as CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE for other charges against him.

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              1. “I agree that Trump’s FIRING of Comey is now totally justified.”

                THAT is the first step.

                President Trump & Ag Barr have now stripped Comey of his fig leaf. Now the PUBLIC KNOWS he was an incompetent rule breaker that deserved firing AND Starting the Mueller SC based on Comey’s firing CAN NOT BE JUSTIFIED… (Obstruction of Justice just got torpedoed)

                Remember President Trump is after the fence sitters.

                With this move he has exposed Comey as a disgruntled employee trying to retaliate against an employer who had every reason to fire him.

                On top of that DECLINING to prosecute says President Trump IS NOT A PETTY NIT PICKER who stoops to squashing Comey over a minor irritation.

                This in my opinion ADDS WEIGHT to President Trump using the word TREASON.

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              2. I like this reasoning. Follow along:

                (1) 1 month delay on Weiner laptop – Comey gives answers that “lack credibility” per OIG – this concurs with Rosenstein…

                (2) Hillary email scandal – Rosenstein gave Trump the letter of firing – now BACKED UP by OIG

                (3) Special Counsel started under false pretenses – Comey’s firing was justified – his starting special counsel was self-protective – WHY?

                (4) FISA abuse. This will come out, with recommendations for charges. THIS will be usable as MOTIVE for leaking.

                (5) During Trial for FISA abuse, new evidence may emerge, usable to show that leaking was intentional to “get Trump” as a way to cover up crimes.

                (6) NOW introduce charges for leaking!!! Why? Because they did NOT exonerate Comey, which is not their job. They merely declined to prosecute. THEY CAN PROSECUTE LATER, WHEN MOTIVE AND EVIDENCE APPEAR!!!

                The whole thing is beautiful!!!

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            2. Comey had scathing report on Hillary also and she still is walking around enjoying life.
              Scathing report means nothing compared to the crime and intend .

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              1. Comey made a decision that wasn’t his to make. Lynch “let” him – Obama’s DOJ crooked. Have to wait and see how that thread plays out.

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      1. Perhaps, we can charge this ‘Jolly Green Giant’ with sedition…among other things – an enemy of the state.

        n. Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.
        n. Insurrection; rebellion.
        n. A factious commotion in a state; the stirring up of such a commotion; incitement of discontent against government and disturbance of public tranquillity, as by inflammatory speeches or writings, or acts or language tending to breach of public order: as, to stir up a sedition; a speech or pamphlet, abounding in sedition.

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    2. More Comey pretending to be not worried, and his smugness shown through. Psst, James, just because you got off for lying and leaking THIS TIME, does not mean you are free and clear. Your day is coming, and you won’t be so smug then, most people about to go to prison or worse are not smug, but scared sh*tless and pleading for leniency. I suspect Comey will be a blubbering mas of feces and tears..if he doesn’t talk to Mr Smith and Wesson first, the coward that he is.

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      1. His memos in the Appendix of the report are evidence He lies to the President about leaking, and about lying. They are his version of events, in his own words, which he vetted before the report was released.


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    1. Comey and DOJ set an example concerning rules and professionalism at the FBI and DOJ. I dare them after this to prosecute any of the 35,000 FB I men/women when they screw up. Hilary and Comey are the example that rules are of the past.
      Does Barr know the damage he has done? I do not think so .

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      1. If I worked for the FBI, I would start leaking like A New Orleans levee, and I would say, “I did it for the FBI, I did it for my love of my country, It was SOooooooooo important it get out to the American people, I needed to call attention to this problem and hopefully trigger a Special Counsel.”
        I wouldn’t take the time to spit on Comey’s grave.

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  4. Here we go.

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    1. OMG – these “people”!!!

      This is the kind of SNEAKY BULLSHIT that the FBI used on Martin Luther King, Jr. They’re the SAME BUNCH – still working for the DEMOCRAT PARTY under NEW LEADERSHIP. And SanctiComeyous Jim had the chutzpah to warble about “our bad white roots at FBI” regarding King, when he pulls the SAME KINDA CRAP ON TRUMP.

      What a load of CRAP.

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      1. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and she is just now warming up. The last act will “bring down the House…capitalized on PURPOSE. Remember what Q said…Patience. Let them THINK they skated, pride commeth BEFORE the FALL. There IS a reckoning coming, and it is LONG overdue. They will all be SHOCKED when it hits, and it will hit like..a STORM, sudden and violent…washing away all the pollution, leaving the air clean and crisp.

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    2. I said in my book, and elsewhere, that Comey committed essentially blackmail on Trump multiple times. There were moves and counter moves. The first was the briefing at Trump Tower which WAS bugged, for THAT meeting. Comey took detailed notes as a primer, and then reviewed the surveillance. Trump was told by Rogers, and MOVED to NOT Mara Lago, but Bedminster in NJ the NEXT day. Trump has KNOWN the game since then (Nov 18 2016). Then there was the meeting in which Comey first briefed Trump on the dossier. That meeting was ONE DAY ( Jan 6 2016) after the now infamous meeting held in the WH by Obama (Jan 5th 2016) and detailed in the Susan Rice “by the book” memo to herself on Jan 20th 2016. The play was to try and force Trump to RESIGN before being inaugurated and by using the dossier as “pressure”. Why else was Comey talking notes and briefing Trump on a “salacious and unverified” piece of garbage “dossier”? Why did he insist on seeing Trump ALONE? BLACKMAIL. When Trump refused, Flynn was targeted and forced out after only 3 weeks on the job.. Then Comey met 14 days later on Valentines day 2017, AGAIN alone, in the WH. This time to “discuss Flynn” , in reality to say something like, see, we got your boy, now resign or ELSE. Trump again refused, but in retaliation, fired Yates for “insubordination”. A set up real offense by Trump over something he KNEW (thanks to her previous immigration opinion) she would do, refuse to enforce the immigration order prohibiting immigrants from 7 terrorist hot spot countries. In REALITY, Trump got Yates for her role in setting up Flynn. SHE was the one who went to Don McGahn and told of Flynn’s “lie” over the Kislyak surveilled meeting. Make MORE sense now, but wait it gets BETTER.

      After the Flynn meeting, Trump again refused to resign, Comey promised MORE retaliation. That is when Sessions was set up and forced to recuse himself over the “Russia” investigation, which put Rod Rosenstein in charge. Sessions was ALSO set up using Kislyak meetings (NO coincidence) and his statements during confirmation made to AL Franken (one big conspiracy, a PLAN, as NO WAY Franken asked that particular question of Sessions in that particular WAY by accident or “luck”.) Now, the two people BEST inline to protect Trump and reveal and STOP the attempted coup, were gone or useless. Trump was at the Cabal’s mercy, or so THEY thought. This time Trump retaliated BIGLY, he fired Comey USING RR’s own words and memo to do it, while Comey was at a conference in LA. The Cabal had to act quickly, as the chief blackmail negotiator and pressure applier was GONE.

      So, the next move was to bring in Mueller for an “interview” for a position to replace Comey that would LITERALLY take an act of Congress to make happen. In reality, it was Mueller replacing Comey as THE chief blackmail point man. ONE day after Mueller was interviewed, and several after Comey had leaked his “memos” to Richamn and then to the NY Times, Mueller was appointed as Special Council to NOT investigate the “Russian interference into the 2016” election, as was the ORIGINAL pretense for the Trump surveillance. but to investigate Trump/Russia collusion and ANY OTHER matters that arise (IE setups or rat rolling).

      Remember as well, that Trump KNEW at this time what was happening, and ALL about the surveillance. That is why he WARNED Comey that “He had better hope that there were no tapes of their conversations ” BEFORE he leaked to the press. Trump tells us ALL in his tweets, you just have to pay CLOSE attention. Recall “Just found out OBAMA had my wires tapped…A VERY SICK individual” From March BEFORE he fired Comey, but GOT Comey to testify on the record that there WERE none. (There ARE, but NOT Trump’s, and he KNEW it. It is why Trump had the WH AC renovated AGAIN for the THIRD time in 11 years…down to the STUDS…”We found GOLD in the walls” AC systems are NOT replaced THAT often, and there was NO need to go down to the studs to do so. The Cabal FORGOT somehow that Trump, is a BUILDER, he KNOWS where and HOW to look, and WHAT should not be there.) Trump TELLS us ALL what is and HAS happened in his tweets, and also, more importantly, what is GOING to happen. THAT is why all the MSM and Cabal want him to STOP tweeting, it has NOTHING to do with tone, it is ALL the substance IN the tweets they want stopped.

      Mueller was the 5th narrative change from the original meme started by Robbie Mook in July 2016 when after the WikiLeaks release he stated on CNN,of course, that Russia had “hacked the DNC. A LIE, that Kim Dotcom and others have exposed as FALSE, it was a download not a leak, and it was done by an insider…cough..SR…cough. Then it became Russia hacked the election in Nov 2016 after Trump won, but that was LAUGHED at, because even Obama knew it was physically impossible to “hack” paper ballots and thousands of machines NOT connected to the internet. The Third was started by Obama himself on Dec 9th 2016 when he OFFICIALLY opened the DOJ investigation into Russian “INTERFERENCE” into the 2016 election. The Last was RR and his Mueller defining memo which bait and switched “Russian interference” into Trump/Russia collusion. See how that worked? THAT is where all the dossier reported “changes” came from, not multiple dossiers, on dossier edited as needed to FIT the new narratives. BTW, the dossier was NOT written by Christopher Steele, he was its’s editor and promoter NOT its author. ALL of this is a house of cards, built upon ONE thing. The dossier, and NO ONE wants to get to the REAL questions on it. Where did it REALLY come from? WHY? WHO REALLY wrote it? WHY? Who REALLY paid for it? What was it’s purpose? It’s REAL purpose? And the BIGGIE WHERE did the IFO in the ORIGINAL dossier come from? How was it OBTAINED? WHEN? Who authorized the method? Why? I can expand, but I don’t want to overwhelm people, or waste bandwidth. If you want to know, I will keep going. Sorry for the long windedness.

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        1. Where to start? from the Beginning in 2015? It is VERY long, and I do not want to overwhelm, i Will start where you all direct me, but in parts, else it will be confusing. Because it REALLY is a big convoluted mess on purpose.


        2. Check out my reply in this thread to prairie 123. That is a pretty good recap on some of it LOL from my blog, and pinched from my book, there is more LOTS more. As long as it remains OK with Wolfe, I will keep doling out a little. Next I will detail the Papadopolus timeline problem the Cabal have, that EVERYBODY keeps missing.


        1. I have tons of it LOL I wrote a 110 page book on this. There is MUCH more, from Papadopolous to the Clinton Foundations REAL purpose. From Carter Page (the plant) to Victoria Nuland. From the “Steele” dossier to the black ledger files. ALWAYS read Trump’s tweets. RE read them. Pay CLOSE attention. EVERYTHING he say has meaning…EVERYTHING. He tells us, without telling us sometimes. It is a gift to be able to do that. Sometimes it is BLUNT and easy to see, sometimes it is subtle and HARD to see. Sometimes events have happened already, and sometimes they have not, but soon WILL. Kind of reminds you of someone else doesn’t it? (Q)


        2. I asked Wolf if I could post a few excerpts here, I guess it is ok he liked my request. Give me a min or two, and I will post a few things in small snippets. You will need to read a bit to get the gist, and I will not do it over and over for respect of Wolf.


        3. I have Told you, Bruce and Nellie Orh are up to their EYEBALLS in all this. Bruce is NOT a friendly, and I HATE when Hannity spouts his “Bruce Ohr tried to warn everyone to NOT trust Steele” line. Bruce Ohr was working WITH Steele to promote his wife’s work product called the “Steele” dossier. He even went to Oleg Deripaska and tried HARD to get him to say something bad about Manafort, that would lead to Russian “connections” to Trump. Deripaska REFUSED (Strzok ALSO tried the same game). Ohr was the CONDUIT between DOJ, Simpson, Strzok, McCabe, and Steele, passing the dossier and info on flash drives back and forth and probably being paid for it by Fusion.

          He was not WARNING anybody, he was SPREADING the info through out the DOJ, that was an OVERT act. He KNEW damn well what his wife was PAID to do, who set it up, who she worked for, what she wrote, and WHO authorized and PAID her. Remember that Obama $900,000 payment to Fusion GPS in 2016. Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS while simultaneously working for the CIA and DOJ. She was getting PAID all over the place. She did the NSA searches that were passed on to Rice and Power to be unmasked, and then given BACK to her. She used that info to write the RAW dossier. She was used by Fusion because she had CLEARANCE from her CIA and DOJ work. BUT, someone had to STILL authorize her NSA access, and that came from the TOP. Someone ALSO had to authorize Rice and Power to unmask the info. When this info was passed back and forth, it was HIGHLY classified, so THAT is why Nellie was used. She and NOT Steele had the clearence to SEE let alone search the NSA database for the info, especially AFTER unmasking. These were AMERICAN citizens, only some one with a TOP clearance could SEE that info (that is why Rice and Power had to do the unmasking, it takes a SENIOR admin official, to unmask an American, and that has to be AUTHORIZED by the TOP. Who was Rice and Powers ONLY boss again?

          Steele DID NOT have those clearances in the US, but he DID have connections to Russia from his time as the MI6 Russian desk chief. He also had the foreign ties in MI6 to connect to Halper, Mifsud, Downer, and Wood. Steele used his expertise in counter intel, and his connections in Russia to edit Ohr’s raw product and SPICE it up with Russian propaganda on the Ritz Carlton hooker Golden Showers from 2012. Steele was hired by Glen Simpson to do this, and then to be its PROMOTER to the MSM and places like Mother Jones (David Korn) and Michael Isakoff at Yahoo. He aslso used his contacts at the State Dept like Johnathan Winer and Victoria Nuland to get the Dossier to Kerry. One of his attempts was detailed by John Solomon. But that one FAILED, as the woman denied his attempt, and flagged his work as questionable and with an agenda. His OTHER attempt with Winer DID work, and it was passed to Victoria Nuland as a condensed version, SHE gave her version to Kerry.

          REPORT THIS AD

          John McCain got a version from a MI6 asset, and Steele associate, Andrew Wood. Wood gave a Steele copy to David Kramer, who was McCain’s top aide. McCain gave his copy to COMEY directly. Do you see what was happening here? The dossier was spread FAR and wide to not only OUR agencies, OUR MSM, and OUR Congress, but ALSO to FOREIGN agencies. They were ALL getting copies of the SAME BS, and passing it back and forth to make it look LEGITIMATE. That way when phase two was initiated, the Dossier would be a valuable “verified” tool. It was made to LOOK legit and corroborated because it was WIDELY disseminated. Sydney Blumenthal was passing on Hillary’s copy to his media and govt contacts. McCain was passing his on to Comey and Congress uniparty. Steele was giving his copies to MSM and State. Brennan was giving copies through Five Eyes, who were then GIVING it back to him and Clapper. Clapper put it in Obama’s PDB. Bruce Ohr was passing it to the FBI and DOJ. Once it was in the PDB, Clapper and Brenna could brief the Gang of 8 and Intel committees in Congress. See how that works. They ALL knew folks. It was made easier by EO 13333 which made it easier for ALL intel agencies to spread inf (or DIS info) around. Ellen Farkus gave that all up to Mika on Morning Joe, you just had to read between the lines. “sources and methods” my rear. They do not want us all to know that they ALL knew of it. They ALL knew it was at BEST questionable, and they ALL knew WHAT it’s purpose was and WHO was the target. BUT, What they may or may not know is a BIG secret, and it is one that the Cabal are DESPERATE to hide. What I am about to say is a BIG secret, but it will come out.


          What if it was NOT Hillary who PAID FOR the dossier to be MADE, but she just BOUGHT the finished product. What if OBAMA PAID for, authorized access for, and then set Hillary up to use the dossier. (GET IT). Why else was Obama paying for Fusion GPS services? Why else would the Cabal and MSM and even Mueller always USE the dossier as a predicate, but NEVER thought to verify it? Why else do they ALWAYS change the subject when the dossier is shown to light?

          Bet you won’t hear THAT on Hannity. I wrote a book on this crap, and I KNOW who is behind this ALL, and I know ALL about his “sources and methods” that EVERYONE keeps trying to HIDE from us. WHY? Because it leads DIRECTLY to OBAMA. There is a VERIFIED money trail.

          Why do you REALLY think Steele could NEVER verify his own named “product” Because, 1. he did not white it, he was the editor and promoter, and 2. He does not WANT to know where the info came from (but he DOES). In the end they ALL had only ONE boss. Obama was playing both ends against the middle (Trump).

          REPORT THIS AD

          REPORT THIS AD

          HE had the dossier created by using the NSA, HE paid Fusion and Nellie to make It for plausible deniability. Then THEY sold it to Hillary (Obama was to NEVER be outted as the originator). Hillary used HER network of political and MSM contacts to spread this crap far and wide, It was only meant by her to be a smear document to crush Trump and tie in to the womanizer narrative. But, THEN, Obama had HIS DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, all of the other 17 intelligence agencies SPREAD IT AROUND internally (EO 13333).

          Then they ALL went to work to PROVE the dossier and use it to destroy Trump, even using FOREIGN spies to PLANT info. ALL using the dossier as a predicate, even MUELLER, whose SOLE job was to prove the dossier and use it to impeach or indict Trump, he FAILED.

          Congress uniparty HELPED in this especially gang of 8 and McCain (David Kramer). Obama used our own Five Eyes allies and some of his foreign globalist buddies to try and facilitate this internationally, and that my friends is TREASON. Italy, Australia, New Zealand and especially the UK were ALL in on it thanks to OBAMA. That is an act of WAR, subversion, Treason, and a CONSPIRACY against the US to a COUP. These people BETTER HANG.

          This started as a mere smear campaign to KEEP Trump from winning, then it morphed when it looked like he would win to branding Trump a Russian asset, who used the WIkiLeaks to collude with Russians to deny Hillary. In reality, WikiLeaks was a DAMAGING reveal on the internal workings of the DNC, and to kill two birds with one stone, they “married” the wikiLeaks to Trump and Russia. The narrative morphed SEVERAL times, and I have detailed that before. They adjusted the narrative to fit their needs until that part was debunked, BUT, the main premise stayed the same. The BASE part of the dossier was left in tact which was Trump was beholden to Russia and Putin because of a failed Tower project in Moscow, and he owed Deutsche and Alfa bank MONEY. The Golden showers were also a blackmail “Kompromat” to make Trump play ball. It was ALL hogwash, and no matter how many times they tried to prove it, from the WRONG Cohen meeting in Prague with “Russians”, to Jean Camp and her Alfa bank Trump Tower server “pings”, it ALWAYS was debunked. Trump won, and now they had a problem. ALL the laws and resources misused by Obama to KEEP Trump out and from destroying his “legacy” had failed. Trump WOULD find out, and then he would DEMAND accountability, This is when it morphed into the coup using Mueller and other things like BLACKMAIL by Comey, RR, and Mueller to try and get Trump to resign. There ONE fatal flaw was always going BACK to the dossier. It was used in the Blackmails, which failed, but lead to the consequences of Flynn and Sessions being fired and recused. Then after Comey was fired for his actions, RR inserted Mueller as Special Counsel to go about REMOVING Trump legally.

          REPORT THIS AD

          But, that too failed because ALL Mueller’s work was based on the dossier, trying to PROVE anything in it. When he could not prove a Trump Russia conspiracy, he moved to squeezing people like Manafort, Papadopolous, Cohen, Flynn, to try to get them to compose dirt on Trump. He had them on setups that were organized and propagated by the Cabal, and he thought it would work, but it DIDN’T. That is when RR moved to the 25th scam and suggested wearing a wire to setup the ACTUAL target of Trump himself. That act lead to Trump actually taking BACK control. He was able to fire a neutered Sessions, thereby getting a CHECK on RR. Matthew Whittaker. Whittaker was able to STOP RR, flip him for his roles, and prep the feild for Barr who was about to be confirmed. Barr used the flipped RR to END Mueller, and this farce. ALL this to protect Obama and his precious “legacy” Lies, Innuendos, Sedition, and TREASON.


      1. prognosticatasaurusrex,

        I suspect that there WERE tapes of Comey & Trump but NOT in either’s possession….

        Do you REALLY think President Trump would TRUST Comey enought to be completely ALONE with him? I don’t.

        I have zero info to base that on except that POTUS private body guard retired not long after…


        1. I will let you and everyone in on a little open secret. Billionaire business men like Trump, tape EVERYTHING. It is an advantage in negotiations, AND prohibits things like lawsuits, blackmail, bogus sexual harassment claims. Trump most likely has as good as or better surveillance than those he is up against. He will NEVER show it, unless it becomes necessary, but rest assured he has it and he has used it to his advantage AGAINST the Cabal. There is ZERO doubt that the Cabal was surveilling Trump, and probably for quite some time. Trump (and Jr with the Natalia Veselnitskaya) were way too confidant when faced with both the leaks, fake news, and setups. To make you see it, remember when Corey Lewandowski was accused of assault at Mar a Lago by some reporter? They had the video ready to go in no time. This is 2019 EVERYONE is watching and listening. The Cabal are too arrogant or STUPID to believe that Trump IS watching them just as much, now, as they are him. He has been aware to the game since Mike Rogers visit, I am 100% sure Trump took steps besides moving to Bedminster.

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    1. Come is above the law because the Bush cabal is in charge AK Barr Wrey.
      There was hope that honorable people are finally in charge of the DOJ but there is no honer deep State protects itself.
      They will focus on low fruit the poor schlock who works they (…) off in the FBI .
      I remember couple of years ago they nailed a black FBI guy for leaking and he has to serve 3-5 years.
      Yup the law is for the taxpayers the deplorable not for the DC elite.
      Communism works that way also.

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      1. I will be BLUNT.

        I see a potential CABAL & FRIENDS STRATEGY here.

        They’ve silenced Q. And now they have an opportunity (they think) to WIN BACK THE WHITE HOUSE.

        There is a DELAY GAME POSSIBLE. They don’t have to reach November 2020. They just have to delay any real prosecutions until Barr throws up his hands and says “too close to the election – no more prosecutions”.

        IMO that may be what is going on, I hate to say.

        The easiest way for us to beat that strategy is to BACK TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT, and make sure that everybody KNOWS WHAT THEY DID.

        Then, after the election, “correct things” as needed.

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        1. “They’ve silenced Q.”

          Wanna bet??

          As for playing a delay game, what other option do they have? Of course they are doing that.

          Keep in mind that DNI Dan Coats was key in helping them keep docs hidden. Dan Coats is now OUT ON HIS ASS. There is a whole ton o declass coming BEFORE Christmas.

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          1. Oh, I’m not betting Q doesn’t come back! 😀

            DECLAS before Christmas is GOOD. Although I will engage in ZERO self-deception in evaluating the quality thereof.

            Wolf is not an easy customer to impress! QUALITY is NOT AN OPTION! 😀

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          2. I agree that Coats was one of the roadblocks. And, yes, delay is all they’ve got.

            Perception is reality. Image is everything. [insert advertising maxim of your choice here]

            We’re watching a movie. This is scripted…and I’m willing to lay money I don’t have bait of some sort that we will not know anything about until the archived papers are declassified in 75 years.

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        2. Prefers to think that FGC below is correct however if this trend of finding nothing to prosecute continues and ‘BACK TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT” fails comes 2020, the civil war goes hot the day after the election as the lefts rhetoric is beyond the pale. Sure hopes Barr understands this.

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          1. A lot of people won’t “back Trump no matter what.” I’ve been seeing the discouragement and pessimism for months on other sites. It will be Pres. Trump’s fault because he chose Barr, and Barr is/was a Bush crony, a Mueller friend, etc. I think a lot of people might not vote for a Dem, but they would stay home. End of America. Pres. Trump and the military people working with him and the good Repubs in Congress have to know this. This is a tipping point that we might not be able to come back from if something is not done soon. I am optimistic, but many, many people are not, and they don’t see a bigger picture. It’s “feed me now; I’m tired of waiting.”

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          1. I hear you. I’m not Eeyore on this, because I know that “nothing can stop what’s coming”, but I’m hoping for a certain amount of smoothness, and my feeling is that many embedded SPUDS in DOJ are the ones who are increasing delays, trying to create whatever “shudders” they can in the wheels of justice.

            Talking with Lady Penguin, I think we both agree that there should be NO EXCUSES about the approaching election – that the DOJ “tradition” of not pursuing prosecutions as an election approaches – something Holder was always screaming for – is a STALINIST TROJAN HORSE that allows POLITICS to interfere with JUSTICE.

            “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

            Let no less than MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. slap Eric Holder’s mouth!

            If BARR were to see that logic, then there is NO ESCAPE for the plotters, IMO.

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        3. About the US Inspectors General

          The US Government’s Built-In Watchdogs

          by Robert Longley
          Updated August 04, 2019

          A U.S. federal inspector general (IG) is the head of an independent, non-partisan organization established within each executive branch agency assigned to audit the agency’s operation in order to discover and investigate cases of misconduct, waste, fraud and other abuse of government procedures occurring within the agency.

          Within the federal agencies are politically independent individuals called Inspectors General who are responsible for ensuring that the agencies operate efficiently, effectively and legally. When it was reported in October 2006 that Department of Interior employees wasted $2,027,887.68 worth of taxpayer time annually surfing sexually explicit, gambling, and auction websites while at work, it was the Interior Department’s own Office of Inspector General that conducted the investigation and issued the report.


          Established by the Inspector General Act of 1978, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) examines all actions of a government agency or military organization. Conducting audits and investigations, either independently or in response to reports of wrongdoing, the OIG ensures that the agency’s operations are in compliance with the law and general established policies of the government. Audits conducted by the OIG are intended to ensure the effectiveness of security procedures or to discover the possibility of misconduct, waste, fraud, theft, or certain types of criminal activity by individuals or groups related to the agency’s operation. Misuse of agency funds or equipment is often revealed by OIG audits.


          When an agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) identifies cases of egregious and flagrant problems or abuses within the agency, the OIG immediately notifies the agency head of the findings. The agency head is then required to forward the OIG’s report, along with any comments, explanations, and corrective plans, to Congress within seven days.

          The Inspectors General also send semiannual reports of all their activities for the past six months to Congress.

          All cases involving suspected violations of federal laws are reported to the Department of Justice, via the Attorney General.

          The Inspector General investigates and reports what he has found subsequent to the investigation – did Comey violate any federal laws – if so, then it is up to the AG to charge Comey – the IG is not a prosecutor – he is just an investigator – therefore, it is up to the AG where we go from here.

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    1. Well, that libtard retweeter just got hoisted by his own petard. He SPOKE THE TRUTH about DOJ.

      What he’s saying is that DOJ is THAT FUCKED UP. The “normal way of operating” was not the Department of Justice. It was the Department of Democrat Social Justice.

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    1. MAGA Mom

      If no one is ever held accountable…GRRRR – so frustrating!!!!
      The little guy will be held accountable like Roger Stone and Flynn and Papalopo or what ever his name is.
      Lots of other people who they destroyed and made them broke.
      We have no law I know this have seen it and never thought i see it in the US.

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  6. From Praying Medic:

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  7. Jeff Carlson is thinking like I am:

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    1. Exactly. BUT THAT BEGS THE PROPER QUESTION. Is the timing of these other investigations designed to put them all beyond the “cut-off date” for “influencing” the 2020 election?

      I’m seeing a DELAY GAME POSSIBLE.

      Those in the know – the court-watchers – should be able to tell us if this looks like a delay plan.

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      1. I concur with your thinking Wolfie…………………..

        POTUS knows what a short attention span most Americans have……………

        problem is, patience is not a strong point for most in this age of instant gratification, is it?

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      2. Last we entertained this was for the last election. They talked about that coming into effect at the end of summer so they’d to delay for a full year. By that time I’d trust people would be getting rather hard to contain. Example: What Do We Want? DeClass! No no… were getting that… What Do We Want? Prosecutions! When Do We Want It? Now!

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      3. I don’t think Barr can play that game – regarding “influencing an election” – 2016 was influenced by what the DOJ/FBI was doing behind the scenes, and the 2018 was clearly stolen by the Dems with the help of Mueller keeping the investigation alive.

        Ultimately Barr has to decide if he wants to save the country or play a political game.

        But I stand by the fact that if the President wants this moved along, exposed, and charges filed then it will happen. Barr works for POTUS, and the final decision is DJT’s.

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        1. IMO, elections are a lower order of things than JUSTICE.

          IMO, the Department of Justice is a lower order of a thing than JUSTICE ITSELF.

          So to me, the very IDEA of making JUSTICE wait on POLITICS is COMMUNIST TREACHERY, embraced and defended by the HOLDER COMMUNIST DOJ.

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          1. Right. and if Barr can’t see that, someone else can. If criminal activity has been done, then action is being taken. Does one not arrest a Congress critter involved in a crime just because it’s a week before an election?

            No, This is the same thing. The DOJ can’t go on vacation for a whole year.

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            1. Yes.

              The very idea of an “October surprise” is ILLEGITIMATE, as long as the “happening” is LEGITIMATE.

              Indeed, an OCTOBER and even NOVEMBER NON-SURPRISE should be well within bounds.

              We can state right now that prosecutions will go RIGHT THROUGH THE ELECTION, because JUSTICE MATTERS MORE THAN ELECTIONS.

              The bad faith, justice delayed / justice denied concept of “Holdering off” on prosecutions before elections needs to be THROWN OUT WITH PREJUDICE.

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              1. Never forget Senator Ted Stevens – October trial the Lefty judge refused to delay – one damn week – until after the election – now that was election interference, intentional and with malice aforethought. They got the 60th vote for Obamacare by knocking him out.

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      4. I see “influencing the 2020” election as pertinent only if one of the indictees is running for office. No political party gets a pass just because they’re under investigation in a election year.

        BTW, is that a law? About influencing an election, cut-off date? I’d think that would be unconstitutional regarding law and order.

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          1. Thank you, so much, Wolfie! I thought that was the case. But as you’ve said, “This is War!” If Barr flinches then POTUS will get someone else. But Barr himself has indicated that bad stuff went down.

            The depth and breadth of this must be almost overwhelming when making it fit into the legal system.

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      5. I do not understand why you think there is a delay – we have a year before the election – and Q laid out many placeholders – drip…drip…dip – easier to digest in small pieces – if we went whole hog on all of this – we would confuse the public – this is just the tip of a huge iceberg – it will melt slowly but, surely.

        Mile by Mile – it will take a while – Yard by Yard – it is pretty hard – but – Inch by Inch – it is a Cinch!


    2. This response to Paul Sperry is insightful:

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  9. HEY…… you think Comey is out of the legal woods??



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  10. I read the conclusion, Getting the impression that IG watered down report a bit. I’m seeing in report where Comey violated Department policy ###, but I’m not seeing legal statutes quoted where he did things “inconsistent with the law”. He purposely lied/withheld/didn’t tell FBI he was keeping memos in his safe. Obstruction?? Those memos contained classified info. It’s illegal for classified info to be housed outside a SCIF. His personal home safe doesn’t cut it.

    He is a disgraced liar and leaker. Hoping serious charges come for knowingly signing off on deceptive FISAs. In the scheme of things I would rather see DOJ concentrate efforts on BIG crimes. Constantly declining prosecution of criminal acts is beyond frustrating, and Americans are pi$$ed!! I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this.

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    1. Catherine Herridge reporting…… 793F “Gross mishandling of classified information”

      Comey took classified info home, scanned it, sent it via personal email, locked in his home safe

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      1. He also conspired with others (up to and including Zero) to unseat the 45th DULY ELECTED POTUS.

        TREASON in my book. Gail has legal take on whether treason or sedition………… either way, Comey will NOT get away with the crimes he has committed…………….

        [local hdwe store (yes, our little province still has one) still sells pitchforks and torches, if it comes to that]

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          1. I have only one, but it stands at the ready 😉

            Thank you for adding link to cite ……… I knew you would have it handy !


  11. FOLKS……Comey hasn’t gotten off the hook. There are still the fraudulent FISA applications to answer for, which are FAR more serious than his memos.

    Moreover, if DOJ was going to prosecute for those memos, then the court ordering the release of the Archy Declarations would be squashed.

    I urge everybody to relax. PDJT’s got this.

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      1. Yep. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind into a fine powder.

        I mentioned above that we must remember that former DNI Dan Coats and his deputy Sue Gordon are OUT……meaning we are one GOOD step closer to declass.

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      2. memos withheld OFTEN TIMES because of ongoing criminal investigation. Please put this in perspective as we move along and docs are withheld.

        ~~ Tracy

        from her tweets posted below……………………………

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      3. Of course DOJ with appeal they have to cover Comey’s (…)
        Typical maneuvering just as Comey did for Hillary.
        I do not believe anything anymore. People who have been in DC to long all have the same stink on them
        It is called swamp for a reason.

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    1. Now here is an important point. Comey’s alibi for sitting on the Hillary emails for a month is found “not credible”. I’m presuming there is a LOT of that, RE handling of the Weiner laptop.

      THAT is actually HUGE. Not here. ELSEWHERE.

      THAT is not useful in the LEAKING, but that will be extremely useful in prosecutions that are (hopefully) to come, regarding obstruction of justice on the Hillary email stuff.

      But if at least SOME such prosecutions don’t COME and COMPLETE in a TRUMP administration, what Horowitz found is USELESS.

      A DEMONCRAT president will drop all this stuff like a hot stone. AG Holder will have NONE OF IT.


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      1. DANG, Word Unimpressed struck again!

        I guess they do not like a listing of China’s crimes as well as Comey, destroying evidence to cover for Hillary’s leaks to China.

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  12. Be advised….

    This report dealt solely with Comey’s memos.

    There is a WHOLE LOT he is still on the hook for, including FISA warrants, illegally determining Clinton should not be prosecuted, other conduct while in office, conspiracy to commit treason, etc, etc, etc.

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      Think of all the devices of Hillary’s that Comey’s FBI DESTROYED….

      Remember that ALL those State Department emails were FORWARDED TO CHINA in REAL TIME.
      Remember CIA agents were killed.

      We have no idea at this time how much harm China having those emails caused.

      We also KNOW China is NOT a friend of the USA:

      12/13/2011 — China Based Hacking of 760 companies reflects Undeclared Global Cyber War

      Which helps China’s race for patents

      April 2011 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Hacked

      11/12/2014 — Chinese hack U.S. weather systems, satellite network
      “Once again, there is reason to believe the attack comes from China.”

      2016 – Businessman admits helping Chinese military hackers target U.S. contractors

      U.S. Charges Five Chinese Military Hackers for Cyber Espionage Against U.S. Corporations and a Labor Organization for Commercial Advantage

      China continues to move toward super power status. This item talks about the Chinese “Jin” class ballistic missile submarines.

      Although this shows that they have a long way to go to catch up to the US and Soviet Nuclear sub systems. These boats (and their recent effort to claim most of the south China sea as home territory do make them a legitimate strategic threat. Once they improve reliability and learn to quiet their boats it will be a different game.

      Jul 2005

      A Chinese general has threatened to launch nuclear missiles at the United States, warning that hundreds of American cities could be destroyed.

      In an unusually forthright briefing to foreign journalists, General Zhu Chenghu speculated on what the response would be if the United States attacked China or its military in a war over Taiwan.

      “If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China’s territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,” he said, making it clear he was speaking in a personal capacity. “We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian.

      “Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.”

      The comments appear to contradict China’s official policy, which, unlike the United States, rejects first use of nuclear weapons. But hardliners in the People’s Liberation Army, such as General Zhu, are known to be pushing for a tough line over Taiwan, which China says it will one day reunify with the mainland, by force if necessary.

      2015 – China’s military and naval buildup in South China Sea Threatens the US

      Oct 13, 2015 · “As China continues to pour billions into its massive military buildup, a pressing concern is its territorial ambitions in the South China Sea. “

      ….”The Chinese decide where to make islands by looking at the furthest possible range of planes, and radio stations, and then work where they need to build to make sure they have every area covered. Currently they have a neat triangle with range that extends across most of the South China Sea,” says Patalano. The only area they don’t have covered is the north east—and this is why the Scarborough Shoal, or reef, just 150 miles off the Philippines coast (and 400 miles away from China) is so important and so contentious. Building a military base on the reef would guarantee China coverage of the whole of the South China Sea, in terms of radio and military range. China claimed the reef in 2012, but the U.S. warned them not to carry out any reclamation works as they have done elsewhere because the islands are part of international territory…..

      Satellite images also show that as well as enormous runways and military equipment, China has even constructed basketball and tennis courts on their manmade islands.

      China reacted angrily to last year’s Hague ruling, with state news agency Xinhua describing it as “ill-founded.” Now, China appears to have several military bases on their islands and shows no sign of pulling back from its expansion in the area.


  13. Tracy has a 2nd THREAD, in addition to one Lady P posted upthread – click any tweet

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    1. sorry about the dup tweet post…………..

      meant the following:

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    1. realsauce

      And Brian’s take on the matter
      Was Brian Gates not the oe who used to call us mueller and POTUS were working together?
      So many people said things but no one knows the truth.

      To me truth is that the DOJ shun its responsibility to bring Comey to justice if not for Barr but Barr doing this for the country. What good is it for him to pretend to dish out justice when the country lost any trust in the DOJ and FBI?
      Epstein episode was a big indication who people are. They pick low fruit and avoid the high hanging fruit.
      Now I will deal with the reality and get over things when I sleep on it but it will have changed my trust.

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  14. If a criminal breaks into your home and murders a family member…do you want them prosecuted for a “break in” or a “murder”? You don’t get a choice of both.

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    1. Sobriquet4

      If a criminal breaks into your home and murders a family member…do you want them prosecuted for a “break in” or a “murder”? You don’t get a choice of both.
      Normally it is both breaking and entering and murder. The add them together for a longer sentence.

      Am I wrong

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  15. OMG – just read this stuff. Comey is one of the most skilled liars I’ve ever encountered. Read his story under questioning. He has answers for everything, and they’re all “effectively evasive”, if I had to describe them.

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    1. Well, one would think that someone expertly trained how to conduct interrogations would be skilled at undergoing them. Plus, this is DC we’re talking about….where slippery liars thrive.

      Liked by 7 people

  16. We all want heads to roll and equal justice applied. It is infuriating that Comey is tweeting today as if he is off scot-free.

    He was fired. That is accountability (although small satisfaction). His book deal was another egregious FU.

    I am more curious about why ‘we’ aren’t demanding more revelations on the subsequent appt of SC. If Comey’s actions were perpetrated to get SC appointed (Comey claims they were), and his actions violated policy, what does that imply about the viability of the SC’s appointment? It is ALWAYS “end justifies means” with these political criminals.

    Comey now being able to tweet an FU at us is far more infuriating to me than the DOJs decision not to prosecute. The whole agency is ineffectual vis-a-vis insider crimes.

    I hold out hope for FISA indictments. If those violations aren’t prosecutable, nothing will be.

    Nevertheless, I want POTUS focused on economy and jobs – we have to get him elected in 2020!

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  17. Fox earlier discussion. Yes Comey is tweeting directly at POTUS. And yes, (don’t hit me), POTUS has tweeted a few times that “Comey leaked Classified info”. So IG report says clearly that he didn’t leak classified info – that they know of. Comey is trying to refocus the whole situation by making that one point the entirety of the matter. Wolfie’s right, he’s very skilled in evasiveness, reframing, misdirection, LYING!!!

    Reminder: The IG report DID NOT exhonerate Comey!!

    Liked by 5 people

  18. Page 55-56
    Comey’s characterization of the Memos as personal records finds no support
    in the law and is wholly incompatible with the plain language of the statutes,
    regulations, and policies defining Federal records, and the terms of Comey’s FBI
    Employment Agreement. By definition, Federal records include “all recorded
    information, regardless of form or characteristics, made or received by a Federal
    79 The OIG learned, as a result of a letter from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
    dated September 20, 2017, that the FBI had not yet taken the same actions to mitigate Comey’s
    transmittal of the Memos to Kelley and Fitzgerald as it had taken with regard to the transmittal to
    Richman. The OIG promptly brought to the FBI’s attention the need to do so, resulting in the abovedescribed actions being taken.
    agency…in connection with the transaction of public business.”80 This definition
    expressly covers any “act of creating and recording information by agency
    personnel in the course of their official duties, regardless of the method(s) or the
    medium involved.” 81 Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement likewise acknowledged
    that “[a]ll information acquired by [Comey] in connection with [his] official duties
    with the FBI…remain[s] the property of the United States of America.”

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    1. i can attest to this kind of situation. Hubby works for the government, and kept detailed memo books of interactions – including any contacts with subordinates – well that became an issue when his boss learned of it – (hubby is an engineer and a detail man) the boss told him not to because even though it was his private, personal records they could be required to be presented in a hearing if an employee filed any EEOC complaints. They had a bad employee they couldn’t get rid of (civil service) and no amount of documentation worked.

      She finally retired. My hubby was the only person who tolerated her lousy behavior…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. My husband was in Aero Space engineer and also kept blow by blow report for his own protection.
        I think it is an engineer thing 🙂
        Later when he was chair of engineering department at a University he kept that practice.
        He still keeps excellent notes mind mapping I tell him that “only he knows what goes on.”

        Liked by 2 people

  19. Reminder

    They won’t be able to walk safely in public.

    The implication being that some will get off the hook, but won’t be safe in the streets regardless.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Liked by 8 people

  21. Another thought, FWIW…

    The first indictment against the Cabal/Deep State/Coup plotters MUST BE ABSOLUTELY AIRTIGHT AND A SLAM DUNK.

    It has to be MAJOR and it has to be 100% successful in securing a guilty verdict as well as harsh sentencing.

    Small, questionable cases cannot be allowed to be brought and discharged creating the legal impression there is no there there, allowing the MSM to create and propagate such a narrative.

    And in the grand scheme of things, Comey’s memos are a nothing-burger to far greater, more important matters… abusing and deceiving the secret FISA court, for instance.

    Take a walk. Breathe deeply. Give a shout of praise to God for all things good, such as we have PDJT instead of what could have been.

    This is war, and it is not resolved quickly nor easily. Patience and a cool head are REQUIRED in order to secure a lasting victory.

    What would these men tell us?? What would Capt. Winters say to us?

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Follow up thought….

      The white hats, like PDJT, are very well aware of the imperative of all above. Sometimes you have to let the enemy escape in order to achieve the overall objective.

      Sun Tsu:

      “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free.”

      fThis does not mean that the enemy is to be allowed to escape altogether. The object, as Tu Mu puts it, is “to make him believe that there is a road to safety, and thus prevent his fighting with the courage of despair.” Tu Mu adds pleasantly: “After that, you may crush him.”

      Liked by 6 people

        1. giloo, there is always hope. POTUS in the White House is hope. I wrote yesterday how DJT not only saved our economy, he saved our lives.

          We are no worse off today than yesterday regarding Comey’s IG Report. Comey is outed for the lousy FBI Director, liar, weasel and snake he is.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. We expect those righteous consequences because that’s what we believed our govt to be..righteous, lawful. We believed in the system, imperfect as it was at times.
              The brave colonists that fought for liberty and justice would be appalled

              Liked by 4 people

            2. No, guys like him aren’t trusted no matter how far left he is. Remember the Lefties blame him for Hillary’s loss! 🙂 Delicious.

              All the money in the world obviously isn’t making the guy feel better if he has to get on twitter and whine. Think about it that way.

              Liked by 3 people

    2. I’m with you, FG&C. Not because I know anything, but simply on faith and trust, and understanding the nuances of law – which must be airtight or we lose.

      There’s higher fruit than Comey…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TheseTruths
        Thanks for the link. I always appreciate his perspective.
        It helps the Jay is a lawyer and I trust his judgement. I am very tired playing mind
        games with myself and push reality aside.
        It is refreshing he sees reality and does not try to sugarcoat it because it does not help.
        Comey should be in jail period

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Just thinking how this 6’8″ prig is being ostracized by his “circle” should cheer us up. We hate him, but the Left does too. You think he’s gets listed on the party lists? I don’t. He’ll forever be known as a wimpy failure.

            No honor among thieves.

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  22. Okay, Comey was referred for criminal prosecution and the DOJ declines. PREDICTABLE and likely the BEST choice.

    A couple of weeks ago, Dan Bongino talked about not prosecuting the smaller charges and concentrating on the big ones. Although Dan did not necessarily agree with the tactic, he did say that is VERY likely what is going on.

    Do we go after a jaywalking prosecution if murder was committed?

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    1. Jay Seculow said something to the affect paraphrased ” it wold have been better had the dOJ waited until all misdeeds had come in the make their decision.” I agree.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I am not sure. I keep hearing the Left mumbling something about President Trump unfairly going after McCabe, Comey and Co.—stuff like declining to prosecute leaking kind of kills that narrative and lulls the Left into believing Barr is another Sessions.

        I know it would be nice to simply have Law and Order with blind Justice—however, we also have to remember that we do not want mayhem in the streets. Go after the Big stuff and not get bogged down on the stuff that will lose the public attention when it is needed the most.

        Whether we like it or not, we have to remember that when going after the elite class—OPTICS plays a BIG role. Our ULTIMATE goal is to MAGA!

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    2. I could be wrong, but I think most people’s outrage is over Comey’s hubris and arrogant tweets this AM. Everybody knows he’s a sleezy, slimy 6’8” piece of mongrel dog shit, and that he is guilty as hell, too. Everyone wants to see his smug face get swiped with a sharp rake. Repeatedly.

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      1. Well, he has the complicit MSM supporting him, and using words like “exonerated” (Jennifer Rubin) and like all elitists, he believes We the People are ignorant peons.

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  23. Okay, let’s recap.

    President Obama signed an executive order detailing the existing law – that no classification designation can be made for the purpose of protecting an individual from criminal liability or reputational damage. When I heard about this, I was puzzled – why would somebody as dirty as him do something that was righteous?

    Well, it now becomes clear, though I suspected this all along. The purpose of the EO was to cover guys like Comey, et al, for leaking documents.

    Bear with me. Most if not all of the documents associated with the “soft coup” could not be legally classified. Yet most if not all are being treated as classified or are marked as such. Why?

    Because any lower level employees or any coup non-participants would obey the label of “classified” and therefore would safeguard the contents. An employee is not authorized to determine for himself/herself that a particular document is improperly classified or mis-classified. Also, having been labeled classified, a document would be sequestered in a different area under more stringent access limitations. IOW, safekeeping.

    So here comes Horowitz with a license to snoop ANYWHERE inside the target agency. Of course he finds the docs that were leaked, right where classified docs are supposed to be – in the safeguard area. He duly reports his FINDINGS (not conclusions) – classified docs were leaked by so-and-so to such-and-such media.

    Now the matter is referred to DoJ/Barr for CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. What is the first thing that needs to be determined in a criminal investigation? That’s right, ladies and germs, THERE MUST BE A CRIME.

    So what is the crime here? Leaking docs labeled classified? Or leaking actual classified docs, regardless of label (or lack)?

    There is no crime, and the investigation ends. This satisfies two points. First, released on Thursday and almost immediately prosecution is declined. That has to be the fastest determination/analysis since the HRC email re-investigation. But it makes perfect sense if the prosecution realized a long time ago that Comey disclosed ONLY mis-classified docs, not actual govt secrets. No prosecutor ever files a criminal complaint unless the is enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The second point is why go through the whole Horowitz charade if TPTB knew his work was unneeded and criminally useless. Point 2a is that securing records is critically important. Point 2b is that Horowitz can question anybody about any docs he finds, even if that person has no other connection to the soft coup except he/she has custody of the docs and how the docs got there (into the safe space).

    All the while, public knowledge is increasing, deplorables are discussing the whole plot on countless blogs and bitching to anybody within earshot about the deep state, etc. The curtain is slowly rising almost imperceptably but rising nevertheless.

    When the curtain gets up to the ‘correct’ height, the percussion and horn sections of the orchestra will explode with music, shocking the audience and iron-gripping everybody’s attention. The curtain starts rising much faster and the opening salvo/act is suddenly in view.

    It’s showtime!

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  24. The president proved that he was right to fire Comey, and this should lead to the sham of appointing Mueller to conduct a fake investigation that Comey and his cronies themselves set in motion. I wish I could think of all the threads this pulls!

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  27. It was refreshing to me to hear SEAN HANNITY spin and twist and turn like a leprechaun this afternoon on his radio show. Hannity was soooooo sure that this report on James Comey would lead to Comey’s being literally handcuffed and perp-walked today. All the guests on his show sounded like they had the wind knocked out of them to my ears (Gregg Jarrett, etc.)
    710WOR on right now, “The Joe Concha Show” — apparently there is a TON of people who are INFURIATED by the report today and what looks like JAMES COMEY getting a walk-away.

    On the other hand, while JAMES COMEY may have “dodged a bullet” with this report, there’s still that “other” type of “justice” — Arkancide. After all, Comey failed in his brief to make sure that HILLARY CLINTON is the 45th President. Comey knows this.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Liked by 2 people

    1. Liked by 3 people

      1. May I draw your attention to this gentleman’s profile:

        Bryan Dean Wright

        Opinion writer. Former CIA ops officer.
        Pragmatic thinker. Allergic to DC egos.
        Fighting for rural & blue collar workers.
        Center left. Sixth gen Oregonian.

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  29. Keep the faith:

    ristvan says:
    August 29, 2019 at 2:55 pm
    (Referencing SD’s post on how the Cabal would have sprung the trap of we couldn’t tell the President, he was a potential bad guy.)
    “Sundance nails it again”
    “See my just posted comment on the next thread concerning the IG Comey memo report. To have indicted Comey over the memos would have sprung the Dem outrage trap shut. The soon forthcoming FISA abuse report is what will nail Comey. Nunes has already made separate criminal referrals concerning FISA abuse. Comey’s tweets today will look very bad in a couple of months.”

    ristvan says:
    August 29, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    “Have now read report and two threads of comments. Bottom line, this Lurking Lawyer agrees with the decision not to prosecute Comey on the leaked memos. There are two basic reasons:
    1. Comey insulated himself from direct leaking charges by giving his friend special FBI access. The friend leaked, not Comey.
    2. What was leaked wasn’t classified, and what was classified wasn’t leaked. So 18USC§798 is not in play.

    You don’t prosecute for breach of FBI policy and employment agreement. You fire, as PDJT did. An indictment on shaky grounds enables the ‘abuse of power, political retribution’ argument best avoided at present if you want to indict, convict, and send to prison Spygate perps to insure ‘Never Again’!

    The IG report AG Barr has repeatedly referred to as important is the FISA abuse, coming mid September to Early October. There will be IG criminal referrals since Nunes has already separately made some. They will result, IMO, in indictments and then convictions of at least Comey and Yates for at least major felony 18USC§1018, false attestation, based on what we already know is irrefutable Spygate evidence. As Barr said to Congress, “We know there was spying on the Trump Campaign. The question is whether it was adequately predicated.” The IG will conclude it wasn’t.”

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  30. Liked by 3 people

    1. Liked by 4 people

    1. He doesn’t need to work…………… has lined his pockets with enough graft.

      And, I don’t think the Cabal has forgiven him for questioning Hildebeast’s actions just before the election.

      Still, McCabe has a gig…………. so why not?

      What this enquiring mind wants to know is WHEN does the lamestream media collapse ? When does FAKE NEWS die?

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  31. I finished reading the whole thing this afternoon and updated the post/article with most important points from pages 55-61.
    Please, if you want to, the actual Comey memos are included in the Appendix. You can read them for yourself.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. Ole Johnny B Dirtbag……..

    From the article….

    Comey “is far more decent, ethical, honest, competent, & patriotic than you could ever hope to be” and “It is only because Attorney General William Barr and Senate Republicans that he is not in a world of “trouble & hurt. But their protective cocoon is only temporary…”

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  33. Notes from Hannity:

    Soloman said we’re in the 1st quarter of the football game, Sekulow said we’re in the pre-game show, several more investigations occurring. 70 pages of reasons for POTUS to fire Comey
    Jarrett says stealing docs, mishandling classification are crimes. Named at least 6 crimes Comey could be charged with in FISA case.
    DiGenova and Toensing agreed this Comey case was not prosecutable. Joe also said decision against prosecution was made before report IG released. Same thing will happen with FISA report. If we see the report, it means they’re not prosecuting. Kinda makes sense, they wouldn’t release all their evidence in a report, they’d list off crimes and charges in an indictment. Susan Rice’s CYA memo big topic, he believes they have to interview Obama, since he authorizes Counter Intelligence investigations.
    Nunes has previously sent criminal referrals to DOJ, tonight he let slip one was for conspiracy.
    Meadows – When Comey went to Trump Tower, he inserted himself into investigation, trying to entrap POTUS and reporting back to CH team.
    Ratcliffe said he’s seen Exculpatory information that FISA Court was not given re:Steele Dossier.

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